Alleged Bajan Slavery

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Always exploited, often brutalized, indentured servants were slaves without shackles. Liz Wiley, here, finds a moment of rest. Photo by Dave Doody -

Always exploited, often brutalized, indentured servants were slaves without shackles. Liz Wiley, here, finds a moment of rest. Photo by Dave Doody –

So England paid the Caribbean slave owners to release the African slaves they had “enslaved, brutalized and exploited. The freed slaves by comparison received nothing in comparison in recompense for their dehumanization, their cruel treatment, the abuse of their labour, and the plain injustice of their enslavement – BU April 14/2013

The Caribbean is a region with many countries many of whom had no relationship with England and or slavery. To write about Caribbean slavery without being specific as to the islands involved is to put it mildly is misleading.

In the case of Barbados the absence of history heightens our inability to think with clarity. The British discovered Barbados I believe in 1640. Indians were the only residents there. Some eventually migrated to British Guyana. The first English settlers the vast majority of whom were Jews wanted to grow coffee but England needed sugar. To this end they sent in some INDENTURES/white slaves, arranged for Blacks to be sent from Nigeria and paid them to work on the land. Unlike the USA they did not buy the African blacks.

The Whites not the Blacks developed the country and made it a democracy from about 1845. 18 year old George Washington first learned about democracy when he visited the island with his sick brother who came for treatment in 1895. He made America democratic I believe in 1950. That a sick American came to the country for treatment is an indication of the country’s development at the time. Among other things the Whites built the hospital, established social services and the business sector. Four Jewish indentures were instrumental in building the Bridgetown business sector. Their businesses are still in existence. A few Blacks set up their own business; one had a chain of six shops.

Elementary and the major secondary schools were established before 1900 to accommodate the kids/girls and boys the vast majority of who were and still are Black. This at a time when the Whites were not more than 20% of the population and 25% today. After school the White kids went to work in the family business, a few went abroad. The Black kids went to work in Bridgetown and the government; some became professionals others masons, carpenters etc. A few worked in their family stores but a many were unemployed. The economy as was structured then could not absorb them. Many migrated to the UK and North America to work and or to pursue higher education. Few Blacks went into big business. The same is not true today, but only a few can now migrate.

The Jews developed, built and governed Barbados until Blacks took over the government around 1925. They introduced and managed cricket and had three clubs, but only about 6 Whites ever played for Barbados. It is hard to believe that a racist group would devote so much time, energy and money in developing a country in which they were not more than 20% of the total population. It is unlikely that you would have done so had the situation been reversed. A few married black women and along with some others had Brown Skin children from black women. Like some Blacks not all recognized and supported their bastard kids.

They interacted and socialized with you at school, work and play, but did not generally entertain you in their homes. Could this be the reason why they are seen as racist? Black and White behaviour is similar in many ways. If so then Blacks are also guilty of what amounts ‘black class racism’ within the black community. Upper class Blacks do not normally entertain lower class souls at their homes. The same is true for the middle class. How you view and relate to the Brown Skin souls is another story.

Stop blaming the Whites some of whom were also indentures who like your fore parents worked on the land. They are only about 25% of the population. It is now your turn to develop to further develop the country. So far there is little to suggest that this is being done. As I said before our only natural resources are land, sea and sun. Use them to develop the country. Economically the country as currently structured cannot absorb the work-pool. Until you do the country will fall deeper in debt. And stop relying on foreign investment and Tourism to see you through. Despite what some think Tourism cannot save you. These days Blackie wants nothing to-do with the land that brought that brought their fore-parents to the island. Ultimately it remains their one salvation

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  1. @Hants
    A minor use of time to illustrate her lack of knowledge and expose her rantings about Bim’s history. Until today I had taken little note of her and had not realised how assified she is.
    Not having to worry about money gives one more time to interact on BU. The strange aspect is that this post was so inaccurate and racist that I had to put in my 2 cents worth and this WW wants to fight over nonsense about which she is factually WRONG. Sad really.

  2. Moneybrainless……………….i see i kept you on this blog most of the night…….am i good or what? I will just precis you today, cause i achieved my objective yesterday and you will not get over it for some time and the way my mind works, i do lose interest after 24 hours…………hope you are not too upset, see, i take no prisoners cause i have nowhere to keep them and i like to keep my mind free and clear.

