Terry Mayers Remembered, May He Rest In Peace

Over the past weeks and months the BU family would have read the repeating theme of family, family and family. We did not known Terry Mayers very well but had reason to interact with him on a few occasions. His unswerving commitment to his profession and family stood out on all occasions.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, in this case we have pictures received from a BU family member Bajan Warrior. On behalf of the BU household we expressed our sympathy to the Mayers family.

We invite members of the BU family to share any thoughts, well wishes at his passing.

Terry Mayers

terry mayers

terry mayers

terry mayers

terry mayersterry mayersterry mayers


  • Peace Brother!


  • There’s only one consolation to his wife and family “only the good die young”. Terry was a great guy, all that a wife like Janelle ( to me MY DAUGHTER from school days) would want in a husband. My condolences goes out to her and let the positives between you remain in your thoughts forever. Have no fear your son is going to get ALL the goodness we had left for Terry. BE STRONG


  • Finally, thank you. You join with Bajan Global Report & myself – but your pics are way better, makes you wonder how you accessed them, LOL?


  • Thanks BU, can always count on you to deliver. In this case a picture says a thousand words.

    Ian Bourne – next time I might give you the scoop.


  • BU ‘family’! Hmm, interesting term, BU and truly, appropritate in our case. At least we chose each other! Normally, they’re an imposition and often, one you’d be better-off, without!

    Condolences to the man’s family and friends!


  • The People’s Democratic Congress (PDC) expresses its profoundest sorrow at the passing of Mr. Terry Mayers.

    Surely, journalism in Barbados and in the wider Caribbean has lost one of its most gifted and versatile practitioners. He really did contribute immensely to the journalism profession – whether it was in regard of his fluent presentation of numerous CBC news/sports or CMC sports packages, or in regard of his being the jovial and charismatic presenter in relation to many of the outside broadcasts of CBC, or in respect of his fair and balanced hosting of calling programs – sports/cultural – at the said CBC. And, there were so many other important things the late Mr. Mayers was involved in vis-a-vis the CBC, CMC, LOC, that it is impossible to actually mention them all here.

    As well, we will say that it a pleasure that we had with us such an genuine individual that was so personable yet down to earth that he touched and excited the hearts and minds of so many people whilst on his earthly sojourn.

    Indeed, it behoves his former colleagues to truly be at the forefront of helping to bring about a lasting and appropriate tribute in honour of our memory of him.

    To his wife and family we send belated condolences. Rest in peace our dear brother. You fought the good fight. Peace eternal!!



  • I am always at a lost for words when someone passes. Death, even of someone vaguely known to me, can be very upsetting. In Terry’s case it is even more so on seeing those pictures of him holding his son. Evident it is, that he was a committed husband, and had started the journey of being an equally committed father. Only if i can only get the thought of his passing out of my head maybe things would be alright. Atlast, i am not fooled by the machinations of my mind for it is no match with harsh reality. May he rest in peace, and may his wife find joy in the memories they would have created together.


  • May you rest in peace. It is sad to see you go but there is a heavenly reason.


  • May his soul rest in peace and I know his wife and son will cherish the fact that he did an excellent job while on this earth.


  • Bye-bye, Terry
    Published on: 5/24/08.

    Grieving parents Julia Mayers (left) and Walter hold the head of their son Terry Mayers, who was laid to rest yesterday.


    IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL DAY for golf.

    Under a blazing sun, the palm trees at the Barbados Golf Club danced in the breeze, and a few birds broke the silence with their songs. The greens on the course were immaculate, and the golf carts stood ready.

    But there would be no putts or huge hits out of the bunker on this day.

    Still, a golfer had his best day on the links.

    In fact, for Terry Mayers, his final day on the golf course produced a master stroke.

    One of Barbados’ most popular broadcast journalists and golfing fanatics was given a fond farewell that would have made many green with envy.


    To a standing-room-only congregation in the clubhouse at Durants, Christ Church, the life and times of Mayers brought tears of grief from some, but tears of joy to most.

    Mayers, a former Lodge School boy who dabbled in everything under the sun, from calypso to comic relief, had passed away on May 14, after a severe asthma attack.

    Yesterday, probably looking down from heaven and being even par, he would have known that “every little thing, is gonna be all right”.

    Pallbearers sang the chorus of Mayers’ favourite phrase, from the Bob Marley classic song, Three Little Birds.

    Terry’s widow Janelle, a former Division 1 volleyballer, now forced to raise a young son without a loving father, bravely sang the words to the song as well, while leaning on friends and family for support.

