Holocaust Denial as Tourism

Submitted by Tee White

I’m not one to visit the so-called great houses here in Barbados because I see them as shameless monuments built on the crimes committed on this island against our enslaved African ancestors during the holocaust. However, recently I had some visitors to the island who specifically asked me to take them to Sunbury Plantation Great House in St Phillip. To be a good host, I agreed.

My experience there confirmed all my worst fears. The most shocking thing to me was the way in which those who market tours of this plantation house as inspiring “a vivid impression of life on a sugar estate in the 18th and 19th centuries” deliberately and systematically erased from this story even the existence of the enslaved African people on whose labour the entire operation of the plantation rested. Nowhere in any of its publicity did it even acknowledge the existence of the majority of people that actually lived and worked on this plantation. According to the Centre for the Study of the Legacies of British Slavery which is based at University College, London, between 1817 and 1832 the number of enslaved African people living and working on Sunbury plantation never fell below 200, yet the story of their lives has been erased completely from the story of this plantation.

So determined is this effort that even in the post-slavery period, there is no acknowledgement of existence of the workforce that continued to maintain the plantation. An example of this determination can be seen in the inscription on one of the exhibits which reads, “With no running water at the time, ladies of the house would bathe in this bath in water up to their hips that would have to be hauled in and later emptied by hand”. With this phraseology, we don’t need to know who hauled the water in and later emptied it by hand. After all we don’t care about them and their lives. We only care about the ‘ladies of the house’.

This attempt to simply disappear from history the lives and experiences of the enslaved Africans, who are the ancestors of the majority of this country’s population, is a racist insult and slap in the face to their descendants. It’s time to stop whitewashing our country’s history and if tourists can’t stomach the fact that plantations were a crime scene, then maybe they shouldn’t visit them.

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  1. ya just jealous because you are full of shit, a cowardly wuss who just 36 hours ago was saying that Elizabeth should be robbed….and white people this that and the next but without any action or anything useful to back it up………keep exposing your fraudulent self and lowlifeism, because your neutered balls don’t have any courage….to write anything except post shite that other people created all day long…and which most everyone just scrolls right pass it all…

  2. The critique was a true statement reflecting that pedantry is the Bajan state of mind. Your waffle was on par with British News propaganda that Jamaicans and myself have got no time for. Big people have their own minds.

    Simple point is that British rob others assets and built vast wealth in the name of the Crown.

  3. You distill information at the level of an uninformed teenager, reading from textbooks, you cannot speak for Jamaicans, you only copy and paste their music, you know NOTHING about their mindsets…and though living in UK for how many decades, have NO CLUE about much of what is actually happening there…

  4. you cannot have it both ways, and unless spiritually PLUGGED IN….read that twice, don’t know shit, just another BU pretender…and i can say that with the ultimate of CONVICTIONS..

    your posts on spirituality is a MYTH….you have no clue what you speak about, and expect to be taken seriously……looka move do….all that wasted SPACE and TIME for nothing…

    what the hell do you know about what people in the Caribbean think and feel….and act like someone gave you the authority to speak on their behalf….you can’t even speak for those in UK..

  5. The meaning of spirituality has developed and expanded over time, and various meanings can be found alongside each other.
    Traditionally, spirituality referred to a religious process of re-formation which “aims to recover the original shape of man”, oriented at “the image of God” as exemplified by the founders and sacred texts of the religions of the world.

    In modern times, the term both spread to other religious traditions and broadened to refer to a wider range of experience, including a range of esoteric traditions and religious traditions. Modern usages tend to refer to a subjective experience of a sacred dimension and the “deepest values and meanings by which people live”, often in a context separate from organized religious institutions. This may involve belief in a supernatural realm beyond the ordinarily observable world, personal growth, a quest for an ultimate or sacred meaning, religious experience, or an encounter with one’s own “inner dimension”.

  6. btw…the royals know exactly what am speaking about, the message was NOT FOR YOU….at least they carry a level of cognizance and intelligence to understand basic english words…

  7. “The meaning of spirituality has developed and expanded over time, and various meanings can be found alongside each other.”

    you know nothing, nothing, nothing about Afrikan spirituality, and actually get laughed at by those who do, it’s not something you can reshape and condense to fit time, space or reconfigure its meaning….., that’s not how it works…..you are forever excluded from that ancestral knowledge….and have misled the blog on that front since ya started with ya nonsense, and thought ya were being so clever…..

    but that’s a condition you will have to live with because no one, especially moi, will enlighten you, love to see ya look foolish every day…where else will i get comic relief..

