Bill O'Reilly Expresses Surprise That Black People Behave Like White People While Dining At A Harlem Restaurant In The Company Of Reverend Al Sharpton


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If you are interested in what this idiot has to say you can click here to read Media Matters of America blog.

On the August 16, 2006, edition of The O’Reilly Factor, O’Reilly argued extensively for “profiling of Muslims” at airports, arguing that detaining all “Muslims between the ages of 16 and 45” for questioning “isn’t racial profiling,” but “criminal profiling.

The above quote is the best all time foolish statement which I have heard from Bill!

23 thoughts on “Bill O'Reilly Expresses Surprise That Black People Behave Like White People While Dining At A Harlem Restaurant In The Company Of Reverend Al Sharpton

  1. Someone on this blog stated this week in reference to the “Jena 6” incident that as long as we have White and Black people in the world we will have to deal with bigotry and race related issues.

    How true that is.

  2. Folks, I really don’t O’Reily either but let’s put this in context. He is supposed to represent the voice of conservative America. As such his comments have to be taken as “this experience as would be seen through the eyes of conservative America”.

    I don’t think his point here is that he was execting the black folks to act like idiots but rather, illustrating that not all black people in America act the way “conservative America” thinks they do.

    And sadly enough this point needs to be made not because the white people have it so wrong and they are so ignorant but because black Americans simply are like that for the most part.

    The comments made in the last part of the clip were very true; young black America has nearly completely turned away from the values and culture that has helped to gain black people so much ground. They now embrace the ghetto mentality as their culture instead of their CIRCUMSTANCE.

    It’s a sad thing indeed, that I have to side with O’Reily and Al Sharpton on this one.

  3. CaesarThe Emperor your point is understood but we think the classic “cause and effect’ theory is at work here. It is the very conservative media which has assisted mainstream society in America to marginalize blacks. They have now been knocked senseless by the constant bombardment of the negative vibes.

  4. David is there another clip, cause the one i listen to was not offensive in any way. O’reilly did not appear surprise at the mood and clientele at Sylvia’s restaurant. Which would have suggested that the reality of his experience was different than his expectations or steriotypes.

  5. I think the message of the clip is good – if not a little patronising.

    This stuff NEEDS to be said and I think BU is wrong to criticise based on this clip alone.

    Look at the impact that PERCEIVED black American culture is having on Bim.

    Look at the way a lot of young black people dress, baggy shirts and trousers hanging off their exposed undergarments, ostentatious gold jewellery, flashy watches, the latest cellphones, gold teeth. You’re not telling me that they are copying successful black people like doctors, lawyers, etc!! NO, they are copying what they perceive to be their role models, these languorous, lewd individuals who only perpetuate false black stereotypes.

    I’m sorry but the sound bite I heard made a lot more sense than the BU article.

    If THAT is the voice of conservative white America then there is hope!

  6. Listening and reading the various comments, it depends on how an individual wants to perceive O’Reilly’s comments.

    I am not fond of O’Reilly, but do any of us know if this was his first time entering a black establishment/restaurant? Giving the benefit of the doubt, he could have been simply making that comment as a way of letting people (conservatives and others) know what he witnessed first hand, and that their impression of blacks are not what they might think, (even though there are personal experiences from both sides of the fence). On the other hand, his comment could be taken from another angle, which has made this to be a big issue.

    To me, his comments were open to interpretation. Since the Imus saga, there are people out there who dissect every word that is spoken in and by the media, in many instances blowing what is said out of proportion.

    There will always be black and white issues but in an instance like this, I find the media has blown it out of proportion.

  7. I happened to be at the Virgin Altantics Birdman contest last Sunday. After finding a spot on the beach my friends settled down and proceeded to enjoy the beautiful day. However,the groups of persons who sauntered past us in typical “hip hop” garb, seemed hell bent on staring up our “privates” , not to mention the foul language and threats directed at us when we ignored them. Where does this behavior come from? Is it all BET ?

  8. Sapidillo

    I agree, this has been blown out of proportion.

    It is this sort of ‘politically correct’ over-analysis which stops all races from celebrating their differences in an honest way.

    Everyone is so frightened of saying something wrong that they are not able to speak their mind. Arguments are often a version of thinking aloud. Stifled opinions are hard to change or address!

    Let me ask you this question: If the two commentators on the clip were black would we even be talking about this?

    Don’t think anyone would blink an eye!

  9. Our position is that we are concerned that white right wing America is still of a certain minset in 2007 which was clearly demonstrated in the blog link provided.

  10. Whilst you mention BET.

    Hollywood etc. are now making ‘black movies’ right. You know the ones with predominently black actors – hero, herion, love interest, parents, bosses etc….

    Their impact is generally positive, (IMHO) because they portray ‘ordinary’ black Americans who are variously successful, striving, struggling, hard-working, fun-loving…..i.e. a generally 3D dimension of black citizens.

    We enjoy them anyway.

    It is amusing though to note that the white roles in these films are usually:
    The goofy cop
    The bad guy
    Somebody incompetent
    Grumpy fast food servers
    A clown or comedian

    Watch a few and you’ll see!

    It is not a criticism it is just an observation. There is a hint of irony when you watch Hollywood films from the late fifties/ early sixties that the converse was true!! The black guy/girl always had a deep South accent and often a turn in his eye and was always clownish or in a sub-serviant role.

    Maybe its artist payback!

