The following comment inspired the blogmaster to expand the focus on data collection and discussion about the COVID 19 pandemic. Thanks to @Lyall@Amit


David; re. your 4:41 am post;

You are correct but I have indeed considered that cohort of the population.

The reason that the US experts are beating the drum for testing, testing and more testing is to get a handle on what proportion of the general public has been compromised by the virus in any way and has left its signatures in body fluids including blood in the population. The virus is shed from the infected body as the disease is brought under control. When it is controlled it has been found that it takes around 7 days for all particles to be shed from the body. Infected persons are released back into the community when they test negative twice over a period of 2 days.

Barbados, like all of our island neighbours, did or does not have access to large numbers of tests and had to use what we had very sparingly. Thus, the only measure that we had for gauging the incidence of the virus in the population (and a very imperfect one, at that) might be by comparing the evidence of infection levels hinted at by a comparison of the graphs of the progress of the various Covid-19 outbreaks in our Islands.

Most of the world was in the same position as the Caribbean and used the data obtained by the minimal testing of infected people and their contacts and their contacts to produce the graphs we see on such sites as WHO and Worldometer etc. All these graphs give an imperfect picture and significant underestimation of infection levels in the county or country in which the tests are carried out, but, since they are carried out in the same way in each country they might provide some rationale for guesstimating the comparative levels of the infection in various groups of countries.

The data shows that, starting out at essentially the same levels, there was some divergence in relation to the rate of infection and therefore progress of the various outbreaks in various countries. The graphs for Barbados showed low and declining levels of infection from the beginning, peaking at the level of 13 positive cases per day and thereafter showing a slowly declining trend. The individuals who would have contributed to the declining trend would have been primarily from the contact testing but should also have included other individuals referred by Health professionals or who presented themselves to Government institutions because of concern that their symptoms might point to untimely death due to the dread Covid-19.

Amit, in an earlier post on this blog, reported on his initiative of graphing Covid-19 incidence over weekly periods throughout the epidemic, in several Caribbean Islands. If David thinks it is appropriate and Amit agrees I can post a subset of graphs clipped from his data for 6 Caribbean territories which I think could illustrate some of what I have presented above.

Covid 19

There was 1 more positive case announced today as well as 1 death. A slight uptick of the daily cases line is indicated in the graph by the blue line. The total cumulative number of positive cases from the tests carried out yesterday is 76 – Llyall Small


Attached is the updated C-19 graph for 2020-04-23. There were no additional positive cases from yesterday’s tests and therefore cumulative positive cases remain at 76 – Lyall Small



Two new positive cases were identified from yesterday’s tests. There are now 5 cases of contacts with a previously identified individual. The 5 cases are workers from a Government Institution. Tests are ongoing today (25 April 2020)Lyall Small


Updated graph for 26 April 2020. No new +ve cases were found. Cumulative count is still 79 – Lyall Small


There was one additional +ve case identified today (27 April 2020) from the last tranche of NAB workers moving the cumulative total cases to 80. The graph is still essentially trending downwards – Lyallsmall

Covid-Cumulative 1

Graphing Covid-19 incidence in several Caribbean Islands – Source data:

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  1. Recent events ‘not the cause’ of surge

    by SHERIA BRATHWAITE sheriabrathwaite@nationnews. com
    THE COVID-19 MONITORING UNIT is assuring Barbadians that the recent surge in COVID-19 cases is not attributed to any particular event within the past few weeks.
    Director Ronald Chapman told the DAILY NATION yesterday that while the Omicron variant was highly contagious, there was no evidence to suggest the cases were connected to any Old Year’s Night events or political meetings.
    “The incubation period is anywhere between two to five days so if persons who would have been ill were associated with those (Old Year’s Night) events, it would not be counted now. Those persons would have been ill before; we would have seen those cases maybe around January 7,” he said. “But the thing is we know we have Omicron and despite any particular event, what we anticipate, in terms of the rise of cases, is just what is happening.
    “So this is nothing over and above what our projections have already indicated. I have no evidence to prove that anybody who would have been ill on the 7th were a part of any large number of cases from anywhere.”
    He said the current cases were very much in line with what researchers had forecast at the start of 2022.
    Chapman, who is Deputy Chief Environmental Officer, said people should stop trying to associate blame to an event and realise that the number of cases is due to the contagious nature of the new variant.
    “People need to stop doing witch-hunts. Look at the United States. There aren’t any particular events there right now and they are seeing about 150 000 cases per day. England is at about 200 000 cases per day. This is Omicron; this isn’t Alpha and Delta like how it was before. This is a completely different animal that is far more infectious.
    “Again, there is no evidence of any particular event which is contributing to the cases. It is that we have Omicron and Omicron has shown in other jurisdictions
    to be highly infectious. Our estimate is what you are seeing now and it is keeping with our projections.”
    Chapman added that his officers who were stationed at all of the Old Year’s Night fetes did not report any breaches.
    During a national press conference last week Wednesday, the University of the West Indies’ George Alleyne Chronic Disease Research Centre predicted that in a worst-case scenario, a six to seven-week wave, Barbados could be faced with a COVID-19 surge peaking at 3 500 cases daily.
    In a shorter wavelength of just over a month, the prediction was 1 200 cases per day at the peak.
    In the first two weeks of the year, Barbados has reported more than 5 000 new COVID-19 infections from increased testing conducted by the Best-dos Santos Public Health Laboratory.

    Source: Nation

  2. Clarke: Bajans lining up for booster shots

    BARBADIANS are heeding the call to come out in their numbers to get their third vaccination shot.
    More than a week ago, joint coordinator of the National Vaccination Programme, Dr Elizabeth Ferdinand, urged individuals to make getting their booster shot a priority and also pleaded with the unvaccinated to at least get their first shot, which could still offer a first layer of protection against contracting COVID-19.
    Her call came as forecasters had projected a significant surge in cases due to the Omicron variant of the virus. The number of new cases has increased and so have the amount of people presenting for first and third shots.
    On Monday, hundreds turned up at the Ministry of Health’s testing and vaccination site at Queen’s Park, just outside The City and steady numbers continued Tuesday and yesterday.
    Major David Clarke, joint coordinator of the vaccination programme, said yesterday they were glad to see Barbadians again coming out to take advantage of the four vaccines the country has to offer.
    “We are certainly seeing the general public coming out to get vaccinated, especially the boosters. And for first doses, people are slowly coming. So we are increasing a little bit every day,” he added.
    Clarke said they were also seeing increased numbers in people getting their second shots, which would make them fully vaccinated under Ministry of Health and Wellness guidelines.
    Barbados has seen a strong surge of COVID-19 cases in the New Year, with more than 5 100 being discovered in the first two weeks.
    “The largest group of people coming to the vaccine centres are those coming for boosters. I believe it is as a result of people who are already vaccinated making sure they are protected,” he noted.
    The National Vaccination Programme had been severely affected last year by industrial action taken by a number of nurses, which led to some centres not opening. Ferdinand said an effort was being made to keep as many centres open while the country is dealing with the current surge of new infections. (BA)

