Barbadian Diva Rihanna Continues To Make Tongues Wag

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Source: Splash Online

It has been reported that Rihanna has returned to her beloved homeland to get some much needed R&R before striking-out on her next tour which we think will be to Europe. Of course the debate continues in Barbados regarding the deportment of the Bajan star in public. Many Barbadians argue that she is a role model for many of our young generation and she should be aware that her actions will come under the microscope. The pictures above have been plastered all over the Internet by now and has caused some people to communicate their concerns to BU regarding the appropriateness of Rihanna’s attire. According to reports she attended a wedding yesterday (27 October 2007) in the revealing creation shown above. We expect to be raked over the coals for highlighting the concerns of many Barbadians but that’s OK. Do we agree that Rihanna should have known that to dress in this manner and enter any Church is considered inappropriate? Should she also have been aware more so with her little brother in tow that she needed to set an example for him and others of his generation? There are other questions we can ask but we know that we listed the burning ones.

Rihanna BU and Barbados love you!

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  • Not appropiate for Church and that is the trut!


  • Rihanna is a Bajan star and we love her but understand something, we all have a responsibility to tell her if we don’t like something. She is 19 or 20 for crying out loud. As bad as people make out Beyonce to be we have never seen her exposing her body like Rihanna does. We think her mother took charge of her wardrobe design when it started to get out of hand.

    All we are saying is that she was entering a Church to attend a wedding. We should remember that respect is due.


  • Hold on…I’ve seen Bajans wear less. MUCH less. Just because sh’e a celebrity doesn’t mean she shoud dress in a habit, or a burlap bag. She’s a human being, just like us. Don’t be hypocritical now that she’s a pop star. Trust me, at 19, if she’s wearing that much…and it IS that much because at church I see girls with more of their breasts at the door than her, and slits up to the WAIST, NOT the THIGH…that is commendable. Plus, she’s going to church, which is more than what I can say for MOST celebrities, who seem to go only for funerals…not even wedding, unless it’s theirs!

    Trust me, if I ever got big (and I’m in a rock genre), I might do things that make her look tame, just because… 😉

    Leave the girl alone!!!!


  • BU find something else to write about and leave Rinanna alone. The young wonman is an international recording star she looks fabulous. She is doing Barbados proud. She goes to a wedding with some skin out so what. We have political and religious leaders cheating on their wives and having children with outside women. Are they role models? Talk about them leave Rihanna in peace. Rihanna keep doing what you doing girl.


  • Rhianna is a very talented young lady that deserves a lot of credit for her many accomplishments. And I can understand those coming to her defence. Having said that think about the Big Picture!

    The minute you hit the bright lights of LA, NY etc as an artist like Rhianna has to lose her small island image and sex, skin and suggestive videos are the name of the game. Even little doggys are now a part of her life it is a PHONY masquerade! And has little to do with talent!

    Look at Paris Hilton a jail bird, Britney Spears a drug head, Mariah Carey another misfit and the list is endless. The question begs to be asked do you have to sell your soul and take on the demeanour of cheap irresponsible role models to be a success. Many have not. Celine Dion, Shaniah Twayne, Faith Hill to mention but only a few. And these gals have real talent!

    Many artists today seem to think that the only road to success is showing skin, suggestive and sexual moves in their videos etc.


  • BU

    Just lost a long post – don’t know what happened there.
    It just went right out of the blog site.

    Too much to reproduce.


  • Sick and tired of persons trying to silence persons who speak out about rhianna’s behaviour.

    Her dress in the church with her breasts falling out was disgraceful.

    It is the same with those Playboy type costumes she wears in her videos.

    She is obviously be marketed as a sex object to satisfy the pockets of Evans Rogers and Jay Zee – who really don’t care a thing about her.

    Her mother also seems not to want to rock the boat – and to upset the cash cow.

    All that lovely fresh faced innocence is gone and now Rhianna looks like an experienced mature woman who has been in town long.

    I grieve for her. It’s one thing to keep up with music industry standards but it is another thing to gain the whole world and lose your soul.

    There are still some stars in Hollywood who have sensible parents,and managers who really look after their interest and say – so far and no more.

    But what will we get on this site not a real hard look at what is happening to this bajan treasure – but a whole roll about how bajans too envious,and bajans like to pull down and what is wrong with what she is wearing after all that’s is what they wear up there.

