Town Hall to Train Managers and Workers ISO 9001

Grenville Phillips II, leader of Solutions Barbados

To: All Barbadian Workers and Managers

Are you being managed properly?  Are you managing others properly?

There are various ways of managing customer’s complaints, including.

  • fear, intimidation and murder (North Korea).
  • embarrassed by being shouted at by the manager.
  • bored with a conversation with the HR department.

However, the most effective method at permanently solving customer complaints is the ISO 9001 Quality Management System.  It is a customer-focused international standard that has been successfully implemented in public services for the past 20 years.  It is time that Barbados also benefitted.

If you are unsure of what the ISO 9001 quality management system is all about, then you are invited to attend a free public town-hall meeting this Wednesday 29 November 2017 at 6:00 pm at Combermere School hall, where it will be explained to you in detail.

You will learn exactly what it is, how it can benefit all public workers and everyone else who uses Government services, and how you can start to implement it in your organisation and department.  At the end of the meeting, you will have the training and tools necessary to start implementing the system the following day.

After this, Boards, CEO’s and Managers of public services will have no excuse fr the: long lines, delays, late responses, misplaced files, downed computer systems, critical person is at lunch or is not at work, non-payment by credit card, deadline of 3:00 pm for receiving payments, unwritten regulations known only to the regulator, inconsistent regulations, not-at-this-branch responses, staff shortages, broken equipment, supply shortages, potholes, water shortages, sewage in the streets of Worthing, the same excuses, uncaring attitudes, and so on.

Do not delay in providing the public, and your fellow employees, with the relief that they desperately deserve, when it is now within your power to do so.

Grenville Phillips II

Cell: 232-9783

157 thoughts on “Town Hall to Train Managers and Workers ISO 9001

  1. @ Artax
    Good thing you have stopped reading Bushie….

    But you are a damn liar…. pants on fire and all…

    1 – You CANNOT stop reading Bushie…. you too much like a ruckus…

    2 – That was NOT your final contribution on ISO…. so frig dat

    3 – You KNOW full well that the Public Sector Reform DID NOT work because it was just a pappy show. Mary Bruce could write what the hell she like… Darcey Boyce was chairman and Arthur created that office for the same reason that he created the ‘Productivity Council’
    An exercise in OPTICS…. just like his chicken-farmer ‘supervisor of Insurance’ who created the CLICO fiasco….

    Examples where ISO type initiatives have worked – and worked well – in Barbados, do exist.

  2. Art….20 years ago, neither default nor devaluation were realities….this is a different era…much different circumstances, bigger challenges, dumber government ministers….a better informed public service, greedy, stubborn, tiefing managers included…who ALL have much more to lose today…

    so take your pick.

    i keep telling him ISO is still working 8 or 9 years later at the former Barbados Light and Power …they have had at least 2 or 3 recertifications.

  3. Gosh…… made me break my promise.

    My friend……… do you have a PROBLEM with COMPREHENSION or are you blinded by your own agenda of always wanting to be correct.

    Where did I mention 20 years ago?

    Between 1997 and 2017, (which is a TIME SPAN of 20 years), Public Sector Reform has not been able to achieve the desired objectives…… and objectives that are known to public sector employees.

    And what the hell does Barbados Light & Power (a private sector company) has to do with the public sector, under circumstances where the organizational cultures and productivity efforts are different?

    Why can’t you get it in your thick and stubborn skull that DIFFERENT ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURES EXIST between the public and private sectors in Barbados.

  4. Easy to get you to answer Art…did not even have to break a sweat…

    Ok…let’s fast forward to make you feel good….up to a month ago……default and devaluation did not even seem as much as a threat as it has been projected to be from this week…..not 20 years ago…..a few days ago….

    Public servants not only now have a lot to lose….they will lose EVERYTHING…under an IMF program….all of them gone, let’s say at least 60%..maybe less…..and the others on rigid salaries.

    You are telling me that public servants are so dumb, so stubborn, so self absorbed. …that they prefer be laid off under an IMF program rather than accept positive changes to departmental policies and procedures that are proven to work when applied as designed….

    Ya dont have a lot of confidence in ya own people do ya.

  5. And just as EASY it is for you to demonstrate your stupidity, which seems to come naturally to you, since you don’t even break a sweat trying to prove it.

