The Grenville Phillips Column–Living Debt-free

Grenville Phillips II, Leader of Solutions Barbados

It has become fashionable to judge persons in the past for not doing enough to stop injustices during their lifetimes.  For example, if persons did not own slaves, then we may deem them complicit because they either did business with those who had slaves, or did not speak against it forcefully enough.

Jesus warned us about judging others, noting that we will be judged as severely as we judged others.  In various countries around the world, there is: sex slavery, genocide, persecution of Christians, and a host of other unconscionable injustices.  At this moment, someone is being mercilessly tortured for their political or religious beliefs and they are desperate for relief.

Fortunately, we live in an age where we can facilitate the relief of all persecuted groups.  As a sovereign nation, we can bring their plight to regional and international groups of which we are members.  As members of professional and social groups we can put the issue on the agendas to see how we can make a difference.  As individuals, we can pray.

There is one group who has suffered more than any other.  In some countries, they are subjugated in times of peace, and raped at will in times of conflict.  They are our sisters.  The justification for their subjugation is normally religious, and the justification for their rape is normally the reward of conquest.

It has also become fashionable to blame Christianity for the subjugation of women, despite the evidence that countries with a foundation of Christianity are generally where women enjoy similar freedoms as men.  However, to mention such inconvenient truths is also unfashionable.  It is useful to be reminded of the Biblical perspective.

God gave the first man and woman the responsibility of managing the Earth that He created.  They were to do this by first managing a small business as a team.  The man was initially responsible for using the available resources to complete tasks, while the woman provided strategic advice to advance the work effectively and economically.

God was their coach and friend who instructed them not to get into debt.  However, rather than manage the business in a sustainable manner, they were enticed to take out an unsustainable loan which neither they nor generations of their offspring could repay.

Being spiritually in-debt was a stressful existence for both men and women, and it resulted in women being subjugated.  The woman’s subservient role was codified in national laws and customs, which were strictly enforced for thousands of years.  Fortunately, Jesus paid the debts of all men and women so that they could live spiritually debt-free lives.

This was very good news for both men and women.  Men could benefit from a woman’s strategic advice by providing an environment where she can thrive, and women could escape a life of subjugation and operate as true partners.

Tragically, many people seemed afraid to experience the liberty of debt-free living, and preferred instead the false security that their in-debt experience seemed to provide.  So how is this Biblical perspective relevant to us today?

History has shown that irresponsible men prefer women to be spiritually in-debt in-order to maintain control over them.  When such men get into places of authority, they seem to think that they are entitled to concubines.

There is simply no good reason for any woman to choose the stresses associated with spiritually in-debt dependence, when a liberating debt-free existence is freely available to her.  Barbados needs spiritually debt-free women to play national roles at this critical time.  It is important to note that such women comprise approximately one half of Solutions Barbados candidates.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and the founder of Solutions Barbados.  He can be reached at


  • To stop indebtness, you had to take away sovereignty from Barbadian Parliament. The MPs behave like drug addicts. As long as they can, they will borrow money to afford silver Mercedes, Miele kitchens, marble floors and Grohe showers in their gated communities.

    The debt level of this island is not 150 %, but at least 200 %, if you add all liabilities of statutory corps and pending payments. The international institutions are fully aware of these facts and will hand over any USD only in exchange for burning down the public service.

    You need an Argentina solution and to expropriate local clueless holders of government bonds to have a fresh start.

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  • Dr. Simple Simon

    @Tron March 2, 2018 at 8:55 PM “To stop indebtness, you had to take away sovereignty from Barbadian Parliament. ”

    A Simple Response: And give the sovereignty to whom?

    @Tron March 2, 2018 at 8:55 PM “The MPs behave like drug addicts they will borrow money to afford silver Mercedes, Miele kitchens, marble floors and Grohe showers in their gated communities.”

    I don’t know about your MP or the other 29 MP’s, but my MP is a decent person. Does not have a silver Mercedes, Miele kitchen, marble floor or Grohe shower; and does not live in a gated community.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    When Grenville stops co-mingling intelligence with his religious rhetoric to gather followers and mindless idiots, then he will be taken seriously.

    People are moving on to a higher intellectual plane, get with the program.


  • NorthernObserver

    GP II, call a spade a spade, don’t beat around the religious bush.
    The current administration, has ONE ELECTED female, the St.John MP whose most famous contribution of nearly a year ago, was referring to females on the other side of the house as childless. The rumour mill has it she is departing. None of MMcL, EBS, ISG or VD are elected.
    Of the four elected in the Opposition, two fought openly, resulting in the removal of one.
    You have the ammunition to roast both parties. YOUR opponents.

