The RACE Gap: The Science of Intelligence – Are Blacks Inherently Inferior To Whites And Asians In Terms of IQ and Cognitive Ability?

Submitted by Terence Blackett
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights …Declaration of Independence

In a preamble to my current book manuscript on the issue of “race relations” entitled ‘Unmasking The Phantom’: The Race Factor – Exposing The Problems Of Race Relations In America – it dawned on me based on a recent documentary by a very highly respected Black British journalist that this was the one area that I had not given enough academic resonance to, due in part to the dangerous minefield that has been created around this incendiary narrative.

Race and IQ have created many enemies across the academic as well as the social divide. The most damaging and soul-destroying accusation that can be levelled at any human being is to be classified as sub-human because of a range of numbers on an IQ sliding scale (reference made to the Australian Aborigines).

But first let us examine the social anthropology and the ethno-genesis on this questionable area of science which posits this notion of a hierarchy of intelligence between the “races” while creating a subjugation of the Black race, relegating them to the furthest end of this ideological spectrum.

There are many questions to be answered by social scientists, social policy experts and politicians who continue to bury their heads in the sand over this contention issue – most of them wanting to play the political correctness game as a form of appeasement.

For example, in Britain, the US and Canada – predominate 1st world countries where with an increasing Black population – can governments and policy-makers continue to overlook the escalating problems of Black underachievement in schools and an increasing marginalization of Black males who are jobless, incarcerated, disillusioned and teeter-tottering on the periphery of society resulting in sub-cultural strands of behaviour and exploitation defined as a “hip-hop, Gen-ex generation?

But before I begin to rant about the structural inequalities and the social transmogrification of opportunity based on privilege, class and elite meritocracy – let us go back and look at the paradigms of social anthropology and how the narrative and the dialogue on racial IQ and intelligence became such a medium of contention and how the dumming down of this issue even within academic circles is seen as intellectual terrorism – where the use of the enemy is not a suicide bomber who straps plastic explosives to a vest but rather uses the corollary of subtle genetic science to plant incendiary devices within the minds of groups of people to maintain an ongoing status quo.

In one of the earliest documented records of ideas on race, we find in the writings of Herodotus, the ‘father of History’ – writing approximately 440 B.C.E. where he researched marvellous histories of people such as Egyptians and Ethiopians describing many Africans as having black skin and wholly hair. But on occasion, he refers to people that were not Greek – mainly yellow and black people, as “barbarians.” However, it should be noted people of other cultures at that time also regarded those not of their own group as barbarians.

The scientific and academic avenues of inquiry on intelligence according to race have been studied from numerous angles – for example, Psychology, Epidemiology, Statistics, Phrenology, Palaeontology, Anthropology, Eugenics (not only the Nazis used this “science”), Forensics, Social Darwinism, Biomedicine and of course, Genetics are sciences that have all contributed to the hundreds of studies on, surrounding, or motivated by this topic on IQ and race.

The German-Jewish scholar and professor at Columbia University in New York City Franz Boas (1858–1942), persuaded anthropologists to drop their 19th century belief that there were largely insuperable differences between the major human races – differences that, it had been thought, could not even be decreased by interbreeding.

Boas did a job of social engineering the direction that social anthropology would take, however, the duplicity was apparent due in the most part to the already established ideas brought over from the Enlightenment Period.

For example, during the European Enlightenment, great philosophers such as Germany’s Immanuel Kant and Scotland’s David Hume were quite sure there were major and deep-seated racial differences between Blacks and Whites. In fact, Kant wrote in [1764]:

The Negroes of Africa have received from nature no intelligence that rises above the foolish. Hume invites anyone to quote a single example of a Negro who has exhibited talents. He asserts that among the hundred thousands of blacks who have been seduced away from their own countries, although very many of them have been set free, yet not a single one has ever been found that has performed anything great whether in art or science or in any other laudable subject; but among the whites, people constantly rise up from the lowest rabble and acquire esteem through their superior gifts.”

If in modern American society today, a Black president did not sit comfortably in the White House in Washington DC – this Kantian statement would have been a soliloquy of sorts for many disillusioned Blacks around the world – not just in so-called 1st world countries.

But before anyone screams “intellectual tyranny” – let’s look at the mounting evidence on this issue on the science of intelligence and whether Black falls unceremoniously at the bottom of the league table in blinding disparity to both Whites and Asians and what is the real truth behind these claims.

Is there an inconvenient TRUTH* here for people of color to answer? And if so, how do we deal with its ramifications? And finally, is enough being done to level the playing field?

