103 thoughts on “Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler Meets the Press

  1. David, hopefully the Minister will indicate today WHEN small businesses like ours are going to be paid agreed outstanding VAT refunds, which in our case having been due for over 3 years and 8 months.
    And before a party supporter states that the private sector owes MILLIONS.,that is not our problem if a bloated, recession proof civil service cannot collect what is due, then clearly they are not doing their jobs.

  2. David,
    In the 2012 budget, a Hotel Refurbishment Fund was proposed. Does anyone know if this fund was implemented and its monetary value?
    Otherwise, we perhaps should just treat the 2013 Budget with a pinch of salt.
    Would an earlier implementation of such a fund, helped kept Almond Beach Village open?

    • This interview puts a lot on the line for Sinckler. He has loss a lot of credibility on the Barrack, Four Seasons, CLICO, years of consecutive decline and many other issues. People are tired of promises. Let us map out an action plan and go down the road. While the government may be forgiven for holding for 2-3 years it is clear that is a strategy which will not take us over the hump in the current scenario.

  3. Should be an interesting programme. Let’s see if he can resist his usual temptations and leave the politics/blame out of it for once. Barbadians want straight talk and answers.


  4. I think we are going to be most impressed by the MoF’s ‘Frank-like performance in allying the fears of Bajans; but unlike the Governor of the Bank he will be more upbeat and optimistic is confirming the following:-

    The foreign reserves are still healthy and improving as a result of better than expected arrivals for our well promoted and marketed Cropover season.

    There is no threat of any devaluation now or in the future.

    The Four Seasons project is progressing at an acceptable level as private sector players put the finishing touches to the deal that would not involve government funding decisions.
    The Almond reopening is very much on the cards with the technocrats working at fever pitch to conclude the necessary planning and associated paper work.

    Despite contrary advice from the Governor of the Central Bank (who by the way is my creation to appoint or disappoint) there will be no sharp swift approach to cutting the fat from the public sector. We have reviewed that $400 million figure and found it to be absolutely not necessary but some of the cuts would be phased in over the coming fiscal years up to 2016.

    There will be No layoffs or would this government undertake any privatization strategies to undermine the social fabric of the country and disadvantage the poor black man.

    There will be NO Increase in VAT but a few areas are being looked at where we believe conspicuous consumption can be curtailed by specific tax measures and make a worthwhile contribution to improving the fiscal situation.
    However, we are moving forward post-haste with the establishment of the Central Revenue Authority which will bring huge savings and efficiency gains in our tax collection and revenue management processes.

    Our Renewable Energy programme is really ‘heating’ up with many private sector players following government’s lead of switching to renewable energy sources. Government will soon be investing about $1 billion in this area involving a new sugar cane factory and a WTE plant along with electricity generation using waver energy technology borrowed from Japan.
    The necessary legislation to facilitate the RE revolution will soon be before Cabinet and then taken to Parliament for swift ratification along with the Cultural Industries Bill and FOI.

    The ten point plan to revive tourism has been put in train along with the restructuring of the BTA to reposition Barbados and capitalize on new emerging markets.

    The Cruise Ship terminal with the help of Bannister of SMI Solutions that assisted with the BOLT arrangement for the $700 million Dodds Prisons will soon be started along with the Pierhead marina.
    We are also looking at this model of financing for the new hospital earmarked for Kingsland.

    Despite the fiscal challenges this government’s housing programme is still on track and it is expected that all of our empty units will be occupied by year-end with that massive project at the Grotto earmarked to be fully occupied by end of 2014.

    We wish the Minister for once would level with the people and save what little credibility is left in this man’s character.

    • First caller is Mr. P – a known DLPite – he questioned the credibility of the MoF and government, example BLP promised 90 million stimulus ad the government has backraised with a 600 million.

    • The MoF has rebutted Mr. P by suggesting that the BLP proposed a tax stimulus which if costed independently can be estimated at 300 million. What he has neglected to say is that the BLP indicated that tax concessions would stimulate consumer send and therefore support government tax revenue base.

    • A revelation by the MoF is that the financing company for the Cruise Ship Terminal projects has been refused a sovereign guarantee. The proposal has to be ‘rejig’ the proposal.

    • The MoF has stated that sending home of public workers is not a FIRST option. If the time comes to cut expenditure in a more urgent manner the government will discuss with the unions and other stakeholders.

  5. I do not think that public workers are in any way more comfortable than before the MOF statement just now. My cousin is a temporary teacher for the last 5 years and is accustom getting his contract for the next academic year all like now so. To date when he checked with the secretary/treasurer of the particular school, no directive has come from the Education ministry to release those contracts. So don’t mind Stinkliar. He is trying his best to be so polite. I do not know how long he can maintain that.

