Crop Over 2008 Under Threat


Who gabby think he is….

I waiting to cuss he stink

Who gabby think he is…

Before you get all excited and telephone Gabby with the news that Boyce say he gun curse he, the opening you see above are lyrics from Gabby’s own calypso “Who Gabby think he is”. Which brings me to my point, Gabby seems to think he will be Cultural Ambassador forever. Anthony “Gabby” Carter is more than my friend, he gave Madd comedians our first big break performing in Battleground calypso tent when we had just left Combermere in 1982. I have a tremendous respect for Gabby; you need to read one of my first posts “What the ass is a cultural ambassador anyways?” where I lamented that Gabby was not given enough real power and authority to go with his prestigious title.

However, the Government has changed and protocol dictates that all ambassadors and boards of directors appointed by the previous administration make their resignations available to the new government. I read in the newspaper where ambassadors from New York, United Kingdom, Africa and Timbuktu have sent in their resignation letters. But not Gabby. He is maintaining his position and waiting to see what the new Minister will do. So all the remarks wunna drop, saying that Gabby like he “switch sides” and how he sing pun de DLP celebration motorcade, even Kidsite throw a song punch at he at the Rihanna tribute show. But Gabby is not budging.

Source: Boyce Voice Blog

We have been following the issue of Gabby making his feeling known about how he wants to remain as the Cultural Ambassador of Barbados. According to media reports he has refused to tender his resignation which protocol usually dictates he should have done by now. The Boyce Voice blog is also reporting sources close to the National Cultural Foundation as indicating that CEO Ian Estwick’s contract will not be renewed.

In a related matter:

Although the BU household are not the greatest Crop Over fans in the world, we concede that the festival does generate a tidy sum for the treasury of Barbados. Against this background we have become somewhat concerned about the rapid fire changes which have been made, and others which our sources have indicated are to be made public soon. We have no problem with the new government wanting to make Crop Over Festival for 2008 bigger and better but it is a little late in the day to be ringing the big changes. A sensible approach which Minister Steve Blackett might consider is to let this year’s festival play-out and look to next year to make his mark.

Crop Over is our premier national festival and its success impacts all economic activity in Barbados. As “David” (If KB can do it so can we) stated in a press conference recently, it also has socio-political implications. We urge all the stakeholders to thread very carefully on this one. Along with other Barbadians, Barbados Underground will be watching how this developing saga unravels at West Terrace in the coming days and weeks.

Is cronyism and yardfowlism still alive and well under the Democratic Labour Party reign?

30 thoughts on “Crop Over 2008 Under Threat

  1. I find it absolutely amazing that the new Gov’t should have to seek out the resignations of these people, it sould not require this course of action whatsoever.

    When we come to grips with the share numbers that were bought by the Arthur’s politics of inclusion we will better understand their unwillingness to resign from these many post, the likes of Ezra Alleyne, Clyde Griffith, Gabby, Henderson Bovell this was nothing more that a case of paying their party faithfulls for the loyality using our the taxpayers monies.

    In Gabby’s case without a pay day provided by the taxpayers who will be willing to finance his gambling habits?

  2. This guy seems to have an inflated opinion of himself. As an overseas Bajan, I eventually, saw him perform, one day on a black, satellite channel we have here. I could n’t believe it. After hearing about this guy for so long, I thought he was ABSOLUTELY, APPALLING!!!! I simply, could n’t see what the fuss was about vis. him!!!!

    For me, there is only ONE cultural, ambassador of Barbados, and that’s the amazingly, talented RIHANNA!!

    Anybody else, just forget it!!!!

