Barbados Free Press, Leave Rihanna Alone!!

Did Rihanna Really Say This?



“I know Bajans, they always talk crap. They never like to see another Bajan succeed, no matter what.”

I hope not.

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After we read this piece about Rihanna on Barbados Free Press today, the BU household went ballistic! What Barbados Free Press should be doing is “bigging-up” Rihanna. She is the hottest thing on two feet, she is Barbadian and we should be supporting her. Barbados Free Press come on! Why not give her some exposure for her latest video, “I Hate I Love You.”

Ok then, BU will do it, here is Rihanna posing in her brassieres for her latest video


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23 thoughts on “Barbados Free Press, Leave Rihanna Alone!!

  1. Jamaica elections, it looks like the JLP won 31 to 29 seats. More change in the caribbean will the BLP be the next to go???? At this point the JLP suporters are celebrating, but the electorial office is reporting 27-27 and still counting. The electorial office has the JLP ahead in 4 of the remaining seats being counted and the PNP in two.

  2. man who cares, bajans really dont give anyone preferential treatment, what the hell, we give everybody pressure if we feel they deserve, rihana doesnt deserve any different…man i am happy and proud of her as a barbadian, but ef dey give she licks, leh she tek she licks like a uhman…lolol..i love rihana man.

  3. man who cares, bajans really dont give anyone preferential treatment, what the hell, we give everybody pressure if we feel they deserve, rihana doesnt deserve any different…man i am happy and proud of her as a barbadian, but ef dey give she licks, leh she tek she licks like a uhman…lolol..i love rihana man.

  4. Sorry I agree with Rhianna, alot of bajans do not like to see other bajans get thru and they talk trash, look at the Jamaicans them does support one another but when it comes to the bajans its always about competition & they always have something negative to say about what that person does, it would be good if all the bajans would support one another and stop with the negativity, I am sure we all would like to do what Rhianna is doing but we can’t so I support her in everything she does andthis is coming from a Bajan Jamaican.
    Do your thing Rhianna!

  5. Most bajans suffer from something I call the ‘crabs in a bucket syndrome’. Put a whole heap of crabs in a bucket and see what happens anytime one tries to climb out. You guessed it, the others pull it back in.
    If all the crabs helped each other out they could escape but they remain in the bucket and guess what? All dem crabs does get cook same way.

  6. Ras~Another interpretation could be that Barbadians are aware of the many pitfalls which international artistes are vulnerable to and they want Rihanna to avoid them.

  7. The DLP have a charming person called No Name writing their posts and blogs. He writes about people “peeing and messing their pants” and “tits on a bull”. (Sorry about that, BU). The DLP appear to love him and his filthy vulgarity. I must say I am surprised and disappointed. Does this character sound familiar to anyone? I have been reading these blogs (BU, BFP and DLP) for a while now and this No Name is very familiar under other names.

  8. whatever happened to that bajan guy who sang than duet with here, did she release the song as a single? would have been good exposure for him

  9. another thing, they seem to end up giving her the same clothes as beyonce most of the time, beyonce did the same bra and skirt thing in one of her past videos

  10. This is why Forbes magazine does not have black people among the billionairs, simply because we black people dont support each other, white people help each other up and we puch each other down, its time for us to make a change, Rihanna was not receiving any help locally and she was at de right place at de right time and she got the hook, im proud and i love her, we all have nasty habits and issues that needs to be cleared up and we dont even address them, but always ready to crucify someone else.
    the time spent focusing on someones life makes you stagnant, while they keep moving towards success with you watching every step.

  11. kim she is not wearing beyonce clothes, when a company makes a design, they dont make one suit and thats it, im sure that why its called a clothing line, fashion line and waever, u ever see one single suit of design in a store? or you see different sizes with same style, come on now

  12. Dat underwear don’t look Bajan. And uh sure Beyonce do the same ting in she video. Yuh right Kim.
    Wunnah is mek me laugh…bewitch behind money and America.

