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Nude Female Since we posted this blog awhile back it has been receiving hits galore. Believe it or not the top searches on the Internet which stumbled on Barbados Underground blog were ‘homosexuality’ and ‘nude beaches’. This little BU statistic provoked a little thinking which pushed us to ask, why not? Why can’t we have a nude beach(s) in Barbados? Our tourist product is becoming a little tired and the people who have been driving it for the past fourteen years appear to be all out of imagination. Their solution is to spend more marketing dollars. Guess what Barbados, we are starting to get stiff competition from Grenada, St, Lucia and the other neighbouring islands. They have the natural beauty which the traditional tourist yearns, and they can buy it at a significantly reduced price when compared to Barbados.

Heaven help us when the current myopic United States foreign policy removes its embargo on Cuba and it becomes an unfettered option as a world travel destination. What we can we do in Barbados to diversify our product?

We are tired about hearing about heritage tourism because that will not cut it. We simply do not have the kind of attractions that can attract droves of tourists to Barbados using the heritage tag. We would need attractions the equivalent to the Kaieteur Falls, Soufriere Volcano, Blue Mountains, Cuisine of the Caribbean (we don’t get a notable mention as a destination rich in cuisine delights of the Caribbean), the architecture, we could go on. Of course Barbados has a lot going for it, a highly developed island with high standard of living, good telecommunication infrastructure, stable political climate etc. Unfortunately the majority of tourists who we target are quite accustomed to most of the attractions we have to offer. The sea and sand sell can’t be our only drawing card because other destinations have it in great abundance at a more affordable price.

Now that the US economy seems ready to ease into a recession and even if it doesn’t air travel to Barbados from our traditional markets is increasing out of all reason, some tough decisions will have to be made on both sides. The tourist will examine travel markets where they can get more for less and Barbados must examine its tourism product to target non traditional tourists. We know that the highly religious society of Barbados will not think about the homosexual market. But there is another tourist segment which is out there which maybe beckoning the Barbados authorities. Naturalists in Europe especially are looking for more nude beaches to bare their assets.

Adrian Loveridge and the Barbados Tourism Authority over to you!

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  1. I’d be there in a heartbeat – but at this rate there’ll be no beach left to leave my thong bikini on.

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  3. Once we have a nude beach, the next Holder’s season could have a nude opera.

    German opera house is to unveil a provocative new production staged in the ruins of New

    It features naked pensioners and Mickey Mouse masks, Hitler salutes and Elvis impersonators.
    German staging of Verdi’s A Masked Ball on 9/11 with naked cast in Mickey Mouse masks

    The self-consciously outrageous September 11th staging of Verdi’s ‘A Masked Ball’ has been dreamed up by Austrian director Johann Kresnik.


    “It will be a different, a provocative masked ball on the ruins of the World Trade Centre,” he told reporters before Saturday’s premiere. “The naked stand for people without means, the victims of capitalism, the underclass, who don’t have anything anymore.”

    Rehearsals suggest that Mr Kresnik’s anti-capitalist staging is unlikely to be celebrated for its subtlety.

    Some of the cast are dressed in soldiers uniforms, or in the red white and blue of Uncle Sam, or in day-glow pink Elvis costumes, slashed to the waist. Many, however, appear to spend their time on stage not wearing anything at all.

    They include dozens local pensioners, recruited by the opera house in Erfurt, eastern Germany, to appear naked wearing nothing but plastic Mickey Mouse masks.

    “It’s a very beautiful, poetic scene,” said Guy Montavon, the theatre’s general manager.

    He said that 60 eager amateurs were keen to appear naked before an audience for the premiere, but only 35 made the final cut.


    The obvious ostentation of the production prompted one local politician to call for locals to boycott the performances.

    But that call has been completely ignored.

    Indeed, though the production looks unlikely to win many prizes for the nuance of its message, Mr Kresnik has succeeded in his other aim, selling out the Erfurt opera house for the premiere.

    Only a handful of tickets are available for subsequent performances later this month.

    “One has to introduce new elements,” he said. “Otherwise it is difficult to attract new theatregoers.”

  4. Ever noticed that those wanting nude beaches are usually elderly Europeans (mostly Germans) who want to parade around naked. Sadly, most of these bodies are well paast their “best before” dates.

  5. I saw some people parading in Cuba on the beach, please, give me a break. Keep those fat assed, big bellied tourists covered up and we dont want the young ones assaulted or raped. That would not be good for the tourism ‘product’ either.

  6. As my name is mentioned, I would like to comment.
    One of the phrases used by the new Minister of Tourism which sticks in my mind, is that we need to think ‘out of the box’.
    As someone that has spent almost his entire life (42 years) in marketing tourism, usually with a microscopic budget, our (Barbados) current approach is wrong.

    Google ‘Barbados tourism’ and included in the first few headlines is the Best of Barbados promotion.

    US$379 includes return flights (from US gateways), 7 nights and Silver Sands Hotel, daily complimentary breakfast, one room night free, Oistins Fish Fry voucher (US$25) and a whole pile of discounts on attractions/ car rental etc.

    Direct cost to Barbadian taxpayer = US$200 or US$300 in September.
    For hotels operating on a room rate of US$100 or less per night the country actually looses money on these packages.

    For that same US$379 ‘we’ are lucky if we can get a return flight to St. Kitts or Nevis, let alone any accommodation or meals.

    Figures have just been released for the first quarter of 2008 showing a ten percent increase in long stay visitors, but not a single journalist pointed out that there was a significant loss over the same period in 2007 due to CWC.

    For the first FOUR months of 2007 which included the Super Eights and Final we actually ended up with a net gain of only 44 persons over the same period in 2006.

    And we have lost yet another airline come this November.
    This time out of the UK, Excel (XL)
    and we have already had cancellations as a result.

    ‘THINKING OUT OF THE BOX’ has to become a working reality and not simply rhetoric.

  7. And just to add after reading the front page article entitled ‘Change attitude towards tourism’ in the Barbados Advocate today.

    ‘More has to be done to encourage Barbadians to visit the attractions that are on this island’.

    Totally agree, and that is exactly what our original re-DISCOVER programme was (and still is) all about.

    This year the BTA has stepped up its co-sponsorship of the re-DISCOVER the Caribbean Show which will see it televised live across 22 Caribbean territories via CaribVision.

  8. Long Beach used to be a nude beach (unofficially).Then there was the nude camp in Mangrove years ago (I remember this vividly). And that was at a time when we were more conservative.

