Magna Carta v Terra Carta: Challenging the Divine Right of Kings in a 21st Century Age of Monuments, Mourners, Masochists & Malevolents

Submitted by Terence M. Blackett

“Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.” ~ Shakespeare (Henry IV, Part II)

Mankind continues to lean on the broken staff of finite understanding regarding nature and it varied potentialities while scorning and scoffing at “Prophetic Science,” and its warnings of a looming apocalypsus – while at the same time exalting human science, not having learned anything from past histories, or from the terminal fate of the antediluvian world. Until we allow the truth to extricate us from the tyrannically fatalistic bog of confusion and weird, man-made, pseudo-science – we run the ominous risk of turning our ill-conceived, deceptive efforts of saving planet earth, into weapons of mass deception resulting in mass destruction and terminal demise.

All around the world can be seen the wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked hallucinogenic effects of planetary conditions, where so-called leaders are utterly failing on one hand to be sound in doing what they teach others to do, and failing spectacularly on the other hand to keep themselves detached from doing what they teach other NOT* to do, but moreover, intent on keeping the masses blindsided by this ignominious deception.

In the 13th century, much like today in the 21st century, we are faced with the need find consensus over a vast array of issues that will inevitably hang out to dry some [8] billion souls. The medieval elites of the 13th century – (the kings & queens of England & Europe), in cahoots with the popes of Rome, who wanted complete control of all human life. However, a group of barons & lords (elites in their own right), wanted a bold charter based on the fundamental human rights of the person, (given the egregious nature of the divine rule of kings), with limitations to the autocratic perfidy of monarchy.

Magna Carta became that ‘Great Charter’, and like the birth of the US Constitution, (both) remain the two most famous legal documents in all of human history, (showing that if there is consensus by written agreement), and the elites live up according to the letter and spirit of their covenants – men will prosper – for “all men are created equal” (at least, in the eyes of God), an age-old conundrum that may never be vanquished by fallen men.

At the time, when this disruptive document was issued to King John (1199 – 1216) as a practical solution to the political crisis he faced in 1215 – Magna Carta was to establish, for the first time, the principle that everyone, including the king, was subject to the vagaries and inducements of the law. But for all the good will in the world, a dumbing down of the document meant that over 30% of the original charter was scraped within the first [10] years of it publication, and today, most of the clauses have been repealed (due their assaults on the monarchy), caused in part to the aggrandisement of civil/citizen’s power.

Of the [63] clauses ratified by King John regarding his rule – history shows how the 39th Clause apportioned all “freemen the right to justice and a fair trial” – a fortuitous harbinger of Habeas Corpus. The influential echo of Magna Carta’s fundamental principles became embellished within the US Bill of Rights (1791) notwithstanding, many other constitutional documents that carry key penchants of the Great Charter around the world, with similar provisos stitched in as prominent tenets into the documents of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) and into the European Convention on Human Rights (1950).

Magna Carta became the catalyst for what is termed Neo-Athenian Democracy. The democratic ideals that have been fought for and won over many centuries of feudal serfdom – birthed within the bowel of this precious document (where some argue that there must have been an Invisible Hand) controlling to some minor degree the sons of Japheth, (the depigmented genome of Noah’s 3rd offspring), in bringing to life, a covenant that has stood the test of time for almost a [1000] years.

For the record, no one can deny the influence of the Catholic Church’s role in undermining this historical document. King John was already having a fractious relationship with the said Church having had rejected the election of Stephen Langton (1150 – 1228) as Archbishop of Canterbury, and in 1208, Pope Innocent III issued a decree (known as an ‘Interdict’), prohibiting people in England from receiving the sacraments or being buried in consecrated ground, and finally, King John was excommunicated from the church in 1209, and the Interdict remained in place until John surrendered his kingdom to the ‘overlordship’ of the Pope in 1213. Such remains the power of popery in the world in 2022!

In that same year, a party of dissident barons met with Archbishop Langton who was papal legate, to air their frustrations with the King. They insisted that King John should agree to confirm the coronation charter issued by his ancestor, King Henry I, in 1100, which had promised ‘to abolish all the evil customs by which the kingdom of England has been unjustly oppressed.’ Butalthough King John had agreed the terms of Magna Carta, and the barons renewed their oaths of allegiance, the contractual agreement did not last long – like most things in Britain.

