Solutions Barbados – New Political Party to Host a FREE Workshop for the Unemployed


Grenville Phillips of Solutions Barbados

We are gravely concerned about the employment prospects for many of our secondary school graduates who soon appear destined to join the ranks of the unemployed. However, we are aware that simply expressing our concern does not help any of our graduates. Neither does it help any of those currently unemployed, under-employed, or frustrated with their employment.

The foreseen problem is an increase in illegal acts by desperate persons who think that they are out of options. One obvious preventative solution is to train individuals to start and grow profitable businesses, thus providing them with a viable option – and a tangible hope. Ideally, this training should commence after the secondary school examinations and finish before the end of this school term.

We have identified and published workable solutions to the major problems hindering Barbados’ development at All of the solutions require Government to manage the implementation of the solution, except this one. To implement this solution, the public, especially graduating students and those currently unemployed, are invited to a free workshop where they will be trained to start home-based businesses, with little to no start-up money. The training is scheduled to start on Monday 20th June at 6:00 pm sharp in the Combermere School Hall, and run for 3 weeks.

No business experience or academic qualifications are required. However, participants should bring a pen and paper to take notes and write their ideas. It should be clarified that participants will be trained to start and grow profitable businesses that they can operate from their homes. The workshop is not an academic exercise about writing business plans. Rather, participants are expected to start operating their new businesses during the workshop.

If you know anyone who is: unemployed, under-employed, engaging in illegal activity because they feel that they have no other options, wasting time on the block, or a former prison inmate who cannot find employment, then please encourage them not to squander this opportunity.

Free Workshop – How to Start and Grow a Home-based Business


  • Bernard Codrington.

    It would be more interesting if new products and services were identified and for which there is an existing or potential market. In addition methods for setting up a new business and the fundamental skill sets ought to be taught. But the fundamental requirement is the market/ demand for the product. That is effective demand. Micro businesses are a waste of time.


  • Bernard Codrington.

    New parties need mass support. What is this new party offering the masses? Is it addressing the concerns of the major segment of the electors? Has a meaningful assessment been made of the needs of the masses? They need to be encouraged to vote. What are you saying to them? Is what you saying resonating with them?


  • Bernard Codrington.

    Grantley Adams had mass support, Barrow had mass support. Tom Adams had mass support. Owen Arthur had mass support. Grenville you will need mass support. Get your fingers on the pulse of the nation, if not you will be very disappointed.

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  • A Home Owners Association would be a start in the right direction to address all these taxes and fees being proposed by Sinckler and Lowe.


  • @Grenville while your training has merit, it is confusing my mind. Are you trying to establish a political party or start a business? You have to decide what it is that you really want to do. Over the past few days a post by Mr. Commisong created an uproar on the Internet and most likey the most shares of any BU post. What is your response? A fine will not solve the problem of corruption in Barbados.


  • i appluad Solutions for bringing some worthwhile energy by looking for options that can attack through creative activity some of the nations social and economic problems that are a hindrance to the youth it might be a small start but a start in the right direction which can earn dividends for Solutions and the youth long term


  • Grenville
    You know you are in the wrong lane when you garner support from AC,one of the biggest DLP sycophants on BU.Heed the advice of Bernard Codrington and Heather.

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  • heather what is your problem do you feel threatened, in any case what difference does it make if he is trying to kill two birds with one stone as long it is legal ..good grief yuh dam if u do and yuh dam if you dont by the way Mia should gain insight about leadership from Grenville idea of being able to capitalized on youth programs geared to assisting the youth for a better future instead of rabble rousing and having those silly marches like Mia


  • Good action , good path, continue Grenville


  • Well Well & Consequences

    So AC…why did government not set up that type of youth program, instead of letting the drug and gun culture overwhem the youth.

    The DLP dont even want to allow buses for the disabled into the island, they do nothing for the youth but talk and promise, you are not suggesting it to the government, but ya suggesting it to Mia….

