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Ladbrokes – Obama likely to win Presidency of US Posted in February 14th, 2008 by admin in Religion, US News, World News, Government, Politics and Development, Barbados Odds Favour Obama for Presidency of USAmerica – Land of Opportunity Obama is on a roll. His message of change has resonated in America, and he is leading the wife of former president Clinton in pledged delegates. For the first time in US history, it appears that a non-white man will be nominated as the Presidential candidate of the Democratic Party. How did this happen? Change in America This is not the first time that minority candidates have succeeded. Off the top of my head, I can recall: Governor Douglas Wilder (black Democrat) in Virginia Governor Bobby Jindal (East Indian Republican) in Deep South Louisiana Mayor Roland Dykes (black) in rural Tennessee in an area with 2% black population It is not only the electorate that has changed, the message of the candidates has changed too. The Jesse Jacksons, the Andrew Youngs, and the Al Sharptons will never have broad appeal because of their negative stances.

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Barack Obama is the buzz word on the lips of people all over the world, it does not matter if one is Chinese, Indian, Russian or West Indian. The man Obama has created an excitement in world politics which has not been witnessed in my life time. Someone commented on BU sometime ago that Obama’s popularity resonates with the masses while Clinton and McCain represent the status quo, i.e. the dark and powerful dark suits that hover in the background of most governments. This situation is demonstrated by the fact that Obama continues to attract campaign financing at an alarming rate while Clinton’s continue to splutter. It is incredible that Hillary Clinton the wife of former President Bill Clinton would be experiencing financing issues.

We want to explore the issue about Obama’s journey to the White House which is being discussed in whispered tones by many. The talk about Obama being the target of an assassination because some believe that they are many who would not want to see a Black man elected as the President of the United States. The truth is all Presidents of the USA live with the reality of assassination on the horizon. It is why the Secret Service do what they do. Obama obviously has dismissed the idea that as a Black man he should cower somewhere in the background because of the fear of being assassinated. We take this opportunity to criticize those Black Democrats from the Virgin Islands who have publicly registered their disapproval to Obama’s Democratic nomination on the grounds of his voting record in the US Senate. They are of the view that his voting record will hurt the Caribbean.

The election of a Black man to the presidency of the United States transcend all of the usual mundane issues. For Black people in America what Obama represents should not be trivialized by policy issues. For the people of the Caribbean they should note that this region has benefited very little under successive US Presidents, Democrats or Republicans.

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37 thoughts on “Barack Obama Is The One

  1. I have a feeling that Obama will miss out at the convention. It will have to be brokered because both of them have so much to gain by winning, first black, first woman.

  2. It is hard to believe, but Senator Obama has the momentum in votes and delegates to win. The Latin vote in Texas will be interesting, but there are signs he is winning that vote too – or at least it is not united against him.

    If you compare him with Jesse Jackson, he is in this position not becuase of luck, sympathy, or the strength of the black vote, but because of a broad appeal and skillful stratgy.

    Sometimes we are most comfortable losing, the harsh reality is that Mr. Obama has a good chance of winning.

  3. When I blogged ” He will be assimilated or assassinated ” by the shady money men who have clandestinely been in real power since Kennedy, it had nothing whatsoever to do with race, colour, religion or sexual orientation.

    It has all to do with his willingness to be manipulated.

    It looks like McCain has succumbed to their way of thinking , now Giuliani has been rejected as a no hoper.

  4. I still think that Obama is a too high on form and more than a little short on substance. A great speaker – makes you want to follow him, but this is not a pied piper fairy tale, it’s an election for President and the most powerful position in the world. However, it wouldn’t be a problem for me if either he or Clinton won, so long as the next President is not a Republican.

  5. People really need to be aware of who Hillary Rodham Clinton really is: She is a conniving, deceitful totally immoral woman whose only desire is for raw power.

    There is tons of documented information regarding she and her husband’s flagrant lawbreaking, manipulation and intimidation of those who don’t tow their line. They are masters at what they do. They have many Blacks believing that they are for them. There are recorded conversations made behind closed doors of their “hatred” of Blacks but they are playing Blacks like a card in poker. Even dismissing the Latino campaign manager in favour of a Black campaign manager simply to outwit, or so they hope, Obama

    People need to see through these two political prostitutes.