The lords & barons were miffed at how Magna Carta was to be enforced, with King John sending messengers to the Pope, who was the ‘overlord’ of the kingdoms of England & Ireland, in the summer of 1215, requesting that the charter be disannulled & permanently scrapped. The barons who were the custodians of the city of London refused to relinquish their hold on it until the King made Magna Carta the law of the land. When Pope Innocent III saw the charter’s terms, he was outraged with fury, and on 24th August 1215 he issued a Papal Bull, outlawing Magna Carta as ‘illegal, unjust, harmful to royal rights and shameful to the English people’, and declaring the charter ‘null and void of all validity for ever’. So Magna Carta and all other similar covenants echoing verbatim the hubris of freedom (in all countries which bear its superscriptions) were equally outlawed because no Papal Bull can be changed in spite of what some want to argue today. This issue hinges on the context of papal infallibility!

Since then, until now, defining the rule of law, human rights, habeas corpus, petition of right & a sleuth of other tenets from #MagnaCarta have been under threat for almost [9] centuries. If left to the modern day King John, (sorry, King Charles III) and the modern day, Pope Innocent III (Oops, Pope Francis) – we will experience a fundamentally similar, seismic, socio-political shift which they want to rebrand as “TERRA CARTA”, as is outlined in the below video on the ecological desertification premise termed “climate change”, (by Katie Wand), who tears into Charles & Co.

To grasp the praxis of this discourse, it is incumbent to build on the foundation of Magna Carta as a pretext, given that in the 21st century, the issue is no longer about the lords & ladies in Western, capitalist, so-called democratic societies, (although they play an orchestral role) but the new “TERRA CARTA CHARTER” being pushed by the Pope and his royal emissary King Charles III is about (both) “Laudato Si” & “Terra Carta” – insidious documental charters (Papal Bull & King’s Edict), aversions to life, liberty, and the pursuit of individual happiness & autonomy based on the so-called pressing issues of our time – “CLIMATE CHANGE” as seen in Ms. Wand’s seminal VT. Terra Carta may be a new concept to most but the players are as old as the hills; with their wicked intent as diabolical as it was in the Dark Ages, and the challenge is to unpack this deception (to whatever degree is possible within the confines and brevity of a word prose narrative).

Let us begin.

So what is really “Terra Carta”? What is at its core? Will we even know before it lands on us like a ton of bricks? Will the soon to be coronated Charles as king be able to pull back from his former avant-garde posturing on subjects like the climate emergency and will he miss COP-27? If so, who will be his ventriloquist? His heir, (“king-in-waiting”), William? And will William choose the name King Arthur, after the mythical, mercurial #ArthurPendragon? And will the world be ruled like mythical Camelot?

First, let’s build a picture of how we got here! As Paul Gallagher said, in 2015, the world was greeted with the Pope’s Papal Bull called Laudato Si which few if any commentators knew was written by Hans Joachim “John” Schellnhuber of Oxford, who states that “the maximum number of human beings which can be sustained by ‘Mother Earth’ is ‘less than 1 billion’… He is momentarily and violently trying to deny these statements, but they were made at international climate conferences and reported in major press… Schellnhuber has been a personal agent deployed by and with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles since at least 2004, to demand that major governments agree to “decarbonize” and scrap modern industry.” This is the episteme of Terra Carta which undergirds Laudato Si and the sovereignty of earth’s natural resources which must be controlled by either king or potentate (or both).

Sadly, most are suffering the effects of conspiratorial amnesia, for what we are seeing is this age-old conspiracy at work by those who orchestrate tyrannical malfeasance. The slick, modern varnish of royalty can be a mesmerizing veneer (as seen in Elizabeth II funeral) but for too many, when you look past the meaningless sophistry, you recognize that feeble, mortal, men are deceived by their own hype and (somehow believe their #KaKa does not smell). The divine right to rule is a broken relic of the past – geopolitically and geologically stratified in layers of posthumous rubble and is as ethereally worthless as the bones of a useless fossil.

