Rihanna Performs At The MTV Movie Awards 2007

Rihanna the hot Barbadian singer who has again taken the world singing charts by storm is seen here on the YouTube Video performing at the recent MTV Movie Awards. In the view of the BU household she is no Aretha but for us she is Barbadian.

We are behind you Rihanna!

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1 thought on “Rihanna Performs At The MTV Movie Awards 2007

  1. It makes me sick to see so many people picking on Rihanna constantly. She has done stuff poeple only dream of, we should be proud of her and stop criticising her. I hear them talking about her lifestyle, clothing, hair, body, well almost everything, You know what LAY OFF HER! She has done really well for Barbados and for herself in the process and I am PROUD of her.
    Remember Jealousy Kills!!


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