Slaughtering Tired Migratory Birds, A White Man's Sport In Barbados

Submitted by Whistling Frog

Credit:Care2 petitionsite

For years now every July to the end of the year bigup white men with teeny weensy penises and big shotguns murder indiscriminately poor defenceless tired birds that are trying to migrate for the coming winter months. Some of these bird have flown over 3,000 miles for safe refuge only to be met by these sadistic BASTARDS who gleefully and laughingly continue this program which they have now called HARVESTING so as to lessen the real meaning SLAUGHTER…..

I would like to see people in surrounding villages who are harassed on a daily basis by the constant barrage of automatic fire (like it were Vietnam or Iraq) to get some bullpistles and lick the shite out of those pathetic men or should I say boys who have nothing else in their lives to do than prey on creatures minutely smaller than themselves for SHEER PLEASURE.

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  1. In the same way some may argue that the Barbados Auto Club has in a very subtle way pursuaded the authorities (NCF) to develop the infrastruture of Bushy Park.

    Others may argue that the powerful White Shadows which Don Blackman spoke about are still with us.

    We know motor sports is dominated by the Whites in Barbados and so too bird shooting.

    The power of money must always be linked to power and influence. Which village will be able to stop* the shooting of birds?

  2. A blantantly racist article parading under the guise of environmentalism. That would fail if it was asked if it wasn’t an incitement to violence.

    How different is shooting birds to fishing?

    • @follower of this blog

      Ah, another label for BU to place in the box.

      Do you know that the shooting of migratory birds is forbidden by law in many countries around the world?

      Do you deny that this pastime of shooting migratory birds is dominated by Whites in Barbados?

  3. My intelligent agent acting with best information available inform my family that Comrade Whistling Frog is indeed White… therefore no racialism

  4. 1. Whilst I personally am not for the shooting of migratory birds…it is argued that very few of them considering the amount that migrate…fall prey to Bajans. It is also argued that these are the birds that cannot go much longer, stop in for a bite to eat and a rest, but still will not make it to the finish line. Of course, we should all know that those who put out this wonderful ‘sore excuse’ have special conversations with birds. Birds of a feather flock together and all dat????!!!
    2.It is also good for general information to perhaps safely say that I bet if those shallow ponds were sucked dry, and a hunt for bullets were found and compared to the amount of ducks/birds shot…one would find that it is probably about 100 to 1. Dem men so drunk dem miss bird like hurricane miss Barbados! A lot!
    3. I think that we all might be just a little surprised to find out that this is not just about little white men with small penis…it is also about little black men with small penises (and yes! they do exists! as do brown men with little penises). So the article should have read men in general. I also happen to know that some women also partake although very few, as this is a very cliquish set of men who use this ‘sport’ as a way to get away form their women, drink copious amounts of alcohol and talk shite and we have to thank the Lord above that it is in small confined areas where personally they should stay morning, noon and night! Half the time so much alcohol is involved that most of the birds get away mercifully…perhaps one day they might decide to shoot each other for lack of birds…and that would be a welcomed thought!
    4. I personally feel that if these men of all colours were going into deep forests and shooting whatever is allowed by those who monitor the necessity to keep certain animals in certain numbers and during a specific shooting season, at least the animals would have a chance. Man against beast and all dat. But to sit in a hut with plastic birds bobbing up and down in water and fake duck & bird calls etc. luring these wonderful feathered friends into a safe haven and then shooting them…or trying to as long as their blurred eyes can find de raas duck…well it is a bit much don’t you think? Man has hunted for food for eons of time…so historically here in Buhbayduss people continue to do so, whether for birds/fish/conk/seacat/monkey/crab. The method is what is disgusting.
    5. Villagers should have every right to complain about an Iraq situation…but I hardly think that this is case in Barbados or any other Caribbean island for that matter. Whistling Frog is definitely making a Chalky Mount outta a crab hole trying to open an ants’ nest of racism that if everyone in this country would just stop and think for a moment…could finally go away. It is those who constantly pound this into people’s heads that cause the crap that goes on to continue. How much you want to bet that in the next generation of children, certainly here in Barbados (thank God!) there is going to be hardly any use for racism as children today are mixing, marrying and living happily…it will be a great time – and those who have made it their job to bawl racism at every drop of a straw hat will finally have to look for better employment. In fact time passing so fast these days, dem bess’ find someting now for dem future!
    6. What is the difference between a few nighly shots and a constant humongous loudness of bump & wine/hollering DJs/ragga ragga from boom boxes with about six people in a fete…now that is something should be banned or at least monitored – it supposed to be but is not! And that goodness mos’ o’ dem playing this deafening noise are men of all colour too!
    7. The solution is right in front of our faces and we the people are too lazy to put our heads together and think of ways to save Graeme Hall Sanctuary. We waiting for government. If this could be made into an effectual swamp…and birds be lured there with signs that say LAND HERE SAFELY AND EAT – MEN WITH GUNS ON DE UDDER SIDE we could have a wonderful place for children to enjoy. Of course, I am being facetious here but there are ways to ensure that birds come where there is food….and rest without being decapitated and landing in a pot….and what better place where families can enjoy nature at its best!

    Lawd, in the immortal words of Jeanette Layne Clarke, come fuh your world…dese people do not know whu’ they do!

  5. And whether Whistling Frog red, white or indifferent, he could still have not made his post so very blatantly pointing at one part of the society…for men of all colours shoot! end of story.

  6. My main concern about the shooting of birds AND fishing would be about the effect on the population sustainability. For example there is a moratorium on the harvesting of sea eggs. We have depleted the numbers of sea eggs to the point that the population collapsed and without restraint there would be no sea eggs in Barbadian waters in the future. There are other species of fish that are similarly threatened. I believe that such concerns would be applicable to the shooting of birds about which I know very little. So my position would be this: No shooting (or fishing) should be allowed unless there are verifiable conservation management measures in place to ensure that bird populations (and fish populations) are not “harvested” to extinction.There is at least a Fisheries Department which attempts to manage fishing.

    On a personal level, I abjure the killing of any animal, bird or fish for the sole pleasure of killing it. I observe that fish taken are usually eaten although I am told in the case of tarpon these are usually released back into the sea. So I wonder how many of these birds are eaten? It can hardly be argued that these birds form a significant or irreplaceable source of protein. It is the shooting that is the “fun”. Such “fun” I find morally repugnant but that is my personal decision.

  7. And men of all colour drive fast cars round and round a track…and men of all colour drive like Stirling Moss through the streets of Barbados too! So shall we ban all racing…in fact ban all cars and let’s get back to horse & buggy days…but then all dat shite…whu we gine do with it? Feed it to those I guess who complain non-stop about this wonderful life we ALL have a right to and do live in this sweet little island called Little England, Bim, and thank God in the end… Barbados!!!

    Stop sweating the small stuff all ya…day and out you poisoning yuself with nasty foods from foreign and soon we all gine be dead with non-communicable diseases. Use your time worrying ’bout dat and ways to stop the murder!

  8. Rosemary Parkinson

    My intelligent agent respect greatly your intelligent gathering ability as you show with penis size… much much effort would have gone into exercise Very markable, very markable..!