    According to you, you went to school at Harrison College = high school in the 70s, in 1980 you sold your businesses, extremely successful, picked up every cent because of people like me, who did not even live in Bim and moved to Canada (your lie not mine, look over it and you will see). I was in and out of Bim in the 80s, Barbados was still very much building a name in tourism there were no successful businesses then for you to sell, you were just out of high school. It took BS&T 40+ years to be viable and successful enough to sell to Trinidad. i suspect your family crawled down to lower crumption street opposite the queens park gate Roach owns that land and the family business selling printers and copiers, that is where black bajans shop and that is your survival, that is your Canada……….i hope you feel better. No need to convince me, read over what you wrote. Only bajans would believe the crap that people like you babble without doing the math. There is a better conversation than you going on today and it all has to do with thriving businesses in Africa, maybe you would want to join……….see, i am releasing you from this thread, am i human or what? And please contribute wisely.

  3. @WW
    While U were wasting your time talking crap I was making real money Dumbo! Investments GLOBALLY, the SUN NEVER SETS on MY MONEY EMPIRE! You are so sad, that if U were a likeable human I would donate $100,000+ to you, for charitable purposes.

    U prattle along about Roach all the time and I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO Connection to that family, dont even know them, FOOL. U brought up crap about Amerindians in Bim when the English arrived and I refuted, providing/ quoting references. U have NO SHAME!

    Update MY MONEY in the FAR EAST sleeping now BUT Europe/ Africa and Nth / Sth America MAKING $$$$$$$$$$$$$ now.

    U see truly rich peeps dont have to WORK, the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ do the WORK.


  4. copy and paste in your browser to see what really happened.
    white slaves built barbados some 15 years before any blacks stepped foot on this island,but yet we are not represented in government.smells like racism to me .

  5. All those who dont believe there were ever White slaves on Bim or in the Americas should click pun the second link above.
    Slavery was present on this Earth for far too long, affecting EVERY RACE!

  6. Dear Moneybrain:

    There were never white slaves in Barbados. There were white indentured servants, who served for a period of time, typically 7 years and were then released from their indenture. The children of indentured servants did not inherit thier parent’s indentured status. Indentured servitude was NOT multigenerational.

  7. The huge differences between indentured servitude and slavery was that slavery was lifelong. Indentured servitude was for a brief period, typically 7 years. Children born to enslaved people were automatically enslaved. Children born to indentured people were free, not indentured people. Once indentured people were released form thier indentured they could sell thier labour, save money, own property, leave property to their children.

  8. Slaves were rarely released from their enslavement.
    Enslaved people could not earn wages, acquire property, leave property to their children. Could not move off the plantation. Had no civil liberties. Could not testify in court. Could not sue anyone for harm done to them or their children.

    But you know all this don’y you. Y

  9. Simple Simon………….They are all salivating at the money in the credit unions in Barbados that belongs to the black population, they will soon be claiming that Hitler had them in gas chambers in Barbados, anything to get at that money, making up all types of stories, who don’t have club house to build have this big tourism scam to run, they will come up with any lies and fairy tales to put their hands on that money, they should really and truly be carried far out to sea and left there.

  10. @WW
    We Whiteys have NO FEAR of being at SEA and U should know that, since U keep telling us here how Whitey DOMINATED the World. How the hell could we have accomplished that if we had sat on our ass under a tree and never conquered the waves????

  11. @Simple Simon
    While i agree with what you are saying here the importance of this point is NOT to suggest any equivalence in the Cbean of the past few hundred years. It is important to communicate with those darker members of society that LIFE WAS NOT easy for everybody else ie one should NOT compare todays society with slave days.

    In the slave days here the lil whiteys in the UK were forced go down in coal mines and dying of lung disease by age 25. Roving “press gangs” pun a Saturday night would grab people beat them unconcious and place them as helpers pun a ship for years. Different times for most people.

    Now lets deal with Indentureds. If you are greedy plantation owner and know the indentured will be free in 7 yrs then it makes sense to kill dem with work since you have nothing to gain from them after. Slaves are yours for life, so why kill dem. They are stronger and work better in the hot sun, plus I could breed them for the future. Dont forget slaves cost $$$$$, indentureds were in many cases, prisoners of War ie Scottish and Irish.

    My argument is that we must appreciate the whole story. They were people of colour who Owned Slaves, just as they were other complexities like fields and house slaves. Some Masters gave property to their mulatoo kids.

    I would Not to suggest slavery was anything but terrible.

