The Grenville Phillips Column – Choosing the Right Boyfriend

Grenville Phillips II, leader of Solutions Barbados

As we approach the inevitable General Election, voters have a most important decision to make.  Who will they select to manage their affairs for the next 5 years?  During this time, political parties will try to entice voters to vote for them.

There are currently 3 political parties with over 20 Candidates.  The Democratic Labour Party (DLP), the Barbados Labour Party (BLP), and Solutions Barbados (SB).  The BLP and DLP are skilled at wooing voters, who, for this article shall be called Lady Barbados.  They are the equivalent of boyfriends whom she has had in the past.  Solutions Barbados is a new suitor.  How can he convince Lady Barbados that he truly cares for her?

Her experience with Boyfriend DLP has not been exciting.  He goes out with her but insists that she pay for everything.  The items are not the most expensive, so she pays for them.  He has made it clear that if she selects him as her boyfriend, he will never pay for anything.  She will always have to pay for herself, him and his friends, because he does not work.

Her experience with Boyfriend BLP is a lot more exciting.  He takes her on expensive trips and lavishes her with expensive gifts.  She feels so lucky to have him.  Then he presents her with a bill for all of the items.  She is shocked to learn that he had added her name to his credit card making her responsible for all of his purchases.  He tells her that she must pay the entire debt.  He also makes it clear that if she selects him, he will keep her in unsustainable debt by doing the same thing – but she will enjoy the gifts.

Lady Barbados is so disappointed and hurt by the actions of present Boyfriend DLP that she is considering returning to Boyfriend BLP.  Then she meets Solutions Barbados and he immediately shows her how she can pay off her debts without much difficulty.  He also works with her to start a new business and generate another revenue stream.  He then helps her renegotiate her employment contract with her employer to protect her future earnings.

Solutions Barbados knows that she has been hurt by previous boyfriends, and is attentive to the cautious manner that she now approaches monetary issues.  So he prepares detailed financial plans for their future together and encourages her to get professional analysts to examine them and advise her accordingly.  He does this because he truly cares or her.

Lady Barbados considers her options and realizes that she no longer remembers the harm done to her by Boyfriend BLP – time has healed the wounds.  Now, she only remembers the expensive trips and gifts, and longs for that experience after being burdened so long with cheap and lazy Boyfriend DLP.

Solutions Barbados tries to warn her about the previous irresponsible ways and reckless debt promises of Boyfriend BLP.  However, she gets angry.  Why must I talk negatively about Boyfriend BLP?  Why can’t I just woo her without spoiling her dreams of an expensive lifestyle – the fine wines, tender sirloin, exquisite deserts, expensive jewellery, and Paris by night?

I try to convince her that our planned future will allow her to purchase any of those things herself.  But I am losing her.  I try to bring her back to reality, but she is lost in her dream world.

She is certain that no-good Boyfriend DLP has to go.  But the recollection of the good times overpowers her.  She can smell the food, taste the wine, and feel the excitement of opening a present that she knows will be wonderfully delightful – oblivious to the fact that she will be forced to pay for it all.  If she makes the tragic decision to return to Boyfriend BLP, she will never know the stable future that she just, in a moment, gave up.

Choose wisely Lady Barbados.

Grenville Phillips II is the founder of Solutions Barbados and can be reached at


  • @ Well Well & Cut N’ Paste At Your Service November 10, 2017 at 9:52 AM

    What’s so new about the advice of going to the IMF sooner rather than later?

    Didn’t OSA proposed that a few months ago?

    Those now speaking with so much informed audacity are mere johnnies-come-lately exiting from the penumbra of public sector inertia and jumping on the bandwagon that was on the IMF road for sometime now.

    The opportunities for negotiating with the IMF on Barbados’s terms have gone.
    There is only Hobson’s choice. The only question left to answer is which of the remaining government-owned asset would be put up as collateral.

    And we all know GAIA is the jewel of foreign choice.


