Barbados Sold!

Sir Allan Fields presided over the disposal of Barbados only conglomerate BS&T to T&T interest

The recent uproar created by Sir Roy Trotman  calling out of Diamond’s International Managing Director Jacob Hassid as the Egyptian Jew, has pierced the veneer which cloaks a simmering racial tension in Barbados. What we have is a dominant Black host population which has tolerated a relationship with the White population for years, the dominant minority group. It must be recognised that Whites enjoy a disproportionate economic influence which many readily admit extends to the political sphere in the form of White Shadows. The other ethnic groups have respected their minority roles.

In recent years BU has painted a concern about the affect the dismantling of the Barbados Model continues to impact our society. In the last decade another variable has had to be factored, the hegemony of Trinidad business. The unwillingness of successive governments and Barbadians to react to the aggressive acquisition of Barbados Assets does not augur well for a once proud people who exuded pride by being firm craftsmen of their fate.

It is no secret that the cash poor and now defunct Plantations Holdings Limited was gobbled up by CLICO to be asset-stripped.  Unfortunately the trend has continued and many of Barbados highly regarded companies have been acquired by T&T capital. The tentacles of T&T interest now choke financial services, food, beverage and drug importation and distribution, key manufacturing concerns along with real estate. Coincidentally large numbers of Barbadians are employed in the the lines of business mentioned.

Barbadians seen through the eyes of others are regarded as a passive lot. A good example of it is the respectful demeanor shown in the face of changing and transferring ownership to foreigners – of late Trinidadians – of some of our most prized possessions including land. A reality however is that it is very difficult to control how private interest should dispose of their assets. Of interest is that historically many of the high valued local companies have been owned by the White minority group yet when the decision was made to sell there has been a haste to sell-out to non Barbadians.  If it is a characteristic of Barbados that we have enjoyed a stable social and political climate despite known tension between the two groups, why rock the boat by casually allowing a shift of influence to Port of Spain, or is it deliberate?

Some may suggest that BU was gripped by a fit of paranoia at the time of writing.   Have you (Black Barbadians) not wondered at any time if local Whites and cohorts have conspired to control the economic power on the island through the years? It appears when disposing assets this group prefers to sellout to non Barbadians. A careful analysis will show that mainly non Barbados groups now own or control critical tributaries in the local economy: financial services, manufacturing, food, beverage,drug importation and distribution.

It seems evident that Whites especially have decided NOT to fully integrate their businesses. The Williams Group comes to mind. In the last 20 years Whites have migrated their interest from the distributive trade to financial services and manufacturing. We have seen it with the Caves. We have seen it with the Seales. We have seen it with the Goddards. Indeed citizens are free to mobilize and invest their resources as they see fit but it will not prevent those with even a mild sense of discernment from making obvious conclusions.

Of interest is the Barbados labour Party (BLP) platform message in the coming election campaign. Many believe when Owen Arthur was Prime Minister his pro-CSME stance  as the lead for CSME matters in Caricom precipitated the aggressive flow of capital from Port of Spain to Bridgetown.

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  1. @ robert ross

    Poor ‘Bushie’. You’re a hoot, such good value. Soooooooo clever, so funny, such a dodo. And did no-one notice you for 40 years, poor thing? And you are how old now?
    Is this your childish way of admitting that your contributions on this topic so far have been pure drivel?
    You may not have noticed the similarity of (lack of) logic, but John, moneybrain and yourself sound very much like you have been in discussions – probably at Bath or Cattlewash 🙂 , and have been dispatched to deal with this topic on BU in the ‘common interest’.

    John has already discovered that BU is not BFP. You too will learn.

    In your scheming, have you all ever given consideration to the building of a FAIR and EQUITABLE, economically democratic society? …built on meritocracy?
    …or do you fear the competition?
    Judging from your performance here so far, you could not even tie Bushie’s shoe laces…. 🙂

    Wanna have NO NEED TO FEAR black bajans.
    We like wanna BAD BAD!
    you heard how moneybrain father got home during the riots? If that situation had been reversed, that black worker (probably paid 1 shilling per month) would have had to face the white music alone….

