“The Blood Passover”: The Meat-Market of Human Life Through the Harvesting and Trafficking of Body Parts – Where the Axis of Ritual Evil Meets Commodification

Submitted by Terence Blackett

And God breathed into man the breath of life and man became a living soul – Genesis 2:7

It is being acknowledged that in almost every country in the world there is a body-parts broker or a syndicate of persons who deal in the underground movement of human meat. Especially so in 3rd World countries and those developing nations with lax laws which do NOT* protect the most vulnerable in society – we are seeing a dramatic rise in the incidences of modern day slavery involving not only human and sexual trafficking and exploitation but also the Satanic rise in ritual blood libel, blood sacrifices, organ trafficking and the commodification and commercialization of human life on an epic scale.

Did you know that in countries where “Capital Punishment” is still rife – (China for example), the illegal trade in “live organ harvesting” has been cited as one of the worst case human rights’ abuses given its reputation on how social freedoms are curtailed and its laws on secrecy regarding the amount of political prisoners, dissidents and others who face the firing squad every year as a means of population control.

Some of the worst excesses however seem to be amongst Israelis who for centuries have been mired in the said “gory” mess of blood spatter, blood libel, ritual murder and now the illegal trade in “organ trafficking” according to reports.

After an in-depth reading and critical analysis of the book “The Blood Passover” by Dr. Ariel Toaff, Professor of Medieval and Renaissance History at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, where Toaff has written major works like – “Wine and Bread: A Jewish Community in the Middle Ages” (1989); translated into English and French); also, “Jewish Monsters: The Imaginary Jew from the Middle Ages to the Early Modern Age” (1996) and “Eating Jewish Style. Jewish Cooking in Italy from the Renaissance to the Modern Age” (2000). However, this particular book – his most controversial to date was translated from Italian by Gian Marco Lucchese and Pietro Gianetti, in (2007) and created an academic and historical firestorm.

There’s no denying Jewish involvement since as far back as the 1200’s in the Cabbalism of money-lending, usury and in the episodic tales reminiscent of Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice where Shylock introduces an unnerving, frightening and ultimately tragic element to the whole idea of “body parts snatching”. Though this is an uncomfortable subject for many within the Jewish community – others are quick to cry anti-Semitism as if Black African people for 260 years weren’t “harvested” from their own land and sold, maimed and murdered through mass genocide and infanticide and no one to date has been held responsible for those historical crimes of humanity – more severe than any Jew has ever suffered.

The cruel irony is this (and let’s be fair) – as we watch former Liberian President Charles Taylor be prosecuted in the circus called the Hague – former Hague Tribunal Chief Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte states in her book, “The Hunt”, that during investigations into war crimes committed by the Kosovo Liberation Army, (KLA), against Serbs and other ethnic non-Albanians, the prosecutor’s office was informed and knew that persons who had disappeared during the Kosovo conflict were used in organ smuggling operations.

This ethnic population that disappeared was forcefully submitted to surgery in which their “live” organs were taken out and then smuggled and sold to clinics in Europe under the patronage of the KLA – with Del Ponte hiding the truth and keeping silent on these horrible crimes against the abducted ethnic Serbs. She was thus complicit in her silence to these crimes although the list with the names of abducted Serbs was given to her as early as 2001 and though she knew that – failed to raise a single indictment for those crimes. (And so the blind, twisted tale of so-called justice proliferates).

South Africa, (another case in point) – a tortured landscape of tribalism, ethnic cleansing under apartheid (where none of the architects were jailed or executed for crimes against humanity), and where disenfranchisement is the order of the day and the stratification of this once great society still remains drenched in the creeping dew of murder, violence, poverty and gross Black marginalisation. Now on its hands and knees, comes the shame of ritual and Satanic murder of Black Albinos for “body-parts” to be used in the maleficent practice of brewed witch-doctor medicines and the commercial trade in organ harvesting and trafficking.

The World Health Organization in 2007 painted a harrowing picture of a world short on organs for medical use and a pervasive practice of illegality in organ trafficking which literally spans the globe covering both developed and 1st World countries.