    You know that is East because one child policy, the man outnumber the woman by very great gap so the woman is forced to measure penis size as combined number

  9. David,

    you do yourself a disservice in defending this tripe…

    If the article had been just about shooting birds, I would have left it alone. I wouldn’t have agreed with it but everyone is entitled to their opinion. But the swipe about “white men with tiny penises” is more than a little blatant. To borrow a phrase.. size doesn’t matter… at least with regard to shooting birds πŸ˜‰

    I would be curious to know what countries have a blanket ban on the shooting of migratory birds or hunting. Which ones are they?

    In Barbados this sport is legal, and is conducted within a season.

    The birds that are shot are cooked and eaten in the vast majority of cases, so it is inaccurate to say this is for “pure pleasure”, no the individual who shoot don’t “HAVE” to eat swamp birds but generally they are tasty if properly prepared and I once again make the point… how different is this from fishing?

    There is a disproportionate number of Caucasians in this but the sport is not exclusively so. It would be inaccurate to describe this as purely the sport of “bigup white men” whatever their penis size. πŸ™‚

    Bird shooting is done with shotguns, not automatic weaponry, so I’m not sure where he gets the reference about automatic gunfire. Most swamps are relatively remote so to compare the nearest villages that may hear the guns to Iraq or Vietnam where weapons are (or were) actually trained on human beings with the intent to kill is an emotive exaggeration with little or no basis in fact other than the sound of gunfire that is more than a safe distance away.

    “I would like to see people in surrounding villages …. to get some bullpistles and lick the shite out of those pathetic men” David can you explain to me in what way this is not an incitement to assault and battery?

    In conclusion bird shooting in Barbados is legal, and is carried out in shooting swamps that are situated a safe distance from neighbouring villages, while there are a large number of white males (penis size undetermined πŸ™‚ ) amongst the shooters the sport is far from being exclusively white and men (and the odd woman) of varying skin colour (and I would assume varying penis size πŸ™‚ ) take part. The birds that are shot are generally eaten by the shooters and hence this is not a case of just hunting for pleasure.

    Perhaps Mr. Frog might want to clarify his point on penis size as there may be some relevance that makes it something more than just a racist smear however I have yet to see it.

  10. To BAFBFB – whilst I understand your sense of humour…I wonder if you are not just being a tad disrespectful by saying “My intelligent agent respect greatly your intelligent gathering ability as you show with penis size… much much effort would have gone into exercise Very markable, very markable..!”. I am merely commenting of what any intelligent person knows for a fact. I could add on more to this comment but it is not worth it…suffice it to say that women do not worry too much about size…as long as it all works…but men? Well now there’s a problem to be solved. How to stop men from worrying about this factual phenomena.

  11. No No Ms Rosemary Parkinson we from East make friendly with every one. It is not our intent to disrespect… no But we still admire intelligent gathering ability. But our information is variant to yours…no? Our best information available suggest (and your great Ambassador Rihana has conformed this) is that size DOES matter

  12. This article failed miserably. You are only pretending to be outraged. You had a golden opportunity to name and shame one of the participants, instead you blocked out his face. Shame on you!

    • @Caswell Franklyn

      Do you understand that the photo was taken from a website which BU duly gave credit? Go on, click on the photo!

      It is disappointing some would choose to focus on size and not on the main issue which the submission tables. Should we be shooting migratory birds? Is it an exclusive pastime practiced by Whites, the minority group? If so any implications?

  13. BTW yagga yo (Ha ha…very nice ..the English, very nice)

    whistling frog live on ground and on low lying leaf of shrub… have ample opportunity for up-shorts view. And another BTW (ha ha..the English) drunk men leak many many times so whistling frog get good chance to see…no?

  14. And to follower of this blog…I am right there with you! Perfect answer to such a sad state of affairs that we have in this country.

    But my question is: aren’t men and women of all colours (ooops! so sorry made a mistake! Ha haaa! NOT women) all free to join any sport and otherwise club/sect/membership et al here in Bim? As long as they can afford to and wish to? I mean I cannot afford Polo so I do not just mash up those who do because perhaps they happen to be a majority of whatever colour in that field. Whether with big penises or not! Same with track & field, tennis, football, cricket et al. I am a woman and I am not allowed to be a mason…should I jump up and down and throw myself at the mercy of their car tyres or scream about it in the papers calling all masons a lot of racists? Hmmmm….come to think of it…food for thought…!!

    On a more serious note..(yeah right!!)

    ….if certain people will not let you into their club or group…don’t you have a right to form your own. Is this not what clubs or particular groups are all about? We could then, for instance, have a choice. I could go to white racing (broken down into white spoggy, pink or white tan or just plain white), or yellow racing, or brown racing (this could be broken down into shades like red, creamy, light and dark), even black racing (and this could be also broken down in varying shades – black, not so black, brownish, real dark even “he got white in he” shade (which would then bring in a whole new set of clubs/groups depending on shades of dat!)… What fun! So many different organizations could be put forth in Barbados giving all equal chance to join whichever colour they want by virtue of choice! How about dat to make tings real nice and easy eh? In fact we could go further and do the same with our friends, our companies, our government…oh! yes! We can even do it by the amount of money in the bank and then break it down into colours – making choices even sweeter and wider! I can see it now. Compartmentalization is the answer! Bunch of foolish people we are….truly, truly foolish!

  15. “The birds that are shot are generally eaten by the shooters and hence this is not a case of just hunting for pleasure”

    Ha ha ha ha …. the stupidity, i must retract, I am here to make friendly Mr. Follower of this blog… the awkwardness of this comment make difficult to decipher Fresh bird meat very very But if White bajan like fresh bird meat White bajan could find chicken and duck and guinea birds in people backyard or bird factories like So why bother with scatter shot

    BTW Ms Rosemary Parkinson you must know that drunk man with blindfold that uses scatter shot at a flock of anything will hit something…no?

  16. Man with Big penis find much time for woman… Man with little penis find time for the Cockspur and scatter shooting little birds for bloody sport… no?

  17. My intelligent agent informs me of Dr Roach and other woman being accepted by Rotary as first women.. It make very funny story Why would men with little penis want women to join club and modify conversation…no? Big hype for Rotary Rotary no more has women in club, woman penis size was really too So Dr Roach and other woman should go make club of their own..? How does that help bajan women with small penis..?

  18. It was unfortunate, irrelevant and silly that reference was made of the supposed ethnicity of shooters. I am not demonising the shooters even though I personally find the sport unappealing. Leaving all that aside , I still wish to know what conservation management measures are in place and who enforces such measures. Such measures are a feature of all developed and forward thinking countries that permit hunting. Even in the USA where the carrying of a gun is constitutional right, does not permit unregulated hunting and has been known to even stop farming and other economic activity when some species of animal or plant is deemed to be threatened.

    Should we legalise dog fighting? It is interesting that Catalan (a region of Spain) has voted to outlaw bull fighting which has been an undeniable aspect of Iberian culture from time immemorial. Maybe greater environmental sensitivity vis a vis our treatment of animals will also help to increase our awareness of the importance of local foods and organic production of such. On a aside, I am not so sure that local food is any better than foreign food given the present indiscriminate and unregulated use of herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics and other additives in local vegetable, poultry and meat production.