    Source: Nation

  3. What is going on over there in Canada, eh?

    Quebec may soon tax unvaccinated

    QUEBEC – Quebec, Canada’s second most populous province, is planning to force adults refusing to get COVID-19 vaccinated pay a “health contribution” in a move likely to spur a debate about individual rights and social responsibility.
    Premier Francois Legault told reporters at a briefing that the proposal, details of which were still being finalised, would not apply to those who cannot get vaccinated for medical reasons.
    Unvaccinated people put a financial burden on others and the provincial finance ministry is determining a “significant” amount that unvaccinated residents would be required to pay, Legault said, adding that such an amount would not be less than C$100 ($79.50).
    Governments globally have imposed movement restrictions on the unvaccinated and few have levied fines on the elderly, but a sweeping tax on all unvaccinated adults could be a rare and controversial move.
    While such a tax could be justified in the context of a health emergency, McGill University medicine and health sciences professor Carolyn Ells said, whether it survives a court challenge would depend on the details.
    But Ells expressed surprise that the government was taking such a “dramatic” step now, when options such as further expanding vaccine mandates remain.
    Provinces across Canada are tackling an exponential rise in COVID-19 cases that has forced tens of thousands of people into isolation and burdened the health care sector.
    The highly transmissible Omicron variant has made it difficult for restrictive measures to curb the spread and health experts have stressed the importance of getting double and tripled vaccinated.
    Quebec has been one of the worst-hit, regularly recording the highest daily count of coronavirus cases of all provinces and having several thousand health care workers off their jobs.
    “The vaccine is the key to fight the virus. This is why we’re looking for a health contribution for adults who refuse to be vaccinated for non-medical reasons,” Legault said.
    Legault said that even
    though the province has about ten per cent unvaccinated people, they account for about 50 per cent of those in intensive care units.
    Legault and his CAQ party face a provincial election in October.
    On Monday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that the federal government had secured enough COVID-19 vaccine doses for all eligible Canadians to receive a booster as well as a fourth dose.
    Last month, Quebec said it had “no choice” but to allow some essential workers to continue working even after testing positive for COVID-19 to prevent staff shortages from impeding its health care services. It has also imposed curbs on gathering.

    Source: Nation

  4. @David, what’s going on is the same ‘maverick’ leadership seen … in the state of Florida, in Brazil, in the Phillipines over in France, here and ALL over.

    Of course some draconian measures are pro vax just as some are anti vax … but on the matter of leadership it shows the same basic principle of forcing the designated strategy of the administration’s will.

    Anyhow, let’s focus for a minute on the statement “Last month, Quebec said it had “no choice” but to allow some essential workers to continue working even after testing positive for COVID-19 to prevent staff shortages from impeding its health care services” and couple that with US CDC’s guidance which reduced isolation time for their health workers to five days from 10 (as I recall) …. then juxtapose that with OUR local authorities suggesting that there were no safe practical methods to get citizens testing positive with Cov19 to vote!!!

    The point: ‘where there is a will, there is a way to get the task done’!

    If positive health care workers can be properly masked etc and get back on the job quicker it’s absolutely obvious that others can be properly handled to be allowed in and out of a polling site to vote.

    Leadership, Will and BS … sometimes they can seem so synonymous !

    • @Dee Word

      When the decision was taken by the PM and communicated to confidants in smoke filled back rooms, challenges posed having general elections during a pandemic should/would have been discussed.

      The rest is left to our active imagination final decisions made.

  5. Quebec may soon tax unvaccinated

    QUEBEC – Quebec, Canada’s second most populous province, is planning to force adults refusing to get COVID-19 vaccinated pay a “health contribution” in a move likely to spur a debate about individual rights and social responsibility.

    The Quebecois can’t have much sense.

    It’s in their water which the municipal authorities supply and for which they are already taxed!!

  6. DavidJanuary 13, 2022 5:24 AM

    Recent events ‘not the cause’ of surge

    by SHERIA BRATHWAITE sheriabrathwaite@nationnews. com
    THE COVID-19 MONITORING UNIT is assuring Barbadians that the recent surge in COVID-19 cases is not attributed to any particular event within the past few weeks.
    Director Ronald Chapman told the DAILY NATION yesterday that while the Omicron variant was highly contagious, there was no evidence to suggest the cases were connected to any Old Year’s Night events or political meetings.


    So tell us about the imported cases.

    How are they accounted for?

  7. DavidJanuary 13, 2022 5:25 AM

    Clarke: Bajans lining up for booster shots

    BARBADIANS are heeding the call to come out in their numbers to get their third vaccination shot.
    More than a week ago, joint coordinator of the National Vaccination Programme, Dr Elizabeth Ferdinand, urged individuals to make getting their booster shot a priority and also pleaded with the unvaccinated to at least get their first shot, which could still offer a first layer of protection against contracting COVID-19.


    One patient, three Covid-19 infections: An exception that’s becoming more common in Spain
    Bernat Coll 1 day ago

    “I don’t know of another case like mine,” says Bruno Polo, a young Spaniard who tested positive for Covid-19 in an antigen test taken before his planned Christmas Eve dinner. In October 2020 and in the summer of 2021, he also caught the coronavirus. “I must have the record for infections now,” he says. He doesn’t, but he is close. Last week, the Catalan health department reported a person who had been infected four times.

    Bruno Polo, who contracted the coronavirus three times, in Barcelona.© Carles Ribas (EL PAÍS) Bruno Polo, who contracted the coronavirus three times, in Barcelona.
    The case of the 21-year-old Polo may be the exception now, but it is likely to become increasingly common. Experts warn that reinfections will increase due to the fact that the antibodies lose effectiveness over time and that the omicron variant of the coronavirus partially evades the protection provided by Covid-19 vaccines.

    Polo spent Christmas Eve alone at home, where he lives with his mother and older brother. He felt well, he didn’t have any symptoms and he ate a traditional Italian meal that his father had left by the door. In his head, he wondered if the test result was accurate, especially since the second line that indicated a positive case was only faint. To Polo, who was fully vaccinated and had recovered from two previous infections, it seemed like a bad joke.

    His brother, a medical student, put him in contact with a doctor who confirmed the reliability of positive results from antigen tests. “The problem is the false negatives,” the doctor told him. In an antigen test, the brightness of the second line reflects the viral load of the test. In Polo’s case, the faint line indicated that he had a low viral load of the virus. To confirm the result, Polo tried to get a PCR test at a medical center the next day. But he was told that under Spain’s current protocol, these more accurate tests are limited to symptomatic cases in order to reduce the strain on the primary healthcare system. He tried to get tested at a private lab, but he says waiting in line would have taken hours. In the end, he gave up. “I had to accept the third positive and being confined to a room for seven days.”