  8. perhaps if you would stop tiefing other people’s creations to post nonstop without any real destination, reasoning or positive outcomes, and start creating ya own, ya will be taken seriously……ya jealous minded bottomfeeder and pretender, ya can’t even hijack the real essence of spirituality…..and bout here acting like ya know anything…..steupppsss…

  9. The time i spent posting to BU was for a valid reason and I actually had a goal(s), which i achieved and successfully so….

    ..still waiting to see what yours is and you said you have been on here LONGER than my 10 years…..will we see it in YEAR 20

  10. btw…feeding off Jamaican culture is not a real goal……it’s all about intent and the ability to SHOW positive RESULTS.

  11. No goal just sparring with anonymous friends, which you are not, enjoying the freedoms that Bu offers which are restricted elsewhere, open minds are much better than backwards.
    People are people, one love, one heart is a a wish for unity and goodwill.

    Truth has a vibration that resonates and reading some works open the doors of perception with knowledge and wisdom that is worth remembering and repeating.

    You mentioned my name about reading your editorial article which I duly complied to and reverted back with my opinion that I thought it was lame. Perhaps you could point to a piece of the text that you think is on point.

  12. The journey is the music and spiritual path it brings
    Bu folks like to debate religion but not the spirit

  13. “enjoying the freedoms that Bu offers which are restricted elsewhere”

    One of the reason I like BU. Let me add that we have an intelligent and interesting collection of characters. Many oil and water combinations.

    A good place to be, any day of the week.

    Happy Saturday, Barbados.

  14. “Perhaps you could point to a piece of the text that you think is on point.”

    now why would i want to do that….the message was not for you…i called your name in response to what you said the day before about me not engaging appropriately (in your opinion) about what the royal lineage has done….over the centuries…i have my ways and reasons for how i approach certain things, don’t need to elaborate, don’t owe anyone any explanations..

    if ya want to learn how i really feel about that, ya will have to read my book…or ask Blogmaster….or don’t, it won’t matter either way…

    …..that article was written since the 29th and seen by who it was written for….you saw it late…did not want your opinion…don’t need it…posted it for other reasons..

  15. Government pushing Freedom Village
    Government is hopeful Rock Hall Freedom Village in St Thomas will eventually receive similar support to Oistins in Christ Church.
    Yesterday, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office with Responsibility for Culture, Dr Shantal Munro-Knight and other officials toured the facility, where a stage, amphitheatre and bridge were revealed.
    “We have a vision for this Freedom Park that it will be the Oistins for this part of the island. We want to see national heritage tours linking Harrison’s Cave and all of the other environs around here,” she said.
    Munro-Knight said the public would officially be allowed to utilise that area on May 15 during a heritage fair.
    Following Emancipation in 1838, several free villages were set up in Barbados and Rock Hall was said to be one of them, if not the first.
    Since 2002, there have been various developments on the site to honour that history. There is the Freedom Monument and podium at the south of the site. The amphitheatre is located in that area. On the north are chattel house-styled shops as well as the stage, one of the new additions.
    The link winding bridge, which was built over a gully, connects the two areas.
    Soon, a tennis court will be put in place following requests from Rock Hall residents.
    Munro-Knight said Government had been doing its best to incorporate their requests.
    “There has been an investment in making sure we continually bring the Rock Hall community with us. All of the shops on the site, we made sure those belong to people within St Thomas. All of the artisans that have worked here have come from St Thomas and the community,” she added.
    Various Government officials attended the tour, including Minister of Tourism Senator Lisa Cummins, Member of Parliament for St Thomas Cynthia Forde, National Cultural Foundation chief executive officer Carol Roberts-Reifer, and former Minister of Culture Senator John King.
    Forde said she was pleased with the progress. (TG)

    Source: Nation

  16. “now why would i want to do that….the message was not for you…i called your name in response to what you said the day before about me not engaging appropriately (in your opinion) about what the royal lineage has done….over the centuries…i have my ways and reasons for how i approach certain things, don’t need to elaborate, don’t owe anyone any explanations..”