    Tek off yuh clothes Rihanna…wuheva yuh do Bajans gine applaud yuh cause you is we superstar. And anybody dat cry out in shame fuh yuh decency, morals and good ole common sense, we gine crucify dem. Don’t mind dem. Dem just jealous. Dem aint got half as much money as you and none ah dem aint never win no awards, so das why dem condeming you clothes and underwear. Don’t mind dem, you could do as you like, you is a 19 year old woman and you aint got to answer to nobody, you is Rihanna. Being in de public eye aint got nuttin to do wid being responsible and studying young girls looking up to you…nnnnoooooooooo! Get yuh money girl, get yuh money!!!! You aint owe nobody nuttin! Yuh in a business and yuh got to do wuh yuh got to do! And much more warning dem want…”easy for a good girl to go bad, and when she’s gone best believe she’s gone forever”!

  13. Ufri we could not have said it any better. We have written over and over that the majority of Bajans support Rihanna and are very proud of what she has received. What they will not accept is that she has to prostitute her good name and reputation to make MONEY.

    We stand by what we have written.

  14. David this piece fuh you tho, were you there with the girl when everything was and is being done?

    wunna people shud educate wunnaselves before wunna speak on a topic, dont think bcos wa happen ta peter may happen ta paul, i was in a situation and people talk tings dat neva mek sense ta me and the object of the matter. all in all, people gon talk regardless wa happen, but um is up ta you ta believe wa went down, dont speak such if you have no proof, it makes you look like a fool to those who know, and trust me, if u have no proof on a matter, and u speak about it with false doctrines, you are a fool.

    if men used their brains to think, the world will be different today.

    think before you speak

    de girl working on a contract and she must comply, note these contracts must go tru de supreme court of america

    and anedda thing, before wunna really talk bout an artist and wa dum bout, do some research about getting a record deal and what in it after the deal, then return here and post.

    stupidity and folishness is the first thing which comes from an unthinkable head, wisdom and truth excels from the wise

  15. ufri, dis one for u too, walk in all de stores in town and see if u see at least 20 stores selling local bras, look at de labels in u mudda, sista, neice and whoeva in ur family wears bras and come back here and post where de bras were made, wunna people just like david thompson, just like ta find someting ta talk bout when ya have nothing, stuuupse. wunna wud never learn

  16. i wud hope when wunna go and buy clothes and shoes, wunna buy stuff nabody else got, and hope thats the only design too, women like victoria secret, men like nike air max, and none of these or any brand designs a unique design for no one in particular, when i read wa wunna duz be typing, it just makes no sense whatsoever

  17. Dear Mish:

    What do you mean by Jamaicans supporting each other. Jamaicans KILL each other at a rate 10 times that of Barbados (yes even taking population size into account) Rihanna a a good old girl Combermerian knows that Bajans like to talk nuff s****

    But hey we only talk. It is not often that we kill each other.

    So Mish: Don’t get tie up in this Jamaicans are more supportive and loving that Bajans nonsense. It just ain’t so.

    Ah gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. All them will talk and talk, bout what she do. No one talking has walked the walk. No man has a right to place his hands on another and no woman has the right to put her hands on a man. If your a woman who thinks it ok to beat up on your man. You just might just get the same BEATING!!! No!! It’s not right, But it is likely. We should all keep our hands to ourselves. Blessings to all !

  19. Did I hear the Rhianna had been doing some work for a magazine / modelling company? Could she have been modelling one of their bras?

    I do believe that the “class” thing is the subtle motive that underpins the criticisms about Rhinanna. As far as some people are concerned, “she ain’t come from no way”. Let’s look at it this way: It took a foreigner to discover Fidel Edwards. It took a foreigner to discover Rhinanna. I can’t remember the name of the other chap. I find myself in a position where my talents, knowledge, skills and experience are trampled, even in my present work environment. No one is looking at my abilities, they see me as not having any class. Added to that, I seemed to have offended a priest and so whenever my name appears in many circles on documents with the purpose of redirecting my career to a higher level, the documents are shredded. When I make telephone calls to certain persons in high positions, as soon as I mention my name, the secretaries usually ask me to leave my name and number. I never receive return calls from those persons because as far as they are concerned, I have offended their friend the priest and I “ain’t come from na way”. May the Cosmic deal with them all according to their misguided thoughts and actions against me without a just cause.

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