  • @ BF/PP
    Bush Tea ….What is the MAIN reason that customs is not yet a part of BRA?
    Forget all the political statements, long talk and insults and give a short and direct answer.
    Because there is no leadership from the two incompetent idiots in charge.
    Stinkliar and the woman he put in charge of the brassiere.
    Now we cannot even pay the damn road tax without taking vacation from work…. how the hell can such morons assimilate Customs – where so much blenders are at stake…??

    Same reason why Artax could not successfully implement the change to computerisation in his department – He is obviously an incompetent JA for a leader….
    Some of us have ROUTINELY implemented many, much more complex changes in BARBADOS without so much as a serious sweat….steupsss

    JAs to the right of us
    Shiite hounds to the left..
    Brass bowl in front of us..
    …and you KNOW who are bringing up the rear….



    What must the leadership that you mention do to successfully get custom into BRA?


  • SSS

    Again I say to you that we have no basic disagreement….your concerns are mine as well.

    Facts of our system is that a pumpkin vine cannot bear squash,all of them are 6 and half a dozen and we can change the chairs on the Titanic as much as we want and the end result will still be the same.

    How do we get off the Titanic is the question….we need to enfranchise the masses,create a future for our youth that involves ownership of whatever vision is used to leave this sinking ship,develop a vision that involves a holistic approach to our land use policy,create industries out of what we have in Bim or the wider Caricom…….etc,etc,etc

    I have gone indepth with this too many times…..a vision from the people that can be articulated by a smaller group is the way forward…..will it happen….who knows.


  • SSS

    Yes, I understand your point and agree with you 100%.

    And you are correct re: both BLP & DLP have never addressed the issue, perhaps because it is in their interest the status quo remains.

    I would also like to see a “dismantling” of the status quos that exist in Barbados, which would result in significant changes in attitudes leading to an increase in productivity and people wanting to do as much for this island as for themselves.

    Similarly to how the BEES and DEES have their operatives in government offices that would “leak” information (or make sure it falls of the back of a truck), sabotage operations or become obstinate because their “party is not in power”…………….

    ………………. any new party would have to prepare for these actions…. “twofold.”

    However, I must admit that I am least qualified among you in this forum, to engage in any discussion about politics, not because I have a dislike for politicians, but because I have only voted twice.

    In 1981 I was too young to vote and not being registered prevented me from voting in 1986 and 1991. However, I exercised that right in 1994 and 1999, but refused to do so in 2003, 2008 and 2013. And judging from the prevailing conditions………….. 2018 is looking a “bit shaky” as well.

    But highlighting the shiite in the yard-fowls’ comments has become a hobby.



  • Bush Tea

    It’s time to behave like a man (if you are indeed a man) and not a slut, “dropping childish remarks.”

    Where in my contribution did I state I was RESPONSIBLE for implementing a computer system?

    Unless of course you INTERPRETED my trying to encourage people to prepare for computerization as being responsible for implementation.

    These “back & forth” contributions have given me insight to this person, “Bush Tea.” He is not a decent individual and is one who believes because he may have achieved some irrelevant shiite he thinks is important, justifies his slutty attacks on people.

    A slut or a pig in a suit………. remains a slut or pig.


  • Well Well @ Cut N Paste At Your Service

    ….The opportunities for negotiating with the IMF on Barbados’s terms have gone…..

    ya may want to repeat that for politicians, ministers and yardfowls…4 more times Miiller, ya know they hard of hearing and have problems processing standard english…lol

    Heathrow ended up being sold to a wealthy African some years ago, dont know if he still owns it….dont see why they would mind having to sell GAIA…they worked so damn hard over the last 20 years to lose it..

    ya right, spilt milk…

    i gotta stock up on chocolates for this shitstorm…for sure.


  • @ Artax
    These “back & forth” contributions have given me insight to this person..
    You have NO IDEA of Bushie’s motivations or background….
    You have NEVER met anyone like Bushie …and likely never will anytime soon…

    Pig, slut, stinking dog…. you can choose any label you wish for the bushman….
    you are still talking shiite – and Bushie will whack it without remorse.