So dear friends, wherever this blog will be read, the purpose is to draw attention to your own countries and how this issue may very well be rampant right where you live. When your kids and young people go missing – could it be that these are some of the reasons? When your loved ones die in hospital needlessly for whatever reason and they are not on the “organ-donor” register – do you ever question what happens to their body parts? How many “organs and “body-parts” are harvested during periods of mass genocide, unholy and unjust wars, false imprisonments and renditions, but to top it all off (and I know my brothers and sisters who champion the “RIGHT-TO-LIFE” will love this) – with the damnable scourge of millions of “abortions” every year – have you given thought to where that “fetal mass” ends up?

Something to ponder…

As always – you decide!!!

45 thoughts on ““The Blood Passover”: The Meat-Market of Human Life Through the Harvesting and Trafficking of Body Parts – Where the Axis of Ritual Evil Meets Commodification

  1. And to think that ‘christians’ and esp. the Black Man has predicated the return of his saviour ‘jesus christ’ on the actions of the ‘chosen ones,’ those of the sinagogues of satan is simply mind-blowing.

    This gang not only deals in human and organ-trafficking, it also deals in drug trafficking, money-laundering, manipulation of currencies, manipulation of the markets, murder, LIES, THEFT, GUILE, DECEIT and whole scale pillaging as is very evident before our eyes today in Palestine. Their rap sheet spreads all over this planet. They own the printing presses that’s why we are fed LIES for our daily feast. They run the world’s banking system. They make the stinking, corrupt laws that bring nothing but misery to our lives. They run Follywood that’s why we are filtered trash and poison coming and going. They give us poison and tell us that its honey. They run the education systems that’s why we have to learn every lie about them and hold them up as ‘beacons of light to a dying world.’ They are the reason why the price of land in Barbados is ‘thru the roof.’ Everything they put their filthy, grimy, hands on have become polluted.

    They have taken the BLACK Man’s history and bastardized it and then they had the gall to switch roles between himself and the Black Man.

    They have taken our sacred knowledge and used it against us. They are into numbers and symbology. They are the force behind BaRat Obama. That’s why they’ve chosen him at this particular point in ‘TIME’ to become the ‘figure head’ of their corporation. He’s been likened to Akhenaten and Michelle has been liken to Queen Tiye because this ‘gang’ is playing with our symbology and they are well aware that ‘their’ time is up.

    This is the same gang behind WWI, WWII, Adolf Hitler and all the other squirmishes going on around this planet. They were behind the takedown of Iraq, they are behind what’s going on in Pakistan because they want to get their hands on her nukes, and they are desperately trying to take down Iran. They profit from WAR.

    Ahmadinejad had the balls to stand up at the UN and ‘tell it like it is’ and just watch the programmed boot-lickers, obey their masters and walk [so predictable] …proving that the ‘truth’ is hard to swallow. And then listen to the folly of that US president.. the usual diarrhea.

    Their perpetual monopolization of the victim-hood status has been their cash-cow.

    Wherever there is blood and money you will ALWAYS find this gang of criminal bastards, the usurpers of ‘truth.’


    The Muslims will NEVER allow themselves to be dominated by them that is why there’s open season on Muslims today. Every media outlet that this gang controls is spewing anti-Muslim garbage, And every mind-controlled jackass is hating on Muslims. The day will come when we will appreciate those RESISTORS. Men of Balls and Guts who are willing to take up arms and fight the just fight. Not ‘men’ who are looking for a place at the table with this filthy gang. Not self-important negroes……. Men who see a collective purpose. Men who realise that the cause is way bigger than themselves. Not wimps nor pimps. REAL MEN.





    Thanks for your publication of the article…

    The “hyperlinks” are not showing “BLUE-UNDERLINED” in my neck of the woods – so I wonder if there are showing at all where you are…

    Please amend for me so that they will be VISIBLY recognizable – thanks much!!!

    Also, *PLEASE DOWNLOAD* (all of you) Prof. Toaff book – the hyperlink is there underlined – (THE BLOOD PASSOVER)…

    Also, David, see the hyperlink – “SYNDICATE OF PERSONS”…


  3. DAVID @ BU

    I am using Firefox as I am frankly leery of Internet Ex. but now that I have opened BU on my desktop with IE – the links are showing bold RED*….

    My laptop is showing (using Firefox) just BLACK* underlined links!!!

    Thanks David – I appreciate you Big Guy!!!

    God bless!!!

  4. Barbados is a fascinating country. Just saw a picture in Nationnews above an article titled “all hands on deck”.

    Barbados is becoming more “cosmopolitan”.

