Beware Lest Thou Violate the SANCTITY of the WHITE Person

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel
President of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association, Patricia Affonso-Dass, at the Accra Beach Hotel. She suggested a special court for attacks against tourists. (Picture by Sharon Harding.)

President of the BHTA, Patricia Affonso-Dass, at the Accra Beach Hotel where she proposed a special court to deal with crimes against tourists – photo credit: Sharon Harding

THE NEW COMMANDMENT OF WHORISM: All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others. Therefore:

BEWARE LEST THOU VIOLATE THE SANCTITY OF THE CAUCASIAN, for his person is holy, and he has been put by God over us to be our great benefactor. If you have to rob and  kill somebody, rob and  kill your mother your father or you brother, but not the white man. If we should fall out of favour and lose his patronage we will all starve and suffer.”

What quirk of history placed millions of people on small unsustainable satellites where they would be completely dependent on the favours of the people that stole their land and enslaved them?

What manner of education keeps a people’s minds locked in a cage so that they can only talk about what is going on in the cage but never have the intellectual capacity to examine the cage?

Rape victims intimidated by the rapist to not talk about the rape?


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  1. How long do you think the Barbados Tourism Industry would last when the International media spin it that there is so much crime in Barbados that they need a special court for crimes against tourists?

    Barbados needs to improve crime PREVENTION.

    This is like the apathy towards black on black crime in North America.

    Crime against one is crime against all.

  2. I am wondering if anyone remembers the gun court in Jamaica?

    It did more harm than good to Jamaica’s image on the international stage.

  3. Special Court for crimes against Tourists? Like the paragon of success that is the Jamaica Gun Court? Is this the kind of individual that speaks for or on behalf of the BHTA? No wonder the Gov’t finds them so easy to ignore.

  4. It was Mia Mottley’s idiotic and meant to be political comment about economic terrorism that prompted the equally idiotic Dass to jump in asking for a special court to deal with crimes against tourist. Mottley was looking for soundbites and it back fired, don’t know when these fools will learn. Special court what.

  5. That is what nepotism and political families end up achieving, people with the inability to think coherently.

  6. This is what happens when people speak with a naked biaise. It is not dissimilar to the political hacks. A holistic and dispassionate view is always what is required.

  7. Ms. Dass has a myopic view of the industry she wishes to promote.

    Her hasty thinking is akin to that of Mia Mottley as they believe that is how you should respond, in an environment that they perceive to be a male dominated arena.

    Most times on BU islandgal can be counted on to behave in like manner.

  8. @ Carson C. Cadogan | March 31, 2013 at 8:51 PM |

    So here is one that has been thought through.
    Why does this country need a special DRUGS COURT then?
    What the F is a drugs court, CCC?
    Clean up the judiciary and legal system and we will have no need for any special court since justice would be dispensed in a timely fashion as demanded and enshrined in our dear beloved Constitution, right CCC et al?

  9. The difficulty which I foresee with this suggestion is the issue of who is to be considered a “tourist” for the purposes of the trial. What if someone beats up a Vincentian, Trinidadian or a St Lucian, for example, not knowing that the victim is on holiday here? And should it matter that his or her residence is lawful or unlawful?

    The Drug Court is to be distinguished, Mr Miller. It is not a court of law so much as a court of treatment for addiction. Not everyone arrested for marijuana possession, say, will be “tried” in the Drug Court.

  10. This proposed Tourist Court reminds me of the unofficial Plantation Courts that we had in Barbados,where watchmen had the powers of arrest and the plantation manager had the power to seize peoples livestock and to fine a person for grazing his sheep or cow on the plantation grass.
    There was also a time when a person caught with just a small branch, a clipping , of the Fustic tree, he or she was subject to arrest and taken before the High Court, resulting in a heavy fine or a few months in Glendairy..

  11. Miller
    The drugs court concept has been bandied around Bim for a while. Instead of putting away addicts, these courts are set up to give addicts a chance to clean up before a custodial sentence is imposed. This court depends heavily of the work of social works or trained community activists. Much of the time one still has to end up incarcerating 90% , as recidivism for addicts is high, depending especially on the drug of choice. One of the difficulties with ganja is that people have bought into its special place as a spiritual herb and they see nothing wrong with its use, only a stupid society trying to spoil their high.

  12. @ Pat also De Ass

    Sometimes it is better to remain quiet and be thought of as a fool than to open one’s mouth and conclusively be known to be one.

    Alot of the readers here on BU do not know you yet Mrs Bootha De Klerk and they will yet get a piece of who you are during your tenure at the BHTA.