    Maybe you should follow John’s lead and just …. HUSH.

    • @BAFBFP

      You have touched on any interesting point. We have a dominant host population which is BLACK – BLACK and WHITE have been tolerant if not respectful of each other over the years, now we have the emergence of the Indians, Syrian, Lebanese and other ethnic groups who MAY not be as tolerant. We have an interesting social dynamic playing out here and some would have us walk away from it.

      Blacks have too much to lose in this scenario so how can we walk away?

  2. It was around the time Cow Williams was fighting Hilary Beckles when he had sugested that the govt should rename farley hill, mandela park.”

    why not Steve Biko park? at least, he laid down his life for the cause.

  3. When bizzy married the black girl, a lot of whites boycotted the wedding and castigated him for so doing. They would not had minded if he had married a local or foreign white.”

    Don’t we shout and feel betrayed too and castigate high profile and wealthy black celebrities when they take white males or females as spouses?

  4. I will cite an example, i worked at white institution, a white barbadian was given a job, she had no knowledge of the work and had to be taught by blacks. in less than six months she was promoted ahead of me even though i was trained in the area to which she was promoted”

    if a white man owns a company and prefers to favour his own kind over another kind what is wrong with that? black persons who own companies that employ white people can do the same thing. there is no law against that. by the way, right now in government the qualification order has placed persons with knowledge of the job but without the required certification at a tremendous disadvantage in that they cannot aspire to promotion but are superseded by certified persons whom they have to teach the job.

  5. Balance
    Ya pussy … now what is wrong with that …?

    You know of course that Lebanese in Lebanon refer to Blacks working in the area as “slaves”. The same is true for post Iraqis, Egyptions and post Gadaffi Libyans.

    • @BAFBFP

      This is a conversation we had started and stopped but which we will continue. There is a nauseating hypocrisy in Barbados when dealing with race and related issues. It is one of the issues which has a big influence on how we improve our society. Often times we forget that equality is what we should strive for to ensure societal cohesion. Many seem quite happy with 3 or 4 people owning all of Barbados as an example and we talk about enfranchisement.

  6. The not too long ago, BMLA (Mutual) showdown, at High-Noon, instigated by Beckles and Elombe Mottley, so that the majority* policy holders, BLACKS, could excercise their RIGHT to VOTE, who they wanted to RUN the Mutual, and what was the outcome of this atttempt to by Beckles & Co to KICK out the White management, and have the Black policy holders VOTE their Black brothers into management control!

    Who did the majority of Black policy holders vote for? Let us hear from the Black caucus, Leftists, here on BU, as they EXCUSE, DENY, and JUSTIFY their racially warped, self referential incoherent diatribe!

  7. out of further curiosity are there any white teachers in barbados’ public schools and if yes how many? are there any white policman, i knew there was one and dont know if he still there? How many whites take part in atheletic, basketball, vollyball, netball. They go to surfing, squash and so fort and when blacks join the said sports they normally run away to yatching and anle fishhing etc.”

    Are you too blind to see? doesn’t the behaviour suggest that the people want to be left on their own? yet we constantly sell ourselves short by actually begging to hobnob with them. they must feel superior when we exhibit this condescending type behaviour.What is wrong with our race that we find difficulty in keeping to ourselves? the other races seem to have no such difficulty. What is it with us? do we have an inferiority complex? do we really believe that black is beautiful?

  8. Nobody really cares what colour anybody is when money is involved” quite true-. that is why we can collaborate where necessary in business and other areas of common interest but we need not socialise because there will always be inherent differences and phobias in this regard.

  9. cat piss and pepper be careful of how you coondemn and judge. if justice prevails there will soon be cat piss and pepper over the suffering presently endured by those clico policy holders over their inability to collect their investments because of the clico ponzi scam and the involvement of the late mr thompson in the scandal which would probably make comments pale into insignificance.