    According to an article on MSN on Tuesday she among others make more per annum than the President of the US. So to her it is not money it is power. Behind her is the latent power of her husband. Any woman worth her salt would never have put up with the public embarrassment she had to take when Bill carried on with his adultery for all the world to see. But she had a plan.

    Mark my words if she achieves her goals it will be a sad day for all.

    While Obama may not be perfect he is “light years” ahead of Hillary.

    Do some research of how many presidents had little or no experience in politics before becoming a president.

    That is not the criteria; it is the character of the person that counts.

  6. A Black President of USA?

    Come on now……are we that ignorant?

    It is a good notion, he seems destined to go there by the momentum he has.
    George didnt stand a snowball chance in hell but look what happened.
    The puppet masters are preparing their strings… and see.
    A black President…….another pipe dream.

  7. When you look at the wins between Clinton and Obama, you will see that Obama is winning heavily within the white areas and Clinton collecting a good set of black votes. The thing with Obama is a positiveness whilst disseminating information about the way he would like to tackle crucial issues, no wonder he raised the Presidential bar by outclassing Bill Clinton during the Grammy’s with his speech.

    On a lighter side, if Clinton wins it will be business as usual, I hope not the ‘oval table’ issue. (Opps)

  8. Since Obama has taken the lead, even though by a small margin, some of the pundits and delegates, especially those in the Clinton camp, now want Florida and Michigan votes/delegates to be included in the count; this will give Hilary somewhat of a lead allowing her to stay ahead of Obama.

    All along, the democrats (candidates, delegates, supporters, etc.) seemed to have accepted the earlier ruling not being allowed to campaign in these two States and that votes/delegates will not be considered in the count.

    I was appalled to hear that Obama’s name was not on the MI ballot, according to Wolf Blitzer/CNN. When he asked why it was not on there, one of Hilary’s advisors said she was not aware so she could not comment. 🙂

    I find Hilary’s staff to be greedy and selfish all at the same time, but it’s all part of politics, no matter where you go.

  9. Straight talk:

    I watched that clip and I must say that I an horrified at the level of hypocrisy shown by officials.
    The media on the other hand ……well I still cant find a word to describe them.
    Then they wonder why people hate them (Americans) so much.
    I also watched a similar documentary on the Bush family so I guess it goes both ways.
    Their elections are really ….a choice of the lesser evil.

  10. One Democrat’s perspective on US politics:

    Below is one comment on a democratic thread “It . Is . All . A . F*****g . Sham:” by DU member Mark D.

    Andrew Jackson
    by Mark D

    Obama mentioned his name in a speech after a recent sweep. As said above, the last one to really challenge the system, JFK, was offed by it. Above politicians, corporations controlling them with lobbyists, there is money. JFK wanted to do what Andrew Jackson did, end the central bank concept, and have America issue its own money, vs. borrowing it from a private bank (the Federal Reserve). They missed in trying to off Jackson for doing it. The other’s who stood up (JFK, Garfield, Lincoln) were killed for challenging it.

    Offer enough of the money they control, and they’ll find a shooter. Keep it simple for the simple masses who want to be told what to think. Explain our debt is almost 10 trillion, explain how much that is, how interest on the debt is wasted money, and it can’t be paid back if money used to pay it back is issued by the same source. Explain the last president to pay off the national debt was Andrew Jackson, and that was because he issued the currency, and beat back the central bank. But this is hidden, find a history class that teaches the assassin admitted bankers paid him to shoot Jackson, as they paid Booth.

    Until major changes like that are made, until those elite bankers stop instigating wars, and then funding/lending to both sides of wars, to create more debt, and using their corporate cat’s paws to turn the people who could rebel into 80 hour a week minimum wage workers who turn into controlled couch potatoes, we won’t change things with small changes. But we must enlist the name that did.
    The one president who vowed to fight them, lived to do it, won, and ducked the assassin’s bullet.

    Ask Obama, Clinton, what they really think of Andrew Jackson. About how he paid the debt off, and how his way was the only way it could possibly be done. Ask if they fear for their lives if they would take the advise of the historian/economist/genius professor who created the Google video, The Money Masters, to go to our own currency (also saving the dollar), to eliminate the debt, and to get foreign country lobbyists, war corporations, etc., out of foreign policy decisions as well.