    You raised the issue of your involvement in the computerisation of your department in Government – NOT BUSHIE
    YOU raised the fact of your failure to implement – NOT Bushie…
    You admitted your failure to encourage people to adapt the new system … NOT Bushie..

    Obviously you are of the same mould as Stinkliar and the BRA woman…..

    @ BF/PP
    What must the leadership that you mention do to successfully get custom into BRA?
    Who ever said that it makes sense to get Customs into BRA….?



    @ Bush

    The point is not if it make sense or not.
    Why are you side stepping.
    Your reason that it is not yet merged is to blame two individuals.

    Let me ask it a different way..

    How would bushie go about getting customs to merge into BRA?

    After you answer that then some of the changes that you have help implement in Barbados.


  • Bush Tea

    Once again you proved you’re a shiite bucket jackass. When people highlight your inadequacies, you often shift the goal post in an effort to “come out on top,” even if it means writing lies.

    INDICATE to me WHERE I stated in my contribution that I was INVOLVED “in the computerisation of (my) department in Government system” other than I tried to encourage people to accept the change……..

    …….. or that I failed to implement the system?

    Granted that I failed to encourage some people to accept change…….

    Then there must be a SIMILAR INDICTMENT of teachers/lecturers that FAILED TO ENCOURAGE some students to pass CXCs or graduate from BCC or UWI…..

    …………. or driving instructors in their FAILURE TO ENCOURAGE people to pass their driver’s test
    …………. or swimming instructors FAILING TO ENCOURAGING some people to learn how to swim
    …………. or a dance instructor FAILING TO ENCOURAGE some people to learn how to dance

    Never met anyone like Bush Tea, shiite…. you are not an exceptional human being, except perceived in your head. And are your so called “motivations and background” more important than that of others? The more you write, the more you prove yourself to be an old jackass fighting to relive the past, because you do not bare any relevance in this modern era.

    You pretend you have the answers, but never presents any solutions, because you can’t…….and you hide this inadequacy by writing in jest, to shift the focus on the fact you are just another clueless similar to the rest of us you mock.

    And then you criticize everything, call everyone JAs, say everyone writes shiite, write shiite about you “got a whacker,” BBB and other childish shiite. And you have gotten away with it because people in this forum seem to be scared of your perceived wrath.

    Keep on writing more shiite…….. yuh old has been wanna be jackass.


  • “You have NO IDEA of Bushie’s motivations or background….You have NEVER met anyone like Bushie …and likely never will anytime soon…”

    Is that to impress us……………Like I give a fcuk who is Bush Tea.



    @ ARTAX

    I would encourage you to stop dropping your standards to the level of others. Keep it up to the level of you first contribution.

    Readers can clearly see where ISO is needed to raise standards and productivity in this blog but as we also can see it will fail because of the mentality that is deeply ingrained ( I am not talking about the public service but you are correct on that point also).


  • Wahloss…..yuh gine killee Artax……..blows like pease pun de ole feller….tek cay ‘e done dead an yuh get charged wid killin de ole breadfruit swopper.

    Gi’e a nexx nudder tap fuh muh do…..hahahaha.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    All the significant changes that took place across many lands started with one man and completed by a few good more. They did not let the dreams of their champion die, they furthered the cause. Unfortunately, Barbados is not a known land for backing up anyone or any one thing. Imagine, the island going down the drain, people supporting crooks, people making deals, people lying through their grins, people neglecting essential services, people buying vehicles from crooks, people driving vehicles purchased from crooks, alleges that people putting millions in dead mothers accounts and all you get from the big mout talking shites in Barbados is nothing. They accept whatever is thrown at them and are about to show forth their disdain towards the ignorant democratic labour party by voting in the other ignorant thieving BLP party. This is their form of retribution. You know why I hate the BLP so much because they are arrogant, thieving, greedy and insulting. You know why I would never vote for the DLP again unless all of the current lot vanish from it because they are arrogant, thieving, greedy and insulting. Granville getting the girl power vote, even though Tracy is not convinced that Granville is it.


