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This should be my final article before the General Election and it has been an interesting 3 years.  We formed on 1 July 2015 and published our complete manifesto on that same day.  We have assembled a group of highly competent individuals who are innovators in their fields.  They have an average of 20 years of management experience which has adequately prepared them to properly manage Barbados’ economy.

Our candidates have not assembled to simply sit as opposition parliamentarians and watch Barbados fail – a certain outcome if the economy is managed by any of the established political parties.  Many economists have arrived at the consensus position that neither the BLP nor the BLP have the discipline to properly manage Barbados’ economy, and that the IMF would do a superior job.

We need to be reminded that both established parties have finally brought us to where Guyana and Jamaica were before their currency was devalued.  They have both brought Barbados to the brink of economic ruin, but now have the gall to promise us the most severe austerity for their gross mismanagement.

The independent economist and former UWI lecturer, Michael Howard, has reportedly rubbished the BLP’s manifesto as theoretically unsound and designed only to get votes.  That is his professional opinion.  The DLP’s various plans have been tried for the past decade and have simply not worked to improve our economy.

The only plan that has come through rigorous public scrutiny and favourable independent critical review is Solutions Barbados non-austerity plan.  We run a surplus in our first year, something that our government has only managed to achieve once in our 52 years of independence.

We can verifiably run a surplus while also abolishing VAT, and not laying off any public workers or reducing their salaries.  The typical question is, where are we going to find the additional money to replace VAT.  This is a good question.  However, a better question has been asked by the Opposition – what has the Government done with all of the revenues it has collected?

That we can run a surplus while abolishing VAT and avoiding austerity, simply demonstrates the amount of wastage and mismanagement that the established parties have perfected over the past 40 years.  We do not need to squeeze additional money out of the almost empty pockets of Barbadians.  We will have enough to provide well managed public services and to meet our debt obligations, without austerity.

Some think that Solutions Barbados is some type of third party.  Let me declare that Solutions Barbados is not a third or even a second party, but a first party.  Solutions Barbados is the first political party where all of its candidates are born-again Christians from many different church backgrounds but are not divided because of theology.

We are the first party to have 13 women, and 3 married couples as candidates in a general election.  We are the first party to propose an anti-corruption policy that can actually stop corruption, and to publish our manifesto for public scrutiny approximately 3 years before a general election.  We are the first political party with a chartered structural engineer as a candidate or leader.

We are also the first political party whose candidates have committed themselves to the electorate, to be faithful to the policies to which they are seeking election, by agreeing to sign a contract with a severe financial penalty for each and every breach.

Solutions Barbados Candidates are all innovators.  They are all are ready, willing and competent to effectively serve the people, properly manage the economy of Barbados, and be held accountable.  We have done our best.  Now Barbados, the choice is yours.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and the founder of Solutions Barbados.  He can be reached at

57 thoughts on “The Grenville Phillips Column – Ready To Serve Barbados

  1. First political party where all candidates are nor-again Christians… Ask the candidates of the DLP who has the country on verge of ruin and they will tell you they are Christians too. So what’s your point?

    Not for nothing but some born-again Christians are dumb as hell… So what’s your point?

  2. Grenville the BU household wish you well tomorrow. One regret is that you should have revealed the name of the professional who gave their blessing to your economic proposal.

  3. @Jean May 23, 2018 8:27 PM

    A fine example of that famous Bajan friendliness!

    Your statement lacks internal logic. All “born again” Christians are “Christians” but not all “Christians” are “born again”. Ditto Muslims and extremists. “Mea culpa” indeed!

  4. @Grenville May 23, 2018, 8:15 PM

    David’s point is well taken.

    I am hoping that the results tomorrow are such that SB either wins outright or holds the balance of power in the formation of a coalition government. If the latter obtains: (1) have you brushed up on our constitutional law? (2) are you prepared to engage in tough bargaining with either of the DLP or BLP?

  5. @Jean: May 24, 2018 12:24 AM

    You have not got it yet!

    We describe ourselves as a Christian country (just like Iran can say it is a Muslim country?) so anybody can say he/she is Christian (including a politician) But can every politician claim he is “born again”? That is a special “status” which you evidently do not understand!


    ++Ask the candidates of the DLP who has (sic) the country on verge of ruin and they will tell you they are Christians [but not born again?] too. So what’s your point?++

    Do you see the internal inconsistency in your use/switching of the terms? Therefore your “So what’s your point?” is pointless!