    Gabriel is right… Grenville better not be listening to you if he knows what is good for him…lol


  • @ Bernard Codrington
    “Grenville you will need mass support. Get your fingers on the pulse of the nation, if not you will be very disappointed.”
    You completely misread Grenville’s intent Boss…..Disappointed? …NEVER!!
    This is not a case of someone looking for ‘power’ ….and likely to be disappointed if he is unsuccessful, but a case where Bajans need good leadership …and Grenville thinks that he has that to offer ..and feel obliged to offer himself.

    If he is NOT elected, he will probably feel relieved that he can get back to his personal, extremely comfortable life , but he will be satisfied that he offered himself….and that it was the brass bowls who rejected him.
    This is a far cry from the hand-to-mouth retards for candidates who NEED the opportunity to use bribery and influence to feather their nests….or they will scrunt.

    Don’t get tied up.
    If Bajans were smart, we would be ACTIVELY seeking out persons of Grenville’s ilk (and Jeff, and Caswell, and Walter….) and literally BEGGING them to make themselves available for election.
    Conversely, (if we were smart) we would be VERY wary of those who specialised in getting their fingers on all the ‘right pulses’ in order to solicit our votes…

    @ Grenville
    A very reasonable first initiative …to offer some hope to the unemployed.

    How about negotiating with a few Credit Unions to sponsor the scheme by enrolling successful graduates as a special category of member ..and then holding their hands in the start-up phase of their new businesses? …..perhaps by encouraging existing members to co-sponsor one graduate each with a $500.00 maximum line of credit for the business idea.

    As an going scheme, you could also launch a ‘Micro-Business-Cooperative’ out of the initiative, which could then provide ongoing support and assistance to graduates. It could also bring together mutual producers and consumers for small business products and services ….and grow into an extremely influential organisation.


  • it make take plenty time of hard work on his part but certainly his effort should pointed him closer to his realization of forming a formidable third part in the not too distant future .


  • LOL WW&Company and Gabriel no one has to listen or heed any thing that i say but this i know two elections ac have been privileged to be in the winners circle and now on the verge of having a third win will you an the other blp yardfowls are still eating crow and longing for the days of OSA


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Giving the youth hope is not hard work…it’s satisfying.

    Taking bribes is hard work.

    Corrupting a government and an island is hardwork.

    Giving the youth a chance is performing a public service….big difference, nothing hard about sharing your skills and knowledge for a good cause….future generations, who will benefit.


  • millertheanunnaki

    “It should be clarified that participants will be trained to start and grow profitable businesses that they can operate from their homes. The workshop is not an academic exercise about writing business plans. Rather, participants are expected to start operating their new businesses during the workshop.”

    For true, Grenville?
    Suppose some of the youth want to start up their own little ganja processing business? Like making ganja medicinal concoctions, ganja herbal cakes for veggies, ganja incense and mosquito repellants.

    Would you be prepared to guide them along the path to business success? Or would you be only interested in helping them in knowing the ropes of importation and retailing the same products possibly from China or India?

    Unless you can come up with a policy regarding the alternative use of the thousands of acres of sugarcane lands currently idle and overgrown with bush and occupied by vermin your party or movement is saying nothing meaningful about the economic future of Barbados.


  • This is an excellent initiative. I would also suggest that the organisers impress upon the participants the importance of softer skills such as presentation, good oral and verbal communication and etiquette in business. A solid business plan is important but it is not everything. Reinforce upon the participants that succeeding in business is not just about a good business plan. It is about networking and knowing how to effectively sell your idea/business. I suppose some of this might be difficult to cover in one workshop but perhaps Solutions Barbados could look at conducting a short workshop series once that is within your resource capability.


  • *good oral and written communication


  • Agree that it is a good initiative. It is about doing and not talking.

    BU’s concern is how do you attract the voluntarily idle, those who sit on the bloc with zero motivation to work. They are the so-called dropouts. It is a good idea to co-opt the support of the Corey Laynes, Roger Husbands et al who understand that world and have the speak to have the trust of that group.

