No Need for a ‘Budget’

The following was sent to Barbados Underground’s mailbox to defend government’s decision not to deliver a Financial Statement and Budgetary proposals commonly referred to as a ‘budget’ – Blogmaster

I am bewildered by the call made by some for the presentation of a “budget” in the House of Assembly, as a matter of urgency.  The reasons given strike me as uncompelling, given that the definition of a budget is generally a document where the government gives projections of Revenues and expenditures for the coming fiscal year.  In accordance with the country’s constitution, such a document has already been debate and passed in the House, it’s called The Estimates. This is really the country’s budget.  What I believe the administration’s critics want is a Financial Statement and Budgetary proposals. which is not required by law, but is traditionally presented after the first quarter of the Fiscal year and gives an  overview of the previous years’ fiscal and economic performance, and government’s taxation, spending and economic policy adjustments for the current fiscal year.   When this administration presented it’s first estimates in 2019 it significantly strengthened the process by bringing the Ministers, permanent secretaries and senior  officers in each line ministry before the standing finance committee of parliament to answer questions about all tax dollars they propose to spend in the coming year. As for financial statements, the administration has frequently brought before parliament, statements which show the government’s fiscal performance when compared with earlier projections under the Financial Management act (2019), this was last done by Ryan Straughn on the 16th of November you can watch it here:

To be frank, the only reason the government would bring a so-called “budget speech” now is to increase taxes.This government made it clear earlier in the year that infrastructure and business facilitation was going to be its main response to the deep recession brought on by covid-19 and no new taxes were gonna be pursued. Instead of listing its policy responses and calling it a budget speech. which can be considered “all talk, no action grandstanding” The administration embarked on a number of pro-growth policies, these include:  

  • The digitisation of CAIPO, which went live two week ago. you can visit the website to register a business at.  
  • Passed a modern Liquor Licensing Act to improve the process of applying for a license :
  • Currently debating the Fair Credit Reporting Bill, which contrary to what conspiracy theories have said is an attempt to significantly improve access to credit from financial institutions by small businesses in the country.  For years people have complained about what they had to go through to get a business loan in Barbados, this bill will turn a currently subjective system and make it more objective, faster and more transparent . Even the World Bank and The World Economic forum gave Barbados very low scores over the years on access to credit in their respective rankings.  As professor Robinson recently pointed out on  Facebook.  Remember. This is the same administration which established the Trust Loan fund to allow small businesses to access their first loans and to build a  credit reputation, this bill is the next step, I hope it passes in the Senate.  The administration is about to go even further with the establishment of  a collateral registry for entrepreneurs who do not have traditional collateral to use movable business assets which they have, to access credit in order to expand. This is transformational, as the Jamaica media just  reported. A delegation from put Ministry of Small business is current getting advice on setting it up. 
  • Passed the National Payment system bill in February see here , which among other things. establishes a national real-time Automated clearing house for the first time.In more good news the PM recently stated that it will be going live by March 2022.    
  • Just passed a sweeping vending bill:  Currently engaged in a number of projects to transform Bridgetown to utilize its UNESCO designation. This can already be seen in Fairchild street, Constitution River and will include renovations of the old Treasury buildings. 
  • This is in addition to infrastructure projects to upgrade and rewire schools to improve wifi connectivity as kids look to return in January see here:

  • Road projects across the island see example here:

  • A new water deal for farmers and projects to improve access: 
  • Announced a deal to support the garment manufacturing industry, one of the last half-viable manufacturing industries in the country.  Similar to the support for tourism under the BEST programme, which will come with conditionalities.   

All of this being done as the administration prepares to roll out the Nation Digital ID.  Why announce a budget to grandstand and talk, when you can just implement a competitiveness agenda?

199 thoughts on “No Need for a ‘Budget’

  1. Uh-oh! Wuh uh tell yuh bout dem meetings.

    De woman Marsha Hinds-Layne just confirmed EVERY DAMN THING this bits and pieces cunt has been saying about these meetings.

    Bloody WORD FOR WORD!