  5. @TB Your links are showing as black because you have selected / clicked on your own links already.

    Spock offers the captain an emotionally detached, logical perspective. The character also offers an “outsider’s” perspective on “the human condition”. Spock did not originally have the logical manner that would become associated with the character, this instead being a trait of the character Number One

  6. DAVID @ BU


    Forwarded message ———-
    From: Barbados BlogWatch
    Date: 26 September 2010 17:22
    Subject: Hague prosecutor accused of trafficking in body parts by Barbados blog
    To: .informationdesk@icc-cpi.int
    Cc: @gmail.com, barbadosfree@yahoo.com, @barbadosadvocate.com, @independent.co.uk, @guardian.co.uk, @visitbarbados.org

    Dear International Criminal Court,

    On a Barbados blog known as Barbados Underground, in a thread with this address …


    … the owner/editor/publisher of Barbados Underground has decided to publish an article accusing Carla del Ponte, former chief prosecutor in certain cases at the International Court of Justice in The Hague, of being complicit in the trafficking of human organs.

    This matter should be investigated and clarified.

    Best wishes







  7. @ DAVID

    For some “knuckleheads” to purport in an email suggesting that the piece written on “ORGAN HARVESTING” duly intended* or sought infer that Carla Del Ponte’s was allegedly or otherwise involved in the trafficking of body parts is frankly ludicrous, asinine and bereft of any form of sound reasoning.

    To quote Elena Guskova in her piece – The Hunt: Me and Military Criminals by Carla Del Ponte (cited in GLOBAL RESEARCH (Canada) – she argues that “when in 1990s we spoke about the absence of objectiveness in activities of a number of international organizations, the other side would either distrust us, or pretended to be distrustful. Now Carla del Ponte’s book gives weighty arguments to investigators and legal experts, even if partly removing the cover over the backroom games some states are playing to defend their stance. Many people think that the book arrived too late, so the process launched by the ITFY is hard to be reversed. But the book’s significance is its casting doubt on the activities of international organization in the former Yugoslavia and the efficiency of the ITFY itself, also casting a shadow on the KFOR staff and the UN peace-keepers. It also makes sit possible to sue Carla del Ponte for intentionally concealing from justice the facts of atrocious military crimes, making her an accomplice of their perpetrators.”

    If the said del Ponte withheld info which was crucial to a specific legal outcome then according to the law which she and others (are the architects) ought to uphold – creates a “breach of trust” due to intentional concealment…

    To withhold information can be construed as the same as being duly complicit…

    We must also ask ourselves the tough questions even about HAITI (now after the storm has passed)….

    How many innocent people (under the guise of anonymity) have had organs harvested? Children who were taken away illegally?

    And what about Rwanda? Or maybe, we choose to forget because it is not our doorsteps?

    You decide!!!

  8. @ DAVID

    I am convinced that there are forces at work whose job is to try to undermine the tenets of “FREE SPEECH” and the rite to call a ‘spade a spade’…

    OFF TOPIC for a SEC* – I remember back in 2002, I solicited my then university for the resources to do some in-depth research work on “MONEY-LAUNDERING”- I was told unequivocally to desist because if I valued my life, I would leave this area alone… (well the truth is stranger than fiction*) –

    What had spurred me was that while in Barbados at the time, I stumbled on to a reliable banking source* (for the lack of a better word) – information which would have been a launching pad to show how the interconnected global network of servers, “mules” and capitalists enterprises who for decades (right there in Barbados and across the Caribbean) have been moving monies under the radar – virtually taking “BLOOD MONEY” and trying to “sanitize” through a process of government/bank complicity as in the recent cases cited in ZIMBABWE and the Robert Mugabe government…

    Again, I must ADD* that the “darklords” of capitalist enterprise hate anyone rummaging around on their turf trying to expose their evil shenanigans – this applies it seems across the board in most (if not every) aspects of life…

  9. @TB

    We have some people in this world who would pretend that their sensibilities are aroused to be used as a battle cry against freedom of expression. Not on this watch!