    They seem to have even scared BU into putting in that reminder at the end of the article :Rhianna BU and Barbados love you – just beacuse they had to do some constructive criticism.

    I don’t know if it’s too late for some one to start addressing these issues – but some how I think Rhianna has now become fully sold on the idea that:SEX SELLS – and is playing it up to the hilt.

    Sadly another ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’.


  • Indeed!

    We hope that Rihanna and her mother have made plans for her to finish school. If our memory is right she left Combermere in fourth form.


  • The View From Here

    LMAO!!! David, I think she is doing her best to emulate the role model in the video in your previous post!

    Don’t worry though God has his hands full saving souls and all … and besides I’m sure he’s more than happy to grab a peek at as many half naked young women as he can … after all he’s a man!

    Oh – oh gotta run … think I see a lightning bolt heading my way!!


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  • I would be a bit upset if my daughter wore that dress to church too (…. if I had a daughter.) but that is probably because (if I had a daughter) she would most likely be a clerk somewhere -with a masters degree in some stupidness (compliments Hilary) working for $2000 per month and trying to avoid the the useless dreadlocked ‘men’ hanging around trying to find someone to continue supporting them when their mother dies.


    She is probably a multimillionaire by now (age 22?) known around the GLOBE, been on more continents that all the PM’s band put together and probably chased after by 30% of the world’s most successful Men.

    I am sure that she needs our advice.

    Look people, Rihanna is successful because she has a MANAGER who KNOWS what he wants to achieve for her and HOW to succeed. From courting controversy to choosing dresses and image, her MANAGERS have demonstrated that they know how to succeed…..

    If only Barbados was so blessed….

    When we, as individuals and as a country, can out-perform her and her management our advice will be meaningful…. meantime – LOOK AND LEARN!!!


  • While reading some of the above posts I could not help but thinking that we, as a nation, are really in the pits.
    How can we justify ANYONE going into a church above all places, looking like this girl? Because someone is a celebrity that she has to dress so common class? That type of dress should be left for any place else, but not the church.
    I am not a christian, but poor taste is poor taste and no amount of kissing up will suffice.
    We have come to accept anything because we have allowed our once-high standards to fall. As we look around all we see is piss poor standards and we want to applaud ppl for that nonsense. Give me a break.
    I know that there are those who will crucify me for saying what I did, but they can all begin to make the cross on which to string me up, but Rhianna needs to understand that she is not on any catwalk when she enters the house of God.
    We are lacking morals when we want to look up to such snotty folk and worship them.
    No wonder the politicians treat many of us the way they do.


  • Leave the young lady alone. I find that Barbadians can be very hypocritical sometimes. We are worrying about her wearing a dress like that in church and the people who attend church on a regular basis are so corrupt. They put on their best, attend church and then during the week talk people’s names and do all sorts of wicked things. LIGHTEN UP!!!


  • Was that remark by Bush Tea or another blogger ‘Leave the Girl alone?

    If it was from bush tea,then I know that he could only be playing the role of Provocateur.

    See what 14 years of this administration has taught us?

    That like Harold Hoyte and others -integrity and morality are not qualities that will advance you anywhere except if you want to be a pastor.

    Instead tief nough money,dress whorish,have as many children with different women while yuh married – and most importantly once yuh mekkin nough money whatever the means – then yuh can’t touch dis.

    Acceptance of Rhianna’s declining standards is just really the sympton of this debased society where – ‘Money Talks’.

    I know there are a lot of sweet little innocent teenagers and even primary schoolers who want to be like Rhianna – and I sure don’t think that Dressing up like a Playboy Bunny is what their parents have in mind.

    The Nation newspaper told us last week that some mothers were actively encouraging their daughters to sell their beautiful bodies for money to buy clothes and pay bills.

    Come on women – lets start calling wrong – wrong – and turn this society rightsided up again.

    There is a strange wind blowing which carries the message – Anything at the right Price.

    Are we willing to say no to this and instead boldly pronounce that:Not Everything is for Sale?

    We want Rhianna to suceed – but surely not at any cost.


  • Anonymous // Oct 28th 2007 at 9:22 pm

    I am not being provocative when I suggest that we leave Rihanna alone, I simply feel that we should judge not least we be judged.

    One thing I fully support is, if you HAVE to judge other, judge them by their FRUIT.