The “medieval conception of the divine right of kings” succinctly explained by the Encyclopaedia Britannica states that: “The doctrine of divine right can be dangerous for both church and state. For the state it suggests that secular authority is conferred, and can therefore be removed, by the church, and for the church it implies that kings have a direct relationship to God and may therefore dictate to ecclesiastical rulers.” This was the case during the classical medieval period of European history; for behind the scenes of modern world GOVs* lie monarchy, in tandem with medieval Papacy in the Vatican, still deciding on all major policy aspects of life, for all countries on earth (socially, academically, monetarily, politically, religiously, etc.).

Terra Carta for example, not only flies in the face of the Magna Carta, but it is a means to forge a postmodern pathway to a world that is leaner based on population Eugenics; supposedly fairer because capitalism will be destroyed and so-called equality will make the 99% poorer (with a small elite holding all the wealth and power), as the minions to do their bidding – enjoying maximum privilege; and “GREENER” because those who survive, will live in a “NET ZERO” world where it may be difficult to even breath out carbon dioxide without the moribund nature of the ECO-moral police.

Men like King Charles III are Hobbesian in nature, with their Leviathanesque mindset; attenuated, fostered and nurtured by a belief system in the divine right to be both king and ‘god’ of the realms to which they survey, affording them this Malthusian privilege to decide who lives and who dies. They are more concerned about the created space than they are about the created being. Do not be fooled by their mirage of religiosity and overt primal and naturalist outlook – it is the phantom mask of Satan (in all his Luciferian darkness)!

These are “hard words” but they are the words of the ancient prophets when read in the context of Old Testament exegesis – with sober harbingers for us who live in postmodernity and will be the words of the endtime prophets, as the world draws nearer to its only logical conclusion and cataclysmic end.

As we enter this Orwellian, brave new world of so-called climate science, the United Nations in April 2022, inaugurated the “International Day of Monuments” with the spotlight on the insidious nature of climate change. But are those monuments merely holes in the grounds or edifices we build in the sky, or the hocus-pocus of extra-terrestrial, planetary science, as graphically simulated by the space programs of NASA (in all its Hollywoodesque theatrics)? Or greater still, the dystopian relics of a bygone age, where as philosopher Hannah Arendt opined on the ‘Banality of Evil’ and how mankind has littered the planet with objects of its carnal reign over other men, for the last [6000] years.

Lying in the wake of tragedy after tragedy, are the remains of shattered lives (from the Amazon Rainforest where Britain has been accused of being complicit in its destruction (yet pretending to be its greatest apologist), and/or the Methane gas effervescently rising up for the ruptured Russian gas pipeline), to the young Black BRITISH brother – Chris Kaba who was shot in the head by a rogue police tyrant, in what most refuse to accept as part of Operation Kratos which is still part of UK Metropolitan Police Policy regarding Black men in Britain (falsely suspected of having a firearm) to be shot in the head. And while Chris Kaba’s death was being mourned during the funeral of Elizabeth II – it was reported by SKY News that the “MOURNERS” were actually “PROTESTERS” (which prompted a backlash from the family and supporters). Nothing was to get in the way of the spectacle of Madge’s funeral or the pomp and pageantry of regal excesses.

At every turn, the mourners of the monuments of privilege overlook the shame that shows no one is spared the ravages and travesties of insult and depredation, as was seen in 2017 when Royal Marines were hung upside down, whipped, and forced to masturbate to gay porn, as punishment for minor indiscretions. This is the far-reaching level of masochistic madness that exist in our world where the murder of indigenous people for their trade in human organs is now as commonplace as when it was given prescience [12] years ago by our current blogmaster.

This runaway freight train of madness covers too many areas to be addressed given the brevity of time and space. The Malevolents of this earth are doing everything possible to completely reorder the state of nature as Thomas Hobbes saw it – “a place, brutish & nasty” with all kinds of actors doing the unthinkable (even trying to unseat the very throne of creation) by engineering “embryo models complete gastrulation to neurulation and organogenesis” – a study published last month in the journal Nature, “where scientists in the tripartite axis of evil, (US, UK & Israel) successfully created a synthetic mouse embryo without using any eggs or sperm. Instead, they used an assortment of stem cells (all in the name of scientific exploration), but for what ends? A transhumanist agenda? You decide!