    My friend, Public Sector Reform was established in 1997 and still EXISTS in 2017.

    What about THAT you CANNOT understand? Shiite, even ac & Dompey would understand that.

    So why do you keep harping about “20 YEARS AGO”……….. and WHERE in ANY of my CONTRIBUTIONS did I MENTIONED 20 YEARS AGO?

    The shiite example you used re: “up to a month ago……default and devaluation did not even seem as much as a threat as it has been projected to be from this week,”…………..

    …………and “Public servants not only now have a lot to lose….they will lose EVERYTHING…under an IMF program….all of them gone, let’s say at least 60%..maybe less…..and the others on rigid salaries,”

    ………………….are APPLICABLE to Public Sector Reform because the INITIATIVE is STILL in EXISTENCE.

    So, what exactly is your point?

    I don’t have a lot of confidence in your ability to comprehend.

  6. You are the only one talking about public sector reform….my ass…

    We are talking about implementation of ISO…you meed a lot of long words to recognize simple policies and procedures changes…I dont.

    So tell me again why public servants would want to destroy their own lives in 2017…

    ……just because you said so…

    Well that is not a believable reason…so come again, ya gotta be able to find a better excuse than that.

  7. Well Well & Cut N’ Paste At Your Service ………….. I’m convinced you are a certified JA that likes to argue for the sake of doing so.

    Please enjoy the remainder of your day

    David November 30, 2017 at 12:26 PM #

    “No need to belabor the point, we all resist change especially if we have been doing it for a long time. This is 101 stuff.”

    @ David

    Perhaps you may be able to convince the “copy & paste” expert.

  8. Galileo Galilei said: “I have never met a man so ignorant that I couldn’t learn something from him.”

    I used to apply this quote to “ac,”……….. I am now convinced it is equally and justifiably applicable to “Well Well & Cut N’ Paste At Your Service” as well.

  9. Yeah, yeah…I have read all you are saying before….

    …….but losing ones incomes and livlihood with no forseeable income for 5 or ten years…or just the threat of…..with no ability to pay motgages, credit cards, car payments, kids schooling, university etc beyond severance…..amazingly creates the most cooperating traits in the most stubborn of humans….

    ……if you dont know this…its because you do not have the experience. …

  10. Art….ya really gotta stop blaming me because you cannot see past or beyond what some minister or politician created as a political document and never even tried to implement because they are just like you….cannot see past certain things….tunnel vision…

    It’s like a disease in the government….you have to be able to think beyond the lack of vision that was created just for you….

  11. Yes…

    The reason am surprised that those who are not familiar with the process, neither in Bim nor anywhere else are so sure it will not be embraced by public servants or the managers or whomever they believe will resist. …

    It appears more than one company has embraced the best practice on the island within the last 9 years…I know of only one.

    Am sure more people have.

  12. Artax November 30, 2017 at 12:58 PM #

    You cannot learn anything from a fraudster by false representation, a liar and an outright common criminal.


  13. the same common criminal Ha, Ha Austin who wrote the emails, lied about them and then unsuccessfully tried to disown them….the criminal who thought he could play someone he never met…what a criminal.

  14. Enuff November 30, 2017 at 5:48 PM #

    “Has anyone on BU ever worked in an ISO9001 compliant organisation?”

    @ Enuff

    You should have also asked if anyone on BU ever worked in an ISO9001 compliant organisation and the Barbados public sector as well.

    Anyone using a pseudonym in this forum can say they “worked in an ISO 9001 compliant organisation” or implemented the management system, because there isn’t any way for us to verify if it’s true or false.

    They could visit the ISO website and websites of ISO 9001 compliant organisations to copy information and present it to this forum to give the impression they know, while assume others don’t know.

    But you can identify a fraud, because anyone who has an in depth knowledge of any system, can described and articulate the system’s intricacies in detail and not try to pass off “wishy washy details” as fact.

  15. Artax November 30, 2017 at 7:18 PM #

    Anyone using a pseudonym in this forum can say they “worked in an ISO 9001 compliant organisation” or implemented the management system, because there isn’t any way for us to verify if it’s true or false.

    We already .have criminal fraudsters, or at least one, in the forum who does exactly that.