At the forefront in this debate is British born John Philippe Rushton who is a psychology professor at the University of Western Ontario in Canada and most widely known for his work on intelligence and racial differences, particularly his book “Race, Evolution and Behaviour”. His work in this area is highly controversial, and has been criticized by other researchers and civil rights organisations as being poorly researched and racist in nature.

He is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the American, British, and Canadian Psychological Associations. In 1988, he was made a Fellow of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. He has been head of the Pioneer Fund since 2002.

Rushton’s academic position is clear – Blacks are intellectually inferior due to genetic make-up; the size of their brains happen to be smaller; they have larger genitals – making them more promiscuous than whites or other groups.

Rushton’s scientific neo-Nazi ideology is couched in language that gives it a guise of academic acceptability but has been reprehensible in many quarters. Rushton’s key arguments enter a segregationist domicile where Blacks are seen as an inferior (Straw Man – just different) race; where Africans are portrayed as being far less intelligent than Caucasian or Asian folks.

His neoDarwinist evolutionary-type theory posits this malodorous Malthusian notion of “survival strategy” where Africans supposedly do not rely on cognitive ability for the propagation of their species – but rather on promiscuous sexual breeding, intermarriage and mass polygamy.

The perpetration of such massive intellectual fraud, coupled with no real basis where one can scientifically prove with empirical data analysis that has led Rushton to claim that genetically inherited sexual promiscuity is responsible for single-parent families and that the AIDS epidemic among Canadians and Americans of African descent, as well as increased crime rates among Blacks is fostered by his findings.

Actually in the early 1970’s, the Pioneer Fund (for which Rushton is Chair) paid the Foundation of Human Understanding to distribute hundreds of free copies of pamphlets by white supremacist psychologists Richard Herrnstein and Arthur Jensen (The Bell Curve advocates) to the registrars’ offices of universities across the US (and the UK – though many academics would try to disprove the following) in a blatant attempt to influence administration policies against the admittance of African-American students into tertiary education. This has been the dangerous precedent set in motion by racists whose sole agenda is to have influence on mainstream public policy.

On the other end of the scientific race and IQ debate are centrists and assimilationists like James Robert Flynn, Emeritus Professor of Political Studies at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand who researches intelligence and has become well known for his discovery of the Flynn Effect, the continued year-after-year increase of IQ scores in all parts of the world. Flynn wanted to define intelligence at least generally enough to be independent of culture, emphasizing that the style of thought required to deal with problems of survival in a desert (mapping, tracking…), is different from that required to do well in the modern West (academic achievement etc), but that both undoubtedly require intelligence.

The Flynn Effect really threw the cat amongst the pigeons (no play on words intended to offend my Buddhists brothers) as the increase of the average intelligence quotient (IQ) showed higher test scores over several generations (IQ gains over time) especially amongst African Americans. The effect has also had dramatic results on the other cognitive aspects of semantic and episodic memory. However, there are some scientists who challenge Flynn’s findings and cite that widespread emphasis on early education and improved nutrition has resulted in higher IQ’s even amongst Blacks.

In October 2007, James Watson, the legendary biologist, was condemned and forced into retirement after claiming that African intelligence wasn’t “the same as ours.” “Racist, vicious and unsupported by science,” said the Federation of American Scientists. “Utterly unsupported by scientific evidence,” declared the U.S. government’s supervisor of genetic research. The New York Times told readers that when Watson implied “that Black Africans are less intelligent than whites, he hadn’t a scientific leg to stand on.”

Although the science of race and IQ is in large measure based on shoddy science – academics are still somehow influencing public policy through their specious research findings and this is something which must be attacked from all sides on the academic divide. We must only be able to accept science which weighs heavily on the side of fostering cohesion, equality of opportunity and fairness.

Anything less we must tergiversate.

134 thoughts on “The RACE Gap: The Science of Intelligence – Are Blacks Inherently Inferior To Whites And Asians In Terms of IQ and Cognitive Ability?

  1. Only a one dimensional being with a calcified pineal gland could have invented such an ass-backwards ideology as the Idiot Quotient.

    An obvious start of history with the Greek Freaks would necessitate his need to promulgate and monopolize such a farce….since that is his nature. Hence one can only come to the fallible conclusion that ALL human civilization started with whitey….but like Gandhi when asked what he think of ‘Western Civilization’ replied ‘I think that would be a good idea.’

    Didn’t Herodotus noted the fact that the Greek learned ones like Socrates, Aristotle, Plato and Pythagoras all studied at the BLACK MASTERS feet in AEgypt [Kmt]? From whence did Pythagoreas get his theorem?

    Like I’ve previously emphasised that the Christian religion and its Jesus Christ figure head was copied from Kmt.