Researchers don’t know what exactly happens in the womb between around [14] days and a month into development, says Max Wilson, a molecular biologist at the University of California, Santa Barbara, who was not involved in the study. During this mystery period, the brain gets built and the heart is laid down. ‘It’s called the “Black Box” of human development,’ he explains.

So while the world is being strangled on increasingly more and more “Junk Science” on climate change, the circus show rolls on as the only game in town – as the blinding, evil, sinister prevarications we witness are mere side line issues1 (if hardly ever given space for any meaningful discourse). Regardless of what the elites say, climate science is broken! Charles & Co. will soon find out as they will realize that they are kicking and beating a dead horse. What will upstage climate science – no one alive today is truly prepared for…

Until then, Dei Amori et Familiae et Patriae ~ (For God, Love, Family & Country)

Semper Fidelis

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  1. $2b FOR BERT II
    Govt to get overseas funding to run programme
    By Shawn Cumberbatch
    Government will be relying on at least $2 billion from overseas financial institutions to implement its second Barbados Economic Recovery and Transformation (BERT) programme over the next four years.
    This is detailed in the BERT 2022 plan which Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Mia Amor Mottley tabled in the House of Assembly last Tuesday to be undertaken in concert with Barbados’ second successive International Monetary Fund (IMF) programme.
    “Programme implementation and debt service provision over the next four years are expected to be facilitated largely through external financing. At least $1 billion in multilateral financing has been identified for direct budget support,” the BERT programme for the financial years, 2022/2023 to 2026/2027 outlined.
    It said this was “inclusive of the Resilience and Sustainability Trust (about $366 million) and Extended Fund Facility (about $220 million) provided by the IMF, $300 million from the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank), and $200 million from the World Bank.
    Project-specific funding “Another $1 billion is expected as projectspecific funding over the course of the programme, facilitated through other development partners, including the [IDB], CAF – Development Bank of Latin America,
    Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and the Export-Import Bank of China,” the document produced by the Ministry of Finance, Economic Affairs and Investment stated.
    “The remaining financing is expected to be met through domestic sources. This includes the continued issuance of Barbados Optional Savings Scheme Plus bonds with an annual cap of $200 million,” it added.
    Under the original BERT programme which, along with an IMF Extended Fund Facility arrangement, ran from October 1, 2018 to September 30, Barbados was originally scheduled to borrow $580 million from the IMF.
    Following two augmentations to help Government deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, borrowing from the international financial institution totalled $930 million.
    Barbados also borrowed more than $1.5 billion in budget support – mainly in the form of policy-based loans – from the CDB, IDB, the World Bank and CAF.
    University of the West Indies (UWI), Cave Hill Campus Professor of Finance Justin Robinson told the Sunday Sun the fact that Barbados was opting for another financing arrangement with the IMF “may point to continuing challenges in accessing financing on the private market, which is a cause for concern after a four-year Extended Fund Facility with the IMF.
    Capital markets
    “The concern stems from the fact that countries undertaking debt restructuring exercises tend to regain capital market access after approximately four years,” he said.
    However, Government explained in the BERT 2022 plan that “as the economy grows and Barbados’ credit ratings improves, it will also regain access to the international capital markets.
    “Given the current volatility in the markets created by sharply rising inflation, the ongoing war in Ukraine and the lingering effects of the COVID-19 on the global logistics and supply chain, Government will continue to monitor developments
    to determine the best timing to re-engage the market,” it noted.
    The second BERT/IMF programme is predicated on Government reaching a debt to debt to GDP (gross domestic product) ratio of 60 per cent by its 2035/2036 financial year. To get there, the Mottley administration is targeting a primary surplus of two per cent of GDP by the end of March next year, and 3.5 per cent in financial year 2023/2024.
    Thereafter, the plan is for a primary surplus of four per cent to 4.5 per cent to be “maintained for three years, before the fiscal effort is moderated as debt levels reduce”.
    Robinson, who is also pro vice-chancellor and chair of UWI’s Board For Undergraduate Studies, said Government achieving a primary surplus of 4.5 per cent of GDP over the course of the BERT programme was “a challenging one in an increasingly difficult external environment”.
    Primary surplus
    But the finance expert acknowledged the evidence presented in the BERT 2022 document, which he said “showed the austerity measures (revenue raising/ expenditure reduction) implemented in 2018 and 2019, generated a six per cent of GDP primary surplus in 2019 before the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic”.
    In his view, this suggested that “while challenging, a primary surplus of 4.5 per cent is well within the realm of reality for Barbados”.
    Robinson added: “However, the great unknown at this time is how much of the required improvements in the primary surplus from -0.9 per cent of
    GDP in 2021 to 4.5 per cent of GDP over the course of the programme, will come from improved Government revenues due to the recovery of economic growth post pandemic, versus the need for additional austerity measures if adequate levels of growth are not realised.
    “The level of economic growth and its sustainability will depend heavily on the external environment and the implementation capacity of the Government and private sector, while austerity measures are within the control of the Government,” he said.
    “The available evidence suggests that target of a primary surplus of 4.5 per cent is achievable without additional measures in the absence of major shocks to GDP.”