    Two former Lodge boys, Michael Jules and Mark Seale, who had worked many times with Mayers during his career as a broadcast journalist at the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and the Caribbean Media Corporation, choked back tears as they led pallbearers on his final journey to a peaceful resting place.

    Mayers’ golf buddies at the Durants course paid the ultimate tribute, 20 of them raising their clubs to form an arch, as the casket was removed for an interment at the nearby Coral Ridge Gardens after the hour-long service.

    How much Mayers had touched the lives of so many he met was evident as hundreds who arrived too late for a seat in the clubhouse braved the blazing sunshine and stood nearby during the funeral service.


    Lodge School blazers, crests and ties were quite conspicuous, as were the colourful shirts of volunteers and staff who had become Mayers’ workmates after he became the corporate communications managers for the ICC’s Cricket World Cup matches in Barbados last year.

    Also on hand were a couple of sporting icons, headed by Gordon Greenidge, the legendary West Indies opener who played golf with Mayers, and famous pacer Wes Hall, now a pastor, who delivered the homily during the funeral service.

    Mayers was remembered by Seale as a true friend and a tireless worker, who had become obsessed with being a parent after the birth of his son T.J. In fact, Seale remembered that Mayers had taken him to the golf course when he was only a few weeks old, telling him that one day he expected to share the greens in a father and son game over 18 holes.

    Laughter and applause

    A special 20-minute multi-media production directed by radio personality Anthony Admiral Nelson brought some laughter and applause from the congregation, as it retraced Mayers steps in his career, from his early days at CBC, his stint with CMC, to his final job at World Cup Barbados.

    Earlier in the day, hundreds of Barbadians made the trek to Kensingon Oval cricket ground, where Mayers’ body was viewed between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.

    Final glimpse

    Minister of Sports Esther Byer-Suckoo was one of the many who made a visit to get a final glimpse of the body.

    Almost all the visitors signed in their condolences in three books placed at the bottom of the stairs that led to the tent where Mayers, in a bronze casket, was immaculately dressed in a beige suit with a rust brown shirt, his golf club, gloves and ball there for comfort.

    * barryalleyne@nationnews.com


  • I once worked with Terry and always had respect for him. He was an admirable guy.


  • Bimbro
    As your name suggest, you’re a jerk. That LADY you speak of is a very fit and well built young lady. Yes she has lost a little weight because of the trauma she went through but she is strong and will bounce back. Maybe when your turn the whole world will rejoice.Poor fella


  • banned from BFP

    RIP Terry.

    Question, any relation to Larry Mayers also from CBC/VOB ?

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  • Asiba-The Buffalo Soldier-still too much FAT on the road

    Terry Mayers iz one of the best human beings I have ever encountered any part of the world.


  • Mr Terry Mayers was one of the first journalists I encountered at the start of my athletic career as a Junior track and field athlete at home in Barbados. He immediately put me at ease in interviews then and later during talks at interschool sports and at other events. He was so nice and kind. Let me say that his smile was amazing and he had a great deal of charisma. I enjoyed his enthusiasm and joy for sports and I remember him fondly today because the Evening News was fun just because of him. When I heard about his passing while here at school in Texas, I was saddened, shocked and very sorry for his family and for us all becuase he will no longer light up our screen or our radio. He will no longer be talking about our track meets, intriguing us with tales of cricket or other event along with that nice smile. However, his body may be gone but his soul lasts forever. I know that I will always remember him fondly and with great thoughts.
    Rest In Peace Mr Mayers. You have done well!!!!

    Keisha Walkes
    (Barbados National Athlete, and one of Terry’s lasting admirers)


  • Bimbro. If you lack empathy, you will be better off saying nothing instead of writing such diatribe about the lady.

    My family and I take this opportunity to extend sympathy to Mrs Mayers and Terry Jr. during this period and wish them all the best for the future.


  • Bimbro // May 25, 2008 at 8:18 am

    The poor woman, herself, does n’t appear to realise she’s undernourished!

    Bimbro, man display a little decency fuh Christ sake. There is a time and a place for everything, demonstrate that you are aware of this, for once. schhuuupppsse


  • Bimbro,

    Fack off.


  • Adrian, I’ve already expressed my condolences to the family and friends of the man, above. What more can I do? Shall I conceal my concern for the lady’s welfare? It’s unlikely we’ll see these pics again, or the subject will still be current! One has to be realistic, Adrian!


