Grenville Phillips II Launches the Next Political Party in Barbados

Grenville Phillips II

Grenville Phillips II

Grenville Phillips II is the man behind the initiative to start the next political party in Barbados. The following was extracted from the Solutions Barbados – The Next Party.

We are a group of men and women who love Barbados, treasure our reputations, and plan to offer ourselves as candidates in the next general elections in order to give Barbadians a competent alternative.  While we have some potential candidates, we need more – hence, the following.


Accomplished men and women of demonstrated integrity and leadership, who love Barbados, treasure their reputations, and are willing to present themselves as candidates in the next general elections in order to give Barbadians a competent alternative.  Prospective candidates must not view politics as a career, but as a brief time of exemplary national service.  Expect: long working hours, vicious personal criticisms, no pay, a slim chance of being elected, and an exciting journey.

Before you contact us, please do the following.

  1. Read our Solutions on the Solutions page.
  2. Read Harold Hoyte’s book: “Eyewitness to Order and Disorder”.
  3. Talk to your family and put your house in order.

We do not intend to be elected to simply wait around long enough to earn a pension.  Rather, we intend to govern responsibly.  A summary of our main solutions are described on our Solutions page.  They are designed to address the main problems hindering Barbados’, and therefore your development.  You are encouraged to comment, and we will happily engage you in discussions of how they may be improved.  The improved solutions will become our promises to you.

Our guiding principle is to provide an environment where all Barbadian citizens and residents can become healthy, wealthy and wise if they choose to.  Our Solutions are designed to accomplish this

Current Main Political Parties

Despite their failings, we should count ourselves very fortunate that we have been led by persons who seemed to genuinely care about Barbados.  Therefore, both political parties should be thanked for their past service.  However, we should be under no illusion that it takes any special competence to spend other people’s money.  As a country, we are very deep in debt, and useful unsolicited advice appears to have been ignored as we plan to go further into debt.

One political leader recently revealed that that only those in the political trenches had the right to have their advice on national issues considered.  Since we do not plan to stop offering unsolicited advice, and we have no desire to engage in futile exercises, then we have no choice but to reluctantly enter the political trench.  If the Government or Opposition parties follow our advice, then we will leave the trench as quickly as we entered it – the choice is theirs.

Improving Barbados

The greatest obstacle to improvement lies within you, the reader – the voter.  This obstacle is the fear of change.  People would rather stay with what they know, regardless of how incompetent, than with what they do not know.  Hopefully, after reading our Solutions, you at least know what we support, and to what we object.

It has been said that good managers try to do their best with the resources available to them, while leaders change the environment to allow for better management.  We intend to lead.

We invite you to: share this web-site by including a link on your Facebook or other social media page, inform your friends, family and colleagues about Solutions Barbados, and follow us on this web-site in order to be notified of any updates.

Due to the charging of individuals for breaching the Computer Misuse Act (section 14) and the Defamation Act, we must reduce the risk of inconvenience by reviewing all comments for compliance.  You can help us by not speaking disparagingly about people.  Please note that all favourable and unfavourable comments will be posted, but any defamatory information will be redacted.  We apologise in advance for any delayed comments.

Thank you for visiting and best regards.


Grenville Phillips II, Founder


  • @David,

    Can you post Grenville’s article about earthquakes that was in the Nation.

    It seems to me the threat of Barbados being hit by earthquakes are real.


  • @Hants

    There is a blog posted a couple days ago “put your house in order ‘. Maybe you have been bowled over by Serena?


  • St George's Dragon

    – parliamentary privilege will be abolished
    – civil servants will not be allowed to join political parties
    – statutory corporations will be run by (an appointed) CEO, not a Board
    – recycling will be mandated (actually, I don’t have a problem with this one)
    – every family must start a seaweed processing business; all children must participate
    It’s the tone, Grenville. You come across as a control and detail freak.


  • Eight years have passed since there was a promise of improved governance, integrity, transparency, accountability,a code of conduct to be signed by cabinet ministers before assuming office, and a Freedom of Information Act. It was felt that members of the previous government were extremely corrupt. There is no doubt that the moral fabric of the society, is today in tatters ! In order to be meaningful and worthwhile, any new political party MUST BE FORCED TO KEEP THE PROMISE MADE EIGHT YEARS AGO. We desperately need, deserve, and demand no less of any new political party !


  • Dear St George:

    Perhaps you need to read the policy solutions without trying to look for a dark agenda – because there is none.

    The policy solutions were listed to solve specific problems hindering Barbados’ development. They are currently in a draft form where you are encouraged to suggest how they may be improved. The following gives your ‘cut and paste’ comments some context.

    To address the lack of civility in parliament, the parliamentary privilege that allows politicians in parliament to defame individuals without consequences will be abolished.
    To address political victimization, civil servants will not be allowed to join political parties, and any proven case of political victimization, by any civil servant, will result in the offender’s immediate dismissal, and forfeiture of their pension. This should protect civil servants from being victimized if the government is forced to lay-off staff.
    Statutory corporations will be managed by a Chief Executive Officer, who will report to the Permanent Secretary. Boards will be abolished since they appear ineffective at preventing questionable expenses, providing audited accounts, or addressing the major concerns of the Auditor General.

    Please note that we never suggested that every family must start a seaweed or any other type of business. We plan to significantly improve the regulatory environment to allow people to easily start and run family businesses. However, they are free to choose not to. Remember our vision.

    “Our guiding principle is to provide an environment where all Barbadian citizens and residents can become healthy, wealthy and wise IF THEY CHOOSE TO. Our Solutions are designed to accomplish this.”

    Best regards,


  • Great ideas ! So how does one join the party ? Or is it stillborn ?


  • We Welcome A New Leaderhsip Your Braveness And Commitment In Charting A New Pathway Into The For All Barbadians Both Present And Future . May All Be Guided By Almighty Gods Wisdom


  • David Gill confirmed on a radio interview on Friday that all the new movements have approached him. Grenville Phillips confirmed in the press that Gill and Eastmond will not be in Solutions Barbados list of candidates. Was Gill fibbsing or was it an oversight.


  • David

    Gill and Eastmond are legitimate and perennial losers. All they need now is to get Agard and they would have the foundation of a Barbados Fools Party (BFP).

    Solutions Barbados is just the whimsical fantasy of a man who has no experience and who to prove his experience he has laid out a set of plans/measure which are frankly laughable at best.


  • You should not dismiss Lynette. She is an intelligent lady. She only needs to find a way to connect to people.


  • David

    Like you….Lynette is a BLIGHT!

    Get loss! !!


  • David

    Trump will be used as the benchmark for all aspirants,who should remember that he did through a party.


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