    During the self-isolation period, he occupied himself with books, video games and his studies, but he was still frustrated. This was not the first time he had missed out on festivities due to Covid-19. In October 2020, he tested positive a few days after coming into contact with a coronavirus case, although he had no symptoms. The fact that he was asymptomatic made him question whether Spain is detecting the true spread of the virus. “I have taken tests out of a sense of responsibility and from those, I discovered two out of my three infections,” says Polo. “But there are people who haven’t done this and who will never know if they were infected before.” In the summer of 2021, he had tickets to fly to Milan but was unable to travel after testing positive. “The second case was the worst,” he says. For three days, he had a very high fever of 39.5 degrees Celsius.

    There are people who haven’t taken tests and who will never know if they were infected before

    While cases like Polo’s are still the exception, experts warn they will become increasingly common. The Spanish Health Ministry and most of the regions – which are in charge of their healthcare systems, Covid-19 vaccination drives and coronavirus restrictions – do not offer data on reinfections. In Catalonia, however, the health department estimates that 2% of all detected cases in the region since the beginning of the pandemic have been reinfections. In the sixth wave currently affecting Spain, the figure is even higher: up to 5% among the over-50s and up to 8% among the under-50s.

    Pere Domingo, the Covid coordinator at Sant Pau Hospital in Barcelona, says there are two main reasons for reinfections. “Either the virus is mutating or a person’s immunity is falling, and in this wave, the two factors have coincided,” he explains.

    Domingo points out that the antibodies gained after recovering from the virus start to drop over time, while the omicron variant is able to partially escape the protection of Covid-19 vaccines during the infectious period. “With these factors, transmissibility increases,” he says. Scientific studies, however, confirm that vaccines continue to prevent serious cases of Covid-19. In Catalonia, the health department estimates that in 2021, vaccines prevented between 10,500 and 13,500 intensive care unit (ICU) admissions and between 7,500 and 10,000 deaths.

    While it may seem scientifically sound to assume reinfections are more likely to affect people with a weak immune system, this is not always the case. “When you are infected once, your defenses have a certain specificity for each variant,” says Domingo. “And omicron shows it is more capable of inhibiting these very defenses.” This is supported by data from the Catalan government: of the 28,400 people who have had Covid-19 more than once in the past two years, 15,230 (53%) were reinfected with omicron, which became the dominant strain in Catalonia two weeks ago.

    “Reinfection is not solely a question of the immune system, but rather of luck with respect to the relations in our social circle,” says Domingo, who knows of another person in Polo’s situation. “A young woman was also infected three times and there is nothing that justifies this immunologically. That’s why the mutation of the virus carries such weight, because her system was perfect.”

    English version by Melissa Kitson.

  8. So if it wasn’t the old year festivities up in the ground keeper’s gap in Endor, it must be the water!!

    After all, the football season saw huge crowds at stadia around the US and no spikes.

    Could be the impact of our “trading partners” on our data.

    Just tell us the truth.

  9. Just look at West Australia and you will see Ohmicron/ohmigod is toothless there.

    Put Australia and South America together.

    These are two Continents.

    On one, Australia, there is absolutely no problem in one half!!

    It can’t be ohmigod, we are being lied to at worst or fed a line by people who do not understand what is going on at worst.

  10. South America, North America, Australia and Europe, four continents, are identically affected by COVID… except that West Australia, half of one continent is not.

    The Omicron narrative can’t be supported by the evidence.

  11. @David
    What is going on over there in Canada, eh?
    It’s a big country and each province makes up its rules when they fall under their jurisdiction. The writer missed the part (previously announced) where Quebec residents require vaccine passports to enter liquor and cannabis stores with effect from Jan.18 (in effect a ban); presumably they can still enter local convenience stores (Depanneurs) to purchase beer.

    There is some stubborn resistance against COVID vaccine among a segment of the population ( I have a nephew in Quebec or more accurately the wife’s nephew) who is unvaccinated, but the Gov’ts action has spurred many people to get their shots and only the hard core will hold out.

  12. John; You wrote above
    “So if it wasn’t the old year festivities up in the ground keeper’s gap in Endor, it must be the water!!” and,

    “South America, North America, Australia and Europe, four continents, are identically affected by COVID… except that West Australia, half of one continent is not. The Omicron narrative can’t be supported by the evidence.”

    The Omicron narrative is definitely supported by the evidence. Indeed, the Covid-19 Operations manager here, Mr. Chapman, seems to be endorsing my position that it is indeed Omicron which is the main factor in the current wave.

    None of your numerous charts point to water, None! Instead they ALL show that the onset of the new major December / January waves coincide with Omicron variant onset and upsurges. All presumably backed by isolating that variant from infected persons. In addition, your numerous charts all provide additional consistent corroborative proof that Omicron indeed became ascendant in all these countries in the same time frame. Occam’s razor says that there is no need to invoke water.

    There is therefore absolutely no necessity to invoke contaminated water (with no demonstrated pathway) as the only possible agent facilitating or causing the December spikes / waves in many countries. The insurgencies by the Omicron variant at precisely the same time slot that you have shown, in several countries around the globe, is sufficient to fully explain the onset and the initial, strong resultant waves which are likely to decrease as host populations develop immunity and other new variants gain ascendancy.

    I would however like to join your call of requesting that the authorities disaggregate the data on number of imported cases from the daily totals.

  13. All of the continents or parts thereof have had floods.

    Contaminated water supplies are just a natural follow on from severe floods.

    The parts thereof which have not had floods have not experienced contaminated water supplies so have not had Omicron spread, delta spread, mu spread, alpha spread or another variant which can be made up..

    Ergo, omicron and all the various made up variant names cannot be contagious on their own but needs a means to be spread to households.

    Even on our miniscule scale here in Barbados the very fact that one water distribution area had most cases and those cases occurred following a the floods after Elsa and later on is enough to prove what the means of spreading the Delta variant or whatever variant.

    And it came straight from the mouth of the Minister of Health, I did not make it up, just like the numbers which are displayed graphically came from impeccable sources, I did not make them up either!!

    We have had the means to solve this in our hands six months ago.

    The GOB is effectively saying micron/omigod is not spread by person to person contact nor is it airborne.

    So what are we left with?

  14. If it isn’t airborne as per the GOB, not waterborne as per lyallsmall what else is reponsible and since the virus can’t move on its own, then it mussee de mosquiters and fleas.

  15. “The exception that proves the rule” is based on the Latin phrase “exceptio probat regulam,” a legal principle that can be used to argue the following: if exceptions are made under specific conditions, it must mean there is a rule that applies when those conditions are not in effect


    All I’ve done is divide four continents with problems into halves and produce 8 pieces of evidence to study.