  10. @balance

    Don’t you understand the meaning of “transfer of wealth” and why the whites would be so up in arms by Cow williams marrying a Black ! and then again notice the difference in response from the white s if a wealthy Black marries a white almost silence Now you might want to know why then do blacks get angry when a wealthy black marry a white because the tranfer of wealth goes to the whites and the black community is push another notch down the economic pole,as you well know that money is Power and those who has the most can control that is what the conversation is about that the original owners who blood sweat and tears and who little nickel and dimes help to build the goddards and the shepherds and the banks were not given a fair chance to build on what little they have and were deny equal financial help from the very financial instuitions which they help to build.Now all they give the people are mortgages which if they can’t pay would be returned back to them leaving the native with nothing .

  11. Balance you worry about the lashes that Kerrie Boolani Symmonds put into Mottley, Marshall and Payne and the split in. Your BLP party.

    The Click policy holders will thank this govt for doing the work on their behalf to put money back on their accounts.

  12. Ya see me … I feel that they got TWO Davids runnin’ this blog ya see. One that tame and conservative and the other one that does air he mout’ … the one that I likes real bad … ha ha ha …

  13. And the we have the RACIST idiot in GLYNE CLARKE who withe very speech the latest he expresses his love and affection for the style and actions of the mad man Robert Mugabe and wants lands owned by White Barbadians taken from these owners, you may also remember. His RACIST comments on the Barbados Rally Club a group he assumed consisted of Rich White Boys.
    A total twit and an ass with a block on his shoulder.

  14. @Balance

    Nobody is begging whites to mix or combine. An analysis of their actions demonstrate that they think that they have a God given right to continue with the plantation society where the crumbs were fed to the slaves. Can you remeber when some of the said whites of european extraction run off to Australia and New Zealand when we got independence and some of them could not handle their being treated as second class citizens and rushed back home. They feared E W Barrow who insisted that emplyment in the banks should represent barbadian populatioin structure.

    Are u aware that the distrubtive sector is so locked down that obtaining contracts from the estabslished suppliers in the traditional market is a no no. Some years ago a friend of mind stumled across a distributor in Panama selling duracel batteries and imported thesignificantly less than what the distributors were selling them for. Guess what AS Brydens got hold of the lot number and had the supllier in Panama embargoed from supplying the gentleman with battereries. Strategies like these is what whites use to maintain hegemony over the political process. By the way when Robert Morris was elected a group of whites ensured that he was not reelected by pumping huge sums into his oppenent campaign. They saw him as too radical. Did u remember how the whites at the then Barbados mutual use the fear campaign to get their white counterpart vote in unison, while they use their accustomed strategy of divide and rule. They could not find a black to run with them. They tried to entice one of the menbers of Hilary’s team to join them who refused. Guess what they eventually find a One Ann Gittens now CEO of the Nation. When elected proclaimed that she was the first woman to sit on the Board. Forgetting that it was made possible by radicals like THEN AGAIN Henry Forde who was selected on the Board had identified the said Anne Gittens. By the way their strategy of maitaining hegemony was planned at cattlewash and we got hold of some of their Plans. They encourage Donna Simmons to run to divide the middle class votess. By the way I never knew they had so much whites in Barbados. They were escorted in wheel chairs, on cruthces and lifted to vote.
    The whites sees money, but for their class. THey ancestors have invented racism as a strategy of development and will do anything to keep blacks down for them to have a high standard of living, while allowing a spinkling of blacks who endorse their thinking (white shadows) to move a bit like the Andrew Bynoes.

  15. @ BAF

    You were very late. Now on St Winifred’s. My daughter went there. Some would say she was ‘black’. Her best friend there was black. Many of the teachers are black. She did rather well there. The School was very supportive.

    Now I will tell you why she went there. At first she went to St Stephen’s School. First they did all sorts of odd things with ‘streaming’ and I could get no proper response to why they did. There were other thngs. But the last straw was when daughter came home and said “Daddy.. do you know Ms X was talking about things being ‘boring’ today. She wrote the word on the board…as ‘boren’. Now beloved BAF…as a Father of many children across the Island…what would you have done?

  16. The Click policy holders will thank this govt for doing the work on their behalf to put money back on their accounts.”

    thanks catpiss andpepper- i would be very grateful if i can get my money when my policies mature in two months time. i am waiting cat piss with bated breath.

