Barbadian Diva Rihanna Dishing out a large Dose Of 'Divatude' To Adoring Fans After Her David Letterman Performance

BU did a quick interview with Rihanna on the way out from her David Letterman performance on Thursday.  Unfortunately, she refused to give us any love back!

What is up with Rihanna and the mut?

Why did you not stop to hail your fans?

All the guests who appeared on David Letterman that night stopped and signed autographs and had a little fun with the crowd. Is this what a little success does with you girl?

Rihanna this good girl gone bad image..we are starting to wonder girl friend!!

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14 thoughts on “Barbadian Diva Rihanna Dishing out a large Dose Of 'Divatude' To Adoring Fans After Her David Letterman Performance

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  2. The whole thing was taken out of context – if you go on YouTube and check David Jr dot com’s video of Oct 1 to 4 backstage you will learn Rihanna was one of three media personalities who gave no autographs.

    Alec Baldwin acknowledged the crowd yet did no scrawling; whereas Sean Penn and Rihanna BOTH ran to their vehicles apart from no John/Joan Hancocks – truth be known, you have to bear in mind how often she is on tour, it must be a pain in the arse after a while!

    I know how this feels, it still is a bit annoying when I am trying to eat lunch or dinner at a fast food outlet or even a fancy Embassy soiree and my mouth is full and some a’hole is looking to open a convo – usu. it is asking why am I no longer doing the News?

    One year at Plantation Garden Theatre a man asks me what is the weather, I explain I only do the forecast for Late News and I didn’t do the 10:00 pm edition that night so he looks at me and orders me to tell a joke?

    I say that the weird story is planned, but right now I am trying to finish my meal and chat with my wife – a polite hint – and he asks why the eff am I so effin’ stuck up? His friends look at me apologise and say he’s tipsy while he’s still bellowing at me…

    You wonder why Rihanna gets tunnel vision sometimes? Gimme a break – Lighten up!!

  3. Ian thanks for your spin on how our DIVA behaved the other night after the Letterman Show. Rihanna is building a reputation and we don’t want to compare her to Penn and Balwin who are ‘seasoned’ in the business.

    With success in the business comes the responsibility of dealing with the hounding fans and media.

    That said, Rihanna has the support of the BU houshold! 🙂

  4. Get off Rihannas back BU. The silent majority is very proud of our Bajan star. We support you Rihanna. On another note why cant CBC tv record and broadcast the shows Rihanna appears on like Letterman and Tyra Banks. Most of us are unaware when she is on these big shows and we miss her. Please CBC record them for us poor black people, promote when you are going to air them, and go sell some adverts. While you are it fire Clyde Griffith. He is up there to make CBC an electronic BLP newsletter.

  5. Hmmmm…fans approaching celebrities at events intended to promote them seems like fair game to me. When celebrities go to promotional events like talk shows, they are engaging in their occupations. If celebrities can’t sign autographs at events where they promote themselves, then where is the appropriate place for signing autographs and talking to fans? Certainly, approaching celebrities (or other public personalities) eating food with their families, on their way to the ladies room/men’s room, buying t-shirts in a shop, etc. is tacky. But, if you’re on the job, then you’re on the job.

    Ian, I see you as a public personality – not a celebrity. Comparing a drunk fool approaching you ask foolishness is not the same, in my opinion, as a legitimate, sober fans approaching a celebrity on the job to ask for something that celebrities do as part of their work.

    Any occupation brings the bitter and the sweet. Gotta learn to deal with both.

    Just my two cents.

  6. First time I am contributing here. I agree wholeheartedly with CT. Leave the child alone. I am exceedingly proud of this talented and blessed, not lucky, blessed young woman. There are thousands of haters in Barbados; probably more per capita than in the US!!! But as the young people say, don’t hate the player, hate the game! For those of you who do not know, Rhianna is still surprisingly grounded. A good Bajan/Guyanese head is still on those beautiful shoulders. Do you know she has two of her best friends from Barbados touring with her? Do you know she still finds time to talk to her young friends here, wherever she is? She said it keeps her grounded. And for the record, she does not look bad. She has to work out to keep her body tight – arms, stomach etc ( we don’t want her looking like Britney) and she eats properly. More of our Bajan women should do the same. These magazine stories are usually selective in what they print and any sensible person would know that she could not maintain the gruelling marathon schedule she has ( it is a killer) on a bad diet. She would have collapsed already if all she ate and drank was pineapple and lemon juice. As smart Bajans, we need not jump on the bandwagon of a jealous foreign media. We need to stop circulating the negative of the child and look for the positive. Why not contact her for yourselves, get the real deal, and publish that. Ricky Jordan gets it done pretty easily. As Bajans, we owe her some loyalty and honesty. Not spit and spite balls. She is one in a million!

  7. Hi Irene~welcome to BU. We agree with much that you have wriiten. Rihanna must understand that the majority of Barbadians wish her well and criticism can be viewed as constructive sometimes. We all read of the problems which ‘stars’ can have and we think that most Barbadians have this in the back of their minds when they throw comments at Rihanna.

    At the end of it all Rihanna is a star and will therefore attract criticism, she needs to get use to it.

  8. BACK OFF…Rihanna, you can’t plz ev’ryone just keep your head up at all times and put GOD first in whatever you do, he’ll take care of the rest….

  9. I agree with David. Criticism follows anyone in the public eye. It can be constructive at times, and the rest of the time one needs to learn to ignore.

    But we need to realise that Rihanna is a Barbadian child who has been flung to the top of the American dream, and she has a lot to learn about life etc.

    She needs guidance and prayers. Those of us who have constructive criticism need to offer this in a gentle way and not taint it with redicule.

    If anyone should be rediculed it is the adults in her life who “APPARENTLY” fed her to the wolves. And those who are currently “guiding” her and who are in charge of her career and image, who misuse our Bajan beauty and her talents and body.

    Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child. Even if Rihanna can legally consent to the “good girl gone bad” image, she needs guidance to understand why she should not sell her soul or her body for fame. But the American culture accepts lewdness as a rite of passage into adulthood.

    Please pray for Rihanna, and be gentle in your reproach.

    To Rihanna: Honey, let your talent speak for itself. Your singing has improved tremendously. Keep your clothes on.
    I think it is great that you keep in touch with you friends in Barbados. Keep grounded.
    BUT learn who you should take advice from: take advice from your peers with a pinch of salt, and advice from those who stand to benefit from your “success” with a bucket. Listen to your mother.
    And remember: A good name is to be more desired than great wealth. Favor is better than silver and gold.

  10. i am a big fan of Ri i think she,s kool.Don,t mind what the public say,s just do what u do best and give thanks and remember to build self.I want to shout out the Red carpet ladies hailing from the Pine in Barbados.Isha,Keisha,Donna,crystal,mellissa,the whole crew,coming from Phatkat aka Anne-Marie HUMPHREY. ONE OF YOUR MANY FANS. C YAH.

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