Submitted by Pachamama

A sign of the nature of these times is the imposition of a new etymology. Whether it is ‘woke-ism’, on the one side, or ‘cancel culture’, on the other, the willful misguidance is no less profound. “Whiteness” is generally defined as being a political construction, a fiction.

In this piece we will attempt to tease out, or even capture, an ‘ahistorical’ moment where a faux progressivism pretends to confront long-held establishment lies, wickedness – across the board.

This convergence of interests should properly be the province of academia and particularly those from the Frankfurt School of critical social theory. Unfortunately though, It has long-failed to help us rethink or reform the social critiques of Marxism, as they had promised, even as Marx gave the ‘soft touch’ to racism and slavery; has not led to the rejection of mainstream political views; its tepid criticisms of capitalism have made it no less vicious; there has been no substantive ‘liberation’ of humanoids anywhere; while domination and exploitation continue at an algorithmic pace.

Some, with rightness, may suggest that woke-ism is deeply culturally bound. Others are reticent to jettison certain unrealities. Others are entrenched in the misbelief, or fear, that there will be some meeting of the minds at a point of moderation. Yet others wrongly look to this divine age of technological innovation to deliver mankind. In reality they intend that establishment systems should only be tinkered with on the margins if at all, but never radically transformed, far less prevent the new formations of the old systems of subjugation now reemerging as more virulent manifestations of technological oppression.

It is however clear that the perceived meanings of woke-ism and ‘Whiteness’ can never comfortably coexisted. For the first is predicated on the existence of what is real, presumably, while the other is entirely based on a deep and wide culture of unreality. An unreality not based within the longer evolution of humanoids.

Those who suggested that the removal of Horatio Nelson from the top of Broad Street was an attempt to ‘cancel’ their ‘culture’ are ideologically well-connected to the Proud Boys and other White supremacist forces in the United States of America, and elsewhere. We include Black lackeys in high places, like ‘a Johnny’ Muh Boy as the quintessentially modern-day house niggers! But still, its mere removal only flirts with the symbolic. The same is true about removals from landscapes elsewhere as well.

And for the lack of historical memory, eminently demonstrated by many on the side of Black Lives Matter, prevents a better understanding of their own arguments. This requires, amongst other things, taking a hard look at the ways in which that movement has been appropriated, internally and externally, by a wide range of interests included the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States of America, no less. It’s a ‘crying shame’ that even the marketing and recruitment of CIA agents, as an historically racist organization, have now fully appropriated wokeness.

There was a time when ‘whiteness’ meant something entirely different. It denoted somebody who was spiritual. It had nothing to do with pigmentation or ‘pinkness’. At that time all the ‘white’ people were Black, there was nobody else around.

But etymology is a linguistic bitch. People who argue that others seek to cancel their culture are ignorantly doubling-down on all the crimes committed in the name of the political construction which is Whiteness as if seeking to eternally be in a march to war against 90% of Earth’s peoples.

When those who represent ‘Whiteness’ talk about the cancellation of culture, or the irrational moderation of just demands, a level of credibility should be brought to the table based on the real and continuing cancelling which White people and their agents have committed for millennia. In the absence of such an accounting there can be no legitimate claims to a genocidal culture still being constructed and maintained on the bones of others.

Whites Are Not Above Criticism

Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Think Tank and Watchdog Group

Trevor Marshall(r)

Trevor Marshall(r)

The Mahogany Coconut Group stands firmly in support of historian Trevor Marshall’s views on the role of white Barbadians in the politics of their country. We also publicly declare that Marshall has never promoted racism but has spent almost four decades in highlighting social and economic issues that affect the entire country.

It was Marshall who first critically examined the role played by Sir. Grantley Adams in Barbados’ political development, to the best of our knowledge, Sir Grantley was black; it was Marshall who questioned the granting of National Hero status to many of Barbados’ National Heroes, most of whom are black. Therefore it is difficult to understand why he is only deemed a racist when he critically analyses the role of Barbadian whites in the country’s development.

We are amazed that some Blacks, who rushed to defend Mr.Ralph Johnson’s description of Barbadian workers as “lazy” and inefficient, would want to give Johnson credit, for essentially painting an entire work force with one brush but would want to crucify Marshall, for asking why Indo Barbadians and other minorities, are not placed in the Senate with the same regularity as whites. It was fair to ask why white Barbadians do not enter elective politics but use their corporate weight to influence public policy.