  6. VOB, please put a competent panel together for tomorrow’s brasstacks to discuss what the MOF said today.

    • The NUPW should be concerned that the MoF says the government is moving ahead with the Barbados Revenue Collection Agency. Implied is that jobs may be going? In fact he hinted that government may have some issues with the unions.

  7. No BU, do not be too concerned about those workers. They should have seen the danger coming, that is, NUPW and Dennis Clarke done sell out the workers already. They should have jump ship a long time ago in their interest. When that time comes when they the workers will be repalced, NUPW will NOT do one thing for them. Mark my word.

  8. For now, I will take my chances with the BWU. right now (Sir Roy) , he is holding strain down in the port against Maloney and at the water authority.

  9. This issue with the BWA and the laying of pipes which has caused additional cost to be added to pipe laying projects and mobilization of loans should be of concern. Caswell do you have any views.

  10. The issue of buying Almond and handover to a management company is good in theory. However let us examine Hilton under a similar arrangement. It is a loss making arrangement at the moment.

    Good news from the MoF about Four Seasons and security of NIS funds committed to the project.

  11. I do not take anything Stinkliar says as gospel. All of what he is saying is just the calm before the storm, just public relations and wasting valuable air time. I need to know how is the 400million cut in expenditure is going to be achieved and how it will affect me and my family..

  12. When question about Ministers volunteering to take a hair cut the whole thing turned into a laughing matter … two PR people trying to come across as if they are serious. I am NO fan of Hoyos, but he would have done a far better job, a far more informed job of questioning a MoF … stupse. PR PR

  13. He ain’ gun read my email … Stupse … talkin’ ’bout efficiency … TIME WASTING. Some questions always evoke the same response … what answer could Ellis possibly expect that would be any different to the stand response that he got. TIME WASTING.

  14. Agree with you BAFBFP. You could clearly see that the Minister did not even want to go in that direction. Mr. Ellis chuckled yes, but I don’t think he was being insensitive. He, Stinkliar and other government lackies would want the rest of us should bear the burden. Not fuh shiite. Bajans will have to stand up for their rights.

  15. One wonders how forthcoming the MoF could have been without revealing what will be in the Black Box. Of interest was how he responded to the penultimate caller regarding what % of public sector emoluments will be touched by the 400 million cut.

    • Now please tell us, this issue with the BWA and pipe laying has been a problem for several years. Why the hell with a touted social partnership we are now hearing that the PM will intervene? Where is the urgency?

  16. Trevor Marshall is trying to be provocative with his comments about white people, I am sure of that.
    Would hate to think that he is still rooted in a Barbados of his early years.

  17. The MoF announced that he would soon be going to the international financial markets to borrow and how there are lenders queuing up begging Barbados to borrow.
    What a laugh!
    To lend what? Promises like those made to Al Barrack and CLICO policyholders?
    If that is the case why depend on the Chinese to bail out the Almond Resort? Why rely on the Chinese with their all Chinese labour and materials lending stipulations for the Sugar Cane factory or the WTE plant?

    This blasted idiot can’t even get the IDB to finance projects without serious fiscal cutback and economic structural adjustments far less private sector lenders in the international money markets whose principals and shareholders will demand exceedingly stringent lending conditions based on the assessment of international credit rating agencies.
    Why are these same international lenders with loads of money not lining up to take over the Four Seasons Project? What about the Pierhead marina and Pickerings?

    Just another roll of bullshit from this lying buffoon with which he would soon be splattered when the big shit hits the fan.

    David Ellis is a very poor moderator when it comes to matters of an economic and financial nature. Even DJ would have done a better job. But if Pat Hoyos were invited we would have witnessed a replay of that much talked about (from what I heard) scenario between Adrian Loveridge and Noel lynch in the VOB studios.
    There is no way Stinkliar would have subjected himself to the probing questions of the more informed Pat Hoyos.

  18. @Miller……, David Ellis did his best. He did indeed pose questions that me, as a lay person thought about. My only problem with Ellis was that he gave Stinkliar too much time to beat around the bush when giving an explanation. By the time he finish answering the question, I did not remember what was asked.

    I laugh so hard when Stinkliar said that investors were lining up to lend Barbados money. If that were so, how comes when he went way earlier this year to borrow money all over Europe, he came back empty handed. Stups…………e. Bull shit

  19. It may well be that investors are queueing up to lend to Barbados, the question is at at what interest rate now we have had all the downgrades?
    Someone will always lend if the balance of risk and return is right.
    The overall percentage of the Government’s expenditure allocated to covering interest on loans will go up yet again, meaning there is even less to spend on other things, including any stimulus to get the economy going again.