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  17. .
    “Balance you worry about the lashes that Kerrie Boolani Symmonds put into Mottley, Marshall and Payne and the split in. Your BLP party”
    first of all, let me re-iterate, i have no party. that is why i can comment freely and remind you that you need to worry about the lashes the prime minister put into donville inniss and richard sealy. for mr inniss it was the second occasion the prime minister expessed a difference publicly about a policy decision br Mr Inniss. the first was related to the payment for drugs issue which i would have thought to be a Cabinet decision.

  18. @ BAF

    But yes, there does seem to be another ‘David’ on duty. I once worked in an environment which included young people from China to Peru. The Malays distrusted the Chinese; black Africans thought little of Caribbeans; and the British – well, they didn’t like anyone – not even themselves very much. Me: I preferred the Africans. If they liked you, they said so. If they didn’t, they said so. They were warm hearted and generous in their approach to life. Funny thing though – the Chinese all said that ‘blacks’ looked the same. ‘Blacks’ all said Chinese looked the same. The British all said everyone else looked the same.

  19. Nobody is begging whites to mix or combine. An analysis of their actions demonstrate that they think that they have a God given right to continue with the plantation society where the crumbs were fed to the slaves. Can you remeber when some of the said whites of european extraction run off to Australia and New Zealand when we got independence and some of them could not handle their being treated as second class citizens and rushed back home. They feared E W Barrow who insisted that emplyment in the banks should represent barbadian populatioin structure”

    pure speculationblogger 2012.. the evidence would indicate that whites would have progressed more under black led administrations than the colonial run Executive in Committee system of governance. they have nothing to fear from blacks. have you ever heard whites complaining of bad treatment at black managed institutions like the hospital, the airport. the seaport etc. why ? we blacks go out of our way to accomodate them perhaps seemingly out of fear, willingnees to please or mental conditioning. and yes, david, i stand by what i write on the race issue though unpalatable to some.

  20. balance
    do u think people here igrant or what u have a politcal preference and it is clear for all to see. I wish u would bluntly state ur preferenc and stop parading as balance. I think u should be referrd to as unbalance.

  21. blogger2012 if not allowing untruths to go unchallenged suggest to you that i support one party or the other, then so be it but your allegations would not deter me from correcting misinformation when needs be.

  22. @ David

    You know – the Bush fella is quite capable of taking care of himself. At what age do you become an ‘elder’? And consider what happened to King Lear.

    BU posted something which allegedly came from a UN Report and which contained racist propoganda. The Report was totally at variance with what was alleged. And YOU – whichever you, you are – simply pass it off by reference to something else – which, btw, is not accessible. Do you think you owe your ‘family’ an apology for the ‘misrepresentation’? Or are ‘you’ above all that – apparently like the Bush fella to whom no-one is allowed to say ‘rubbish’?

    But I note that this morning, as a different David, you are more concerned with ‘others’ and say we should not walk from the status quo…..and I suppose that’s some kind of progress. So thankyou for that. BU, as a consequence, does not come over as a platform for the PEP quite so much. Interesting, that the Nation gave them a column only last Friday.

  23. @ Bush Tea

    You now speak of a MERITOCRACY. That – forgive me – is REAL progress and I cannot imagine ANYONE here disagreeing with you.

  24. No wonder the people removed you Barney Lynch from elective politics no wonder you have so much time to write gilbirish on this site.

    You have an over inflated ego and a mind of a simpleton, grow up, You still have the Rasta second man sharing your bedroom with you you ?

  25. @ Bush Tea

    On your shoe laces – are you now incapable of fastening them yourself? So sorry about that.

  26. @ Blogger

    No she didn’t make a mistake. We write as we speak. It’s why tertiary literacy rates are so low.

    But you mention Mr Bynoe and, as usual, decry your own – in this case a successful black businessman. He becomes a ‘white stooge’ – presumably because he’s successful. OK – LIVE in failure if that makes you happy, winge away to the grave. He once told me his story. He got his start in life from a white employer who was kind. Anyway, he’s a poet – so leave him alone. And me – I got one of my ‘starts’ in life from a black man here whom I love and respect. Those things have no colour, and don’t recognize status. It’s why St Paul wrote his Letter to Philemon of his “son”, the slave Onesimus.