    Bilderberg ties will keep Hillary from giving a straight answer. But from what we’ve seen so far, they’ve not gotten to Obama yet. They probably didn’t expect him to get the nomination that we see he just might, and probably expect racists to act before they’d have to. Maybe the fact that he’s going to need extra heavy security, as it is, against racists, means he’ll be willing to take on the elite bankers & finally cut their puppet strings attached to corporations, war, and their other outlets, for good.×2858399#2863326
    (page up to see original post and other comments)

    Link to The Money Masters videos parts 1 & 2 here:

    Mark D.’s train of thought is pretty close to mine. When I think of Obama, he reminds me of that other young, energetic, popular president who apparently was trying to make some fundamental changes and got an assasin’s bullet in his brain for his trouble.

    It remains to be seen, if he becomes president, whether Obama will be able to make some of the fundamental changes (i.e. reign in the power of the money changers/bankers/Federal Reserve, the Military-Industrial Complex and the corporations) that are required if the US is to remain a free and democratic society and again be the “light on the hill” to the rest of the world.

  11. Change We Can Believe In

    Clean sweep as Barack picks up the pace
    Hillary is no longer leader in the race
    America stood up to say yes we can
    Nebraska, Louisiana, the Virgin Islands and Washington
    Going on to continue this victory in Virginia
    Even winning Maryland and the District of Colombia
    We know how much further we have to go
    Exclaimed Barack, American’s new big O
    Change has been the focus of his campaign
    And he continues this race unwavering
    Nominated as the unpopular candidate with no history
    Barack spoke and Americans loved his story
    Exit polls show his snowballing momentum
    Leading in almost every demographic stratum
    Illinois senator may become the first black leader
    Except, that’s not his bid or philosophy either
    Vote for Barack and you’ll vote for all
    Every race, class, gender, age big or small
    Ideologically he promises a future we can achieve
    Nominate Barack, he offers a change we can believe

    Written after the Potomac Primaries
    Last night

    See other Barack Obama Poetry by Khaidji. Note all Poems have a message down the left spine. Can you see it?

  12. Please correct the spelling of Barack Obama’s first name in the post title!

    I don’t like it that Obama has no executive experience. McCain doesn’t either, but has more life experience. Obama is generating great enthusiasm, but I believe there will be a disappointment of sorts when his history comes under greater scrutiny.

    Thanks Douglas!


  13. Douglas this is a concern now that McCain now has the time to focus on the Democrats. Romney threw his support at McCain today. I suspect that he did so reluctantly for the good of the party.

  14. everybody talking about experience.

    did the two boys who dropped out of college have experience to start google? no they hired people who had experience.

    what about myspace, same thing.

    what about microsoft, same thing

    what about news corp. same thing

    what about arnold in california, no experience whatsoever and that man is doing a wonderful job as gov. of cali

    its not the experience that counts all the time, its the judgement and conviction, also the people you hire as advisors and who chair certain depts.

    i do believe obama will do a wonderful job, we black people always think that if we rise to the top something will happen, time for us to stop thinking that way and move on.

    obama has great policies, mccain wanna keep troops in iraq for 100 years if needed, will they be us troops for that long if troops will be there for 100 years?

    if for centuries and us leaders could not solve tension with the middle east by war, why not try it a more diplomatic way by talks, dont you think its hypocritical to try to create a peace treaty with isreal and iran and you cant even create one with your enemy? thats some kinda foreign policy for ya.

    what i can say is, when obama do become pres. he will have plenty wuk ta do with a dying economy, and as for mccain, 100 more years in iraq will place usa like africa, the economy will evaporate, presently, the war cost more than 1 billion a day, do the maths.

  15. Mr. Barack Obama has a great chance of becoming the first black to be the Presidential nominee of the Democratic Party. As for Mrs. Hilary Clinton, she has a less than good chance of becoming the first female to be the Presidential nominee of the Democratic Party. Whereas, Mr. John McCain has virtually secured the Presidential nomination for the Republican Party.