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  • How could one be trained to run a ‘profitable’ business?

    This is the wrong question. Sometimes one may not know the answers. In those circumstances, it is then highly important to ask the right question/s. Phillips is talking -political talk.

    The truth is that to succeed in business is largely a matter of trial and error, luck, determination, uniqueness and so on. Nobody has the snake oil to train any population how to run a ‘successful’ business.

    Well, if a business ideas turns out to be a good one then there are many models which maybe applied to help to maintain that. But what Phillips seems to be suggesting is that such ‘training’, which he is to provide, could be effective in making his students ;successful’, ‘profitable’, business people. This is at least misleading. We know, for example , that less than 2% of small businesses get pass year 2.

    So what the fu*k is Grenville Phillips talking ’bout?

    As long time lecturer in this area we must confess that Grenville Phillips is one of the few who pretend to know about developing ‘profitable’ businesses. And all the other were charlatans.


  • @Pacha

    You have posted ish. You are correct trial and error is part of building success of any business BUT there are perquisites any aspiring business person should have.


  • @ David

    No, Sir reeee!

    We have found that what you call ‘perquisites’ have no measurable impact on outcomes.


  • Indeed, the evidence tilts in the other direction.

    Meaning, the more training one receives the less likely those persons are to take risks, to be adventurous, etc

    Look around you and you will see the real entrepreneurs are always less trained, while the highly trained work for them – the untrained.

    There is study comparing Lok Jack and Dodridge Miller. One a genuine entrepreneur and the other a highly trained asshole.

    Does this not sound like the culture of mis-education in Bim?


  • How to prepare a basic spreadsheet, understand a P&L extracted from a trial balance, present ideas or a proposal to a vested party etc.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Grenvill sharing his knowledge and experience will give the youngsters motivation, they will deveop their own ideas based on the exposure to these workshops.

    That is all they need, a push in the right direction…they will have their own experiences, negative or positive, which are life lessons to be learned in any business, they will do the rest…..experiences that they can later pass on to others.


  • Maybe it is my anal retentive attention to detail.

    “The training is scheduled to start on Monday 20th June at 6:00 pm sharp in the Combermere School Hall, and run for 3 weeks.”

    a.I was first led to wonder it the writer meant that “the classes start at 6 p.m. on Monday 20th and run continuously for 3 weeks, SO ONE NEVER LEAVES COMBERMERE

    b.Then I said to myself “myself you are being facetious” go to the Solutions Barbados site and there it will be explained to you.

    But on going to the site there was no appended schedule which elucidated on the schedule, nor content, for the 21 days.

    c.Neither did the party do like any other persons seeking to attract an audience from among the ” former criminals and indolent” (Grenville’s words not mine), he did not expand on the topics to be covered.

    You dont have to hide your curriculum GP, it is for the People and what you are doing, must “find seed” among that audience

    d.This “ubiquitous paucity” of information on all fronts of the Solutions Barbados campaign is why Caswell Franklyn, and others, takes you to task, with Caswell that was with the ISO9001 gibber on your site that you proposed about boards and corporations.

    You constantly “present more of the same” in everything that you do and it comes over as poorly warmed over soup.

    Frankly i think now that you are a strategic plant to simultaneously whet people’s appetite with the possibility of a “Third Party” but to give such a dismal showing with your lacklustre performance that it dissuades people from ever considering a third party

    One would want to believe that you do have a plan but you are keeping it in reserve but as for me Grenville post my continued readings of your materials, I am very much of the firm belief that it is not that you are keeping things is reserve because you fear that the DLP or BLP will graft them, but because you simply are composing this thing on the fly, using the materials submitted by bloggers and writing stuff prompted by PETER HARRIS et al. as to what sounds good.

    At the end of the day this is not about sounding politically correct, this is about saying, writing and doing the right thing and you and your “send the murderers to Sundays School to hold the Bible above their head for punishment” litany JUST IS NOT CUTTING IT FOR ME.

    “And John calling unto him two of his disciples sent them to Jesus, saying, Art thou he that should come? or look we for another?”

