Sir Richard Cheltenham’s Integrity Questioned

Richard ‘Johnny’ Cheltenham

Today’s Nation newspaper  editorial with the title Matters lawyers must address attacks some of the many issues Barbadians have been complaining about for many years. However, a point made in the editorial that “…the immediate answer to the existing problems by the Bar Association and the Law Reform Commission is to reform the Legal Profession Act.” This is incorrect, such a view gives lawmakers a pass.

In a Barbados Underground post on May 11 with the title ‘Johnny Cheltenham Files Injunction Against Disciplinary Committee, Barbadians continue to witness a senior judicial officer in the name of Johnny Cheltenham able to exhaust legal options to the chagrin of the Claimant. To the credit of Claimant Everton Cumberbatch, he has been persistent in his claim that Sir Richard Cheltenham engaged in unethical and unprofessional behaviour in a matter that was the subject of court case 770 of 2008 that was defeated in the Barbados courts. A matter that was  slow moving in the Barbados court system for more than a decade. 

The persistence by Barbados Underground covering this matter between Everton Cumberbatch vs Richard Cheltenham is first and foremost meant to highlight the inability of the Barbados court system and successive governments, Barbados Bar Association AND Disciplinary Committee to deliver justice, justice delayed is justice denied! (see BU links tp previous blogs)

See copy of a recent Affidavit filed with the Disciplinary Committee where citizen Everton Cumberbatch continues with his over a decade quest to hold Johnny Cheltenham accountable. Given the sloth of the Barbados Bar Association and in this instant the Disciplinary Committee over the years, the blogmaster is not hopeful the matter now before the Disciplinary Committee will see the light of day in our lifetime.  

The right to access justice is a basic one of actors in civil society. The body of work by the Barbados justice system cannot claim it has efficiently delivered on its mandate in recent decades.  

40 thoughts on “Sir Richard Cheltenham’s Integrity Questioned

  1. Pooooor Johnny!

    The symptom is oft heighlighted instead of the rule.

    The exceptional nigger nailed to the cross instead the system.

    A citizen making a complaint but not such in the meaning of 1789.

    A corporaye newspaper more worthy of wrapping fish or the conduct of the number two business than being a paper of récord, a paper to be cited with any seriousness.

    Getting the Johnny personalities out of the culture is more difficult than getting wet out of water.

    Not when everybody, who’s anybody, will die to be a Johnny in the afterlife.

    What a trite misguidance!

  2. In taking a quick look at the attachment, it became clear that Ernest Jackman also played a role in creating ‘this situation”

    The courts of Barbados should be ruled by the laws of man and not the laws of jungle – TheO 2023

    • Another lawyer touched by this is David Commisiong. Is there an action he is open to take to give Everton Cumberbatch some relief or is this another example of respecting the ‘blue line’.

  3. All lawyers are, by definition, dishonest… ALL!

    The very fact that they can be assigned to any side of a diametrically opposite situation, and then ‘perform’ with such conviction should be Enuff to guide a true perception of the profession.

    Any country therefore, that glorifies this profession, and that persists in handing them the keys to the treasury, or even disclosing the damn LOCATION of the treasury to them… should EXPECT to be broke, indebted, and hopelessly in IMF control …
    ..while these parasites are living large and enjoying long titles.

    Welcome to Brassbadus, where this is endemic…
    The only thing unique about this situation has been Mr Cumberbatch’s persistence, and BU’s assistance.
    Most of us just complain quietly about ‘having been un-faired’ and run to another crooked lawyer to get robbed all over again…

    A similar situation presented itself in Bushie’s early experience, but was happily resolved – when the bushman turned up at a reputable office.. let us say ‘prepared to settle any outstanding arguments’.

    • @Bush Tea

      Your ire directed at the legal profession is understandable but is it fair to suggest all lawyers are Sods because of a framework that supports litigation? Bear in mind we have civil and criminal and because a person is guilty does not mean based on sentencing rules they shouldn’t be represented to achieve the fairest outcome. Many of the issues associated with the legal profession AND Court is steeped in a culture of sloth? However the point has been made to which the blogmaster agrees – the symbiotic relationship between the legal profession and members of central government brings some negatives to the table. As a country we have to have a honest conversation about mitigation efforts in the governance model if it is legal practitioners are more likely to offer themselves for political life. It seems an opportune time with the constitutional review work in progress.