    One of them is different, the exception.

    That proves there is a rule that applies to the other 7 halves.

    That is clearly floods!!

    The exception of West Australia has proven the rule.

    Contaminated water supplies are a natural consequence of severe floods.


    It’s the water.

  16. What the GOB has done is to say to Boris Johnson, we don’t think you did anything wrong keeping a party.

    Keep another, let go some fireworks and drink some rum.

  17. Somebody say

    ” COVID-19 spreads from an infected person to others through respiratory droplets and aerosols (smaller droplets) created when an infected person:

    • talks
    • sings
    • shouts
    • coughs
    • sneezes

    COVID-19 can also spread by touching something that has the virus on it, then touching your mouth, nose or eyes with unwashed hands. You can transmit COVID-19 before you start showing symptoms or without ever developing symptoms.”

  18. Common symptoms of waterborne illness are:
    Stomach cramps.
    Skin, ear, or eye problems.
    Cough and or shortness of breath.


    I see google says shortness of breath is also a symptom of waterborne illnesses, as is diarrhea.

    Why would anyone want to debate the obvious?

  19. @John, what is clearly obvious is the fact that you are not a leader like several of your former Kolig mates .

    Take for example your classmate @PLT … he also came here and set out his carefully considered ‘Welcome Stamp’ strategy… like you have your ‘Water Bourne Virus’ views.

    But unlike your fooling about with non-leadership nous – which you suggest you do possess bigly- he tapped into his contacts and demonstrated to those relevant people the EFFICACY of his recommendations.

    Why have YOU not done the same ???

    Surely @LyallS shouldn’t be the only expert reviewing your thesis … if it’s so ‘OBVIOUS’.

    Why do you spend every day plumbing the depths of this aquatic pool with us plebs still rather than at high levels like he did???

    Do your recommendations carry even one iota of validity as that of your love-to-hate ‘buddy’ … or were u always a follower to his leadership!

    Just wondering bro … the dynamics of how you too met up again here on BU and to see how remarkably the competitive spirit between the two of you has spotlighted your unacknowleged ‘Watery Posts” compared to his million$$ revenue generating ‘Stamp’ of acceptance is … … well, you tell us: what is it?

    Is there merit to you @John or has he aced you again! 🙄😇🙏🏿

  20. PLT is a creature of politics, I am not.

    Why would you even see the need to compare us?

    Are you also a creature of politics?

  21. Did you know that you may not be able to collect your life insurance if you die as a result of the vaccination?

    Insurance company in France is refusing to pay on the grounds that the insured committed suicide by subjecting himself to an experimental drug!!

  22. JohnJanuary 13, 2022 3:49 PM

    PLT is a creature of politics, I am not.

    Why would you even see the need to compare us?

    Are you also a creature of politics?


    I was wondering when PLT would make his appearance after the crack about the Reverent Joe and PLT’s baby chile.

    Clearly he sent you … some leader, and a coward to boot.

    Don’t you go also by the moniker Balaam’s Ass …. what a choice?

    You need to stay out of politics.

  23. So we know COVID causes shortness of breath as do many waterborne diseases, I pointed out Legionnaires’ disease here the other day and showed its similarity to COVID.

    I don’t even have to invoke floods to get there, just observe the symptoms.

    If I weren’t so firghten for blood I could have been a doctor.

  24. @John a very hearty 😆 …

    This blogging thingy is really hilarious … anyone just reading your posts as a first timer would indeed wonder
    “Why would [I] even see the need to compare [you two]?”…… What a laff!

    Would you care to tell that firsttime visitor that I ONLY know of the links between you two because YOU (and he too surely) did the comparisons for all of us here on BU re your school competitiveness dated some 50 years ago.

    What a thing, eh!

    So how wonderfully disingenuous of you to say that I making improbably bad contrasts between you guys 🤦🏾‍♂️🙈

    But back to the original script… it still does seem that he aced you again, not so — political connections or not!

    Had you guys never pompsetted here about that I would never have known he was a bête-noir of yours now would I!!😇🙄😂

  25. A 74-year-old man passed away from the viral illness at the Harrison’s Point Isolation Facility. He was partially vaccinated.

  26. 2439 people were Covid19 on Wednesday 12 January 2021. Of that number 577 tested positive=23.6%

    13 vaccine clinics are open in 7 parishes. The clinics are capable of vaccinating 3,000 per day, however only 98 people showed up for their first vaccine on Wednesday.

  27. The vaccine clinics are open for 6 hours each day, so a total of 78 hours each day.

    So almost an hour to vaccinate each person.

    I am thinking that the government may as well close the vaccine clinics, and redeploy the staff to areas where their services are truly needed and appreciated.

  28. HantsJanuary 13, 2022 1:14 PM

    Somebody say

    ” COVID-19 spreads from an infected person to others through respiratory droplets and aerosols (smaller droplets) created when an infected person:

    • talks
    • sings
    • shouts
    • coughs
    • sneezes

    COVID-19 can also spread by touching something that has the virus on it, then touching your mouth, nose or eyes with unwashed hands. You can transmit COVID-19 before you start showing symptoms or without ever developing symptoms.”


    Did you know that many waterborne diseases are also transmissible from person to person … like COVID!!??

    Did you know waterborne diseases are also transmissible by food?

    … and are also airborne … like COVID?

    Tomorrow I may take the position that the sky is normally blue.

    I reckon there will be some who will want to oppose for opposition sake or just were unaware of that fact.

    COVID is waterborne, simple fact of life.

    It is also airborne and can be passed from person to person.

    However the evidence is pretty clear the major spread is via water.

  29. 🐇/🐰
    “JohnJanuary 9, 2022 8:08 PM

    There you go.

    495X1833/2475~367 vs 342 actual

    Existence of COVID in the population continues to fall.

    If half the tests had been done there may have been 171.

    Can this number get to <100 by Friday as per my prediction?

    Any bets?”


  30. No one at the Sky Mall testing place for the last couple of days I passed.

    Need to separate out imported cases or numbers are useless.

    We’re looking at two populations, one with high levels of COVID which has to be tested for travel reasons and one without much COVID which is tested as the need arises.

    Meanwhile, over in Western Australia, 7 day averages less than 10, here’s what a population in which only airborne spread looks like.

    Population 2.27 million.

    We should be looking at a graph like this one from Singapore

  31. Hants

    We are testing a second population from the UK mainly and other countries.

    Our positives will level out wherever the weighted average of the rates is in the UK and other countries from which we get tourists.

    As I said before, the ohmigod variant will not spread in Barbados as for the moment it can’t get in the water, the ground has dried out.

    Here’s what I find interesting.

