Barbados Government Asked to Investigate Heywoods Beach Access

The issue of access to beaches by locals continues to be an issue with unwanted frequency. It is officially stated that there are no private beaches in Barbados, however, access is being squeezed by property owners across Barbados utilizing all means necessary.

Here is another example exposed in the following video submitted by Tee White.

173 thoughts on “Barbados Government Asked to Investigate Heywoods Beach Access

  1. Artax…i dont give a shit…i see Weatherhead in the video…if it was Caswell… or Atherley…i would NOT BE ABLE TO SAY WHAT I SAID…….my concerns are the ISSUES at hand…not some bullshit about a representative AND a portfolio….and if he was not KNOWN as a shady white…i would say nothing…

    ….in a comment last night i DECLARED….and made it VERY CLEAR…..that i cared NOT for yall SHITEY SLAVE SYSTEM…and SLAVE SOCIETY of pretence….IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN USELESS TO THE BLACK POPULATION..

    Go read it…i posted IT to this SAME BLOG LAST night…so i will never make any apologies for HATING a slave society designed to DISENFRANCHISE the majority..

    Be mindful that i VERY RARELY use the word hate becuse of its strength….this must be the first time i ever used it on BU..

    Try jumping OUTBto deal with the REAL issues instead of with useless shit.


    does any of it SOUND FAMILIAR… those with 15 second attention spans..

    “Kenya’s finance minister has surrendered himself to the police after the chief prosecutor ordered his arrest over allegations of corruption.

    Henry Rotich is accused of flouting procurement procedures in awarding a contract worth over $450m (£405m) for the construction of two dams to the Italian company CMC de Ravenna.

    In March Mr Rotich denied any wrongdoing in a large newspaper advert.

    The company has also denied the accusations.

    Get the latest on this and other stories on BBC Africa Live
    Are Kenyans still scandalised by scandals?
    Kenya unveils biblical strategy to tackle corruption
    Director of public prosecutions Noordin Haji is also investigating how the tender was awarded for $170m more than was in the original contract.

    “It was established that the conception, procurement and payment process for the dam projects were riddled with massive illegalities,” he said.

    He has ordered the arrest of more than 20 other people accused of being involved in the contract, including other top officials and the directors of CMC de Ravenna.

    Earlier this year, local media reported that files from the investigation revealed purchases that didn’t appear to make sense for a dam construction project, including at least $38,000 that had allegedly been spent on bedding.

    Mr Haji told the BBC’s Ferdinand Omondi that “the contracts that were entered into and the loans that were taken were not in the interests of Kenyans but were serving other interests” and “the country has lost quite a bit of money”.

    More than $200m has already been spent on the dam projects – yet the dams do not exist yet”

  3. And then…it has been said that Weatherhead…IS BLP..just like Atherley..

    that is why it makes SENSE…to DEAL WITH ONLY THE ISSUES AT HAND..

    cause we know how some politicians like to play musical chairs..they jump from one party to the next, depending on which party has access to the most money belonging to TAXPAYERS…

  4. As usual, you adore in misleading the forum….. “making up things just to make things interesting.”

    And when your motives or the FAIRNESS or ACCURACY of your comments are QUESTIONED, you become AGGRESSIVE, ARGUMENTATIVE and go on a tirade to spew insults and pejorative remarks…… and when proven wrong, you “dilly, dally” and change the argument to something totally irrelevant.

    I’m NOT ignoring the issue relative to the sale or leasing of Harrison’s Cave. However, I believe contributors must be FAIR, RATIONAL, REASONABLE and FACTUAL when “discussing” issues, rather than seeking to sensationalize them with “useless bull shit,” as is your wont.


    ………….QUESTIONING what you’re trying to achieve by intentionally misleading the forum, with what you correctly describe as your “useless bullshit,” is, for all intents and purposes, DEALING WITH REAL ISSUES.

    To be FAIR to Weatherhead, he said, in the video, he was speaking as SPOKESMAN on Tourism and International Transport, FOR THE “People’s Party for Democracy and Development,” which is Barbados’ OFFICIAL opposition party.

    Therefore, your PERSONAL thoughts of the man, under these circumstances ARE IRRELEVANT…….whether or not you believe he “is KNOWN as a shady white,”……… he has an OBLIGATION to speak on tourism related matters, including Harrison’s Cave…… which he FULFILLED in the video…… and raised some very interesting points in the process.