  12. @WW
    U dont even know thwritten history of AmerIndians!BWHA BWHA

    It only matters when darker peeps complaining about Terrrible Whitey, I know.
    Whitey so terrible that HALF the peeps born in the Cbean live in White Dominated Nations!
    Should I conclude that dark peeps like to be dominated by Terrible Whitey????? NO! because that would be the stupidity of WW. Joker!!!

  13. @Miller
    Where is your evidence that they were AmerIndians on Bim when the Portugese or English arrived????????????? I waiting for you to quote an authority on the topic. Honestly surprised that you have not yet as you usually a fairly sane chap.

  14. So you see, after so many days, your arguments are useless, baseless, infantile and just plain old ignorant, makes me realize that you were not in the class room at Harrison College but maybe on the playing field or in the gardeners little house that i think is still there. So tell me moneybrainless, exactly what do you use the computer for??

  15. And I will expose you even further…………….moneybrainless………… see, I left Canada, remoted into a system i left there and those were the first links to come up, that is the difference with your research and mine, cause if you were really in Canada, you would have gotten the same information…………notice the link address……www,……… are sitting in your little coop in Bim pretending. boo hoo hoo!!

  16. @WW
    Ignoramous, NONE of your links provide evidence that when the English arrived in 1627 there were AmerIndians living on Bim, NONE FOOL!

    Here I sit in my Mansion in midtown Toronto, drinking my Gourmet mug of Costa Rican Coffee acquired at WholeFoods expecting that U have some SHAME at being DEAD WRONGand would provide PROOF of your contentions and your links prove my point, typical wannabe idiot! Meanwhile the BIG $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$continue flowing IN!

  17. Brainless…………everyone is laughing at you on the world wide web, which street in midtown toronto has any mansions?? you shop at wholefoods??, even the middle class shop at Loblaws?? Not telling you there are no wholefoods in toronto but it is more associated with ghettos in the US. You are my entertainment for this weekend, everyone else is carrying on a serious debate on other threads and you cannot join……..what does that tell ya?

  18. @WW
    U are such a lying lil bitch dog. Even dunceass like U knows damn well that WF is an Organic supermarket and since poor Rass people like U cant afford to shop there.
    Unlike U I can and do accomplish many tasks simultaneously. Repeat after me—–Let serious $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    do the HARD WORK. Now there I have given U one very critical piece of info ie work hard when U are young, save hard, and gradually turnover the hardwork to the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

    Pity U did NOT encounter me sooner eh.

  19. @WW
    Where I have BRAINS U have EXCREMENT! Rosedale has Mansions in midtown. Please stop exposing your STUPIDITY.

    GROW a brain!
    Secretly I appreciate your Psychology is simple —U love a whitey like me DOMINATING U! Just admit it to yourself!

  20. Brainless………….admit i got you shackled to this thread, chained and shackled, if you have any balls left let me see you debating on another thread you have been here now for what, from May 26, this is now June 1st, even though you don’t quite understand me, you can see exactly what i am capable of. What is going to happen when everyone including me gets more bored with your rantings and delusions and don’t even visit this thread anymore? I did all of that to you with a dose of strong, unique and unarguably the best of African blood running right through my veins.

  21. @WW
    Admit that your crap run the others, U have contributed NOTHING BUT LIES!

    That is why you are STUPID and POOR!

    Many of the others are trusting that I will NOT come on other threads because they KNOW, that with lighting speed, I will expose their FALLACIOUS excuse for argument. Exactly as I have exposed U!

    BARE ASSED to the Elements!
    Now go back into your hole with your lesbian hater!

  22. Brainless………..the others are contributing meaningfully on other threads, some may be misguided but so what, to each his own, does that bother you, that people are free to express themselves? you who have lied to yourself for so long and is now thoroughly convinced that you are oooohhh sooooo intellectually superior, while being ooooooooooooooohhhhh soooooooooo dumb. If i told you what i did to you, you would not even believe me.

  23. @WW
    Not that U have the capacity to understand BUT it is very IRONIC that U bring up freedom, when many contributors to BU fall over each other to support Dictators who hate the concept of FREEDOM!

    How many peeps from America had to be helped off the beach or near the coast of Cuba having near drowned trying to escape the TERRIBLE WHITEYS in America?????????

    U see someone has to explain to cretins like U the absolute hypocrisy of supporting tinpot Dictators while hating the USA and Whitey.
    I so desire to have a Holographic Theatre like in Star Trek TNG where U could learn what scientists would project for YOUR future under the Chinese or other races domination! Dont worry whitey will protect U for the near future even though they stupidly allowed the Chinese et al far too much access to the Western Marketplace.

