Following Jesus

Submitted by Grenville Phillips II, founder of Solutions Barbados

Grenville Phillips II, leader of Solutions Barbados

Jesus’ death and resurrection are part of the historical record.  After Jesus’ resurrection, He declared that He had all authority in heaven and on earth, and told His disciples to teach all peoples to benefit from all of the things that He had taught them.  Then He said that He would be with them until the end of the age.

All human beings are on a similar journey – that of following Jesus.  No one who follows Jesus does so perfectly.  We all stumble, but Jesus waits for us to get back up and follow Him.  Jesus did not promise an absence of persecution and injustice, actually, He promised that the narrow road on which He leads us will be difficult – but He promised to be with us right to the end.

The bravest among us are those who choose to follow Jesus on this difficult road in their teenage years.  It is perhaps one of the most challenging things that a young person can do, especially if the one determined to follow Jesus is in the minority population.

To those who have chosen to unashamedly follow Jesus, I say well done.  You are making quality investments in your future self.  You will know wonder and a quiet confidence when it finally sinks in that you are actually walking with the absolute Lord of heaven and earth.  Keep walking.

Some who have not yet started on the journey of following Jesus may find amusement at disparaging those who preceded them.  However, this always ends in regret.  Those who are determined to reject Jesus’ teachings and persecute those who follow Him should be aware that this never ends well.  God hears the cries of the oppressed and comforts them.  However, a fearful judgement awaits the oppressor.

Our history reveals God’s guidance of our ancestors.  Most of us were captured and sold by Islamic slave traders in Africa and then enslaved for generations by Europeans.  Others were kidnapped in Europe and forced into servitude.  However, God’s comfort sustained us all.  God’s guidance was so obvious that it was acknowledged in our National Anthem.

The historical record should encourage us all.  God guided us through and led us out of slavery and servitude, and there was jubilation among our newly freed fore-parents.  He guided us through and led us out of colonial rule, and we stood confidently facing an uncertain future at our independence.  God guided us through the BLP and DLP mismanagement of our national economy – and He will certainly lead us out.

Grenville Phillips II is the founder of Solutions Barbados and can be reached at


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    …and Miller , less noise, you and your Jewish rubbish.


  • “…But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.” ~Buddha

    Naki-Nnaki, this IS* the principle upon which the ‘EYEWITNESSES’ which was from the beginning, which we HAVE HEARD, which we HAVE SEEN with our EYES, which we have LOOKED upon, and our HANDS have HANDLED, concerning the WORD of LIFE…the LIFE was MANIFESTED, and we have SEEN, and bear WITNESS, and declare to you that ETERNAL LIFE which was with the Father, and WAS MANIFESTED to US…” (1 John 1: 1-2) Emphasis added.

    Nnaki, ‘FACTS become credible FACTS, when they are warranted to the relevant degree of certainity.’

    Reason is necessary for Revelation to be Coherent.

    The Historic revelation, re the Birth, Life, Death and Resurrection of The Lord Jesus Christ, IS* so coherently tied together, with internal and external EVIDENCE, only an intellectually dishonest fool, would willfully deny such credible historic evidence.


  • Hal Austin April 17, 2017 at 2:08 PM #
    The Church of England is still institutionally racist. Are they going to separate us in Heaven?
    There is a place in Heaven for us. In my father’s kingdom there are many mansions. Words that could have been spoken by the Landed and industrial gentry of Barbados. Our places in the mansion and great houses of Barbados,were in the gardens and the kitchens.
    Out of all the thousands of people who flocked on that first Good Friday to Cavalry ,or Golgatha , to witness the crucifixion, an established beast of burden, a black man, Simeon was ordered to hump the heavy cross for Jesus. Was he thanked for this task? We do not know, but the thief on the cross on the other side was given a visa to Paradise.


  • @nextparty246. both those historians came long, long, after your so-called jesus would have departed this world. There is absolutely no proof that person existed. Anyone performing miracles as he supposedly did, would have been written into the histories along with the magical acts. Tacitus was born in 58 AD, he is not a current historian and DOES not mention a Jesus Christ. Josephus wrote his annals in 93-94 AD. He IS not a current historian of the era. Neither of them would have lived during the time the fairy tale jesus lived. Even so, it is alleged that Christians in the third and fourth centuries edited his writing to include the jesus theory even referring to a messiah. Jesus IS not a Jewish name.