    All I’m “saying” is to suggest Weatherhead “put out the video” and Atherley “chucked him (because he is white), in front to expose the government” “from a bunch of cowardly black people,”……. is “making up things just to make things interesting”………

    …….. when it is a KNOWN fact Weatherhead is the official opposition spokesman on tourism related issues.

    If your “concerns are the ISSUES at hand,” then, you should also concern yourself with “discussing” those issues in a MANNER that is FAIR, RATIONAL, REASONABLE and FACTUAL…….

    ………… rather than intentionally LYING to the forum because it makes you feel as though you’re achieving some silly self-perceived objective…..

    ……when the REAL objectives could be OTHERWISE ACHIEVED WITHOUT the “OVER SENSATIONALISM” (i.e. the presentation of an issue in a way that is intended to provoke public interest or excitement, at the EXPENSE of ACCURACY)…………

    ………..but by BEING SIMPLY HONEST to yourself, especially……… and BU.

    Is this too much to ask of you?

  5. David BU

    Why not look at access from opposite where the “Coach House” was located to Heywoods?

    Approaching Lone Star and going towards Speightstown, there are several privately owned beach houses that are completely surrounded by walls attaching each property, which does not have many public access roads to the beach.

    I remember when Michael Pemberton, of Glitter Bay and Royal Pavillion Hotels fame, wanted to build a private beach house in The Garden, St. James. He approached people residing on the beach-side and offered them money and houses and land on the opposite side of the road, in exchange for their beachside properties. Many of them accepted the offer.

    And I was completely surprised to hear Halloute talking about beaches, when he sold the property on which Chefette Holetown was located to a developer who is in the process of building a property to which public access to the beach will also be questionable.

    • @Artax

      The West coast is a lost cause. It probably explains why the protests against Blue Horizon, Hyatt, vendor at Crane have become increasingly militant to use the word loosely.

  6. Counsel Rests…we are still waiting for the article…president Mia…whom you are no FAN OF…ya said so the last 48 hours..rushed up to Canada and UK to hold elaborate press conference to mamaguy bajans living in the Diaspora…to weasel her way into their bank account…

    so how come there was no press conference for the “lease” of the Caves…so Bajans would KNOW what is going on with THEIR WEALTH…

    ya see the ugly now..

    yall want patriotism in a SLAVE SOCIETY…all of you created…where the BLACK MAJORITY have NO say..NO POWER and NO CONTROL …over their OWN WEALTH…

    ya see the problem now…

    … if the slave minded are afriad to tell yall who is what…..guess what,… I AM NOT SLAVE MINDED…never was…ah was born that way..

  7. David BU

    What about Port St. Charles, for example?

    Several celebrities stay at Port St. Charles and employees signed an “obligation” which prevents them from informing others that those people are staying there…… in the interest of privacy and escaping the media, fans, “paparazzi,” etc.

    I remembered being told by a school mate that works there, of a celebrity who was on the beach “sun bathing.” And security was called to remove media personnel from the beach to prevent them from taking photos of the celeb.

    Since it may be difficult for security or other personnel from knowing who are actually members of the press, surely, “to be on the safe side,” would you expect ordinary Barbadians would be allowed to enter Port St. Charles’ beach?

    Unless things have changed.

    • @Artax

      On a related note if you converse with people at Fort St. Charles and Port Ferdinand they will tell you the decline in the UK market is affecting dollar spend at the two sites.

  8. Artexeres u can come as hard as u want to cover fir this govt who promised transparency
    However the truth of the matter lies in the mant times this govt has not been transparent and the public eyes were only opened after the deals and agreements were signed
    You can also add the IMF agreement to the list of things not forward to the public but only after all was said and done between govt and parties

  9. Ah wonder if Counsel Rests thinks she can put me in a mental institution before i can get her to ADMIT herself to one…lol…

    Ok…let’s go…

    Yall can only do that CRAP…to the SLAVE MINDED ya hear, because they are the ONLY ONES…vulnerable and UNAWARE ENUFF….to accept such shite..

  10. “Artexeres (Artaxerxes) u can come as hard as u want to cover fir this govt who promised transparency….”

    Mariposa, I’m a bit confused.

    You….Mariposa, ac, Angela Cox/Skeete, Coxable…….. (NOT Mottley, her colleagues……OR me) wrote the following: “It took Gaston Browne to reveal that barbados govt had aporoached (approached) him on the selling of Liat shares.”