  3. BU,
    I don’t believe Crop-Over is in danger. Crop-Over will come off as usual. Have no fear. As far as Gabby is concerned he has no shame. He was a Dee and he joined the Bees
    and cursed them on the platform saying that the party has a bunch of jokers. Can you believe he has the gall to say that as far as he is concerned he is still the Cultural Ambassador? He is waiting on the PM? Well let him wait! There were a lot of people living sweet off the taxpayers’ money for the last 13 years. They are still in shock. They still cannot believe the gov’t has changed, eg. persons like Henderson Bovell who was always mouthing off that David Thompson would never be PM of Barbados. Clyde Griffith is a survivor. He will find shelter someplace.

  4. With as many as 28 consultants and paid advisors to the Owing Arthur administration one would have expected a more progressive ruling party, sadly the real intention of the blp was only to make the ones of their ilk rich in exchange for their voting support.

    The Cropover event will happen it will be a success and it will earn foreign exchange, Gabby is not required for Cropover to happen nor will he be missed.

    It is an absolute disgrace that at this stage that Gabby should be waiting to see what PM Mr Thompson wants him to do, RESIGN and RESIGN NOW is the only course of action.

    Simply put all of them that are in any doubt about their status if you were nominated, selected or picked by the blp for any board your course of action now is to tender your letter of resignation now.

  5. Wishing in Vain and Tony Hall you seem confident about 2008 Crop Over Festival. What are some of the innovative changes proposed? Been hearing that the government plan to contact out some of the festivals like Cohoblopot to their cronies.

  6. Gabby, I am glad your were not elected under a DLP ticket when you ran for the City. Your response now shows that you are not creditble. You are about you.
    Resign now. You were a D, but you couldn’t bear it being in Opposition so you changed to B. Now you want to be a D again (because, once again you can’t bear to be in Opposition – as there is no gravy money and fame)
    Do the honourable thing and what is expected – RESIGN NOW!

  7. Bimbro,

    You stupid piece of sh*t.

    If you don’t who Gabby is or what he looks like, then you are not an overseas Bajan but a foreign piece of sh*t.

    You never fail to sound like an a*sshole.

  8. I wonder if I’d be allowed to use such ‘colourful’ language as ‘No Colour’ without sustaining a warning or being banned!!

    Anyhow, no matter. I do know who Gabby is, unfortunately!!

    It’s a simple matter – you rate him, whereas I don’t!!

    No need for the vitriol!! Get some civility!!!!

  9. Is Gabby sane.? This pitiful judas grasshopper cannot be same man who gave us timeless hits Boots, Mr.T, Emmerton, Jack et al. Gabby doesnt have an ounce of shame.

  10. Gabby was desperate, he needed a job and Owen offered him the pick as Cultural Ambassador. He was paid directly from the P.M office.Its true the most honorable thing for him to do is resign but he is smart. Its a new Gov. and he knows they dont want to appear as being heavy handed, so he will play the game.
    I think we should be encourging the new administration to have a good look at what is happening at the N.C.F. Some of their officers dont have a clue about culture and most of them surfice only at Crop-Over and Nifca.This place needs a cleansing.

  11. Today is the last day in office for N.C.F C.E.O Estwick. lets wish him well in his future endeavors,and look forward for some serious changes at that institution.

  12. This is really simple. If these folks where hired on the account of their political party affiliations first, then what is wrong with they being fired on said account? Something is wrong with people (not politicians) jumping up and down on a political platform as a result of how they got the job and demonstrating how they intend to keep it, and then making noise after their efforts failed. Did we keep the Last Attorney General? what about the Minister of Health, or labour, housing? No we did not? I don’t care if their tenure in the job speaks of good performance, the core question should be, where they hired on merit? if not they must go. The DLP should then, if they are serious, seek to fill those post (ambassador this, director of whatever commission etc) in question with persons who are eminently qualified and do so in a meritocratic process. The majority of Barbadians are politically independent people. Failure to this and on losing the government in a future election the process of house cleaning political appointees in particular those who would so publicly wear their allegiance by being on a political platform, should continue. 😀 Why should any of us have any remorse concern for the well being of Yardfowls like Henderson Bovell, Gabby, Mrs Odle, these people are party hacks, their party lost power and they should lose their political pick. I am not about rewarding defeat. 😀