  9. Until Barbados improves customer service no amount of “live TV across 22 Caribbean territories” (from where very little tourism comes anyway) will stop visitors avoiding Barbados and going elsewhere.

    Case in point.

    Swiss 3rd-time visitors to the island last week vowed never to return. At breakfast (in a non-all-inclusive very expensive West Coast hotel) the waitress a) Didn’t bring anything, b) Brought coffee but no milk, c) Brought milk but took no orders for food, d) Took food orders but only for corn flakes, etc. and said “I’ll take your main order when I come back”, e) Didn’t bring corn flakes until guests complained, f) Still didn’t take main course order, e) Took main order but didn’t top-up coffee, f) Visitors waited 15 minutes for main dish, g), h), i), j) & k) I could go on.

    Incidentally, there were only three other couples in the restaurant at the same time and all this is precisely as it happened because I was there.

    (Name of hotel withheld. But it could be one of many.)

  10. Sorry ….. just finding it difficult to digest, that a 3 time visitor to this island would arrive at this decision based on a ‘breakfast incident’.
    The again …I could be wrong.

  11. Technician – You prove the point. Thinking the way you do is exactly why people avoid places with lousy service.

  12. Krzsztof Skvbiszewski

    ‘from where very little tourism comes anyway’

    Actually the Carribbean is Barbados’s third largest market. Above arrivals from Canada, even after a really horrible long winter.

  13. Krzysztof Skubiszewski // April 13, 2008 at 11:09 am

    Technician – You prove the point. Thinking the way you do is exactly why people avoid places with lousy service.

    Like I said, I may be wrong.
    Is is a crime to disagree with you?
    I work in customer service and I for one NEVER believed in the stupid saying of the customer is always right. I have come across some of the most demeaning and condescending tourists in my time, therefore I take these reports with a pinch of salt.
    There is a difference between service and servitude.
    Like I said ……Then again, I could be wrong.

  14. I suggest Technician gets out of customer service immediately if he/she thinks the customer is never right. Ask the managers of successful hotels, the most frequented restaurants, the bosses at C&W, BS&T, BL&P, ScotiaBank, Virgin Atlantic and American Airlines. They will tell you maintaining “satisfactory customer service” is their constant daily battle.

  15. xenophobe chick // April 13, 2008 at 3:52 pm

    I suggest Technician gets out of customer service immediately if he/she thinks the customer is never right. Ask the managers of successful hotels, the most frequented restaurants, the bosses at C&W, BS&T, BL&P, ScotiaBank, Virgin Atlantic and American Airlines. They will tell you maintaining “satisfactory customer service” is their constant daily battle.

    Please read my post correctly. I said I Never believed in the saying. I never said they were never right.
    When someone has a legitimate grouse with service then so be it. It is always in the best interest to satisfy them.
    The other side of the coin is that they are those who are never satisfied, who think that it is their god given right as tourists to abuse and degrade the workers because they figure they must be right and our lives depend on the job.
    If this little piece of reality strikes the wrong chord with you ..well bad but that is how it is.
    Like I said before ..there is service and servitude.

  16. We still deep in our colonial hearts think of Barbados as “Little England”. Britain has Britan Beach [nudist], most of our tourist are from Britain. Why not a nudist beach. The novalty would wear off after a while. Some of them don’t worth looking at in any case, they just want to get a FULL TAN. By the way, there are a few secluded beaches mainly in St. Philip, that has been nudist beaches for years.

  17. “When someone has a legitimate grouse with service then so be it. It is always in the best interest to satisfy them….like I said before, there is service and servitude”

    Hey Technician, you sound like you could be the waitress who served us in a West Coast cafe today: not openly rude, but with a sullen, unsmiling, resentful, grudging attitude…

    The posters above are right. You’re in the wrong industry, skipper. It’s “customer service” (what a joke ) people like you that are giving Bajans such a bad rep (with locals and tourists alike)…

  18. The problem with a nude beach is the double-standard of moral values in Barbados.

    Barbados culture is highly sexual, with wukking up as a representation of it. Barbadians love to see a good looking girl (or guy), tiny swimwear, and a hint of tease.

    However, it is unlawful to bring porn into the island (magazines, videos). There was even a furore that the offshore company funding Naked News was based here.

    The One-Day Christian society of publicly praising moral behaviour, but completely wanting and enjoying immoral behaviour, is the impediment to anything seen as sexual.

    Until society can embrace open-mindedness you won’t get a proper nude beach.

    Also, the cultural immaturity would have flocks of lads going to the beach to scope out topless / nude women (more so than current). Can you imagine the beach harassment?

    Nude beaches work well in a country where there is no mystique about sex or sexuality.

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  21. Living in Europe but going to Barbados,I don`t
    think the island is ready for nudebeaches.
    Like earlier commented here,the double moral is to high,and the men are too sexist.
    And by a community with highly sexist men,the women get highly pissed off and would never really tolerate tourist walking around on their beach,naked.
    I can remember 7 years ago on a public beach in Barbados.
    I went alone to relax and read a book while tanning.
    I had bikini on and looked and acted normal.
    Anyway I was badly sexually harassed with some of the local “brothers” and the were rally rude in their mouth.
    It was shocking for me.
    They also harassed two englishbajan girls on holiday the same way,and in the end the girls packed their stuff and left,crying.
    With this episode in mind,I hope there never will be public nude beaches in Barbados,because local people are not ready mentally for behaving good among nudity and the oppposite sex on their own.
    I have also had other sad episodes with men not behaving too good in Barbados,mainly because I am a quite goodlooking,smiling mixed -race woman on my own -without a “bodyguard”?
    And I behave as i do in Europe-with normal dignity.
    To change sexist thinking in Barbados,you have to start at school and at home ,as I have said earlier.
    Its sad to reweal,but my most bad experiences
    with men,comes from the beautiful island in the sun where I have some of my roots.:-/

  22. The religious front kills me, talk about double standards, look in the Old Testament – right there is Adam and Eve, they were naked, and they were the closest to God.

    Oh Gosh, the Horror (the lack of clothes part, NOT the close to God part).

    Stop using God as a reason for what YOU don’t like…. if He wanted you covered he would have made you hairy.

  23. I guess the question really is: Are we highly sexed because it is hidden from us?

    The answer to that question, should give us the answer to everything else.

    I’m all for topless beaches. Either that or men should have to cover-up as well.

    But that may just be a wish for equality….