    Even in the REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENT there is a hierarchical structure of PUFFED UP PIGS, who feed greedily from the trough!

    Put my name pon DAT!

  2. DE CUNT here WOKE and watching a discussion on elitism on American tv!




    Now…. how do you think that happened?

  3. “Caddle said that based on the Barbados Statistical Services’ most recent Labour Force Survey for the quarter ended September 30, unemployment was now 12.4 per cent.”

    they know they are OUTRIGHT LYING and LIE anyway..

    but won’t they be really SHOCKED when most people move away from that shite system…so they can lie about figures every day and as much as they want, no one will care.

  4. reversing the lie…so why did it need to be amended if it did not impact the subjects involved…so without the sub-clause exactly what would have happened…

    “At its sitting on Monday, the the Senate amended the Debt Settlement (Arrears) Bill 2021
    inserting the sub-clause: “For the avoidance of doubt, Paragraph 1C does not apply to salaries, pensions, gratuities, or any other emolument payable to public officers or any person employed by the Government.”

  5. Oh dear me!

    🎵Bits of paper
    (Bits of paper)
    Lying on the ground
    (Lying on the ground)
    Makes the place untidy
    (Makes the place untidy)
    (Pick dem up!) 🎶

    Dem bits an’ pieces uh paper does got on de clues fuh de TREASURE HUNT! I call dem a TREASURE TROVE OF INFORMATION.

    It’s all about HUMAN NATURE.

    Human beings are the same wherever you travel in the world.

    That is why I can sit in my armchair knitting like Miss Marple and use my little “grey” cells like Hercule Poirot and solve The Case of the Elusive Utopia!

    It can only be found in La La Land!

    I just saved myself thousands of dollars of airfare!

  6. There are two types of Joy
    one is when you feel the heat you go into an air conditioned room to cool down and chill out
    the other is when you feel heat you stay in the heat feeling hotter experiencing everything and also a state of being with God

    Barbadians need to turn up the heat and challenge Government Courts and Businesses for all it’s faults as customers and stakeholders who have been shortchanged and given poor service and even robbed by corruption in office

    when united the rich will help the plight of the poor as one

  7. David,

    Why are you asking questions of the bits and pieces cunt?

    I am a simple, stay-at-home cuntry girl. I only got one piece of paper from the university. I read books, not write them.

    What do I know?

    You should address your questions to The Royal Weeeeeee probably to be found on a search plane to Utopia.

  8. Did Louis XIV of France, the Sun King, produce an official budget accessible to the ordinary people? No, there you go.

    Then why should our Supreme Leader behave differently? Isn’t she the Paramount Leader of the Caribbean, that is, of all the Sunshine Islands?

    Seriously, it is quite enough for the IMF to know the facts. The uninoculated dumb masses can’t understand numbers anyway and are even less able to understand any budget.

  9. @David, 🤣🤣🤣 this is classic Blogmaster speak: “Should we blame the politicians …?”

    ‘Mais oui, of course why don’t you!’

    As the lady graciously reminded us ‘the more we to strive to break the old master’s chains the more we wrap other chains with OUR locks tighter in place’ … or as Orwell famously wrote (or Achebe in ‘Things Fall Apart’, in a vastly different setting but not dissimilar concept) it’s Animal Farm redux!

    So blame the pols for institutionializing bad practices for the same citizens for whom they act to win favor … clearly ‘these’ greedy politically minded people are to blame!

    I only have one question for you bro: … is everyone walking on two legs or are some on four with compadres aiming to stand tall on two!

    Just trying to determine who is who…. or is that who is more woke than whom! 🤣😇

    Ah well, for centuries we adopted the frenchies vernacular to sound … well .. ‘avant garde’ right so ‘plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose’…. but in simple Bajan: ‘bare rass…. why yah don’t mind yah effing bizness and let me get mine too, steeuepse’!

    Yep David, blame the pols…. ‘we’ have nothing to do with it!


  10. It is time for a National Moral Rearmament. There seems to be no institution that is immune from corruption.

    Was it better under colonialism and the Christian code of ethics? Do the new cults of humanism and secularism usher in the old notion that man is born in sin?
    Just thinking aloud.