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Alleged Bajan Slavery

Submitted by Looking Glass

Always exploited, often brutalized, indentured servants were slaves without shackles. Liz Wiley, here, finds a moment of rest. Photo by Dave Doody - http://www.history.org/

Always exploited, often brutalized, indentured servants were slaves without shackles. Liz Wiley, here, finds a moment of rest. Photo by Dave Doody – http://www.history.org/

So England paid the Caribbean slave owners to release the African slaves they had “enslaved, brutalized and exploited. The freed slaves by comparison received nothing in comparison in recompense for their dehumanization, their cruel treatment, the abuse of their labour, and the plain injustice of their enslavement – BU April 14/2013

The Caribbean is a region with many countries many of whom had no relationship with England and or slavery. To write about Caribbean slavery without being specific as to the islands involved is to put it mildly is misleading.

In the case of Barbados the absence of history heightens our inability to think with clarity. The British discovered Barbados I believe in 1640. Indians were the only residents there. Some eventually migrated to British Guyana. The first English settlers the vast majority of whom were Jews wanted to grow coffee but England needed sugar. To this end they sent in some INDENTURES/white slaves, arranged for Blacks to be sent from Nigeria and paid them to work on the land. Unlike the USA they did not buy the African blacks.

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Beware Lest Thou Violate the SANCTITY of the WHITE Person

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel

President of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association, Patricia Affonso-Dass, at the Accra Beach Hotel. She suggested a special court for attacks against tourists. (Picture by Sharon Harding.)

President of the BHTA, Patricia Affonso-Dass, at the Accra Beach Hotel where she proposed a special court to deal with crimes against tourists – photo credit: Sharon Harding

THE NEW COMMANDMENT OF WHORISM: All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others. Therefore:

BEWARE LEST THOU VIOLATE THE SANCTITY OF THE CAUCASIAN, for his person is holy, and he has been put by God over us to be our great benefactor. If you have to rob and  kill somebody, rob and  kill your mother your father or you brother, but not the white man. If we should fall out of favour and lose his patronage we will all starve and suffer.”

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No Real Remorse in the Satan Soul

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel

If the word “Satan” is rightly defined to represent the evil actions of humans, the word would most appropriately identify:

He who displays a propensity for robbing, he who displays a habit of bombing and invading, he who builds his wealth on enslaving, he who takes delight in torturing and lynching, he who is most cunning and deceiving, and he who robs a people and then penalizes them for not adjusting to economic handcuffs and legal straitjackets.

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RACISM Lingers On

Submitted by Looking Glass

Not in Barbados!

First congratulations to the newly appointed Governor General and Madame Loretta: another tribute to location.

Yes there is and will always be racism even among Whites. For some Whites it is a reaction to their lower class status especially after being given a title by a Black government. Blacks too are in practical terms most guilty of racism. For us it is a convenient excuse that enables us to blame others for our shortcomings. Some Whites who did not marry Blacks passed on financial and other inheritance to their black mistresses and their offspring. It led to the Black Class System (Re Comments To Rescue and Rebuild) within which those with brown-skin were considered not to be “One uh We”, treated like Whites and discriminated against. But no one talks about black racism which in many ways was more vicious than white racism.

Some left high school with a birth certificate, worked for a mixed-race owned company and never reached management level. Now one low class White soul pontificates about white racism. Does marriage to a high-brown render one anti racist? His observations suggest he knows nothing about our history, less about socio-political and economic dynamics and is very untruthful.

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Barbados Sold!

Sir Allan Fields presided over the disposal of Barbados only conglomerate BS&T to T&T interest

The recent uproar created by Sir Roy Trotman  calling out of Diamond’s International Managing Director Jacob Hassid as the Egyptian Jew, has pierced the veneer which cloaks a simmering racial tension in Barbados. What we have is a dominant Black host population which has tolerated a relationship with the White population for years, the dominant minority group. It must be recognised that Whites enjoy a disproportionate economic influence which many readily admit extends to the political sphere in the form of White Shadows. The other ethnic groups have respected their minority roles.

In recent years BU has painted a concern about the affect the dismantling of the Barbados Model continues to impact our society. In the last decade another variable has had to be factored, the hegemony of Trinidad business. The unwillingness of successive governments and Barbadians to react to the aggressive acquisition of Barbados Assets does not augur well for a once proud people who exuded pride by being firm craftsmen of their fate.

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When Black Is White

There are robust and sometimes muscular discussions which takes place on the blog from time to time, which race occupied the earth first, Caucasian or Negroid? Click on the image to read Nature Knows No Color-Line by J.A Rodgers

Sold Out!

Submitted by Charles S. Cadogan

Well, well, Barbadians – you have now for sure sold one of your very important holdings to this so called white man yet again.  Has money became so important to Barbadians? Aren’t there enough so called blacks in Barbados willing to invest the same way that this so called white man has been doing and will continue to do?  Why, why in GOD’S NAME would you give this so called white man full control over anything that you yourself might be able to control?