    The clip you posted with the 10K peeps coming through GAIA would suggest far more testing would be done than the roughly 2,500 that are reported from the Best DoSantos Lab.

    Somebody is making a killing on the testing.

    Our GDP should skyrocket in 2022 over 2021 so who ever wins the elections must be licking their chops!!

  32. So Lyall

    Q: How come the ohmigod variant isn’t running rampant through the Barbados population as predicted?

    A: It can’t because the ground dried out!!

    • @Hants

      Does this mean travelers will waltz through immigration and customs with a requirement to be tested?

  33. @rabbit
    I am running you around and not getting a reply.

    According to your mathematical model, there should have been <100 cases on Friday. Where did your model fail?

  34. @ David,

    ” in collaboration with the Government of Canada.

    Flights will be suspended from January 31, 2021 through April 30, 2021 to the following destinations:

    Cayo Coco, Cancun, Liberia, Montego Bay, Punta Cana, Varadero, Puerto Vallarta, Antigua, Aruba, BARBADOS, Kingston, Mexico City, Nassau, Providenciales, San Jose, and Panama
    For a limited-time, flights to Canada from these destinations will still operate as scheduled, however, these flights may cease operation without notice. For the latest updates and flight information, please visit

  35. TheOGazertsJanuary 16, 2022 10:53 AM

    I am running you around and not getting a reply.

    According to your mathematical model, there should have been <100 cases on Friday. Where did your model fail?


    Two populations!!

    Impossible to model as one.

    Useless applying math.

  36. If it is possible, it is done. If it is impossible… it will be done. – Evel Knievel


    I can do it with the graphs.

    The local population is seeing 50 to 100 cases.

    The 10K people who come thru GAIA are seeing 450 – 500 cases.

    I’ll explain later.

  37. Here are the protocols for tourists who arrive at GAIA with the ultimate goal of joining a Cruise.

    That’s going to be a significant number out of the 10K daily arrivals.

    Let’s say 30% of the arrivals are Bajans then about 7,000 tourists are coming through GAIA, some of whom will need to be tested.

    It is clear that the vast majority of the roughly 2,500 tests will be tourists.

    Very few will be local and many of the local tests will be from the 40% Bajans.

    Tourists joining a cruise ship here are not tested.

    “Cruise guests arriving in Barbados on the day of their departure for sailings from Bridgetown will be transported through a “sanctuary corridor” via pre-arranged transportation, said George. Guests with a pre-cruise Barbados stay (and Bajans embarking on cruises) will be tested by local authorities at the Bridgetown cruise terminal.

    Cruise passengers disembarking a ship in Bridgetown with plans to depart the same day will be transferred directly to the airport. Depending on their destination, passengers must be tested by their cruise line; testing may be waived if there is no destination requirement.

    Finally, guests who disembark for a post-cruise stay in Barbados must present proof of a negative COVID-19 test result. Disembarking passengers may access testing at the Bridgetown port and proceed to their accommodation to wait for results if their cruise line cannot provide testing.”

  38. I would suggest that of the ~2,500 tests per day, maybe a hundred at most are people who live here and did not arrive through GAIA.

    … and so Grasshopper, there will be far less than 100 local cases.

  39. The clincher is the graphs … but you will have to wait for that.

    If you understand how the numbers are arrived at, you will then be able to appreciate the graphs.

  40. Expect if the UK is the major source of the second population that our cases will organise themselves to make our cases/million number match that of the UK.

    Notice the peak will be higher than that caused by the floods.

    This is actually a good sign because it suggests that only a small part of our water supply is susceptible to problems.

    Isolating it should not be a problem in the event of future floods.

  41. We have no control over our case numbers at present.

    They are entirely determined by the testing protocols for our visitors.

    What it does mean is that our cases are extremely low and have little impact on the overall numbers.

    This is good.

    The vast majority of our visitors are either vaccinated or are like my boy Novax, … had COVID already.

    If they test positive they are unlikely to be a drain on our medical resources.

    The local population to a large extent has little interaction with the visitor population and even in cases where they do, the airborne spread by face to face contact is minimal.

    That’s why our local numbers are in double digits, that’s all the airborne spread can support.

    Our local numbers will rise if we get floods again and do not isolate the source that is impacted.

  42. John; Nice Graph! Agree with some of your proposals. Disagree with your attribution of spikes to floods, mimicking of UK progress chart, input of tourists, etc. The basic shape of the graph is common to all biological development (Its usually called the Sigmoid curve or Bell shaped curve), especially with epidemics, and need no new factors to explain it. Thus Spikes, etc., can be more properly attributed to genetic factors of the host / pathogen interaction.

    The incursion by Omicron and its takeover of Delta territory is key to explaining how the Omicron wave has and will develop. But it is possible that its fall will be a bit less steep than its rise. Thus we will probably have a couple weeks as it plateaus and then another 2-4 weeks as it drops to manageable levels.

    You still need to get hard data on how the Covid team actually counts positive tests of tourists.

    I suspect you are on the right track re. future progress of the Omicron towards endemic status.

  43. It happens in too many countries for there to be no link between COVID spread and floods.

    The virus does not spread itself, it needs fluids, air and water.

  44. Right now COVID cases in the local population are well below 100 and in good control.

    Our community spread is practically non existent.

    However our numbers tell a different story because we are testing an entirely different population.

    We should be able like Singapore and Taiwan to separate the two sets of numbers.

    Here is another destination like ours but in the Pacific.

    Bali has more than 80% of its cases imported.

    There is an element of extreme sloppiness in the publication of our data.

  45. It is coming!

    Carnival for fully vaccinated

    . . . but no fetes, parties for Trinidadians
    PORT OF SPAIN – There will be a Trinidad and Tobago Carnival this year for persons who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 but there will be no fetes or parties, only concerttype shows, the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts has announced.
    After months of consultations with stakeholders, the Ministry said in a statement on Wednesday evening that approval has been given for safe-zone events, including soca and calypso concerts; calypso tents; soca, calypso, extempo and chutney competitions; steel band concerts; Carnival King and Queen shows; and Carnival theatre.
    “These safe-zone type events will be limited to 50 per cent capacity, with controlled entry and exit points and sanitisation upon entry in accordance with the public health regulations.
    Not allowed
    “Following public health guidance and regulations, fetes, parties and similar type events by any other name will not be allowed on account of the nature of those activities and the risk they pose to the increased spread of the COVID-19 virus. While PCR testing of patrons was considered as a form of risk mitigation, it was not deemed realistic as the cost per test per patron would be uneconomical,” it said.
    The ministry said a Carnival Working Group meeting was held on Tuesday to determine the specific events that will be held and a calendar of events is being developed.
    “While we understand that the wait on a firm position for hosting the festival has caused some anxiety among stakeholders, there had to be careful and measured consideration given to vaccination rates, health sector capacity and current rates of infection and mortality. The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts is optimistic about the cautious reopening of the entertainment and events sector but is also deeply concerned with the deadly effects of the COVID-19 virus,” it added.
    Minister of Tourism, Culture and the Arts Senator Randall Mitchell said the move to stage a limited Carnival represents a first step in restarting the events sector.
    “Given the economic importance of Carnival, we felt it was necessary to consider what was possible, and what events can be had safely. We look forward to the development of a calendar of events and its subsequent marketing so that we can all have a safe taste of the Carnival that is truly a part of all of us,” he said.
    “While we remain committed to safely restarting the events and entertainment sector, we must consider the global scenario which is that Trinidad and Tobago, like the rest of the world, are in the midst of a global pandemic which continues to evolve with new variants being detected, causing health organisations worldwide to quickly adapt and change strategies.”
    The ministry added that it would continue facilitating open dialogue among the cultural stakeholders to facilitate a safe and successful return to full events. ( CMC)