  • Sam Joseph Clarke has made a strong point that should not be ignored! There are many biblical scholars who see Jesus as an apocalyptic prophet who got it totally wrong. Remember the Son of Man was to return in glory in the lifetime of Jesus’ audience!
    DO some research on the historical Jesus, Grenville. Read ‘Misquoting Jesus’, ‘Jesus, Interrupted ‘ and ‘How Jesus became God’ by Bart Ehrman- as a start.


  • @bajans, You are sadly misinformed, here are some of the early External Support for the historicity of the Person of The Lord Jesus Christ.

    1} Jesus was executed (by crucifixion) in Judaea during the period where Tiberius was Emperor (AD 14-37) and Pontius Pilate was Governor (AD 26-36), (Tacitus, Annals -AD 115)

    2) The movement apread from Judaea to Rome. [Tacitus]

    3) Jesus claimed to be God and that he would depart and return. [Eliezar – 90’s AD, cited Klausner,.

    His followers worshipped Him as (a) God. [Pliny – AD 112, Letters to Trajan]
    He was called “the Christ” [Josephus, Antiquities, – 90’s]
    His followers were called “Christians.” [Tacitua, Pliny)
    They were numerous in Bithynia and Rome [Tacitus, Pliny]
    It was a world-wide movement. [Eliezer]
    His brother was James. [Josephus).

    The Manuscript Evidence of The new Testament.

    There are now more than 5,300 known Greek manuscripts of the New Testament. Add over 10,000 Latin Vulgate and at least 9,300 other early versions (MSS) and we have more than 24,000 manuscript copies of portions of the New Testament in existence today.

    NO other document of antiquity, NONE, even begins to approach such numbers and attestation. In comparison, the Iliad by Homer is second with only 643 manuscripts that still survive. The first complete preserved text of Homer dates from the 13th century.

    F.E. Peters points out that “on the basis of manuscript tradition alone, the works that made up the Christians’ New Testament were the most frequently copied and widely circulated books of antiquity.

    John Warwick Montgomery says that “to be skeptical of the resultant text of the New Testament books is to allow ALL of classical antiquity to slip into obscurity, for NO documents of the ancient period are as well attested bibliographically as the New Testament.

    F.J.A. Hort rightfully states, “…in the variety and fullness of the evidence on which it rests the text of the New Testament stands absolutely and unapproachably ALONE among ancient prose writings.

    J. Harold Greenlee states, “…the number of available MSS of the New Testament is overwhelmingly greater than those of any other work of ancient literature. In the third place, the earliest extant MSS of the N.T. were written much closer to the date of the original writing than is the case in almost any other piece of ancient literature. (EVIDENCE That Demands A Verdict, Historical Evidence For the Christian Faith, Vol 1, pp.39-41) Emphasis added.


  • Mek Bushie Laff….. to hear big people arguing about the authenticity of a book that is probably the SINGLE clearest example of a GLOBAL miracle ….more than ANY other document in the WHOLE history of mankind.

    That a supernatural hand has guided the creation, preservation, distribution and popularity of this book HAS to be beyond rational question.
    The Bible, just in and of itself, is a significant testimony to a Big Boss Engineer designer – who has, by super-natural means, ensured that a ‘Project manual’ has been available to brass bowls…. Given such a DIVINE guiding overview, it is infra dig to argue shiite about the ‘era’ of the human hands credited with writing it…. the prose or other such petty technicalities.

    The problem comes when “non-BBE, brass-bowl, mock engineers” attempt to decipher the ‘technical manual’ …and naturally gets confused in the process.

    That manual is designed for the instruction of undergraduate BBEs, …not uninitiated BBs…. so wunna don’t even bother arguing about it.


  • Bushie

    This your psychological warfare waged to justify the unjustifiable can only now imbue the minds of idiots.

    You and your ilk have been unable to reverse the nonsense that is the bible, your BBE.

    Your militarist approach always seems to result in blaming the people who would ask you for evidence to support specious claims, not misguided nor irrational belief, personal dreams!

    Your ruthless flat earth disposition will lead to the killing of disbelievers again

    Under these conditions disbelievers should foil these mindless schema.


