Former Deputy Speaker Ezra Alleyne~Has He Passed the Point Of No Return?

Issues & Ideas – Of gates and mergers

by Ezra Alleyne

Although Barbados has gated communities within its boundaries, the island itself is not a gated community, nor is it surrounded by a paling or any kind of fence. It is a small open economy, which is affected by the twists and turns of regional and international economic turbulence…

But is this really relevant to Barbados, some may ask, and my answer is yes. I adopt the words and reasoning of the new British Minister of Finance, on mergers and take-overs as reported in the London Times. The minister argues that “the British economy has benefited greatly from inward investment”. That is also very true of Barbados. Where would we be without Sandy Lane and other major tourism developments?

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The BU household went into a tail spin when we read the article quoted above written by Ezra Alleyne in the today’s Nation. To be honest, it has created a bitter taste in our mouths after being doped by the euphoria of achieving one of yesterday’s top post at WordPress with the piece on Roy Morris.

An achievement if we can say so considering that WordPress hosts 1.2 million blogs!

This guy continues to miss the point deliberately or otherwise, when making his opinions known on the current BS&T merger and on M&A’s in general as it relates to Barbados. I would be a fool to deny that Barbados as a country with currently no natural resources MUST pursue a policy of attracting foreign investment. BU and others might debate how the government is approaching the task but would agree that Barbados must continue to engender a receptive climate to foreign investment. However, to zoom in on the article of Mr. Ezra Alleyne, he and other commentators who should know better continue to discuss the BS&T merger with Neal & Massy, or Ansa MCal as a single transaction, divorce from the other activities also taking place in the market. The overall impact of the aggressive aquisition of T&T companies and the effect of violating the independence and sovereignty of our once proud nation has been relegated to discussion by ordinary citizens and the blogs.

The millions spent on education in Barbados, has it gone to waste?

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It continues to amaze BU that a man who showed so much promise continues his free fall from the heights he briefly attained under a Tom Adams government. We remember the guy attracting the reputation as a top corporate lawyer in Barbados. Nowadays, his new found fiefdom is to hide behind his column in the Nation Newspaper and spout the hurtful filth __mainly directed at Hartley Henry and Reudon Eversley__which we are sure not even the BLP yard fowls read. What has gone wrong with Mr. Alleyne? His failure to correct his current flight pattern which has gone haywire must be accepted by all Barbadians as an indictment on our society. What is so dysfunctional in our society that a man of Mr. Alleyne’s talent, which he flashed ever so briefly when he was Deputy Speaker at a very tender age, could have gone so embarrassingly wrong? It is a travesty of justice that our country cannot impose some punitive measure on Mr. Alleyne for betraying our educational system to the degree in which he has. If we did not know better we would say that his misguided state of mind is triggered by some hallucinogenic experience.

Yes BU readers we are pissed!

It indeed distresses us to have to not only read but listen to the hurtful and asinine diatribe and writings which Mr. Alleyne’s continues to spout with gusto on our once pristine landscape. Why has he sold his talent for thirty pieces of silver? His spineless retreat to engaging in party rhetoric, and spouting innuendo and liberal use of hyperbole is the cause of nausea among many in our population. BU ask Mr. Alleyne to read carefully our perspectives and those of others on BU on the BS&T mess and feedback your thoughts in a deliberate and dispassionate manner. We know that it will require great fortitude on your part to do so but we have confidence in you to deliver. Common sense and the education which our hard earned tax dollars provided cannot just have vanished from your brain!

Mr.Alleyne we look forward to hearing from you although like your colleagues Senator Eastmond and Mr. Duguid, you may find the cut and thrust of the blogosphere a little too “out of your league”. We also know that you read BFP and BU. We can detect it ever so faintly in some of your snide assertions!

BU readers, please forgive us if you find our attack on Mr. Alleyne in poor taste. We do respect his right to be affiliated with the party of his choice BUT that belief does not mean we will accept the many spurious positions he has in recent years embraced as his very own. His retreat to become an authority in Constitutional matters has now become irrelevant in a Caribbean looking to build its own brand. Which reminds us that we are still to get a Referendum on whether we should go Republic or not.

