An Opportunity for GREED

Submitted by Steven Kaszab

The softwood industry is continuing to cut back production, while the prices of those products it produces domestically continue to rise to levels not seen in many years. The Pandemic has stopped production of soft wood products, then started up again only to shrink a once massive industry. Multiple producers are limiting production while the demand for soft wood products continue to grow throughout the world.

Claims that market uncertainty is the driver of this curtailing of production in Canada and the USA. In British Columbia this decline in production amounts to over $100 million. Further reasons this decline is happening maybe the high cost of fiber (raw tree’s). What once cost $125.00 has doubled and tripled in cost. The forests these raw materials are found in have become grounds of displaced uncertainty. Weather patterns and events have become more pronounced due to the effects of climate change. Labor hour losses in the harvesting of said product, have increased to unrealistic levels making some harvesting unprofitable. So the industry claims.

When the pandemic began essential industries such as the soft wood industry continued to produce their needed products. I am an estimator for a large manufacturer, purchasing many board feet of both soft and hardwood products. I was told the industry was becoming addicted to the high prices they could pass onto retailers and builders, that there was no real shortage of product which could be found in large warehouses throughout the continent. All the industry was waiting for was increased demand at the increased costs to retail customers and the building industry.  These professionals announced that those of us who are waiting to start their home renovations and builds need not wait. The costs within the retail environment will remain high until these prices become the accepted price levels. Then prices will continue rising. An addict cannot maintain the level of a substance they use, with their bodies getting used to the high they receive, they need a greater high. The soft wood industry along with their retail partners are controlling and managing prices but denying retailers product that already exists. This is called price fixing. You saw this done many times before, fixing prices industry wide in the form of bakery(bread) goods, electricity and even automobiles. Before the pandemic a dodge van costed @ $25,000-35000. Now they are prices @$50,000+. industry wide. 

Should you have plans to build a deck, building or structure made of wood, purchase or order materials now at the present price available. Prices will go higher with scarcity of product. Long time ago the soft wood industry made a 2″x4″ plank costing retailers say $10.00 each , which then received a 30-300%+ markup. Now that same item costs 30-45.00 each and rising. Retailers made a bundle, and the soft wood industry realized they too should increase prices, using the pandemic as an excuse to do so. Many industries have done just that, increasing prices while using supply chain problems and inflation as excuses. 

Do you enjoy eating avocado’s? Well there is a glut within that sector, where over production with limited markets (EU stopped importing) drove prices for avocado’s down. A bag of 6 sold for as little as $1.99 in Ontario. After one month that same bag’s costs  have increased x3-4 times and more. The economic reasons for cheap avocado’s had not changed. Therefore retail greed-inflation is the reason prices have increased.  

There are real reasons for prices to increase drastically at times as mentioned but retailers are presently targeting both businesses and individuals, hoping to reap the rewards of their price and sales increases, knowing their business model will have to change once they have entered the up coming recession many fear is coming. The recession these retailers have help to instigate. Remember, if families have limited funds, ultimately they will limit or stop buying what they do not need.

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  1. This no different to market manipulation in a host of other industries.
    Pharma is a good example, for even with drugs which have been around for years (no patents), they buy and sell companies and deal, to limit who supplies what, which means prices are whatever the handful of producers decide.

    You may recall Shrekli (sp?) Who took a pill costing prev $13 and sold it for $750.

    While price fixing is illegal it happens frequently. A few years back Weston/Loblaw gave out $25 gift cards in return for their 14+yr scam to end in court, for fixing bread prices. The chocolate bar makers faced a similar fate.

    In the pandemic, car retailers and others learned they could increase price by 45% and earn more while selling less. The knock on, was a similarly rapid rise in prices of pre-owned vehicles.

    It is way cheaper to get a “price understanding”, than market and advertise at crazy levels, then to cut each other’s throat on price. Plus, extended terms and credit are more costly than they have been in years.

    • David
      Sometimes it is the employees, the bigger ups haven’t a clue.
      One time, after a sudden death, I took over a division. I was amazed that one market had much higher prices than others. I was intrigued to know “their trick”.
      Very simple, our employees got together with competitors and “cut a deal”. They didn’t have to work as hard, got bigger expense accounts due to profitability and several “moonlighted” due to the reduced work load.
      When things are going well, people tend not to ask questions?
      Not a soul outside the direct market employees had a clue what was occurring.

    • @ SO
      Boss, you need to be careful with your disclosures.
      Your grasp of the various albino-centric ‘tricks of the trade’ may be seen as a threat to the status quo….
      Perhaps you need to follow the Blogmaster’s lead and ‘play that you don’t know’….

    • Bushie
      It is all a form of fraud, and occurs all over the world. It is perpetrated by all types, in many ways.
      I had a fella once, who created an employee that didn’t exist, and pocketed the salary and the expenses. Apparently the car, leased for said employee, was used by an outside lady friend. He was supposedly very religious, and when confronted, told me the Lord had told him what to do. In fact, had appeared before him and given instructions.
      So skipper, all kinds play the game. And we can find causal reasons wherever we choose?

  2. “Welcome to capitalism gone mad. It is the system we are prepared to die for.”

    global capitalism like many other isms and schisms has it’s roots in anglo american slave trade, nuff people did die… but I am still waiting for an extrapolation of how many kicked the bucket, which I set for an assignment for the best Bu brains to calculate or guesstimate..