  11. Oh dear! THIS WRITER has reviewed her contibutions to the scholarly debate and wishes to post some amendments.

    My response to the suggestion that I should fear a name change to Melda of obeah wedding plan fame should have been,


    And instead of “De credit union degenerates into Animal Farm” replace with “De credit union DEVOLVES into Animal Farm”. Dat got better rhythm.

    AND instead of “Why are you asking questions of the bits and pieces cunt” read “Why are you SEEKING ANSWERS from a cuntry cunt?”

    Dat is more literary.

    AND FINALLY, I asking de blogmaster permission to change my name to CUNTRY CUNT.

    Dah got a nice ring to it!

    Now….I gotta run off tuh de credit union. On second thoughts, I prefer to save my money wid Republic Bank.


    It is not only “Capitalism gone mad!”

  12. @ David Bu at 9:14 AM
    Not at all. The simple mind knows how to manipulate his less aware fellow citizens. He can be very creative in designing schemes to rob his neighbour. I encountered one yesterday on one of my rare weekly outings. My biggest fear is that it will escalate.

  13. @ DPD
    How can we get any change when we are constantly finding excuses for corruption. In almost puerile efforts we try to pretend that all of the issues that are wrong comes with the territory. As Ralph Jemmott correctly stated we come with “ happy talk” and attempt to shoot down serious analysis with often dubious and basically useless comparisons.
    I was told a long time ago that if you ask a Bajan about the bad roads , he will ask you if you ever went to some other island and had a look at their bad roads.
    Not long ago we use to defend rising gun crime by comparing it with Jamaica!
    So, if the Trini politicians teef 10 billion; the Jamaicans teef 20 billion and we own teef 16 billion, we good!
    So the next time yuh driving in Bim and bad road mash up yuh shocks and it cost yuh a few hundred dollars , just smile and say if you were in some other island de roads worse.
    BTW there is a violent crime in the USA every 24 seconds and a murder 🌿every 35 seconds , so if 24 Bajans get kill in one year day really don’t no big thing…..,..,,,

  14. @ David Bu at 9 : 29 AM

    Yes . It is. After reviewing the information on this blog and other sources one is allowed to draw conclusions. That is the scientific approach. No one believes it will hold in all cases. Not all swans are white. BUT generally they are.

    • @Vincent

      The blogmaster holds a different view. The prevailing ethos suggests to big of a chunk of the citizenry is disengaged mired in cynicism and apathy.

  15. “As Ralph Jemmott correctly stated we come with “ happy talk” and attempt to shoot down serious analysis with often dubious and basically useless comparisons.

    and they still sound and look sstupid doing it…why not set a new example by being the LEADERS who change course, and that catalyst to create a better system…instead the ignorant sounding…., wuh we only tief 16 billion…DLP, Jamaica Trinidad and US does tief more…that’s the degraded and small time mentalities of FOLLOWERS…

  16. @ Donna

    ‘Cliques’ are often found in organisations, even nursery schools’ PTAs.

    A few years ago I attended my son’s nursery school’s PTA, at which the outgoing committee presented their ‘end of tenure reports and financial statements, after which they announced the election date for the new committee.
    Obviously, because of the time in the evening, several parents would’ve attended the meeting dressed in their ‘work attire.’

    I saw this guy wearing ‘shirt and tie,’ whom I later realised was an insurance salesman, going around to those parents dressed in ‘ties or skirt suits,’ while ignoring all other parents in casual wear. After the PTA, he held a ‘meeting’ with the ‘chosen ones.’ It became obvious to me he was ‘strategically’ placing himself to become president and his ‘chosen ones’ to hold key positions on the PTA.

    Parents, who held certain jobs and dressed in a ‘particular way,’ congregated together…….. during and after meetings, which I thought would lead to biased endorsements of candidates for positions on the committee.

    At the next meeting, the guy told us he was elected ‘president,’ and the voting process was conducted in such a manner that the ‘chosen’ were obviously elected to key positions, which proved my assumptions were correct.