    Source: Nation

  2. Mottley: Let’s stand together in global crisis
    Barbados is a member of a global response group established by the secretary general of the United Nations to address a global crisis in the areas of food, fuel and financing.
    The announcement came from Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley while delivering the Sixth Annual Ndiaye Lecture at the Ritz Carlton, in Washington on Friday evening.
    The Prime Minister said there was deepening inequality in the world on top of the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the war between Ukraine and Russia, the financial crisis in Britain and increased oil prices.
    The global response group, includes Mottley, the President of the African Union, President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa, as well as four other heads of government.
    “That global crisis response group is intended to meet the coincidence of crises between food, fuel and financing on top of a pandemic,” she said.
    Prime Minister Mottley noted the price of a barrel of oil was US$60 in March and by June had risen to US$122, while declining to a current price around US$90.
    OPEC+ meeting in Vienna on October 5 agreed to cut production by two million barrels daily which financial analysts believe could push the price to US$125 dollars or higher.
    “God knows where it will go with the cut in production that has been promised,” Mottley said.
    Four times more likely to die
    She cited reports from Oxfam, a global charity seeking to reduce poverty, which indicated that during the pandemic people were four times more likely to die from the pandemic
    in low income countries than in the rich countries.
    The Prime Minister said: “A pandemic and combined climate crises and combined consequences of the inflationary environment and the scarcity as a result of the disruption in the supply chain that has led to deepening inequality such that the ten richest people in the world, their wealth has doubled since the beginning of the pandemic.
    “Ninety-nine per cent of the world’s population has had their situation worsened since the beginning of the pandemic. This is one time millions hurt because the people who are most at risk of either dying or having their living removed from them are people who are least responsible for it and who do nothing else but seek to trust in those who lead them,” she remarked.
    Force to cut expenditure
    The Prime Minister said half of the low income and lower middle income countries have had to cut their expenditure on health care during the pandemic.
    Oxfam, she observed, indicated that by the end of the decade, 231 000 people will die from a climate crisis.
    At a meeting of global leaders in Bridgetown at the end of July, the worry was about 44 countries that were on the brink of a debt crisis, she pointed out.
    “This week, I am being told that it is roughly 56 countries. I ask you tonight what will it be by the end of the year?” Mottley asked.
    She spoke of the disparity in decisionmaking which affected individual countries.
    “The world found a way to help who it wanted to help in the last century,” she noted.
    Mottley cited how Germany after World War II was granted debt concessions to emerge as one of the
    strongest economies in Europe.
    “In this room we all sit at the table. In this room it would be inappropriate for us to believe that some should be considered as worthy and others considered purely as not capable of sitting at the table,” she stated in her address.
    “That is in fact what is happening within the global financial architecture. I say to you tonight that if ever there was a moment for us to stand together in principles that others have said to us are old school but which I fight and reject and say they are universal and timeless, principles of justice and solidarity, the moment is now,” Mottley stated. (HH)