  24. I went to Barbados recently and after reading this thread visited Long Beach to get an allover tan. The entire beach was deserted, or at least appeared to be, and I had a wonderfull few hours. Brighton Beach in the UK has shown that a quiet unofficial beach is far better then overt media exposure. I have no idea what the consequence of a Police Officer would have been, but from what I saw of the good manners of most Barbadians, I was banking on a ‘quiet word of advice’ if caught. I accept fully that some will see my actions as disrespectfull arrogance, but I sincerely wish that this beautifull island would fully meet my needs as a naturist, for then I would be sure to repeat my visit many times over. As it stands, I will not be returning to Barbados which for sure is a shame.

  25. nude beaches as a concept for the naturalists however the only way it could work in Barbados is if there were private beaches AND I am DIAMETRICALLY opposed to the that idea.

    Personally I dont like getting sand in my lickle bits!

  26. I honestly have no issue with Nude Beaches.. I dont like them but so what.. I say go for it head on… we always talking about morality and people cussing because the government took a % of the lottery winnings lol i love it.. we can sometimes be a people of Double Standards!! Nude Beaches ? I say why the hell not..

  27. dwayne young // June 28, 2008 at 4:07 pm

    A wish for equality means you have to work such long hours that we are all over stressed!

    Ok, you lost me. Wanna explain that one?

  28. What about morale? Self Respect.
    we drag any one before the court for indecent exposer,if they are locals ,yey we sell our souls and have double standards by allowing nude beaches. well well

  29. I agree with Krzysztof Skubiszewski!

    We need to improve our service! That’s it; full stop & a nude beach will have no impact on numbers if service is crap. People can go to a nude beach on another island (Caribbean or not), where the service is much better & for a better price.

    So Krzysztof Skubiszewski, I agree with you, put your money where your mouth is & don’t settle for bad service. More customers need to walk away from bad service in order to get their message across. Until we get to that point, service will continue to be crap NISE or not!!!

  30. I agree with Krzysztof Skubiszewski!

    We need to improve our service! That’s it; full stop & a nude beach will have no impact on numbers if service is crap. People can go to a nude beach on another island (Caribbean or not), where the service is much better & for a better price.

    So Krzysztof Skubiszewski, I agree with you, put your money where your mouth is & don’t settle for bad service. More customers need to walk away from bad service in order to get their message across. Until we get to that point, service will continue to be crap NISE or not!!!

  31. Gotta get away from the idea that we are doing a big favour to tourists of which they should be truly grateful. They are paying for the privilege after all.

  32. I know that it is a while since this topic was current but I felt the need to add my 2 cents.

    I think of it as stupidness to downplay what Technician has mentioned in relation to the attitude of the tourists that frequent our island.

    How dare you tell a man that it is a “customer service industry” so maybe you should get out?

    How could you tell him that when guests come around here and threaten staff members for merely doing their jobs and enforcing necessary rules?

    How could you say that when it is a known fact that some tourists come here with the intention to get something free by being completely unreasonable?

    How could that be when employees are assaulted verbally and physically because people can’t get their way?

    I myself have had these things happen to me and I can tell you that in a court of law I would have been right each and every time. Just because you are contributing to the economy of a country, that does not give you licence to act like a bloody fool.

  33. To PartlyBajan Girl:

    Sad to say you are absolutely right!
    I no longer go to most beaches in Barbados as i can never fully “relax”.
    To even think of having a peaceful doze in such serene surroundings is nothing but a dream with the ever present threat of Bajan males who seem to derive great pleasure from harassing women with thier sexual thoughts.
    Dispicable behavior i say!
    However, i have discovered that these individuals, seem not to venture too near most exclusive beachfront properties and only in these spots can i truly enjoy my holiday in peace.

  34. We are scared to have nude beaches here but just take a ‘lime’ on Broad St. a Saturday morning and you couldn’t want more nudity than that. Breast hanging out, botsies dropping out and nootsies printing out. Not much left for de imagination. I’m all for the nude beaches. Can’t wait to go peep at the black studs.
    How ya like ma?

  35. Briton Beach in Britain is a nudist beach. There is a section for men and one for women, then a seperate one for couples.Are we not still considered as “little England?”

  36. I am gutted to hear there are no nude beaches in Barbados. We’re coming on a group holiday after Christmas. If I’d have known I’d have asked we go to another island. No nude beaches?! It’s as bad as Dubai!

    As a naturist I think you’re missing a trick if you don’t offer anything for the “Buff Pound” (or indeed Euro or dollar).

    I hope I am luckier with the service than Krzysztof was!

    It’s interesting that the article mentioned Barbados’s reputation. Heritage Tourism certainly wouldn’t ccut it with me. And I tend to think of Christmas holidays in Barbados as a bit “old hat”. I haven’t been for a few years, but I remember the villas and hotels on the beach felt a little tired.

    And I think it’s Brighton Beach you’re talking about, old boy.

  37. The potential Tourist
    There is a beach in St. Philip, Harris Smith is the name, even though it’s not legally a nudist beach, many people bath there in the nude. The beach itself is fairly secluded.

  38. Why worry about a nude beach.
    Usually those outspoken about sexuality are some of the most perverted rats living on the down low or in the closet.
    Those with six children from six different women.
    How about addressing the physical and sexual abuse of women in Barbados.
    The politicians, clergy and the law do not seriously address domestic violence.

  39. I am completely disgusted at how our sisters, mothers and daughters are treated in Bim. Sexual harassment is rampant.

    How many times have I heard what a random man wants to do to my fiancé, including all the seetsing and call-outs.

    Those men in Barbados need to learn to respect the female, and be real men.

    So in my humble opinion, Barbados is not ready for nude beaches.

  40. I am a nudist and I am also a Barbadian…
    Do you think that I am going to fly to another destination just for the “priviledge” of going nude ??
    I regularly go nude…. at lots of places in Barbados… and I have never had a problem in over 10 years.
    I have also done quite a bit of outdoor nude photography which is freely available to anybody on
    Barbados needs to get over the HYPOCRISY
    that is rampant in both public and private life… aided and abetted by the media that sensationalises it… and the churches that institutionalise it.
    My advice to all “nudists at heart” living on Barbados is…… DO YOUR THING….
    dont wait for sanction or official approval because you cannot change this “culture” of hypocrisy…. it is endemic…. so try to enjoy your life inspite of it…. as a Barbadian citizen that is your right.