    The new president and his committee operated as ‘law unto themselves,’ only seeking help from parents outside their clique, when it was time for ‘dirty work.’
    At games, for example, ‘the elites’ collected money, while other parents fried fish cakes, washed up dirty pans or cleaned the compound.

    And, this is just a simple example of a nursery school PTA.

  17. @ David Bu at 9 :45 AM

    You may be right;but that is their democratic choice. Democracy is the best form of government. It does not conform to everyone thinking alike.

  18. I feel like I have missed something. What exactly does a former administration of the GoB not PAYING suppliers in a timely fashion have to do with the Procurement Bill. Failure to remit monies they deducted from public servants paycheques, has nothing to do with Procurement. This new Bill is 160+ pages and I admit to only skimming it, but what does failure to pay for Lands acquired by GoB have to do with their method of Procurement.

    “GOVERNMENT IS FORKING OUT $49 million every month to settle $1.9 billion in outstanding arrears for goods and services supplied to Government under the previous administration.
    Minister in the Ministry of Finance Ryan Straughn made this disclosure in the House of Assembly yesterday. He said the payments, which were due to end in September of 2022, included “about $6 million in public servants’ National Insurance contributions “that were not paid” and about “$1 million every month for diesel used to keep the bus service and Sanitation Service Authority trucks operating during the pre-2018 period before the Mia Amor Mottley administration took office.

    For the maffematics to work, Min Straughn is saying these payments have been ongoing for a long time? So what are the Series J Bonds for? And why do payments end in Sept 2022. Or do we have two separate sets of $1.9B payables?

  19. @ David
    Nothing I said is an exaggeration. Even you , one time I sent a post concerning our homeland . And your response was what happening in the “ neck of your (mine) woods”. You never addressed my submission. You did it on several occasions.
    Always remember: “The faintest ink is better than the best memory.”
    BTW : What is this “ big chunk” of citizenry now “ disengaged mired in cynicism and apathy “,
    You mean there are disappointed having been fed a Covenant of Hope that is now hopelessness. They are not cynical they are trying to survive an epidemic and the job losses. Barbadians are still expressing great optimism because they know the Dees and Bees will as always look after themselves. You taking a six for a nine.
    I don’t know if you have become cynical but if you are it’s understandable.

    • It is an exaggeration, sensible are concerned with potholes, violent crime etc, from time to time sensible people have to provide context because some of you paint Barbados as the worse country on earth.

  20. @ NO
    That’s the kind of BS they feeding the people.,All governments leave debts to be paid by the new administration.
    But “if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance baffle them with bullshit”
    Did the BLP not leave a prison to be paid for ?? Before that the DLP left a big bullet loan to be paid for. I think that one was from Credit Suisse.

  21. @ David
    “ some you paint Barbados as the worst country on earth.”
    There you go again putting me in some negative group. Fortunately you can’t bring any proof that will justify putting William Skinner in there.
    Expected ……….,,.,.,,.. bears out my point never can answer the frigging question always jumping about.
    One love my Brother.

  22. Sooooo….I am thinking the island had $3.8B in outstanding payables….which were split by priority(?) into TWO $1.9B parcels. The latter parcel, unable to make the payments on, they titled “Arrears” and the Series J Bonds were issued to cover them. The former parcel is part of what they have been paying off, like the small operation I have ownership in, which was owed $50K by the Transport Board. “Talk” said suppliers to the QEH and the ‘drug plan’ were owed many millions. Ditto for fuel suppliers as echoed by Min Straughn.
    This also makes sense in that (1900M/49M = 38.7 months) and the same 38.7 months x $6M/month (NIS number provided) = $230M, which is the number Sen Walcott provided in the Senate for arrears to the NIS. Suggests the NIS total was $460M and it was split in two?

    • @NO

      Are you happy thr government has been transparent demystifying this issue for thr public? Would the opportunity for Q&A fueled a national debate help in this regard?

  23. David,

    They just cannot understand that we dream the same dreams but when we awaken we live in reality.

    There is no magic wand that can change human nature. SoAnd that is why the war will never be over no matter who is in charge.