    Here is a young Bajan girl who, like all of us, dreamed of conquering the world.
    Her talent is music and style.
    She leaves school in 4th form (according to BU) and in 4 years all her dreams are exceeded by about 20,000%.

    top class fruit… in my humble opinion.

    …Oh, sorry – not GLOBALLY, …..her HOME crowd do not like the fact that she dressed differently to our daughters… because she is setting a poor example!!!!


    Rihanna ever promised to set example for wanna? Wanna ever do anything to get her where she is – to suggest that she now OWES us something?
    Have you all ever thought that she may be successful BECAUSE she is NOT like our other (poor) daughters? Wanna want she dress like Liz?!!!


    …and David, go back to school for what?!?? so she can learn to become a good little Bajan girl and go and work for some Trini Bank?

    Bill Gates went Back to school?
    School is there to teach us how to become successful in our dreams – not some ritual to be endured just because Mr. nobody had to.

    I like she too bad…. she is a sign that we can (and will again,) produce the ABSOLUTE best in the world.

    Sobers, Rihanna, Bush Tea…..


  • Then all I can say to you Bush Tea is:You talk at both sides of your mouth.

    The fact that she through her P.R. person is sending all this information telling us – about her successes and her appearances at top notch venues – is in effect setting her up as an example of success.

    What they are in effect saying is – here is a yong simple island girl that got a break and is living it up big time

    You can do the same too.

    And all we are saying is yes we like the example of our own succeeding – but not so that they end up like Paris Hilton or Britney Spears.

    By the way most of the smart stars I know have College degrees e.g. Venus and Serena Williams,Brooke Shields and others.

    Venus and serena also have their own businesses and strong parents who are very involved in their careers.

    Hopefully if Rhianna sees the sense in completing her education she will be able to have a geater say in how her money is being managed.

    Any way since when getting a university education means you got to work for someone else.

    There are enough universities and colleges in the states that she can attend,she doesnot have to go to beckles’ place on the hill.

    The type of image that Evans Rogers her manager is pushing means that her shelf life will be very short,because lets face it others with a greater singing voice and body than Rhianna came on the scene – did well for a couple years and faded away.

    I truly wish her well,but I will not be intimidated into joining the chorus and singing :all is well – when it is clear that her handlers are pushing her down a very slippery slope.

    And may I add all with their eyes firmly on the pot of money she can make them – not about helping her make right choices.

    If you remember at 17 years old and within a year of her going up there they had her dressing very racy.

    Remember all the talk from Evans wife that she is like our daughter and la di da ? – yeah right.

    Now we are hearing that she has apparently given interviews in the past where she boasted about liking those cities where she can drink freely – apparently when she was under the drinking age.

    Who knows what else she is doing?

    A picture tells a thousand words – and we are getting the message loud and clear.

    Don’t tell me in 3 short years Rhianna forget what was acceptable wear in bajan society for church.

    And I don’t care how much hypocrites there are in church – that is not the issue at hand – nor do 2 wrongs make it right.


  • actually i talk out the center of my mouth… but that is not the point here.

    What exactly are you concerned about? I am a bit confused….
    You like her being successful, but you want her to stop doing the things that make her successful??

    YOU don’t like the image that her ‘handlers’ have created for her – EVEN THOUGHT It SEEMS TO BE getting the results SHE wants.

    You sound like a very nice person, so I do not think that you want her to fail – just to ‘be a nice girl’while being an international superstar ….yea right!!?

    The only point I am trying to make (and you see how David set me up here and run?) is that in this world, one has to do the following in order to be successful:
    1 – Set personal goals
    2 – find out what it takes to achieve those goals
    3 – work HARD and single-mindedly towards what YOU want to achieve.
    4- DONT be distracted by others (often well meaning) who have NO IDEA what your objectives are, but who judge you by THEIRS.

    This girl is living her dreams – how do you know that what YOU want for her is better? can’t we just be happy for her?

    How do you know that what you consider IDEAL is worth squat in the overall scheme of things?

    My attitude is that the whole thing is junk, the music business, the church business as it currently exists, the management of this country – and this world, the whole mess….NO ONE really understands the REAL point of this life…

    ..but you have to admire those who stand out above the crowd and excel – especially when they are cute, combermarian and cadets…


  • Barbados have too many old foggies who will have to dragged kicking and screaming into this century.
    Wake up and smell the coffee!
    I am so proud of Rhianna that it hurts.
    You like you scrapping the bottom of the barrel for something to write about,David.
    How about :-

    “Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur, Opposition Leader DAVID THOMPSON, High Court Judge – All Represented By Same Lawyer In Land Fraud And Corruption Trial!”