    Your standard of living will drop! BUT my $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ will work hard in ASIA!

  24. Brainless…………you are so rich and intelligent and all powerful, why did you not stop it? And if i were you, i would let the contributors on BU have their own opinions, unless of course given our interaction you will have to change your moniker to participate in any future debates. Don’t even try to debate me about what happened in the US, cause i lived there at the time, actually i am back here this morning. So you stay in your little chicken coop at the bottom of crumpton street in midtown Barbados and hate on the majority blacks in Bim and hate on the world cause you are so ‘rich’ and ” and ‘intelligent’

  25. @WW
    I sit here in lavish style in midtown Toronto HATING no one, sorry to say NOT even U! I have never suggested that U or anyone else should NOT have your/ their own opinions. Your DELUSIONS have no bounds!

    BUT it is my DUTY to broad Society to point out when peeps of your ilk tell barefaced lies about AmerIndians residing in Bdos when the English settlers arrived. Also, when the whole story is conveniently concealed I will intervene and exercise my right to FREE speech.

    I have never shown hate for Black people, why would I? I did note that my Grandad and his brothers were prolific in their zeal to substantially increase the mulatto population and unlike U I have no hate for my family! Your memory is so poor.

    BTW on my recent Cbean Cruise I stopped in at Dominica and spent a few hours with the Caribs on their Reservation in the North East of that beautiful, mountainous Isle. I was surprised they were so many Caribs that appeared of 100% extraction. I would have said hi on your behalf had I been informed of your family connection. But quite naturally they would NOT want to be connected with a liar who speaks historical nonsense about her supposed

  26. Brainless……….take the next cruise to Africa, particularly to the Congo and tell those from our bloodlines hi for us………………….you have become an anomaly, laughable and successfully chained and shackled to one thread.

  27. @WW
    I went to Uni in England with plenty Africans and unfortunately they tend to scorn peeps from the Cbean. Now having interacted with U, I fully understand why!
    Educated Ghanaian here in TOR,( whose daughter was invited to all my son’s Bday Parties), on discovering my Bajan roots, turned to me and pointed out that he does NOT consider Cbean black folks African and is ashamed of their behaviour. I was sure shocked by that! My understanding from other black peeps is that Africans do have a tendency to discriminate against Cbean blacks. Of course, white English sometimes try to do the same with white Bajans BUT I have put them in their place when so inflicted.

    U are an expert on being “chained” lil KINKY are U? I already know U are Masochistical , having me beat your limited brains out here continously!

  28. Brainless………… are repeating things i have already alluded to on other threads, old news, if you were only able to leave this thread you would have noticed, and to reinforce what you said, every race sees bajans whites as foolish and unschooled as i have been saying all along, now you are beating out your own brains repeating what i said, take my advice, mingle on other threads, it would do you a world of good.

  29. @WW
    “Bajan whites as stupid and unschooled”
    Very broad RACIST statement from a dunce who is envious that she missed out on being white! My successful family in Bim thanks U for that ignorant belief as they sit in their 5000 sq ft Homes overlooking their minions in the Valleys or viewing the beautiful Cbean Sea in all its splendour. Thanks to slow coaches like U, who must work hard!

  30. it is the truth.i have seen records in history archives.the Irish slaves were in barbados some 15 years before any African step foot on barbados.
    they and only them built the sugar industry.
    worst thing they ever did was to bring in non evolved Negroids from Africa.
    and everything they have learned from the Irish or white man they now try to change history to make themselves look good.but my black friends .
    when you were bough out of the jungle you had not even invented the wheel
    or anything,not even toilet paper.
    but now we have taught you all the big words you want to shove down our throats that you are capable of running a country..!
    from what i read on here it seems not to be the reality that you dream.
    what i wonder is why the whites are not represented in government ?????????
    or as a minority given minority status.!!!
    face the facts and stop with your jungle music and behavior..
    i and i bull shit.try to speak English .
    or go back from whence you came as i am sure because of white technology
    you can afford the plane ticket.

  31. Brainless…………….i keep tell you i love to hear you, don’t stop. i can show you a large cross section of poor whites in Bim and around the world. Since you and your family have become so rich and successful off the backs of black people in Barbados, why are you so miserable and unable to think straight?

