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A sign of the nature of these times is the imposition of a new etymology. Whether it is ‘woke-ism’, on the one side, or ‘cancel culture’, on the other, the willful misguidance is no less profound. “Whiteness” is generally defined as being a political construction, a fiction.

In this piece we will attempt to tease out, or even capture, an ‘ahistorical’ moment where a faux progressivism pretends to confront long-held establishment lies, wickedness – across the board.

This convergence of interests should properly be the province of academia and particularly those from the Frankfurt School of critical social theory. Unfortunately though, It has long-failed to help us rethink or reform the social critiques of Marxism, as they had promised, even as Marx gave the ‘soft touch’ to racism and slavery; has not led to the rejection of mainstream political views; its tepid criticisms of capitalism have made it no less vicious; there has been no substantive ‘liberation’ of humanoids anywhere; while domination and exploitation continue at an algorithmic pace.

Some, with rightness, may suggest that woke-ism is deeply culturally bound. Others are reticent to jettison certain unrealities. Others are entrenched in the misbelief, or fear, that there will be some meeting of the minds at a point of moderation. Yet others wrongly look to this divine age of technological innovation to deliver mankind. In reality they intend that establishment systems should only be tinkered with on the margins if at all, but never radically transformed, far less prevent the new formations of the old systems of subjugation now reemerging as more virulent manifestations of technological oppression.

It is however clear that the perceived meanings of woke-ism and ‘Whiteness’ can never comfortably coexisted. For the first is predicated on the existence of what is real, presumably, while the other is entirely based on a deep and wide culture of unreality. An unreality not based within the longer evolution of humanoids.

Those who suggested that the removal of Horatio Nelson from the top of Broad Street was an attempt to ‘cancel’ their ‘culture’ are ideologically well-connected to the Proud Boys and other White supremacist forces in the United States of America, and elsewhere. We include Black lackeys in high places, like ‘a Johnny’ Muh Boy as the quintessentially modern-day house niggers! But still, its mere removal only flirts with the symbolic. The same is true about removals from landscapes elsewhere as well.

And for the lack of historical memory, eminently demonstrated by many on the side of Black Lives Matter, prevents a better understanding of their own arguments. This requires, amongst other things, taking a hard look at the ways in which that movement has been appropriated, internally and externally, by a wide range of interests included the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States of America, no less. It’s a ‘crying shame’ that even the marketing and recruitment of CIA agents, as an historically racist organization, have now fully appropriated wokeness.

There was a time when ‘whiteness’ meant something entirely different. It denoted somebody who was spiritual. It had nothing to do with pigmentation or ‘pinkness’. At that time all the ‘white’ people were Black, there was nobody else around.

But etymology is a linguistic bitch. People who argue that others seek to cancel their culture are ignorantly doubling-down on all the crimes committed in the name of the political construction which is Whiteness as if seeking to eternally be in a march to war against 90% of Earth’s peoples.

When those who represent ‘Whiteness’ talk about the cancellation of culture, or the irrational moderation of just demands, a level of credibility should be brought to the table based on the real and continuing cancelling which White people and their agents have committed for millennia. In the absence of such an accounting there can be no legitimate claims to a genocidal culture still being constructed and maintained on the bones of others.


  1. I take it that it was traditional and they carried on with the raping of underaged girls for decades…we did hear about girls and boys being sold to plantation owners as well, “back in the day.”

  2. Donna

    I remember quite vividly, one of my childhood female friends father caution her about interacting with adults
    ( because she was the fresh type) and as fate would have it, one evening I was looking for hog plums in the station, located next to the two Inspector of Police office, in the old station building back in the 1970s.

    And as God is my very witnessed, I saw this particular Inspector drove up next to the hog plum tree, and as if he had told my childhood female friend to stoop down and ease into the back seat of the car, ( and as she did that he drove her out the station and returned later. And she got out his car as she had gotten end, but unknown to me.
    Nevertheless, I related this story to her brother, who is one of my childhood friends about two or three years ago, and he was silent, but probably not surprised, knowing how naughty and mischievous his sister were back then.
    Now we are talking about about 9 or 10 age bracket …..

  3. Artax,

    If you knew my mother you would not have asked that.

    When I went to school sports the fun was in watching the sports, making up fun cheers and walking with the girls all the way to the bus stand.

    That was more than enough fun for me. As usual, I went straight home with no detours.

  4. Donna

    I remember another incident and this is well known in the area, a mother to a teenage childhood girlfriend of mine founded birth control pills and question her daughter about them, ( and after a beating I assumed) she related to her mother that the same Inspector of Police was having sex with her.
    The mother when right to the Inspector office and cuss him bad bad, but nothing was done about this Inspector. All I remember is that the mother put out the girl, and she was then taken by this big white man who lived behind the Police wall.

  5. Donna

    This particular Police Officer was once the commandant of the Royal Barbados Police Regional Training School, who flight to America with the Training School money many years ago. …he is probably dead by now.