    Some want an immediate revolution. Others, like myself, prefer gradual reform.

    Because after the revolution, the same human nature remains.

    And there may only be a brief respite before it rears its ugly head again.

    Better to stop frothing and develop a cool and calm attitude!

    And wrest a little bit more ground from the “criminal minorities and their black-faced traitors in parliament” .

    Gradual change is more likely to stick. Revolution often takes one around in a BLOODY circle.

    From Republic Bank to the People’ s Credit Union and back goes the Cuntry Cunt with her two pennies!

    No interest but at least the principle is relatively safe, nuh Vincent?

  24. @David, brother you are hilarious. Man, talk about *an apple a day…” this old fart (who can only look and admire, dese days @Ms D 😇) gets to delay his doc visits (well the physical ones anyhow) with a healthy dose of BU laffs and great posts from interesting people… and you Sir David, tops that!

    So both @Vincent and @Skinner eloquently recap unequivocal truths (truisms surely) and you call them ‘generalizations’ and ‘exaggerations’ … fah trute !

    Alright den.

    @Vincent, I’ll say this… that ability “to manipulate his less aware fellow citizens” is some genome that is part of us from birth.

    Years ago my 7 years old relative was CONNED by a fellow ‘sept-agarten’ when they exchanged game cards each holding some with the plan to return simultaneously … and then the lad encouraged
    my relative to lend him back his set as he had something else to do … and of course never did he see any of the cards again!

    That’s a twist on man being born ‘in sin’…. man (and woman) is born to connive and contrive, is as apt!

    But according to the blogmaster you are ‘generalizing’ 🤦🏾‍♂️

    And @Skinner… no story to tell there other than …preach on. …Not sure what’s exaggerated about what u say.

    Anyhow peoples I gone!

    @David, I’ll come back to more of your poignant, interesting and often very funny blues chasing post lata.

    Peace out.

  25. Artax,

    Your story painted the picture like no dry commentry could.

    And I could see your PTA story and raise you two church stories more but apparently my storytelling is annoying.

    Yet we have a “writer” here who writes chapter and verse about proverbs and poetry being superior at getting points across. So do stories! That’s why weeeee tell them. I hear the AFRIKANS tell a lot of stories along with their proverbs and poetry.

    I, being of Afrikan descent, ( lol) have a preference for all three.

    Jesus spoke in parables (lol) and The Cuntry Cunt speaks in poetry, proverbs and personal stories.

    But weeee guess weeee should resort to pseudo-intellectual rantings to avoid provoking the ire of the BU CHOSEN CLIQUE! Wuh after all, weeee should always cater to THE CHOSEN!

  26. @David
    I am guessing….so I think ‘demystifying’ is a stretch.
    I am always of the opinion that discussion based on FACT, not guesswork or conjecture, is valuable. And there are only a few who are privy to ‘fact’.
    We know that politicians, everywhere, will always have ‘spin’, no different than a Board or Management defending their decisions or positions. And we are all human, and prone to making a mistake.
    The underlying here, is the Private sector, via its credit, has carried the island?

  27. “I have ownership in, which was owed $50K by the Transport Board.”.

    have you heard about them lately…..after thei rprobe or investigation or whatever it was..

  28. William…our ancestors must be rolling around in their graves in SHAME….to see how powerful they were, created languages, the art of building cities and countries, mathematics, music, culture, traditions EVERYTHING and look what some descendants have aided in reducing themselves to…..a crying shame, but there is hope, many still have that ancestral spirit of creating much better and have already started on that journey…..don’t need the dead weight and heavy baggage anyway.

    the old adage still heard in US is quite true, if ya want to hide anything from Black people, they say niga, just put it in a book and ya safe….

  29. Northern…apparently the findings are so bad, we are yet to see the final report made public, but some info still got out and there was nothing positive, apparently employees embarked on a tiefing spree for DECADES….no biggie, they are just FOLLOWING what the leaders and their side kicks are doing.