    That same biblical phrase which the bible attributes to one King Solomon ‘Eat, drink and be merry……’was actually plagurized from IMHOTEP.
    Who was Imhotep? He was a Black Kemetian, an Architect, Master Builder, Sage, Physician, Priest, Scribe and Astronomer.

    4000 yrs before the Europains understood anything about blood, the Ancient Black ones were into the study and knowledge of circulation. The Greeks considered him a god and recognised him as their Asklepios.

    It was ImHotep and NOT Eratosthenes who discovered the circumference of the earth. Wasn’t it only 1492 when the Europains ‘dis-covered’ that the earth was NOT flat?

    It is ImHotep and NOT Hippocrates who IS the father of medicine. The Kemetians were writing medical textbooks about 5000 years before their contact with the Greeks. [Don’t forget that between Alexander, Constantine and the Arabs more than 500,000 books were burned and some were taken back to Europe where many are kept in safe keeping in that Vatican].

    Homer in his ‘Odyssey’ states that ‘In medical knowledge, AEgypt leave the rest of the world behind.’ And another author pointed out that ‘Greek science was less an invention than a revival.’

    btw..the Kemetians practised socialized medicine, hence care was available to all.

    This is one of their medical diagnostic quotes ‘If thou examinest a man for illness in his cardia and he has pain in his arms, in his breast, and on one side of his cardia…it is death threatening him.’

    They also practised trephination, a forerunner of neurosurgery.

    The Europeans copied their architecture for the Kmetians. Before one temple was constructed in Athen or Rome, the Black Ancients, utilizing their astronomical knowledge had already constructed the 3 pyramids at Giza in alignment with Orion belt.

    Has any ‘intelligent’ white man duplicated such a feat?

    Wasn’t it the Black Moors who brought Europe out of her ‘dark’ ages? [‘dark’ referring to yet another racist qualification of her then depraved and ignorant condition].

    They constantly associate martial arts and yoga with the Chinese, when these two systems were actually developed by the Kemetians. Even the Asian Buddha is Black in origin since Buddha means THE BLACK ONE.

    We can go into physics and show how our Ancestors had employed the principle of stored mechanical energy and converted it to kenetic energy, thru the invention and use of the spears and bows and arrows. They mastered the principles of mechanics.

    Now we can bring it around to the west and its Industrial Revolution.

    Can’t we compare Lewis Lattimer to Lucifer the LIGHT BRINGER? Who would Con Edison be without him?

    Shouldn’t we give Garrett Morgan credit for saving many lives on the roadway with his invention of the automatic stop signal. He also invented a belt fastener for sowing machines and the smoke mask.

    Wasn’t it Norbert Rillieux who revolutionized the processing of sugar with his invention of a multiple-effect vacuum evaporator which turned sugar cane juice into sugar crystals?

    Doesn’t patent # 3478216 belong to George Carruthers for his invention of an ‘Image Converter for Detecting Electromagnetic Radiation esp in Short Wave lenghts?’

    Who is the Real McCoy?
    Who is Otis Boykin?
    Who is Frederick McKinley Jones?
    Who is Granville Woods?
    Who is Meredith Gourdine?

    And the list goes on and ……………

    And now today we’ve come full circle to Philip Emeagwali who is the brains behind this medium of interface. Yet another Black great.

    Even today in the face of all this mounting evidence, Blacks are still white-washed and blacked-out from the pages of ‘history.’

    Over 2500 yrs of invasions, devastations, decimation, rapings, pillaging, theft, disease and outright genocide has had a detrimental impact and has been an impediment on the psyche of the Black Mind. These attacks have reduced us to a mere 5-sensory ‘animal.’ We no longer exercise that mental capacity of our Ankhcestors, that capacity that awakened their SPIRITUAL ability to the point where they not only interfaced at the physical level, but at a very HIGH spiritual level as well. That spirituality allowed them to build civilization, the like of which NO white nor Asian nor Arab has yet duplicated. Always imitated never duplicated.

    So TMB, if you want to study brilliance, the first place you should start is with SELF and with our BLACK ANKHCESTORS. You will see that it cannot be measured for it was light years ahead of this morass of Western BS.

    Ma’at siah unen shu’or.


  2. Caucasians created the myth that they are superior to black people. During the 16th century & onward ,Europeans flooded the world with racist pseudoscientific work which dehumanised black people & reduced them to sub-humans.The claim of superior intelligence in caucasians is just another myth put out by white supremacist camp.All these myths need to be thrown in the garbage . Africans are the creators of civilisation not the Greeks.
    Stephanus of Byzantine-” Ethiopia was the first established country on the Earth. ”
    Diodous Siculus (1st century BC)– states the Ethiopians /Kushites were the founder of the ancient Egyptian Civilisation & they invented writing.
    Arnold Hermann Heeren:
    “When the Greeks scarcely knew Italy and Sicily by name, the Ethiopians were celebrated in the verses of their poets,” .to whom we owe our arts ,science & even the very use of speech.’’ ..