  20. I like Sinkler before he became a Minister in Government, I did. If it is his roll to be a bull shitter now that he is a Minister, he is doing a damned good job of it. To me it was up to the interviewer to find a way past the bull shit, and with Ellis across the table, Sinkler would be very comfortable in his role as bullshitters never seriously get involved with exposing other bullshitters.

    • The MoF complained about the rising interest debt on borrowings and contingent liabilities. So if we keep borrowing to shore up balance of payments what next?

  21. Stinkliar did better than I thought. He tried his best not to grunt, bark, bite and growl, scream. Then again, today is Sunday the holy day and he would not want to offend the church people. Brrasstacks programme on a Sunday is a little less antagonistic.

    International agencies are lining up to lend Barbados money, obviously, Stinkliar did not see the below article in the Nation today.
    Not jolly

    Pickering Court. (FP)
    By MARIA BRADSHAW | Sun, July 28, 2013 – 12:10 AM
    A CANADIAN businessman who invested US$750 000 in the Pickering Court Project, which is still to get off the ground in St Lucy, is seeking to have a lien placed on the 200 000 square feet of land because the developers have not repaid his money.
    Speaking to the SUNDAY SUN from his office in Canada, businessman Denham Jolly calculated he was owed close to US$1 million (BDS$2 million) in interest and other fees on the loan.
    Jolly said he was in contact with a local attorney to pursue a lawsuit against Pickering Court Development and North Ridge Development Company, in an effort to recover his money.
    He revealed that in 2011 he was approached by Reynold Austin, the president of the Democratic Labour Party’s (DLP) Canadian branch, about advancing a loan to Pickering Court Development.
    “I knew Mr Austin through a business association,” he explained. “He approached me in the spring of 2011 for a business loan for Pickering Court Development. He assured me that it was a great investment because it was a centrepiece for the Government and the enhancement of their re-election.”

    • If we listen to the minister we will have to wait until the budget to see where the cuts ‘land’. By the way, does anyone believe the heads to cut have not been already identified?

  22. Putting plaster over a gaping wound.

    They can’t get past August 13th. Mia will call for a divide on the Budget and one of two members of the DLP won’t support it or will be ill.

  23. That’s what happens when you put a bullshitter to impersonate a Minister of Finance. VAT ain’t going up but Residential rent will now be subject to VAT.

    Stupse. Clueless.

  24. @ Bag Juice | July 28, 2013 at 2:39 PM |
    “.. David Ellis did his best. He did indeed pose questions that me, as a lay person thought about.”

    He, David Ellis, did his best alright (given his insular journalistic experiences and exposure); putting aside his personal friendship with the man and his perceived reluctance to mash the toes of officials that might jeopardize his job or the Station’s advertising revenues.

    He should have asked the more probing questions about the government’s need to cut $66 million from this year’s payroll while at the same time merging 4 separate revenue collection agencies into one Central Revenue Authority without the inevitable disappearance of existing jobs both temporary and permanent.
    How is the Minister going to achieve such a magical feat? By wishing upon a star?

    If you swallowed that bullshit about the Four Seasons and investors lining up to put money in Barbados you would swallow the promise that Bajans will never have to pay to go to the UWI as guaranteed by PM Stuart.

    This bollocks talking guy Sinckler should be aware that there are bigger bullshitters than he out there. And you just can’t “out-bullshit” a smarter bullshitter.

    Let this bullshitter show his crap by naming at least one international financier he held discussions with during his April jaunt to City of London and who expressed a solid interest in doing business with Barbados as it stands.

    “Money talks, bullshit walks, that is how life goes”.

  25. The behaviour of the MoF regarding his interpretation of the TFS is like a drunkard who buys rum, get drunk and expect to wake up the next day and all his troubles disappear. David, are we knowledgeable to the amount of monies that this Government keep borrowing without informing the public Were you aware of the $750,000.00 loan for the Pickering project? These short term window dressing is destroying investors confident.

  26. Wuh kinda team this is a tall. Even when we out the opposition for a low score it becomes too many. WI cricket and politics – the same thing.

  27. Don’t mind Stinkliar, he has already been exposed. They are going after temporary workers first and then, if possible, appointed people. A chairman of a particular school board told the principal of that school that there will be cuts in education. The principal’s response was, ” if wunnu lay off any of my temporary staff, some departments will have to be closed”. The foolish chairman replied, “oh, it is the cutting of number toilet paper and reduced light bill”. (LOL )

  28. Just by the way

    “Exclusive: 4 in 5 in US face near-poverty, no work

    Exclusive: Working-class whites are gloomy about future amid rising income gaps, racial shifts

    By Hope Yen, Associated Press | Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) —

    Four out of 5 U.S. adults struggle with joblessness, near-poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives, a sign of deteriorating economic security and an elusive American dream.