  • Anonymous~do you feel that everything we write will please you? Do you think because some Barbadians criticize Rihanna that they are not proud of her? Do you feel that every decision which her handlers make will always be correct? We love Rihanna like the other person but we will not sit down like the passive people we have become and accept it ALL hook, line and sinker.

    No way!

    BTW BT we like your provocative position, enjoying it actually. So Rihanna has set her objective i.e. to make good money and to hell with anything else. We wonder how her mother feels about it all.On the issue of the topic you suggest we should cover don’t you think BFP is doing a good enough job? Whether we talk about morality in the society or in politics the plot is the same.


  • Why are we worrying about integrity and morality with Rihanna when we have a Prime Minister raping the taxpayers and the treasury and you are not the least bit concerned about integrity and morality with regard to Arthur?
    There is a lot of nasty stuff going on around this island daily that needs to be highlighted more than this child needs to be highlighted, focus on the cases of molestation and sexual abuse at HARDWOOD HOLDINGS and lets get a move on with the court process.


  • Roger Rabbit

    I agree with you, Church is not the place for such dressing regardless of who you are. The fact that some see nothing wrong with this type of dressing for Church and using nonsense to justify it, shows how low ours morals in this country has slipped.
    The Church is continually being criticised for failing society, yet some among us would have the Church accept any standard of dress. Have some respect.


  • David
    ..there you go judging my girl again. How do you know, or why do you think, that she is only out to make money?
    Why can’t she have had dreams of being the best known Bajan artist?
    Why could she not have taken the combermere school song to heart ? truest flame and all?

    How do you know that she is not focussed on doing what it takes to refine her GOD GIVEN talents to the max?
    How you know that she is not sacrificing herself to make a name for BARBADOS?
    How you know she is not bent on preparing the way for other Bajan girls to follow?

    You ever see BET TV? this is what we adults set for these young people to emulate – now we vex that they are good at it?!?

    So she makes a few million dollars in the process… that makes her a bad girl? I can’t see anything bad about this girl….and she dresses better that most girls her age does…

    I am sure that if she was doing all this and ‘scrunting’ at pic o the crop nobody would have a problem.

    Man David, it feel so good to find a topic on which we disagree, that I plan to milk this to the max…


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  • who gives a flyin hoot what she wears i love rihanna and her music but trust me she is not my role model my mother is my grandmother my grandfather etc…..stop giving these stars the label of role model…give me a break.

    lets talk about the children homes around the island that need repairs lets talk about any other thing than Rihanna



  • Bush Tea, you are really stretching it. All of us surely want Rihanna to succeed, and we are rightly proud of her. But relating what she needs to do to be successful in her career, to what she should wear to church is nonsense. Does professional footballer wear his playing gear to church? Of course not! There is a time and place for everything. At the right time in the right circumstances there are those of us who have no problem with Rihanna showing her body. For sure, church is not one of those places, and she is a role model whether she intends to be or not.


  • Maybe Rihanna does not believe in God so why should she dress the way we want? My grandmother told me when I showed her the picture that she blame Rihanan mother. She say that Rihanna wants she tail cutting 🙂


  • Peltdownman,
    You done know I like a little stretching… but your example of a footballer does not really cut it.
    Footballers are about skill, speed, and goal scoring… who cares how Ronaldhino dresses?

    Rihanna is about music culture, and style. The world is her stage, a photo of her in Oxnards could EASILY be in six GLOBAL newspapers tomorrow as well as CNN and BBC and on MSN – it could well define her future. Whenever she goes outdoors it has to be well thought out- and the IMAGE that is her selling point must be maintained….even if we don’t like it.

    Don’t misunderstand me, I get your drift, I am just trying to show you how and WHY successful management works… and why they get outstanding results while the rest of us criticize and complain.

    ..and don’t strain the ‘church’ thing. The girl went to a WEDDING.


  • She went to a wedding but she had to enter a Church, not so? If she had visited a Mosque would she have taken off her shoes and cover her head. Seems that in our society we relax standards others dont!