  6. I wish you good luck. And thank you and your candidates for offering yourselves for public office.
    Like the Blogmaster echoed, a reputable external evaluation, on your financial projections, was sadly required beyond your rigorous discussion. I for one, do not buy them, though I appreciate there is fat and wastage in public finances.
    I hope that whatever the election outcome, Solutions Barbados can ‘hold together’, and continue to contribute to the political space.

    • Agreed NO and Doc Martin.

      The challenge for all the third parties will be to stay relevant after today;s result by continuing to work hard, tweak their processes; machinery to allow confidence to grow.

  7. Honestly I am kinda leery of people who call themselves born again Christians.

    Because sadly so often they are not any kinda Christian.

  8. Christians are frauds as they are designed to be…end of story.

    I much prefer hear someone tell me and show me that they are a genuine human being because that is what you are first….human.

    All the fake christian talk has been off putting from the beginning, even worse is the slave minded, colonial brainwashed mentality still looking to beg UK for fake titles for those black bajans who would do much better being recognized using local or African cultural themed awards.

    The only use SB has today is in helping to break up the toxic DBLP gang into a coalition…a gang who always prey on the black population once they are elected, through whatever means necessary.

    …break them up in order to create a new generation of people in parliament who care and have empathy for their own people and appreciate that the majority population will be the ones paying their salaries and not minority crooks…. that any new ministers dont automatically believe they are masters of the people once elected and are not just another gang of sell outs.

    …that is SBs function today, as are all the other newer political third parties, hopefully no one should be getting majority votes today….if everything is aligned as they should.

  9. Today’s election will confirm which of the third parties has resonated more with the public. Anecdotally it appears to the blogmaster Solutions Barbados is out front although the favourite of the traditional media was the UPP.

  10. @David
    “One regret is that you should have revealed the name of the professional who gave their blessing to your economic proposal.”

    It is impossible for me to avoid the conclusion that the “professional who gave their blessing” to the Solutions Barbados economic proposal is entirely a figment of Grenville’s imagination. The plan was so arithmetically nonsensical that no-one who is even remotely competent in economic management could endorse it in any way.

    • @Peter

      Grenville and Solutions cannot expect to run for public office and the bona fides of subject matter experts utilized not made public. Cant he see how doing would have added credibility to a third party trying to establish itself?

  11. @ Simple and WW&C
    So what if christians are frauds?
    How would you two classify wunna selves?
    Why should others be any better than wunna – simply because they choose to identify themselves by the term ‘Christian”?

    The same way that wunna always here preaching what is ‘right’ …and privately doing shiite
    …should christians not be free to do the same?

    -WW&C always up and down the world on her broomstick minding everyone’s else’s business…
    -Simple with her legions of ‘Ex’ associates … and getting on ‘waxy’ every day to wutless ZR music
    … and then every Sunday she in the people Anglican Church gulping the wine….

    Leave the damn Christains do!!!
    Let them have their fun – just like wunna…

    …except for “know-it-all” GP …who must be shitting himself trying to figure out how the Trinity could have survived the Crucifixion and death of a key Triad member….
    ha ha ha

    Bushie is just an adopted shiitehound who admits to brassbowlery.
    But who, none-the-less, was handed a whacker – with which to cut donkeys……

  12. @ PLT
    “The plan was so arithmetically nonsensical that no-one who is even remotely competent in economic management could endorse it in any way.”
    Bushie hereby challenges you to identify ANY other political economic proposal on ANY table …that does not qualify for your above conclusion.

    By what measure is SB required to be different?

    • @Bush Tea

      Where is the logic in your statement? If Solutions has positioned itself as a disruptor why should we not use a different yardstick to measure?

  13. ”””””””I hope that whatever the election outcome, Solutions Barbados can ‘hold together’, and continue to contribute to the political space.””””””””

    Northern Observer

    SB was a mere political mongrel and will today be appropriately condemned to its fate.

    We say, rest in peace

    Elsewhere, we see its former leader saying they will win 20 seats.

    Maybe the seats of 20 prostitutes will be made available to him, this eve.

  14. Bushman…..a little touchous this morning aren’t you, the day will soon be over, then the real fun begins…lol

  15. @ David
    Boss …
    If one is appealing for the votes of brass bowls…who are quite happy to live with shiite (literally)….
    Why would you bring intellectual arguments and build proposals with bricks of wisdom?

    Shiite works for the B/DLP parties – why reinvent the wheel?

    The hypocrites are you and PLT …who wants to apply a different yardstick, by requiring SB and the new parties to throw pearls – when scratch grain has been working for the incumbents.

    You are asking Grenville to do much what Artax has been doing with ac now for YEARS….. trying to LOGICALLY argue with a confirmed brass bowl idiot….