  11. Yum Yum

    I could not agree with you more. If media houses want to make O’Reilly or any other person’s comment part of their news, that is their prerogative. Many may not agree but for goodness sake, I don’t see the need to keep pounding on this.

    I’m sure there are other and more important happenings that have and are taking place from which viewers and readers can learn. I may be wrong but I think it is the constant badgering such as this that helps to cause so much racial divide.

  12. Sapidillo

    The white English people are TERRIBLY politically correct – it’s almost funny as they stutter with describing someone of non-Caucasian race.

    I once asked a tourist to describe a Barbadian man they had met.
    “Well he’s tall, short dark curly hair, big eyes, blue t-shirt…..(lots of details)….” but they JUSTcouldn’t bring themselves to say that he was black!

    Lets have more honesty and less whispering.

  13. David // Sep 26th 2007 at 11:24 am

    Our position is that we are concerned that white right wing America is still of a certain minset in 2007 which was clearly demonstrated in the blog link provided.
    David my continued experience in America is that mistrust, and stereotyping of Blacks goes beyond political party affiliation and ideological beliefs. There is a common viewpoint shared by a sufficient number of non-whites about blacks, and Bill O alluded to this by stating that he believes there isn’t one Black person in America that hasn’t heard some negative remark about blacks. The truth is more likely to be that we want to view Oreilly’s comments as demeaning not because there is clear evidence of such, but that we must match this comment to our belief that most white conservatives are by nature racist, when it is more likely that if a white person is racist that it is most likely to be the result of his skin tone and little else. There is a common color amongst supremacist. Any guest of what it is? I have cartoon pics drawn by an avowed liberal democrat cartoonist that depicts Condoleeza Rice in the stereotypical characterization of a black single mother on welfare, and others of her as Monkey kissing GW butt. There wasn’t any hue and cry about it, simply because of the opposing political affiliations of the Artist and the subject. It is clear to me that ideology weights heavily in how some person sees O’reilly’s comments.

  14. BU

    “It is the very conservative media which has assisted mainstream society in America to marginalize blacks”

    I agree in part.

    But, in some ways black Americans have done a good job of marginalising THEMSELVES.

    Maybe its a vicious circle?

    One thing I do know is, that playing ‘poor me’ aint gonna improve the lot of the average African American.

  15. We will not stress this point but people like O’reilly must be challenged when they espoused disingenuous positions. His record is there for all to know. BU will not be sucked into the belief that the revelation by Bill that he was surprise that the black establishment at Sylvia was comparable to any other white establishment he had visited.

    No siree!

  16. True YUM YUM

    After the death of Malcom X, along went the last true vestiges of the black “self empowerment” movement which was the natural follow up to the civil rights movement.

    With that gone the task of motivating black America to capitalise on the freedoms they now had remained unfinished. INstead doing this job the so-called black leaders, like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton et all, are satisfied to live off the name of the civil rights movement giving paid lectures and appearence and acting all offended when someone says nigger.

    Black Americans (sad to say) are a terrible lot. Their behaviour and view of themselves leaves so much to be desired.

    But after all this time can we still blame white people and racism? By now should black people be able to get up and take advantage of the oppertunities presented? Do we blame white people because the most popular black media promotes music that encourages disrespect of black women and “killing a nigga”. I can’t blame white people for my own race’s ignorance.

    And to anyone ho thinks young Barbadians are anywhere NEAR the level of degenerate you’ll find in black America, you’re wrong. Pray to God that we don’t see Barbadians act anything like the animals up here.

    To tell you the truth, it was just as likely that those people in the restaurant would act exactly the way O’Reily seemed to expect.

  17. And to anyone ho thinks young Barbadians are anywhere NEAR the level of degenerate you’ll find in black America, you’re wrong. Pray to God that we don’t see Barbadians act anything like the animals up here.

    Already at that level, but unless you are willing to see, the trees in the forest will never be seen.


  18. Once black america fought against the cotton picking, watermelon and fried chicken eating stereotypes but now what was negative has now been labelled ‘culture’.
    BET and the rap fraternity are not completely to blame. We black people in general are to blame- we do not read so we accept and believe everything that is told to us about us and our origins. It is happening in Barbados also where men and women think that being promiscuous is part of African culture……….it is normal for a man to want more than one woman and to sire many children. A man defines himself based on his sexual conquests. Is this part of African culture before slavery or after? I am no historian, just an avid reader but I believe that common sense dictates that this mind set would have to develop after slavery. A ‘breeding buck’s’ sole purpose was to ‘cover’ as many female slaves as possible and guess who fed them all…….massah (sometimes maasah ‘covered’ her himself). So a breeder could impregnate as many as possible and never think about them, after all, he did not have to feed them, that was massahs job.
    A breeding female was supposed to be submissive enough to just allow herself to be covered by as many ‘bucks’ as possible and to get pregnant as often as massah determines. She did not have to feed them. So we set ourselves up as mindless sex creatures who cannot control ourselves or our urges. Culture?
    Do these stereotypes of the ‘breeders’ still hold true? Do we accept that we should continue to uphold these stereotypes? Or are we going to get to the root of the stereotypes remaining from slavery?
    Try watching a movie called Goodbye, Uncle Tom. Perhaps it will get you thinking about the ‘legacy’ left to us from slavery.

  19. I’d love to be surprised by some well-behaved black folks.

    We’re getting all the vermin from Chicago in my town now since they are tearing down their projects.

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