    In the INTEREST of FAIRNESS and CLARITY, I responded by presenting information to substantiate that your comment was UNTRUE.

    Could you PLEASE EXPLAIN to me how does EXPOSING your lies and ASKING you to be FAIR, be “rationally or reasonably interpreted” as “me coming hard as I want to cover for this government THAT promised transparency?”

    By posting untruths for political mileage, similarly to the government, you are not transparent.

    Additionally, I’m forced to remind you that the DLP also promised ITAL immediately upon being elected in 2008, which instead was immediately shelved. And as such, BOTH political parties FAILED Barbadians in this regard.

    I could also mention “the truth of the matter lies in the many times (your) govt had not been transparent and the public eyes were only opened after the deals and agreements were signed,” as well as the “IMF agreement to the list of things not forward to the public but only after all was said and done between govt and the parties.”

    This is NOT to IMPLY if the DEMS did it….. then, by all means, the BEES should engage in similar activities.

    “It would do you good” if you saw both the BLP & DLP for what they truly are. There aren’t any SIGNIFICANT or FUNDAMENTAL political, ideological and philosophical differences between the BLP and DLP.

    It’s just that the names of the political parties and the players are different.

    According to Mr. Skinner, “The Duopoly Rules.”

  11. @ Hants
    I lay a claim to Foul Bay. Dah Beach is Mine! It was from there that my great grand father went to sea the year he was 36 and never returned. It was from that beach that long ago I watched my great grand mother and grand mother’s fishing boats bobbing up and down on the waves. It was there that on several occasions the waves rolled me up and spit out on the sand. It was there that I walked that seemingly endless shore decades ago and looked for fat forks at the lower end of the beach. I must not forget that it was a place where young men and women used to meet. Cricket used to be a big thing especially on Sunday afternoons. I drank coconut water,and also ate roast breadfruit and fish. I bathed in the sea before going back to the little bay and up over the the rocky cliff to wash off the salt water and sand at the standpipe in the Crane. These are all beautiful memories that I hope the next generation will not miss out on.

  12. Abigail de Salemite
    You are a serial liar and need help. Show me where I said I am no fan of Mia? You need exorcising. I gine call Tituba to help. 🤣🤣

  13. Don’t you feel any shame

    First the marijuana opportunity……GONE..

    St. Vincent did not miss a beat..

    No decent investors would touch yall …UNLESS …you give up the corruption..
    Don’t know how he managed it, but look, a real investor just pushed up the island’s stock..but wait, it may have something to do with the fact that St. Vincent PAID..its overseas creditors..

    It’s STILL all about me right.

  14. Oh ya thought ah didnt know…

    Am not that far gone as A SADIST yet that i don’t know when yall shit TURNED REAL SOUR…

  15. @ Heather,

    In the 50s and 60s there numerous fishing communities along the West coast from Bridgetown to Six Mens.

    Then along came Tourism and destroyed the good old Bajan beach life. Fishermen became gardeners and watchmen at Hotels and Luxury Homes. For some that is progress.

    I was fortunate to have spent the first 20 years of my life on the West coast where I learned to swim,fish and sail.

    As long as there is Tourism there will be no return to the good old days on the west coast.

    There is still the possibility that the Heywoods project may not be built. Seems like Butch wants more than the government is willing to give.

  16. Abigail
    Shown to be a liar once again and switching topics. But do explain to BU the connection between the plane, marijuana and registration? Go further and shed some light on the ownership, destination etc. No charge of corruption, tiefin or sell outs? Go take your meds Salemite.🤣🤣

  17. Waru why you don,t give the blog a rest or better yet form your own blog for the madman shite conspiracist and the madwoman meaning you. You mean we have to put up with you all day everyday with the woman in the video ranting and raving spreading half truths?Do you have a life outside of BU?I took a break and i suggest you take one or at least get someone locked up.In my view David needs to rid the blog of pests like Piece ,Austin ,Mariposa and you.

  18. Artexeres going by news reports Gaston Browne on May 19th stated that Barbados was in negotiations to sell Liat shares
    Again according to news reports it was on June 9th that Mia confirmed that govt had agreed to sell barbados shares in liat
    Yes Gaston browne did give barbadians the heads up on the proposed sale which in my opinion served as an embarrassment to this govt

  19. I am going to let a bunch of yardfowls…WHO ARE TOO DUMB TO BE BREATHING…tell me when i should take a break….

    ……lol, lol, murdahhhh!!!!

    ya could not pay me, and i will know when, not you..

    if ya can’t take HEAT…GET LOST…lol

  20. Is does not surprise the blogmaster how some commenters allow their egos and narrow concerns to outweigh important issues raised. The behaviour of the people being criticized are being mirrored.