    Source: Nation

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  47. Docs eye kidney problems
    By Barry Alleyne
    Public health officials are keeping a close eye on the thousands of people in isolation with COVID-19, due to an increased presence of kidney challenges associated with symptoms of the Omicron variant of the virus.
    The country’s high incidence of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) is not making their job any easier.
    Up to yesterday, there were more than 7 000 Barbadians still at home recovering from COVID-19. Most of them remain asymptomatic or with mild symptoms, but many have been dealing with bouts of dehydration, brought on by diarrhoea and constant vomiting.
    Home Isolation Manager Dr Adanna Grandison said while it was not a high percentage, they had received enough reports of kidney function issues for them to flag the situation and put things in motion to better educate those dealing with the more severe symptoms of COVID-19.
    “It isn’t just happening here locally. It is a consequence of the Omicron variant,” she said. “People are presenting with dehydration and if left unchecked, you can get what is called acute kidney injury. Usually, in most people they would recover, but in some instances it can become quite severe. Every time a patient loses fluids through vomiting or diarrhoea they are at risk of kidney injury.
    “The average patient will not know they have acute kidney injury, so we are building out capacity. We are getting increased emails and calls, even to deal with minor symptoms. It isn’t a severe challenge on the system at the moment, but because of our high incidence of NCDs it has the potential to put us under a lot of pressure,” Grandison said.
    She added the symptoms could also unmask previously undiagnosed chronic kidney injury or disease.
    “That is something we are seeing a lot more of [in home isolated people with COVID-19]. We would have noticed that with the Delta variant, people were presenting with hypoxia (low levels of oxygen in the bloodstream), but what we’re seeing with Omicron is that a lot of people are now presenting with vomiting and diarrhoea and decreased oral intake [of fluids]. That is why we have made a push on some of the recommendations we have made to the public for them to keep up with their intake of fluids, even if it is small amounts frequently.”
    Would make matters worse
    The doctor stressed it
    was important those in home isolation keep taking small amounts of fluid during the day since bouts of vomiting incur a heavy loss of fluids and valuable electrolytes from the body, which would make matters worse for chronic disease sufferers. “The key to fighting off acute kidney injury is proper hydration,” she said.
    She said the renal issues were not across the board, but of concern. “It is not very prevalent. Everyone in home isolation is not presenting with it, but it is something we have noted, flagged and looking at.”
    Grandison said the question to be answered now is if Barbados was facing these challenges because it already had a predisposition to people having chronic diseases. “Hypertension and diabetes do push the envelope when it comes to acute kidney disease. These people, if we took a more detailed look into their history, what we would find?”
    She said when people report the challenges, it immediately triggers a response from the Ministry of Health. She noted people were still complaining about not getting through when they call the ministry’s COVID-19 call centre, but they were actively working to have that resolved.
    Director of medical services at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Dr Clyde Cave, said yesterday that many Barbadians suffering from chronic kidney issues had been harshly affected by the pandemic because of their precondition. He added that the international medical community had reported on many more patients affected by Omicron developing renal issues.

    Source: Nation

  48. A total of 729 new cases – 347 males and 382 females – were identified out of the 2 708 tests conducted by the Best-dos Santos Public Laboratory on Thursday, January 27.


    Private sector head says authorities failed to properly prepare for spike

    By Colville Mounsey
    Chairman of the Barbados Private Sector Association, Trisha Tannis, says she is disappointed at a failure by authorities to properly prepare for the most recent spike in COVID-19 cases, despite warnings that the Omicron variant was likely to spread at exponential levels.
    Making reference to the backlog of people waiting to receive official release from home isolation, she told the Sunday Sun the worst fears of the business community were being realised as it related to loss of production.
    However, Home Isolation manager Dr Adanna Grandison said plans were in the pipeline to have the issuance of clearance certificates automated. She added that pending the requisite approvals, they are hoping to bring that system on stream in a week or two.
    “We are hoping to automate the system so that persons would not have to wait as long for a physical certificate. We are hoping to have it automatically generated with the assistance of technology. I am hoping that it comes on stream in a week or so, that is my hope, but I do not have a definite time frame. We have had quite a few meetings on the issue recently,” she said.
    Tannis stressed that apart from absenteeism, with more than 9 000 people in home isolation, the business sector was also hamstrung by a number of closures in the public service preventing them from accessing critical services.
    “This is a huge concern for us. We simply cannot continue to manage the virus in this way that we are putting in mechanisms that we are not resourcing adequately. If there is one failure in this is the constant lack of assessing and assigning resources needed for the protocols that are required. One would have thought that when the models were being created that showed a bestcase scenario of 1 200 per day at peak and a worst-case of 3 500 per day at peak, we would have anticipated the problem that we are now having,” she said.
    “It is not good enough that we are caught now in this situation where we are being overwhelmed by the number of persons needing certification to leave home isolation. There are some territories, our neighbours, that have been telling persons not to expect a certificate, we can’t give it to you.
    You have to officially tell persons what to do, if it is after ten days, they can leave home isolation and return to work. We in the business sector need to be made aware of what the requirements are before we let persons back into the business.”
    Last week, COVID-19 Public Advisor David Ellis said that after ten days people were no longer infectious and could leave isolation.
    “The relevant section dealing with certificates to release people from isolation is under immense pressure and therefore we are getting a number of calls, some from people who are quite irate, about the fact they are not getting processed at the kind of speed they desire. A lot of this has to do with the fact that many of these people have been in isolation for more than the stipulated ten days and now have to go back to work and need to get these certificates to prove to their employers they are fit for work again,” he said then.
    However, concurring with Tannis, president of the Human Resources Management Association of Barbados, Brittany Brathwaite, said word of mouth simply would not do as there were legal ramifications to consider. She suggested an official amendment to the rules governing home isolation is required to ensure all involved are on solid legal footing.
    “This is exactly why the employers are making the demand, but as we heard from David Ellis, the shedding period would be over and persons would be free to go out. So there is no reason why we should not have this backed up by the legal changes. However, if that is not forthcoming, as a business community it is going to be hard for us to sit and wait, and that is why some businesses are requiring a second test in order for those persons to return to work,” said Brathwaite.
    According to the regulations, a person can leave home isolation only when directed by the Chief Medical Officer.