    This political strategy worked very well for Justin Trudeau a few years back. But it has to be front and centre, not buried in the depths of debt and religion?


  • I was told long ago, remain silent when you have nothing positive to say. Steupse


  • If Solutions Barbados has thirty prospective parliamentary candidates, why is it that in the run up to a crucial general election e still hear a single voice? Is this a democratic voice, or one of authoritarianism?


  • Wuh chubble dis? lol


  • The Gazer wrote I was told long ago, remain silent when you have nothing positive to say.”

    The PM told you that . lol

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  • When is Solutions going mount its platform? I would like to know!


  • Did anyone see the picture of Fumble coming down the steps of Parliament in today’s Nation?

    The man looked like a defeated man………just like the picture of Sandi coming down the same steps in 1994 after his own party members brought him down in a historic vote. The headline in Nation that day was……..Sandi goes down.

    Fumble picture reminds me of that historic night!


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ SB:
    “Barbados needs spiritually debt-free women to play national roles at this critical time. It is important to note that such women comprise approximately one half of Solutions Barbados candidates.”

    Will this group of women be making up the top brass of your moral/religious police force mandated to be the peeping toms for those in breach of your ban on watching porn?

    Don’t you understand that those countries which have the largest populations of “spiritually debt-free women” are those countries where religion is not part of public relationships?

    Why don’t you ask the women of Scandinavia or New Zealand if they would be prepared to join your cult of ‘morality’ dictators?

    When are you going to leave the Age of the Inquisition and get with a modern age programme of: ‘Each to his/her/other own brand of morality as long as it does not impinge on the health and rights of others’?

    It is people with your mindset that the likes of Copernicus and Galileo (even Marie Stopes and Emmeline Pankhurst) had to hide from.


  • It cost money to mount a campaign not so? Solutions Barbados is not fortunate like the UPP to have persuaded Maria Agard to their side and consequently attract public funds. A Bigfoot move by Lynette!


  • Long live Kant, the liberator from mental slavery!


  • It will be to no avail……David.

    When we talk about constitutional reform……..things like this need serious reform.

    With two sessions left in the dying days of the life of Parliament, Maria Agard declares that she is leader of business for the UPP. Did she consult with the people of Christ Church West? After all she is a stickler for due process and principles.

    She of all people who has been demonizing people about principles pulled this stunt just so that the UPP can get taxpayers dollars. How is this fair to the other fledgling parties like BIM who has been around longer than the UPP?

    My only consolation is that big foot move is the last we will hear of Maria Agard other than in her dental practice. What a political nuisance!


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ David March 3, 2018 at 4:37 P

    It leaves one to wonder where that slice of taxpayers’ money will be spent.

    Clearly not much in Ch Ch West compared to the City?

    What a jackass move by Lynette to run for the City! Why not in a more ‘middle-class- upscale’ constituency in Ch Ch (with Ch Ch South clearly up for grabs) or St. James where her type of politics would have a more resounding appeal.

    She could have made a well-groomed replacement for her master Arthur in St. Peter. The frustrated ‘poor’ girl will now lose her deposit in Mottley and Miller pork-barrel territory after spending taxpayers’ money like the sewage flowing on the South Coast!


  • Didn’t Richie Haynes do same?


  • Lynette is running in the City to stop Bostic from winning, not to win. As for Maria Agard, the stats below says a lot about her chances:

    2003: DUGUID 2,622; Barrøw 1,438

    2008: DUGUID 2,510; Abed 1,859

    2013: AGARD 2,340; DePeiza 1,808; Abed 374


  • Enuff, miller,

    Can you really see Lynette campaigning in those run down God forsaken areas of Greenfields, Chapman Lane, Nelson Street or the New Orleans?

    Lynette did not even care to canvass in St Philip West….her father was the one who did most of the campaigning.

    I would be surprised if she gets 25 votes!


  • Agard continues to show political naivety by her recent actions in taking the BLP to court to demand a place at the party table and now embracing a start up group and having the gall to thank the Ch Ch West constituents on behalf of the stupid ill conceived bellyaching UPP.Not one damn seat fuh allyuh.#blimmuh.


  • Who listened to Grenville on the talk show yesterday? He seems to have toughened up! He appears to be steely committed though to ISO 9001.


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