  41. It seems that the first constituency council is up and running at CBC, democracy is not necessary since all de spokes people are DLP look alikes. News constantly unbalanced, resident Dlp pro people’s program host can’t see outside DLP box. Sorry I forgot that the majority of voters choose the DLP. But I forgot also that the minorty of voters did not vote. Not necessary for them to have a say. The council in the Pine is speaking for the majority. Sagicor’s news story was delivered with glee. Can’t get a delightful story from the Pine Constiuency council on CLICO. Perhaps a representative from de church, sports community ,de rum shops crew and de bus stand forum and de calypsonians association would present some balance.
    Don’t mek sport about DEMocracy ya hear DAT IS PEOPLES BUSINESS.

  42. Nudist beaches…ho humm, so 70s. Just go to the beach in your bathing gear and forget about seeing peopIes sexuaI organs on dispIay. If you must swim naked, go at night. Why shouId Bajans put up with yet another intrusion on their society by tourists? Its a fragiIe society trying to hang on to its identity and vaIues in the face of a myriad of corrupting infIuences. Having nudist beaches is yet another way of excIuding ordinary Bajan famiIies from going to the beach, might as weII privatise aII the beaches then.

  43. My friend , tell me is bathing nude part of the new tourism thrust or are Bajans bathing in the nude too. Is this a situation of anything goes just to make a dollar?
    Then tell me if this only happens at dark nights,just tell me why.

  44. It seem as if the world would do anything to make a dollar.If the new status quo is “any thing goes” we should all abondon our moral values and do as we like.WE should all walk naked in public whomever wish to,have sex in public, legalise beastility and carnal abuse.

  45. My girlfriend and I recently returned from our first visit to Barados (and the Carribean in general). I thought I might share some impressions we had.

    First, it’s hard to imagine how allowing nude bathing would make much of a difference in tourism. While I didn’t see the entire coastline, I didn’t see any beach that would lend itself to nude bathing. The Barbados coast is intensely developed, with hotels and restaurants basically shoulder to shoulder. Many people who might enjoy nude bathing also enjoy relative privacy. The east and north coast are the exception but also inhospitable to enjoying the water. Besides, women can if they want go topless, so what indeed is the point. In 8 days, I saw only one woman without her top on. Nude bathing is a non-issue. Get over it.

    Now, what CAN Barbados do to improve it’s image and market share? Clean the island up and do something about the bloody traffic. I haven’t seen that much litter or traffic anywhere in a long long time. Since most of the population uses the bus system, why not put a trash receptacle at many if not most bus stops. Also, introduce mandatory recycling. A small island just HAS to do this. And please do something about the traffic. Before going we had assumed we’d get some bicycles or scooters and explore. Within minutes of observing the traffic along the beach, we saw that would be clearly suicidal. Too bad.

    We were also told that many Barbadians leave their house unfinished to avoid additional taxes. There’s nothing particularly charming about an unpainted, unstucco-ed concrete block house. I suggest you change the laws to remove this penalty and perhaps even provide an incentive to finish things up.

    I will say one thing, Barbadians are among the friendliest people I’ve encountered on my travels. Everywhere we went the service was superb. And then there’s the water! Wow. It really is that gorgeous.

    You’ve got a beautiful home. Please take good care of it.


  46. While I do not believe in nude bathing, I have been to Jamaica and was allowed to bathe where the nudist were bathing. It was not such a pretty sight as most of the people were old and “swibbly”. I don’t know how they felt when a handsome firm body passed theirs. I would be totally embarrassed. We don’t need such here.

  47. My point was and still is….. if BARBADIANS (even in the minority) want to bathe nude in their own country then that is their RIGHT.
    It is not about tourism…. it is not about “coastline development”….. and it is certainly not about whether people look “firmbody” or “swibbly”…..
    Nudism is not a “fashion show” and most nudists are not “models”.
    Barbadian Nudists have just as much rights to their lifestyle as Jehovahs Witnesses, Muslims, Mormons and other Barbadian minorities.
    Nudism is neither a criminal activity nor does it contravene anybody elses “rights”……
    please dont talk about “not wanting to see naked bodies”….. because that is the biggest hypocrisy of all… any naked photo on the internet gets 100 times more visits than a beautiful sunset or coastline….
    the HYPOCRISY is that the people saying they dont want to see naked bodies….. will take a look when nobody is watching……. EVERYBODY wants to see nudity but they just dont want anybody else to know that they want to see it….
    I was on Long Beach after the “expose” in the Nation newspaper back in the early 80’s….. and I was amused at the rush of binocular and camera bearing people that flocked up there hoping to see some nudity….. I even spotted a preacher from a well known church among them (maybe he was there gathering information for his sermon ?)…. humans like to see other people naked that is their basic nature…. the hypocrisy comes about because of their own personal embarassment….. so now read my Bajan….

    I dun fa now… talk ya talk…. an entertain ma do… nun a ya caan fool ma cause I dun know how ya is already.

    … and if you see me naked anywhere in Barbados…. you may laugh or even take a photo if you can….. but the WISEST thing you could do (and this would reveal you intellectual maturity) would be to go along about your business and IGNORE me completely.

  48. Stephen Mendes
    Let me invite you to either strip nude and walk into the Mental hospital for treatment or go buy one of those uninhabited islands in the Grenedines or in the Esiquibo river in Guyana. Mendes YOU SICK BASTARD!!!!!!

  49. Barbados is not ready for nude beaches.
    It s too much double -morality in the island to fullfill this dream.
    In France there are closed beaches for the rich and beautiful. maybe that could be an idea in Barbados?

  50. Such an apparently violent reaction to my passive pursuit of nudity….. you should refrain from personal attacks against posters on this board.
    I am not afraid of you or anyone else…. and furthermore I am not alone in wanting to have a nudist paradise on Barbados.
    I will continue to advertise on the internet and over time increase the number of Bajan persons who think as I do.

  51. Its called campaigning….. and its what organisations and groups do all the time….. I would invite “scout” to do it too, but he is far too shy for that…. he prefers to hide behind aliases and remain “anonymous”….. why not meet me face to face scout in a debate on television…. Ican arrange that for you.

  52. I saw in the Nation newspaper (I think it was Al Gilkes column) that he went to the Barbados nudist resort (many years ago) looking for lovely young beauties…. and all he saw was fat old people… with sags and bags of flesh all over the place… a most unpleasant sight indeed.

    I was 22 years old when that nudist club was opened…. and I regularly walked naked on Long Beach along with other young people (until it was all exposed in the paper).

    young Barbadians liked nudity back then… and many still do…. but no young person was going to pay the exorbitant fees that place was charging for “admission”…. plus there is the “stigma of public opinion”…

    nudity is meant to be free…. but Bajan nudists…. just like Bajan gays…. prefer to remain “secret” rather than face a hostile and narrow-minded public.