  19. Anonymous…you are right re your comments in answer to all the foolishness written – including my tongue in cheek ones – well at least ‘The Gentleman From The East’ has enjoyed them…causing even more idiocy to be written further by him.

    With reference to the food Anonymous. Again, you are quite right to a certain extent. We have already polluted our lands to the point that organic cannot be termed totally organic…’cause if I plant organic after three/four years of ‘cleansing’ my land, those next to me can pollute it in one rainfall with all they use on theirs. In previous blogs when I have (and still will) condemned imported foods, I have particularly pointed (and will continue to point) at U.S. foods and pointed directly to their animal rearing habits. We in the Caribbean have a lot to learn. We might want organic but as long as we use feeds imported from U.S. we will be giving our animals what will indeed harm us in the end. So whilst a poultry producer may say he does not give his chickens hormone, the question is whether the feed he gives them already contains such. So yes! we are in a bit of a spin-top-in-mud situation when it comes to eating. But the bottom line is…feed yourself with as much of locally grown as you can, wash vegetables properly soaking when necessary such as in cabbage…try still to buy organic at least it is better than non. And the real reason for using local is to stop the importation of third/fourth class goods from the US and keeping the money at home which should then be used in smartening up our farmers with education and the knowledge as to why they must all use all organic practices.

    On all subjects to do with food, animal protection there’s much to be said. Much to be done. Much to believe in. Much to react and act on.

    My opinion is…If those who constantly harped on racism would turn their strength and courage of mouth, their determination to get the masses to do what I really cannot figure out – perhaps take over all the whites, their businesses i.e. just get rid of them and then do what? – and use this energy to get our food and our animal practices in good order…then I would call that very, very productive. We would have a sweet land in truth! Not only on paper but in reality!

  20. Here is some pertinent information which may help to direct a sensible discussion without reverting to emotional outbursts. Wildfowling has been practiced on this island since initial colonization by the English. Yes it is dominated by Barbadian whites who have inherited the practice from generations of their forebears, but the late Errol Barrow among other non whites was a keen bird shooter. In some respects then, it can be characterized as traditional or even a swamp sub culture relevant to that small group of bird shooters. Two aspects of that culture are worthy of note. First of all the carving of decoy birds and secondly, the use of hand held whistles to attract the seven or so species regularly shot.
    Rosemary Parkinson is correct in pointing out that shooting is a social occasion for this small group of individuals who perhaps number less than a hundred. I would argue though that she underestimates the accuracy and shooting ability of the swamp men. Also, shooting techniques have changed from the times when a simple one or two bore shotgun was used. Today’s guns are modified, to enable the shooter to get off five or even seven rounds so that Whistling Frog is partially correct in using the term “automatic.” This allows more birds to be shot. How many are shot on a yearly basis? The swamps keep accurate records or log books but do not readily divulge that information, so a guesstimate would put the total number shot on a “good” year..i.e. one with a lot of weather or tropical systems which force the birds down, at any where between 25,000 to 30,000 birds. Conversely, in a “bad” year, maybe 15,000 might be shot.
    I have often stated publicly, my personal aversion to this practice, yet have found myself defending it on a cultural level. Therefore, when I became President of the Barbados National Trust, I engaged in dialogue with the leadership of the Wildfowlers Association in an effort to see what degree of change could be effected. That leadership I may also state quite publicly was conscious of the need to bring about change in their ranks. Among the changes was the disuse of large amplified speakers, cessation of the modification of shotguns (though not all shooters are in agreement), cessation of the practice of “ground bouncing” (a totally unsporting practice which was initially done to increase the kill rate) and agreement to refrain from shooting those species hovering on the brink of extinction.
    Further change is inevitable and one day, bird shooting will cease in this island as it has in Malta (the only comparable comparison to Barbados) under pressure from the EU. However, here, it will not be in response to the laws of this island. A Bird Protection Act is already in force in Barbados, though in over one hundred years, no one has been prosecuted for killing protected birds. The pressures to stop bird shooting will come from two sources. First of all, the inexorable urbanization of Barbados and the spread of the “heights and terraces.” Traditional villagers who live near to the swamps I am reliably informed are given many of the birds which were shot. A good source of protein for them. It is our expanding middle class who will object to the noise of early morning shooting. Honestly, there is no need to bring the question of race into the commentary, since most white Barbadians, along with their fellow black Barbadians are not in favour of bird shooting. However, what will really bring bird shooting to a halt is the ongoing and seemingly unstoppable decline in the number of birds available to be shot. Most bird species around the world are in decline. More so those shorebirds (mostly of the sandpiper/plover family) which are shot here. Despite the legal protections afforded them in their countries of birth (North America and Europe), the future looks dismal for these species. Habitat loss and over hunting are the causes of this decline. Let us not forget the fate of the Passenger Pigeon which once flew in flocks so large that the sky above was darkened for days on end. Yet in less than a hundred years, they were all shot. So too did the Eskimo Curlew follow them into extinction, the last known one being shot right here in 1963.
    Hopefully, the next generation of “swamp men” will continue the social practices of their ancestors…card playing, dominoes, split pea soup and yes, RP, rum drinking, while looking at the birds flying into their new sanctuaries and shooting them with cameras instead of guns. Then for just a little while longer we can continue to hear the unforgettable call of the pika or admire a parcel of longlegs coming into the swamp for a drink of water and a rest before they continue their flight to their wintering grounds in South America.

    • @Karl Watson

      Thanks for the clarification you have brought to this matter.

      A few points of interest to BU:

      Shooting at birds is* a White man’s sport in Barbados. The fact we have a few Blacks who populate the group does not change this irrefutable fact. The fact we have a large Black fan base of motor sports and some Black drivers who participate does not* change the fact it is a White controlled sport. It is important to understand how the White interest in some sports can impact perception and distrust among a wider Black population. It is why people question the White dominated membership of Kendall Club. Let us be real!

      The fact the spoils from a shoot is given to villagers does not change the fact that tired migratory birds were shot for sport.

      It is interesting you mention that Barbados has a Bird Protection Act which you are sure has not been used to prosecute a soul. This speaks volumes.

  21. I be glad when massa gi me a lil bird to help mek soup. Massa could shoot bird anytime. Poor Black peeple dont mind the sound of gunshot, wuh we dont lick shot too? Only foolish middle class people going complain bout gunshot disturbing dey morning rest. I be sorry when no more bird to shoot cause then I ain’t going get cheap protein and going to have eat chicken from Supacenter. Yuh see poor Black peeple don’t have no consciousness about life, environmental protection, peacefuness or none of dem tings. We only want sumting to eat. Since Barrow use to shoot dat is good reason to keep shooting. because yuh know that we can’t think too deeply. Yuh only got to tell we dat Barrow use to do someting and dat mek um right. Why should we,( like the Europeans) stop the nice white peeple and their new Black friends from shooting birds. Preserve de culture because we like it so.

  22. So David on this matter “It is important to understand how the White interest in some sports can impact perception and distrust among a wider Black population.”