    As for me and my household Grenville you are woefully not ready, and I shall seek another.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Pacha. .there is a precedent already set when Cow Williams sued the government for a contract Rayside had and that he wanted about 30 years ago, Cow took the case all the wsy to the privy council and won.

    The law is already on the statute books and so is the precedent…and not one lawyer on the island has ever initiated a class action lawsuit against either B or DLP governments for violating black business people’s right to those taxpayer funded contracts…so that they can earn a living…see the nastiness living in their souls.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Piece…you don’t waste…i was wstching this develop.


  • @ grenville
    Are you planning on having the racist
    buffoon Ralph ‘Bizzy-Boy’ Williams in attendance and assisting those who are unemployed?
    Bring along Commissiong and Anderson Fatchild Cherry and you would certainly create some fine free entertainment for the public and some welcome comic relief for the unemployed.


  • Vincent Haynes

    millertheanunnaki June 3, 2016 at 12:41 AM #

    I remember 20 odd years ago when setting up a hands on entrepreneural programme with a start up loan of $500.00 with a monthly repayment schedule,one bright spark,said to…..Skippah,gimmuh it and yuh gine get it back by midday wid profit……on asking how he proposed to do that,he started to explain something about a 5 bag at which point I stopped the conversation being worried about contaminating the others…….but he was an entrepreneur and you are correct we have many like them presently around…….quite possibly saving Bim from collapse.


  • @ David

    All of this financial manipulation, know-how, does not make a profitable business. Any trained person could do these.

    As entrepreneur, the job is to use other, more profound, instincts to enhance top and bottom lines. And these are inconsistent with bookkeeping. Not that accounting is unimportant but is best located in a separate mind. LOL


  • @ Live Young

    Short and sweet. Consistent with the E Becky style ( i think that was the name of a similar post yesterday, i dont keep pointers to submissions).

    When we sit back and look at all of this one upmanship euphemism for bigotry, corruption and bribery, it truly is comical.

    The same group of 10,000 whites? that lived well “years aforetime” in the plantation times, now find themselves “beholding” to the very group they once enslaved, but being better chess players in the albino-centric rules of engagement, have managed to enslave again, while doing what is everyones right, preserving themselves.

    The other group of the previously outwardly manacled, never having understood what emancipation was, nor what its grandchild, independence is, is stupefied by our ability to shake our hands and not hear the clanging of chains.

    So genetically modified we are that we not replace the manacles with gold bangles and humongous gold and silver chains, compliments of the white man, cause not one uh we is an alchemist, and shake our own bangles of enslavement, happy that we are free, NOW WE ARE FREE.

    So Fumbles, Stinkliar and Mia and Oblong head Kerrie and Lashes and Lil Hitler all are the emblems of our freedom and right to appoint our own head nigger over “The New Effing Plantation” but of course since we appointed that nigrah, dat ent slavery dat is de electoral process called the Right to vote, Universal Suffrage, National Suffering.

    Did you know that the field nigga was more savage than the white massa? it had something to do with preserving the “additional victuals” that massah gave up in the bigger hut.

    So lest is should be that we loose such privilege (or in the case of the current head niggas the guaranteed pension) they make sure that the other niggers in the field suffer mo’

    A true comedy that maketh the Greek Gods of Mount Olympus? i hope i got that right, laugh


  • The technical aspects of running a business are less important than the art of COLLABORATION. We seem to have given up this talent in favour of individualism. We seem to be striving for the holy grail of independence at the expense of “inter-dependence”. Small businesses especially need a strong collaborative environment.


  • Hi Everyone:

    Thank you for your encouragement and stated concerns.

    As previously stated, of all of our published solutions, this is the only one that we can actually implement before the general election – the others require Government to manage the implementation process. We consider the ideal time to implement this solution is as we have scheduled.

    We have published this solution since July 2015 and have not received any suggestions for improvement. So we will press on. We welcome any suggestions for a better time, in which case we can hold another workshop. But we intend to press-on with the workshop as scheduled.