I have suggested to you never give anyone more than 49% holdings in anything in Barbados, which would still allow you control by having 51%.  It doesn’t take Einstein to figure this out.  What are you doing with all this education and so called business sense?

It seem to me that you are going backwards, but seeing yourselves going forwards.  If you are going forward you are looking through rose colored glasses. The only person going forward is the so called white man who’s doing his best to control everything you own on that island.  But your greed for the money, and what you call better living now has you back at the mercy of this so called white man even in the twenty first century.  You have enslaved not only yourselves, but your children and grandchildren.  You for sure as those before you, who gave all what they owned, blood, sweat and tears to make it a better life for you turn over in their graves.  You are setting one hell of an example for the coming generation of Barbadians with your actions

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A Sociological Analysis Of The Modern Plantation

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel


The most barbaric feature of this modern age is the obscene disparity that exists between one side of the world and the other. It is a disparity that reflects a long history of vampire economics that enables one side to amass great riches by sucking the other to death. Now in the twenty-first century on one side of the world in the land of plenty, drugged citizens eat themselves to death, while on the other side death eats its citizens because food is ARTIFICIALLY too scarce. Slavery is over, they say, but because of the economic imbalance that was created by slavery and colonialism, the children of slave-masters can yet sail over to distant lands and buy themselves a native or two at a relatively low price.

As a result of the inherited disparities, desperate “third-worlders” now lay their lives on the line in their grim determination to reach “Hamburger Heaven,” the home of the white man. In absence of the question “WHY,” it is quite easy to assume that there does exist a natural inferiority and superiority in the grand scheme of things. After all, the general opinion is that “these Negroes are always killing one another back home on their dark continent, and even those that have long lived in the land of plenty still fill our jails because they are prone to be violent.”

This is the prevailing view because THE REAL TERRORIST has long had the technology to make his lie look like the truth. From such a perspective, the victim of robbery and exploitation becomes the cannibal that needs to be caged, the savage that needs to be imprisoned, the terrorist that needs to be hunted, and The Robber is the good guy who has been called by God and Jeezus to bomb savages out of darkness so that they may see the light of white-civilization and democracy. In this skewed version of reality, the word “holocaust” will never be attached to the ongoing genocide of Africa’s peoples, because it seems that word has long been copyrighted by Caucasoid Jews.

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Funding Interdependency: The Genus and Transgenesis of White Supremacy – The Quest for “The Golden Fleece” and The Black Man’s Search for Lasting Empowerment

Submitted by Terence Blackett

Hide nothing from the masses of our people. Tell no lies. Expose lies whenever they are told. Mask no difficulties, mistakes, or failures  – Cabral

Sometime during the 16th century, the “darklords” of capitalism and science embarked on a sinister plan to create a seismic collision between two opposing forces of nature which would result in a stratified order of eugenic superiority for human beings. On the one hand, white privilege. On the other hand, according to Chung-Hao Ku – “the plague of the ostracized, cast into the ghetto of the pathologized, animalized, monstrous other.”

Though a tough analysis of the facts – the slow, spurious nature of scientific racism of the 16th century prepared the pathway for a new form of adaptogenesis to take place which would culminate in the hierarchical societal structures of the modern 21st century.

This anthropocentric hierarchy between the white race and Blacks has set the stage for a world dominated by white largesse, handouts (in the form of supposed “charity) and the control of the earth’s resources especially in Black nations where we were brainwashed into believing that we were not good enough to rule ourselves.

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Slaughtering Tired Migratory Birds, A White Man's Sport In Barbados

Submitted by Whistling Frog

Credit:Care2 petitionsite

For years now every July to the end of the year bigup white men with teeny weensy penises and big shotguns murder indiscriminately poor defenceless tired birds that are trying to migrate for the coming winter months. Some of these bird have flown over 3,000 miles for safe refuge only to be met by these sadistic BASTARDS who gleefully and laughingly continue this program which they have now called HARVESTING so as to lessen the real meaning SLAUGHTER…..

I would like to see people in surrounding villages who are harassed on a daily basis by the constant barrage of automatic fire (like it were Vietnam or Iraq) to get some bullpistles and lick the shite out of those pathetic men or should I say boys who have nothing else in their lives to do than prey on creatures minutely smaller than themselves for SHEER PLEASURE.

White Controlled Wealth v Black Financial Discrimination And Exploitation: A Historical Legacy of Intergenerational Economic Subversiveness And Dehumanizing Racists Stereotyping

Submitted by Terence Blackett

In a jaw-dropping research study carried out by psychologists at Stanford University, Pennsylvania State University and the University of California-Berkeley reveals that many white Americans still subconsciously associate Black folks with apes based on a centuries old malevolent concept of Darwinian indoctrination.