    Why is it that the white community does not seem to feel distrust for sports that are known as having a ‘black’ interest? Why is it that this black distrust continues? ..I would say it is a good question. I do believe that those who incite it are at fault…and how I know this…because those who do not listen to those who incite it could actually not care less and live out their lives in perfect harmony with their neighbour -0 no matter what colour. And no, I am not going to get into it the detailed semantics about this. Just have to say quite categorically that it is tiring – all of it. Blacks looking at white in distrust. Whites looking at Black in distrust. This island needs all its people. Good people. People with a positive look on life for the future of our children – and as I mentioned before thank God a lot of them in this coming generation, enough to continue the trend, are going to be brown with all kind o’mixtures in dem – from Chinese to Indian to Guyanese, Jamaican, Bajan and all de ress of the Caribbean, Europe, US and Canada as well and include Africa into dat melee too! Ahhhh…for a society that no one can call white or black but I guess that truth be known, and with the ignorance that we humans display, then there will be in-house fighting as to who browner and who lighter and who get preferential treatment depending on how brown and how dark. Man oh! man.

    If one distrusts the strength of the ‘white man’s car racing’ or de white man’s bird shooting’ dem open clubs to suit and stop distrusting. If not, just get on with life and the things that are important to ALL of us humans living on dis rock and in dis world.

    And Mr. Watson…you are so good at what you do and I sincerely hope that no-one mistrusts you for it. ‘Cause you are beacon on this island and more people like yourself are needed. By the way Sir, do you cook? Not birds, of course although I have been hunting at birdbush in Jamaica and there’s nutting sweeter than a wild bird…but then the Caribs said the French were sweeter than British but dis does not mean we still eat humans – although I am told in some cultures dem still do! Oh! Dear! So back to the quetion? Do you cook? and if not, do you have a very favourite dish you might like to tell me about? There is a reason for this question. I need to know your most favourite dish! and no…I am not going to cook it for you…if you cannot cook it for me…I will deal with it in another positive way Sir.

  23. “agreement to refrain from shooting those species hovering on the brink of extinction”

    But Ms Rosemary Parkinson may argue that it not be possible for drunk man to ask bird if it is hovering on extinction before he put bullet in

    NO NO NO It is not right to wait for urbanization or decline of species. If majority of White and Black bajan frown of practice you should prove to man from East that this democracy mean something so that he may take some Black bajan must prove that he has big penis and enforce law against wasteful backward practice

    “the last known Eskimo Curlew of extinction fame was shot right here in 1963”. Ha ha … Hi Ms Parkinson, this comment is not lost on you Oh disrespectful person, here is something for White bajan to do that is actuallly useful and not exploitative…no? White bajan should turn his scatter shot on the African snails…no? BTW suppose same White turn his gun on black bird and sparrow and yellow breast and rain bird… oh know, ground dove and pigeons that fly around the parliament square (I keeping my budgerigar indoor from now on

  24. NO NO Dr Watson you must avoid conversation with Rosemary Parkinson… you need to know that Ms Parkinson is collecting intelligent information and you might be part of survey… You must avoid contact or you run risk of exposure…no?

  25. @BAFBFP

    You are hilarious! I have always wondered – what do the initials stand for?
    BTW I preferred the other photo, but I guess that would not fit with your current nationality.

  26. When millions of dollars is involved in such a sport the financial benefits outweighed the life of an innnocent bird. However sooner rather than later an organization would come into force and speak about that goolish sport of bird shooting. Not so long ago many animals were sacrified at the hands of big business but people became outraged and a stop was made to it. Remember how sheik it was to wear Fur. but now the reverse is different.

  27. Ms Rosemary Parkinson…I do cook a bit, not very well, but my aunt in Trinidad did teach me the basics of a good curry which I like to make from scratch. Sorry BAFBFP, despite the double entendre warning, I do admire Ms Parkinson’s writing and culinary skills. Back to bird shooting. Here are some interesting statistics from the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s document Birding in the United States. This can be downloaded by anyone. There are approximately 48 million bird watchers in the USA, 77% of whom observe waterfowl. They collectively generated US$82 billion in total industry output, of which US$12 billion went on trip expenditures. Similar figures could be shown for the UK and Canada. Barbados does not have the large number of resident species of say Trinidad or Guyana, but we get many interesting vagrant species from Eurasia, Africa, South America plus the regulars from North America. People pay well to see these birds. A programme of conservation rather than hunting could theoretically bring much needed foreign exchange to our island, which Bajans of all skin tones need, especially in these hard times. A good model we could follow is the London Wetland Centre. The Graeme Hall Sanctuary went a good way to satisfying such criteria, though the long term and ideal plan (now dashed it seems) was to include the government owned wetlands and have a really first class sanctuary. But many of the privately owned shooting swamps could serve such a purpose. I may be too optimistic, but I am convinced that an ongoing programme of education and civil dialogue will in the long run convince the bird shooters that their numbers driven schedule of shooting from July to October is unsustainable. Most of those who shoot, irrespective of racial background (and this fixation on colour is a red herring) are productive people in our society, with professionals and businessmen among their numbers. They must eventually listen to the voice of reason and fore go past traditions…these may have been valid in the past, but times and conditions have changed. But you know what….it has been proven over and over again…hunters make the best conservationists. So bird shooters, the ball is in your court.

  28. ” Dem men so drunk dem miss bird like hurricane miss Barbados!”


    Once they do not hit anything or anyone else in their inebriated state and argue as a defense that ‘because they thought there was a bird in the bushes’….

    Like the monkey….

    Morale of the story BAF, is not to play with possum in swamp bushes.

    For, said possum will be plucking buckshot out of your cheeks for the next month, if you are lucky.

    Unless of course, you find the prospect of that attractive.

    • @Karl Watson

      Agree with your point earlier about the need for educating Barbadians. In many ways we are backward on these matters. Until Whistling Frog dropped this note BU was oblivious to the activities of the small merry band of shooters of birds.

  29. “Most of those who shoot, irrespective of racial background are productive people in our society..”

    In East, people said to be productive people if and when people actually produce…no? My intelligent agent reliably inform me that the people Dr Watson make friendly of produce only wealth… for Not productive people at all for country.. In fact men guilty of draining US money to import goods and

    Tourism is productive activity.. produce US money Bird watching is niche market tourism…Comrade Loveridge from War and Peace Hotel would want bird watchers to come to Ba’ Owen A’tur, Mia Motty and Fumble Stuart would want bird watchers to come to Ba’ Honorable Rosemary Parkinson want bird dead dead.. I am writing very slow Honorable Parkinson…. Bird do NOT have penis….!

    (By the way Dr Watson is Jew soooo…not good for survey anyway…no?)

  30. At last a factual and funny subject in BU.
    Yes the shooters tend to be big fat white rednecks.
    Yes they pepper small birds with shot and can hardly be taking them home for the pot seeing as they would scarcely fill a corner of their 4x4s or their copious stomachs.
    Do they have little penises that is the question?
    A case of those that can do and those that cant shoot little birds.
    But after all size doesn’t matter – does it?

    But we are not all perfect are we?
    Black / white thugs attend dog fights
    Not sure on the penis size of dog fighters but doubtless they are minuscule.
    the dogs in the fights having all the balls – so to speak.

    Basically does the size of the penis reflect brain size ?
    In these cases indubitably.