  53. diving?
    the north coast (well, until the marina comes) has some excellent diving. the west a little less so… south and east? ask people who have more fun than in the red sea or australia… they dive during the day and party at night… Barbados has that optimal combination may divers seek: stuff to see below and above water.
    yet…. EVER other caribbean country seems to be able to first define a marketing starategy, and second, execute it, to bring divers from the US and the UK.
    (As usual.)
    What anm i doing to change this? About to leff work and find de Ministers office…

  54. We cannot forget who we are. Lost of moral value whether seen or not is important to a society to maintain a good social balance. Hipocracy and double standards exist everywhere, no matter where you go. If the europeans love nudity let them enjoy it in their homeland. To destroy the just fiber of Barbados is the wrong thing to do not for the dollar or the euro. The level and number of assaults on tourist will increase bringing a highly sensitive industry to its’ demise. We don’t need any of our youths entangled with international law over something we can avoid. Barbados has lots of beautiful people and places to see, much more than one can enjoy in one visit. It is our pleasure to have you visit our beautiful home, so enjoy our beauty and leave the lawless desires behind until you return home.

  55. If Serena Williams comes to B’bados again I hope it would be at a time when a nude beach is established… caw blin’ you..!

  56. man was created to have enough brains to make clothes.
    unlike monkeys and other animals.
    shall we return to cave man days.
    these people who want to flaunt there naked parts to the world are perverted exhibitionist.
    with a excuse to have nude rights.
    why not have sex in public?
    why not defecate in public?
    hey we could have a beach where there is group defecating in the sea.
    how about a masturbating beach?
    now i think that would attract some stinking tourist.
    lets do that.
    Sodom and Gomorrah come to mind?

  57. Hey everyone, I a web address for nudism. It is a new to see all kinds of uncensored teenagers, kids, parents that live a lifestyle within a nudist community. Can anyone let me know if it is a good website too go to or not. I thought it was good cause none of the torrent cites have anything like this.

  58. The europeans, Canadians, Americans, and Southwest Aisians have ruin everywhere they have been and now they are searching for some where to feel safe, while they destroy another society. Barbados have enough problems already, nudity will not enhance our economic woes, but instead it will increase the criminal behavior of our lawless youths. As soon as you hear one tourist scream rape then everyone will know it a bad idea. Tourism will decrease as the informatiom of asaults in Barbados circulate in the World News, and then where will we be. Lets not destroy what we have, but find other ways to enhance the economy and keep the moral value of our little island . We are educated people and have imagination lets put it to use……

  59. Mr. Mendes, there is nothing wrong with having personal views on how you feel about yourself. We are a society with rules and regulations to ensure the stability of social values and maintain good order. Should you feel the need to be nude, do it in your home and if you want to do it publicly do it in your backyard. If it happens on the open public beaches you should be arested for public indecency and fined. Do not impose your moral value on a public that doesn’t need it or is beneficial to them……no lawless campaigning….

  60. Mr.Mendes,
    You and the rest of your Decrepit,Perverted,Sordid,Disgusting,Slutty,Paeodophillic,Parasitic,Sexually Malignant sorts etc…, can take your benign selves and go infest somewhere else on this planet.Go Dippsydooodle Yourself… BUT NOT HERE IN BARBADOS!!!!!!!!!!

  61. This Whistling Frog (while hiding behind their ANONIMITY) have decided to launch a very personal attack against me……. instead of sticking to the TOPIC….. they are now hurling personal insults directly at me.
    I am not bothered…… I have had a long history of controversy on the internet…. ever since WE (yes I was a co-founder of Caribnet) brought internet to Barbados in December 1996.
    The fact that I have taken 6 months to respond to this shows the level of my “concern” over their mouthings.
    However, I would like to see how long I can keep this thread “alive”….. it will be good for Barbados Underground….. their hits will go thru the roof on the search engine.

  62. Take a look at
    Lots of tourism dollars to be made from a very exclusive establishment.
    It is a known fact that nudist resorts worldwide charge premium dollars and there is never any shortage in bookings.
    …and dont give me that lame, hypocritical excuse about Bajan “values”…. Bajans were going naked for years and “values” were quite high.
    Contrast that with today, all the “materialistic progress”, they dress the toddlers in brand name gear just to show that the adults are richer than their neighbors.
    and yet the SEXUAL ACTIVITY and PERVERSION is at an ALL TIME HIGH……. and the public nudity is at an all time LOW
    so the two things have nothing to do with one another
    but rather this violent reaction to quite reasonable and sensible suggestions stems from what I call the “messed up mentality”…… it is the same mentality that causes Bajans to resort to all kinds of antics to hide their true selves.
    I sure hope we can get a movie industry going….. because Barbados is filled with actors…. gossipers…. and spies.
    With very little effort, we could produce some outstanding DRAMAS….. and lead the world in DRAMA production.

  63. Has anyone thought of the mechanics involved in opening (and operating) a nude beach? it’s not as simple as designating one beach as nude and telling the tourists about it…

    Start with the laws that need changing (the lawyers would love that – time = money$$$), then, the question of which beach (there are sure to be challenges – NIMBY – and the lawyers would love that – time = money$$$), then there is the matter of securing the beach from both sightseers and predators (fences, gates, guards – $$$), and of course security to make sure the few village idiots in our midst don’t go crazy and scare the trickle of nude tourists out of Barbados for good.

    In short, it’s not so simple… think about it.

  64. nude beaches in Barbados because all the rich people come and buy up the big hotels and demand what they want, so the leaders step aside, next thing is that Barbados should do more to help the homeless and mentally ill, I was down town and saw this guy sleeping by a closed down theater just there hungry and have nothing, Barbados needs to respect and show more love and concern for their poor homeless mentally ill folks. If the country is a land for tourists treat your own people with respect and dignity first.

  65. everyday some rich person comes and buy up a beach property and close off the beach access, sooner than you know it all the beach area gonna to be private property, bajans is not going to have no beach to go to unless they build their own backyard pool. If you have millions the leaders would let you buy up all the properties, and employ bajans at terrible wages, its about time Barbados improve the living standards for all not some all.