    • @ David
      You probably figured that Bushie is a radical. Truth is that most attempts to date to intimidate the bushman have been half-hearted at best… Bushie tends to be more of an intimidator than ‘intimidatee’… LOL

      In all fairness, lawyers, with all their faults, probably have a serious role to play in any society – performing roles such as representing more timid citizens who cross paths with the likes of Bushie… or with big government, or big business and who generally need a ‘big dog’ in their corner to avoid being overwhelmed with the wickedness of society.

      But society ALSO needs imperfect well diggers, security guards, even beach bums, however we don’t worship these classes of citizens and hand them the keys to our parliament and treasury.

      Persons seeking such responsibility should be subjected to stringent integrity pre-examination, and exposed to ‘guillotine-style’ justice if they do shiite….

      and BTW…
      The constitution review exercise is a waste of BB time.
      NOBODY bout here follows the laws as written – shiite, we mostly cannot even WORK OUT what the damn laws says.

      Imagine we have shiite laws that say we MUST have a leader of the opposition, yet we have had a government now – full of shiite lawyers- for years WITHOUT such an animal…

      Write a new constitution for what?
      to create more laws to ignore?

    • @Bush Tea

      There you go again, you cant help… Agree the majority of Barbadians are disengaged from the process of helping to inform a new constitution. Many are insensitive to what are their civic responsibilities. However, relevant laws as embodied in a Constitution are important for those times that will come when said disinterested citizens have to access the Courts.

    • Nothing on such a grand scale Pacha….
      A good everyday Bajan ‘cut-ass’ – with the possibility of serious body harm and perhaps worse, was Enuff

    • Bushie 8:14
      Yuh tie short. For most of what we see are stark deviations from the best of civilizations known to humans. The Twa, for example, would have been unable to properly justify any of the life choices defined by you. Maybe you were trying not to be accused of being nostalgia by he who’s tied shorter.

  4. For the cause that lacks assistance, the wrong that needs resistance, for the future in the distance, and the good that [BU] can do – George Linnaeus
    Ikeep up the struggle.

  5. Bushie

    Reminds us of a now departed colleague who had to be prevented from giving one of them a public whipping within the character of those delivered by the old time headmasters.

    Well done. That was a genuine action by the right kind of ‘citizen’.

  6. Sometime David is so broadminded that he misses the central point of discussion. I am doubtful if anyone would come here and criticized a honest lawyer.

    I would not goa as far as Bushie, but the fact that we have a few honest lawyers should not be used to blunt the criticism of the many who make a mockery of the law.

    The lawyers making the news are the ones who misrepresents or defraud their clients. The court draws criticism because it perpetuates the charade of rendering justice. The Bar Association draws criticism because it runs out with the same mantra every few years.

    Hopefully, Mr Cumberbatch keeps his heirs well informed on the progress of the case. Cases are known to outlast the life of three or more complainants.

    • The reply to Bush Tea should be taken in context because he always posits an extreme argument. The role of the blogmaster is to temper his position for those gullible enough to run with it.

  7. Little wonder the geographically challenged confuse Ba-rbados and Ba-hamas.
    Their lawyers seem to share several similarities.

  8. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    The truth is coming out in all kinda ways, cascading.

    Pacha, William, TLSN…no surprise, given that it is the right time, the people hear who is hiding their OURSTORY information, for exploitation and oppression purposes, who know their true identities and hiding it for same…who is also behind their captivity…it was bound to come out..

    2023…the year of REVEALS..

  9. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    By way of short explanation how these discoveries are coming to light and taking a life of their own..

    Recently did a matriclan test on the matrichal haplogroup line that only the females in that particular tribe carries…more on that soon, but it was very clear since they know my white bloodline familial connections so well in Barbados, they also know my African tribal connections, how could they not….yes, they do…

    Again, since they know mine, they also know yours, and yours and yours….and the people should confront and ask these LIARS outright…

    Pacha…more on that tribe another time, short description, very ancient and warrior like, no surprise…but leaders in superior living skills, military and technology and that was many, many thousands of years ago.

  10. Johnnys as conservators of empire abroad.

    There is no circumstance where an empire was consistent with democracy.

    These two things have never coexisted.

    • Yolande Grant - African Onkine Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved.. on said:

      Horrifying what they have done to the people off and on the island…exploitation, oppression, and thefts via judiciary….videos and other information surfaced yesterday….shared everywhere..

      …all out of greed and indifference, and disdain for the people who pay their was stomach churning to watch and they just cannot get away with any of it…..80 years of JUDICIAL terror in African and other people’s lives..comes with a very heavy price tag…

      Their arrogance led them to believe they will always get away with this generational abuse.