  31. No No David I must retract for I make friendly with every one. Now David must inform me as intelligent agent, circumcision not affect size of penis?

  32. How many of these birds are killed,compared to those we take finger licking pleasure in consuming at KFC, Cheffette and Chicken Barn. Killing is Killing. But if these migratory birds are killed to be eaten and not just for sport,per se, where is the beef,Froggie?

  33. That’s another very sore point with me…oh! yes! Barbados does have dog fights, and gambling at them too. And yes! this is a dominated sport but I wonder by whom? And yes, it is illegal but do we hear of anyone being charged? Well I have not…hmmmm….so from birds to dogs.

    I would like that Dr. Watson’s comments, just for once, be read in the spirit that they be given…here is one man who has talked sensibly with possible solutions although some others seem fit to try and bring the discussion back down to the level of white/black and size. As far as I am concerned, those who want to believe that this is a white man’s sport, so be it…that is no problem ’cause who really cares as long as we have de whitey to blame eh? All I care about is that it is stopped and something good for ALL the people of Barbados is made of these ponds and certainly that should include Graeme Hall Swamp. How about a Friends of Graeme Hall committee set up to seek corporate and perhaps EU funding for same…?? There must be something out there we can tap into to make this wonderful piece of swamp a resting place for birds of ALL kinds…NUTTING like nature to make our hearts smile!

    Dr. Watson…how can I get in touch with you with reference to the cooking question. This is important to me. Thanks ever so much for your kind words.

  34. Now Ms Parkinson is sensible… now I am glad “All I care about is that it is stopped and something good for ALL the people of Barbados is made of these ponds and certainly that should include Graeme Hall Swamp” This is very good comment… very very good. Maybe you in better

    But as for blaming whitey we from East join with Bajan non-whitey in comradeship … no sympathy here sorry… you make light of very big matter…no?

  35. On reflection maybe I should not have made reference to certain parts of the anatomy,and the bullpistle punishment,,,,However if I had simply stated that too many birds are being shot in Barbados I sincerely doubt the reaction would have been the same.In this the 21st Century,the year 2010,I personally think it is time to hang up those guns,,,The birds have enough problems of their own than to rely on shooters to help them on their way,,,,,,,I would like the shooters to seriously consider their actions,,,think of this,,,instead of saying hey son you see that BLAM! BLAM! that was a Golden Plover or Black Bellied Whistling Duck,,,,try a camera and say hey son you see that CLICK! CLICK! that is a Golden Plover etc., etc.,,,,,,Lastly I think that if the shooters need to discharge their weapons for fun,then try Skeet Shooting or Paint Ball where they can still have their comradeship,drinks fun ,and all that theyneed to continue their socializing.

  36. And perhaps just for once we could have left out “white” – just for fun and just to be different. Everyone else is on that bandwagon and it has become boring. And yes! Whistling Frog I do believe that we need real men like Dr. Watson to put together a petition that makes sense and that the whole of Barbados can sign and put into the right hands (we did it against the ragga-ragga show that was carded the other day, so why not this eh? And please do not answer with all the usual tripe about white people and their dictatorship…if we form a strong group and the people talk it can be done. I am hopeful that our government will ban these practices and those who enjoy the sport will use cameras instead, and can shoot at Skeet Shooting or Paint Ball (whatever those are but I am assuming they are not real targets!) and drink, sing, tell dirty jokes and generally bond with each other as needs be around the camp fire. But at the end of the day talk is sweet…but we must put our actions where our mouth is and put together a request to the powers that be (Dr. Watson, do believe you are the best qualified to do this) and we put it up on websites, facebook, send by e-mail etc etc and have everyone who does not believe in this sport and sees its end as a plus for our children, sign same. Amen!

  37. thank you for your clarification Mr. Frog. I still disagree with you, but you are entitled to an opinion like everyone else.

  38. Oh Dear, dear

    This was setting up as very good feel good hand shake ending… but for stick in mud “follower of this blog”… If clarification makes sense then where is room for disagree..? Somet’ing Wong…

  39. Fomenting racial discord is an exercise in futility. The fact is that Bajans of all colours are dependent on caucasians from foreign countries for their livilihood eg tourism, off-shore banking etc. Eliminating all white Bajans by whatever means will NOT improve the standard of living for black folks, if you doubt this check out Jamaica.

    The real enemy today and for the future are those hard working Chinese and Indians who will take money away from Bajans via destroying the US and Europe in “free trade”. More men with small penises dominating the blackman??????? Are all blackmen in Bim poor, hardworking with big penises that get in the way of their progress?????/


    • @moneybrain & Rosemary

      There is merit in your positions but to trivialize the psyche of the Black man influenced by his past is to ignore an important ingrident to finding solutions to moving forward.

      In the context of the current discussion White is used to symbolized the disproportionate power which this group has on decision making in our society.

  40. My intelligent agent acting on best information available informs me that all non-Israeli and non-Zionist Jew have very big penis, even after circumcision. So David you safe now… no need for public exposure..

    Moneybrain what you say is very unkind about people from East… you be OUT OF LINE…no?

  41. @David. No matter how you cut it, I am still bored by the white/black syndrome. Why can we just not say those in the money…and believe you me they are not necessarily white or black or brown but a mixture of all colours..these are the people with the power to determine our lives….

    Imagine I decide to open an European Pan Movement and spew out all de crap dat de Pan African movement spews out…like the recent outburst (many of many) in the newspapers a few days ago…and I open my movement all in support of the fact that many whites who were Barbadoesed so many years ago need repatriation back to Europe ’cause as whites we would have a better chance (and I know that I moving from birds to repatriation but it is just as foolish a concept as continuously carrying on as Caribbean people in the divide) and cause I need to find out more ’bout me roots in order to find meself! Where would dat leave all of us eh? pan African movement want to go home or get rid of white…European movement want to go home or get rid of blacks…me ent know who else might want to get rid of brown..all in the hopes that we all gine find weself somewhere…Well we here. We find weself here! So why not just get on with it.

    You know what…I actually know meself…doan know much about me roots or care ’cause dat was so long ago, this tree just looking for some sunlight to keep meself green!

    But now that I think about it more…& give it a little consideration…and based on the fact dat those who want to get rid of white with their constant howling…just to let you know whilst I love England, a villa in Italy would do me just fine where I imagine dat the cliffs of Dover are just there…not too far. So wukk on repatriating me! In fact I wondering if COW reads this blog, ’cause I remember he offered to send home anyone wanting to go find their roots in Africa to find themselves… if he suggested paying for ‘we new possible member of the Pan European Movement’ I might like to be the first to set me eye on dat villa in Italy…dem brown people right? Dem just have no real path to tekk right? Dem just brown.. I certainly know a few ‘possible members’ who are so tired of all the white/black nonsense, we would gladly take he up and moive in with de brown! Bu’ wait… then anudder thought just come to mind…what is the criteria for white? Will there be a criteria for how much white? Remember he only gave de opportunity for black…but what was the criteria for dis? Hmmm…food for thought. Here comes that word again food…the real issue we should be worrying ’bout…might be bess we shoots dem birds and put dem in Super Centa ’cause at least dem not eating hormones…but loss loss…what am I thinking…dey might have flown over a US city and breathe in dat air of distended cows…

    Ah well…all in all…I should go back to the drawing board…cause maybe I cyan pass to go nowhere ’cause I have fambly who is brown and pure black. Lawd I loss… hear my plea! Tell muh where I does belong, and tell muh what to do about whites birdshooting…do!