  27. Man Robert

    I would send my daughter to St Winifred’s too if I could have afforded it at the time. There is a lot of good that comes out of that institution, in particular the imparting of communicative skills to students, but there is a very very bad consequence that comes with the business model. I am prepared to sacrifice all of the good just to rid this country of the consequence. I say torch the f#cker

  28. Balance

    It is no secret that a huge number of Whites moved from abject poverty to middle class status under the Barrow campaign that was supposed to do the same for Blacks. “If ya White ya alright, if ya Brown stick around but if ya Black, step back” sentiment was hardly affected by Barrows presence, who incidentally was very middle class (too the point of enjoying equestrian sports etc.), much to the credit of his family’s positioning. Barrow was very much a “classicist or classist” and the Whites loved him for it, make no mistake

  29. Cat piss and pepper

    You is a real anomaly. You is come across as real intelligent but you know how to pile on the shite when you ready… Man change sides pun this one nuh, and restore some sense of consistency and order to the universe

  30. @ BAF

    Or – how about burning the rest and building 100 new St Winifred’s’ with no fees?

  31. Barrow was very much a “classicist or classist” and the Whites loved him for it, make no mistake”

    it is instructive that Dame Nita in her remarks at Mr Barrow’s funeral reminded the audience that her brother was a ‘patrician’.

  32. St. Winifred’s actually has an amazing history.

    Did you know that it was started by three remarkable women dedicated to the provision of education to females at a time when females were were really discriminated against by males and had no right to vote?

    Its fees limited places to daughters of those families who would and could pay to have their daughters educated.

    Since then women have made enormous strides and the original aims of the school have been met.

    It now is coed.

    Check the house colours and see if they aren’t those of the Suffragette movement.

    Even the green of the uniform.

    Check the school song and see if you can’t link it back to the Suffragette movement.

    I am going to repeat my advice given years ago on this blog in similar circumstances.

    BT et al, take your ideas as expressed here to a mature woman and if you get her to listen and agree you probably have a case.

    If she agrees with you she will also tell you how women bore/bear discriminatation and how they overcame/overcome it.

    I point to St. Winifred’s as an example.

    ….. BT might not take me on as he has already admitted to feeling threatened by mature women.

  33. Robert Ross

    it is a pity u accepted ur child words against a teacher, Pray tell me somebody graduating from high school cant spell boring, furthermore from university. Perhaps u did not want ur daughther to remain long at the school to be contaminated by blacks. How about that. I think u r aware of white shadows like the Bynoes who have no loyalty to developing his own ilke whites.


    R u disputing that race plays a significant role in the decision making in this country. Until blacks have control of the productive sector very little will change in this country. Who destroyed the used car business? OSA and Nasco et al dont get me started. I saw invoices where New Carollas were costed less than some recondition, yet osa fall for the trap that that the blacks were underinvoicing and osa action of imposing differential tariffs put the nail in their coffins. Whose tune was he playing.

  34. @ John

    Welcome back to the bridge.

    @ BAF

    We build on what is good and share it with everyone. I ‘share’ with you, don’t I? Where’s my ‘T’ shirt?

  35. Ross I gettin’ very selective as to who I selling these tee shirts too hear …? Right now you on the marginal list …:)


    You need to say a lot more about St Winifreds, a lot more. What is this building 100? Is there something wrong with me for seeing something wrong with a training facility that caters to a predominantly minority elite grouping that has a physical difference that is impossible to ignore, and we are not talking about dwarfs here …?

  36. Keep tekking on that millstone called a MORTGAGE to ‘own piece of the rock’ and we’ll never create wealth. The whites living in their old houses in Marine Gardens, Highgate etc building wealth rather than houses and then building/buying their homes cash.

  37. @RR
    Dont use David as an excuse to cop out, i know david will allow decent comments as long as u dont sink to the gutter. I can reach down there with u and communicate from there. I will not back down from talking on this topic it must be dealt with before the young people become apathetic and resort to violence like the 1937 riots and people like the goddard would cringe.