    You end up spitting upwind skippa….

    @ WW&C
    the day will soon be over, then the real fun begins..
    You may not know how right you are…

    • @Bush Tea

      We can agree that the masses need to elevate thinking to be able to take informed positions. Let us move to the next level of the discussion, how can the more enlightened among us implement approaches to exact the change from the masses to reach the Mercedes thinking required? We will not get 100% onboard but a majority will do the job. That said, the third party experience in 2018 is unprecedented and we have to hope there will be learnings for others to plan better next time around. Ideally the current crop of third parties should manage the gap that will be exposed later and build, improve.

  16. @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    You said and I quote “Grenville and Solutions cannot expect to run for public office and the bona fides of subject matter experts utilized not made public.

    Cant he see how doing would have added credibility to a third party trying to establish itself?”

    And therein lies that “different yardstick” that Greenville is not expected to BUT DEMANDED TO bring to the Change Momentum

    He has done precisely the same thing as his predecessors

    Always having something to hide and keep back yet INCREDULOUSLY EXPECTING people to vote for his Voice that only he can hear

    One that the blind sheeple must follow cause he us our modern day Moses

    And therein lies the sameness of their strategy

    The DO NOT WALK BY FAITH but by sight

  17. This Day the 24 May 2016 Vote for your (1) Religious Freedom, (2) a Free Barbados (not one shackled by debt repayment) (3) the Freedom that we and our children will not have to pay for the debt and mismanagement of past administrations through Excessive Taxation planed for us. (4) Vote for a party who have Real Solutions not a Manifesto of the Same-o Same-o that brought us to this point in the first place.

    The Goal of the IMF and first order of business is that we repay our debt by making foreign exchange so expensive we will all have to do without so that the foreign exchange we earn goes to repay debt. When the IMF has rendered us Poverty Stricken after we have repaid everyone, we then are left alone to mess up if we have the same Type of Leadership with the Same Ideology.

    Seek Gods Guidance through Prayer and Do Right and Let The Consequence Follow.

    Choose Wisely Barbados.

  18. @ Piece
    You could really hush….
    You looking for material for Gurus like Pacha and PLT to dissect here on BU?

    Just go outside and stand on Broad Street for ten minutes.. and look closely at the individuals passing by…

    Do you see people who make voting choices based on logic, practicality, the need to be productive and to cooperate with each other?
    …so are you telling us that you would solicit such votes by detailing your comprehensive business and strategic plans – complete with references?

    …or do you tell them that you are the only one not planning to squeeze their balls after elections?
    …and that ISO9001 will be our protector?

  19. As usual the gross majority of you have contributed nothing to this blog except what the cow left in the pasture. Of what use was “Free Tertiary Education” Which of wunna benefitted from it?

  20. Good thing I never had education in Bim, taxpayer funded or otherwise and what pre tertiary…short term education some of my children had there, was all paid for, not every taxpayer relies on the state for education funding…as is their right to do or not..

    .however, the taxpayer funded education for those who present(ed) themselves as leaders, past and present company included and candidates…was a total waste.

  21. @ WW&C
    Your education may have better positioned you for albino-centric success…. (top deck of the Titanic)
    But even then – where does that get you…?

    Don’t be like the fellow on the top deck of the Titanic laughing at the brass bowls in the lower decks….
    If you don’t have a lifeboat ticket – you donkey will be in the same grass…..

    In the final analysis, getting to the destination port is the issue – not which deck you could afford.
    …so “meaningful education” in such a context is about accessing the lifeboats when needed….

  22. Beautiful Beige opined “As usual the gross majority of you have contributed nothing to this blog except what the cow left in the pasture. Of what use was “Free Tertiary Education” Which of wunna benefitted from it?”

    Spot on you are Beautiful Beige
    There seems to be an inability of contributors on this forum to contribute anything of substance except puerile pithle or “bovine excrement”, or as another poster loves to call it the “daily drivel” in the “rum shop.”

    This is particularly true today with respect to the BU blog’s pseudo braniac, pseudo intellectual and pseudo comedian Bush Tea, and the ubiquitous, omniscient Well Well.

  23. Ya know how I keep it real with my omniscient self..

    If yall wannabe rednecks think ya getting a seat today in that parliament…ya can kiss that thought goodbye right now and get lost with ya growing arrogance.

    …the majority population got the numbers and none of them are blind.

  24. @ WW&C
    Don’t mind GP
    He is just trying a “Trinity” thing with ‘Beautiful Beige’ and some shiite Prof called ‘NEC’
    ha ha ha

    @ David
    So you want us to agree that we have no cricket talent available – and then move on with plans to top the world’s Test rankings?