  10. DAVID @ BU

    I know that I am a pretty controversial character and this from my own wife’s lips ( so one else need say more)…

    If what I am saying often times can be refuted – then where are the folks who are burying their heads in the sands, crying “foul” from the sidelines or to quote – “looking to shame” well-meaning, well-intentioned discourse on topics of pertinence and moral gravity…

    As my colleagues and I continue to work on several projects – one of them DREAMSTAR TELEVISION* (which will see a new format in streaming mediazation come online) – I believe the time will come (very soon) for some real hard-hitting discussions on issues to take public center-stage – most notably, the issues we love to skirt around and not address because we have jobs, livelihoods, properties and other things to protect…

    All the so-called good folks who refuse to stand for something -usually fall for all the CRAP* that gets thrown at them!!!


    Well, don’t bet on it!!!

    Could it be that is why we are still 2ND CLASS* citizens in a world screwed up by FIRST* class misinformation, mixed-values, lies and hypocrisy?

    We talk all day long but wouldn’t stick our necks above the parapet…

  11. @ Terence M Blackett | September 27, 2010 at 5:32 AM |

    The Barbados Blog Watch is run by a professional nut. He takes every second he has to find ways to defame BU and attempts to shut it down. So far his disgusting tactics have not work for him or to the satisfaction of his cronies. He is now trying another tactic to see if he can be successful and roll in glee.

    So far most viewers seem to have ignored this nutcase; they seem to have got the message loud and clear that he is looking for attention and expects to get a response.

    What I have observed from BU is that they/David clearly and wisely choose their battles, and it doesn’t seem that such a monkey is going to stop their show.
    May the nutjob rest in piece.

  12. @EyeSpy. Quite correct. And if I tell you that this nut job is testicularly challenged (i.e. No Balls), I am sure it will surprise no one.

  13. Slightly off topic. Why would the Israelis refuse to adopt a moratorium on building settlements in the disputed area at this time? Could it be that they know there is pressure on the Arabs not* to walk out and cause a collapse in talks?

  14. @ David
    Is that a rhetorical question?
    A rhetorical question is a figure of speech in the form of a question posed for its persuasive effect without the expectation of a reply (e.g.: “Why me? …
    ★ Heavy Reggae (Johnny Reggae) ★ African People (Indian Reservation) ★

  15. I just looked at No Balls speelermann’s comments. Poor fellow……..no balls and no brains and a lot of acid, yellow bile best expectorated on the sands of a desert, rather than on the sands of our shores. Pity the mentally challenged, especially if testicularly challenged as well. But you know why No Balls wants to cover up the harvesting of body parts? Well, it figures. He is looking for a set of balls and a brain – he is a sort of ball-less, brain-less Tin Man. He is on the list of recipients. So let us hope speelermann gets his balls, but more importantly, his brain. But the trouble is that the minute he gets his balls, he will discover that he is lacking the essential part to go with them and then the circle will start again. AND, when he gets his brain, he may discover that he is indeed the Tin Man. Or Dorothy.

  16. @ BU FAMILY

    Good Morning and thanks for the support guys – but (and I hate to go using conjunctions at this stage) I appreciate what you guys are saying about these “nut-jobs” who are dead-set on deriding, derailing and trying to “shame” BARBADOS UNDERGROUND – (THAT’S ALL FINE AND GOOD) but when my name (especially) becomes the subject of speculative intervention by White FOLKS* who I already criticize both near and afar – it invites unwarrantable attention…

    But let me be clear – I could give 2 “flying fish” ( and I’m trying real hard to be really Christian here given my obvious civility and penchant for decency) in regards to what some in privileged positions may attempt to infer, insinuate or propose to do…

    Like CLINT EASTWOOD* – I am praying so badly for someone to TRULY* make my day!!! (if u know what I mean…LOL)

    Anyway back to earth –


    By Rev. Ted Pike
    28 Sep 10 (Update)

    Editor’s Note:

    This year, top Israeli Rabbi Moti Elon was indicted by police for sex crimes against minors. “Far from being the rabbi of an obscure Hasidic sect, the charismatic Elon is a high-profile leader, educator and media personality, representing the more mainstream religious Zionists and former head of the renowned HaKotel (Western Wall) Yeshiva. He comes from a family of high achievers in law, politics and academia that has drawn comparisons with the Kennedy clan.”

    In 2006, Elon was restricted by an organization of rabbis in his contact with students, after confessing to sexual relationships with male students. Yet he continued to act as the president of a Talmudic academy in Jerusalem and did not fully honor the agreement. One Ha’aretz commentary says Elon “managed to turn himself into almost a kind of saint” –a fate certainly to be envied by American religious figures turned pedophiles.