  21. Also stated in news media reports were that along with the 44million price tag barbados debt in liat was included as part of the offer

  22. David

    It is a bigger problem than that.

    Extrapolate, and see why we have, and will continue to have, national problems impossible to solve.

  23. Everybody is shaming this govt because of the bold face promise on transparency which turns out to be a bold faced lie
    Weatherhead now got his act together and exposes Mia and her closed mouth buffoons on the Harrison Caves agreements
    Would be interesting to see how she reacts to the Harrison Caves agreements in similar fashion as she first did when exposed on Liat

  24. CHUKKA operates over 60 tours in Jamaica, Belize, and Turks & Caicos.

    Danny remains Chairman of the Board of CHUKKA, but the management has transitioned to his sons, Marc, Alexander, and Daniel Melville, along with their childhood friend, John Byles

  25. This blog is populated with too many dishonest or downright ignorant people. An RFP is put out for a lease, a company is awarded the tender and fools on the blog pompersetting about Scott Weatherhead exposed somebody–a man that say a lease is equivalent to a sale. The Weatherheads submitted a bid? Maybe Mr.Transparent Weatherhead should tell us. PM Mottley and her ministers need to keep going and ignore the atmospheric noises. I am sure the agreement will be released as promised when the deal is completed. Did we not see the White Oak contract? A lotta people asking for transparency don’t understand wdf it means, including Weatherhead. How you expect the docs when the government ain’t even mek an announcement. The Sandals concessions were made a document of the House since last year and I ain’t see it printed in one single newspaper or hear the opposition spokesman on tourism comment. I dun cuz this government will be proven right, Weatherhead and company gine lose dem deposits….again cuz dem ain’t offering nuttin.🤣🤣#pickanoism#abreakfrombuisgood

    • One cannot blame Weatherhead, he needs to make some noise to left his brand and party. Grenville should take note.

  26. And now we can throw the Barbados registered plane from St. Vincent with the Dubai connection in the midst of this mix up mix up for EXPOSURE..

    But dont mind me…


  27. Counsel Rests…ya got a lot more fires to run around putting out…lol

    Try not to run out of water…

    Ya may want to ask FB to take a break TOO……lol, lol, murdahhhh!!!!

    Cant take the HEAT……GET LOST…

  28. Mariposa

    You are incorrect.

    First, please note the government of Antigua & Barbuda made an offer on May 7, 2019, to purchase Barbados shares in LIAT.

    Gaston Browne NEVER “stated on May 19, 2019 Barbados was in negotiations to sell LIAT’s shares.”

    What Browne actually said on that date and during a programme on his private radio station, as it relates the shares, was “he RECEIVED communication from his Barbados counterpart Mia Mottley, indicating that Bridgetown was WILLING to sell all but ten per cent of its shares” in LIAT.”

    It was further reported Browne said his administration had already ESTABLISHED a NEGOTIATING TEAM and was now AWAITING word from Bridgetown FOR THE START of the negotiations.

    The Browne administration issued a statement from a Cabinet meeting which said, “Prime Minister Gaston Browne indicated to the Cabinet members that he has written to Prime Minister Mia Mottley on the LIAT restructuring plan.”

    “An offer was made for Antigua and Barbuda to acquire the LIAT shares owned by Barbados, through a take-over of the liability of Barbados to the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)”.

    Also, on May 19, 2019, “Prime Minister Mottley’s Press Secretary Roy Morris confirmed that Barbados had received the letter but made it clear that Mottley would not be drawn into making public comments on the matter.”

    “PM Mottley’s position is that Antigua has MADE AN OFFER to Barbados regarding its shares in LIAT, and Barbados HAS RESPONDED by INVITING [Prime Minister Gaston Browne] to SEND a team to Barbados to talk.”

    He said, “In the meanwhile, Barbados will not prejudice those talks by making any further statement on the matter.”

    In a statement to Parliament on Tuesday, June 4, 2019, Mottley formally announced plans to sell Barbados’ shares in LIAT and confirmed reports that Antigua & Barbuda was seeking to purchase those shares to replace Barbados as the majority shareholder in the airline.