    But you know what David…I bet if we just stopped and thought what a wonderful world we have here in the Caribbean….nobody killing us for race, religion or otherwise yet…perhaps we could call ourselves at last Caribbean people with a mission and that is to make our country a strong place where we can show de ress o’ dat northern world and Africa too ’cause I member when Jeanette Layne Clake, bless her soul, did tell muh dat when she reach African seh, she ent nevah feel so much racism against Black West Indians befo, oh! yes1 we need to show all o’dem dat we ent in ‘their’ league and we ent bowing to ‘their’ way of democracy by crying racism everah time someone point out dat members of we society behaving untoward. We jess work together to make sure that those untoward become uptoward. Toward everyone being as prosperous as they can be without turning to communism or socialism…but keep a democratic way of life within the true sense of the word. A land without racism….oh! joy!

    Everybody entitled to their opinion and I think that is one good way…but it cyan’t be to the detriment of our neighbours. Money talks and bullshit walks…when we understand dat perhaps we can then call ourselves truly liberated and move forward in unity against whatever oppression we feel is out there. But believe you me, the biggest oppressors of our moving forward are us…sitting back all day long worrying about which colour moving forward and which not…We all have a chance and we should all tekk it whichever way it comes…as long as it is within the laws of the country!

    Is dat such a hard thing to ask? Eh? Is it really dat hard David?

    I gine have to tekk to me bed wid de vapours…whey my Tiger Balm Auntie…wey??

    Now back to birdshooting……meanwhile I real done…truly tired. Cause we jess spinning top in mud. Dr. Watson…bring on de cause on paper and leh we sign an move right along do!

  42. Just got out o’ me vapours let you know that it has been my pleasure to be part of this blog. And I send you all the love that I can possibly give out…’cause we all need it…>3 >3 <3 – now let me see if de heart thing does work on dis blog too.

  43. David, black people should be knowledgeable about how their ancestors were treated during slavery, counted as cattle etc. But to dwell on the past and hate all white people is definitely not the solution especially since the white people alive today are not responsible and most abhor the concept of slavery. The reality is that many blacks sold into slavery were sold by black people/ leaders who wanted to profit from prisoners of war, criminals etc. It should be noted that I know many educated Africans who are very quick to differentiate themselves from blacks in the New World. They actually are very quick to victimise the victims.
    Black people should work together to solve community problems. In the US and elsewhere they are killing themselves literally. This is why drugs of all kinds must be legalised to take the high profit out and tax the legalised revenue which could be spent on education.

  44. Think the point BU is trying make is not about race per se. The legacy benefit of slavery is that Whites control the powerbase in Barbados and most societies. Blacks are currently jostling to dislodge and participate in those power structures. Part of the process is to continue dialogue between the races. It will not happen because we wish it.

  45. @BU.David: “Think the point BU is trying make is not about race per se.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong, but does not the title of this Blog contain the word (and all the baggage of) “White”?

    @BU.David: “Blacks are currently jostling to dislodge and participate in those power structures.

    Kinda like Barack Obama you mean?

    (BU.Family — please forgive me for my immediate above. But I had to say it….)

  46. A gentle comment from observer from East…

    Above opinion from two decent White people make good food for separate topic no..? Man from East NOT independent on issue but BU ripe for ‘nother race debate…no? Man from East feel that these two decent White people way off course and due tongue lashing

  47. Whatever happened to GUTTERPERKS that my black friends and I used to annihilate many birds back in the 60s and 70s? I have no way of being certain but did all of us have small penises too? (My wife always insists that I use copious quantities of KY.)

  48. @BU.David: “Karl Watson confirmed it is* a White man’s sport, fact no?

    Is it a “White man’s sport”, or a “Rich man’s sport”?

    An important difference, as I’m sure you et al understand….

  49. Chris

    Any rich non-White who engage in wasteful destructive practice previously engaged in by White man is quasi-White man In this land predominantly White and White …. same

  50. It’s 44 years of our independence, and still, David, you are harping on about powerbases.
    Don’t you realise your blogs perpetuate this unsusustainable position.

    They only survive because the real power brokers ..the people ..are kept divided by the petty side issues you constantly promote.

    DLP v BLP, when in fact they are both reactionary paid for entities.
    Black v White, this one will always keep the electorate distracted.
    Bajans v Guyanese, another cause celebre to take ones mind off the real problem.
    Christians v Muslims, another bogeyman to distract the masses.

    I could go on forever with whatever is the current scare story to keep the masses occupied.

    If you have a problem with the current powerbases then blog about it, it is the #1 reason why we cannot move on.
    Innovation and entrepreneurship is sacrificed upon the altar of the hallowed status quo.
    Any perceived challenge would be snuffed out, if not by restrictive practices then by government decree.

    Machiavelli rules: Rule 1:

    ink the point BU is trying make is not about race per se. The legacy benefit of slavery is that Whites control the powerbase in Barbados and most societies. Blacks are currently jostling to dislodge and participate in those power structures. Part of the process is to continue dialogue between the races. It will not happen because we wish it.

  51. Sorry about that, to conclude
    Rule 1: Divide and rule
    Rule 2: See Rule 1
    Rule 3: Keep your head down whilst making bank deposits

  52. Chris

    This is very old logic But man from East waiting till David put up comment from decent White person ” Rosemary Parkinson // August 4, 2010 at 4:23 PM ” for separate discussion first.. no? I working on English first…


    That not kind .. I am ashamed of me for laughing at your comment… I laugh really very hard… You must not say these things.. you must

