Whites Are Not Above Criticism

Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Think Tank and Watchdog Group
Trevor Marshall(r)

Trevor Marshall(r)

The Mahogany Coconut Group stands firmly in support of historian Trevor Marshall’s views on the role of white Barbadians in the politics of their country. We also publicly declare that Marshall has never promoted racism but has spent almost four decades in highlighting social and economic issues that affect the entire country.

It was Marshall who first critically examined the role played by Sir. Grantley Adams in Barbados’ political development, to the best of our knowledge, Sir Grantley was black; it was Marshall who questioned the granting of National Hero status to many of Barbados’ National Heroes, most of whom are black. Therefore it is difficult to understand why he is only deemed a racist when he critically analyses the role of Barbadian whites in the country’s development.

We are amazed that some Blacks, who rushed to defend Mr.Ralph Johnson’s description of Barbadian workers as “lazy” and inefficient, would want to give Johnson credit, for essentially painting an entire work force with one brush but would want to crucify Marshall, for asking why Indo Barbadians and other minorities, are not placed in the Senate with the same regularity as whites. It was fair to ask why white Barbadians do not enter elective politics but use their corporate weight to influence public policy.

Whenever issues of race pops up, many Barbadians, seem almost alarmed, that the word white is used. We would be the first to admit that there has been tremendous progress among the Barbadians blacks and whites in terms of the social interaction but there remains a lingering concern about the role of white/traditional corporate structure, in the country’s political and economic development.

We are often regaled about whites who have pulled themselves up from poverty to great wealth. While we do not question this reality; it is also very true that many blacks have done so as well. We also submit that it would have been much easier for the whites to do so because of the underlying racism that was dominant at that period of time. Many aspiring black entrepreneurs could not even enter the banks and other financial institutions far less secure loans. We are still aware of many black business persons complaining that even, at the present time, there is still some concern.

Finally we ask : Why is it that we can criticize: our prime ministers, leaders of the opposition, ministers , parliamentarians, commissioners of police, governors of the central bank, chief justices, national heroes and others but apparently cannot criticize whites ?

134 thoughts on “Whites Are Not Above Criticism

    I remember a few years ago a tribe of Closed Brethren sent to Argentina for a fresh stock of White women … My God
    The other CB, Cattle Breeders ,of Barbados, also go down to Argentina to get a fresh stock of cows.

  2. Why is it that so many black fellas go for white women and white fellas for black women? Or are they all, these females, simply cows to be herded?

  3. Robert Ross | August 10, 2013 at 2:26 AM |

    Why is it that so many black fellas go for white women and white fellas for black women? Or are they all, these females, simply cows to be herded?

    From the year dot!!

    Increases the gene pool, …. good for everybody.

  4. big news. Oprah Winfrey victim of racism as she tries to have acess of a bag worth 24 thousand dollars .the cashier quippedf that Oprah could not see the bag as it was too expensive for her to buy but instead point her to other bags that might have been a lot less expensive

  5. @AC
    You do appreciate that Oprah only made a measily lil $77MN last year, this terrible economy is effecting everybody!

    I trust she did NOT buy it from that store! Maybe Oprah should buy the Whole Store just so she would be that person’s boss?

    BTW, Oprah is an excellent example of how tons of White women are very willing to accept black leadership and she accomplished this many years ago! 30-40 years back literally NO ONE would have thought that a chubby black lady would have a very successful Talk Show on TV. OW broke the racial divide like few before her with the exception of MLKand ????. I rate her with the greats!

  6. @money brain. your comments in reference to Oprah size and color is apparantly what that cashier in switzerland saw.not a human being but a balck chubby person having no status in a world where blacks are perceived as failures and having no financial clout. this unfortunate situation again just like the TM situation goes back to mistrust.the same mindset which GZ harboured causing the death of TM

  7. Money……………….actually, most of the comments in the US related to the Oprah incident in Switzerland are hateful, racist, jealous and nasty. These are the same people who would go on her show and smile up in her face at her money and gladly grab a free $38,000 handbag if she was giving it away.

    Check out New York Daily News online, there are about 1,000 comments and most are filled with hatred from the bigots in the US.

