CNN Censors Comments posted On CNN Website


CNN put up a comments page about last night’s New Hampshire GOP debate
at CNN Political Ticker Who Won the Debate? The comments were overwhelmingly for Ron Paul.
CNN removed the comments and replaced them with a page of
comments about the June 3, 2007 Democratic debate. SMOOTH. Unfortunately I was unable to get a screenshot this time because I had to get up early this morning. Ah, the middle class life, how it hinders the ability to micromanage the media.

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A blogger is reporting that CNN posted news last night that Ron Paul did well in the GOP New Hampshire debate last night but this morning the comments have been removed and replaced with comments about the June 3, Democratic debate. This story interest my wife because she has a thing for for freedom of the press. In this case we do not know how to describe the CNN action. In Barbados and many developing countries of the world CNN is viewed as the model media agency committed to promulgating news to the world in a fair and balance manner.

At this point manipulation comes to mind. Does not inspire some of us here in Barbados if a media house like CNN is prepared to censor itself because of…what hope is there for us here in Barbados?

5 thoughts on “CNN Censors Comments posted On CNN Website

  1. Нерациональное употребление материальных благ часто является вернейшим путем к величайшим невзгодам.

  2. CNN has just censored my comments as well. I just pointed out what was in my eyes obvious propaganda as well as who was funding particular “scientific studies”, & my most of my comments were almost immediately removed. Now they’re not allowing me to post anything at all.

  3. I have apparently been censored as well for sarcastically joking that we should pretend every issue is a “racial” issue. I suddenly can’t see comments, can’t make comments, can’t log on, and haven’t received an email to reset my password.

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