    Source: Nation

  3. Cultural transformation can’t be rushed
    “Reform is not a quick fix. In fact, the latest research is suggesting that we should actually be engaging in transformation rather than reformation… The process of changing a culture is time intensive. There are no quick fixes.”
    Dr Ian Marshall of the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, made this statement at a town hall meeting hosted by the Barbados Union of Teachers. The event was one in a series called Honest Conversations On Education Reform,
    available on Youtube.
    It is highly recommended viewing for anyone interested in understanding our dilemma in education. In his closing statement, Dr Marshall made the above point, which is relevant to almost every area of Barbadian life. We are past the point of reformation. We need cultural transformation, which cannot be rushed.
    However, in constant fear of collapse and to keep up with the perceived pace of the world, we understandably seek the fastest fixes. To sit and build the necessary philosophical foundation and theoretical scaffolding for a transformed national structure feels like wasting time. Careful and phased transformation feels like pool-sharking. But the old people used to tell you, “Tekkin time ain’t laziness.” Maybe because of our history of being valued only for our physical labour, we do not appreciate the fact that deep thought is work too. Added to that is the fact that our educational system does not necessarily promote or support that kind of deep thought.
    In a rush to make ends meet and provide material
    requirements, many parents do not have the bandwidth to attend to their children’s psychological needs. That is, if they have even thought deeply enough to consider their children’s psychological needs. We live in an age where it’s all about the Benjamins and the Sir Grantleys. The ideology is, “Seek ye first the economic kingdom and all else will be added on to you”. So parents work to send their children to school to get an education so they can get a good job. Barely a thought is spared for the emotional or spiritual education.
    Colonial indoctrination
    The educational system is likewise focused on training workers as opposed to citizens and whole human beings. This leaves a gap that others will be eager to fill with their own brand of cultural education for cultural transformation. This is an indication of how much the colonial arrangement has not been transformed. Colonial powers have long supported education for the colonised. That education allowed the colonised individual to rise up the social ladder. But, in exchange, they became indoctrinated with colonial ideology. The individual would rise but the threat of defiance which should come with that elevation would be neutralised by colonial indoctrination.
    Once upon a time this colonial indoctrination came with a heavy dose of religion. As colonial nations have become more secular, the forms of indoctrination have also transformed. Ironically, the colonised attachment to the previous brand of colonial indoctrination is so strong that it causes resistance to updated versions of the neocolonial indoctrination. What should be a battle to engage
    in self-directed transformation and liberation is instead a battle to defend old colonial conditioning against neocolonial reconditioning.
    Ideally, the colonised would chart the path of their own transformation. However, the loss of confidence which results from being stripped of one’s culture and identity makes it difficult to be innovative with one’s own development. The tendency is to be cautious and conservative. Unfortunately, it is mostly the colonial heritage which is seen worthy of conservation. There is also more caution with one’s own initiatives and ideas than those coming from elsewhere. It is my faith, though, that in the words of the Mighty Gabby, “One day coming soon, my people will wake up”.
    We will find the confidence to explore the unknown of selfdirected transformation not only in education but in politics, religion and culture as a whole.
    Adrian Green is a communications specialist. Email

    Source: Nation

  4. Continue to live in the past and criticize and demonize everything that happened which incidentally you cannot change. Meanwhile in the present your children are being taught how to be faggots and drag queens in the school system from as young as six years old and you say and do absolutely nothing. I guess your descendants will have a lot to criticize as well maybe eight hundred years from now, fool!

  5. @David

    Most social historian have lamented the fact that no subsequent monarch has taken the name “King JOHN” afterward, and some argue it could be because he was so petulant, weak & capitulated to the nobles & barons over Magna Carta…

    This is so reminiscent of Britain today as the country is likely to pull the whole world into a financial abyss because of rudderless, pathetic leadership that is clearly out of tune; out of ideas and languishing on a toxic sea of ideological methane gas…

    Others argue that Magna Carta is dead because Pope Innocent III basically thrashed the document which would imply that all nations on earth who have incorporated any part of it into their national constitution – in the eyes of the Pope of Rome (who is the “Sovereign of all kings & the Ruler of all nations) does not accept in any form its legitimacy. Hence the reason, why there so many breaches in common/international law…

    Magna Carta has been taken as foundational to the rule of law in so-called Western, democratic societies. Much has been written of the rule of law, less of the rule of history (SADLY). And although “due process” is a bulwark against injustice – for the love of God, tell me – where is “TRUE JUSTICE” to be found today???