    But this is something else, all DLP yardfowls went home in 1993 or converted their party allegiance to hold on or get a pick (Neval Greenidge) and now all of a sudden there is something wrong with BLP yardfowls needing to go home? Look don’t make me laugh. These people really believe Barbados belong to them,…..and Gabby not even de beach is yours. 😀

    Hear Gabby singing

    Dah job is mine, uh gine keep it any time
    fuhget wuh de PM sey, uh gine keep it anyway. ……..

  13. i am please to inform you that GABBY ANTHONY CARTER has being fired good riddence to bad rubbish READ todays paper all free money done

    Published on: 3/1/08.

    by Eric Smith and Adonijah

    DEM GONE, Gabby gone; dem gone, Carol gone . . . .

    Two leading figures in the cultural industry and connected to the National Cultural Foundation (NCF), Anthony Gabby Carter and Carol Roberts, marketing officer at the foundation, have been given their walking tickets.

    Gabby, appointed as this island’s first cultural ambassador in 2003, said yesterday he was informed that he was being stripped of the position from next week.

    Roberts told the SATURDAY SUN yesterday evening: “After 11 years I leave with my head held high. I am very proud of my record at the NCF.”

    She was marketing officer there since 1997.

    At the same time, there is uncertainty surrounding the chief executive officer of the NCF, Ian Estwick.

    One highly placed source said a meeting was scheduled with him next week, while another said he had already been given his exit papers.

    Yesterday, he declined comment on reports that he too was leaving the foundation.

    “I’m not talking to the media, period. I will not even confirm, true or not,” he said.

    It is understood that long-standing calypso tent manager and retired executive at the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation, Vere Browne, will be the interim Crop-Over co-ordinator.

    An official close to the NCF said last night that a definitive statement on what was happening at that institution should be made on Monday.

    Gabby said as an active entertainer once again the public could expect to see much of him, especially in the tents during Crop-Over and in competition.

    “I can now go full blast with what I’ve been doing all my life, that’s entertainment,” he said, stating that the cultural ambassadorship “was great. I enjoyed it”.

    Gabby, who also worked as a cultural specialist at the NCF, promised to continue his relationship with those schools with which he had been working over the past three years.

    However, his main focus will be his role as a professional entertainer.

  14. TO THE PRIME MINISTER when are we going to get rid of the b.l.p diplomatics there are the spies that owen arthur leave to name a few micheal king, trevor clarke,ed bushell, the new wed marry lady concul general to new york at the un chris hackett to name a few and last but not least bille miller croneyLINDA WATSONLORDE WHO IS A MAJOR DISASTER IN THE CONSULATE OF NEW YORK, who even leak the date of elections in barbados of her goverment before it went to press what would she do to a d.l.p goverment?

  15. So Carol “Crime and Violence” Roberts, traitor Gabby and Ian Estwick finally got the boot. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Carol you can seek comfort from Obrien Trotman…wink! After all you were a UDC contractor…wink! Carol was a woman with many jobs.

  16. No Colour // February 28, 2008 at 2:29 am


    You stupid piece of sh*t.

    If you don’t who Gabby is or what he looks like, then you are not an overseas Bajan but a foreign piece of sh*t.

    You never fail to sound like an a*sshole.


    Well, we all know who he is now, even if we did n’t before, i.e. UNWANTED!!!! Like u Sir!!!!

  17. I am having a problem with the movement of keys players within the Culture ministry at this eleventh hour. Crop Over planning for the following year usually begin within seconds of the final event in order to correct and fine tune the festival, but what are we seeing a whole heap of shifting cards at last minute. Am I to believe that the Minister of Culture is not firing on all cylinders thus the inclusion of the popular Senator who seems to be in the limelight especially at the stakeholders meeting.

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