  16. who the hell cares what you can verify or not….wuh i work for you, you cant pay me…and i will definitely not be the one dealing with that transition on the island….those are the ones YOU have to verify…making sure its not some million dollar ripoff.

    dont care enough for you and the fraudster journalist Hal to prove anything to you, chalk yaselves down as entertainment, thats all…

    …., particularly Ha, Ha and his emails….especially the last one.

    your job is to visit that ISO website repeatedly…cause you dont know shit…i never had reason to visit their website, not with access to the manuals.

  17. help for dummies….

    implementation of ISO 9001 in a Government Department or Ministry has following benefits: 1. … Allows the department to audit itself against the ISO 9001 standards. 7. … On the other hand, other members have their roots uniquely in the private sector, having been set up by national partnerships of industry associations.

  18. @ Hal Austin

    Seems as though you “touched a nerve.”

    @ Enuff

    Fraudsters and criminals are identified by their reactions to “external stimuli.” Guilty as charged

  19. yall gotta stay wrapped in ya colonial brainwashed state, being called mice and boys, not men, unable to think for yourselves, no balls to stand up to your brainwashers and think ya can bully a strong black woman, look carry yall trifling little boy asses and go learn how to stand up as real men do…

  20. @ Enuff

    See wuh I tell yuh?

    This is too easy……….. anyone who professes to be strong cannot be riled so easily.

    Here comes # 275…….MUST have the last word………. just like a little girl… “boo, hoo, hoo.”

    Hahahahaha….. wuh loss

  21. yeah, yeah, told yall, you are entertainment….

    check what happens next on the island to surprise YOU..

  22. Hi David:

    At the press event, after I explained, that the CEO’s contract will not be renewed, Ian Bourne asked me who will manage if I fire the managers. I told him that we would not fire anybody. He then asked me to clarify. I repeated that the CEP’s contract will not be renewed, and that we will train the existing managers (not hire new ones).

    The press has a job to do, which is about the business of attracting advertisers. I am accessible for clarification on any matter. Commenters spreading misinformation is unfortunate. However, it is irresponsible when I am available for comment.

    Best regards,

  23. The press is there to sensationalize…not analyze…you have other forums besides those two media rags….when you realized immediately that they misquote you come out on other forums and clarify your stance…you have access to them, use them…instead of letting it drag on for days without saying a word.

    Dont wait for commenters to draw it to your attention….then blame the commenters..

    Grenville…ya got a lot to learn.

  24. No wonder Owen say GP is a “pure idiot”! He will fire the CEO and rather than hire a new one, he will train existing managers. So will the CEO post be deleted and the organisation co-led by managers? Now all you bright and intellectual BUers does that make sense?🤔

  25. Solutions did not think it all the way through…all that bullshit was spewed on the fly…lol

    He got caught up in the moment.

  26. India got 1 billion people and are making sure they are ISO compliant……that was 3 years aho, they are probably up for recertification now, the ones who were compliant,

    …….the new political parties should seriously get the information required….make this part of their to do.

    “Go for ISO certification for administration & governance, government departments told
    By Aman Sharma, ET Bureau|Updated: Jun 25, 2014, 08.58 AM IST

    NEW DELHI: Stressing that chief minister’s office of Gujarat under Narendra Modi has already achieved an ISO-9001 certification for “administration and overall governance”, the Cabinet Secretariat is planning a renewed push to what was UPA’s brain-child of aiming for the prestigious global certification for all central government departments. The Cabinet Secretariat recently impressed upon all government departments that the chief minister’s office in Gujarat had already achieved the ISO-9001 certification way back in 2009 during the tenure of Narendra Modi as chief minister.

    This was after the Gujarat CMO was audited by a third party for performance standards. The certification for the CMO is valid till January 15, 2014, after which a re-certification process will be undertaken by a third-party audit. Only four central ministries or departments earned an ISO-9001 certification in the UPA tenure.

    They are Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT), Ministry of Steel, Defence Research and Development Organisation and Department of Agricultural Research. A government official said UPA started the exercise in 2011 by including implementation of ISO-9001 certification in the results-framework document (RFD) for the year 2011-2012 but the results were “far from satisfactory”.

