UPDATE: BU Under Construction

Dear BU Readers

Over the last two weeks, as you may have observed, we have been making some changes to our website. We have noticed some problems with the implementation of the recent changes. We have also been soaking up the feedback about the new look. To make a long story short, after an animated discussion among the BU household, the decision was made to switch back to our previous Theme.

Going forward, we will continue to work with this Theme until another one becomes available that we like. BU apologizes for any inconvenience.


9 thoughts on “UPDATE: BU Under Construction

  1. Why this “Under construction” sign is rather sudden and somewhat suspicious. Is all well on your end David?

    Thanks for your concern Adrian. Nothing sinister, we have been changing some settings on the blog which affected the presentation. we just wanted to alert our readers.


  2. The appearance of the blog is better. Easier to read and more appealing.
    All we need are some more quality articles and the support will grow. Trust me.

  3. Anonymous,

    I beg to disagree, but will accept almost any format. I don’t embrace; but however welcome “Change”!

  4. Change will always be made in life, but I liked the new format. Sometimes we get comfortable with certain things and we want to maintain the “status quo” and I only hope that this desire to have things as they are will not carry over to the up-coming elections.

  5. I also prefered the new format, but ultimately whatever works.

    I do wish you could have kept the Codrington family photos though. I think we need to live with their memory every day and their photos are ever present reminders of who pays the price when things fall apart literally and metaphorically.

  6. I like this format it is a lot easier to read.

    To tell the truth I was only visiting recently but did not pay any in depth attention to the articles as it was a little confusing to me.

    However that does not mean that you should not experiment to give your blog the look that you want.

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