  • Adrian, my only desire is to see a nation of big, strong, healthy-looking Barbadians both now and in the future! Please tell me if that’s unwise of me! I’m thinking of both her and her baby. Such sights are uncommon in the UK!


  • Am I wrong to care for my people?


  • Bimbro
    Let me suggest that FARTS like you go get the little matter between your ears examined, if anything is there. just lay off that NICE young lady, let her savour the good times she spent with a GREAT young man. Maybe when your time come someone would say something nice to you and remind you how silly you appear right now. By the way being fat doesn’t mean being healthy. But poor fellow you may not be intelligent enough to know that. Furthermore, I am not wasting anymore time to discuss this topic with a stupid FART like you. BYE


  • Bimbro: Not only are you lacking in decency and appropriateness, you have displayed heighten ignorance about the Lady’s size relative to good health and now you seek to lie about it.

    Your ignorance: displayed in several unnecessary and inappropriate post, and now the airing of your fake concern about the Lady’s size, does not take into account that gestation, actual child birth, and postpartum, are periods of health risk to both mother and baby. The Lady has made it thru these times and has shared with us pictures that by all accounts demonstrate that all was and is well with her and child. On top of this is the fact that the Lady is a very athletic person (div1 netballer) so her size is not an issue. EVEN IF IT WAS, IT IS STILL HIGHLY INSENSITIVE FOR YOU TO HAVE CARRY ON AS YOU DID. Not even the Jamaicans that you are always rallying against would have stoop the low, to make such disparaging remarks to someone in their time of grief. Now if you can summon the strength to be at least half the man you claim you are, you would apologize.


  • ‘Scout’, I’m not the least bit interested in anything u had to say.

    Adrian, you seem to think I was being flippant about this lady. I was not. I have deep and unknown reasons to you why I’m concerned for her well being. Sorry, but as I explained before, I could n’t be certain of another opportunity to discuss the subject while it was still current. I can’t apologise for being concerned for the welfare of one of my people!

    Best wishes to the lady and I hope that my concerns are unnecessary!


  • Georgie Porgie


    Mrs Mayers size lookls quite normal to me. Her size seems to be within the normal range. Remember normal is a range.

    Since she is some sort of athlete, she is expected to be slim, and even a bit muscular (not to the extent that women on steroids can appear).

    Being muscular because of her athletic exploits means that she will burn of fat naturally for fuel- and she might never get fat until after the menopause- if at all.

    Actually her size is good for her. I really dont know why you see her to be malnourished. Why on earth would you want her to be fat? Clearly you are not a nutritionist as revealed by your abysmal ignorance displayed in your post.


  • Alright Bimbro. It seems to me that half a man you are not. Half of a half is really a quarter and this one eighth of an apology does not cut it. May be in addition to being inconciderate, and dishonest you are also very cheap. Why is it so difficult to offer an apology when you are so clearly wrong? It is ok not to be a Brit on this occasion, don’t be so stingy man.

    To Mrs Mayers: I apologize on behalf of Bimbro the Brit, for his insensitive and uncaring comments.

    There Bimbro, you owe me. 😀


  • That is why I had to cuss Bimbro on BFP too, he was starting to sound like Kouva

    For once – Adrian Hinds and yours truly are in full concurrence

    bimbro? STFU – I wish it was you and not Terry who’s gone


  • Adrian, this person “BIMBRO” seems to be a problem child. He/she just needs attention, that is why he always try to stir up strife. What a sad character.


  • Bimbro, I am going to put Technician on you.


  • Georgie, you’re being rude and provoking me to be the same, which I don’t really want to be this lovely, bank holiday Monday!

    I don’t recall ever claiming to be a nutritionist and did n’t appreciate it was a requirement for recognising if a person was underweight! Anyhow, I don’t propose to prolong this discussion. I trust, for the lady’s sake, that your analysis is correct and my judgement, misplaced!

    However, I rarely, see such a sight in the UK! Admittedly, I may need to attend more athletics events!

    That’s it! Finished! I in wasting nuh mo ugh my time pun d health ugh, unappreciative Barbadians!!!!

    Adrian, sorry, I’ve just seen your post! look, u got me writing moah bout dis subjek than I intended to!!


    Why is it so difficult to offer an apology when you are so clearly wrong? It is ok not to be a Brit on this occasion, don’t be so stingy man.

    To Mrs Mayers: I apologize on behalf of Bimbro the Brit, for his insensitive and uncaring comments.