  53. See how easily we get sidetracked by race and sex….Freud was on the right track when he said that sex not economics was the catalyst for a great deal of human behaviour! But penis envy and male menopause syndromes put aside, let us get back to the primary issue, the fate of the migratory shorebirds which are targeted by shooters. The generalizations and emotional outbursts that result from focusing on the question of “whites” are misleading and detract from the main topic. The percentage of bird shooters amongst the Bajan white population is minuscule. Remember I pointed out that less than ONE HUNDRED shooters engage in this activity. So to characterize it as a “white” sport is misleading. Explained in socio-cultural terms within its historical context, the Barbadian gentry (planter and merchantile elite) copied the grouse/pheasant hunting of the English upper classes. There were neither of these species on this island, so they used the next best thing, migrating birds, especially those of the plover family. Before emancipation, Jacob Belgrave who was a wealthy free coloured land owner, was renting shooting spots in Graeme Hall swamp to wildfowlers who were almost exclusively of European extraction. So yes, it was a “white thing” but remember, most Barbadian whites were marginal to mainstream slave owning society, a condition that persisted after emancipation. The persistent idea of a monolithic, powerful group of all Barbadian whites controlling everything is one of the most persistent myths to continue to afflict Barbadian society. White poverty, some of it extreme, only started to dissipate after independence, leaving pockets of white poverty behind on into the twenty first century. And contrary to the accepted “rich white man syndrome”, really, very few local whites are wealthy. Most of them live from pay cheque to pay cheque, sustaining mortgages like every one else with middle class pretensions. Intra class tensions and oppression among Barbadian whites was/is palpable. Just two recollections from my early youth. I would go bird watching with the Hutts, often to Graeme Hall swamp, which was then divided into two sections, the open vales and streams of fresh water and the enclosed shooting swamp, with its green painted galvanize palings. Once, when I was there by myself, childish curiosity led me to clamber out over the water in a effort to see what was happening behind the paling. That did not last long. I was seen and a black whistler was dispatched to chase me away. Similarly, I could not walk on the beach of the then Royal Yacht Club. Prominent white folks relaxing in their beach chairs would dispatch black boatmen to run us off the beach. All this was merely an echo of previous generations of the small white elite pitting poor whites against poor blacks. Divide and conquer…the Romans did it so well. Elite white disdain for poor whites expressed itself in many fashions. One example which repeated itself occurred when poor whites gave cause for displeasure to the elites. They were immediately cut down to size, but in a way which put the grudging black participants at risk. The black slave would be told to mount the horse of his owner, a sword put in his hand and the instruction given to run through the poor white. What an invidious position for the slave. He was truly between a rock and a hard place. He could not disobey his master, but neither could he harm the white on pain of death. The threat was not carried through, but what was emphasized was the complete contempt with which the elites treated the poor whites. I’m straying a bit, but I wanted to emphasize the mistake made in labelling bird shooting a “white sport” since very few whites take part in it but tend to regard the whole practice as archaic and horrific.
    So ultimately, the question is, how do we wean these few individuals away from the “killing fields.” I am philosophically opposed to a fiat or government ban. Government intrudes too much in our lives. A possible solution might be to increase the duties on the cartridges. This way, fewer birds would be shot and the habit of swamps competing with each other to see who can shoot the most birds would come to an end.
    Footnote: RP you can contact me via Facebook or give me a call…I’m listed.

  54. An erroneous assumption among many black folks is that white people dont want them to do well in business. This is certainly not true for clever white business men.
    In the 50s and 60s my own father did business with NE Wilson and indeed attended his wedding. Clever business people understand that only 3 colours really matter that is gold, silver and whatever the colours of the currency are, period.

  55. @ Dr Watson

    We from the East think much of respectful.. we make friendly with everyone, we laugh out loud but in fun and So with respect, if of 100 people that shoot innocent bird 98 are white, it is still white

    If overwhelming majority of Bajan White and Black find sport disgusting, we from East need to understand what democracy is

    “Wean” … NO…. I think better solution is introduce back of head to high velocity projectile, that would modify behavior of 98 White men and 2 not so White

    You in West to soft on deviant… must come down with firm

    We from East know that “Separatist Movement” in Barbados initiate and maintained by White We have Separatist Movement in East… we call them Tamil, Dalai Lama and other rogue state people. Separatist movement not healthy for common good White bajan not heathy for common good…!

  56. I don’t need to have a history lesson on birds to know the goolish sport of “bird hunting ” is wrong and only the whiteman would find it most appealing to their way of life. WRONG! WRONG!
    However they (whitemen) find it more offensive to talk about their dwarf size penises than it is to kill innocent birds . Thank God they (whitemen) don’t have two shot guns one between the legs and the other in their hand.

  57. Blanks ac Blanks..

    Men from East not very comfortable with bajan female… My intelligent agent is on mission to find all available data on wuk up language… I learn the English first and then I learn the wuk up

    By The Way… Peking Duck is name given to grandson.. he is forty five this year…! (I not remember where I put my diaper…@#$%@)

  58. @BAFBFP

    Dat is an ole duck. Don’t taste good. Whiteman would like he for shooting practice.Granson too old for me o.k. Gih he to whiteman.

    • @Rosemary

      Barbadians organized petitions on FB to keep Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary open, it failed.

      There was a similar campaign on the Long Beach development, so far that seems to have failed as well.

      There is the citizen protest by the Graeme Hall and surrounding neighbourhoods who protested successfully against a water park being built in the area so there is hope!

      Governments in Barbados have marched to the beat of their own drums and those pulling the strings. We discuss this on BU all the time, Machiavellian politics.

      But you are correct, we have to keep trying, and trying, and trying until something gives.


      It is always hard to crossover from the esoteric isn’t it?

  59. To the Jackass that made the comparison between shooting birds and fish. At least the fish caught gets eaten whilst God knows what the SOB’s do with the birds. And to the idiots who will tell me that it is game fishing for sport. At least those involve in that game eat the darn fish or give it away to be eaten by someone else. Who the heck is eating the birds. To me that is a wasteful sadositic practice purported as pleasure by a bunch of fat cats who think they can do as they like in Bimshire. Then again they can.

  60. A few points. Above, a number have made mention and ‘jokers’ above is one, of the killing of an animal only as necessity for consumption.

    This is an age-old rule of the ancient civilisations, practising sustainable living, even before the term became popular in modern economics / politics.

    To slaughter without need is against nature and against common-sense.

    Note that even with fish, whereby we nowadays throw away the bones, even these were used by previous civilisations for various things, same as for fat and skin of animals.

    That is that.

    Now, regarding BAF’s position on ‘separatist movement’, I would suggest that such should be considered as political pressure groups, with a valid concern.

    In the case of the Tamil’s it would appear that the majority Sinhalese take racial precedence in a country that has a good amount of Tamil residents.

    Is that according to our perception of justice for all, that a man’s worth is his ability, work and contribution, without fear or favour?

    In the case of the Dalai Lama, he is the leader, religious and otherwise of Tibet. While one may go back civilisations and make arguments on ownership, in living memory Tibet has been independent, with the Dalai Lama as the official, much respected internationally, head of state.

    Geographical greed leans against the established status quo, such that the Chinesegovernment wants this land area.

    Such is politics, but I cannot support BAF with his suggestion that separatist movements do not represent valid claims.

    @Dr.Karl Watson,

    Thank you for the excellent narrative, succinct and much knowledge transferred.

    As a note, Captain Hutt taught me history for one year, second form at school. Wonderful gentleman.

    @Others re ‘Moneybrain’ comments, quote ‘Clever business people understand that only 3 colours really matter that is gold, silver and whatever the colours of the currency are, period.’

    That (as he notes) is from the horses mouth. This is why, in any country including Barbados, the same faces appear alongside political leaders, despite whomever wins elections.

    Money /Powerbrokers play all sides, money and power being the watchword.

    Money has no colour.

  61. Crusoe

    You make very good point.. very very good point… You make comment for first time heard on BU and by my intelligent I want to say it slow so that I not misunderstood what you say…(the English…)

    Bajan White people pursue Separatist Agenda in Barbados because like Tamil and Dalai Lama they are political pressure group with GOOD cause…no?

    Thank you now East have better understanding…

  62. @BAF,

    Good Moses man, I really do not know how you derived that one. No, I was merely commenting on your specific reference to both the Tanils and Dalai Lama.

    Nothing to do with anyone here in Brabados, nor a specific situation, but addressing what I saw was your unfair portrayal of those two sections.

    If you wish to posit a theory of how minorities and pressure groups do or should interact in Barbados, I shall not stand in your way, however.