  30. @ David
    You can dig in the archives all you like. You will not find William Skinner painting his country as the worst one in the world. You need to debate issues properly.
    @ DPD
    When you place hard facts and @ David has no answers , he usually resorts to petty junk.
    Way back in the 70s , there was a marked increase in drug use. No problem it was being brought in by Jamaicans. Then there were gangs being formed. No problem they are just wayward youth not like the ones in Chicago. No problem. The educational system wanted reform for over forty years. No problem we have the best education system in world. Citizens complained for decades about not getting their money for their lands. No problem . That’s h0w government pays :slowly. Today they owe the people 312 million dollars.
    Then we have the crocodile tears starting . Just asking our leaders to be accountable is not seeking perfection or paradise; commenting on the affairs of ones country does not mean one is painting it as the worst in the world.
    So, if I cut my child’s ass or ask her to be more responsible do I hate her or do I simply want her to be better.
    Well maybe I shouldn’t discipline her because the children in the USA is shoot their parents.
    Pure BS. That’s why Ralph Jemmott is more correct . Making comparisons are expected and can be worthwhile. But , when comparisons are used for excuses , or denial they become useless.
    I don’t think that any Prime Minister of Barbados looking for a perfect nation or a paradise. I can say without apology that when Ronnie Dee sang Barbados is a paradise, I thought it a great calypso then and still think it is today.
    However, I know my country can be managed better and I know we will get there but in the meantime I will not be silenced. And I certainly will not ever call for those think differently to be silenced.

  31. @ David
    “PS. Agreeing with those who pull down Barbados makes you complicit.”
    Really. Bring the proof.
    However expected…….,…. You can’t handle the truth my Brother.

  32. .” That’s h0w government pays :slowly. Today they owe the people 312 million dollars.”

    are you sure about that ….there are estates that were stolen and never returned worth UPWARDS of hundreds of millions to a billion…each…

    “commenting on the affairs of ones country does not mean one is painting it as the worst in the world.”

    it’s juvenile….first…..despite our ancestors building these islands OTHERS WILL ALWAYS CLAIM IT’S THEIRS…so they have no island BECAUSE THEY CANNOT FUND IT adequately…..and despite their existence generating the money…IT WILL ALWAYS BE STOLEN…

  33. You are correct that you are one of the few of the accused bunch who never behaves as though Barbados is the worst country. David is lumping you in with the others.

    Where I personally have a problem us with the apologist and obstructist labels and the comments that come with that.

    If I choose to accept the reality that politics tends to attract a particular type of character and that we have to work with what is on offer then I do not see why I should be labelled an apologist.

    So….Donna never wanted to be Prime Minister, Minister, MP, CEO or even President of the PTA. Why do you think that is?

    And Mia made up her mind from childhood that she wanted to be Prime Minister. Why do you think that is?

    Personality type!

    Politicians need an engaged citizenry to keep them honest.

    And people who, as TheO always says as an honorary Trini would, “ain’t afraid to make a jail”.

    Let me tell you how the mad woman would have made a jail.

    Let us suppose that the Government had seized my land and upon it built a structure known as The Courtney Browne Pavillion, well… one morning the Mad woman would have arrived with her tools and her bedroom furniture, changed the locks and made up her bed in the building.

    As far as I know, ownership does not change until money has been passed. So as far as the mad woman would be concerned, de guvment erect a structure pon she land. By law, that structure should be hers.

    So De Mad woman would be in residence when de cricketers show up to change dem clothes fuh de cricket match. Free cricket and free strip show tuh guh wid de free light an’ water ’til de police and de Nation come!

    An’ everytime dum leh muh go, De Mad woman would return home wid she tools an’ she bed.


  34. William…we see why Pacha is always frustrated at the idiocy and refusal to see reality….that skill was removed from them, and may i add, very expertly, so there will be no critical thinking or heightened levels of analysis because of this…and all ya will get is a regurgitation without the required intellect..

    my 9 years of repetition was because i wanted those who it was aimed at to see that it will NEVER STOP UNLESS….