      Not one beast off the traitor bloodline can make me comply, accept, submit or bow to their evil tyranny without me STRIPPING down and DESTROYING THEM…….

      you do not hide my familial connections from me to exploit and abuse NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE.. out of your greed and wickedness so you can pretend and believe you can slither away like a viper….never going to happen….this is a war on the road to their final end, unlike any other, that they started…out of self-hatred….

      This was not about democracy, it is self serving criminality….by wannabe black nobility and wannabe slave traders..keeping us trapped to benefit themselves,.most likely tied to arab demonic savagery and vileness combined with those black millennia traitors who work hand in hand with the vatican slave empire …..these are their connections.

      Pacha..we warned them repeatedly over the years…yes, we did.

    • In a related matter today’s Nation headline informs of injunctive relief given by the Court in the case brought against Leroy Parris. A matter is scheduled for June 5, 2023 to rule on whether the matter should be heard by a jury and judge.

      Parris case put on pause
      THE THEFT CASE against former insurance executive Leroy Parris will not be going to trial just yet.
      That’s because a High Court judge has granted him injunctive relief, preventing the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) from continuing the matter against him until an application for a judicial review is heard.
      Parris, 77, of Dayrells Heights, St Michael, is accused of stealing $3.33 million belonging to CLICO International Life Insurance Ltd between December 1, 2008, and April 27, 2009.
      He is further charged with conspiring with other people to defraud CLICO International Life Insurance Ltd of that amount by inducing the company to pay out the money to the law firm Thompson and Associates.
      He is also charged that between April 1, 2009, and March 31, 2010, he conspired with others to cheat the Crown and the Commissioner of Inland Revenue of public revenue by failing to submit tax returns to the Commissioner or account to the said Commissioner for taxes on his income for the year ending March 31, 2010.
      Fresh submissions
      The preliminary and interlocutory injunction was granted on Monday when the matter was heard by Justice Michelle Weekes, who will now hear fresh submissions on June 5 as to why the case should proceed or not.
      This was after Parris’ attorney, Hal Gollop KC, applied for a judicial review of Magistrate Manilla Renee’s decision on March 23 that Parris be tried by a judge and jury.
      “We asked the court for several remedies, among which is that the decision of the magistrate to send forward the case to be heard at the Assizes be quashed,” Gollop told the MIDWEEK NATION
      yesterday. He noted that as part of the application for judicial review, the affidavit set out all documentary evidence to support the fact that the money claimed to have been stolen, belonged to Parris.
      “We are relying on the fact that there is no complainant in this matter,” the King’s Counsel said. “There is no entity, no person, no company which has complained that money has been stolen from him, it, them or anybody. In the process, we sought and obtained an injunction from Justice Weekes.”
      Gollop said the third respondent in the case, the DPP, is now restrained from proffering a bill of indictment under the order by Magistrate Renee committing Parris to stand trial, pending the application for judicial review.
      All documents pertaining to Gollop’s application are now to be filed before June 5 when attorneys will make submissions to Justice Weekes.
      Denied theft
      Parris had denied the theft of $3.3 million when he appeared in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court on March 23.
      At that time, Gollop argued that the money the State has accused Parris of stealing was part of a special bonus package due to the former executive chairman of CLICO, and could not have been stolen since it was his own money.
      He had also produced documents showing that a letter from the Registrar of the Supreme Court indicating that Justice William Chandler, who is responsible for the judicial management of the now-collapsed CLICO in Barbados, had made it clear that no complaint about money being stolen was made by the board of CLICO Financial Ltd.
      Gollop said what was even more ironic was that the $3.3 million his client is accused of stealing, is only part payment of monies owed to the accused, as it formed part of a total $10 million gratuity and bonus payment. “He is still owed $6.5 million,” counsel added.
      However, Magistrate Renee ruled that a prima facie case had been established and that Parris should go on trial.
      “I maintain my innocence on all the charges,” Parris told the court after being committed to stand trial.

  11. Waru

    Only when de White people are ready to admit that the center can’t hold will the slaves respond.

    When everything around us has reached terminal collapse.

    The irony is that most of the Global South and ‘Global East’ are way ahead.

    • Were i at that level of empire and their political idol tief so many billions from me and sold my information to the highest bidder too, i wont tell them shite….let them figure it out…on their own…

      Did weee not tell them led by you that the CENTER COULD NOT HOLD..

      .did weee not recently tell them…THE BOTTOM DROPPED OUT…and their traitor idol HAD A HAND IN IT…..

      They dont even have the decency to follow IMFs requests on the MOU they signed about transparency, the dude on the first thread left Canada to do research at the Corporate office only to find out they never informed the staff about any such policies…they have destroyed the island and now cannot implement anything or EVERYONE including Empire will know what they have done, the numerous crimes committed and that the Caricom arrest warrant treaty is but one of the many they refused to ratify as it will also lead to their IMPRISONMENT for grand theft and other horrible crimes..