    Indeed, Mr. Obama, more than the other two main contenders for the US Presidency – the most politically powerful state position in the international state system – is the one with the greatest political chance of winning the US Presidency. Not only does he appear to possess awesome charisma, a very fine intellect, a wide range of oratorical skills, an abundance of intelligence, great social and interpersonal skills, the common touch and the professional legalistic background for being a stronger contender for the Presidency of the United States of America, but also he appears to have unimpeachable integrity and probity of character and the ability to be consistently strong on many domestic and foreign policy issues while at the same time asking for a more renewed and integrated United States of America. Surely, among things, these are the kinds of charecteristics and attitudes and outlooks that that the broad masses and middle classes of the United States of America are looking for from a President in waiting.

    However, whereas Mr. Obama seems to be getting most of his political electoral support from a great porportion of Blacks, younger people, white males, and from higher and better socio-economically positioned people in the United States of America, his greatest challenge appears to be getting the political support of a great proportion of Hispanics in the country, whereby it is said by so many Americans that he has NOT been visible enough in this grouping, and that he has NOT been aware enough of the many, many issues confronting Hispanics. Hispanics, of course, constitute a growing significant numerical national quantitative statistic in the United States of America – now numbering more than Blacks. (Source – MSNBC.COM ).

    As for Mrs. Hilary Clinton, while she appears to have her fair share of charisma, much intellectual capacity, good intelligence and good oratorical skills, a fair amount of social and interpersonal skills, and a good professional legalistic background like Obama, she certainly does NOT possess the essential and sufficient goodness of integrity and probity of character (Whitewater Affair, etc.) and the consistency and tenacity required for holding firmly to certain domestic and foreign policy positions ( supported war in Iraq at first), to enable her to be a sufficiently strong contender for the Presidency of the United States of America. Those things, along with the fact that she has been seen by millions across the United States of America as mainly being about political power for herself, her husband, former President, Bill Clinton, and a couple thousands, and as mainly being for the “establishment” and NOT so much for the betterment and transformation of the socio-economic and political circumstances of many millions of Americans, will not fully endear her to a very great proportion of American voters.

    Whereas, Mrs. Clinton seems to be getting a great porportion of (her) political electoral support from white women and Hispanics, it seems that she has recently had to face a situation of Mr Obama gaining good political electoral support from within segments that previously were said by many in the United States of America to be properly supporting her, e.g. white men. She also faces the challenge of beating back the perception by many, many Americans that her campaign is faltering in many areas, this NOT being a good sign and and the best image for some one who will be organizing and planning the affairs of Presidency. (Source – MSNBC.COM)

    As for Mr. McCain, while he is a classified by so many, many people in the USA as a Vietnam War Hero, and he appears to be fairly politically astute, to possess a fair degree of intelligence, and to be paternalistic, and, too, to regularly do NOT represent very conservative portions of the United States of America that seek to make the United States of America appear very self-interest oriented and balkanised, an international bully and international public enemy no. 1, he seems NOT to have sufficient ideas and programs for helping to thrust the United States of America further into the 21st Century. Also, he seems to be placing too much emphases on his own patriotic zeal and national service in order to get elected, while not seeking to establish great support bases among a wide cross-section of the United States of America. Such deficiencies also guarantee that he will NEVER become a very strong contender for the Presidency of the United States of America, even though most Republicans will have to get in line and support his election campaign in order for them to appear to be of good competition for the Democrats in the Presidential election.

    Also, whereas Mr. McCain seems to be getting a great deal of (his) political electoral support from moderate Republicans, and from moderate Americans on the whole, and from independent politically minded Americans, he has long had to face the great challenge of NOT getting great political electoral support from those Republicans and Americans that are very/conservative. He apparently also faces the serious challenge of Mr. Obama apparently getting more and more political electoral support from moderate Republicans and independent politically minded American voters, as well. (Source – MSNBC.COM)

    In closing, it seems that at this stage Mr. Obama is getting greater and greater political electoral support from almost all segments and classes of the American political society, and therefore has almost universal appeal, and is almost always creating buzz and building momentum along the way, while at the same time he is helping to do these important things, these things are being done apparently at the expense of his main political rivals, Mrs. Clinton, and Mr. John McCain, and their electability, and who both are NOT seeing their campaigns stengthen sufficiently as his is strengthening. Many Barbadians get the feeling that the American political society wishes to create something very historic at the Next Election!!