    Most of Magna Carta has been weathered (PUN) by vagaries of man-made climate change, as time and space wreaked havoc on its form – after forgotten centuries of mass #reLIEgious, European bloodshed, the diabolical EVILS* of the African Slave Trade – not to mention the damnable heresies of 2 world wars & countless others – all in the name of social control – making Magna Carta, an antiquated relic that has long since crumbled like an abandoned Anglo-Saxon castle, into nothing more than a romantic ruin…

    Magna Carta was written in the posthumous language of Latin. King John and his dissenting barons – all spoke Parisian French, for the King enjoyed swearing, by invoking the “teeth of God” in the phrase (“Par les denz Dieu!”). For most of Magna Carta was about feudal financial arrangements (i.e., socage, burgage & scutage), obsolete measures; descriptions of land; husbandry (wapentakes & wainages); obscure instruments for the seizure; inheritance of estates (disseisin & mort d’ancestor)…

    The Plebs/Peasants were mostly illiterate persons eking out a pitiful existence while speaking some form of broken English – much like the diminishing “MIDDLE_CLASS” in Europe, who are being held hostage by those “CORPORATIONS” who hold an oligopoly & the tyrannical GOV* leaders who do their bidding!!! All at the behest of the kings & popes who are at the top of the totem pole…

    Magna Carta spoke at a time when tyrannical GOV* & the divine right of kings to rule as they please foreshadow the perils of 21st century rule by similar tyrannical rulers, who believe it is their divine right to laud it over other men to whatever degree they so choose (either for life or for death) … A “TYRANNY” that must be called out, exposed and the head of the snake – decapitated.

    Magna Carta is crucial now for more than one reason! When King John reneged on that priceless document – “CIVIL WAR” broke out with the conflict called the “First Barons’ War” which raged from 1215 – 1217 with the barons led by Robert Fitzwalter. All around the world today, we are seeing the burning fires of a looming apocalypsus being led & stoked either by women or young people, trade unions & those who refuse to go quietly into the night!!!

    A similar spectre is also looming today in India, China, Russia, Iran, North Korea & most assuredly, #AmeriKKKa!!! All these countries are one plate of food; one pay-check; one crisis away from full blown CIVIL WAR!!!

    We either live by our “COVENANTS” “STATUTES” & “CONSTITUTIONS” or we “DIE” at the hand of those who wield merciless pitchforks!!!

    • @TB

      Your last paragraph in the comment is instructive. It does appear countries big and small, developed and underdeveloped have been lurching from crisis to crisis. In the same way you have faith in a divine being, we must believe said being will continue to guide and protect us mortals.

  6. Ancient transhumanism has morphed into the modernist version with its tentacles in every branch of life…

    Men like Richard Dawkins said that Darwin made it possible to be an “Intellectually Satisfied Atheist”…

    Richard Dawkins et al insists that since Charles Darwin, scientists have known that there is no evidence of actual design – only the illusion or appearance of design in “NATURE” yet the lords & ladies in the 21st century continue to push “THE SCIENCE” behind “CLIMATE CAHNGE” as the last stand at the #OKCorrall…

    This is scientism at its very core!!!

    YESHUA* warned in the book of Matthew that there would be ecological meltdown through volcanoes, floods, pestilence but moreover, wars and rumours of wars would exist but see to it that you are not alarmed by any of it. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come, for there will be hardships, persecution and martyrdom for those who wish to follow Christ. Many will fall away over intense persecution and deception, then stop following Christ even betraying and hating each other out of fear…

    This is the “GREAT DECEPTION” – a “GREAT RESET” which is about scientism and all that it encapsulates…

  7. From volcanic cooling born beneath our feet to the most seemingly distant reaches of both space time, is laid out Climate Forcing: the problems, path forward, and character of the finish line… Why are climate change modellers not looking at the other side of the coin? Why the denial???