  32. Incorrecto the psycho………..just look in the mirror and you will see why you can never be represented in a government in Bim, better yet, reread your statements above and see why no one will listen to you knowing exactly how you feel, filled with all that hatred.

  33. @WW
    U are rather narrow minded!
    I make MONEY off of ALL races on Earth, because I am NOT racist like U!
    Learn to think BIG! Your stupidity is showing , as usual! Clever $$$$$ gravitates to where it is treated best! I love all poor peeps that virtually enslave themselves including those in the West, like U, who must have all kinds of material goodies today on CREDIT! Thanks to U and them I own VISA and MC stocks from time to time!

    Meanwhile I am NOT materialistic and buy on SALE for cash at major DISCOUNT!

    Money has NO race! As one of my black friends said years ago, “investments dont care whether I am black or white” Now that is lucid thinking, u should take advantage of that thought process.

    Shockingly, I agree with your comments about incorrecto.

  34. Brainless………….you and incorrecto the psycho fit well together, filled with disdain, utter contempt and hatred for the same people who are instrumental in your survival and/or ability not to be on the streets begging, i do not envy either of you, you have enough hatred inside of you between the two of you to effectively destroy each other while the same people who you look down upon watch, all they will need is popcorn……………now if you think that any money of mine is going to toward any stock you claim to own in visa, think again, i don’t own not one credit card, it is a scam and i will not allow leeches, fleas nor ticks like you to survive off sucking my blood with your scammish ways so you can then boast and brag while continuing your hatefilled rantings………………

  35. @WW
    U can NOT avoid my benefiting from your expenditure CLOWN! U dont buy any household items from the supermarkets, U dont buy from Supermarkets, U dont have a bank account? Then do you exist???

    Comparing me to incorrecto is GROSS IGNORANCE!

  36. Brainless………..birds of a feather seem to be drawn together and you and incorrecto the psycho do say the same things, you want to be the only one shackled and chained to this thread, well fine, as i said, it is not in me to boast about what i have and don’t have like you did and ultimately exposed yourself to being severely and unknowingly outwitted, not my style………..suffice it to see, i am free of leeches, ticks, fleas and even cockroaches. What i can tell you after interacting with you is that with all your ‘intelligence’, ‘power’ and ‘riches’ that i am sure is just a figment of your imagination, it will take you months to see what i did.

  37. @WW
    What U did –NOTHING!
    As usual! U have NOT exposed anything except your DUNCEEEEEENESSS and that affects no one else BUT U! Nowhere have I accused anyone else, just U!

  38. Brainless………………..if you think you are calling me a little bitch now, wait until it really dawns on you…………………….you know you are real slow right??

  39. This is why they are Called The Forgotten IRISH of Barbados ! Cause the black people are jealous of Barbados and claim that they built it under the White English Master . From 1605 IRISH and Scottish barbado’ed people built The Barbados Jails and Military Buildings and The Government buildings . Just go take a look at ‘The Clovers ‘ The shape of the windows ! Bob Marley father was Irish and so was Casius Clay’s ( mohammed Ali ) Grandfather and nuff dark bajans got irish blood !The DUTCH jEWS bROUGHT THE SUGAR CANE FROM BRAZIL and Hence the oldest Jewish Synagogue In the western Hemisphere . Peace and Love FELLING IRISH (feeling Irie)!!!!

  40. I think that the reason why hate speech comes out of some of us is because ! We get shouted at for TAXI Taken for Tourist and MUGGED and KILLED and attacked !! Go figure why Mr Correcto and others like him would be angry ! Tourist get harassed all the time in Barbados !! STOP IT !

  41. “..white slaves built barbados “- mrcorrecto.
    This is a typical example of fantasy / bogus history created by europeans.
    Try reading, “The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade”:
    Expanding European empires in the New World lacked one major resource — a work force. In most cases the indigenous peoples had proved unreliable (most of them were dying from diseases brought over from Europe), and Europeans were unsuited to the climate and suffered under tropical diseases. Africans, on the other hand, were excellent workers: they often had experience of agriculture and keeping cattle, they were used to a tropical climate, resistant to tropical diseases, and they could be “worked very hard” on plantations or in mines.

    Lookinglass ,bajantours and mrcorrecto wants us to believe that Barbados reached the heights of prosperity on the backs of indentured and enslaved Europeans , but we know this is pure fantasy.
    Barbados is 13 degrees north of the equator. The Ultra Violet (UV) radiation from the Sun is at the maximum of 11 or 12 (Depending on scale) almost year round. By comparison, London reaches it’s maximum of (UV-6) in the months of June and July. I would like you to tell me which irishman / englishman / white jew can work in the hot Sun in Barbados from sunrise to sunset without getting badly burnt ( sunburn) or dying from heat stroke or skin cancer. I will show you the evidence , see below.