    Survey data exclusive to The Associated Press points to an increasingly globalized U.S. economy, the widening gap between rich and poor, and the loss of good-paying manufacturing jobs as reasons for the trend.

    The findings come as President Barack Obama tries to renew his administration’s emphasis on the economy, saying in recent speeches that his highest priority is to “rebuild ladders of opportunity” and reverse income inequality.

    As nonwhites approach a numerical majority in the U.S., one question is how public programs to lift the disadvantaged should be best focused — on the affirmative action that historically has tried to eliminate the racial barriers seen as the major impediment to economic equality, or simply on improving socioeconomic status for all, regardless of race.

    Hardship is particularly growing among whites, based on several measures. Pessimism among that racial group about their families’ economic futures has climbed to the highest point since at least 1987. In the most recent AP-GfK poll, 63 percent of whites called the economy “poor.”

    “I think it’s going to get worse,” said Irene Salyers, 52, of Buchanan County, Va., a declining coal region in Appalachia. Married and divorced three times, Salyers now helps run a fruit and vegetable stand with her boyfriend but it doesn’t generate much income. They live mostly off government disability checks.

    “If you do try to go apply for a job, they’re not hiring people, and they’re not paying that much to even go to work,” she said. Children, she said, have “nothing better to do than to get on drugs.” ”


    Don’t forget that these unemployed Americans and cant get work Americans are our “Tourists”.

  29. The Minister of Finance did a wonderful job today. People like “Miller” and “Prodigal son” can now keep quiet.

    A really reassuring interview.

  30. Carson…..that has been going on in the States for years, it did not start in 2008, we want to hear about Barbados and another foreign business man putting a lien on land because he feels he was tricked by a DLP representative using the elections to get money to fund the Pickering project, that is what is trending, not America, that is old news.

  31. Well Well

    The Nation newspaper is your Bible not ours.

    This Government is not run by what is published in the Nation newspaper. I am sure that you can recall article after article in the Nation newspaper saying that the Barbados Labour Party will would the last general elections.

    I can recall two articles written about me which had no basis in fact. But that did not stop them from publishing the articles.

  32. Carson……who wins or loses the elections has nothing to do with me, it’s what lies they tell the taxpayers would be my concern, suddenly, anytime something is about to be exposed in the newspapers some minister is jumping to the fore with a story that never translates to any positive action……..people are supposed to ask questions, and if some of half-ass moderators on radio would stop being such pandering pimps to politicians they would know to ask the right questions.

    Next time i see you on here parading, i will know there is another lie in the making to be told to the taxpayers by another member of the DLP. Nobody makes up stories when it comes to million dollar loans, particularly Canadians, especially when there is a representative from the government involved, but politicians make up lies to cover these stories when they believe they are being exposed. Jolly will soon publish documents of proof in the newspapers, what will you say then??

  33. @ Carson C. Cadogan | July 28, 2013 at 7:48 PM |
    “The Nation newspaper is your Bible not ours.”

    Are you aware, fool, that the Nation newspaper and VOB (Sinckler’s favourite, not CBC) radio stations are ‘sister’ companies owned by the same Trinidadian parent you so stupidly despised the same way Trevor Marshall hates white people but loves a red woman pussy. Just a bunch of mentally twisted culturally confused idiots.

    BTW, what you say about poverty in America as a red herring only confirms that Barbados was much better off in 2008 than you lying bastards tried to portray to a naive electorate.
    Pay back time coming your way soon Carson!

  34. I read the above posts quickly because I refused to listen to that swine sinclker the Dodds boy sorry the Garsun boy and the inept Ellerslie boy Ellis.This is a far cry from what Buhbaydus was in the past.I agree that Hoyos would have done a better job but ny preference would have been for Ryan Straughan to take this jackass MoF and hang him in shame.DLP?Misfits and misinformed confidence tricksters.See how Evelyn “Breakthrough”Greaves come to Barbados and drag a dying David Thompson to turn the sod on his own grave at Pickering,conning a stupid Canajun whose phone call he refuses to accept.Barbados is tarnished forever by these stinking Dems.All ‘o dem is swine.They will scorch in hell!

  35. The Pickering venture is typical of investments where overseas Bajans are involved they either fail or are mired in controversy. We woo the diaspora but the diaspora without fail lets us down with big projects. The diaspora is fantastic with remittances to their families which are very important to the health of the community and economy. On the other hand on big projects like Pickering they never deliver. Why this is so could possibly be the point of discussion on BU. This is not a Bee or Dee issue it applies to whichever ever party is governing when these spectacular projects fail.

  36. @Why | July 28, 2013 at 8:46 PM |
    “On the other hand on big projects like Pickering they never deliver.”