    The new government now plans to push all government departments to get the prestigious global certification soon. The government official termed the prime minister’s moves to ensure cleanliness in government offices, usage of technology and fixing deadlines for work delivery, as part of preparing the government departments to achieve ISO-9001 certification.
    Yashasvi can beat Cancer with your helpMilaap 5 Countries That May Give Free Housing To New ResidentsWomen’s Article Recommended By Colombia

    “This will ensure the new government can claim that it has achieved a benchmark on performance standards. All ministries and departments are being asked to promptly engage a certification agency to help them apply for ISO-9001,” the government official said. The government departments will have to overhaul their working style and systems to impress the International Organisation for Standardisation in Geneva that coordinates the ISO-9001 certification which is a generic quality management system and codifies quality standards in every area of organisation’s functioning.”

  27. And before Grenville starts up again, I mentioned my work with ISO in passing on BU at least 3 years ago.

    The other 2 clowns on here dont even matter.

  28. The resident BU clown is also a fraud and liar………… and needs psychiatric help………….. especially taking into consideration their obsession with this forum.

    Loneliness and wanting to remain relevant in old age can cause delusions of grandeur.

    You need to stop writing lies and your childish responses to every shiite.

    Grow up and act your age……. old woman.

  29. @ Artax
    Why not arrange to meet WW&C N whatever at dawn next Friday in the park?
    OH WAIT!!!
    She carries a glock…
    Forget THAT!!

    Keep on cussing her on BU and labelling her as Fraud and liar then…(sounds a lot like Trump and Hilary – but perhaps you are happy with the analogy)

    How do you KNOW that she is lying?
    All you know is that she COULD be…

    Give it a rest do… She is essentially CORRECT about ISO.

  30. Artax November 30, 2017 at 7:49 PM #

    It is not funny. It is fraud by misrepresentation. That person must be sick and in need of serious .help when s/he it could seek me out from all the contributors .on BU, send an ..unsolicited email making allegations against CGI and .when asked for .the hard evidence prevaricated and not provide it.
    Then, three years later, went to the extreme extent and cut and paste details from my publicly available work email address, ., used ideas and opinions expressed in BU along with his/her its imagination, and post it on .BU as a legitimate email sent from me.
    But s/he it .made a number of .mistakes … that I would not .list because .of its nature. All I would say is that you should re-read the alleged email carefully.
    Big companies do not delete their emails; they archive them. This is one for David, the moderator.


  31. Idiot Art…do I have to spell EVERYTHING out for you…

    …..using KEY WORDS….the Blpgmaster can verify for himself if I ever brought up the subject of ISO on BU within the past 3 or 4 YEARS….

    Do you have access to BU files to do that….NO…

    So then shut ya dumb ass.

  32. The 2 biggest idiots, outside of yardfowls BU ever hosted….Art and no deal…and Ha, Ha Austin…, they just need Carl Moore to complete and compliment the trio….lol

  33. the Blogmaster can verify for himself if I ever brought up the subject of ISO on BU within the past 3 or 4 YEARS….

  34. No, no…my bad, they dont need Carl Moore, he would be a spare…..they got Vincent the

  35. Well Well: I did not read the news reports – I was busy preparing for the ISO 9001 Town Hall. Further, I did not know that you were on this site misleading readers for days.

  36. lol….Grenville…but nothing gonna happen to me if i mislead readers, they will just google the information themselves and call me a liar…

    but on the other hand…if you run around misleading the electorate when ya get excited…guess what, ya see all those votes ya been dreaming about…that is where they will remain…

    ya welcome.

  37. Hahaha…..wuhlaw……muh belly…….yuh meens tah sez evahbody doan noa dah Topsy ez a fraud……but Solutions has finally come to the party…..welcome.

  38. Yeah, yeah….go back to the Brancker Barrow pictures ya put up….see if ya can find some more.

    Grenville screwed up and believes he can find a patsy, not a good start if he is looking for votes……when people already believes he is crazy….. if he was genuine…he would have both nation news and barbadostoday print a correction….if he had not said what he said…he claimed in the post above that he never said to the newspapers…he would fire anyone…

    So all Grenville gotta do is get both newspapers to say he never said that….I am waiting for the retraction that Grenville should request….from bith nationnews and barbadostoday. ..

    See how ya little fraud game backfired. …ya old man like you, tricks are for kids.

  39. @ Hal Austin

    Let’s not “beat around the bush,” it is clear WW&C is a sick individual, PRETENDING to know everything about everything and is in need of psychiatric help.