    the point was none of it was on point

    why write an article for the royals about their wicked slavery that they are fully aware of all it’s evils and the vast wealth GB and United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland accumulated over 500 years

    Their wars are about robbing assets of world’s richest by hook and crook outside of international law

    the full story of history to be told is the half that has never been told and is for the growth and stature of the black diaspora world wide which requires a level playing field and not stush white propaganda

    [“btw…the royals know exactly what am speaking about, the message was NOT FOR YOU….at least they carry a level of cognizance and intelligence to understand basic english words…”]

    Sizzla Kalonji – War Dem A Deal Wid

  17. “Wtf is going on in Sri Lanka?”

    people in Colombo are protesting lack availability of food, fuel, paper, 10 hour power cuts, etc issues and Government has declared a state of emergency and curfews

    it’s people get carried away in mob hysteria riots and the next question or issue is about where it will go

    perhaps a revolution against the corrupted family of leaders in power

    Stay Outta Trouble

  18. “the point was none of it was on point”

    so why don’t YOU write one and put it on the point that YOU want..

    i do believe you have a problem WITH BASIC ENGLISH…

    my article was about an OUT OF LINE VISIT to the Caribbean and the Americas….i underscored the point i wanted to make, you are trying to carry me all around the world….so write your own article about the beef YOU HAVE WITH THEM…

    the problems you have with them, are clearly not the same ones i have, what does Ireland gotta do with anything i highlighted….

    “Their wars are about robbing assets of world’s richest by hook and crook outside of international law”

    so write about that……i was dealing with ONE topic only…the one am familiar with and feel most comfortable with….you want me to write about how you feel, which has absolutely nothing to do with me…

    .write ya own articles, ya own books and put in it what YOU WANT…then post it to BU so everyone can read it…yall wait until someone else takes action, do nothing on ya own, then ya become a critic, because it’s not how you think it should be…..i await your writings..

  19. I keep telling yall minorities, the only people who were in SHACKLES and CHAINS for CENTURIES are AFRIKANS,,,,across the GLOBE…so don’t now come pretending like you should be included in what OUR ANCESTORS experienced and Afrikans owe you that inclusion.., you are equally out of line.

    ..fight ya own battles, we have always had to fight ours on our own, including against you frauds…who help those you now act like they did something to you and have a personal vendetta them…, destroy us…that is your war with them, nothing to do with us…

    as a matter of fact, i mentioned that in my first book..

  20. I started where improvement is required if you want to reach the top
    Keep On Dubbing, Augustus Pablo, Book Of Life, Hugh Mundell, Keep On Knocking, Version, Jacob Miller

  21. And if ya won;t to dispute me, all you gotta do is check out Priti Patel and others..

  22. correction:

    And if ya want to dispute me.

    some of you are so WICKED ya been writing books about Black/Afrikan people and LYING..

    .one from Trinidad named Singh did it decades ago and we did not even know until i saw it on a platform on the continent…..we don’t even know how many of you have done that…….i had to give Singh his business in my book…….so don’t start with the pretense, ya making a fool of yaself….and of a lot of people on BU who believe your misleading shit…

  23. “what does Ireland gotta do with anything i highlighted….”

    Calm down
    “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland ” is the full name for UK to represent 4 nations as written on passports etc
    Her Britannic Majesty may soon move on to the next realm leaving her vast possessions and wealth behind on planet earth

  24. You are spiraling again now
    hating asians is oozing out of your pores again
    you cannot liberate anyone until you liberate your mind

  25. I wrote about how I FEEL…my article, my feelings….and all you can do now is read it, which ya already did, just as many others have…and you can’t change a thing….still waiting for yours…

  26. Not sure what Patel has to do with me everyone hates her

    Johnson does not want Peace in Ukraine as he will be removed as soon as the conflict is done

  27. So write about all of that…give the blog a different perspective…

    they have been many thousands of Patels and other names over the centuries, they never learn..

  28. “hating asians is oozing out of your pores again
    you cannot liberate anyone until you liberate your mind”

    you are projecting…….every group has its lowlifes…..the problem with some of you, you want no one to point yours out….i don’t suck up to anyone, that has long been established on BU..so get used to me identifying yours….as i identify the clowns we have every day…

    my mind is fine, long liberated….

    i have a big problem with the various groups now attempting to feed off the shackling and chaining of our Afrikan ancestors and trying to ise it to their own advantage.