  6. Donna

    And to be truthful, this man is the only police I knew who sexually molested girl children back in the day …. I never heard of any male child every being sexually molested by any Police back in the day as that is the honest truth.

  7. Donna

    I don’t know why but back in the early 70s and middle 60s, the higher echelon of the Royal Barbados Police Force, were High yellow mulatto men, and he was one of them.

  8. @ et al
    This is the most disgusting thing(s) I have ever read on BU. There is nothing funny about any of the comments written regarding the molestation of children. @ Dompey , this is disgraceful and I urge you to refrain from writing anything more about these sordid details of what was done to these children. Whether these acts were committed a hundred years ago or yesterday , they were horrible crimes against children by monsters allowed in our police force.
    Kindly use your sense of decency and stop these sordid contributions.

  9. @ Donna

    I was only joking.

    Seems as though you and I shared a similar school sports experience…….. walking with the girls all the way to the bus stand and all.

    @ Dompey

    People who are fond of the police as you are, usually join the service. Did you apply?

    Perhaps you would’ve applied to join in the 1980s, during which time the entrance exam was easy. You could’ve passed the medical evaluation, which was done at the time by Dr. Lance Bannister. Since you knew several policemen, perhaps they may have given you an adequate recommendation.

    However, I believe the only problems you would’ve probably encountered was passing the I.Q test and psych evaluation.

  10. William Skinner

    The truth hurt but brother it must be told, whether it occured yesterday or four- thousand years ago, because that is how healing take place Sir. The victims and those who were not party to the victimization are both affected in some form or fashion Sir.
    And let pick this bone with you because I sense a level of hypocrisy in your referenced to what I have written here,
    so you think that it is ok for Miller to refer to my association with police in a perverted way? Sir. I heard no commentary from you at all regarding Miller’s referenced to my sexuality regarding the police … Yah hypocrite….

  11. William Skinner

    Now piss off because no one cares about your three cent opinion ….are you a psychologist?

  12. William Skinner

    The above mentioned individuals are all of my childhood friends, and if I carried this memory with me all of these years, I am quite sure that they did, but in ways I would never understand, so stop your moralizing and take sometime to understand that healing from any type of sexual abused requires the victim or victims to speak openly about their abused and abuser.

  13. William Skinner

    And as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, once said: ” Truth crashed to the earth, shall rise again.”

  14. William Skinner

    The intricacies of the human mind is phenomenal because for many years, I compartmentalized this Unpleasant memory of childhood, but as I have gotten older, the memory of this experienced, begun to inundated my thoughts, and to the point where I felt the need to tell someone about this unpleasant memory of childhood, and then I felt like a weight had been lifted of my shoulders Sir.

  15. William Skinner
    this is a sensitive topic and no one wants to talk about it, but it is reality that we cannot ignore, because it occurs in every race, class and creed, and we must call it out when it occurs, because it is destroying family, homes and lives.

  16. @ Dompey
    I will take your advice and piss off. Obviously you and I have completely different views of the subject of childhood sexual abuse.
    So I am going to piss off and yuh can piss on .
    Enjoy your evening.
    I dun wid dis wun.

  17. Artax,

    Girls sports were held separate from boys sports in those days.

    My classmates knew a thousand ways to have good clean fun all by ourselves.

    No boys were necessary.

  18. I know a DJ they call DJ Dun de Fete. They say his playing is so bad that when he takes the controls the people all leave the dance floor. He does not connect with the people and cannot read their vibes. Cannot read the room. Plays all the wrong music at the wrong time.

    Here we have Professor Dun de Blog.

  19. Donna

    Professor Dun de Blog, is an unconventional thinker who refuses to be held captive in the conventional box. Contextualization means little to Professor Dun de Blog girl friend …..

  20. On the contrary, you are the epitome of conventional thinking. You have not got one original thought.

    You seem desperate in your attempt to prove yourself. Did not do very well at school, I would guess and never got over it. You should. Education as it was presented years ago did not deserve all the hype.

    The old people had a saying, “Everting en fuh everbody.”

    But everybody has at least one thing they are good at doing.

    Have you found your place? If not, there is still time.

    You should stop wasting it trying to lecture us on every topic under the sun.

    You do not have that capacity.

    I am begging on behalf of TheO who has not my creative talent of reading with expression. He does not receive pictures of the blogger as I do, so he cannot see your ass head.

    If he did he would be enjoying the Bajan Bottom. ( pun intended) A Midsummer Night’s Dream was one of my favourite Shakespeare plays and Nick Bottom was the funniest character.

  21. “I am begging on behalf of TheO who has not my creative talent of reading with expression. He does not receive pictures of the blogger as I do, so he cannot see your ass head.”

    Do you see a bogeyman monster perhaps he is just a windup merchant

    … Speaking of a side issue / tangent / sub text / different discussion / previous debate about bloggers

    Is Pachamama aka Mother Earth a man or a woman or a team of people at BUHQ.

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