  16. Slow down PDC, ease off on the something very historic.

    If Obama succeeds he will be the SECOND Black US President, following in the footsteps of John Hanson.

  17. Kadri…

    “everybody talking about experience.

    did the two boys who dropped out of college have experience to start google? no they hired people who had experience.
    what about myspace, same thing.
    what about microsoft, same thing
    what about news corp. same thing
    what about arnold in california, no experience whatsoever and that man is doing a wonderful job as gov. of california”

    Kadri, I am with you on the above. I might add that I was completely turned off by Bill Clinton when earlier on in the campaign he said that Obama has no experience and that Obama was young, which I believe he was referring to Obama’s age rather than the time that Obama had spent in the Senate.

    Did Clinton forgot that before his own Presidential campaign, he was simply a Governor – not part of the White House? He was also a young man, around the same age as Obama when he decided to run for the highest office in the land? So, who is Clinton to point fingers at one’s youth and experience? Chupse Chupse Politics, politics, politics.

  18. If Obama succeeds he will be the SECOND Black US President, following in the footsteps of John Hanson.
    Not accurate with your comment. The first President of the United States is George Washington after the ‘Declaration of Independence ‘, followed by John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. The latter two were part of a committee of five who drafted the Declaration.

    Prior to today’s understanding of Presidency who is known as a “federal executive”, the country was lead by a “President” or you can say, a presiding officer of the “Congress of the Confederation”, the sole governing body of the first central government of the United States of America.

    United States only recognise Presidents starting from the George Washington era.

    It is just like Erroll Walton Barrow being recognised as the first Prime Minister of Barbados.

  19. The danse macabre of US-style democracy

    By John Pilger

    23 Jan 2008

    The former president of Tanzania Julius Nyerere once asked, “Why haven’t we all got a vote in the US election? Surely everyone with a TV set has earned that right just for enduring the merciless bombardment every four years.” Having reported four presidential election campaigns, from the Kennedys to Nixon, Carter to Reagan, with their Zeppelins of platitudes, robotic followers and rictal wives, I can sympathise. But what difference would the vote make? Of the presidential candidates I have interviewed, only George C Wallace, governor of Alabama, spoke the truth. “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrats and Republicans,” he said. And he was shot.

    What struck me, living and working in the United States, was that presidential campaigns were a parody, entertaining and often grotesque. They are a ritual danse macabre of flags, balloons and bullshit, designed to camouflage a venal system based on money power, human division and a culture of permanent war.

    Travelling with Robert Kennedy in 1968 was eye-opening for me. To audiences of the poor, Kennedy would present himself as a saviour. The words “change” and “hope” were used relentlessly and cynically. For audiences of fearful whites, he would use racist codes, such as “law and order”. With those opposed to the invasion of Vietnam, he would attack “putting American boys in the line of fire”, but never say when he would withdraw them. That year (after Kennedy was assassinated), Richard Nixon used a version of the same, malleable speech to win the presidency. Thereafter, it was used successfully by Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and the two Bushes. Carter promised a foreign policy based on “human rights” – and practised the very opposite. Reagan’s “freedom agenda” was a bloodbath in central America. Clinton “solemnly pledged” universal health care and tore down the last safety net of the Depression.

    Nothing has changed. Barack Obama is a glossy Uncle Tom who would bomb Pakistan. Hillary Clinton, another bomber, is anti-feminist. John McCain’s one distinction is that he has personally bombed a country. They all believe the US is not subject to the rules of human behaviour, because it is “a city upon a hill”, regardless that most of humanity sees it as a monumental bully which, since 1945, has overthrown 50 governments, many of them democracies, and bombed 30 nations, destroying millions of lives.

    Continued at:

  20. Nothing has changed. Barack Obama is a glossy Uncle Tom who would bomb Pakistan.
    Hillary Clinton, another bomber, is anti-feminist.
    now you can say that here because maybe many bajans dont watch the debates like you, but people like me have watched every single debate and every single video on Obama’s and Hillary’s youtube channel, green monkey, you are not accurate and you have twisted the truth just like the bush administration.

    that is 100% false

  21. Put up as many starting points as you like , Frank, the first elected president of the United States was John Hanson.