    Our response to specific concerns follow.

    BC: The unemployed masses need legitimate income earning opportunities, which the workshop is intended to address.

    Gabriel: We intend to reduce taxes as per our published solutions.

    Heather: Effective fines can address corruption. You are welcome to suggest how it can be made more effective. I appreciate David Comissiong’s efforts. We has identified a serious problem which we have already published an effective solution, and rectoactive remedy.

    Bush: Appreciate those ideas for improvement. Will act on them.

    Miller: We have published a solution for the idle lands.

    David: We have actively targeted the block youth. I do not pass a block without engaging them and inviting them to the event.

    Pach: Perhaps you have been to a previous workshop, because you are correct – small businesses become profitable by trial and error. Since most, if not all successful businesses have learnt from their failures, we need to get the participants to fail in a save environment without them getting into a discouraging debt.

    Best regards,


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ nextparty246 June 3, 2016 at 10:42 AM
    “Miller: We have published a solution for the idle lands.”

    Where? Could you please direct me to this solution?
    I am certain you cannot be referring to:

    11 . Improving Agriculture:
    “To address the main disincentive for farmers, Government will share the theft risk. Farmers will be reimbursed immediately for thefts, and an effective praedial larceny section will be established within the Royal Barbados Police Force to investigate and charge offenders. The fine will be 10 times the market value of the crops and/or equipment reported stolen. Fraudulent charges will attract the same penalty.
    To address the stealing of crops by monkeys, the interior and sides of gullies will be planted with fruit trees.”


  • @ Grenville

    ‘We” have to do more than that.

    The point of departure, in this context, should be a trends analysis. What is the world going to look like in 10, 20, 30 years?

    What are the innate abilities of each individual involved? How can these abilities be connected with perceived needs/wants, aspiration? A simple gap analysis.

    Broadly speaking.

    Separately, we are afraid that Bajans already have a propensity to want some accounting job somewhere getting 30K per month. And that the way accounting or entrepreneurship is taught dulls instinctive abilities. If you will, the ‘God’ in us. Making otherwise potentially great entrepreneurs afraid of any risk at all.

    Then, you have to change the bankruptcy laws. Allowing people to fail without being a failure. Currently, if a local entrepreneur has a business failure it is highly unlikely to have another real chance. In other countries business owners are allowed to fail many times. In fact you learn nothing from success. It is the failures which give the best lessons.


  • Grenville is a Combermere alumni who bores with Cawmwere tall tales so this is an interesting departure. Lets watch how the idea from his Solutions Party works out. Its a chapter in the action speaks louder than words playbook . However he’s making assumptions by asking participants to bring pen and paper to take notes. If your target market is gun toting marijuana users on the block they don’t walk with pen or paper. Their literacy is in methodologies to acquire firearms smuggled into the island plus running and packaging illegal drugs for sale. You should walk with extra pens and paper Grenville.

    The police have their work cut out with your pupils from the block culture . If you make a dent in their criminal ‘entrepreneurship’ and there is behavioral adjustment Solutions may not be doomed after all. May the force be with you Grenville you’re a millennial Don Quixote. You cant be charged for not being a dreamer even if your cawmere yarns are delusional.


  • @ The Annunaki

    Oh Sage One, I see that you have not lost your sense of humour after all these years.

    I see that you and the Blogmaster trying hard to kill de ole man through paroxysms of laughter while the other fold poisoning de dogs

    You said I a quote “To address the stealing of crops by monkeys, the interior and sides of gullies will be planted with fruit trees.”

    Sage i dun fall out my chair laughing.

    You see why I honestly believe that Grenville ent ready?

    Now in the previous sentence he speak to praedial larceny and how government going pay back farmers who claim that their fields have been robber of non existent crops

    But den here is the greatest comedy of all.

    He plan to plant fruit trees in de gullies to feed de monkeys!!!

