First It Was Nude Beaches…Then Nude Tourist Resorts…Now, NUDE Airlines!

Now a German travel agency has unveiled what is believed to be the world’s first nude airline It is fairly well known that a lot of Germans like getting their kit off, now there is an airline for them. An Eastern German travel agency is taking bookings for the country’s first nudist air service. Passengers can strip off on board but will have to get dressed again before getting off the plane. The flight is to be part of a summer day trip which flies from the Eastern German city of Erfurt to a popular Baltic Sea resort – Source

nude picture

It seems to us that Barbados should be on the look out for marketing strategies to boost tourist arrivals. This may become a worry for the tourism officials in Barbados if the touted US recession drags other markets like Canada and UK with it. On the surface the idea may seem outlandish but the reality for Barbados and many of the islands of the Caribbean is that the tried and trusted marketing approaches are yesterdays news.

63 thoughts on “First It Was Nude Beaches…Then Nude Tourist Resorts…Now, NUDE Airlines!

  1. Passengers can strip off on board but will have to get dressed again before getting off the plane.

    If, instead of waiting till they were on board, they all got naked before going through the security check, it would be a lot more efficient and speed up the boarding process.

  2. Cheese, BU, u had to show us that photograph?!!!!

    N I was just about to have my tea, this MORNING!!!!

    Laaadddddddddddddddddddd 🙂

  3. and what about the people on the 2nd flight??? Would you want to sit on a seat that can probably tell a story??? I’m white …we ain’t all bats**t crazy….

  4. The people sit on towels in the plane. Sitting on fresh towels is cleaner then sitting in pants that no one knows how long they have been worn.

    You are so right about looking for new marketing ideas. The Grand Lido’s in Jamaica have nude beaches and are very popular, Club Orient is St Martin is a nudist resort and is very popular, and here in the US my resort, The Terra Cotta Inn is a clothing optional resort and is very popular.

    If you want to attract more tourists, you have to deliver what they want. You are so right in thinking you need to re-think the tourism marketing of your island.

    Good luck.

  5. Nuddde Nuddee Nude Nude Nude…think it is absolute hilarious even if it appears rude. Breast, penis and bare butts all on a plane, I tell ya the pilots flying must be insane. But what you expect when in this day…we already had ‘snakes on a plane’

  6. Well well, I must say.
    Do we really want to lower our moral standards for money?

    What’s next? Sex tourism? gay nude hikes through the countryside?

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  8. interesting article ever ince i believed barbados should open at least one nude beach then we could capture a lot of business that currently goes to croatia and places like that

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  10. I have long felt that in the interest of security and efficiency that ALL air travel should be nude. The staff would hand you a nice clean towel (or a large sheet for the excessively modest) on boarding and you would drop it in a basket on disembarking. They would be laundered and recycled just like hospital and hotel linens. No more uncomfortable pat-downs by complete strangers, because you have anywhere to hide anything.

  11. But no nude hiking. There is cow-itch in the bush, and nettles, and “hug-me-close”, and ants and mosquitoes. All people in the bush must be fully clothed.
    No, “hug-me-close” is not a lover, it is the seed of a bush which clings completely close to you.

  12. The thought of sitting next to a bunch of great fat naked Herrs and Fraus is enough to the average person off flying forever

  13. I’m with J,just fly nude to begin with.If you’re a body-phobe,you’ll be issued a towel and a warning not to stare at other flyers. If NOT,you’ll be jauntily on your way,free of the constraints of the place that you’re leaving. Sounds like a win-win to me!

  14. GREAT!

  15. Lets see how long we can keep this “nudity” thread alive…. it’s already the first to come up on a search for “Barbados nude”
    I am an internet expert (among other things) and creating controversy is a sure way to increase your ranking in any search engine. I would like to see a vibrant nudist community in Barbados…. probably will never happen…. but nobody can “blame” me for trying….. evrybody promoting their own agenda…. I find it so amusing that people would seek to silence me on this topic…. could it be they have psychological issues ? perhaps fighting their own secret demons ?
    Take a look at:

  16. ok so first of all i am not getting on any plane that people can strip naked in because i dont wanna see another guys penis just the tought of that makes me cringe

  17. What’s the matter with you BIGshit?

    Penises are good.

    Every man I know likes having one.

    And most women I know (and some men) like making a personal acquaintance with one (or more)

    What’s the matter with you?

  18. Nudity and Immigration

    And if Ms. Myrie had been travelling nude to Barbados there would now be no Myrie problem between Jamaica/Barbados.

  19. It is disturbing to display flesh in this manner as seen in this picture above. Our country should not allow people, especially people who fornicate with rectum to come to our shores. I cannot understand why anyone would despise vagina to fornicate with rectum instead.
    I also hear that these people are violent, beating each other and even killing them, if they do not make their rectum available upon demand. That, I believe is wrong. We should pass laws preventing these things.

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  21. ATTN Barbados …AIR NUDIE NUDE is approaching your Grantley Adams Airport with Nu nu’s and lou lou’s a plenty hanging…..
    Hey wanna I in the Press Box…eating lunch wid celebrities say hello Tony…HELLO>>>>..say hello WAYNE>>>>Hello
    Think Bushie cud get in hay…..ya got to B the likes of Sir Everton….any way D man want back …he seat…he he .see unna when we win.

  22. should have nuked them dirty whoring sluts since world war 2.
    stinking Germans.German women are always the first to find some smelly ugly bajan negro to pay to marry dem so dem could get what they want..
    don’t forget we won the war and you all murdered millions of innocent fucks should stand tall and be proud of your selves..slime

  23. I cant imagine what those seats will smell like, because changes are if they dont like to wear clothes, they probably dont like to bathe

  24. The entire world knows that Barbados has a policy of no topless or nude (perish the thought!) people on the beach. If you are really so prudish, why not put an end to local Rasta’s cruising the beaches looking for white women and their money? To say nothing of the open selling of drugs that go on in the open with no police doing a damn thing. Get your act together Barbados…

  25. Am now seeing this article and surprised the polititians did not jump at it immediately knowing how they lack original ideas, then again the hypocrites who dwell in bim would have a field day. Tourism as we know is a double edged sword and continue to be because of the lazy and corrupt polititians we have in bim, who do not want to diversify using brain power. Tourism has caused the deaths of thousands of young men (and I suppose younf female prostitutes) over the years because of AIDS infected tourists and their money, u will never hear of any statistics on this issue from gov. Though am no prude, airplanes are already flying petri dishes filled with bacteria and limitless diseases. Let them keep their route outside the caribbean and contain those diseases.

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  32. how is tourist traveling nude gonna make things any better for this island i say not more like make things much more worst flaunting they whoredom all around de place,tryin to rub off there intoxication some more on the black ppl’s mostly them is who promoting this nude ting?hmm oh and what is the REASON they mentioned for flying around nude hmmm il make my own :O a bunch of fags wanting to give us they sodomite BS and the not so much of ladies (dogs) promoting whordom again to us who is mostly in the carribbean the brown skin ppls who we calll black which is the colour of a boot? but thats another story

  33. you speak nonsense giving us another addiction to end the first one simply telling me I am still addicted so its an illusion then the taking away of one drug ok to then give us another addiction? I rather go rehab

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