  8. It is interesting that right on the heels of TM verdict another verdict was handed to a well know celebrity because of her color formed by a “suspicion”

  9. @WW, AC
    No doubt North Americans are among the very best at smiling up in peeps face while simultaneously knifing them in the back. However, all races have peeps like that and certainly all racial groups have tons of racists.

    Like a black Bajan bro of mine used to say, “I suppose it is better to be able to identify who is racist by their overt behavior, than the ones who hide it”
    So very true!

    Being married to a female of another race is also very illuminating. More than 35yrs ago we went to a Chinese Restaurant in London , UK with another couple who were also mixed ie white guy/ Chinese female.The waiter asks us whether we want “mashed potatoes” for Dinner. That is the way of many humans, best to just laugh at their ignorance. I clearly remember, my mother, in 1962 while watching Dr NO, commenting about the oriental people with slanty eyes not looking too trustworthy. She would never have expected I would marry one.

  10. Moneybrain………………….life is very much like that, the reason why i don’t promote hatred for any race, it tends to always come back to bite. Switzerland has a serious and ongoing problem with racism, it’s very quiet so it’s hardly heard of, this incident presents a good opportunity to highlight what goes on over there in case people are becoming complacent and pretending it still does not exist, it’s just as bad as ever.

    We know the racist bigot/idiots in the US most of them are semi-literate anyway, but one must always be very mindful and careful because when they want your money/riches or anything of value they will smile in your face and pretend to love you, after they get what they are after it’s back to practicing the same old, tired, played out racism. It’s an ongoing battle.

  11. Yeah and now Switzerlanders have been exposed as closet racist .thanks to that 24 thousand dollar bag and a black woman with miilions of dollars who could have purchased the bag but was denied acces to having a look because of her skin color. . .

  12. One thing that you all need to be aware of is that again, Racism is about contempt, the contempt that the Japanese felt for Europeans (and indeed Chinese, one whould argue that they are of the same sub spieces) and the contempt that just about every other race employs when having to deal with Blacks. Of course it is not just the Blacks that have to deal with such a universal response but the idigenous peoples of the Americas, of Palestine, of New Zealand, Australia and of so many other places on Earth. You do not have to Hate someone to be contemptous of that person.

    To know racism is to know that it is NOT about Hate.

    What I find interesting is that there is another White Barbadian that I know that has been married to a person of Chinese origin for some time … and I thought that Billy was the only one

  13. Baf said:

    “To know racism is to know that it is NOT about Hate.”

    Baf…………..we may have to debate that one day, not today though, problem with thinking hate is not involved is that the racism always leads to violence and an attempt at annihilation, in the case of blacks it has become so embedded in their psychology that they are beginning to practice it on each other, i see no love there, we can safely say people have used it effectively as a weapon to enrich themselves for many centuries and the only end result is the total destruction of the human race as mammals with feelings toward each other…………but as i said, we can go indepth another time.

  14. Robert Ross @ mixing saves lives when dealing with the Sun and people haters .
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    Vitamin A is for wrinkles . face and in side
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    When ready to up grade let me know.

  15. Plantation…………when this topic gets going on blogs in other countries it could go on for days, but we end up hearing all the truths, it’s easier to tell people how you really feel if you cannot look them in the eye, you always end up hearing everything………..


    US blogger said:

    “Old American Joe15 minutes ago
    It’s in white people’s DNA, they can’t help themselves. They don’t have to use racial slurs to perpetrate their hate. They are masters and originators of racism.

  16. @Baffy
    Billy is 2nd Tier chronologically speaking. They were a few Bajan gents a lil older and darker than me that married ladies from Asia or Asian bloodlines. Billy would be more my age group but a tad younger.

  17. Money

    What I can’ wrap my brain around is how could any man grow up in a place like Barbados and not have a vivid appreciation of the shape and feel of a proper Bajan female’s pooch …! 🙂

  18. @Baffy
    I could not agree more!
    The error of your thinking is that Oriental female pooches are all somewhat non existent! Not true! Some are proportionally very shapely although few are monstrous in their convexity as in ” it tek she botsy 5 minutes to ga round de corner!” Cor bli ma!

