Angela & Gary Cole Respond To Anti-Semitic Charge

diana.jpgYes my mom may seem that there is an international conspiracy of wealthy Jews controlling the world.

Yes you know but the Mossad did not burn your house, turn your partner into an animal, kill his friend, send agents to befriend you etc etc you know: you really don’t know my mothers world so I wont even try to explain it. But I thought we were two different people (apparently not – though the joint writing nothing remotely anti- Semitic – you know I don’t think the reader knows that Errol was a very close friend and confident of my mother and talked to her of his opinions of the Arab – Israeli conflict – check out our work – does he even know Carlton my mom’s partner worked for the Mossad and Israeli military people(and South African) came to our house/compound at HARP – please you are mixing classes – you think you know me and my mother and Barbados but you don’t)- have you ever thought the Mossad might send you someone to fall in love with to monitor your movements .. you don’t know – there is a lot of good story here because its true parts of it already in the press here in England…

But I can only write and expound so quickly so be patient…You don’t know my mothers story she has written over 7 or 8 books, thousands of pages, is a best selling author and you have not read her work…if you don’t have access to all her work email me here and by the end of the fortnight you can have the books delivered to your door hereher best friend Merle Marshall is a Jew, Her best male friend Rocky Walcott is the son of the attorney general in the 40s who said Blacks were not responsible enough to vote..

My best friend at university was Patrick Goddard, my mom is more often than not accused of having all these white friends whose problems case my mother a lot of problems. So as for racism.. I am Black White and Amerindian and I have no problem with all three. so you have to trust me. Politically Adrian will be attacked as a white foreigner, so build up your working class credibility..That how Peter Morgan did it. We wrote a lot about what Peter did. He wrote Errol’s first biography. So chill. If Adrian was serious about the man attending his funeral. I am just sensing.

I enjoyed writing this and I suppose you will end up being one of my way I am telling you trust me and my experience talk to Robert Best about me, or Roxanne Gibbs, or Andrea King, or Harold Hoyte, or Tim Forsythe, or Denzil Agard…I have worked with all of them in my tender age of 40 (these are all the editors in chief in the major dailies…I have forgotten some too. As for the charge of anti-Semitism…as far as I know even the present Israeli prime minister is being called Anti-Semitic.

But David you got to be more up front and honest with me.

Two things as far as racism goes. I knew the previous owner of Arawak Inn he owned a nightclub, I mean he was a good friend of my mother.. he is in our books and a beautiful description of the inn when it was open, I stayed there a few times as Bill’s guest(with my mother I am 40) so I think there is resonance. You need to appeal more to the black working class voter. Give him some credit. My mother came to represent the Black working class because she realized she could not win against the government without their support. I am not in Barbados so I do not have access to all this information you print but if you want to give your site greater black working class appeal then I have no problem committing a series of articles relating to the law and politics of the last 35 years…interviews articles books tapes etc about the nature of judicial corruption and back door politics, unsurpassed and related to all working class- so I have to laugh when people talk about blog style….

So if you are elitist no harm, I am open source free as in freedom in my approach to the web…like Stallman opened my eyes.

BU applied Spell Checker but that was the extent of our editorial intervention


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7 thoughts on “Angela & Gary Cole Respond To Anti-Semitic Charge

  1. Why do you keep dropping the names of those newspaperpeople? Have you re-read the first sentence of this piece?

  2. This is the whole concept described in modern political seminology and Foucaults Pendulum is a good take on understanding the study of conspiracy. ..the latest example was the dan Brown book i forget. …You are tripping on the name, conspiracies are as old as mankind, they are the very story of ourselves, a myth is a puzzle with a key but the key never fits the puzzle. Your last argument made absolute no sense. Dont qute the best editors in the island on my grammar and Englis because reading my mother makes you think there is a conspiracy. When i get my water bill i know there is a conspiracy. First of all you ignored what ia have said the Mossad murdered a very close and loyal friend of my mother who was also a great man….no JU_JU tells me because he worked for sadem Husseain he should not be glorified….and i say wait for that you killed him, because you want to kill sadem Hussein, and 2 million Iraqis along with it, and doesnt see this is real. Listen you talk about glorification of a gun and i am going to tell you never worked in or with the military because there is honor in the force of arms. The military is not implicitly opposed to democracy, and the science of super long range guns may one day protect us. The current version of the gun bull designed with Lawrence Liverpool laboratories is a plasma gun capable of shooting a projectile at speeds of 100, 000 miles per hour. The had him design it for them during a perior of intense prep and once they got the plans the locked him out killed him and have the technology, because this is one of the banned star wars technology. And you say the issue is the glorification of a gun (that the USA has spent billions on), that is actually what the Us is doing to Iran – the Usa can break test bans, refuse to sign the nuclear prolifiration treay but pressure every other country in the world too, continue to develop more leathal ones, threaten to use them on other counties and if that other country arms itself with anything other than sticks and rocks it claims as starting and arms race. Before you open your moth any more think. And thank you Carson and all the others who know what im talking about ……and Could you refer to Wittengstein, or the pragmatics or Saussure or Lacan, or the structuralist, or Derrida, etc for the reductive account….i see in your writing you only know one aspect of the world…

    you are being kind of a philistine…or like if i told you there was an international conspiracy of philistines against the art and culture and philosophy and History you would believe me too right, or better yet a conspiracy of plain fools.

  3. Zionist control the internet so this website is a waste of time. What is important is that Ju Ju has issued a veiled threat against your child, my grandchild. How pathetic. Gary open your own website you are only increasing an undeserving fool’s hits. David you are foolish. Why do you not read. Gary and talking to Merle again.

  4. There has been no larger masacre than the American Indians except maybe what Genghis Khan. Also any idiot that has read Egyptian history will see that the Torah, old testatment, is Egyptian history. Yes I do not buy the nonsense about virgin birth etc. for we amerindians have our own creation myth. All this is stupid. Find some intelligence.

  5. The last time someone tried to prove me mad I was awarded by the court $35,000.00. And issued a certificate of sanity. Merle Marshall, psychotherapist to David Speilers mother used to say that I was her only friend since all the rest were her clients. She still calls me a genius like all my teachers and all who know me so leave me alone. Either read my books and discuss them or go to hell.

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