    This sensationalist comment is not geared for the general public for it is obvious that you are no Sue Springer but rather to appease your clients, current and potential as the thoughts of a “visionary and radical hotelier” who is being proactive on behalf of guests.

    Personally i would say that you have as much sense as the north bound end of a south bound cow but strategically one begrudingly commends you for promoting an emotive public awareness campaign that our Commioner of Police, our dumbwitted Attorney General and our sleeping Giant Fumble would do well to adopt.

    Propose something radical and have it spread like wildfire as a seeming counter to the fallout our tourism sector is going to experience from these rape victims statements.

    If would at least be something if Fumble and Richard Sealy were to issue a joint statement befitting of their collective idiocy like

    “We the government of Barbados after extensive consultation with the Ministry of Tourism, our (not to bright, coffee sipping) Attorney General and Dare Devil Darwin Dottin, COP, have come up with a strategy to address violence against touriseses i.e. as of the beginning of the Tourist season until it ends in April or whenever, no black bajans will be allowed within 50 feet of a tourist, or 200 feet of a tourist establishment on pain of incarceration.”

    This law shall be en vogue until further notice like the 17.5% VAT imposition by Minister Sitting Bull Sinclair.

    Do something, anything is better than these hairbrained ideas miss Pat also De’ Ass. But how wunna does get dese names doah? You cud imagine if she married Wayne Bullen and start using a double barrel name?

    Mrs Patricia Alphonsa De”Ass Bulling!!

  13. @Coll Buggy

    what was the value /purose of the fustic tree during the plantation dominated society>

  14. Mottley in her mental daze or haze, hope it was not marijuana, gave Dass the opening she and that other dimwit Springer have been looking for, for a period of time now. I still cannot believe there are people out there who still want to see Mottley as the first female PM in Bim, don’t be so hasty I am sure a female who is more worthy, ethically and morally is being nurtured as we type, or these mottleyites can rush Mottley in, just remember to get your shackles and chains ready for when she starts selling you out to the minority bajan whites who are always in the wings ready and waiting to assert themselves as more special than the majority blacks on the island. Mottley, you did not surprise me one bit.

  15. I would say to Patricia Affonso-Dass go back to where you come from and fix the crime there.

    And in addition I’d ask her:

    How does one define tourist?

    If my brother-in-law and I are attacked and he is a current Bajan Yankee and I am a former Bajan Yankee (but living in Barbados for 20 years now) but we were both born and raised right here on this rock and we both hold both Barbados and U.S. passports (because we can) is he a tourist? Am I? Will the trial against his attacker be fast tracked? Will the trial against my attacker languish in the system.

    And what if by brother-in-law has not paid a cent of tax in Barbados in 20 years, what if I have paid $500,000 in income tax, $40,000 property tax, and $50,000 in VAT.

    And what if my brother-in law is black Bajan-American and what if I am a white Bajan-American?

    Has Ms. Afonso-Dass ever heard the there should be no taxation without representation? And has she ever heard that when the British tried this in the18th century it led to EXTREMELY VIOLENT REVOLUTION.

    What does she think would happen if I feel that my rights are not being respected and represented? If I feel that the legal system has shut me out? If I feel that the police don’t care? If I feel that the prosecutors don’t care, if I feel that the lawyers don’t care? If I feel that the only use my Barbados government has for me is to pay taxes and shut up? Shut up and let them ph*ck me up?

    Is Ms. Afonso-Dass foolish enough to believe that Bajans are incapable of violence?

    Has she read our history?

    If she has not read our history she should begin reading NOW.

    Should MY TAX MONEY be used to protect the rights of others while my rights languish in the system for years and years and years?

  16. And Ras Jahaziel there in NO THE SANCTITY OF THE CAUCASIAN.

    Some human beings moved out of African 50,000 or more yeas ago.

    Whiteness is simply an adaptation to the lack of sunshine in the northern climes. It has no special value except that it permits people who live in the north to process the vitimin D necessary for survival in those places with very little sunshine. That is all whiteness is for. In any other place, that is in most of the world, whiteness is a DISTINCT DISADVANTAGE.

    It is distinct disadvantage to those who live where there is plentiful sunshine. If you doubt me check to see the rate of skin cancer in white Bajans, and the the rate of skin cancer in black Bajans (or Australians)

    Have you ever know any single black Bajan with skin cancer? Even though our grandparents, and parents and a lot of us work in the sunshine all day every day?

  17. Oh Simple Simon……………….you just made my day, to add to this information the rate of skin cancer is also astronomical in Israel…………..I call that Karma……………..