    Source: Nation

  50. David;

    I don’t think so.

    Last week one of our Top Doctors, I think Doctor Best, followed a day later by the chief UWI modeller, made statements that appeared to suggest that Covid-19 / Omicron incidence at this time could be up to four times the level suggested by testing. Such high levels might well indicate that acquired immunity from the Omicron variant may be getting quite close to herd immunity levels here. This is despite the picture that is being painted by the relatively low figures of between 51 to 68% for Vaccine uptake, depending on which data provider one uses (the GIS or the WHO or Google or Worldometer). That we may be approaching herd immunity is also suggested by such statistics as the Reproductive R0 levels, Positivity rates, comparisons between home isolations and official isolations, etc,.

    I’m not suggesting that we should follow the model implicit to the Daily Mail article. I’m just suggesting that we should be aware of their thinking and be ready to pivot quickly and change our stances as necessary.

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  52. If we are to judge from recent events like cricket at Kensington Oval and political campaigning – supported by utterances from the Chief Medial Officer and Minister Kerri Symmonds – the government is about to switch to a getting ‘back to normal’ mode. We must do all that is possible to address educating our children. Crop Over will fall in line.

    Attached are charts for the week ending 4th Feb 2022. The major takeaways may be that the R0 chart is continuing to trend downward, as is the daily cases chart and that the Death’s and total isolations charts are continuing to trend upwards. These changes need to be monitored over the next couple of weeks to determine any changing or continuing trends. I’ve reposted the positivity chart as there seems to have been some recent interest in that statistic – Source: Lyall Small (Click image to see BU COVID 19 Updates page)

    • It is unfortunate with the highly transmissible variant of the virus about, the ministry of health would not have planned and allocate adequate resources to issue health clearance certificate required for persons to return to work. Health officials must understand there is a cost attached to this bureaucratic bungling.

  53. Panel against jabbing students
    By Tre Greaves tregreaves@nationnews. com
    Some international scientists are urging Government to discard all COVID-19 vaccines, especially those planned for students.
    United States cardiologist and epidemiologist Dr Peter McCullough, Trinidadian clinical epidemiologist Dr Paul Alexander, and eschatologist Dr Michael McDowell, made the call during in an online press conference yesterday hosted by the Spiritually Aware Group, entitled Considering Current Global Pandemic Trends, Are COVID-19 Vaccines Necessary For Children And The Wider Barbadian Population?
    However, Dr Elizabeth Ferdinand, joint coordinator of the National COVID-19 Vaccination Programme, is adamant that vaccines are safe, prevent severe infection and should be utilised for those eligible.
    She urged parents to get their children vaccinated, despite the detractors. “I am hoping that common sense prevails and parents understand the importance of vaccination,” Ferdinand said. “They have been vaccinated for other childhood diseases for decades. I hope they will put confidence in the Ministry of Health and bring their children to be immunised if that is being asked of them.”
    Although fully vaccinated people can still contract the virus, Ferdinand reiterated that it reduced the risk.
    Alexander said children should have been back in school, as their immune systems “could have handled this”.
    “We knew over 15 months ago that masks were ineffective. The blue masks, the white masks were ineffective to this virus, so you are harming children. Plus, the masks are toxic, so all of this must end,” he said.
    “My point of view is no masks, no distancing – three or six feet. It’s garbage, toss it out, it doesn’t work. Ask your Government where the data is to support any feet.”
    Alexander is in Canada advocating for truck drivers as part of the Freedom Convoy, a protest against COVID-19 vaccine requirements for truckers to re-enter the country by land.
    He also said he was concerned about the push to get adolescents vaccinated, saying children have innate immunity that handles COVID well.
    Yesterday, Government’s COVID-19 Public Advisor David Ellis said he would check with the Ministry of Health to provide statistics on how many minors contracted the viral illness and how many fully vaccinated minors (age 12-17) were hospitalised as a result.
    Meanwhile, McCullough, who has stirred up controversy over his support for the removal of various COVID-19 and vaccine mandates, cited studies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States on side effects from the
    vaccines, many of which he said were not widely spoken about.
    He added that vaccines should be tossed out, as “when the hospitalisations are adjudicated, sadly the vaccines have failed on efficacy. If they fail to stop transmission, they certainly can’t be advised for school or the workplace.
    “There are now over 40 000 individuals who are permanently disabled, reported to us by the CDC. Over 30 000 cases of myocarditis or heart inflammation damage of which our Food and Drug Administration agrees,” he said.
    “We have a situation where the vaccines have no impact on transmission, they are backfiring, resulting in more admissions [of] those who are vaccinated and they are grossly unsafe.”
    McDowell, who is also a Trinidadian, charged that the spread of COVID-19 increased after the vaccine rollout in February last year.
    Barbadian Pastor Dr Ferdinand Nicholls, who was part of the panel, urged Government to consider alternative remedies.
    “Several medical professionals in Barbados have indicated to me . . . their fear of coming forward and speaking for fear of losing their licences and jobs,” he said.
    President of the National Council of Parent-Teacher Associations, Shone Gibbs, said they were meeting to discuss the issue.

    Source: Nation

  54. Attached are the updated charts for the week ending 11th Feb 2022. The charts seem to show that we are at the plateau of the Omicron outbreak and trending downwards. The downward trending appears to be true for all the charts except perhaps home isolation numbers – Source: Lyall Small


  55. Enclosed are the updated charts for the week ending 18th February. All the charts, except Daily deaths, are moving strongly in the right direction but have not yet reached a level where victory can be claimed. Government is initiating a new phase in the epidemic from next week but there is a new Omicron based variant that needs to be watched closely to ensure that we can quickly pivot and institute any new or modified measures necessary. Government should also look closely at the efficacy of the Vaccination options being used. (Source: Lyall Small)




  56. [gallery type="square" size="large" columns="1" ids="75777,75778,75776"]

    Please see uploads for the week ending 25th February 2022. Barbados is now at a new “living with Covid” stage. The various ministries announced significant changes in their management of Covid this afternoon. As such, I am suggesting that I would submit only the enclosed graphs on a weekly basis, initially, but subject to modification if new substantive changes in the pandemic occur. All the indicators are trending in the right direction and we should all hope that they continue to do so – Source: Lyall Small

  57. Enclosed are Covid Charts to 4th March 2022. Charts show a very slight uptick this week. Will check next week (DV) to see if the cases continue in the same vein – Source: Lyall Small

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  59. Attached are current charts. Except for positivity data the movement was minimal this last week. Expect that our Officials are monitoring the new Omicron variant.