    I thought u had gone off this site why u want to burn down st winifres though. yah like yah did drinking rum. Hilary son went to one those snob school and he turned out to be a murderer. Leave that school for john,rr,hants et al or i gine tell the police u is an arsonist.

  38. BAFBFP | May 28, 2012 at 2:45 PM |

    You need to say a lot more about St Winifreds, a lot more. What is this building 100? Is there something wrong with me for seeing something wrong with a training facility that caters to a predominantly minority elite grouping that has a physical difference that is impossible to ignore, and we are not talking about dwarfs here …?

    We met all night down at the Cattlewash club re building 100 … that’s where I have now come back from!! Now you have gone and let the cat out of the bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Seroiusly though, I took the comment to mean that the standard of many other schools is low so why not do away with them and replace them by more St. Winifred’s. I would imagine that RR was saying was why not learn from what is good at St. Winifred’s and see how to apply it in other schools.

    It works both ways, there are lots of good things in all schools which if we concentrate on them will raise the overall standard.

    Every school caters to a minority of the population. The resources available determine how small the minority is. Together all schools cater to the whole population.

    … and I don’t think there is anything elite about the children at St. Winifreds, they have the same issues as many other children in Barbados.

    Why not make noise about the special needs schools in Barbados. The minority of the population to which they cater is pretty small …… but important, … and very elite.

    St. Winifreds is a business set up to fill a need. If there were no need it would not exist. Other private schools are forming.

    I know I went to school with Closed Brethren children at HC but there is now a very separate school for them.

    There is also a special school for children of the Islamic faith.

    I’ll give you two links to go check:

    You will find nothing limiting the admission to any one minority as I am quite sure you will see in the faces of the children at the school.

  39. No No No. Please do not miss the point. If a business set up that easily facilitates a separate but equal agenda that is at the core of the discontent as represented in this discussion, even if such is NOT outwardly expressed, then such a business should be forced shut … full stop! And yes, all of the good things about the school should be incorporated into the other schools.


    Man earlier I made reference to Frundel S and Owen A by saying “F3ck em both” … You saying that by extension I might be a latent homosexual …? You mean that after all ah this time, Caswell was right afterall ..?

  40. Yes and no. Not this, not that. BAF speaks from a premise. So do I. We share this: we both want the world to be other than it is. The difference is that he wants first to destroy to create good. I want to create more good from the good that we have.- to raise up not diminish.Either way is tenable but speculative. He is not an arsonist and I am not a Brahmin. And whether I’m on his ‘marginal’ list or not, I will always wear his T shirt.

  41. @Blogger2012 et al
    You seriously believe that Whitey wants to “block the black middle class from success” Whitey must be mighty disappointed over the last 30-40 yrs because a very high percentage of darker guys that went to school with me are Drs, Lawyers, Successful business/ sales peeps. many have moved from the bottom of the socio/ econ ladder to a much higher perch. So what happened to you that you seemed to have missed out?

    Offering jobs over a meal( and prospecting for SEX) are both very common activities. Your contention is that this is racist which is probably true in some cases. The key question here is why would an otherwise good business person ( bad / stupid ones are not relevant here) pursue such a course? In some cases it is not trusting dark folks is because of an obvious mentality through the years of criminals who have stolen from and even murdered white people have been seen as folk heroes eg I cant remember the name but he murdered the Sisnets and got out of jail on several occasions until the ex-police shopkeeper shot him at Horsehill at 3-4am one morning.

    Which idiot is going trust a people that think that a bastard CRIMINAL is a glorified Robin Hood????? Mental perversity at its epitome! This type of approach wont improve anything! There are many black people trusted with high positions, indeed, its interesting that some recent business problems featured prominent blacks eg Almond was run by Ralphie and the CEO @ N&M is a black chap. CLICO had many black guys in high positions in Tdad and Bim or was there Whitey in the wings orchestrating that travesty in order to keep darker folks DOWN?

    I dont understand what Whites marrying Blacks have to do with Black success. It seems like Black peeps need Whitey connections for success? NO! In Singapore they have 3 main racial groups….Chinese, Malays and Indian. While there are some mixed marriages it is not very common and the less rich groups ie Malays and Indians dont care that Chinese are NOT marrying them. They find a way to work hard and start a business, they want Chinese to buy from them NOT marry them!