    If the masses are not ‘up to it’, then only a supernatural intervention can turn the situation around….
    Because a people always get exactly what they deserve…

    “Sack cloth and ashes” are about ;
    – recognising that we have been going in the WRONG direction…
    – being genuinely regretful and repentant
    – resolving to reverse our ways
    – and then marching resolutely in the RIGHT direction

    What you are seeking is “forgiveness and rewards” for doing shiite
    …and the freedom to continue smartly…
    It does not work that way in real (spiritual) life boss…

    • @Bush Tea

      Not a good analogy, there is cricket talent just that we have been inefficiently managing our meager resources. To maximize output from any system efficient, allocation and management decisions are key inputs for it to work.

  25. lol…we know whose side GP is on and it’ s not even his own.

    the thing with the redneck wannabes, they have decided to cut out the middle man, both DBLP house negros …which is fair enough, because house negros are blights, but then they r are telling themselves they have a very clear shot at controlling the parliament…without paying bribes, because Grenville is too dim to even understand what is going on..

    There are still at least 9 hours to go before we get a clear idea who will be elected…but already the wannabe rednecks have gotten overconfident and arrogant…

    We gotta remind them that they are not the majority population, least in their haste to get control, they forgot.

  26. David

    No so-called elevation in knowledge or information for the public could change what we’ve had this two or nearly 3 weeks.

    This has been a head fake!

    In the USA people are supposed to have maximum information but yet the most mis-informed, uninformed population on earth,

    But why take us to a well-used, circuitous, route when we can allow these same people to exert their day-to-day power, as right.

    • @Pacha

      The comment was not about the outcome of this election, more about disruption, rolling the wicket for the future.

  27. Mr Bush Tea wrote
    @ WW&C
    Don’t mind GP
    He is just trying a “Trinity” thing with ‘Beautiful Beige’ and some shiite Prof called ‘NEC’

    Here we go once more. Where did I say anything about the Trinity, so often denied on these pages by Bush Tea. Not sure if ‘Beautiful Beige’ has spoken thereon.

    The fact that the majority of Christendom (except Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses) believes in the concept of the Trinity is due to the fact that it is clearly taught in the Holy Scriptures. This information is set out very well in many well written and referenced articles on the internet. In addition, this information is readily available in texts like T.G Evans” Great Doctrines of the Bible, or the popular Systematic Theology texts by Chaffer or Thiessen.

    Long before Bush Tea existed, the concept of the Trinity has been accepted and believed by the universal body of the Church.

    Long after he has departed this world, the concept of the Trinity will be accepted and believed by the universal body of the Church.

    Let me here appropriately point out the truth of 2 Timothy 2:14-16, known and obeyed and practiced by all serious, students of the scriptures.

    Of these things put them in remembrance, charging them before the Lord that they strive not about words to no profit, but to the subverting of the hearers.

    Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

    But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness.

    Nathan E C Knight, Professor of Old Testament Theology, Systematic Theology & Eschatology

    • No problem Pacha.

      @Bush Tea

      Your earlier comment stands, how does anybody know how anonymous bloggers contribute to the society. Is there a commenter here who does not have a detractor or two?

  28. Mr Blogmaster
    Why dont you ask Mr Bush Tea to start a blog on the Trinity, if he knows anything about it at all.
    Or is it that he wants another to fill him in on issues which are not discussed in the Bible, and the answers to which are quite unnecessary for either salvation or for faith and practice.

  29. Dear All:

    Please note that the Fellow of ICAB who reviewed our plan was about to publish his findings when the BLP went after my wife at a political meeting. The Accountant’s wife then told him not to expose their family to the same fate.

    I then talked to Andrew Brathwaite, President of ICAB, who agreed to represent the independent analyst. Both Andrew and the Independent analyst have confirmed that they have communicated. You may contact Andrew, who can confirm that a Fellow of ICAB did review our plan.

    The BLP’s and DLP’s plans were also independently assessed by economist Howard, who has rubbished them both.

    Best regards,

  30. @ Grenville who wrote ” the BLP went after my wife at a political meeting.”

    That is why a lot of competent professionals in Barbados do not become politicians.

    The BLP_DLP cartel will continue to run the politics trade until there is a revolution.

  31. Is he talking about that disgraceful speech made by Kerrie Symonds in that meting that was streamed? If he is, it was foul. Nonsense about horning. Vulgar crap.

  32. The key variable is the data not the naming of the ICAB profesdional.

    Where was the actual data analysis showing how the SB tax plan would bring results projected sans the name of the author!