    Whom do you mean by “they”?
    Are you referring to the naive loyal sons and daughters in the Diaspora or the local conmen and crooks in both political parties and the legal profession?

    Btw, it would be most interesting to find out if Hants and Sargeant know this poor soul of a Canbajan or Bajecan who has been swindled out of his hard earned money by that criminal Evelyn and his DLP cronies.
    We would not be surprised if Leroy Parris is involved in some form or fashion.

  37. @ CCC

    Last week we were trying to tell St. George Dragon that 150MM Americans are living at or below the poverty line. The report cited by you appears to locate our figure as an underestimation, and it was dated.

    Thanks for the report. However, this also puts your MOF in purgatory and suggests that nothing he said today has any relevance at all, if that report is correct, and we are now guided that it is.

    We need to go fundamental. Your MOF merely intends to tinker while assuring us that he was not.

  38. What really was the purpose of this meeting…can anybody help a fella?.. A Four Seasons synopsis as to why rebarrs still down Paradise propping up vines and bush and forget who to blame ? How about to tell Mrs Skinner why we must make use of the NIS money whether to pay salaries or otherwise, and feel good about it?

    No what really was this meet all about? I did not fully comprehend?

  39. I would really love to meet to person or persons who can say from their heart of hearts, they believe anything that comes out the MoF mouth?

    The man has 0 creditability.

  40. We want a jamat and abu bakar ’bout here. Enough of the shannigans by Stinkliar. Nuff Trinis ’bout here buying up all of Bim so it is not a far fetched idea.

  41. Or how about why it is OK to adopt a” Mash-up and Buy-Back” mentality when dealing with Almond? Even if it means you will end up paying 3 times what you sold it for. I ain’t went to no big time university, 6 standard was all for me, but I know incontinence when I smell um.

  42. @Miller etc.
    Btw, it would be most interesting to find out if Hants and Sargeant know this poor soul of a Canbajan or Bajecan who has been swindled out of his hard earned money by that criminal Evelyn and his DLP cronies
    This operative likes to keep a low profile but I have attended one or two functions where Mr. Jolly was the guest speaker and more than a few functions where Mr. Reynolds was also a guest.

    These two men seem to be long time business partners given their long involvement with Flow 93.5 FM so I’m sure they had their big boys pants on when they agreed to any financial arrangement, they are not like yours truly who has been known to bet on slow horses and fast women.

  43. Without Integrity Legislation, Freedom of Information and accountability laws, the buying and selling of political influence and government authority will continue to carry no penalty.@
    Plantations Deeds given you the best know FACTS.

    Well Well ,, It seem you dont live in Barbados , but you can see better than most fools that is on the net, We sit back and watch most of your words and know that WE are not the only one with eyes.
    To sit and wait for the DLP/BLP , and the paid of blocking so called NEWS reports to think for you and tell you what is what based on lies is WILD.We are not alone,, we are only 3rd from the Sun ,and not the center of Things.


  44. @ Minister Chris Sinckler

    First it is of note that i am addressing you, sine normal derogatory names.

    You were late and that, irrespective of any excuse smacks of disdain for the thousands of Bajans next to their radios. This was not a “let them eat cake” moment of disdain for the common man, it was a moment for you to say, “I am the servant of the people and I am here on time to show that i am going to do what is in the interest of the people” (That stop off on the way to the studios, could have waited)

    When you are seeking peoples’ confidence you do not hide under the cloak of incompetent interviewers, you stand clearly in the eyes of your accusers, the “Je t’accuse crew” and show that you can withstand the glare of any and all of your detractors.

    David Ellis, as Baffy has said, even though Baffy is biased. is an piss poor interviewer who can bamboozle the common brass tacks caller and treat them with disdain and disrespect and us the disconnect button when he so chooses.

    You Minister Sinckler, at this 11th hour, should have asked for Pat Hoyos, or the most vociferous of your “enemies” and used the opportunity to answer to the most drilling of questions, in the clear light of our Bajan Day.

    That is what men with balls do.

    But fear not Minister Sinckler, while you can side step and parry with the Ellises of this 11×16 you will not have that luxury with the IMF. For there you CANNOT INSIST that your interrogators are men without balls.

    In listening to you speak, i was transported several years back to Redifusion, (this was the wired radio box in many homes 20 years ago) and a show that used to air on every Saturday at 8.30? am “Kid Grayson Rides the Range”

    In one episode i recall an encounter between a dishonest prospector and an injun and the latter’s memorable words, made immortal on the silver screen “white man speak with forked tongue”

    The serpentine monologue that you delivered yesterday (for indeed it was a monologue since Ellis contributed nothing while you were there) was reminiscent of that radio programme and to be truthful i swore that i heard the sound of galloping hooves while you and Tonto Ellis were talking and laughing at us Bajans about many things, including the paycuts parliamentarians could opt to take.