  • @ Pacha
    …psychological warfare?
    ….militarist approach?
    Go back to bed for another hour…. then check with Bushie again….
    …after you awake properly.


  • By 2020 at least two more permanent desalination plants should be up and running in this country and Chief Town Planner, Mark Cummins says the proposed locations have already been identified.

    So what is the NextParty policy re the above proposal?


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    The miseducation of African leaders…which extended to African people which has extended to Caribbean politicians/ministers….which has extended to Caribbean people, 500 years of brainwash and mindbending mindwash…..most people do not even know they are just sheeple programmed to carry on the centuries old European design….that Black people chase their own tails for as long as they refuse to open their eyee.

    “The beginnings of this miseducation go back to the beginnings of the exploration of the African coast by Europeans who had been hemmed in by Arabic power for six hundred years. In 1481, when the Portuguese arrived at the Congo-Ngola area, they initiated the process of miseducation of blacks as an instrument of exploitation.

    The Portuguese invaders persuaded the royal and noble families of the area to send their sons to Portugal for a European education. When these sons returned with Christian names, they began directing African society in the interest of the Portuguese.

    The physical slavery which the Portuguese started was facilitated by the mental slavery of the African leaders who had been educated by the Europeans. This model has endured for five hundred years as the most successful method by which Europeans defeat, control, exploit, and annihilate Africans.” Jacob H. Carruthers


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger


    The Aeta people of the Philippines
    Whatever the migration path was, they are without a doubt among the first – if not the first – inhabitants of The Philippines. They are considered to be Negritos, who are dark to very dark brown-skinned and tend to have features such as a small stature, small frame, curly to kinky afro-like textured hair, small nose, and dark brown eyes. Aeta groups in northern Luzon are known as “Pugut” or “Pugot,” a name designated by their Ilocano-speaking neighbors, and which is the colloquial term for those with darker complexions. In Ilocano, the word also means “goblin” or “forest spirit.They have survived as forest dwellers and as hunters and gatherers for thousands of years. The Aeta people are a peaceful and non-violent indigenous people with their own traditions, customs, identity, and their own language called Sambal. The Aeta have suffered racial discrimination and receive little recognition and support from the government, and during the past fifty years they have lost much of their ancestral domain to land grabbers, loggers and mining operations backed by corrupt politicians and officials.

    Philippine Tribes: Aeta, Agta, Ayta, Ita, Baluga, Ati, Dumagat, Mamanwa, Tagbanua and at least 25 other ( Pygmies Pygmy )Tribes of the Philippines .
    Locations: Luzon, Palawan, Panay, Negros, Cebu, and Mindanao
    Totaling an estimated 15,000 people.

    Further Research……
    Global Black Roots

    ALL of Asia (Li Hui DNA Study) Black Empires: Shang, Xia, Tang, Khmer,Chenla, Indus, and More. People:Yayoi, Jomon, Ainu, Semang, Mani, Andamans, Indian/Dravidian, Pacific Islanders Aborigine and More. India: The Dravidians were Proto Saharan People
    In 2005, DNA testing proved that the first inhabitants of China were Black Africans. The study was conducted by a Chinese DNA specialist named Jin Li and a team of Chinese and other scientists.

    The Americas Olmec as well as Other Black Tribes and Moors in America.
    Recent discoveries in the field of linguistics and other methods have shown without a doubt, that the ancient Olmecs of Mexico, known as the Xi People, came originally from West Africa and were of the Mende African ethnic stock, From the archaeological evidence gathered both in West Africa and Meso-America, there is reason to believe that the African Negritics who founded or influenced the Olmec civilization came from West Africa, Clyde A. Winters, Dr. Wiercinski

    ALL of Africa (North and South) People: Original Hebrews (Lemba Tribe), Palestinians. Kingdoms and Empires: Kush, Egypt, Ghana, Mossi, Mali, Axum, Benin, Ethiopia, Songhai and Nubia Sudan (Meroe) has more Pyramids than Egypt.

    Blacks are the Roots of Europe(Grimaldi People in Pre-Europe) Greece,
    Russia (Black Abkhazians) Siberia (Early Saami, Sami, Lapps)and Moors
    General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) Will begin teaching that Blacks were in what is now called Britain, far before the English.”


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