    Alsi as noted one must expect mud slinging when one enters politics…Mr Phillip and his wife are accomplished professionals as far as I know and as such can withstand the petty personal attacks better than most who may be less independent in their employment options.

    This response smacks of a poor excuse!

  33. @ Brother in Arms Bush Tea

    You said and I quote “Do you see people who make voting choices based on logic, practicality, the need to be productive and to cooperate with each other?”

    In a few days you will have an insight to some of my thoughts on a few things that I can’t speak about just yet.

    Suffice it to say that you will see that even as you might have been penning your comments here that ***

    Every time i write here de ole man speaketh in a derogatory and self depreciating manner of the 15 seconds attention span of my nigger electorate brethren

    I do not hide my mouth about my stance and unshakeable belief that this EDUCATION of the masses of Barbados is “a bridge too far ”

    In fact de ole man has been so presumptuous to state that this phenomenon of rampant idiocy is global.

    We are besieged by an endemic of waste foopism and cretinism worldwide

    Remember IF I PROPAGATE STUPIDITY TO THE MASSES irrespective of where they are, then I achieve an environment where I am the one eyed kind in the land of the blind.

    Behold I give you the living proof of the testbed of Barbados a la colonial endowment.

    Here mediocrity is rewarded with Permanent Secretaryship or is that shit and ascendancy to head of agency while those that deliver are sent to the desert to languish and die.

    This is a rule of nature Brother in Arms Bush Tea why would a virus such as this walking talking idiocy our nature has become AND IS PROUD OF, permit any reagent that will kill it into the bloodstream if it has the keys and access routes to said bloodstream?

    So de ole man is respectfully suggesting another way where one effects a blood transfusion which said virus endorses that flushes the system with such a volume of blood that it effects the ultimate purge.

    And yes such is acknowledged to be utopian dribble but barring the Rapture what else do we do?

    Roll over and die?

  34. @ Piece
    We are on the same page.
    However, you seem to have drunk of the blog-master’s eternal optimism …and have managed to convince yourself that the wages of brassbowlery in NOT, after all, death – but some kind of ‘educational transformation’.

    You concluded by asking… “but barring the Rapture what else do we do? Roll over and die?”

    …in a word – YES.

    It is what has ALWAYS happened to brass bowls… both in the albino-centric world
    …and rest assured that in the REAL (spiritual) world it will be the same.

    The wages of sin is death

  35. @ GP
    The ‘trinity’ of which Bushie spoke above …is Yourself, Prof NEC, and B.BEIGE.
    It seems that these three are one.

    At lease you can try to project different personalities as wunna sing each other’s praises nuh….
    Shiite man. Some of us here are grown up….

    What happened to your sidekick Zoe?
    He still researching that ‘parable anomaly? – (where Jesus sought to hide the truth from the brass bowl masses)…?
    Why not assign that research task to Prof NEC KNIGHT? – see if he can get himself known – ’cause Bushie can find no references to him – although Google is Bushie’s friend…
    ha ha ha

  36. Oh’s all over, now for the count and to make sure no one steals ballot boxes filled with votes and hide them.

  37. Waiting for the count.

    More than half of the candidates will need tissues.

    The chosen 30 can celebrate with a glass of wine, or better still Bajan rum.

    Then tomorrow the real-real work begins.

    A campaign is a Sunday School picnic, compared to the 5 year long task of good governance.

    Best wishes to those chosen by the people.

    Sympathy to the others. There will be another day.

  38. Simple…are those ” more than half of the candidates” from both the DBLP….”will be in tears” ????????

    Do tell..

  39. Those who followed the political campaign noted the DLP and BLP who define the duopoly perpetuated the alliance by asking the electorate to dismiss the other parties dubbed ‘third parties’. While this can be considered strategy the convenient approach by the two entrenched parties it shows how difficult it will be for the fringe parties to penetrate and this position does not factor a lack of access to sources of finance.

  40. The third parties have to work to be recognized as genuine and integral to the future development of the island and people, they now have a fighting chance since DLP has been stripped of their powers by the people.

    No one is handing 3rd parties anything just on their say so, they have to prove that they are worth giving votes. …and earn those votes.

    The experiences in the last 60 years of 3 generations of the population with the 2 political parties and all their self enriching shenanigans, now world renowned, were not exactly pleaseant ones, so new political parties must now prove their worth.

    I know that is not what Grenville and Co wants to hear, but that is how it must be going forward. ..the majority population must start protecting itself, since they have had no protection from black politicians over the last 6 decades.

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