    This issue was thoroughly discussed in the public domain and on BU and I’m surprised that you’re still presenting wrong information, in an attempt to politicize the issue.

  29. “Do you have any observations about the Weatherhead video?”

    David BU

    Barbadians are “in the dark” as it relates to whether or not Barbados has either sold or leased Harrison’s Cave to Jamaican interests.

    As such, I’m of the opinion Weatherhead made some valid points and observations.

    The Mottley administration should respond immediately and appropriately to the concerns of Barbadians.

  30. See what happens when no one trusts ya;

    because ya LIE to the people;

    keeping secrets all over the place;

    PRETENDING TO…but actually CARE NOTHING..about those who elected you and pay the salaries of you and ALL YA PARASITES…..and ya brought the fact that the PEOPLE CANNOT TRUST YA…on yaself;

    It is so bad now ya can’t even pretend anymore…

    We warned yall…but ya got so DIZZY with ya own bullshit and started believing every word of it, only those dumber than you would even begin to believe ya EMPTY nonsensical SHIT…

  31. me take it Counsel Rests aka IdiotEnuff is as CLUELESS as ever……and is now taking SEVERAL SEATS herself…out of not knowing anything and is too shaky to stand up and SPOUT SHITE………

  32. lol…have you toured the new…sorry…REFURBISHED..plane yet…

    wuh i had a REFURBISHED laptop once…GEEZ…never again…lol

  33. ” Apart from the Hyatt in the heart of Bridgetown, there is talk of Carlisle House and its adjacent car park being made into a hotel; there is another project at the building that currently houses the Waterfront Cafe; indeed, we have even heard about a stretch of hotels from the Pierhead in the City of Bridgetown all the way to Batts Rock on the border of St Michael and St James. And more recently, the planned redevelopment of the Blue Horizon property at Rockley on the south coast into a much more elaborate structure has generated much controversy.”

  34. Abigail
    When it’s parked up in the near future due to its high operating costs. Wait for it.🤣🤣

  35. @ Gabriel July 22, 2019 9:02 PM
    “The Haloutes are Trinidadian by birth and speak the culture of the Trinidadian.They are no saints but Syrian Lebanese origin horse racing and betting gamblers who aided and abetted by Patsy Springer and Dipper hit a gold mine dispensing fried greasy chicken to licirish lazy Bajans who all end up sick at the QEH laden with NCD’s.Chefette should have a special tax forr all the burden they place on the facilities of the QEH and for sending Bajans to an early grave with the 16 fast food greasy spoon specials they operate.That same Rockley was closed by the health authorities for having millions of rodents as in house guests about 20-25 years ago.”

    This is a topic ripe for serious discussion.

    According to you, “licirish lazy Bajans” have turned ‘grease-selling’ merchants into financial fat cats without having to hunt down fast-feeding rats.

    Here is a ready-made taxation gold mine ripe for exploitation by a fiscally-constricted government.

    The same way it can directly tax the people (all households) for the disposal of their sh**te why not also tax the activity which causes the buildup of the sewage in the first instant?

    Why not apply that modern taxation principle of ‘making the polluter pay’?

    If this administration is really concerned about the health & wellness of its potentially-productive segment of the country’s demographic profile it would carry out a serious campaign in the war against the fast expanding battle of the fat bulge currently waging and raging against the young and some maturing adults in the country.

    Why only talk about the ravages of the NCD’s on the health of the population, the financial pressures being placed on the health services and the impact on workers productivity, the deleterious implications for the viability of the NIS and its ramifications for the country’s economic sustainability.

    What about some ACTION??

    How about breaking two chicken wings with one taxation hammer?

    Why not impose a ‘special’ levy on all fast food joints (aka slow poison dispensers for black or ‘colored’ people)?

    Instead of calling it a FAT Tax why not call it “The Preventative Health Financing Measure”?

    Let the greedy lazy people pay up front (prepaid user fees) for having to provide future public health care to them the same way consumers of alcoholic drinks and tobacco are overtly taxed to cover their future health bills.

    There will be no need to reinvent any taxation wheel. Isn’t there a tax already in place to deter the ‘sweet-drinks’ addicts?

    Isn’t there a matured and sophisticated VAT collection regime in place which can be easily mirrored or piggybacked upon in order to facilitate the administration of this health and wellness user charge which can be easily avoided by thinking twice before buying a fast-food box of ‘lazy’ convenience instead of slow-food nutrition?

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