  • @ BF/PP
    Why don’t you let Artax continue to unravel his BU mask of intelligence?
    Even angela is able to get him to expose the classlessness that defines his REAL persona… far less a probing Bushman…

    So now you want Bushie to explain how to merge Customs into BRA?
    ….INDEPENDENTLY of whether such a merger makes sense or not…!!??

    Sounds a lot like enuff’s wanting to make CSME a reality – although it clearly makes NO sense whatsoever in this era.

    You do know of course that one of the defining characteristics of a fool is that tendency to expend huge amounts of efforts on useless and meaningless endeavours… while neglecting critical necessities….. so count the Bushman out.

    As to your wanting examples of Bushie’s exploits – Get thee behind the bushman’ donkey….

    It is enough that David (BU) knows Bushie’s business….
    Three is a crowd….. 🙂


  • @ SSS
    No wonder you cannot stomach living in Barbados.
    Persons of your ability to see past the shiite must have a terrible time living among shiite hounds such as Vincent.

    It does bother Bushie from time to time too, but after a few revs on the old whacker …and on hearing that nylon whistle….
    Bushie remembers that BBE is in his place on high, and that all is going to plan.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    You ever hear about weeding out the weasels? Loyalties of both parties are strong in the government service. So what! When you doing things in the dark you cannot expect to operate transparently. Any new party that is transparent, accountable and one to do the right thing do not have to worry about what falls off the back of a truck. The operatives would have to falsified information in order to stir up mud base on lies. Even then, the new party do not have to worry about that sort of propaganda as long as they operate transparent and above board. That is the worries of a party looking to get so they must deceive. That is why the reports from the auditor general read like an accustom script. Thieves must hide, thieves must protect, thieves must agree. All the crooked PSs, who are in the do would not have to follow the stipulations of an ISO programme, failure to do so, and they are arising money issues in that particular ministry, then the full weight of the law should be brought to bare.


  • SSS

    Leaders develop a vision after listening which in turn makes it easy for it to resonate with the masses……I await a vision for our future from a leader.


  • Bushie

    haha…wah happen….wuh yuh cussen muh fuh… is Artax peltin de lix in yuh backside


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Wonder if the Home Office caught hold of Ha, Ha…lol

    The squatters in government, public service occupiers, yardfowls and all the other blind riff raff can pontificate like toddlers as much as they want, they either change the way things are done, bring it into the 21st century…or they will be forced to do it…..

    ……they have broken the country and now have to go a begging. …they have no choices left, hope they enjoy their illgotten gains…Karma will demand a reckoning.

    Am so thankful neither me nor mine have to depend on these bunch of selfish, selfserving incompetents.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    Can you recall the last time leaders in Barbados listened? A vision is the easiest thing to envision when you realise that where you live has completely lost sight of what theirs were. If we have forgotten the reason why we sought independence, and made education free and have never made any attempts to expand that vision beyond, then we are getting what we currently deserved.

    Conceptualising a vision is not hard. It is what you do with it that makes a difference. Politicians have a vision. They have done well to protect and secure that vision so that they can get money in the shortest possible time period, and never face a court of law if they come up short.


  • SSS

    We are seeing and saying the same thing……we are basically living in hope.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Bust Tea

    Can you stomach living there, under all the shite that is happening? You know how much lies build big houses; how much thieving provided big rides, and how much collusion allow people get where they are? You see what that Saudi Prince doing in the country right now? The man does not give a shit if it is a prince, an uncle, a close friend or a past girlfriend, the man locking up all who were involved in corruption for ill gotten gains. These people wash in oil money. yet they corrupt. But, about there in Barbados, these stinking bitches want you to believe that all they have and accumulated, they saved, inherited or was gifted. No corruption, no deal making, no money passed. Imagine, if you want certain things you got to spread your legs to get it. I will tell my story, if I have not told it on here already, about a certain politician who wanted a piece of the SSS.


  • @Vincent

    Did you get a chance to listen to Paul Gibson of Solutions Barbados who attempted to explain ISO9000?

    He fell short of the mark!


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    And if Solutions dont have people who are well trained and know how to gather the necessary information to gain certification….it will not happen.

    Talking ISO is one thing….actually having the skills to walk it all the way to certification is quite another.