For those who would have you believe that after two centuries of slavery; a century of Jim Crow Laws; oppressive apartheid; 4 million dead in the Middle passage; one million dead under the genocidal regime of Leopold in the Congo (based on conservative estimates)- with the ongoing blight of racial, economic and spiritual oppression and exploitation of Blacks in Africa; subjugation and relegation of the Aborigines of Australia and peoples of color anywhere on this forsaken planet – if anyone assumes that the Black man has walked away unscathed is a liar of the tallest order, a stranger to the truth and a demon from the lowest regions of Hell.

It is undeniable that the most damnable blight on the history of the white race has been slavery, where men and women were reduced by a stroke of Protestant moral abnegation to the lowliest common form of subhuman creating an aberration in time and space which has not been rectified or healed in 400 years. This shameful act of Biblical proportions continue to reverberate as a transgenerational phenomenon creating anger, resentment and hatred in Black folks which still has not been properly addressed – as we continue to sweep these issues under the carpet.

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Black Men In The Hands Of White Women: The Mythology Of Interracial Dating, Covert Reverse Racism And the Re-Education Of The Black Race

Submitted by Terence Blackett

In George Lamming’s debut novel – In the Castle of My Skin (1953), this famous Bajan son of the soil describe the psychic scars of racism in direct and powerful terms. In The Castle of My Skin he wrote, “No Black boy wanted to be white, but it was also true that no Black boy liked the idea of being Black. Brown skin was a satisfactory compromise, and Brown skin meant a mixture of white and Black… There was a famous family on the island which could boast of the prettiest daughters. Their father was an old Scottish planter who had lived from time to time with some of the labourers on the sugar estate. The daughters were ravishing, and one was known throughout the island as the crystal sugar cake.”

Grantley Adams, a British educated lawyer – who later rose to political prominence as the first Black Prime Minister of Barbados – had an English wife.  ‘At that time’ Neville recalled, she was a member of the Aquatic Club in Bay Street and Grantley was not a member, he was a Black man, he wasn’t a member, but she… had that privilege as a white woman to be a member of the Aquatic. And Grantley would carry her to the Aquatic Club, drop her there and turnaround and come back down the road [laughs]. Tell me when you’re ready and I’ll come back and pick you up when you ready to go… He dropped her there. That is your thing. You belong to that club. I’ll put you there, you come back when you’re ready to come, call me and I’ll come back and pick you up.’

It is now 177 years since the Wilberforce Abolition Act of 1833; 147 years since the American Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 and the 44th years of Barbados’ Independence from British rule and sovereignty since 1966.

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The RACE Gap: The Science of Intelligence – Are Blacks Inherently Inferior To Whites And Asians In Terms of IQ and Cognitive Ability?

Submitted by Terence Blackett
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights …Declaration of Independence

In a preamble to my current book manuscript on the issue of “race relations” entitled ‘Unmasking The Phantom’: The Race Factor – Exposing The Problems Of Race Relations In America – it dawned on me based on a recent documentary by a very highly respected Black British journalist that this was the one area that I had not given enough academic resonance to, due in part to the dangerous minefield that has been created around this incendiary narrative.

Race and IQ have created many enemies across the academic as well as the social divide. The most damaging and soul-destroying accusation that can be levelled at any human being is to be classified as sub-human because of a range of numbers on an IQ sliding scale (reference made to the Australian Aborigines).

But first let us examine the social anthropology and the ethno-genesis on this questionable area of science which posits this notion of a hierarchy of intelligence between the “races” while creating a subjugation of the Black race, relegating them to the furthest end of this ideological spectrum.

There are many questions to be answered by social scientists, social policy experts and politicians who continue to bury their heads in the sand over this contention issue – most of them wanting to play the political correctness game as a form of appeasement.

For example, in Britain, the US and Canada – predominate 1st world countries where with an increasing Black population – can governments and policy-makers continue to overlook the escalating problems of Black underachievement in schools and an increasing marginalization of Black males who are jobless, incarcerated, disillusioned and teeter-tottering on the periphery of society resulting in sub-cultural strands of behaviour and exploitation defined as a “hip-hop, Gen-ex generation?

But before I begin to rant about the structural inequalities and the social transmogrification of opportunity based on privilege, class and elite meritocracy – let us go back and look at the paradigms of social anthropology and how the narrative and the dialogue on racial IQ and intelligence became such a medium of contention and how the dumming down of this issue even within academic circles is seen as intellectual terrorism – where the use of the enemy is not a suicide bomber who straps plastic explosives to a vest but rather uses the corollary of subtle genetic science to plant incendiary devices within the minds of groups of people to maintain an ongoing status quo.

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