    Dr. Aviad Hacohen, dean of the Sha’arei Mishpat College, in 2007 reported that “95% of sexual offences in Jerusalem were performed by the religious and haredi.” “Several years ago, I began looking into the issue on a data-based level,” said Hacohen. “It turned out that the law enforcement authorities, both the police and the prosecutor’s office, were aware of the data but refused to expose it based on sectorial affiliation in order to avoid branding a certain group in the population…”

    Since the following article was written in 2006, cases of Jewish leadership figures in Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox Judaism being involved in homosexuality or pedophilia scandals continue to mount not only in Israel, but in New York, where Ultra-Orthodox are strongest. The reason is simple: some of the very greatest rabbis who wrote the Talmud were pedophiles.


    The Zio-pigs don’t take ORDERS from anyone but the KOSHERNOSTRA. When you control the world’s money supply you have ‘POWER’ because you have everyone on their knees to you begging for some of that money. Right now ‘MONEY’ is the key to their illusion of POWER. Obama is Redshield’s puppet, that’s why he had to reward the gangster bankers for their wholescale LOOTING of the the Banks. Every weekend in the US, they, the feds, which is run by this same Koshernostra, are closing small banks, just when they think no one will notice. Right now this gang of rats is deserting the Obama camp because they used him and got exactly what they wanted.

    The Zio-pigs don’t have to answer to anyone. They have the US congress on total lockdown. They sit over there in israhell and monitor all forms of telecommunication world wide, hereby giving them ‘power’ to hold the same US congress and many others in the world hostage simply because they are privy to ‘TOP SECRET’ shenanigans. If one congressional member votes/tries to vote against their wishes just watch them come up with some dirty little trick. Cynthia McKinney [strong Black woman that you are] went against them and they went all out and funded a campaign against her.

    If they are not stopped, [and may Allah/All Gods of TRUTH & RIGHT & JUSTICE further strengthen and empower ALL enemies of this criminal gang] they will not stop with the Palestinians, their aim is total domination of that whole gulf area. Right now this is the same gang that’s taking down America, because for just a few blood-dollars more, many in ‘power’ has sold their ‘souls’ and have colluded with it.

    Their puppet just sits there in his office and with a stroke of his pen he gives the green-light for the droning of Pakistan. Every got damn day, they’re droning them as if HAARPing and flooding them wasn’t enough. Now they want to foment civil war within Pakistan itself and then, and then under the cover of the US forces & fighting ‘terrrorism’ they’ll move further into Pakistan. Pakistan is probably the only Muslim state with nuclear weapon and is ready willing and able to use them against the biggest terrorist on this planet…this Koshernostra.

    The big set us was England, then America and now THEM. England colluded with them and their shitty Balfour Declaration which handed them Palestine. This Koshernostra has always used the big dumb military of the US to fight its wars and make NO mistake all these war were & are their wars. And now that they have exhausted, depleted and haemorrhaged the US with no hope of resussication, they are just waiting to enter the stage as Super Power Numero Uno just as they have it laid out in that Bible. THIS IS THE TRUE ANTI-CHRIST! The ENEMY OF HUMANITY!

    A tree is known by its fruits and there’s not a more poisonous fruit on this planet than these fruits.

    But just watch their little shitty game get interrupted by a FEW GOOD MEN!

    The only peoples who are NOT under their control are the MUSLIMS.

  18. Cool down your temper
    There are criminals gangs in every nationality, tribe and religion etc
    ◐ Eek-A-Mouse (live) ◑ Virgin Girl ◒ Ganja Smuggling ◓ Operation Eradication ●


    Between 1882 and 1968, 3,446 Blacks were lynched in the United States…

    Today that number is surpassed in less than 3 days by abortion.

    1,784 African-American children are killed each day by the heinous act of abortion.

    3 out of 5 pregnant African-American women will abort their child.

    Since 1973 there has been over 13 million Black children killed and their precious mothers victimized by the U.S. abortion industry.

    In his Letter from a Birmingham Jail, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “The early church brought an end to such things as INFANTICIDE.”

    What would Martin Luther King say to the church today?


  20. @Terence M. Blackett | September 27, 2010 at 9:27 AM |

    DAVID @ BU

    I know that I am a pretty controversial character and this from my own wife’s lips ( so one else need say more)…
    Your wife is being very kind to you, Sir. I am sure I could add a few other choice adjectives.

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