    Source: Lyall Small

  60. Enclosed are this week’s charts. There is a slight uptick in the numbers in all the charts. The Ro number has exceeded 1 for the first time in months. This might be a normal fluctuation but I think it merits close watching – Source: Lyall Small

  61. Plan to take vaccines into secondary schools
    BARBADOS WILL SOON be taking its vaccination drive into secondary schools in an effort to get more schoolaged youth protected against the COVID-19 virus.
    Chief Medical Officer, The Most Honourable Dr Kenneth George said: “We’ve taken a decision that we are going to bring vaccines to the schools, with parental consent. We will have vaccines for those individuals 12 years and up and will do it on a school by schools basis.”
    George said it was still too soon to say when the project would commence.
    “We continue to work with the Ministry of Education. We meet on a weekly basis to look into any challenges that come up. We are still trying to source vaccines (for those Under-12) as we speak. We’ve gotten some promising leads and once we have the vaccines, we will make sure to roll that out quickly.” he said.
    When contacted yesterday, president of the Barbados
    Association of Principals of Public Secondary Schools (BAPPS) Stephen Jackman said that organisation was yet to have dialogue with the Ministry of Health or the Ministry of Education on the project, so it would be premature to comment on the situation.
    Meanwhile, Senior Medical Officer Dr Arthur Phillips also revealed yesterday that a few students had tested positive for COVID-19 since the country returned to face-toface classes earlier this year, but investigations by public health officials had determined the infections in each case had originated in the communities where the children resided and not at the schools.
    He said that metric indicated the general distribution and transmission of the virus among young people in Barbados was still based in local communities and not at places of learning. (BA)

    Source: Nation

  62. Covid-19 concern
    CMO stresses need for booster shots in face of BA.2 threat
    COVID-19 CASES in Barbados are on the rise again.
    However, don’t expect an increase in restrictions, curfews, or those dreaded lockdowns to return.
    Instead, Chief Medical Officer The Most Honourable Dr Kenneth George yesterday implored the public to continue to act responsibly while the Ministry of Health tests for the viral illness. He also encouraged Barbadians to go out for their booster vaccination shots.
    George revealed that getting a third shot to provide protection against COVID-19 was a must now since the highly infectious BA.2 sub-variant of Omicron remains prevalent in Barbados’ visitor source markets.
    His comments came yesterday during a 60-minute press conference also attended by COVID-19 Public Advisor David Ellis, Senior Medical Officer Dr Arthur Phillips, and Home Isolation manager Dr Adanna Grandison.
    George confirmed that the most recent increase in new infections of COVID-19 had been discovered in the last month.
    Phillips said the country would now be collecting samples of positive tests to send to the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) in Trinidad to determine if the BA.2 sub-variant was present in the country.
    Phillips said the Ministry of Health, though concerned about the most recent surge in cases, was not surprised.
    “There has been an increase in cases. We are monitoring the situation. What is most important is that we control the spread of the virus in our communities.”
    He added that the increase in cases was across all demographics and as expected, more prevalent in densely populated communities.
    Phillips said the total number of cases last week was 40 per cent higher than the week before, while the positivity rate
    (percentage of infections from tests conducted) had quickly increased from 12 per cent to 15 per cent.
    “While BA.2 is more transmissible because of its infectious nature, it is still milder than the original version of Omicron,” Phillips also confirmed. He said, however, that the sub-variant could still have a significant effect on the country’s public health system if more people became infected.
    He added that the 28-day cumulative rate had increased.
    “Going forward, it will be very important how we respond. I would encourage people who develop any symptoms associated with a viral illness to get tested as soon as possible.”
    Phillips said the Ministry of Health was using several metrics to determine the prevalence of COVID-19 in Barbados and though the amount of testing had decreased earlier this year, which also led to a reduction in positive tests, public health officials were always on top of the situation.
    George said Barbadians should by now understand that the theme should be having to live with COVID-19 and to continue to act responsibly by continuing to wear masks and practise social distancing.
    He added that Barbados would maintain the recommendation to wear masks in public, adding that the COVID-19 Monitoring Unit was still a small entity and could not be everywhere at once.
    All stakeholders in public health would continue to follow the science, take heed of the actions of other international jurisdictions and continue to review the protocols and restrictions in place, he said.
    In response to a question from the media, George said Easter camp organisers were free to arrange events, once protocols of mask-wearing and three-foot spacing between individuals were followed.
    Grandison also urged people to get their booster shots.

    Source: Nation

  63. David
    Still awaiting that graph that tracks the rate of unexplained deaths – (mostly heart related) both globally and locally.
    Is Bushie the ONLY person who wants to understand the reason for the net increase (40% in the USA?) in OVERALL deaths even while Covid deaths are falling?
    Is this related to difficulties in accessing ROUTINE medical services due to lockdowns and restrictions?
    Is it an after-effect of covid infection and recovery?
    Does anyone care?

    • @Bush Tea

      Lyall had some difficulty accessing the blog of recent, no doubt he has noted your query.

    • @Bush Tea

      What the world cares about is greasing the economic engine to satisfy a return to pre pandemic ROIs, ROE and other more ‘important’ performance indicators.

  64. What the world cares about is greasing the economic engine to satisfy a return to pre pandemic ROIs, ROE and other more ‘important’ performance indicators.
    Absolutely correct!!
    In plain words, we have allowed ourselves to be dictated to by the materialistic, albino-centric, mendicant demons of this earth whose values are all rooted in money and material things.

    In fact, the ‘REAL important values ‘ of life are almost TOTALLY non-financial. They are community-centric, selfless and God focused. But BBs are easily distracted with glitter.

    Bushie’s mother ALWAYS admonished, “Never follow a Brass Bowl to do shiite”.
    Bushie has heeded that wise advice.

    Don’t hold your breath about ‘a return to normal’ Boss…. a major day of reckoning is approaching with pace….

    • @Bush Tea

      The kind of world you envision will not materialize in this passage of our existence. We therefore have to make the best of this materialistic cesspool we call life’s journey.

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  66. Attached are charts for the week ending 1st April. All the charts indicate a distinct upswing in the epidemic reminiscent of the changes around the period when Omicron was taking over from the Delta strain. I suspect we are now in a similar phase when the new variant Omicron BA-2 might be taking over from Omicron – Source: Lyall Small

    See BU Covid 19 Updates page

    Source: Lyall Small


  67. Attached are updates for week ending 8th April 2022. I combined the positivity and Ro reproductive rate charts. In general, the Indicators are continuing to go in the wrong direction. The likelihood appears to be that this will continue for a couple weeks or so – Source: Lyall Small

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