  • Fed up // Oct 28th 2007 at 4:11 pm

    BU find something else to write about and leave Rinanna alone. The young wonman is an international recording star she looks fabulous. She is doing Barbados proud. She goes to a wedding with some skin out so what. We have political and religious leaders cheating on their wives and having children with outside women. Are they role models? Talk about them leave Rihanna in peace. Rihanna keep doing what you doing girl

    i agree with you fed up leave her in peace she was dressed very beautiful and a little skin out so freaking wat ive seen bajans go to church with far more exposed BU shut up and go to hell idiots


  • I think Bajans as usual are stuck in the 1800’s as opposed to being in the 21st Century! In Jamaica, they are not even music-stars and women dress far slacker for weddings or funerals!

    I see NOTHING wrong with her dress, it would have been better if she had a BOSOM to show off the dress, but for her current arena and lifestyle it is EXPECTED for her to attire in such a way as to draw attention to herself!

    It is known as milking coverage; what I do not like is when she tries to be one of us, orders pizza and she gets paparazzi-stalked at Sheraton – plus some UK wannabe is trying to say he’s her man! LOL, see Bajan Reporter today for the goods on this Zedstar and what happened in Gossip-Girls.


  • Rhianna looks marvellous.

    If there are people out there looking for role models, you should be able to start in your own homes.

    Work that dress girl.

    r u busy later


  • Now the lot of you can see where the real decay in morals in this country is coming from, just check out the comments on this blogg. No respect whatsoever for the Church. Justifying Rhianna’s dressing for Church by saying worse has been seen, how pathetic. If a man rapes a eight year old girl and another rapes a fourteen year old who did worse? Then we get together and want to blame the Church for everything wrong under the sun. We all should be shame!!!
    If she was visiting a mosque she would have dressed according to custom without a problem, and a lot of you on this blog would not have had a problem with.


  • Of course we wont have a problem if she was attending a mosque and had to dress accordi to custom duhhhhhhhhhh because you dont ever see people going to a mosque showing NO SKIN but people who got to other churches do …strappy dresses , shirts etc they even where them to funerals low cut dresses showing the boobs etc i’ve seen them so dont come on here and at like you have not…



  • Man wuh es all eh dis chatter bout Rhianna dress code at church all about?

    The Lord tell we , dat we all is he children and he luv we all bad and I tek that to mean ef I guh to church naked he will receive me as part of the flock. Becuz dat is how I cum int de world. Nubody dress me up before I cum out!

    But Lord have mercy I wud hate to be in the congregation if Rhianna took me seriously. Becuz it would be like the ad yuh es see on TV bout Cialis that says “if you have an e——-ection lasting longer than 4 hours see a doctor”


  • KYAH~we don’t know about your custom but traditionally Christians have been raised to observe customs as well when going to Church. One of those customs was for our women not to enter a Church with their ‘backs out’. We think there use to be the custom as well that a woman should try to cover her head but hey toss it out because it’s a modern time where anything goes.

    Let us just say that any daughter that we have raised will not think about entering a Church of God dressed like she is going to a party. Ok, Rihanna attended a wedding but it was held in a Church right?

    But the consensus is different strokes for different folks. The customs and conventions which have served us so well in training our people to have good morals just keep tumbling down. If it is not illegal, it is not a problem.


  • David,
    You and Bajejun can’t be really serious here.

    1- Are you saying that the fact that she or anyone else for that matter -including the Chief of Staff of the BDF and the COP – would have to take off their shoes and show respect in a mosque only goes to show that the CHURCH is not a serious institution and has no standards?

    2- So church is all about what you wear now? If it is cultural norms that we are protecting are these relevant today? Are there not some cultures where no clothes at all are worn? Are there others where women dress like mummies? You think God care about these frivolities?

    …and Bajejun, moral decay comes from decay of MORALS and JUSTICE and INTEGRITY. Check carefully and you will see how well ‘moral decay’ dresses ’bout here, and how often you can see them in church looking all ‘proper’.

    Not that cultural norms are irrelevant, but in the overall scheme of things, I have NO problem with this girl DRESSING IN KEEPING with her international image rather that pretending to conform to some old-fashioned custom that has no relevance to truth, love, integrity or honesty.

    …let us jack the beams from our own eyes first before complaining about the speck in Rhianna’s.


  • The important thing I timidly advance is this.

    When a person goes into the house of worship it is what is in their heart, soul and thoughts that they should be judged on, not their dress code. And only God has access to that information. Having said that and with all respect to God that does not mean you should enter his house looking like a slut. And I am not saying that was how Rhianna looked I am speaking figuratively and in general terms. Let that be clearly understood. Some respect must be shown. But that does not necessarily mean dressing like a nun!