  • David

    Yes….I heard him… are correct.

    Ellis saved him with an invite to hear them at a future date… hopefully they would have gotten the message and send in a more technically savvy batsman.


  • Spend half hour educating yourselves about iso 9001

    Let google be your friend.

    ISO 9001 will simplify a lot of the archaic processes in the civil service.

    The last company I worked for was Iso 9001 certified.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    ISO does not need Granville or his team to know every little thing about it. There are specialists who implement these programmes in companies all the time. Even if the guy came up short in his knowledge base about 9001 that does not mean that the ISO programme is doomed to fail.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    SSS…ISO has to be applied according to set standards, it is not dufficult, once those doing the work are well trained, I doubt those who are trying to explain it will be the ones actually doing the certification process.

    You must pass certification…Grenville should know this, he is the one with the idea to introduce it to the public service,.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    It would have to be obvious that Granville knows this. None of his teams can implement this in the government system. Therefore, none of the spokespersons needs to know every detail involved with it. Only certified companies that are bonafide are responsible for teaching, coordinating, and establishing these standardised principles in any business. In our company, we use 9001 and let me tell you we must adhere to 9001 management standards less we lose our certification when audited. And, unlike Barbados, organisation and adherence earns the respect of prospective clients in the face of fierce competition from your competitors.


  • @ SSS
    Bush Tea……Can you stomach living there, under all the shite that is happening? You know how much lies build big houses; how much thieving provided big rides, and how much collusion allow people get where they are?
    It is NOT easy girl.
    It tends to really piss the bushman off at times…
    Fortunately, a wise man sat down and wrote Psalms 37, which spells out the situation in VIVID living colour, and which bushie has lived to observe over and over and over….and will again..

    1 Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity.

    2 For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb.

    3 Trust in the Lord, and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed.

    4 Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

    5 Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.

    6 And he shall bring forth thy righteousness as the light, and thy judgment as the noonday.

    7 Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for him: fret not thyself because of him who prospereth in his way, because of the man who bringeth wicked devices to pass.

    8 Cease from anger, and forsake wrath: fret not thyself in any wise to do evil.

    9 For evildoers shall be cut off: but those that wait upon the Lord, they shall inherit the earth.

    10 For yet a little while, and the wicked shall not be: yea, thou shalt diligently consider his place, and it shall not be.

    Patience is perhaps the greatest of all virtues….
    Bushie has seen so many cases where these low-life crooks and scumbags have come to their deserved ends, that the bushman has pity for all those who feel the need to pursue this line of life….. knowing what awaits them around the corner.

    Jack Warner for YEARS paraded around the Caribbean as a super-Don …. as did Allan Stanford in Antigua, and the many lawyers now adorning BU’s ‘lawyer in the news’…. and more…

    The time is coming – and is NEAR, when the whole pyramid of dishonesty will collapse and there will be great weeping and gnashing of teeth in many places in this Brassbados.

    Who knows, perhaps someone will be made to squeal?
    …..and all that was hidden in the dark shall come to light….


  • Well Well @ Cut N Paste At Your Service

    SSS…well there you.

    ISO rocks as long as adherence and best practices are observed.

    Grenville ought to know he cant have any fly by night people involved in the process…from experience i know those who are clueless and lack knowledge love to interfere trying to upstage and one up…..the island is famous for such idiots with titles.


  • Well Well @ Cut N Paste At Your Service

    SSS…well there you GO…


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    Whenever Granville gets the opportunity to implement ISO 9001 standards in the government system, he should know, if he does not know already, that he must pay out a few million to the company hired to do so. They can be no local poser pretending that he trained in ISO delivering his fakeness under the guise that he is a known expert. We already know how they rob the treasury because there political friends signs on the dotted line.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Lol… wont even cost a couple million, because it’s government departments involved, there will be a cost but nowhere near a million……the most work is information gathering….because someone has to do it and prepare the necessary paperwork.



    You asked the Almighty, omnibenevolent Mr. Perfection: “How would bushie go about getting customs to merge into BRA?”