    …the natives to the Americas/Caribbean are not the ones doing it, they are actively working on their own to make those changes…and bring attention to what was done to their ancestors

    it’s the south east asian types and same irish types etc making that attempt at fraud………the asians were starved to death by the millions…there is a case to present for that…but piggybacking on our Afrikan anestors…is not the right route to take and must be resisted…..you have a story and should tell it….stand alone,,,it’s not my place to do so…when mine is more prominent….and i already published…

  29. Twistojohnny,

    Did I miss the part where you explained how the Almighty fails to administer his sorrowful childbirth punishment to women such as my cousin?

    Simple explanation – writer was unaware that there were women who feel no pain during childbirth.

    I didn’t either…until my cousin told me and my mother who did midwifery confirmed and explained. It isn’t common.

    But that pesky “SHALL” word says it shouldn”t happen at all, doesn’t it?

    Oh dear!

  30. Simple explanation – writer was unaware that there were women who feel no pain during childbirth.

    I didn’t either…until my cousin told me and my mother who did midwifery confirmed and explained. It isn’t common.

    But that pesky “SHALL” word says it shouldn”t happen at all, doesn’t it?

    Oh dear!

  31. My neighbour down the street says her two children just slipped right out. She did not have labour pains like some women but felt contractions. I wish I had that experience. I was in hard labour for 24 hours.

  32. Why act surprise when they scrubbed their history to make it palatable to tourists.

    Can you imagine spending the first three years in high school and just learning British history. A guy came sat at a desk and we read every page of that history book and got a quizz at the end of the week. It is only after Ralph Jemmott came to HC that I learnt West Indian history.

    My most impressionable age and I was learning how great the English were and not one word of our own history.
    If they did not care to teach us our own history, then why would you be surprise that tourists get a sanitize version?

    It should be unthinkable now, but can you imagine thousands of people lining the street to see the queen? The 2022 ‘redo’ in Jamaica did not go as planned.

  33. We have 🐇/🐰 sanitizing our history with his quaker tales.
    The generous quaker slave master
    Great and free healthcare
    All expense paid vacations
    Free food and housing
    All through a loving God

  34. “The 2022 ‘redo’ in Jamaica did not go as planned.”

    The chessboard took a direct hit..

  35. Editorial
    Don’t shift at expense of tourism

    The reality is that whatever else this country may wish to do by way of diversification of the local economy, tourism is still a major plank in our economy. It will remain a major cornerstone for the foreseeable future while we plan, talk and act to carry out any diversification.
    In the meantime, there may be a sense of steady as she goes, while we plan carefully and seek to diversify by adding other foreign exchange earning legs to our general economy.
    It is just as well therefore, that the effort to broaden our markets should be targeting the Latin America and Africa as well as maintaining our marketing push in the United States, Canada and Britain.
    We may be guilty of having neglected the South to South aspects of the global market for far too long, by resting on our laurels in attracting many thousands of tourists from traditional markets in the metropolitan countries.
    The recent tour of the Caribbean by the English cricket team fully justifies efforts and money spent on those markets, but it is equally clear that the untapped potential for heritage tourism from West African countries must be given a major boost.
    These new efforts are necessary if we are to broaden our market share, by creating a wider catchment area to help us to more firmly secure our tourism industry in global source markets.
    Attendance at the World Travel Market in Sao Paulo, Brazil, this April 5 to 7 is a natural fit and we look forward to good reception in this new market as we high light the attractions of our Crop Over Festival which returns after a two-year absence enforced by the need to fight COVID-19.
    There is sometimes a tendency to look simply at the numbers we attract from our tourism marketing efforts. Yet the fact is that those numbers mean good jobs for our people, and the ability of parents to place food on the table and to send their children to school and to enhance the family’s position in the society. COVID brought that message home in the starkest reality.
    The so-called fickle nature of the industry notwithstanding, it would be foolhardy to throw all our efforts into the new gospel of diversification while neglecting the reality that tourism’s major contribution to this society is the improvement in the social good of the country.
    Its spinoff economic benefits flow through to our taxi drivers, the hotel workers themselves, the young men and women who ply their trade with their sea craft or by plaiting the hair of the more adventurous tourists.
    These benefits are real. They must be kept in mind when our planners sit down to chart the way forward. People’s welfare is at the centre of the successes and failures of the industry.
    Yet we applaud the sense of reality in the recent statement by Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley. In saying that our economy cannot continue to be based on tourism alone, she drew attention to the COVID experience in 2020, and the adverse impact it had on the welfare of our people and the economy when the numbers of our tourists dwindled to a mere trickle.
    Diversification must not therefore be achieved at the expense of tourism. Rather it must coincide with and complement the tourism industry which will long remain a major cornerstone in our economy.