    So when de paros and de coconuts menses go in de gullies and tief dem fruit dat de monkeys supposed to eat de government of the day going send one of dem buses dat Fumbles supposed to give tax free incentives tuh de Sandy Lane Benevolent peeple dem.

    De buses dat in de port fuh 3 years.

    Minister Lashes gine sen a bus fuh de disgruntled monkeys and pick dem up and carry dem to Chefette and pay for de food to offset de monkeys deprived diet.

    Whulosss Sage, man get out of town my man, whuloss, if this ting dint soooo incredibly funny it would drive nuff uh we mad, you hear me!!


  • Well Well & Consequences

    That is what small island politicians fail to understand…the dummies see it everyday online and on their cables, big companies and big banks failing and have to restructure, but they are still to understand that success is failing and having the ability to reorganize and survive….failing is success, you learn from it.

    But no, their idea of success is hawking your souls to the banks and never being able to clear off the loans…stealing public funds and never weaning yourself from government contracts…that’s what they see as success…when you and your partners are owned by the banks to the tune of 1 billion dollrs or more and the day arrives that the banks are not lending anymore…derisking or since they been monitoring the economy, know it’s bad and the government contracts will dry up in another 2 years. That is not success, that is living on a wing and a prayer.

    Then as Piece reminded, Peter Harris is said to be shaky and risky to the banks, he had a long run amd was considered successfu…that is not success. The scams tend to dry up with the cash flow.


  • If this party is to be worth its salt it must articulate how financial market economics work. How financialization has transformed everything. Why the traditional GDP model folks have been looking like fools for nearly a decade. They have no idea what is happening, why income mal-distribution continues apace, why investment in the real economy continues to decline in spite of all types of QE as quality employment continues to disappear.

    Why financial markets and large corporations continue to do well despite massive declines in real economy, maintain enormous stock buy-back programs, excessive increases in executive pay, with market indicators maintaining robust levels and climbing

    The traditional economics models do not understand the role of financial markets in economy. Maybe a few on the fringe, but in the main careerism and the determination by universities to have students wallow in orthodoxy prevents new knowledge from emerging.

    If this party could articulate these issues and find remedies from this unique understanding it will have the basis for a coup


  • I ain’t touching this one. #sueme#alicesinwonderland


  • @enuff



  • Retribution-things that make me go hum!

    Questions for Greenville.

    Are you aware that a majority of the unemployed in Barbados are highly educated Mature persons and not school leavers?
    How would this workshop engage educated potential entrepreneurs amongst the street bangers, block persons etc?
    Are you aware that most of the unemployed had either started a small business, thought about the small business but had failed due to the start up capital?
    Would it not be best to work with agencies like Fund Access, Small Business Association (who offer some of the same workshops/training by the way); to bring about a different way of going about assisting small businesses in their ventures?
    Is there a stipend involve for the unemployed to get there and back as well as lunch? Are you providing meals?

    I don’t know! Seems like a good idea – but not something that we haven’t explored even in our minds before when unemployed. Talk till the cows come home – it takes Capital. How does this tie into the Barbados Youth Affairs programmes. Does the Youth Affairs have any such programmes?


  • Retribution-things that make me go hum!

    Are you covering Customer Service training in your course? Oh, and; what about the can’t read and write posse you are calling out – how do they tie into this Programme. No need for pen and paper.


  • Hi All:

    My responses follow.

    Miller: See 10.6. If you disagree, please suggest an improvement.

    Hi Passing: Almost every primary school graduate can write.

    Hi Pach: Clearly we cannot change bankruptcy laws at the workshop.

    Retribution: We are inviting all persons, especially new graduates and the unemployed and under-employed. Hopefully the participants will not need to access funds to start their businesses. No stipend and no lunch – the workshop sessions are between 1 and 2 hours each evening.

    Best regards,


  • THis is the problem with your kind of thinking……………….tooooooooooo locked into more of the same.

    Basically, you are saying that you have to replace the DLP/BLP to make any change. No Sir reeeeeeeeee! Activist leadership can inspire radical change without governmental power.