  66. As a tourist I have been to Barbados only once but am coming back this Easter and was shocked to see there is no nudity allowed. It seems so backward to think all naturists are either perverts or depraved in some way. I put it to you that if you feel fences would have to be erected to stop people looking at them and to protect them it is the rest of the people who are perverted. We have been to many tourist places in the Caribbean and around the world, and feel that although we don’t have to go naturist, it is very restricting to be “Forced” to remain covered up all the time. You have to take different bathing suits to make sure you reduce strap marks and changing on the beach becomes a spectator sport as people fall over and drop towels etc. It is much easier and not so obvious if you just take off one item and put on another it takes seconds not minutes and very few people even notice. I have looked at the resorts catering to this market and thought this is the perfect money machine. Pick any holiday destination and check the price now look into a naturist holiday to the same place hey presto 3 times the price for no extra facilities. That means the people catering to the usual markets can increase profits by at least 300% without spending a penny more in infrastructure buildings food staff or anything else. I just cant see a good reason why people wouldn’t want more money, more richer tourists, (They have to be richer to pay the increased price) more jobs and more freedom for its own people to explore and see if this is for them. The only arguments I can see so far are from people for whom this lifestyle would not be a choice, well selfishness should not be a choice either and stopping something just because it isn’t what you personally are into is selfish. Please I would love to recieve emails on this subject so feel free to drop me a line and try to convince me I am wrong.

  67. I think the that the last post couldn’t be more dead on, in this economy I truly feel Barbados needs to really explore nudism, Barbados has all the makings of a great naturist destination. My mother is from the island making me 1/2 Bajan I live in San Diego, Ca and have easy access to what I believe is the most incredible nude beaches that I know, I know the beach like the back of my hand. sure every beach will have its own problems, at a clothed beach its very hard to pick out perverts but at a nude beach its quite easy to spot them I don’t need to go into that right now, blacks beach in San Diego is patrolled regularly by law enforcement keeping everyone in check including the perverts!. I believe Barbados is missing out on a large growing market called Naturism, just designate a couple of beaches not all of them the island needs to cater to everyone, I know the island quite well and my idea would be to put them in some less popular locations and watch those ares develop quickly… any true nudist will find them. At first will probably be a little crazy but once the new wears off all the repressed nudist living in Barbados will have a great escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday pressures that even exist in this beautiful island nation. I’m just an average low to middle income citizen and this experience keeps me mentally happy in my life…Freedom is for everyone especially the repressed!. as far as a religious standpoint God created the human body so beautiful that I believe that he smiles seeing us enjoy ourselves natural… I feel that I have some great ideas regarding this subject shoot me an email

  68. @ Jeffrey Baker | November 27, 2011 at 3:19 PM |
    “I believe Barbados is missing out on a large growing market called Naturism, just designate a couple of beaches not all of them the island needs to cater to everyone, I know the island quite well and my idea would be to put them in some less popular locations and watch those areas develop quickly… any true nudist will find them.”

    Now that is what one would call “refreshing the tourist product”.

    The product is in need of a serious makeover. Stripping Bajans bare of the pretentiousness and moral hypocrisy would allow them to see options other than the old run-of-the mill offerings that are no longer attractive.

    Despite the pretense of religious observance and false rectitude many Bajans are “closet sexual perverts”. We once had a thriving niche market with the German and Northern European visitors who used to get a full suntan and a warm skinny dip at Long Beach in the 70’s. But would you believe that Bajans after their Sunday religious trek to the churches and heavy meals would make it their business to travel from as far as St. Lucy and St. Michael just to engage in a perverted peeping and ogling strolls on the beach to the obvious embarrassment and disgust of those nature loving visitors. If only Bim can attract them back but without the inquisitive intrusion and leering, the tourism business would receive a much needed fillip to its required diversification.

  69. Barbados, please do not bend to the desires of Europeans. Why do we always feel that we are missing out on something because Europeans suggested it. I have no problem if you choose to be nude in the privacy of your own home. I love my body. I love looking at my man’s body. But, I feel there is a place for everything. NO NUDE BEACHES IN BARBADOS.

  70. No David my comment is not racist. Its just how i feel. White women are always pushed to the forefront of beauty. I am just advocating for black women. We are beautiful. AND we age better than other other race of women. Or skin stays firm longer. We do not wrinkle as fast as other races of women. AND, DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH A BROWN WOMAN REPLACING THE WHITE WOMAN IN THE PICTURE? She had her time. now it is time to put someone else in her place. CHANGE THE PICTURE TO A BROWN SKIN WOMAN.

  71. nudest are nasty people.imagine sitting on things naked after others have
    also sat or lay naked on.can you say germs.
    can you say ass drippings and vaginal slime.
    yea sounds good.
    i bet Lysol would like it.go for it pervs.
    as for Steven Menzies may be he has a big hugs cock so because the rest of him is ugly as funk he wants to flaunt the only thing he got that is good looking.

  72. I cant stop laughing at Harry Callihan’s comment. I agree. Only perverted and sexual sick people would want to see naked people at the beach. What about the children. Should children be walking around naked also on the beach. Barbadians, we don’t need the likes of Mendes to spread his disgusting morals on others. If you want to walk around nude, do it in your homes. No Nude Beaches in B’dos.

  73. Change good or bad is often met with resistance. When car racing started in Barbados it was done all over the place illegally, dangerous and with
    expensive cost of life and limb. Now it is organised and legal and there is a place designated for it it has stopped happening everywhere at random. Same can be true for nude sunbathing. Always facinated me how self rigetious citizens would go out of their way to find or see a nude person and then call THEM the pervert. I am a Barbadian and a nudist, that means I am naked where and when it is legal, to be a little more precise i take money earned in Barbados and give it to St. Martin every year.

    • This is not about perversion but simply a matter of implicating Barbados into a burdensome position for which it cannot afford. To distroy our social values and the only industry which adds to the prosperity of Barbados is just insane. Tourism is very important to Barbados and the system that has been in place for decades and gain Barbados its notoriety for being one of the best and safetest vocationing spots in the world. To impliment a program which encourage criminal behavior in our society is just not an intelligent thing to do. So sir if you proud of being a Nudist continue to be nude where it is popular and everyone in Barbados who find this behavior distasteful will be ok with that……

    • Dear Milcut,
      I am asuming that you believe that designating a beach as clothing optional somewhere on our island will be “implicating Barbados into a burdensome position” “destroy our values and our tourist market” “Make Barbados an unsafe vacation spot” and “sunbathing nude encourages criminal behaviour” am I correct? and that ‘everyone’ finds this ‘behaviour’ distasteful ? These coments are rooted in ignorance and fear. We were not born ashamed nor afraid of our naked bodies, this ‘behaviour’ was tought and learned. Do some research, I encourage you. Use the internet and see studies done the world over and you may come to discover that naked does not mean lude and not because someone is nude means they are either wanting or ofering sex!! In fact sexual crimes are many times higher in societies like ours who objectify the naked body and are tittilated by the sight of a nipple than in countries where nudity is not considdered a blody felony!! It would be great to have a beach to go to where it may be expected and our tourist would appreciate such a place as well as one may also have the choice not to go as well!!! A place where I neither have to judge your narrow mindedness or be subjected to your judgment of my morality or lack there of. Nudist are comfortable in the beautiful natural state in which we were born, have a healthier self image and are more acceptable of others differences and even flaws. I am no threat to anyone, I sunbath nude and then get on with the rest of my life… so be afraid!! I am a Barbadian and I walk amongst you!! Boooo hooooo…..