  19. When you visit Barbados as a Caribbean national, some locals will detect and identify your nationality by your accent or mannerism. Now, here is the problem. Some locals assume you are there directly from your native country – and if they observe that you are spending money and having a good time, they resent you for that. They assume that you came to Barbados as a non-national and are living a better lifestyle than the native Barbadians. They do not know you are actually visiting from North America. I’m a British-Jamaican & Barbadian and I have experience that one night in Oistin Bay. And a friend of mine who is Guyanese-American was visiting a retired Guyanese national living in Barbados (retired from the U.S.) had the same experience.

    Overall, my many visits to Barbados were great otherwise. Most people were friendly and unassuming.
    Just want to point these things out that Barbados don’t need people with that condescending or stereotypical behavior…

  20. @Kevin
    You did not elucidate whether this pertains to White Bajans (only), darker Bajans or a combination? Please clarify.

    Bajans are generally very obliging easy going and well mannered. However, I have observed that they will become agitated if a foreigner, especially a dark person like themselves, becomes demanding or comments on the slowness of service. Bajans can be a tad arrogant and strongly believe Bdos and Bajans are close to perfect. Certainly Bajans hate anyone to criticise no matter how well meaning. Bdos an Bajans have always been quite successful and sometimes we become convinced of our omnipotence and stubbornly refuse to listen and learn.

  21. Moneybrain………..truer words have never been spoken, bajans both black and white have trained themselves to be thus dimwitted.

    Baf……………..i will be short and sweet, debates are hot all over. There was a debate of race in the US recently, bloggers were going at it for at least 10 days, moderators were exhausted and comments ran in the tens of thousands, bloggers were being viciously creative. The mild, medium and hardcore racists were not giving an inch and were brutal in their comments, others were dangerously assuring them that there was no backing down, some realized that others were at the point of shooting or already shot up their computers so it was just a matter of pushing a little more and a little harder.

    One really hard core racist finally bellowed out, don’t know what got into that one, “you bitch, we have been getting rich off racism and hatred for centuries.” Well looky here, everyone stopped typing and looked at that glaring admission, i don’t have to tell you how many bloggers were throwing up smiley faces and how many were LOLing all over the blog.

    Later it came out that only a few people are recognizing that after having practiced racism and hatred for centuries, the reality is it has become embedded in the DNA of those who practice such and they then give birth to more of the same, in so doing, they have stunted their own intellectual capacity so we are now seeing the dumbed down and self-imprisoned results world wide, the saying when you are digging a grave for someone always dig two, make sure you dig one for yourself, definitely applies here.

    It is not working as well as before but you can guarantee racism and hatred go hand in hand, one never worked without the other, it is not as effective as before but it still exists. That is why if you assault anyone based on skin color (racism), religion, etc. etc, you are charged with and can be convicted of a hate crime.

    Baf…….hope that gives you a new perspective, would love to hear your comments.

  22. I understand your comment Well Well, I do.

    All I am saying is that hatred is “bred” out of contempt, and so too is patronizing and condescending. Someone who makes a comment like this “I like Black people, I honestly do, but my daughter will not be allowed to marry one” or “I get along well with The Blacks” does NOT genuinely show any hatred towards Black people.

    Racism and sexism are ONE and the SAME. “I love my wife, but I would never make a woman Prime Minister.” I hope you understand why it is important to know that “hate” is a subordinate, and NOT the main theme. Those Whites who push this “racism is a hate crime” agenda are serving in the interests of the truly dangerous racists. Tek my word dis time nah.

    And there is another thing. In the US the English and French immigrants were contemptuous of the Germans who came later, who were in turn contemptuous of the Irish who were in turn contemptuous of the Italians and the Jews and so on up to the more recent Eastern Europeans. But when it comes to dealing with non-Whites the entire group of White immigrants become one with the charge of making the US (the world) safe for Whites to live and settle. In the US, as in deed the world over, this should be a big problem for the rest of us, and even though there are people that for all intents and purposes,should be considered White (White Arabs for example) they too are the target of this pervasive contempt.

    Understand what racism is; it is EXACTLY the same as sexism, just a different flavour.

  23. Baf said:

    “All I am saying is that hatred is “bred” out of contempt, and so too is patronizing and condescending.”

    “Understand what racism is; it is EXACTLY the same as sexism, just a different flavour.”


    yes Baf……..and when it’s all flavored with violence, stealing, discrimination etc, etc, it all leaves a rotten taste.

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