    Source: Nation

  36. Grasshopper

    You must have missed the part about Barbados being “Little England” which I am sure Herman would have taught you.

    Garcia and Parry and Sherlock both dealt with both West Indian and English history because the two are intertwined.

    Not possible to learn one without learning the other if you want to be educated

  37. Brainwash education make THEM THE FOOLS…and it worked to PERFECTION…

  38. Editorial @7:00 a.m.
    Summary: A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
    The author is correct in that we must plan carefully so that our society can adjust to the shock of diversification. What i find hard to accept is that he appears to envisage and unending dependence on tourism. Unfortunately, his may be the stark reality.

  39. Dame Bajans,

    There is a woman up this side who had about ten that way.

    Notice how the Bible thumper no longer cares about the word “SHALL”?

    Oh lordie!

    Bible brainwashing never worked on me! I cannot leave logic outside of the covers of the Bible.

  40. Tee White ..would like permission to publish this article to my Webflow site, all rights and credits will be observed. Thanks..

  41. @ David BU

    The call was for diversification of the productive sectors of the economy not a shift. It is the previous connection with the British Empire/ Commonwealth that fuels the the Economic Transformation and Development of Caribbean Economies. Of course we can wallow in the crocodile types of rhetoric but they change not the past. We exist in the NOW and what we do now determines our future economic structure. Let us use our time and resources constructively in shaping it.
    But we love a lot of Long Talk. We love rhetoric. We love optics. These are luxuries we CANNOT afford.

    • @Vincent

      The blogmaster has resigned now to the fact our leaders from public and private sector have become too lazy in thought to get us over this hump.

  42. Farm Credit Canada (FCC) Loan Programs
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  43. @ David BU at 9 :43 AM
    I think most of them have bought into the notion that they must say something whenever a microphone or a camera is pushed into their faces. They seem to forget that their jobs involve the sweat of their brows…. i. e. work.
    A simple response of :” My ministry is still working on the details. When we are ready we will get back to you.” should suffice. The Public really do not expect miracles. Why then pretend to be miracle workers.?

    • @Vincent

      Everything is an opportunity for a public relations grab. It isn’t only a local occurrence.

  44. Vincent,

    You are absolutely correct! Bajans do not expect miracles. We are not revolutionaries but reformists.

    “Slow and steady wins the race!” is our motto.

    But we expect that they must START the race and see it through to the end!

    We would be quite willing to “stay the course” if they would level with us.

    I make a point of talking to everyday Bajans who sometimes find life hard but NEVER has one of them described life in Barbados as “HELL”.

    Barbadians are aware that life for most will be a daily struggle. It is the result of nature of man that cannot be escaped.

    Anyway, since I am informed by TLSN tgat I am living in hell, I will now see what the Devil has prepared for lunch.


  45. What do you think of me? Easily confused and attracted to trivia.
    Confession: Confused again. Read it twice and still confused. Is this the Barbadian version of trickle down …. we gun help them out, they should help you out. It didn’t work here and it will not work there.

    From BT (we gun help them out)
    “We have already begun in collaboration with the Barbados Tourism Product Authority, and we have been working also with the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association [so] that properties just like Nautilus Ocean Suites and this amazing bistro have the opportunity to have access to . . . financing and capital to be able to benefit from innovation, digitalisation and, of course, renovations because new properties are always required on the market.”

    From BT (they should help you out)
    “I often see tourism as a community enterprise…. For the most part, most of our tourism development is along our coastline and across the road you would always find houses, and that is why I think it’s so important for persons who occupy this space to recognise that as part of the gift that they also have a responsibility to give to the people who reside in the areas that are close by,” Humphrey said.

    Help. It I got it wrong let me know. You can use the predominant style (cuss) I will not be offended.

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