    Black people never listen, they prefer their heads filled with shit from others…..just last week i was telling someone that i work alone because people tend to lead each other astray, stupidly and most times just to be ….and contrary……and i sure as hell not allowing those who have very little information about their history and identities lead me with false narratives, especially when am so skilled at getting positive results.., i find it offensive coming from those who are intellectually handicapped and don’t even know anything about their ancestors and are not even interested anyway, but are versed in and, just want to forever spout dumb shit.., well as luck will have it, just days later the person i said that to found themselves along with millions of other Black people… TRAPPED in a situation rife with uncertainty…and it will be that way for YEARS TO COME…unless, they use their goddamn brains, am not about to spoonfeed grown ass adults…

    so these days, i just work with the likeminded to achieve that goal that we set….and it’s working out just fine, people are awake, organizing themselves very impressively and there is POSITIVE FORWARD MOVEMENT….we can ignore the rest…

  35. sometimes ya wonder where the words just disappear to out of a post…

    just last week i was telling someone that i work alone because people tend to lead each other astray, stupidly and most times just to be CONTRADICTIVE ….and contrary…

  36. William….that’s why the younger generation are targeted for distribution and distilling of information that will FREE THEM and their descendants…too many of the older generation are completely and irretrievably LOST…there is no coming back for them, they like it just so…….the construct was a total success…

    the original architects must be VERY PROUD and should take a bow…they don’t have to lift a finger the “useful idiots” are doing it all on their own without any prompting…as many have voiced that they would…

  37. Budget for the decrease in Canadian tourists.

    ” Canadian government advising Canadians not to travel abroad for non-essential reasons
    The travel advisory warning Canadians not to travel abroad for non-essential reasons has been reinstated.”

  38. ” Canadian government advising Canadians not to travel abroad for non-essential reasons”

    and that’s just the beginning, the information and horror stories coming out is not inspiring.

    when ya hear am hardly saying anything anymore, ya can guarantee that the shit is spraying everywhere and am taking serious precautions and watching to see who it lands on….everyone else is free to enjoy la la land.

    I just can’t understand why they refuse to develop a vaccinate that will totally eliminate the virus and why they refuse to BAN ALL TRAVELING FOR A YEAR at least…but that’s on them, am looking out strictly for me and mine.

    “The alarming news comes amid forecasts Omicron is on track to become the world’s dominant variant of coronavirus. A new study pre-published on the bioRxiv server has now claimed the mutated virus has developed the ability to bind to rodent cells. The study’s authors dubbed this a “major mutational shift” for the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

    Sajid Javid provides an update as the Omicron variant spreads across the UK with it…

    The alarming news comes amid forecasts Omicron is on track to become the world’s dominant variant of coronavirus. A new study pre-published on the bioRxiv server has now claimed the mutated virus has developed the ability to bind to rodent cells. The study’s authors dubbed this a “major mutational shift” for the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

    Rodents have also been carriers of plague and disease in the past, responsible for some of the worst pandemics to hit the globe.

    Most infamously, fleas carried by rodents are believed to have been responsible for spreading the bubonic plague, also known as the Black Death, in 1346.

    The Great Plague of London (1655), the last major outbreak of the bubonic plague in Europe, was similarly thought to have been partially spread by flea-carrying rats as well as lice.

    Eric Feigl-Ding, an epidemiologist with the Federation of American Scientists (FAS), tweeted; “NEW-The new #Omicron variant can likely now infect RODENTS – the coronavirus couldn’t bind ACE2 receptor before… but looks like Omicron can now.

    “I vote for elimination, because I don’t want forever #COVID19 or play whack-a-rat repeated waves of Covid.”

    In a follow-up tweet, he said other variants of Covid can theoretically bind or infect rodents but at a much lower likelihood.

    The expert then shared a graph highlighting the various Covid variants, including Alpha and Beta, and their ability to bind to ACE2

    According to the graph, Omicron binds to mice ACE2 receptors almost as strongly as it does to human ACE2 receptors.

    Dr Feigl-Ding said: “Notice other variants only weakly bound mouse ACE2.

    “But this study shows #Omicron binding in mouse ACE2 is much stronger than variants (red line in bottom panel), and now binds almost as strong as Omicron binding in human ACE2.”