    Common sense tells us that there isn’t any human being that knows everything about everything. And when challenged she uses pejorative statements to attack critics.

    I have proven on numerous occasions that WW&C is a fraud and liar and does not know anything about ISO 9001 other than what she regurgitates from websites. Her insults cannot change that fact.

  40. The jackass said she has access to ISO manuals and rather than quote, not necessarily in verbatim, from the manuals, she directs us to websites.

    Clearly a liar and fraud.

    Additionally, if an individual is confident about the information they present, they would not try to rebut every criticism. And to use multiple post trying to convince people they are correct is a ure sign of weakness and a liar.

    Again, clearly a liar and fraud.

  41. Art….Grenville has workshop on ISO…why dont you go to the workshop…you are in Barbados, so is the work shop..

    You cannot learn anything from manual exerpts. ..I am not the one introducing it to the island….you never even asked Grenville to post information to the blog for you to educate yourself about ISO…

    …….he is the one aspiring to be YOUR prime minister….or do you plan to vote for me too…lol

  42. Artax December 1, 2017 at 3:37 PM #

    S/he it is disturbed. Masquerading under the name Daniela Gomez, she needs help. But she is also a fraudster and common criminal and a liar. This is something that the moderator should resolve. It is sad.

  43. Artax

    Note how the demented fool attempts to prove its point by trying to change the subject matter……we simply have to remind all and sundry from time to time what a sick demented person this creature is.

  44. ” ISO 9001:2015
    ISO 9001:2015 sets out the criteria for a quality management system and is the only standard in the family that can be certified to (although this is not a requirement). It can be used by any organization, large or small, regardless of its field of activity. In fact, there are over one million companies and organizations in over 170 countries certified to ISO 9001.

    This standard is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement. These principles are explained in more detail in the pdf Quality Management Principles. Using ISO 9001:2015 helps ensure that customers get consistent, good quality products and services, which in turn brings many business benefits.

    Unless you are really ” dense”

    You can do your own research and have a clear understanding of why ISO 9001 can be implemented in Barbados.

  45. Lol…the 3 of them are REALLY dense…lol

    Moe, Curly and Vincent the Failure……

  46. Hants

    Where did anyone in this forum ever mentioned ISO 9001 CANNOT be IMPLEMENTED in Barbados?

    Perhaps you could please REMIND me if I or anyone did.

  47. “Well Well & Cut N’ Paste At Your Service November 30, 2017 at 1:13 PM#: …….but losing one’s incomes and livelihood with no foreseeable income for 5 or ten years…or just the THREAT of…..with no ability to pay mortgages, credit cards, car payments, kids schooling, university etc beyond severance…..amazingly CREATES the MOST COOPERATING TRAITS in the MOST STUBBORN of humans….
    ……if you don’t know this…it’s because you do not have the experience. …”


    Barbados Today
    Added by Colville Mounsey on December 4, 2017.

    “Party officials were greeted with an EMPTY HALL when they turned up at the Combermere School to present the latest quality management system standard of the Geneva, Switzerland-based International Organization for Standardization.”

    “It was just four days prior that the leader of the two-year-old party Grenville Phillips II had told those attending the party’s public launch in Independence Square that ISO 9001, “can solve most, if not all, of our nation’s management issues”……”

    According to the resident expert in everything, I would have thought “……losing one’s incomes and livelihood with no foreseeable income for 5 or ten years…or just the THREAT of…..with no ability to pay mortgages, credit cards, car payments, kids schooling, university etc beyond severance,” was not enough motivation to encourage/convince statutory heads, and by extension, many from the general civil service, to attend Solution Barbados’ meeting in OVERWHELMING NUMBERS, thereby failing to “create the MOST COOPERATING TRAITS in the MOST STUBBORN of humans….”

    “I guess I don’t know because I do not have the experience.”

    Anyone who says they lived in another country for a number of years, mentioned they have problems understanding Bajan dialect and does not have any experience working within the Barbadian cultural environment and the organizational culture existing in the civil service, can only assume if changes may be accepted and cannot make a definitive statement on the issue.

    Rather than admit their assumption was incorrect, watch how the resident expert will create straw men to knock them down and move the goal post to prove they are correct.

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