    When you are near retirement age and wish to sell a business of a certain size you have to be very careful how you conduct yourself. Firstly, you know that there are few groups with enough money to buy. Secondly, the banks are NOT eager to lend as much money to retirement age guys unless they have an excellent young executive team in the wings. This transaction took place in the early 1970s and BTW one of the young execs in my father’s organisation was NOT lily white by any means.

    You question why Whites are NOT playing sports as they did many years ago. There are a variety of reasons BUT one key reason has been the racial abuse by some black kids ( and teachers) in schools especially in the 1970s after Independence.They were intent on what they saw as payback for injustices of the past and most white kids decided to move on to sports that were more individual like Surfing.

    You say that because of bad Human Resource planning that White controlled businesses are failing. That should be fantastic from your pov
    since that means that it would be much easier for darker peeps to compete or pick up the pieces.

    I will return

  42. @Blogger 2012
    The point you make about conspicuous consumption appears to me to be a serious problem with far too many black peeps. One case where my father lost big bucks trusting credit to a brother of one of his most trusted black clients was a case of a guy that wanted to appear successful day one. My father always said that only Gravediggers start at the top. BTW the brother that was good at business eventually agreed to pay 50% of his brother’s bad debts A REAL HONEST Gent that was intent on preserving family INTEGRITY. ( everyone in Bim knows this family)

  43. Moneybrain

    Hey don’ bother, you have said enough. Please take the rest of the year off. People who speak as thought they have polled information and have no numbers to back their conclusions up should take time off … hard time. And BTW, Winston Hall did not physically kill anyone. The punishment for his being on the scene at the time a specific act was done resulted in his receiving the ultimate sentence, it does not make him a murderer. What a stupid and lazy law that is, as with so many others.


    Man wah to tell you nah … First I would copy all of the good things from the school and incorporate them into the establishments that nincompoops like Mathew Farley runs, then I would convert the property to a government department, specifically the land tax department, the inland revenue dept, the Vat division and the Customs and Ex dept … then I would torch the f#cker …!


    Look if only the public schools would mimic the St Winifred’s and St Gabriels with an emphasis on presentation skills, confidence building and so on, I would love to believe that the elites would not mind the mixing… Wait pinch me man, I think I was sleep typing a moment ago

  44. @Bush Tea
    TRIPE? You make DUMBASS accusations that you have NOT bothered to obtain the basic facts on and yet you know TRIPE? I have lived in Canada for 31 yrs, I dont live in Bim precisely because I was so afraid of competing with geniuses like you that I went to Canada, got in to the VERY SOPHISTICATED GLOBAL INVESTMENT business, where I have to comprehend Global Stockmarkets, Global Bond markets, Global RE, Foreign Currencies, Precious Metals etc and became a multi millionaire without being a member of the Cattlewash Club.

    I dont think I have a high calibre intellect BUT I KNOW that my IQ is in the TOP2%. I know that my Net Worth is in the TOP 2% Globally. Bim was and IS TOO SMALL to hold my interest!

    I did not go fishing, I went JUG-Jugging at a bayhouse BUT neither at Cattlewash nor Bath. A very sumptious couple of lunches were maul spriggled with some serious Flying fish and cou-cou today. I wish you had been there so I could have verbally dissected your skewed logic along with those 6 FF.

    Bushie, I can’t escape karma? What the hell are you suffering from VERBAL Diarrhea? You dont have a VAGUE CLUE about my experiences, attitudes, interactions with black peeps or anyone else.

  45. @Bushie
    Man you cant even read and make notes??? It was a Goddard who was assisted during the riots. My father was a CRACK RAHTEED MARKSMAN Bushie if he had been forced to, many rioters would have taken their leave of this World in 1937. Thankfully he was not troubled.

    You seriously need to focus better or stop imbibing the SEETHRU.

  46. @Hants
    You refer to corrupt capitalists like if Communists/ Socialist in places like China, Russia, India or AFRICA are somehow purer than the proverbial driven snow. I know you could not possibly really think that way.