    (but they don’t hear me though)

    10,000,000 slaves
    15 children per mothering slave
    over 20 generations of bondage

    • Long time since I realised that they are addicted. Addictions are never satisfied for long. That is why I know they may be rich as hell but not happy. Addicts are never happy.

      I pity them.

  3. Talking about greed though boss…
    What is your take on the issue of government turning to debt collectors for the $5000 trust loans that they had encouraged desperate brass bowls to take up…?
    Watch this…!!!
    Things were already rough for these unemployed citizens so when offered low-interest loans on excellent terms, who could blame them for grabbing at the opportunity?
    Up comes COVID, Volcanic ash, Hurricanes and national shutdowns and these borrowers found themselves wayyy up shaving cream street.
    Lo and behold, the formerly benevolent government now turns the debt-collecting hounds loose on their donkeys….

    But to be honest, the BBs SHOULD have read the fine print, and told the government to keep their brass bowl ‘easy loans’, and tighten their belts instead.

    But before you make any judgement, consider the following…

    Watch This…!
    Things were already rough for the Barbados Government, so when offered low interest loans on ‘excellent terms’ who could blame them for grabbing the MANY opportunities…IMF, CHINA, MAMalmoney, Sampoochy &Co….?
    Up comes COVID, Volcanic ash, Hurricane and Steal houses … and Barbados is EVEN further up shaving cream street…

    How long do you think before the ‘Lo and behold’ phase….????

    What goes around comes around.
    It is called Karma…!

  4. Is it not SOP for lenders to outsource collections?
    Don’t ask Bushie Boss…
    Ask those who are going around demanding debt forgiveness.

    THEY seem to think that debt forgiveness is SOP …
    …but only from International lenders to incompetent governments/.

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  6. Bushman. Look at the bright side. Now only very few people have access to reality..those who did all along..

    ..but they better stay on high alert for self protection from the Slaves.

    ….all the others have misled themselves and each other into being SHACKLED into a new white world order where they feel most comfortable and are now gloriously trapped for centuries and possibly millennia to come…let them pretend their way through that, they got time enuff.

    Not a fella int turning back or looking back to help them because they already showed themselves as untrustworthy..The rising tide will take them along. They are where they always crave to be, firmly attached to massa and cant think of anything else or better except to sue massa while being fully dependent.

    Am sure Pacha can expand on that if he wishes.

    Their descents will hate them in true Karma for their weak Slave minds and their competency tactic of attacking and dividing each other to be able to remain in comfort zones of destruction. Imagine that, those who admire, approve of, accepted and look forward to their own demise unsuccessfully tried to lure independent thinkers. Wont believe it if i did not see and feel it, like others did, for years..

    I much prefer be a free Afrikan…all like-minded people X millions do.

  7. St John’s – Prime Minister Gaston Browne led his ruling Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) to a nail-biting victory in Wednesday’s general election, winning nine of the 17 seats for a third consecutive term in office, according to the preliminary results released here early Thursday morning.

    The party had won 15 of the 17 seats in the 2018 general election.

    • Bushie
      The posted article was Global real estate?
      I don’t understand the E-W “scam”…yet.
      But don’t worry, at a party recently with 7 Heads of this and that, not one knew about CBL.
      You can teef in Brassbados and nobody knows, nobody cares.

    • Recall when the Blogmaster reached out to Minister Duguid he was evasive to the point one may conclude mysterious as well.

    • David
      A little sensationalism? Spiral?
      The debt market is adjusting. As interest rates rise so do the debt service costs. Some are choking. Some are losing their equity. A few lenders are losing part of their loans, in addition. This will continue, as the very low interest rates for many years, have caught some ‘exposed’.
      The labour market losses are just ‘kicking in’, this will accelerate the “adjusting”.
      This will trim ‘speculation’, where property cash flows couldn’t support prices, and buyers were betting on capital gains to make money. This is part of the fuel of increased rents. Owners cannot take losses monthly, in the expectation of cashing out in 3 years for a 30% capital gain.
      Some of these corrections have been long overdue. The mind-set of ‘no risk’ is shifting.

    • @SO

      What are you saying? Many will be left to survive the adjustment? What is the financial health of the markets post 2007/8? Is there a tipping point for the financial markets as well?

    • @ SO
      Boss, are you serious?
      Have you forgotten the Great Chinese Housing scam that created billions $ in imaginary wealth in ‘real estate investments’ in the form of useless construction projects and fancy accounting?
      Those chickens MUST be ready for roosting soon, and when they do, the repercussions will be felt all the way to Sam Lords and the Scotland District.

  8. “Bushman. Look at the bright side. Now only very few people have access to reality..”

    I concur
    my analysis of people leads me to the conclusion that people are morons
    the state of mind is pollution and confusion
    ignore what people say offline and online

  9. Good advice. I cut down online intake by 6 hrs or more. Too busy for offline. Holding one’s own counsel is the better play.

    Post less, talk less, do more. The new era of action.

  10. (loves gonna get you)(loves gonna get you)(loves gonna get you)
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    ya know a lot of people believe that that word Love is real soft, but when
    you use it in your vocabulary like your addicted to it it sneaks right up
    and takes you right out. out. out. out. out.
    So, for future reference remember it’s alright to like or want a material
    item, but when you fall in love with it and you start scheming and carrying
    on for it, just remember, it’s gonna get’cha

  11. David
    You love tipping points.
    Forget 07-08.
    Money was inexpensive so many borrowed. Those who are over exposed will hurt. Nothing special.

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