So Mr. Alleyne time to make a resolution!


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11 thoughts on “Former Deputy Speaker Ezra Alleyne~Has He Passed the Point Of No Return?

  1. Ezra Alleyne is a special case and requires special needs. 🙂 I often think that he is in the wrong country. He cherry picks things in the UK and then traspose them to things Barbadians and thats why most people are so confuse by his commentry. I am currently in London and religiously watch the BBC (something i don’t ever do) and I can tell you that the British people have the same concerns that Barbadians have and the response by the government and those who hang on to it’s coat tails are the same. In fact i think we can watch the Brits to see how we SHOULD have reacted to armed foreign police on our soil during CWC. The Brits are saying absolutely NO to any armed foriegn police on British soil during the 2012 Olympics, and this inspite of currently having only 2,000 trained armed police in the London MET force.

  2. Ezra Alleyne is suffering from delusions of grandeur or what might better be described as the BLP Syndrome of impending defeat.

    Were financial facts more readily available to the public in Barbados, the “few” facilities in there like Sandy Lane would be shown to be in operation, not because of enhancing tourism or the economy of Barbados but in fact for far more devious reasons. I have it from some sources that Sandy Lane has not turned a profit since being taken over by the present Administration. That does not surprise me if it is true! Another thing that begs to be asked is why did Tiger Woods not get too involved with Sandy Lane?

    Globalization has many twists and turns in it some far more complex and questionable than you would suspect until you start negotiating them. Lowdown today touched on the subject with his usual accuracy.

    Ezra Alleyne is like a horse with “blinkers” he sees only a small part of the world he lives in, that part being “Owen Arthurs World of make believe”. That is how Barbados has been run now for the past 10 years and is in far bigger financial trouble than most can imagine. I suspect that the debt of Barbados at this moment in time is horrific and what has the “average” person got for it? Nothing!

    Tourism under the present economic conditions existing in Barbados will continue to go downhill whether consultans are hired or not. The value is not there unless you stay at smaller hotels like the one Loveridge has and a few others. And there are not that many of them around.

    The bigger facilities with the exception of The Almond Beach complexes and maybe a couple of others are struggling. These facilities are very cost intensive for an environment like Barbados and the average visitor is not prepared to pay what is being asked for that type of accomodation and level of services provided.

  3. Our debt would be a lot more manageable if the stealing were not as rampant and wicked as it is at in excess of $ 200 million on one project how do to they get away with this crap ?
    As for Ezra Alleyne he is lucky not to be loss away in prison for playing with the clients monies but true to form the more these people steal the better jobs they get his is to write his biased crap for the gang of crooks.

  4. I realize this is not the appropriate section for these comments but the Chinese issue seems to have fast faded from the minds of bloggers and that is part of the Barbadian problem. No one keeps these things in front of Government.

    I saw where Sir. Roy (BWU) had met with many of the BLP Ministers about the Chinese problem and lo and behold is now suggesting he is willing to re-think his position. Among the people he met with were the very ones that to this day have given not one word of explanation to the Barbadian people for this outrageous act by Pemberton and which the Government closed their eyes to.

    But here is another thing unless my memory is failing me. Am I wrong when saying that soon after the Arthur Government got in ten or so years ago they promised because of a building boom back then that they would establish vocational trade school/s. And the purpose was to train Barbadians in various trades so that they could fill Barbadian jobs? Am I dreaming?

    What ever happened to this promise? Ezra Alleyne suggested in one of his weekly addresses and he should know as he is an expert or at least he thinks so that 50% or more of Barbadians do not draw a pay check. Yet we have Chinese workers having to be brought in to fill jobs? Does that make sense?

    But here is what I find troubling about Sir. Roys change of heart. He admitted like the rest of us that allowing these Chinese in without work permits was illegal. I suggest it was also and still is a threat to the National Security of Barbados. And were any of these workers given a health check to see that they were not carrying the Bird Flu, or were HIV positive among other health issues? No one in Barbados has been offered an explanation by the Government, nothing has changed yet Sir. Roy after meeting with the BLP is promising to soften his position. Strange!