    Wait one moment, epiphany time!

    I just realised why you were late! It was not designed to be fashionably late and to mek dem ingrunt plebians wait, or as you would call us, the “body politik swine”, nor was it because you were passing to place a kiss on the chosil in the Pine and given that the road is one way wanted to see her before the airtime.

    IT was because, and i pause for dramatic effect here, it was because, …… dots of cintinuity, or the cyberspace equivalent of the obeah woman salt upon the enemies of the of the DLP administration (ask The Hon. Richard Sealy, seer of spirits about her) it is because yo had sent the script to David Ellis and were awaiting his written response, AND SIGNATURE, that he and the Radio Station were not going to present any questions nor email queries, other than the ones you gave him!!!

    In fact, and I have this from a reliable source, none other than Cockly Locky Cadogan, that you even sent in the phone numbers of the parties that were to be allowed to call the VOB radio station!!

    I do hope that as you continue to stack the cards in favour of your interviews etc that you advise Erine Griffith Chief Immigration Officer of this directive and give her explicit instructions as to which of the IMF team she is to grant entry into barbados later in the year as you expand your Orwellian tentacles.

    I have to go now and take my insulin.

    BTW, that girl in the pine got any sisters? I trying to set up one of the family who has some “identity” problems wid a nice sexy specimen like *** that will show him the error of his ways.

    I am thinking of a specimen with Steatopygia, ample you know what, like you girl, no, not de madam, neider yours nor mine, de udder one ( no pun intended bout her nice breasts neider. I doan really mind whu Austin saying bout obesity, i, like you, likes my women with meat in de trunk, man i might be ole, but i ent cold, every two years it does still get “vex”

  45. Well looka muh crossses…..tis ole timer still crawl bout @ nite… lookin fah rabbit meat…one he like he women wid meat in the trunk MURDA….lobster man ya is a devil…time to get that pitbull euthanized ..D heart mite give out….lol

  46. Plantation…………it will be a subzero day in hell before i let these political pimps, thieves, lackeys or dishonest lawyers in Bim intimidate me or shut me up, they are extremely vicious and have zero conscience, shameless savages one and all.

    Most bajans particularly the poor cannot see politicians for what they are and still truly believe, (because the system on the island was manipulated that way from back in the 60s-70s), that they need a lawyer to do everything, that is nonsense, you only need a lawyer to represent your interests in a court of law, assuming it’s an honest court of law, you do not even need a lawyer to write a will, you can do so yourself. Errol Barrow tried to warn the bajan electorate about the lawyers, and he was a lawyer.

    The politicians will shortly have to deal with IMF members, some of whom are nastier piece of work than i am, i wish them luck.

    With regard to the Pickering skeleton Carson et al was trying to hide, this particular skeleton is barely 2 years old……….what the president of DLP Canada did with this Jamaican/Canadian businessman is called influence peddling in the real world, he was representing the government and pretending to be representing the taxpayers, wonder how much of that money was divvied up and pocketed by the politicians. In Europe and North America that crime carries very heavy penalties in the form of long prison sentences when the perpetrators are convicted. I see the PM is in the papers talking, rightfully, about having to be very careful moving forward in this very brutal financial climate, i hope they all recognize that one mis-step could see them splattered everywhere.

    Maybe Carson can grow some honesty and tell us how long it will be before the Jamaican/Canadian businessman who has a lien on the Pickering property for his money will soon be the owner of the property since the developer cannot repay the 1.5 million barbados dollar loan, or he might not mind since it will be a Jamaican/Canadian owning the property, who knows.

    Carson………….i am still waiting for you to tell me if I ever voted in Barbados.

  47. @ Piece Uh De Rock, Yeah Right!! | July 29, 2013 at 5:34 AM |

    I enjoyed that ‘piece’ especially the visually impactful reminiscing of the Kid Grayson days on the ranch before TV and the analogy of the forked tongue serpent Sickliar and his sidekick dummy Ellis.

    Only a man with your sagacious perspicacity grafted in the crucible of experience with the brand of Life and with a warily canny insight into the machinations of small island politics and the actors on and off stage would have seen upfront the orchestrated interview arranged to make the Minister of Folly (MoF) sound good in his attempt to ‘sweeten’ the palate of the public for the bitter medicine to come.

    Meanwhile back at the ranch (at Kid Grayson’s that is) the upcoming budget would just be a ploy to raise revenue albeit it a ‘real’ phantom of a dream.
    The budget should be used not to announce serious structural adjustments like merging agencies but to announce proposals to finance any deficits or to reduce surpluses by way of fiscal adjustments to raise tax revenues or to grant concessions in areas either to stimulate economic activity in particular areas, to incentivize certain groups or to dampen or deter activities and behaviours for the good of the other facets of the system whether economic or social.