  3. sorry for the error at the end.
    Arnold Hermann Heeren:
    “When the Greeks scarcely knew Italy and Sicily by name, the Ethiopians were celebrated in the verses of their poets, and when the faint gleam of tradition and fable gives way to the clear light of history, the lustre of the Ethiopians is not diminished.”
    Nubia /Kush developed the world’s first divine Kingship/monarchy
    which then travelled up the Nile to Egypt.

    “Nubian Monarchy called the oldest ”- New York Times,
    Count C.Volney(1787)- on seeing the colossal ruins of the Ancient Egyptian Civilisation ,he wrote ,” to think that a race of black men who are today our slaves & object of contempt are the same ones to whom we owe our arts ,science & even the very use of speech.’’

  4. Like Jay-z says men lie, women lie but numbers don’t. All other races have 50 to 100 billionaires. All other races have the nuclear bomb.

  5. Egyptians are not black. There was on negroid egyptian dynasty and that was at the end when the pharoah were in decline

  6. I came onto your website because you mentioned the Goring’s Name among the Barbados elite . I need that comment. this website is way too big. Send me the comment I can’t find it.

  7. What is the big deal about who has the best and most of everything? We know that is is not material things, world recognition, and wealth that makes us worthy in God’s sight. These are man’s measures of self-worth. The broke teacher of Nazareth and his broke followers are responsible for the most books, poems, conversations, sermons, speeches, studies , etc., than the world can count. He is the most talked-about person who ever lived, and He has impacted world history in a way no mortal being could ever comprehend. “What would it profit a man to gain the whole worls and lose his soul?” If we follow the footsteps of the man who has the largest group of followers on earth, we follow a good thing. He owned no car, house, bank account, fine wardrobe, fleet of ships, livestock, or any other symbols of wealth, but one word from his lips is priceless beyond any amount of money man can imagine. If we continue to tag along with Him, we cannot go wrong.

    We, as a black people need to pull our youth out of the quagmire of failure and disillusionment. We have to help them find a clear sense of direction. For if we lose them, we lose the future with us in it. We have no need to fear or be subject to any man unless He is that Galilean who holds tomorrow. Acceptance of Jesus Christ and Hie righteousness is our key to survivl. He will guide us always.


  9. Do me a favor! If you don’t think the black race is intellectually inferior then show me even one great piece of negro architecture – there is none! Show me one great explorer. Show me one great piece of black literature!

    Show me a black Aristotle, a black Plato, a black Michelangelo, a black Marco Polo, a black Madame Curie, a black Pasteur, a black Henry Ford, a black Alexander the great, a black Leonardo Da Vinci, a black Martin Luther, a black Bill Gates, a black Steve Jobs, a black Einstein. The Asians, the Moors, the Aztecs, the Mayans, the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans all had great architecture while blacks were stealing each others women, throwing rocks and spears at each other, and making slaves of each other. Where is the black Sistine Chapel? Show me one great leader who changed the world like Alexander the Great or Ceasar!

    I am sick of apologists for blacks making excuses for the vastly and obviously inferior black race. Wake up!

    They are so full of it! If I am wrong then please, by all means, take up my challenge and show me one piece of great black architecture that is wholly and totally the contribution of a true black person and not one that has been elevated in intelligence through marrying up by marriage to a white! You can’t!

    Then if you are serious show me the black equivalent to all the White geniuses, leaders, scientists, and artists I have listed above – name for name – you cannot do it! All the blacks claim is that their problems are all the fault of white people. They need to admit they are fundamentally inferior!

  10. So you saying that we musnt accept science that “proves” anything which is against equality?!?!? lmfao. You are a fucking idiot. Firstly that’s like saying “hey, we can’t accept science telling us about super-novas or global warming because its disastrous to the planet…” ,|,, get layed douche bag

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  12. I blog quite often and I truly appreciate your content.
    This article has truly peaked my interest. I’m going to book mark your website and keep checking for new details about once per week.
    I subscribed to your RSS feed as well.

  13. Blacks do have leadership positions in the number assault arrests, the size of prison populations, co-signed used Cadillac ownerships, out-of-wedlock childbirths, convenience store robberies and malt liquor sales and/or thefts. Still, the NBA and stand-up comedy would be less without them. Oh, and Dennis Rodman proved that blacks’ fear and loathing of Koreans is just another myth.

