STARCOM Network Disappoints The PEOPLE Of Barbados

Minister Lynch Awarded $60 000
Published on: 10/7/07.

MINISTER OF TOURISM Noel Lynch is today $60 000 richer following his libel settlement with Starcom Network Inc. The suit stemmed from the content of an email read by the moderator of Voice of Barbados’ Brass Tacks on a Sunday programme last March. The email raised questions about Lynch’s alleged current life status. Lynch objected to the question and walked out of the live broadcast. On Friday, Starcom’s chief executive officer Vic Fernandes confirmed the settlement. Fernandes revealed the minister was paid $60 000 while his attorney’s costs were $10 000. The CEO said the station settled the matter as it was advised it had no strong defense. (RG)

Source: Nation Newspaper

nlynch.jpgBU broke the story about the payment of $65,000.00 which STARCOM Network paid to a well-known politician in Barbados to stave-off a lawsuit. The Barbados Free Press has headlined the news, which was reported in the Nation this morning that the amounts of $60,000.00 and $10,000.00 were paid to Minister Barney Lynch and his lawyer respectively. BU wishes to apologize to the STARCOM Network for getting the payout wrong!

We agree with many of the points that have been written on the BFP blog on this matter, and want to add our ‘tuhpence’ to this important discussion. Visitors to the Barbados Underground blog would have realized by now that we value the contribution of a vibrant Fourth Estate of the Realm which is important to protecting our democracy. As Barbadians and a predominantly black nation, we have become rightly proud of the freedoms which others continually have to shed blood to experience. Current examples are Burma and Darfur. It is against this background that as Barbadians and West Indians, we must all recognize that a democracy is not something which governments are solely responsible. Many other entities in our societies must deliver on their mandates and that includes media houses.

The unwillingness of media houses in Barbados to challenge politicians who are willing to sue for libel at the ‘drop of a hat’ must be challenged. We cannot recollect an occasion when a media house in Barbados went to the law courts to resolve claims submitted by these politicians. We have deliberately singled-out politicians because our source within the media houses has confirmed that they (politicians) have been the main beneficiaries from the ‘slush fund’. This willingness by media houses to settle claims has started to threaten our democracy, and in one recent instance it has been responsible, in our opinion, for destroying the career of Roy Morris. It is well known on Fontebelle about the $30,000.00 payment paid to a young lady who preferred money over the trauma of processing a matter in our court system.

The point which we want to keep making to our managers in the media and especially STARCOM is the obligation to spend some of their profits to test these frivolous suits brought by politicians. Does Anthony Audain or Vic Fernandes think that Barney Lynch would seriously have pursued this matter in court with a general election on the horizon? If this case had gone to trial and Starcom were the loser, the publicity would have served a bigger purpose – to name and shame Minister Lynch. There is a large population who remain ignorant of the behaviour of our politicians. Many of us know that the objective of the politician in government is to shut the call-in programs down. We have some advice for the management of STARCOM.

Each time you do nothing the politicians continue to drive you closer to making that dreaded decision. We all know that the call-in programs have become high revenue earners for the radio stations. The ball is firmly in the hands of Audain and Fernandes. You can’t brag to be the leading media house in Barbados and shirk your responsibility to the society that is supporting you!

Unfortunately, the blogs are not yet recognized by traditional media for the contribution which they are making to our country. It is a task which we are not paid, and one which is fraught with high risk. We at BU and BFP do not have the financial and human resources to pursue and report the news the way we would like; putting that aside, we are driven by love of country to do the best we can with what we have.


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19 thoughts on “STARCOM Network Disappoints The PEOPLE Of Barbados

  1. Vic needs to tell the public the other politicians who are pocketing money by threatening to go to court. Expose their behinds!

  2. Who were the lawyers representing Barney Lynch?
    Are the media houses now being used as bank accounts?
    who is to blame for this sorry situation other than the media houses themselves?
    After years of BLP asskissing the media houses are now being hung out to dry!

  3. David…

    I am not sure what lengths these people will go to discredit independent thought, but I think we all know that the last posting under my name was NOT me.

    The Advocate screems ZERO TOLERANCE for financial wrongdoings and that the Prime Minister ‘would address in advance of the next election and stressed that he would not tolerate any wrongdoing by his ministerial staff or public officials’.

    The simple question is why has he waited 13 years?

  4. David..

    This person is really persistent .

    Can we track the real user?

    Adrian this is the IP info. Feel free to talk to C&W. Comment posted at 5.45AM EST


    Search results for:

    OrgName: Cable & Wireless (Barbados) Limited
    OrgID: CWBL-1
    Address: Wildey
    Address: St. Michael
    Country: BB

    NetRange: –
    NetName: BDS-NET6
    NetHandle: NET-69-73-192-0-1
    Parent: NET-69-0-0-0-0
    NetType: Direct Allocation
    NameServer: COL1.CARIBSURF.COM
    NameServer: COL2.CARIBSURF.COM
    RegDate: 2005-05-10
    Updated: 2006-08-10

    RTechHandle: ER1095-ARIN
    RTechName: Richards, Elon
    RTechPhone: 246 292 6130

    OrgTechHandle: ER1095-ARIN
    OrgTechName: Richards, Elon
    OrgTechPhone: 246 292 6130

    # ARIN WHOIS database, last updated 2007-10-07 19:10
    # Enter ? for additional hints on searching ARIN’s WHOIS database.