    On another thread, I posted that i have lived in some bad areas of NY, which we all know can be a dangerous city, I always travel to Trinidad, equally dangerous………….yet the only country where I have been mugged in the streets, sliced with a knife and had my home burglarized was right in home town Barbados………….where was Mottley with her diatribe of economic terrorism and Dass with her opportunistic nonsense of a special court then??????????

  18. The information about the recessive gene of the black race that created the race without melanin (white race) really needs to be taught in schools everywhere.

  19. @ Simple Simon | April 1, 2013 at 8:25 AM |

    This specific contribution is the most intellectually sound and enlightening one on this thread so far. It is the ignorance of Ras Jahaziel and his ilk to these anthropological facts that causes him to manifest such a high level of social insecurity and racist venom collected in some Judeo-Christian cauldron of serpentine religious indoctrination of the black man’s inferiority as being ordained by some White god in the sky.
    What do you expect if you are offered a god made in the white man’s image and you worship it without question and total obedience? What do you expect but total indoctrination and control of your ability to think and free your minds from slavery?
    Yes Ras, keep blaming others for the sorry state of the black race.

    It is this kind of inferiority complex endemic among black Bajans that encourages the BHTA lady to make such outlandishly racist statements in a country with a black majority population but who still believe that a white man called Jesus was crucified 2,000 year or so ago to save their black asses from Hell.
    And it is for this reason also Simon that the likes of “Well, Well” must get off the bandwagon of blaming the Bajan white people for the control of the economy by Trinidadians, Indians, Middle Easterners and now Chinese. What is the mirror image of the black man?

  20. Plentiful sunshine doe not give people skin cancer. Plentiful sunshine give WHITE people skin cancer.

    The skin cancer scare stories that you hear al over the media are just so much bull shit as far as black people are concerned.

    Now run outside boys and girls and work and play in the plentiful sunshine.

    It is GOOD for you.

  21. Miller…………..I don’t blame bajan whites for the control of the bajan economy as such…………..I blame bajan blacks for not wanting to control the economy, as the majority population and continuing to act like bajan whites are their masters and saviors………………..what I blame bajan whites for is their arrogance, racist superiority complex and semi-literate ignorance that not even European or North American whites can stand.

  22. We are still to teach our children that white people are lacking in the much needed melanin that protects beautiful black skin from not only early aging, but horrible bouts with skin cancer…………we are allowed to play in the sun longer and absorb larger and much needed levels of vitamin D, but because of serious pollution in the ozone, should do so with caution in these times.

    We also need to teach the rasta community that it is the now melting down economic control that was the facade of might and superiority…………take away the money and there will only be an empty shell.

  23. Miller……….when we can finally get the information through the hard headedness of the black population that they too are quite capable of being successful business people and don’t have to depend on bajan white, chinese, indian, trinis or any other group for their own survival, then there is the complex psychological belief that they should not enrich their own black business people, then there will be a change…………..Miller I know you have a better capacity to understand complex issues than AC.

  24. Does anyone understand how the socialization of a people breeds a certain culture? What are the inputs of said culture? How we study read curriculum. The rising influence of TV, Internet and the willingness and or exposure to messages from North America? Does anyone know any Barbadian who does not have or desire an iPhone or Blackberry, a woman who does not own a weave? Yes some wear for the style but many wear because they are ashamed of their natural (curly) hair.

    As 2013 Blacks we have problems. Our readiness to copy from others and forget our teachings of the past now make us clones. Why can’t we command about 10 retired magistrates/judges open a few schools from 4PM and process some pending cases?

    Where is the inherent desire by a proud Black nation to do what is required to keep our country afloat? Where is this overwhelming desire to go with the flow. Are we there yet?

    • And on a lighter note – is it – see the following:

      KIM KARDASHIAN is yet to respond to claims that she called Nigeria a “disgusting” country and compared Nigerian women to apes in a tweet to her sister.
      The pregnant reality star, who visited the African country in February for a Valentine’s Day show, allegedly sent the private message to sister Khloe but mistakenly tweeted it to her eight million followers instead. It is claimed that the tweet disappeared minutes after it was posted.
      “Nigeria is such a disgusting country. I couldn’t wait to leave. lol Scott said their women look like apes, and I agree,” the tweet read.
      Scott, referred to in the tweet, is her older sister Kourtney’s outspoken boyfriend and father of her two children.
      It was reported that Kim spent no more than 20 minutes at the Valentine’s Day event before jetting back to the United States via the next available Air France flight, strengthening the validity of the tweet.
      Nigerian PR guru Darey Art Alade, who organised her reported $500,000 visit, has come under tremendous abuse from fellow Nigerians on social media for inviting the star to the country, say website Talk of Niger.
      Some have claimed that the tweet may have been photoshopped.