    Rather than ANSWER the question, he went on to mention about my “classlessness” and side stepped the issue as he USUALLY does, by writing in JEST, about irrelevant nonsense.

    Which proves my point that he never brings anything of substance to the forum, only criticism of everyone and everything………… because he is the Almighty.

    “Classlessness” is “multi-faceted” characteristic and is not defined to one particular behavior. “Classlessness” is also descriptive of a narcissistic man who believes he is superior to all human beings and also “unraveled his BU mask of intelligence,” when he went as far as COMPARING himself with God…… such a comparison “defines his REAL persona.”


    As it relates to the ISO 9001, when I mentioned that the management system may encounter difficulties because of the organizational culture which exists in the public sector, the copy & paste artiste mentioned I’m “limited in knowledge or in the ability to process information,” “keep pointing out the limitations of the bajan intellect,” “There is no difference in ISO implementation.…whether private or public sector….ISO implementation remains the same….simple and basic.” “And with the same damn results in the public sector as in private sector. …one standard…. and ISO recertification process to maintain standards remains the same…it is not rocket science and never will be.”

    And after describing me as a “childish, backward, dumb-dumb,” mentioning that I’m suggesting ISO 9001 CANNOT be implemented in Barbados, when I did NOT………and copying and pasting information from Emera’s web-site to give the impression that she knows what she wrote about…………….

    ……………… read the below comment, which comes back to the point that I’ve been trying to make:

    “Well Well & Cut N’ Paste At Your Service November 10, 2017 at 4:39 PM #: And if Solutions dont have people who are well trained and know how to gather the necessary information to gain certification….it will not happen. Talking ISO is one thing….actually having the skills to walk it all the way to certification is quite another.”

    This is a clear example of someone who loves to criticize just for the sake of being critical and to massage their ego.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    I never expected you to be so ruffled or disturbed by what others think about you. Move on and stop being bothered. BushTea is an intelligent man but he not always right. WWC wants the best for Barbados and like me is angry because she just cannot believe that the same shite that put Barbados in this position is the same shite that people still praising and glorifying. Both are entitled to their opinions. Cuss them and move on. However, where I agree with them is that we got to move passed this thinking that because it is the way that it is, anything attempting to change it will fail. That is why I support Granville, and his ISO 9001 proposal to make the shite in government come under some stringent governmental standards. I am sick, sick, sick, of the pretence of two political parties that make you want to believe they will do what is right when they seemingly do what wrong most of the gaw darn time.


  • Thophilius Gazerts 120

    Artax is a bright guy and I enjoy his stuff.

    General note:
    Why are these smart guys so frigging sensitive.
    You need to develop a coat that allows ‘water’ to roll off your backs and move on.
    If you have a message then preach your message. Some of it will fall on good ground and some will fall elsewhere.

    Next thing you know, they are pouting and walk off the battlefield. Gentlemen, grow some balls and a thick skin.

    I dun wid dat. Any incoming missiles will be ignored.


  • SSS

    I’m mot ruffled……….. I hate pretentious arrogant know-it-all people with condescending attitudes that, when challenged, resort to insulting other people’s intelligence as though they are epitome of or have the patent for that particular characteristic.

    But enough of that.

    I also am in favour for what is best Barbados, but when I look at the content of all the political parties in this island, there is a blatant “dearth” in leaders and politicians with a definitive vision for the future. And contrary to what others may believe, I’m in favour of the ISO 9001 management system.

    The traditional political parties (BLP & DLP) are basically presenting similar “warmed over” policies and trading insults with each other.

    Rather than defend their 9 year tenure in office and present short-term and long term policies, this inept DLP administration is focused on a LEC shiite issue, and in a time when they seem unable to solve the island’s social and economic problems.

    The BLP on the other hand, has not been able to convince me that they are capable of solving these problems as well, even though economists such as Dr. Mascall, Ryan Straughn & Marsha Caddle are among their ranks.

    I was impressed with the UPP, until David Gill went on the platform at a political meeting of that party, to describe how he believed he was wronged by the BLP and constituency for not being nominated to contest the St. Michael South Central, even against the background that he lost three times to Richard Sealy. Gill should have used that opportunity to articulate his vision for the future.