  14. It is senseless having a discussion of this nature because there isn’t one iota of evidence that suggest any fundamental differences between the intellects of the Asian, Caucasian, and the man of African descent. Philosophers such as Emanuel Kant, Richard Hume, and Richard Herrnstein with his book that Bell Curve has been proven in the course of time to be flawed evidence with respect to the intellect of the man of African descent. One only has to look through the pages of history to discover the academic contributions the man of African descent has brought to bear upon the world of Academia.

  15. I thought we had gotten past this discussion some thirty or so years ago? You know, it troubles me greatly that in the years 2014, men as well as women of African stock would still be having this discussion. Come on now. We know better… so therefore, we ought not to entertain such a discussion because it makes us unsure of ourselves.

  16. We have to examine the facts and factors that have given rise to these people who are excelling academically in America. Hypothesis: a lot of these people who are excelling academically in America come from some of the world’s largest populations. We know for a fact that within the black community, Nigerians excels academically above the rest of us. But we’re also aware of the fact the Nigeria also has a population numbering some 166.2 million people. We know that in Asia for example: Indians as well as Chinese excel academically above the rest of the nations in Asia, but we’re also cognizant of the fact that the both of these nations have populations numbering well over a billion people. And finally, this fact you have to bear in mind: only the best and the brightest are given the opportunity to migrate to America. Now, quite recently the federal government placed a restriction on Indians attending medical schools in America because it was discovered that a lot of these Indians who were applying for medical schools in America, were already doctors in India.

  17. I drop a comment when I appreciate a post on a blog or I have something to add to the conversation.
    It’s caused by the fire displayed in the article I browsed.
    And after this post The RACE Gap: The Science of Intelligence – Are Blacks Inherently Inferior To Whites And Asians In Terms of IQ and Cognitive
    Ability? | Barbados Underground. I was actually excited enough to
    drop a thought 🙂 I actually do have 2 questions for you
    if you usually do not mind. Is it just me or does it
    look like like a few of the remarks come across like written by brain dead individuals?
    😛 And, if you are posting on additional places, I would like to keep up with everything new you have to post.
    Could you make a list the complete urls of your social pages like your Facebook page,
    twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

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  19. “We must only be able to accept science which weighs heavily on the side of fostering cohesion, equality of opportunity and fairness.”

    But that is not how the scientific method works, and with good reason. Science is concerned with discovering the TRUTH about the world, nothing less. Your statement is political and anti-scientific.

  20. Police departments are disproportionately black. Many more blacks than whites on police forces in proportion to the number of blacks in society. By that logic, white people should demand greater representation. Why do we not have “historically white colleges”? How about United White College Fund. Reverse discrimination is thick in our society. My son got it right. He is a carpenter (self-employed, nobody gave him his job via affirmative action), and he said, “Dad, it’s like this: If I go to work every day and work hard, to bring home a paycheck for my family, people say ‘Good, he is doing what he supposed to be doing” If I were black, they would all applaud, give me a certificate, and maybe recognize me at a dinner. It is a double standard. I love black people. I really do, and we are all equally valuable in God’s sight. But honestly, it is time for some people to stop making excuses. It is EASIER to be a black person than a white person in America IF all the socio-economic status is the same (“all things being equal”). Without a doubt, it is easier. I never, ever had anything handed to me. If you impregnate someone without marrying them, stay unemployed, hang out on a street corner with your pants falling down, use the kind of grammer I see on this page, well, you know what to expect. If black people are disproportionately arrested I believe in some cases it is some bigoted cop, but in the VAST majority of cases it is just because they commit more crimes. Common sense. If you commit more crimes but are arrested in equal proportion to another group that commits less crimes, you are being treated BETTER. Take responsibility for your own actions. We all have obstacles in life, so what. Make it work. Also, remember hundreds of thousands of poor white people killed ruthlessly during the Civil War just to free blacks, instead of the much smaller number of slaveholders. The enslaved Irish never had any such help. Civil rights should include a salute to these people too. This is just my opinion, but in no way do I disrespect other human beings personally, regardless of their race.

    • What is the point your are making James?

      On Thu, Mar 5, 2015 at 1:28 AM, Barbados Underground wrote:


  21. I for one would like to thank the white devil mostly because if it wasn’t for you they’d be blaming someone else like the asians or latinos, oh wait… They already do lol! Pretty much any/everything they do is somehow someone’s else fault! It’s the damnedest thing, stub your toe on a door frame — WHY THESE DAMN HONKEYS GOTTA’ MAKE THESE DOORS LIKE THIS!? Even when they get in a fight with another black person somehow it all falls on white people, like they set it up.


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