  8. Nobody has to be taught to be a faggot. There are some born to be homosexual. Teachers can often identify them from very early on. You who deny what they try to tell you about themselves are ostriches burying your heads in the sand based on a religious book. You believe you know better than they how they came to be so.

    You people make it so hard for these people that many of them kill themselves. I suggest you read the life stories of those who managed to survive that urge to be free of the pain you lot inflict on them.

    You are self-righteous blind prigs who need to check yourselves.

    Having said that, I am not in agreement with the survey and how it was carried out. These matters need to be left for us to figure out for ourselves. And figure them out we will, when you old farts are dead.

    I think you will find that our teenagers are waaaasy smarter than you old farts are in these matters and are willing to live and let live.

    My nineteen year old son says so. Sometimes I think he knows half of Barbadian teens of his age.

  9. One idiot who thinks that had not for the white man I would be looking to capture and eat David of BU should not be calling anybody a fool who is dwelling in the past.

    She is a prime example of the damage past has done to our psyche and why we need to focus on undoing it.

    She never considered that Africans had the capacity to evolve or “civilise” themselves.

    Did white men not evolve from his primitive beginning?

    She needs to answer why the thought of similar evolution on our part never crossed her mind.

  10. @David

    “Your last paragraph in the comment is instructive. It does appear countries big and small, developed and underdeveloped have been lurching from crisis to crisis. In the same way you have faith in a divine being, we must believe said being will continue to guide and protect us mortals…”

    That is my enduring faith, belief in the veracity of Scripture & the hubris of all that the “PROPHETS” have spoken…. Like any alliance my beloved brotha’, we “MUST” choose a side – for neutrality in a time of crisis is the greatest hostility that there is… There will be no middle ground as the forces of darkness & evil fold themselves together like thorns for war, destruction & bloodshed… And as we see the “Equestrian of the 4 Horsemen” gather pace – soon we will know & to gauge the strength of those who stand on the side-lines “SNIPING”, trying to read the last tealeaf in the teacup!!! Here’s why I wrote this piece as this VT has just streamed in the last 12 hours:

  11. Off topic
    Britain has had 4 Conservative PM’s in the last six years each one a little worse than his/her predecessor, now we have Liz Truss who has fired he Treasury Chief in a bid to prop up her career.

    Only a couple of weeks before the media was all over itself that none of the top four Ministers were white males now that makes three as Kwasi Kwarteng was shown the door.

    Will Liz last until Xmas? Bookies are willing to take your bet.
    Wrote the above on Oct.15, four days later and bookies have closed shop, the joke is “why is Liz like lettuce?”

    Same shelf life

    • @Sargeant

      The party will allow Liz Truss to ride and absorb the fallout from the failed tax cut policies. The paramountcy of the political party rules. She will be shown the door once the party throws up another face.

  12. @David, the “paramountcy” of the party MUST be always maintained , not so! That should be the ‘raison d’etre’ for the Tories.

    That Truss has proved to be so ineffectual after all the effort to ‘throw up’ the ‘best from the rest’ is quite devastating from their perspective, one can surmise.

    But such is the play of politics. The Labour Party is therefore benefiting and in the clichéd political world ‘if elections were called now’ they would be big winners.

    Party ‘paramountcy’ prevailed in Canada most recently and fah sure has been determinative in US!

  13. Oh dear, after two impeachment about 20 scandals and 200,000 lies and never a resignation nor being removed … but voila the Brits dismiss another one!

    The Yankees surely knew what they were doing to protect their ‘absolute presidential leader’ when they created a political system so drastically different from their colonizers!

  14. Four Prime Ministers ion 6 years …..soon to be 5 PM’s. There should be a General Election the Conservatives can’t continue to play musical chairs and inflict another leader on the country without going back to the people.

    There is a report that Boris is in the Caribbean (A guest of John?) and he is interested in the job, what do they call insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results

  15. A Time to Pause, Reflect, Change

    The same way or path negative thoughts appear manifest and become actions they can be cleared and positive thoughts appear manifest and become actions

    i.e negative hate and anger can be replaced by love and compassion
    manifesting into spontaneous action such as doing or say something hurtful or harmful

    the negative process can be reversed into a positive process with the help of being aware having some knowledge of simple non-judgmental awareness

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