    Any programmes to reduce expenditure should have been proposed and reflected in the Estimates of Income and Expenditures.

    This whole charade of cutting expenditure is just a façade to announce the arrival of the IMF. There is no way a political administration in Barbados would cut expenditure to that extent required unless it has a foreign scapegoat to hide behind.

    This is clearly manifested in the folly emanating from Stinkliar.
    He again publicly confirmed (and indeed tightened the noose around his political neck) there are no immediate plans to cut jobs in the public sector. But yet there are immediate plans to trim $66 million from Central Government’s payroll starting this fiscal year, significant reductions (in the millions) in subsidies and transfers to statutory corporations and agencies and the merging of a number of duplicating agencies and the rationalization of processes like revenue collection.

    Can you the ole timer PODRYR see the pertinently focused significance of your intended reference to ‘big black man speak with forked tongue’ in describing Mr. Sinckler?

  48. It is interesting that the MoF made passing mention of possible push back from the union in setting up the Barbados Revenue Collection Authority but has committed to implementing this agency in F13/14. On the other hand we have the protracted BWA BWU dispute regarding how the pipe laying project which has been outstanding for too long and is costing the government money in commitment fees and business activity because of an inability to mobilise.

    If we need to recognize that this is a new normal, and with the social partnership, why are we not able to change quickly.

  49. If I were a public servant, I would not take Stinkliar’s commitment of no immediate retrenchment. That would cause too much of an uproar. Don’t mind Dr. Henderson Carter’s lecture saying that a 1937 riots is not possible again in Barbados, because there are trade unions. Obviously, he is living under a rock. He apparently, he does not know about the relationship between political parties and trade unions, (NUPW, BWU). When the IMF is brought in later this financial year, its directives will reflect such retrenchment that folks have been predicting all along. So, my word to ALL of you, do not spend all your little savings on Crop Over festivities, the guava season coming.

  50. Caswell on VOB Brasstacks doing the dog with poor David Ellis trying to defend the indefensible!

  51. Miller, I was dumbstruck when Caswell was talking. This is the same Minister that was on brasstacks yesterday talking all over his face, giving assurance t o the Barbadisn public servant. Caswell, put some of that information that you hit David Ellis with here on the blog man. It was too much for me to remember. Some of my friends were not abl eto hear the programme. Wuhloss…….. According to Caswell, the meeting was last Thursday. Oh Lord, help Bim. Lord have Mercy.

  52. Can somebody tell Ellis that the danger point for international reserves is 12 weeks or one billion dollars. This is what the MoF stated yesterday.

  53. BU, I hope the plane load of people coming in here for Crop Over, according to folks in the government public relations tourism sector will be able to inject some badly needed foreign exchange into the economy to save us from reaching that dreaded one billion dollars 12 weeks reserves level.

  54. This Maloney boy taking on Sir Roy Trotman and making him look like a child. I can’t believe that a businessman in this country can have the gall to call hard fought for labour agreements BETWEEN THE BWU AND THE PORT as archaic.

  55. @ David | July 29, 2013 at 10:43 AM |

    We told you the man is way out of his depth when it comes to “hard” issues like finance and economics. This clown is more at home dealing with soft social issues like Porgie & Murda.

    He needs to be aware of his limitations. The man even tried to correct the confusing ex-Senator (when Linton said it was $10 million) by suggesting the acceptable standard to be $12 million. You must let poor Ellis know that there is a vast difference
    between $1.2 billion and $12 million which is certainly way below the automatic devaluation alarm bell.
    Although “there is many a slip betwixt cup and lip”, Ellis should know that there are many noughts between $12,000,000.00 and $1,200,000,000.00

  56. Sometimes when a parent has a premonition that heshe will be unable to meet what they have promised their child, they often do something sleezy to gradually deflate the child’s expectation. Children of today do often wise up on these matters quickly esp. when parent comes wid the same ole game ova n ova again.

  57. Looks like this government is already in too deep with Maloney. If Maloney tried anything like that in the US and he knows he could not dare, they would not even find his scrawny ass. Workers Unions are no joke in the real world and are not to be disrespected at any cost. That’s what happens when you have a bunch of weak minded black men making up a government,

  58. I hope the same Port workers refuse to clear all shipments coming into Barbados for Preconco Limited. Alot of the times it is not what you do, but how you do it.
    This is pure arogance and all tis from the man who gave money on the promise that he would be made a knight? Stupse, blasted foolishness.