    Religion itself has changed from what it was when we were born. Look at the number of sexual predators who are priests, reverends and all in between. And who are preying on the congregation especially vulnerable little innocent children. That in itself is enough to make parents not want their children to be alter boys/girls or be too close to some of the cloth.

    I look around at my own children and grand children that I brought up as my parents brought me up but Lord have mercy I shake my head in disbelief when I see their lifestyles, dress codes, how they allow their children to be raised etc. And it truly saddens me and sometimes make me wonder where I might have failed.

    But then I look at the BIG PICTURE and the times we live in where there are murders, teefing, child abuse, and other acts against humanity that are downright sickening and you know what? What I see wrong in my kids and grand kids pale by comparison and make me feel very fortunate, because in the most part they are truly GOOD, DECENT and CARING persons but not PERFECT human beings. There is love in their homes but their values and what is important to them vary from my day but that is CHANGE. To me that does not make them SINNERS or unworthy of entering the kingdom of God.

    Look at our generation and compare it to our parents generation. How many times did our parents not say “I do not know what this generation will come to”. Is that not true but most of us have lived a good Christian but not PERFECT lifestyle.

    How can I tell my children who are adults, paying their own way, not dependent on me etc. How they should live their lives or bring up their children. How dare I be so presumptious and borish!

    We are all children of God and he in the end will be the one and only one of consequence to judge us.

    What I see going on in many houses of the Lord dismays me and make me think that I am better off going directly to my creator.


  • All of these blessed one-day Christians – steeeeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuuuupsssssssssse!!!!!!!!!!

    The same Churches they praise to the skies were castigated not so long ago for teaching blacks to read!

    Anyone hear of Catholics?

    One of the few good things about ’em is they don’t care if ya wearing what ya had at Xtreme the night b4 – once u calling 4 God is all ‘um care, tek a hint and shut ya……….


  • Allow me to revisit this subject and with the greatest of respect.

    Here is the problem to WHICH I HAVE NO ANSWER.

    Rihanna is an extremely talented young lady and has done Barbados proud. She also strikes me as a young lady that is not the kind of person or practices the values depicted by her videos.

    However, in our world Rihanna is doing what she has to do in her world to be the success. And herin lies the problem THAT AGAIN LET ME SAY I HAVE NO ANSWERS TO.

    To compete with her peers she has to be sexually suggestive, dress provocatively and do all the things that suggest she is cheap. She is caught between a rock and a hard place.

    The world we live in has changed and I may not like it but I must be honest we cannot condone one set of values for certain situations and another set for others.


  • Habab "throwing stones"

    Take a walk down Swan St, or Broad St. see what’s hang out, jumping about and showing, see what persons are wearing to funerals much less a wedding. Don’t go into a night club just pass on the outside and see how those who know better are dressed.

    Give the girl a dammed break. Go grow some food, watch MTV or some picture on TV introducing a gay life style as being funny, ok and acceptable. I hope your high chairs and soap boxes brek down and someone throws a rock through your high and mighty glass house.

    If your child’s role model is rihanna, you as a parent want lashes you should be its role model. You who dress your lil children particularly the girls like big women, and boys from ear rings to gold like if he is tupac. Set your examples, live your life and let her live her $$$$ life go eat some biscuit and shut up.


  • i want everybody in barbados to see this first of all i went every in barbados and in brooklyn new york to see this, and to tell MAUREEN BRYANT that works at kings county hospital and who used to promote the barbados queen show here in brooklyn to get a life and stop been so malicious last saturday at a social functionMAUREEN took it up here self to spread gossip about Rihanna being kick out of her cousins wedding which is a lie and she had to shut up when a reporter that i know very well took her to task about tellin lies on poor rihanna you see we have some low life bajans like maureen who hate to see any other barbadian reach as far rihanna as done and at present has more money they will every get in there life so there are jealous of her but there is nothing that they can do they dont look at what rihanna is doing when ever she goes on national tv here in the usa she is always promoting barbados for free please check her out on abc tv next sunday night performing with at the academy awards so you so call bajans likeMAUREEN stop potraying rihanna as a slut and find something conctructive to say about your fellow barbadian stop pulling down and help to build up the money has not gone to her head and she do not live with nobody husband MAUREEN please mind your buisness get a life and stop been so nosy


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