    If you are really interested in change you could make it in spite not being in government.

    We are afraid this position makes you sound like a political hijacker seeking ransom. As you very well maybe.


  • @Grenville Phillips, I am still awaiting your call. Still not hearing you commenting on the topical issues using the free media available. How do you expect to get mass support? Have you realized the country is now in the election mode?


  • look Kammie forming an alternative political party especially in a small domicile like barbados would take years it is not an instantaneous reality but take several years of hard work to realize and best left by not engaging to those who minds are hardened by a systematic belief of entitlements The desire of the third party does not have to float on ideologies or principles akin to the flourishing of other parties but must be indicative or indicates a new and fresh direction afloat on direction that is particular and can be absorbed and observed within the mind of a society that this new party can identify with a nations challenges and have the metal that is not necessarily in agreement with the wishes or wants of a people but can find the correct balance of providing a concrete foundation which rises to a level of effluence to stand on influenced by trust
    IMHO it begins with creating a grass root base conducive to new ideas while creating a mould of distinctive methods and principles far away from the old political principles of self interest with a construct highly emotive and energized by putting country first


  • The Truth is Barbadians will not accept any holistic changes to the political system for good governance as the perceptions along the way would be culled by the same old political rhetoric driven by a conviction of putting self first in standing order and everything else should wait


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Solutions Barbados June 4, 2016 at 9:58 PM #
    “Miller: See 10.6. If you disagree, please suggest an improvement.”

    If you are proposing what is stated at 10.6 as a plausible solution to the poor state of agriculture then you are nothing but a nutter.

    I repeat with your permission, ex post facto, your solution No. 10.6:
    “To address the inequities in the land tax, taxes will not b[e] applied to either land primarily in agriculture, or residential land with 1 large fruit bearing tree in every 500 sq-ft of unimproved land area. Taxes will be applied to occupied unpainted houses, unoccupied houses, vacant lots not in agriculture, and lots with less than 1 fruit bearing tree in every 500 sq-ft of unimproved land area.”

    Are you aware that the largest owner of agricultural land is the very Government?
    Now what is the state of the former sugarcane fields owned and controlled by the Government?
    How can the Government impose your proposed tax on lands not generating income in the first place? Who will pay?

    My suggestion is that most of those former sugarcane lands especially in the ‘hilly’ areas be turned into hemp growing fields for both local processing as inputs into animal feedstock, local pharmaceutical industry and up-market and added value food and household products.

    You should take a business trip to Amsterdam to see what can be commercially done with the plant white looking for export opportunities for both the raw material and locally finished ‘Bajan Premium Brand’ products.
    There ought to more to the “100% Made in Barbados” marketing line than just Bajan Rum made from imported molasses and Windmill Pepper Sauce.


  • Oh Sage One…

    Even in your response you had to do that which Grenville poor soul did not deign to do.

    In his circumlocutory reasoning he insults us readers by telling us “refer to item 10.6” as if we have time to leave BU to wander to his document and ramblings to find its content

    You, simply did the following, went to HIS DOCUMENT, which HE WROTE, copied it, and pasted the ingrunce here with its “fruit bearing trees” stupidity.

    He was not interested in doing that simple act, we must go to him. See why by theor deeds ye shall know them?

    But i will go further and examine this fruit bearing trees ingrunce.

    “Behold a lime tree”. THis one is 2 feet tall and bears 1000 limes. This one is 7 feet tall and bears one lime, every two years.”

    “Behold this dog dumpling fruit tree which some swear by, and others say is pure rubbish.”

    Both meet the basic requirement as being “fruit trees” under Grenville’s posit, but the 2nd and 3rd fruit trees are equally useless? based on their output.

    But then I suppose that this brilliant mind will now append that “fruit tree” idea to say that “he will appoint enumerators who will visit people’s properties periodically and ensure that each fruit tree “beareth fruit”, lest it be hewn down and cast into the fire.