  5. The blp site must be fuming as this is posted there for all to see-:
    Phoenix // Oct 5th 2007 at 4:38 pm

    Well I always knew the BFP & BU had you BLP bastards squeeezed by the NINNIES !

    Where is my further proof ?

    Answer : Weekend Nation of 5 th October 2007 !

    The BLP column now proclaims that the Barbados Free Press ( BFP ) & Barbados Underground ( BU ) have done untold damage to Barbados !

    If that is your view so be it…….the best part of their DIATRIBE is that they have given BFP & BU well earned PUBLICITY !

    Thousands more Barbadians are now aware of these BLOG sites !

    And we shall use it to the HILT !

    But let’s REASON :

    * Did BFP & BU create the MESS at UDC ?

    * DID BFP & BU create the MESS at GEMS ?

    * DID BFP & BU create the MESS with the new
    PRISON ?

    * DID BFP & BU create the MESS with the T & T
    fishing AGREEMENT ?

    * DID BFP & BU create the MESS with the ABC

    * Did BFP & BU create the MESS at

    So millions of taxpayers $$$$$$$ squandered by this BLP administration and they do not want to be ACCOUNTABLE or TRANSPARENT !

    Richard Hoad’s ” Lowdown ” column in the Weekend Nation of 5 th October 2007…… a must READ .
    Phoenix // Oct 5th 2007 at 4:44 pm

    David Thompson confronted Owen Arthur on the floor of Parliament about a $ 750,000.00 cheque lying in his personal Bank account !

    Owen Arthur’s response…..?

    Ah ??? UM ?????


    We Bajans believe David Thompson because we saw Owen Arthur’s response on TV !

    Let Owen & Clyde Asscoll wait pun the next BOMB…….Hardwood Inc. !
    Lodge Road // Oct 7th 2007 at 3:43 pm

    How amazing you BLP crooks can come and try to defend “Hardwood Housing” BUT CAN NOT defend the FLYOVERS (3S); the new Prison (VECO), GEMS, Greenland, GAIA, and the list go on and on but want to come and defend Hardwood Housing give me a blasted brake cause am voting you all out can get my vote for a 4th TIME.

    When you all explain to me in a public setting about all of the above that BFP, and BU has been brining to my attention and my family’s then will will all vote for you all again until them am going to see to it that none of us vote BLP again.

    Anonymous // Oct 8th 2007 at 11:09 am

    I know David Thompson. I went to U.W.I and to Law School with David Thompson; Say what you may about David Thompson, one thing HE IS NOT, is dishonest.

    We had a multitude of disagreements over the five years we schooled together, but never once was there any remote suggestion of anything dishonest about or coming from David Thompson, never. Even when I would tease him about his name, ” Tomsson” he NEVER would lower himself to dishonesty or any other vile manner.

    He is a good person and I know that he always has the interests of ALL Barbadians at heart. Always without fail.
    PS. I am not a Barbadian and I do not live. work or travel to barbados, so I have no axe to grind with or for anyone.

  6. Thank you David…

    I have given the details to Cable and Wireless and hope they can reveal the sender.

  7. David and Adrian, I have someone who is employed there but he said that you as the person affected has to address C & W with the time and date and ask them formally to investigate, I can email you the contact number and persons name to start the investigation rolling, let me know.

  8. While Owing maybe not seriously paying attention to this matter or the others of the cost overruns by three times the value at the PRISON ( soon to accomodate he and others of his cabinet) or the fraud of 3 S and DANOS or the tripling of the road works project, we the taxpayers are most certainly paying it a great deal of attention.
    It appears to me that the wheels have fallen off this wagon but no one knows where to start looking for them or how to repair the ill fated wagon.
    Let me tell you Owing that merely stating that your ministers know what you expect from them is very open to manipulation and abuse because by stating this if they were to take your example as one to operate by, these projects each and everyone of them will come in at five or six times overbudget and not three as is presently happening, your example is not a clean and healthy one from which to guide, remember your are still t9o explain about your hand being stuck in the cookie jar with that cheque for $ 750,000.00 which Marino Browne and David Shorey paid to you????
    We still await your report on Resorts and Hotels ltd, this is GEM of a con created by you and Shorey to rob the taxpayers of this island by once again.

  9. Adrian This political hopscotch, Hoyos is sitting on the board of the EGFL and he is arranging funds to be directed to Hardwood Holdings a company that he sits on the board of, did anyone else know up to yesterday report that the Gov’t (or is it the EGFL) is an owner of Hardwood Holdings I certainly did not know this did you ???
    then we have the comedy of words with Owing saying his ministers knows what he expects from them, Surely he does not profess to be an example as this example must be one of the worst and most dishonest examples available to them, he alone can attest to being a very large receiver of these funds that have been scammed from these projects how how can he appear so saintly this is is and actor at work.
    Is there an Oscar for the best con artist and thug and crook and thief if so he has no equal in this field.