  25. There is no recessive gene and there are no inferior nor superior people. There are just people.

    All living things, including people adapt to their environments. Human people are about 200,000 thousand years old. Some human people came out of African about 50,000 years old. Some remained. Some migrated north and south and east, and some from time to time migrated back to Africa and the nearby regions. For the first 150,000 or so years of human history ALL human beings lived in Africa. ALL human beings were black. ALL HUMAN BEINGS ARE DESCENDED FROM BLACK AFRICAN PEOPLE. (although I gather the Chinese are still looking for a different homeland/a different progenitor, but they won’t find it because it does not exist. The Chinese too are the descendants of BLACK AFRICAN PEOPLE) People migrated, because migration is what human beings do. African people migrated to all of Africa, and Africa is no small place and to Europe, and to Asia and to the Americans (and to every single island in the Caribbean, without exception) to Australia, to every island in the Pacific, and to ALL THE WORLD. ALL HUMAN PEOPLE CAME OUT OF AFRICA. THERE IS ONLY ONE MOTHERLAND (and if that motherland dies, then we too will all surely die)

    As for Jesus Christ he could not possibly have been white. He would have to looked like an Sephardic Jew, and Sephardic Jews look just like Arabs. The Ashkenazi Jews are a recent import from Europe into Israel. Large numbers (but not all) of Sephardic Jews were forced out of Israel in 70 AD by the white European Romans. As refugees they settled in Germany and Poland and other places in Europe, and on the genetic evidence we see nowadays they clearly had sex with the Europeans among whom they settled, some of this sex was very likely forced sex on young immigrant girls by the settled European populations. It is still happening today that the men of settled populations have forced and or coerced sex with impoverished refuge/immigrant girls. This too is as old as human history. So after 2,000 years of this we have white European Jews. Millions of these newish European Jews were murdered by the white Germans in the Holocaust and some of the remnant returned to Israel (and I don’t blame them for returning) I have a very good friend whose family took a different route out of the Israel of the 1st century B.C. After many generations that group ended up in India and today they look just like Indians, but practice Judiasm. Another group returned to Africa/Ethiopia and today that group is called Falasha Jews and look just like other Africans/Ethopians but practice Judiasm. Same thing happened to the people who migrated to Africa and to India as happened to the Europeans, they were sexed with, involuntarily (rape) or voluntarily, (liv-wid/marriage) by the local population and after many generations came to look just like the local populations. The only difference is that neither the Africans nor the Indians tried to work a Holocaust on their Jewish populations. But the Europeans did. Guess why?

    So no Jesus Christ was not white. There is absolutely no way Jesus Christ could have been white since he died before the dispersal of the Jews from Israel in AD 70 after which those who could went to white Europe were interbred with white Europeans and came to look like Europeans and are called today Ashkenazi Jews.

    In fact if Jesus returned today with his Ashkenazi/Arab looking self and wearing the gown and sandals common in the Middle East he would have ‘im rass profiled and be stopped and searched-up (maybe finger searched) in almost any airport in this here world.

    And in Barbados he would not be regarded as a tourist. Most of us would just regard him as another low status coolie man.

  26. Dear Miller etc.

    Have I EVER blamed Bajan white people for anything?

    Have I ever blamed anybody for anything?


    Simple Simon does not do blame.

    Simple Simon works with with truth. Simple Simon works with facts therefore the simpleton does not need to do blame.


  27. @David Does anyone know any Barbadian who does not have or desire an iPhone or Blackberry, a woman who does not own a weave?

    Dear David: I know many, many. You mixing wid de wrong crowd yeah.

    Why would anybody wear a weave in this heat?

  28. David…………….I know where you are coming from but not all black females wear weaves, most do though unfortunately, I happen to have beautiful alive and breathing dreadlocks…………….no I don’t practice a rastafarian religion, I find it misleading and counterproductive.

  29. Simple Simon…………..I will stick to the scientific facts, yes all races descended from the black race…………..but something went south in the white race hence the lack of menalin, early aging, early loss of hair, etc, etc,=recessive gene. I do however admire your research on ancient peoples.

  30. Well Well
    Are you saying you are prettier than AC and Island. Girl if I were you I would watch my back. Ac and Island are the pretty girls of BU, and now you come and introduce soft curly dread locks. Trouble in deh town!