    LORD, you who have said unto the bones “I will cause breath to enter into you, and ye shall live:, “send us a few good men (and women) and rid us of these varmints


  • Retribution-things that make me go hum!

    The old man swinging! And I am swinging wid yah.


  • Pach: I am not aware of active lobbying does working in Barbados unless the lobbyist is politically connected. Please provide some examples where active lobbying by those not politically conected has worked here.

    Miller: Thanks for the suggestion. We will certainly consider.

    Piece: Please review Millers’ specific request: ” Could you please direct me to this solution?” We directed him as requested.

    Best regards,


  • Well Well & Consequences

    ” “Behold this dog dumpling fruit tree which some swear by, and others say is pure rubbish.”

    Piece…that’s the problem with Bajans, their inability to see or use what grows right in their back yards, but would run into a pharmacy and get a pill which has 50 side effects, 20 of which could kill them, the other 30 sickening them like dogs…dog dumpling or Noni is imported from the Amazon jungle and sold in Canada for 69 CAD a bottle…it’s very good for the treatment of haemrroids and a myriad of other health issues…we all know why bajans are poster children for noncommunicable diseases, due to lifestyles and bad eating habits, it can only get worse.


  • Central Bank governor believes solar energy is the way forward for Barbados.
    …Central Bank Governor Dr Delisle Worrell suggested today there was one ‘sure’ way for the island to record three per cent economic growth this year.
    However, it would have required a 100 per cent switch over from electricity to solar energy.
    Worrell therefore told those attending a renewable energy and energy efficiency workshop not to expect any significant change to the Central Bank’s 0.5 per cent growth projection for 2015.

    ….during 2015, further progress was made in the use of solar panels for power generation by homes and businesses. Total generating capacity now stands at 9.4 megawatts, a growth of 48% during the past year. (Barbados Central Bank Governor, D. Bradshaw).

    An actual case study from an operating Solar PV( Photovoltaic) System in Barbados.
    Let’s dive into the numbers.

    System summary:

    System size: 5.1kW DC (5kW AC)

    Solar panels: 20 ( 255Watt Trina panels).

    Inverter: 1 x SMA Sunny Boy 5000 amp

    Annual energy generated: 6305kWh

    Annual RE credits from BL&P: $4643.43

    In operation since: September 2013.

    For September 2014 :

    Energy purchased by BL& P: 515kWh.
    Energy consumed by home: 363kwh.

    As you can easily see, generation is greater than consumption which means nothing is owed to BL&P, in fact credit is being accrued so they owe the RE producer.

    Every month since in operation the system has consistently generated more electricity than the house consumed.

    The RE credit =
    1.6 x FCA (fuel clause adjustment) x Energy purchased by BL& P .

    In September :
    RE credit = 1.6 x FCA(0.4432) x 515kwh = $365.20

    Customer Charges on( 363 kWh) + VAT(17.5%) = $271.21

    Current Charges : $271.21-$365.20 = – $93.93. +10% customer discount (-$7.00 ) + vat adjustment (-$1.23 ) = -$ 102.16.

    After eliminating the monthly electricity bill, this solar PV system has generated $1687.33 in RE credits.
    At the end of the year, BL&P issues a cheque for the balance as it does not roll over each year.

    Here is the cheque .

    The annual revenue generated by the PV system = $4643.43.

    Monthly RE credit before the consumption was subtracted :

    Year 1
    Oct-13 : $ 355.95
    Nov-13. : $ 519.80
    Dec-13. : $ 285.52
    Jan-14. : $ 254.66
    Feb-14 : $ 314.30
    Mar-14 : $ 390.47
    Apr-14. : $ 343.73
    May-14 : $ 513.72
    Jun-14 : $ 443.55
    Jul-14 : $ 439.30
    Aug-14 : $ 417.23
    Sep-14 : $ 365.20
    Total : $ 4,643.43.


  • @Grenville Phillips, I still await your call to discuss your views on seeking environmental justice for the Pegwell Farmers and the residents of Checker Hall. I get the feeling you don’t want to build momentum for greater public acceptance.


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