    • Sir.. read with an open mind and with understanding. Maybe you are thinking that knowledge and experience translates to fear. Knowing and wishing is two definite states of mind. I am also a Barbadian and I am very proud of my little island. Barbados is currently in a state where discipline is lacking amongst our youth and most adults. I have had the opportunity to live around the planet and have seen all that you speak of. Unfortunately it comes at a price and Barbados cannot afford to pay. If your personal resolute is nudity there is nothing wrong with it in the confines of your premises or those countries where it’s allowed, and there are several. Public nudity is not condusive to our social environment, because it promotes criminal behavior not only from the observers but also those exhibiting the behavior. The positive growth of Barbados is to ensure an environment where social and moral values are held to the highest standards. Upholding those standards will always be a challenge, for no society is perfect. You speak of learned behavior and that there is nothing wrong with nudity. Truthfully analize yourself and answer the question…What causes or thoughts encourage me to be a nude exhibitionist??? Everyone has an opinion of themselves and they have that right. From the begining of time nudity has brought on downfall, due to the mischief it creates. The size and population of Barbados has no place or toloration for this type of behavior in public…….

  74. I am all for nudity… in fact I believe that one day in every year should be designated no clothing day … To see Fumble Stuart and Mia Mottley and Irene Sandiford-Garner and Irene Sandiford-Garner (did I not mention her already) and Caswell Franklyn and Mathew Farley and David King walking through Bridgetown unfettered would make headlines for weeks unending … HA HA HA HA .. How about Owen Arthur and Rosemary Alleyne (My Christ … !) and Maurine Holder and David Ellis and Vic Fernands … HA H A HA come fah yah world ..HA HA HA … (Maurine won’ look too bad tho’ …)

  75. Milcut

    Size of what population, man speak for yourself. This little island in NOT yours alone. Nudity is NOT a moral issue, and it has nothing to do with standards. Maybe in your world you would rather have people walking around in pajama like clothes with bourkas … My God man I hope you ol’, ’cause this line that you are holding fast to should be on its way out, naturally ….

    • Contribute something more meaningful to society besides perversion, be inovative in a positive way….dead subject

  76. Some citys like Cap de Age in France and Vermont in the US allow total nudity in the center of town! In fact you can do your banking, shopping etc. NAKED and some people there DO! meanwhile in some Eastern regions it is against the law for a woman to even show her face and must be garbed head to toe when in public..EVEN at THE BEACH! for fear that ‘SHE’ will cause a man to lust… Now i’m not saying that i’m for making all beaches in Barbados Clothing Optional, far from, I do believe that people have the right to be nude at the beach however, I also believe that you should not be subjected to the nudity of others if it ofends you either. apart from Germany, the countrys where there are nude beaches have not made it legal to be nude on EVERY beach just a few. The thought that having a clothing Optional or nude beach will increase crime is nonsense. There has not been one single crime reported since Antigua got a nude beach there just because people sunbath naked at that beach. The novelty wears off quickly when the would be perverts and oglers realise that there are all kinds of people there and like any cross section of the public, they are not super models but young and old pretty and ugly people and everywhere in between. If they want to see sex just turn on any computer their time would be more effectively invested. To say that being nude is indecent exposure is the same as saying that God created us ugly and if you were standing next to him during his doing so you may have suggested some fur to cover our skins or maybe disagree with him when he said that his creation was ‘very good’. The opportunity to use a the nude beach as an excuse to behave depraved and say that it caused a fall in ‘moral standards’ has already been surpassed by the Crop Over festival; far more dispicable behaviour to be seen then than at any nude beach i’ve ever visited!! Legislate one of the empty beaches as a nude beach and the opinionist will have to GO THERE and then claim to be affected by it! and I’m sure all nudist , local and tourist, would rather go there rather than offend your sensitivities on another beach. Don’t hate the Tali Ban whilst you are trying to enforce your opinions on me, that’s hypocracy! Don’t like watching the debate on tv?… just change the channel !! Don’t like nudity, then don’t go to a beach where you will see it!

  77. Wunna does mek me lafff…We got nudity here notonly on de beaches but in the city as well. Just pass by the taxis pon lower Broad Street where yuh can see nuff doggies flapping bout pissing pon the walls. Just tek a drive bout dis island and you will see more black doggies pissing at de roadside. Dem aint hiding nuh more at all. One time I saw a man pissing in de road I shouted to him and told him to hide dat puppy. Well he turned around and waved dat black doggie at me, and he ent have nuh shame at all. So nude beaches ent gine shock muh at all.

  78. Island Girl

    HA HA HA HA HA … MURDA … HA H AHA ..Look if you don’ know I bes’ tell you … HHA HA .. Island Chick you diagnose wid Cock Eyes … HA HA HA … Man mos’ self respecting women would look the other way and move quickly along but not Island … she classifying the exposed members as puppies and dogies … Ha HA HA .. Now you got my poodle looking to growl … MURDA …. I gotta a find a woman real quick cause I feeling the feeling now … HA HA HA HA

  79. How dare you include Canadians in your comments !! After everything we’ve willingingly done for Barbados?? Phone system, aid, tourism $$$$$$$$$$ ?? Shame on you. I am tired of others grouping we Canadians with others of less humility and lower social conscience. Who really cares whether there are nude beaches or not, grow up and stop badmouthing Canada. We Canadians all know most of you would move here in a second if you could, so educate yourselves about the rest of the world before you make yourselves look any worse. Perhaps spelling lessons would be a good way to start…….
    Without Tourist Dollars, you are finished, time to wake up & smell the truth & help others the way that Canadians do & always have.

    White Trash eh ? I always judge the source………. My Black friends ( many transplanted Bajans ) are ashamed of you………..