  31. I notice the bajan whites who have sold out what their forefathers worked so hard to build to the colonial trinidadians are now having their chickens come home to roost. Did anyone here ever think a black man would run Super Centre? Seems to me going forward (at least in Neal & Massey) we will have promotion based on merit instead of skin colour (i am looking at you Goddards). I also notice Ansa Mcal dismiss JM(you’all figure it out).

  32. David……………..subliminal messaging is very dangerous to any culture and should be a subject taught in school on ways to deflect such destruction. That is the en vogue way to make people slaves to the consumer garbage advertised on tv.

  33. The problem with those 10 retired judges and magistrates…………..they too are old clones from the colonial school of brainwash…………this deprograming will take time unless the population is psychologically ready to deprogram themselves.

    • @well well

      We have to work within the system as it evolves. You set clear goals and pay commensurate with said goals.

  34. @Simple Simon
    You must have read and obtained your information somewhere. What evidence do you have that it is autheentic, and above all factual. Empty your mind and think for yourself. Much of what you argue is bare piffle.

  35. David……………..I understand, evolution and phasing in periods, should help in a volatile culture.

  36. @ Simple Simon | April 1, 2013 at 10:22 AM |
    “Dear Miller: I am neither racist nor insecure.”

    But how you get so soft skin though? The melanin needs topping up?
    The miller never suggested such. Far from it! A person with your fundamental grasp of a wide range of human knowledge (although simplistically- on a few occasions with tunnel vision especially under the influence of your weakness- when looking at matters with a local sociological twist).

    Your intellectual panorama, with a wide vista of anthropological and paleontological understanding displayed so far could never be deemed as “racist” in outlook, my friend. Racists by definition have such very small brains that would make that of even a P.I.G under the wing of a Bajan nimble called “AC” (our ac) look like the diameter of the Andromeda galaxy or the Aquarius constellation.

    So let the miller set the matter straight as an aquiline nose needed to breathe cold air and warm the cockles of the Nordic hearts you don’t come across like a racist. Possibly Ras, Ac, Fractured and a few ignoramuses like CCC but not you or even my new found sweetheart Well, Well.

  37. @ Simple Simon | April 1, 2013 at 1:19 PM |

    Leave poor Alvin alone. He knows no better.
    Despite his earthly chronological age he still has a long way to travel intellectually before he is risen from catacomb of metaphysical ignorance like the false Christ X of many before to mark any new age of Astra theological significance.

    What can we expect from simple Alvin when he seeks to demonize a simple plant for the evils of mankind past and present?
    He should ask himself if we are really made in his own god’s image why are we surprised at the many defects, both physical and moral, found in that living being called human?
    A piss poor model of a toy made just for his selfish enjoyment and discussion with his rivals and those who enjoined him in an experiment of evolved imperfection. Let us make poor silly man in our own viciously defective and temperamental image.

    Maybe if the book of myths unquestionably embraced by Alvin as the true and living word of the one and only god had started as “In the beginning God created him or itself”
    we might just begin to see some kind of rational analysis and interpretation to the subsequent stories and fables copied from other civilizations.

    PS: Alvin that was meant to entice you out of your hole like a crab being given some rotten pine cob aka noni brew or crustacean marijuana.

  38. Miller
    Well Well I never thought I would see the day when the Miller would so openly exposed his love. Well Well I have been around here long; Island and Ac shall take offense. Be on your guard. Verbal knives are still deadly.

  39. David……….no one takes K Kardashian seriously in the US, if you stick a pin in her she will just deflate…………why she was advertised as a star in Nigeria is a big mystery, probably being used to further confuse African people, hope taxpayers money was not used..

  40. Armenian women are notably hairy…some might say hairy like apes.


    Who is Kimmy to talk?

  41. Hairy is one thing, this kimye has a very nasty looking case of psoriasis to deal with on a daily basis, wait until she breaks out all over, even Kanye will run.

  42. TO THE POINT | April 1, 2013 at 5:51 AM |
    @Coll Buggy
    what was the value /purose of the fustic tree during the plantation dominated society>
    It was a yellow hard wood, used for making the spoked cart wheels.

  43. i am amazed at u people, they are asses all over the world and in barbados some whites, realizing the majority blacks do not give a rat’s bottom about them in this age, still try to show that their colour should be treated with utmost respect. i thought that Kim K’s baby father is a black man, Kanye West. well i guess she is expecting that her child too will be part of that gorilla offspring since kanye is black. i do not believe she did it but if she did, she’s sleeping and loving those gorillas. however, she never critisied the black man..she must feel threatened by those black african females as most white women are

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