  59. Hants/Sargeant

    Go to DLP Canada website at http://www.dlpbarbadoscanada.com

    See ad for THE 6TH ANNUAL EROLL BARROW MEMORIAL DINNER on September 21, 2013 in Toronto.

    I am sure that, for the price of admission, CAD$75.00, you will have a chance to hear Reynold Austin, or High Commissioner Greaves, or PM Stuart address the scandalous charges made by Mr. Denham Jolly.

  60. Cover Up | July 29, 2013 at 11:31 AM |

    I hope the same Port workers refuse to clear all shipments coming into Barbados for Preconco Limited. Alot of the times it is not what you do, but how you do it.
    This is pure arogance and all tis from the man who gave money on the promise that he would be made a knight? Stupse, blasted foolishness.

    Now why does none of this surprise……….Maloney is one of the sleaziest characters i have come across in many years, i suppose we can now say that this government is even sleazier.

  61. Can anyone remember that the Nation newspaper had to be printed in Trinidad for much of its formative years because Port Workers accidentally offloaded the first printing press in the water of the harbour?The second press accidentally fell on the side of the dock and was also ‘mash up’.I am not sure what happened to the third press but it’s passing strange that the BWU never explained why these efficient and highly trained port workers tried to sabotage the Nation newspaper.

  62. i’m at a lose here. what did Maloney say that was so wrong?

    I’m not nearly a fan of Maloney but in this case he is spot on about what he said. is it because it was said by the “white devil”?

    f he was up to me, i would fired all who in the port and hire new personnel. When are we going to stop this shite? i have been in the port when the rain is set up to fall. SET UP not falling and those jokers don’t drive a stroke.

    Sir Roy knows the lazy ass workers of the port will follow down the road. even if its the road to hell and he will always use those clowns for his personal gain.

    think i wrong, tell me what happen to LIME? Royal Shop? Sandy Lane?

    right is right and wrong is wrong. Mark Maloney is a jackass most days but on this day, he is 100% right.

  63. Miller : re David Ellis
    We told you the man is way out of his depth when it comes to “hard” issues like finance and economics. This clown is more at home dealing with soft social issues like Porgie & Murda.

    Miller at LARGE…..lol.. Porgie n MURDA… I luv it !

  64. EL SARDON~………whaloss…”condensed”…………$ 12 million .v. $ 1,2 billion

    Miller d man loss ee glasses ….wha wrong ?

    • @David (BU)

      Agree with you. We need to put pressure on the union and social partnership to change those irrelevant labour agreements. If BWA pipe laying project is anything to go by Preconco should be supported.

  65. Where is CC, ac and all the yardfowls. Caswell made allegations this morning and brasstacks and up to now, no one has come in defence of what was said.

    Interesting to note, Transport Board employees are now not getting credit from business places because of the “rumours” going around that in some time to come they will be reduced to working 3 days per week, or, have salary cuts. Over to you Stinkliar.

    Stinkliar, are you planning to reduce public servant salary by 5% and 10% depending on the salary category? The meeting which discussed that was on Thursday last. Confirm or deny.

  66. Barbados is the only country in the world that i can truthfully say that when the rain falls, no one wants to work somehow they equate rain with work stoppage, for many years i have been trying to figure out why it has becoming so cultural not do be productive or do any kind of work when the rain falls, yet when these same workers leave Barbados and go to foreign countries they cannot and won’t dare tell a white or any employer that the snow and/or rain is falling and therefore they can’t work, it’s really and truly amazing and disgraceful, i had forgotten about that……………….i attribute this to taking their own country for granted, not to mention repeatedly hanging on to the backside of politicians gives some people a sense of entitlement to be stupid cause the politician helped them acquire the job and they figure they cannot be removed.

  67. @David,I am writing this after reading only the first blog, and MIller’s rant. I will ask the question “Who were the original investors in the Four Seasons ZProject? Was it a man (white) by the name of Pemberton? Who were the original investors? How many people (white) were left holding the bag? Who was the Prime Minister and Minister of town Planning who gave the project his blessing? Why was the incoming government in 2008 faced with the task of getting thejob done? Was the initial investment in the Pickering project anywhere near the sums paid down by villa investors? What has happened to Pemberton and his group/ For the answer go to the internet google or Yahoo/Remember Miller, People who live in glass houses should not through stones. Now for the rest of the log.

  68. WHY people keep referring to the schools to which people went ? Bajans can be very insulting and dirty and that is why the other Caribbean people hate Bajans . You all need to stop the stupid arrogance.Cheese !

  69. correct me if i’m wrong but did the MoF not say the government of Barbados has taken a direct roll in finding investors in Four Season’s? so my question is what happen to the Indian guy who job it was to do what the government is still doing? is he still on the job?

    like i said i could be wrong.

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