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The Grenville Phillips Column – Repent

Government Ministers can corrupt a national economy by giving no-bid (or no-tendering) contracts in exchange for bribes.  The participating businesses are normally the least competent in the country, who can only survive by paying bribes to shield them from fair competition.  Their incompetence is normally revealed in the substandard goods and services they provide. The substandard goods normally require excessive

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The Grenville Phillips Column – Bearing the Sword in Vain

Jesus asked His followers to forgive other people in the same manner that they wanted God to forgive them.  With this being the standard, how do we want God to forgive us?  Do we want to be forgiven entirely?  Do we want to benefit from being given another chance, as if our offence had never occurred? This type of forgiveness

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A Grenville Phillips Column – Loopholes for the Guilty

My perspective of the Integrity in Public Life bill is informed from my unique experiences since entering this political trench three years ago. My situation is different from other politicians because I am outside of the BLP/DLP protective umbrella, and the tip of the spear protecting all Solutions Barbados candidates from harm to their reputations. From this perspective, the weaknesses

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Town Hall to Train Managers and Workers ISO 9001

To: All Barbadian Workers and Managers Are you being managed properly?  Are you managing others properly? There are various ways of managing customer’s complaints, including. fear, intimidation and murder (North Korea). embarrassed by being shouted at by the manager. bored with a conversation with the HR department. However, the most effective method at permanently solving customer complaints is the ISO

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