    Grenville Phillips II, in MY opinion, spends too much time criticizing the DLP and more so the BLP, rather than focusing on articulating Solutions Barbados’ policies. Because, despite the fact of him saying SB’s policies have been in the public domain for the past two years or more, many people remain unaware of them.
    SB’s policies are “unconventional” as it relates to what we have become accustomed to and they are presented a bit too simplistic………. hence, there is an urgent need for him and his members to become more vocal.

    Perhaps rather than being the “face and voice” of SB, he should “assign” specific members to address specific issues.

    The following information was taken from SB’s web-site:

    Improving Transportation:

    “1. To address the high cost of public transportation, the public transportation system will be privatised and fairly and well regulated.

    “2. The existing public transportation system will be limited to transporting school children in uniform and will be available for charter.”

    Such a policy warrants explanation and discussion.

    As it relates to CAP, that political party has too many disgruntled members among its ranks.


  • @Artax

    Following your prosecution of ISA9001 with great interest. Your position BU supports. In fact anyone who listened to Paul Gibson of Solutions Barbados trying to explain to David Ellis on Friday would not have been encouraged that SB has a plan to operationalize ISO9001 given the challenges that the cold culture of the public service will bring.


  • @ David

    I believe implementing ISO 9001 is an excellent idea and I never mentioned being against its implementation, nor have I ever mentioned that it CANNOT be implemented in Barbados, as some in this forum want to imply. And bringing examples of private sector companies or countries that successfully implemented the system are beside the point.

    It’s all about reading and understanding, with an open mind, the points being made, rather than reading and interpreting information based on your mind-set and within the parameters of any conclusion you have already made.

    My point is simple, based on the attitude of being opposed to change or “interrupting the status quo,” which prevailed the civil service for SEVERAL YEARS, there will be some resistance to conforming to the standards of the ISO 9001 management system………………because it changes the status quo.

    That’s why I’m SUGGESTING there should be a SYSTEMATIC APPROACH to changing this attitude.

    Recall government has been STRUGGLING with public sector reform, despite establishing an office of Public Sector Reform in February 1997.

    Their mission statement is as follows: “To initiate and facilitate organizational transformation and renewal through innovative programmes and the provision of advisory services to foster a professional and performance-oriented culture in public sector agencies.”

    In 2017, government is still experiencing difficulties enhancing productivity, managing resources and providing basic goods and services.

    The point BARBADOS FIRST/PATRIOTIC PARTY (BF/PP) also mede relative to merging Customs with the BRA is valid and a perfect example. Also, take example from what occurred when the BRA was established. Those employees with the necessary experience in tax issues opt to be transferred to other government departments because, (as I was told by a number of former Inland Revenue employees), they were unwilling to work with the Board.

    The BRA had a number of officers who do not know about issues as simple as filing an income tax return for a partnership.

    We have to take these issues into consideration.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Grenville’s mistake is allowing those who have no hands on experience with ISO and it’s processing, getting on a radio and trying to explain it, when they themselves have no working knowledge of what is required.

    If ya dont know, ya dont know…let those who have worked with ISO before….successfully bringing a company or departments to certification and recertification….explain the concept….

    Because ya are an aspiring politician or candidate….dont mean ya know shit about ISO…outside of what ya read online.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Art….I have never been on Emera’s wrbsite or BL&P’s website….not even when I was there, I never needed to….and none of the process used to walk BL&P to ISO certification….was ever put on any website….for one simple reason, the process was done, the paperwork incredibly accurate…it was acccepted, they got certification…end of story.

    So stop trying to act like I have to go on a website to know what has been in my head for 15 years.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Certain things you will not find on any website.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    Hon, trust me when I say I will not support Granville’s party with two eyes shut. He will have short comings and his vision will be subjected to great scrutiny. However, until tested, we cannot say that he will end up wrong or not be right. Even if he is not going according to conventional political campaigning, I have to give him the benefit of the doubt at this time.


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