  12. Pachamama on May 23, 2023 at 11:27 PM said:
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    Johnnys as conservators of empire abroad.

    There is no circumstance where an empire was consistent with democracy.

    These two things have never coexisted.


    Have you never heard of the Greek Empire?

    What about Alexander the Great who conquered from Egypt to India.

    You need to think before you write, assuming you can!!

    “The word ‘democracy’ has its origins in the Greek language. It combines two shorter words: ‘demos’ meaning whole citizen living within a particular city-state and ‘kratos’ meaning power or rule.”

    • John…sorry to burst your bubble, but now we know
      OURSTORY…and have come to learn that the greeks were nothing more than copiers and thieves…everything they learned… on the continent, they did not even have abc’s no writing or reading skills, just theft and savagery…that incuded alexander the savage clown…remember his fate….

      Same for the vatican crooks and all the other pretenders, all they had going in their favor was black treachery that never died…and still poisoning everything around us until we rid the earth of them…

      Weeee know OURSTORY…

      Pacha…ntr, ntru

  13. Waru
    There is a model within psychology known as “Mass Formation”. Covid is a case study. But not limited so to.

    Johnny Clot

    There was nothing great about your Alexander.

    Enlightened scholarship unbound from White supremacist thought and praxis now refer to him as Alexander the Barbarian.

    For a barbarian was he.

    Is this not self evident within your defence of White supremacy, as above?

    Or would such an internal logic to remain undecipherable forever.

    Johnny, we are done wid you. For there is nothing we have said, could say, which has any potentiality to assuage your supremacist genetic coding.

    Thus, our considered determination that the nuclear solution will be a much needed corrective.

    The last words shall be yours, as unread!

    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

      I like how they are looking, they are right where they deserve to be..all their own doing…hope they can keep it up.

  14. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    Pacha: our girl is gone

    Source: Reuters

    “Queen of rock ‘n’ roll” Tina Turner dies at 83.


    Buckle up for the gates crazy.

    “Microsoft co-founder, said the technology race to win is the development of the top artificially intelligent agent, poised to disrupt search-engine, productivity and online shopping sites. “You’ll never go to a search site again,” he said. “You’ll never go to Amazon.”

  15. Waru

    Tina – what a life! May the Ancestors receive her well.

    On Gates, could never trust that demon!

    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

      “Tina – what a life! May the Ancestors receive her well.”

      Ase, Ase!!

      On the other one, more crazy to come.

  16. As a Buddhist Tina would have believed in death and then rebirth after 49 days which involves three bardos.
    A funerary text is recited to ease the consciousness of a recently deceased person through death and assist it into a favourable rebirth.

    • Kiki

      Why would anyone need to go to Buddhism for a conception of rebirth, life eternal?

      Where did the Buddhists learn such?

      Who were the first Buddhists?

      And does this tell us about the departed?

  17. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    Question on people’s lips…why do vote beggars, servants, creepy politicians with their mouths filled with LIES and false promises, worldstahe beggars and dependants paid by the people, believe they own these same people in the 21st century. They need to get over themselves before people take matters into their own hands..

    Once they know they are being WATCHED very carefully and will NOT escape THE GRAPES OF WRATH….in their deluded state believing they can introduce 21st slavery, out of greed and pure evil, without DIRE CONSEQUENCES..

  18. 🇺🇸 Under US manners
    🇧🇧 Barbados Systems ~ British Legacy Systems 🇬🇧
    ± Rigged Systems

    Don’t forget your
    Roots & Culture
    Roots & Culture Dub
    Spiritual Harmony
    Ancestral Riddim
    Echoed History
    Raw Genetics

  19. Tina Turner Sound of the Mystic Law
    Tina Turner, known as the Queen of Rock, has practiced Soka Gakkai Nichiren Buddhism since 1973. Tina shares her chanting of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo (Homage to the Dharma of the Lotus Sutra) with the world. She also made a CD, “Beyond: Buddhist and Christian Prayers, ” in collaboration with Regula Curti and Dechen Shak-Dagsay.

  20. It’s amazing how persons have so little detail, hear or read one side of a story but proceed to spread misinformation. This country seems to be devoid of critical thinkers.

  21. They will cheat you but get angry when you make the matter public. If it hurts don’t make a sound, ask for Vaseline.

    Here one will see the different speeds of our injustice system as one matter will continue indefinitely and the other will move at super speed.

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