    Undoubtedly White peeps in Bim owned the country before Independence. The first colonist were British and the British owned Bim before black peeps ever arrived here. This did NOT stop darker peeps from starting business and making money eg Ms Pringle, London Bourne etc

    may resume

  47. @BAFBFP
    Bro I can AFFORD to take the rest of my life off and never work another day!

    I am purely disputing the pov of some fellas here, just to ensure that everyone is aware that this is NOT a Oneway highway, most situations have 2 way traffic. I do appreciate that certain peeps here detest ELUCIDATION.

    Winston Hall or one of his gang did murder the Sisnett’s at Francia Pltn according to the info. There have been several cases over the years when Bajans celebrated, like the Arabs after 911, when certain darker fellas have STOLEN money from Banks etc One prominent guy used to drive a car with M and some 00000. BUT THAT IS OK right? I would be the first to say that I know of white boys that carry way money too and a few years back one served time at HMP. However, White peeps were generally very ashamed of that development.

    We should all understand that given history a country with a financially dominant minority is likely to mislead that minority to convince themselves that they are superior. So White Bajans do have this affliction, especially those who have NOT lived abroad and honestly opened their eyes and ears. It should be obvious to all white Bajans that in the broader context there are plenty Whites that are unsavoury characters BUT due to their Bajan experience they think of darker folks as criminals etc WHY? Obvious that the vast majority of the population, who have been poorer are going to produce the majority of criminals. Do you have any STATISTICAL PROOF?
    I dont but I think it is highly likely, indeed, commonsense.

    I may have time to return

  48. both political institutions are indebted to busines especially big business. they both depend on handouts from the caucasion, indian, lebanese, syrian business interests to fund their campaigns and obviously there must be payback time.

  49. @ Moneybrain

    ” I would be the first to say that I know of white boys that carry way money too and a few years back one served time at HMP. However, White peeps were generally very ashamed of that development.”

    But isn’t he now a power broker in Barbados?

  50. @Money Brain

    what i have acquired, i have acquired honestly, I have not cheated or lied or misled any body or promote ponzi schemes like u would have t to amass ur fortune. I dont have to look over my shoulder to see who will tek me out

    for ur information three of my nieces ar md and another one will complete her PHD by the end of this year at age 26 and a product of Deighton Griffith.

    I will enjoy a good living when i throw in the towel as i have invested from the time i startdted to see money. The only thing i pray for is good health. By the way my properties are worth more than a million. acquired without any thiefing or hand outs. Figure that out.

    by the way i stand by what i have said earlier..

  51. More tragic misgivings…….Shakespeare

    O seek the light of truth, while truth the while
    Doth falsely blind the eyesight of his look.
    Light, seeking light, doth light of light beguile;
    So ere you find where light in darkness lies,
    Your light grows dark by losing of your eyes.

  52. @Blogger 2012
    How come you are such a SIMPLETON to make the ILLOGICAL assumption that you are honest and can become a millionaire BUT because I am in the investment industry and have made MORE than you, MB has ill gotten gains. The joke is that you dont know me. Soon you should figure out why I have more than you, the penny should eventually drop!

  53. @Enuff
    I really dont know that, you maybe confusing him with his brother. If you are very certain then you maybe right. If i lived in Bim, I would prefer to associate with decent darker folks than such a low life! Most of my friends in my youth were NOT white.

  54. You cant blame them. Black Bajans dont invest, and then complain that we aint own nothing. We prefer to keep our money in a bank or credit union.

  55. (In Barbadian dialect, At least we still have this, although some Bajans are beginning to say ‘All yuh’) Uh confuse!. But it look like we doan own dis island no more. Duh selling we out, an’ we standing back like idiots. Wunnuh like wunnuh doan see dat a different kinda slavery might be coming back in Bubadus. Wunnun betta watch it. We like we turning foolish or sometin’. We think we smart, but it look like dey out smart we. Look whah de children doing in schools, an’ de loss o’ morality is whah got we foolishly foolishy. I gine have to stand right hey, ova an’ away.

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