    • Mr. Macdonald….I am not sure exactly why you are expressing your view in this manner, but yet it is understood. Oppression is all around and those we allow to keep us tied to they beliefs, Whether it may be the Canadians, Americans or Europeans, they will continue to impose such views. Decades have passed and we have progressed, but the effects of the damaging psycological implantations and our repressed notions has taken its toll. Our habitual reliance on such oppressors has created a unrelenting dependency which only Education of coming generations will allow the removal of the Oppressor views and repressed feelings creating a more proficient society in Barbados. As for the person who commented and so gracefull embrace his oppressor seek your roots….

  80. @ David (BU)

    I guess that in the strictest sense of the word, Bush Tea must be a nudist because he has been (by virtue of the picture he has next to his posts) exposing his doggie/penis/coc*/mandingo or whatever it is anatomically correct to call it every time he post a comment.


    i guess i do have an appreciation for the issue you have of men (albeit of a certain ilk) pulling out dem doggie in public and waving it at you in public.

    However there is one more serious thing which men like me and Baffy, homophobic XYY mens like us (and all of you women are exposed to) that i must need mention.


    Yes island girl i must perforce admit that me and Baffy are bullers but proxy!! And you and other women are being unfaithful to your husbands and boyfriends every day.

    Let me explain why i make this assertion.

    Dem same fellows, right after pulling out duh doggies and pissing, does come an juck dem hand right in Baffy and my hand leffing piss, wee-wee and sometimes drippy STD discharges in we hand!!

    Sometimes Islandgirl246 dem des hold you face wid de same hand and kiss you cheek and when you come home and we smooching wid you in de night, or in de day (depending pun if you is annuder man woman and we tiefing a piece) we woes be effectively sucking a nexk man doggie!!

    Well I feel dat Fumble should, as his last act of parilament, pass a law banning doggie wagging in public because it is mekking bullers outta straight men in Barbados, or for some uh we, mekking we such doggies udder dan de ones we normally does be sucking,.. i did not say Jerome nor Peter.

    Any man caught shaking his doggie in a public place will be made to walk a line, wid em hands behing dem back, where women wid plastic spatulas will be allowed to hit dem doggie until dem get to the end of de line. De line will of course be de length of SpringGarden Highway.

    Now here is de good part, The BTA will be able to package this as Barbados’ compromise to Nude Tourism and de church people will not be able to decry it as nudism but as corporal punishment, de mens will stop dis non-consual bulleration of de straight Bajan menses and you will not be sucking do**ies of strange mens dat you dont want to suck. (i hope that that came out right)

    I got to go now cause de gardener who i jes see peeing by de rose garden jes call me an ask fuh a glass uh water… i hope i still got dem disposable plastic glasses causing i can tek on sucking guyanese doggie… dat leave an opening fuh peoples to say dat effing it was an illegal Jamaiki dat i wudda gi he de glass etc. but no i ent Noel neider.

  81. @ Mark MacDonald

    My black friends are ashamed of you…brings to mind in vivid colour that famous statement that many of us older folk who lived in Englant, Canada en Amurica en de 60’s immediately assign to white condescending racists “why many of my good friends are black…”

    It comes so naturally that you dont even seem to recognise that your entire comment is rife with sanctiminous dribble and we must be beholden to you for your development assistance, your telephone infrastructure (and rape of our natives through exorbitant telecoms fees and of course AID(s) or did i mention that already.

    For every cent of development aid you Canadians, US or EU reverse colonists put into our third world economies you have raped us $23 in ROI.

    You are of the grouping that will say something like “give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day, teach a man a fish and you will feed him for a lifetime” but you and your ilk are quite quick to ignore the fact that the land on which you having extended your largese does not belong to that fisherman, it, by virtue of your carving up of the world, Magna Carta style, belongs to you.

    So yes sah we still dependent pun you massah fuh de tourism dollahs en ting and yessah massah we shame to be mekking dese ungrateful comments bout Canada en ting and mekking you Uncle Tom Black fiends sorry friends shame uh we.

    Shame pun all uh wunnah fun not accepting MacDonald solution fuh de farm all uh wunna pun, e-i-e-i-o.. ingratitude befitting of Macbeth, indeed.

    But kind sir, tarry yet awhile with me while i ask this foolish question that only shameful blacks like i can ask what of the Mohawk dispossession by Crown Prerogative under the TREATY RIGHTS AND SELF DETERMINATION?

    I guess them too was a bunch of ingrates like we Bajans!!

  82. Wow, I’m so embarassed by some of the anti nudity comments, can’t believe how narrow minded they are,ok here is what Barbados needs to do put together a small team of people to go outside the country to visit some nude destinations and see how normal things would be for Barbados to have a few nude resorts and beaches, people serious if people don’t like the idea of a nude beach…well simply its not for you and don’t go, but rest assure people will come out of the wood work to go, and has nothing to do with pervertion, please the scene at a nude beach is not a talent show. so at first will most likely be a little crazy but once the new wears off Barbados will have a new found way to bring tourist to the island, but at the rate things are going I’ll probably be able to pick Barbados up on E-bay for a pretty good price…c’mon just kidding but do a little homework before being quick to judge.

  83. Whats wrong with you,people???What abnormal you see on human nudity?
    Look at the animals-Do they feel bad about theme bodies?NOT ofcourse not.So why shut you feel bad?
    Many of your comments,are about religious talking.Do you say public nudity is against the god?So ASK HIM!!Ask your god.Make a complain to him.Tell him,that he made something,what is full of shame,and because of that shut be hidden securely.
    When Adam tryed Eve’s apple,later in the afternoon they find him hidding behing the tree.He feel shame for his nudity.Something which wasnt normal.God give us our bodies.Bodies we shut be proud of!

  84. most decent folk like to holiday for high standards, nudist beaches attract trash minded people and degrade the area. If you want to turn the area into a place full of pervs then count me out. my wife and children also agree.

  85. It is true some nudity attracts perverts, so do some schools, churches and regular workplaces.

    Managed properly nude beaches can be fantastic. My local beach in Portsmouth UK is completely open, nowhere for any shenanigans to take place. If only we had better weather. I usually go there have a picnic lunch and then doze off listening to some music on my headphones.

    Probably the first couple of times you go to a nude beach you feel slightly self conscious notice people are naked, after that you ignore it.

    But there has to be respect – Not having a nude beach would not stop me going to Barbados. It would not detract from my experience. If there were a nude beach I think I would leave it a couple of years before visiting said beach to give time for the novelty to wear off.

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