    Irish Independent
    Redheads 100 times more likely to get skin cancer
    John von Radowitz and Cormac McQuinn–
    23 August 2013
    PEOPLE who carry the gene responsible for red hair are up to 100 times more susceptible to melanoma – the worst type of skin cancer – a new study has shown.

    It was always known that fair-skinned redheads are at greater risk of melanoma, but now researchers in the US believe that they know why.

    Almost 900 Irish people were diagnosed with melanoma in 2010, according to the National Cancer Registry.

    While redheads are only 10 percent of the population, up to 42 percent of people in Ireland carry the gene that can trigger red hair.

    US researchers found a gene mutation that colours hair red ( MC1R-RHC gene variant ) leaves DNA in skin cells more prone to damaged by sunlight.

    Experiments showed that the MC1R-RHC gene variant both lowered a cell’s guard against harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and stimulated cancer-causing biological signals.

    31 August 2010
    Half of Britons get sunburnt, a survey shows
    The poll of 2,000 people found 46% had sunburn this year, and a third of these were tan-seekers…….
    Over the last 25 years, rates of malignant melanoma in Britain have risen faster than any other common cancer and now totals more than 10,300 new cases a year.

    Saturday 20 July 2013
    Heatwave Causing Rise In Child Sunburn Cases
    Two-thirds of hospitals report an increase in the number of children with such severe sunburn they require specialist treatment

    Hospitals across the UK say they have seen a rise in the number of severe sunburn cases among children, as Britain continues to bask in its longest heatwave for seven years.

    Of the 14 hospitals with specialist burns units contacted by Sky News, almost two-thirds said they had seen a rise in the number of admissions.

    A four-week-old baby was among 10 children admitted to the Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead, West Sussex.

    With the hot spell expected to continue well into next week, doctors have warned that prolonged unprotected exposure to the sun could have fatal consequences.
    Dr David Lloyd said: “We know that children who burn their skin when they are under the age of 12 are much more likely to end up with skin cancer later on in their lives.”

    Matthew Breydin, 11, was admitted to Birmingham Children’s Hospital last Saturday after suffering from severe sunburn during a family trip to Weston-super-Mare.

    His mother Caroline said his back started to blister a few days after the outing although he applied sun cream regularly throughout the day.

    Thursday 18 Jul 2013
    Heatwave warning extended across England as up to 760 deaths linked to high temperatures

    The Met Office has issued a ‘level three’ heat warning for the south-west of England and the West Midlands with a 90 per cent chance of heatwave conditions continuing until 9pm this evening.

    It is the second warning level increase issued in the last two days as scorching temperatures in the south-east and London have also pushed up the heat alert to level three – just one away from the national emergency level four.

    Millions of people are being urged to take extra care as the blistering temperatures could be dangerous for vulnerable people such as the very young and elderly, particularly those with chronic diseases……….

    Britain has already had the hottest day of the year so far on Wednesday with temperatures soaring to 32.2C (90F) in south-west London.

    Parts of the UK have been enjoying temperatures above 30C for six consecutive days, making it the UK’s first prolonged heatwave since 2006.

    Thursday 18 Jul 2013 11:24 am

  42. Evidence cont’d.
    2003 European heat wave
    From Wikipedia .

    The 2003 European heat wave was the hottest summer on record in Europe since at least 1540. France was hit especially hard. The heat wave led to health crises in several countries and combined with drought to create a crop shortfall in parts of Southern Europe. Peer reviewed analysis places the European death toll at 70,000.

    European heatwave caused 35,000 deaths
    13:38 10 October 2003
    by Shaoni Bhattacharya

    At least 35,000 people died as a result of the record heatwave that scorched Europe in August 2003, says an environmental think tank.

    The Earth Policy Institute (EPI), based in Washington DC, warns that such deaths are likely to increase, as “even more extreme weather events lie ahead”.

    The EPI calculated the huge death toll from the eight western European countries with data available. “Since reports are not yet available for all European countries, the total heat death toll for the continent is likely to be substantially larger,” it says in a statement.

    France suffered the worst losses, with 14,802 people dying from causes attributable to the blistering heat.

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