  10. WELL now that the official print media has broken this story , today Monday the independent VOB radio station has changed its their format for todays Getting Down to Brass Tacks..from a general call-in, to a specified topic – “Brass Tacks Business” . As I write they are touching a bit on the Enterprise Growth Fund and so called government owned private companys. I am however concerned that this change today, while touching a a topical issue is serving to stare callers responses away from the Lynch issue. Is this Barbados at its best at work again, where things are never what they seem? Where the appearance of things speaks volumes over the way things actual are. We are now left to see where call-in programs will go. Controlled topics serves to restrict what call can raise. This is the reason way the CBC nolonger can claim to have vibrant or competitive calling programs

  11. VOB hit a new low today in changing the format of the show, This can be hardly considered free and fair radio.

  12. WIV the format is good. it seems VOb wants to start educating Barbadians about bizness.

    Is all good thing!

  13. Tell the Codringtons’ Noel Lynch’s lawyer number.

    How is it that Minister Noel Lynch can be awarded $60 000 for being asked where he got his wealth and an ordainary working class family can have its character assasinated on page 16 and 17 of the Sunday Sun Octber 07th, 2007 and cant even get a lawyer to take the case.

    The statements made in that article are defamatory, libelous and suggest that the Codrington family engaged in wrong doings at the thanksgiving service on Wed. Sept. 12

    Did Melissa Wickham, whose by line appeared on the story contact the Oistins Police Station to corroborate Shirley Lintons’ Story. If she did she would have been told that the only FALSE REPORT Shirley Linton made to them at that time was that someone snatched the little girl from her hands.

    Why did Shirley not make this report of gun and knife to the police at the time.

    Photographs taken by Nation News photographers clearly show that the Lintons and their cousins the Oneals were the only ones in the melee and in fact the police called for the Linton family funeral cars and they the Lintons promptly left. I do not know if they were asked to leave by the police neither would I speculate.

    I do know that the Codrington family are fourth and fifth generation worshippers at the church where the service was held and would never disrepect its sacred consecrated grounds.

    To insinuate that someone on the behalf of the Codringtons pulled a gun and knife on her is a figment of Shirley Lintons imagination, the court case for her being a drug mule is not, it is a matter of public record.

    Shirley Linton was charged in the law courts of Barbados either late last year or early this year (march) for importing drugs. Check the Nation archives. She was given nine (9) months to pay $50, 000 or go to Harrison Point.

    At the time the matriarch of the Codrington family advised Donavere not to bring her anywhere near any of the Codrington family homes. THE CHILDREN AND CASSANDRA WERE ALWAYS WELCOMED.

    A person or persons unknown paid off an initial $20, 000 of that sum. The remainder is due before the end of this year. However the money tree was buried in a cave in.

    It is Shirley Lintons belief that no judge in Barbados would send her to Harrison Point if she is seen as a victim in the eyes of the public and as the only caretaker of Donnia Ciara Codrington. Shirley Linton does not even know how to correctly spell that childs name, she insists on calling her DONIYA ( total lack of Education).

    On the Weekend after wet fete a concerened person (a female friend of Dons) telephoned the Child Care Board to state that Cassandra often left the children in the sole care of her mother while she worked or stayed at the Codringtons. The child care board had files on Donnia long before the cave in, hence the urgency to get out of the New Orleans and move away

    The only member of the Linton Family to hold a legitimate job was Cassandra, who was paid by her husband Donavere like any other worker. Donavere fully supported the entire Linton Family through sales of DVD’s, second hand cars, computers and he was an appointed government employee in the Ministry of Environment and Energy, that is why Elizabeth Thompson called in the family to make arrangements for her ministry to pay the funeral bill. (But Trevor Prescod on the peoples business stated that two government owned oil companies put up $20, 000 for the funeral costs)

    ( the only person who witnessed the wedding was Shirley Linton which was held at her house at 6th Ave,. New orleans in the late stages of Cassandra difficult pregnancy on a Sunday )

    But I got news for Shirley, a trust fund don’t pay out no money. And it is an educational fund to boot.

    Free pass to jail PARASITE the hosts are dead.

    Check the archives, everyhting in the story can be verified. But the mainstream media will never print it because they want money for their telethon…. flip the money….a good name is rather to be chosen than silver and gold.

    I demand justice for Donavere the original liquidcsnake, thats why the women loved him.

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  15. The kind of old school thinking which is being assaulted on the ears of Barbadians from the VOB call-in this morning and the world is truly an embarrassment to educated Barbadians.

    In fact it is the same thinking which occurred in the USA just before the rise of blogging as a legit media source. Only last week we read of the imminent sale of the Huffington Post for millions. The Huffington Post is a blog!

    We need to make the point that the kind of influence which the blogs have been having cannot be judged by mass participation. It is our opinion that the blogs have been at the forefront of influencing decision making simple because of the types of people who read or participate. As owners of BU we are aware of who some of those people are who participate. Very influential people indeed who by their vocation are able to influence change.

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