    The first president after the Declaration of Independence is neither here nor there, as you, a stickler for factual info, keep reminding us.

    George Washington himself voted for Hanson in 1781, was he mistakenly voting for a Parish Councillor?

    Facts is facts: John Hanson was the first black President of the United States of America.

  22. If we listen to political commentary coming from the several US news feed it has become clear in recent days that there is mounting pressure to allow delegates in Florida and Michigan to qualify. If we remember correctly a procedural matter was breached in those two states which resulted in over 300 delegates being excluded from the race. The key point to note is Clinton won the two states which represent over 1.6 million voters. It is difficult to imagine, in the event of a dead head race between Obama and Clinton, that the Democratic Party will not have to find a way to factor those delegates in the equation. If this happens in all likelihood it will push Clinton ahead of Obama and there endeth the journey of the Obama White House run.

  23. Dear David,

    Why this defeatist mentality?

    It is though quite common in Barbados. I somethines think we prefer to be victims. We are afraid of success. Perhaps it is becuase when we embrace the possibility of success we have to be more responsible for our actions than assuming “the system” will always conjur up our defeat.

    Incidentally, this is why we need immigrants in Barbados. Immigrants need to be successful, they have no extended family or welfare to fall back on. They can help to shake us up a little and introduce a fear of failure, not success.

    Here’s wishing for Obama.

  24. David, my understanding is that Michigan and Florida scheduled their primaries earlier than authorized by the Democratic party, so the main candidates agreed not to campaign in those states (and the party ruled that the delegates from Michigan and Florida would not count towards the nomination). Obama and Edwards pulled their names from the ballot, but Clinton left hers on.

    It is inconceivable that they would now allow Clinton to use the delegates she won in those states. They would likely be mired in lawsuits well past the November election date.

  25. Anyone who is familiar with John Pilger’s writings would not be surprised by what has been posted above, I remember him well from his column in the English Daily Mirror many years ago.

    One feature of his writing is that he is consistant, I recall his criticism of Australia over their treatment of native Aborigines – he is Australian. He has also written some very good articles on Africa – particularly South Africa.

    America is what it is, and no presidential candidate can suddenly change it, that aside it would be a monumental achievement if Obama could become the next President of America.

    I would be more at ease in that regard, if Obama can clinch it before the convention, in the huddle of such events favours can be called in and Clinton is an ex-President, and naturally supports Hillary Clinton.

    I will leave other issues for another place and have a dichotomy between what I post, despite the temptation to do otherwise.

  26. Mr. Pilger is certainly not holding back on the punches. Brutus your argument is sound but for the purpose of this discussion we will side with the view that to ignore 1.6 million voters which translates to 300 plus delegates is itself some kind of travesty at play. How can a country which claims to be the best democracy in the world exclude 1.6 million voters because of a ‘procedural’ issue?

  27. David, its very interesting. I am happy that in most states the Democrats use a proportionate system rather than first-past-the-post like that Republicans (at least that is my understanding).

    What seems to be more pivotal in this nomination is the role of the superdelegates. According to Wikipedia the superdelegates will make up about one fifth of the delegates at the convention and are free to vote as they chose. This is another area where the process might become arguably very un-democratic.

  28. Brutus // February 16, 2008 at 10:32 am

    David, its very interesting. I am happy that in most states the Democrats use a proportionate system rather than first-past-the-post like that Republicans (at least that is my understanding).

    What seems to be more pivotal in this nomination is the role of the super delegates. According to Wikipedia the superdelegates will make up about one fifth of the delegates at the convention and are free to vote as they chose. This is another area where the process might become arguably very un-democratic.

    Brutus the super delegates make the proportional system irrelevant and no different than the first past the post system. The super delegates are their to ensure that the DNC and the party elites and top brass gets their man or woman. It will however be tough thing to do this time around, as not super delegates will be playing by the DNC rule book. One such delegate Donna Brazil has stated that if Obama comes to the national conference as the front runner and is denied the candidacy she will resign from the Democratic party.

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