    There Bimbro, you owe me.


    Adrian, but why should I apologise for being GENUINELY, concerned for my dear sister’s good, health! It makes no sense to me, at all! Plus, in all the years that I’ve been posting on these boards, I have never known a Barbadian to apologise to anybody, until you did for me, just now, and I did n’t even ask you to! I’ve never known a Barbadian to apologise in respect of his or her own indiscretion, before! That’s a first! So, anyhow, many congratulations! I owe you one!

    What makes u think that Mrs Terry Mayers reads this blog, anyway!

    And, BTW, Ad., we Brits apologise all the time!! Just shows how little you know!!!!

    Have a nice day in de Bajan sun and think of me!!!! 🙂

    Tell me Why // May 26, 2008 at 12:33 am

    Bimbro, I am going to put Technician on you.


    Tell me Why, no PLEASE MAN, NO!! ANYTING BUT DAH!!!!

    Lorddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Who’s that, anyway!!!! Do u mean that druggie?!!!! Confident he’d be sufficiently, compos mentis?!!!!

    I wish it was you and not Terry who’s gone


    Oh, Ian, you have surprised me! And I was being so pleasant to you on BF!

    BU, on the subject of a comments policy, this is just the kind of post/poster which in my opinion, should NOT be allowed! If your policy means anything at all, I consider that this poster should be banned for making such a nasty, comment! I don’t expect you to observe the same standards as we do in the UK but there are limits!

    Ian, it’s with much sadness that I have to assert you may be more suited for the bins than for civil commentary!

    I request your censure, please, Mr David!

    Tell me Why // May 26, 2008 at 12:32 am

    Adrian, this person “BIMBRO” seems to be a problem child. He/she just needs attention, that is why he always try to stir up strife. What a sad character.


    Ok, TMW, I’ll investigate that possibility, if u promise to do the same!

    Bimbro your rope is running out.



  • Somebody mentioned mental health, can’t remember who, now but why do I get the impression that Barbadians seem to ‘wallow in death’! It’s quite a normal, occurence over here!

    David, I see that again, you’ve chosen to avoid the issue of my complaint against Ian unlike BFP who, at least, had the courage to take firm action against ‘Thistle’ for making a similar remark! Was your comments policy written only for using against me or is Ian too, ‘nice’ for you to apply it to?

    You are, of course, at liberty to ban me but (a) it would be most unjust, and (b) this blog would be a much less interesting place!!


  • Bimbro we agree with some commenters that you have exceeded the outer boundary of common decency. Of course it is easy for BU to change your status and place you on moderation. The satisfying option however would be for you to recognize that there is a time and a place and to use this opportunity to censor yourself my good man!

    We have too many comments which are far more constructive than to have to devote precious time to your uncivil behaviour. You continue to disrespect yourself, the Mayers family and the BU family. We look forward to you digging deep and being able to reign in your behaviour over the next few hours.



  • David, I can only refer you to my last, earlier post and express my continued disappointment with your decision not to take any action against Ian!

    Nice day!


  • That should tell you who is the idiot, and it ain’t me




  • Ian, if somebody else is being allowed to use your id. I guess I should automatically, know!!!!

    Look, I in got time fuh doing research!!!!

    What I really, wanted to say here is:

    Please, tell me, what DOES N’T offend u people! Nothing that I can think of!


  • Bimbro, were u ever taught when and where commas should be used?


  • justice // May 26, 2008 at 10:18 am

    Bimbro, were u ever taught when and where commas should be used?


    That’s about as relevant as most of the views expressed on here!

    I was going to add a further comment, but no doubt, you’d find that offensive, too!

    It’s a wonder you all can discuss anything at all, without somebody or other taking extreme, umbrage! Oh, no, I forgot, you can’t, can you!!!!

    Get real, people!


  • I’m surprise that so many people are wasting comments on Bimbro. He/she obviously has a vacant space between the ears. Just let us end these comments about Mrs Mayers NOW. As adults we should not fuel this insensitive topic anymore. If we ingnore Bimbro, he would realise how stupid he/she sounds.
    To Mrs Mayers “time is the greatest healer.” We, the sincere ones, are here as support for you.


  • David
    This has gone far enough. It’s beginning to sound sickening. No more comments PLEASE. there are too many more important issues to comment on than to spend time discussing crap.




  • Friends of Terry

    Moderator – please lock this thread, it does no good to the man’s memory! Or at least ban the offender’s IP, the one who talked the idiocy on Mrs mayers


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