    This is exactly how free trade, Globalization and open borders work. Foreigners come in and take over jobs. And I could be wrong but I do not think that they are made to or required to pay union dues, Unemployment Insurance, Healthcare benefits, Income tax etc like most Barbadians. Yet they enjoy all of the amenities Barbadians are paying for. Were this happening the likes of Pemberton would not be bringing these people in as he is doing because there would be little or no savings.

    All of the off-shore operations that Bajan Companies say they are opening in cheap labor destinations is anyone seeing cheaper prices on the products they make and ship back to Barbados? But I bet the profits of the company has significantly increased much as we see with oil companies. This is what it is all about!

    When Four Seasons Resort was planned no go ahead to build by Government should have been granted until all labor requirements, availability of it etc been met and approved. This is a project being built and it matters not if Barbados laws are broken or not. And here is another thing we have not heard another word from any source about Sir. Roys claim of defective steel being used.

    Maybe the meeting he had with the BLP might have involved a deal for his silence on this and other matters. That is how the game is played no one is exempt from playing “Let’s make a deal”.

  5. Good points Holy Cow!

    So many issues to cover and only so much time and so many fingers. BFP and BU have been flogging the Chinese issue to death from all angles, to the point where we have been accused of being anti-Chinese and xenophobic.

    We assure though that the issue of immigrant labor continues to be of concern to BU and many others and could become an election issue!

  6. So where do we go from here with this issue ?
    The truth of the matter is that all those involved with this scam should be censored and fined here we have people absolutely flouting the law and employing this group of workers and we have the PM and company encouraging this illegal act they all should be fired.
    What nonsense is Trotman talking that he is trying to decide if to soften his stance what a load of bull, but we have to come to grips that he is one of those caught up in the politics of inclusion and instead of fighting for workers rights the ones who pay his healty salary he is now no more than a mouth piece of King Arthur, you should be ashamed of your support of Owing at the expense of the workers of this island.
    If this is your stance you to should step down from your post and let someone who really has the workers at heart take control and not you who has been sidelined by the politics of inclusion and corruption, honestly I am ashamed of you Trotman to represent me on any issue.

  7. Find a post as seen on the BLP website that has not yet been deleted it is amusing but also it is asking some serious questions about Democracy in this island enjoy it .

    hartley george // Jul 29th 2007 at 12:31 am

    every time the barbados labour party is in power poor bajans see hell the fu fu econmist that is the pm dont know what he is doing only try to get his pocket full of money and calling people wild boys who is mascoll hammie la,rudy grant,kerrie symmonds them in wild boys too but they belong to your cabinet all you doing is spit up in the air and it coming down in your face owen why you dont give the doctor his benz out of the court?why you dont tell the governor general to release the findings from the commision of enquiry on Branford Taitt YOU cant do it because it would make you look bad OWEN You are no good all you can do is cuss people when you dont get your way wild boy why you dont call elections now the only way you you win is if you rig it and i wont put that pass you eric GAIRY

  8. I agree that Ezra Alleyne should be called upon to face the Law Courts for the disappearance of his clients’ money. Was it gambled away with the Nigerian fraudsters?
    LeRoy Trotman is a sell-out and an apologist for Owen Arthur, who incidentally cares nothing about him, says some of the worst things about him to his Cabinet Colleagues.
    Trotman has publicly stated that he will do nothing to jepordize the friendship he has with Owen Arthur. He has even boasted during the fracas at the Btown Port that Bdos is run by he and Owen.
    Trotman is a real disappointment.

  9. trottie time goingcome. dont worry. it nearly come a few years ago when he was in hospital. night does run till day catch it. it is a big game with the worker’s lives. i never cared about trottie and i never belonged to any union. if i got a problem with my employer, i would hire a lawyer to fight my case and go court if he has to. not the sell outs in the union.

  10. really sick and fed up sylvan~hiring a lawyer may not be the answer because that is what the Port Authority employee did who was involved in the last dispute and the union aka Trottie shut every thing down because there point was that there is a collective bargainiing agreement so any arbitration must be through the bargaining unit. So a lawyer is not the solution.

    Maybe the Port Authority hired Ezra!

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