    I do think that pressure groups have a valid and valuable contribution to make.

    However, I have never insinuated, inferred nor stated directly that I see a white minorty here as having any particular group or agenda, per se.

    Methinks that our Eastern speaking brother has misunderstood.

    No problem, that is the purpose of discussion.

  63. Comrade Crusoe

    No need to clarify. My intelligent agent refer to my action as “Taking the mickey”..? Please join with me and Laugh out Loud…no?

  64. Seems to me that one could keep the “ole tradition” of hunting migratory birds and maintain the population levels with quotas. Every hunter should be licensed and a limit set on the amount of birds he/she can kill in any season.

    Imagine Canada with white tail deer over running the country and ducks/geese fouling up the landscape and every one in Ontario who wants to take any for food, has to have a license. Moreover, there are a limited amount of licenses given out in any one year. If you apply and do not get one, you lose your money. Added to that, the game wardens check the kills, if you are over limit, all are confiscated and you are fined.

  65. Please note I am the Duck not the Frog.

    Please don’t shoot the Whisting Ducks, Black Bellied and Fulvous, they are beautiful birds.

    Car racing has been mentioned. Leaving out Rally Barbados, look at the composition of the local rally events, drivers and spectators. These events are are enjoyed by many people, background doesn’t matter.

  66. @BU.David: “It is always hard to crossover from the esoteric isn’t it?

    LOL… I have reason to believe you understand this game much better than I do.

    But then, you are smart enough to remain anonymous, while I’d stupid enough to post using my real name during this time of uncertainty.

    Just putting this out there — will it not be a glorious day when free speech is actually achieved here in Bim? When it is possible to tell the truth using your real name without fear of retribution?

    (My sincere apologies if that comes across as esoteric and/or pedantic….)

  67. Hunting,killing & slaughtering living creatures including human beings have always been a hobby of the world killers,the murderous stinking Europeans & their descendants.
    The Europeans hunted down the Black Africans in Africa,killed many of them and enslaved those captured.(No we did not sold ourselves into slavery that is only an excuse from the stinking Europeans world killers to seek justification for slavery)
    The killing Europeans also hunted down the American Red Indians in North America & Canada killed them not only to steal their lands but in the process it was fun & games for those despicable ,disease transmitters that this world unfortunately have in today,I am referring to the blights of this world the stinking Europeans.
    Any event that contains killing & blood letting,the stinking White man would be the major players in those activities.The killing of migratory birds is just another sordid activity by the stinking Europeans satisfy they lust for blood.Europeans love the sight,smell & taste of blood and that is why those blood suckers & blood letters love to eat their meats rare with blood oozing from the meat.
    The stinking Europeans are the mass murderers of this world & the killing by the Europeans even affect innocent & defenseless animals & birds.

  68. Oh Dear! Your post is very sad.

    Try to see the good in each individual before you catagorise them. A lot of things that happened in the past were very bad, world wide.

    We can remember and not forget but the current generation needs to work in harmony with each other.

  69. Europeans did NOT invent slavery although they are certainly guilty of the crimes you recount. Please note that Rwandans are Not white. Slavery still exists today in Sudan, Niger, Mali etc.
    If you think the Europeans are bad you ought to see a world dominated by Japanese who in the war in China snatched babies from their mother’s arms and tossed them in the air BAYONETTING those babies on the way down!
    Negroman you should conduct a very thorough analysis of history before suggesting that black people never sold other blacks into slavery. Just ask yourself whether the BLOODS would sell CRIPS for big $$$$ to anybody that had CASH???????? Please wake up ALL races have negative histories.
    BTW regarding compensation for slavery I am NOT genarally in agreement with handing out cash to people who have not worked for it themselves because it tends to ruin the receipients lives ie check research on lottery winners, rich kids, native communities in Canada etc.
    However, I will make you a deal, when I receive a cheque from the UK Govt for 1 press gangs that clubbed people over the head an forced them to work on a ship for 3yrs, 2 my 8yr old ancestors that were forced to work in COAL mines and died before 25yrs of lung diseases 3 my ancestors that were wrongfully accused in the Monmouth Rebellion and sentenced to BIM for life (Thank GOD) I promise I will turnover that money to you.

    If I were black I would do exactly what clever black folks do 1 work hard and smart 2 never forget about slavery
    3 chart a course of success for myself and children 4 associate with people who intend to go to the top.
    I can easily tell you about my cousins family maid who had 11 children and everyone has become at least middle management in their chosen career.

    Focusing on the history of slavery is not going to get you anywhere. I have never focussed on the overt racism of the BLACK POWER days of the late 60s-70s in BIM where they were many teachers, fellow students etc that hated my white skin without any reason or cause. Thankfully, the majority realised that I was not the enemy.

  70. I see we seem to be preoccupied once more with “size”, in particular black vs white. We seem to have also migrated from “dogfighing” to “cockfighting”. πŸ™‚

    Maybe we could have the government declare a “National cock- measuring” day. Before or post erection??

    Or should that have been pre or post election? BAF is confusing muh head wid de language bit. Oh and BTW, don’t lets forget to include the pseudo orientals like BAF in the measuring competition. Winner to be declared either a “National Heroe” or a “Real In-de-pen-dent”. We can probably get Admiral Nelson or Gabby as the judge.

    I am just thinking that this could be a great diversion from harping on the incompetence and inaction of the government for the last 30 or so months.

    Perhaps this is where Dr. GP could give some much needed counsel. Any input from you, David?
    Cheers to all.

  71. @dehood

    Wuh kinda a yard stick should we use?BTW we also have a horse and an elefant in t
    he running!which means we have to included the furlong!

    Yuh birthday just around the corner!

  72. @ac
    Hey, ac, yuh gots a gud memry. πŸ™‚
    Wuhloss girl, yuh meaning tuh use a whole yard!! Yuh bes check out de oriental blogger and see wuh he gots tuh say bout dah!
    de ole hood!

  73. Gu’dear…dis’ getting down to the nitty-gritty of serioisity…I still say wow! I learning lots on dis’ blog believe you me! I felt safer muss’ tell ya when I marched for black power in de 70s in San Fernando, Trinidad. My burfday ’round de corner too…hope I still alive ’cause all dis hatred got me feeling de itch! Dat villa in Italy looking very sweet at de moment to tell de truff… and I did so love my island dis’ same island dat I have written about and still writing ’bout wid love…lawd come fi your world ’cause like we real ent know what to do wid it right now!

  74. this kind of sport would be outlawed in the US and other big countries, but these bastards come to our small island and kill beautiful birds that fly thousands of miles for the summer. Killing these birds should be outlawed.

  75. When i visited a farm in the U.K. that had a shoot annually i was very impressed to learn that all the species of bird shot there were reared on said farm by a games keeper as well as the fish that were fished from the streams on the property, now who says that it is ok to kill migrant birds , we could be earning big bucks from these birds if we develop our eco tourisim, now that is another thing i do not understand how come the torisim board don’t try and keep the grahme hall swamp open and try to sell some bird watching tours and help build up our economy, i say to ban all bird shooting swamps in Barbados we could do with some fish farms here so a bit of inovation could go a very long way to help our economy.

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