    He added: “The same study also reports the most comprehensive vaccine study to date on neutralization results against #Omicron.

    “There is good news and bad news.”

    According to the latest UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) figures published on Tuesday evening, more than 5,300 people have tested positive with the Omicron variant.

    The new daily cases on Tuesday totalled 633, with cases reported in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.”

  39. @ WURA-War-on-U,
    The progressives amongst the BU family empathise with your recent comments. However BU is an open house. I also believe that we have a government that is interfering with the content of BU. The Blogmaster must be under severe pressure.

    Pachamama must have been extremely frustrated when he used a four letter expletive. We the progressives understand his anger. BU has become neutered. Thank God we still have GP!

  40. @ WURA
    It’s like comic relief.

    @ Donna
    In all truthfulness, this is the second or third time that you have not agreed with those who want to put me in that wish Barbados ill group or saying Barbados is the worst country on the earth group. I have also said that I have never seen you as an agent of the Barbados Labour Party when that was once said.
    Therefore, you should note when necessary I never fail to give Jack his Jacket.
    As I have often said nobody prescribes or proscribes what I write.

  41. “Pachamama must have been extremely frustrated when he used a four letter expletive.”

    Pacha runs in separate but similiar intellectual circles and we tend to be all on the same page, read many of the same books, we have access to the same information, have formed connections…and as things are ramping up, we tend to see what others miss by a mile….i even mentioned the “useful idiots” pet name for dumb Black people who refuse to learn anything in my book, how the name really came about and will always follow htem, because they so want to be part of and seen as maintaining the dirty status quo, so they would do and say anything to keep the destruction alive in Black lives…as i said, some like to plant false narratives..just to achieve a backward result///..

    ….that’s how strongly we feel about what we learned/researched and can now articulate it on paper…..

    Blogmaster has to decide if he wants people TO BLAME HIM LATER….when, not if, things go sideways….and people have other sites to go on throughout the day, and do anyway, so there are options to learn more and compare what they see posted on BU to what is posted elsewhere….the best way to form opinions…

    ya should hear some of what the clowns like wickham et al put out there and people can’t understand how the hell so many of them call themselves educated …..we are getting many unnecessary clown shows. and the younger generation need to be PROTECTED from these false narrative fools…

  42. “Thank God we still have GP!”

    government will definitely not want to interfere with that…lol

    seriously though, some of the shite posted on here, i would take great offense if my grandchildren had to read any of it, ya definitely don’t want that degraded shit in ya grandchild’s head….. as grown adults they have NOTHING useful or uplifting to offer the younger generations….except mindless drivel….and want to haul everyone else into la la land with them…

    I refuse to be on a blog and not at least POST SOMETHING EDUCATIONAL that all can learn from….those who want to anyway..

  43. @ WURA
    There is a fair amount of convenient amnesia going around. Some folks seem to be hypnotized or as you have recently stated hallucinating.
    When we were all cussing Stuart and Company , we seemed to be one United Bajan family. However, once the mission was accomplished they did not want to hear certain voices any more.
    They think people are stupid. That’s why I call them : Propagandists, obstructionists apologists and hypocrites.

  44. TLSN.. i posted a video on the Tribal Roots launch and the work being done on the continent to uplift and guide the young who are determined to fix Afrika, yesterday ….there are other organizations from country to country involved in making this a reality, there is another established one had a session a couple nights ago and invitations were sent so we can see how the young people are being propelled to TAKE CHARGE…it was very impressive…

    .instead of hearing how inspiring that initiative is and worth adoping, ya hear some dumb shit about the Chosen, now mind you, there are a bunch of impostors and frauds in North East Afrika who STOLE OUR IDENTITIES thousands of years ago and calling themselves the chosen and even spread that LIE IN THE CARIBBEAN and the useful idiots who know nothing about anything useful have no problem with that….but believe they can STOP our CHOSEN designations when we have THE BLOODLINES TO PROVE IT….. just because they don’t, they will try to degrade our ancestry…..with their niga mentality…wuh if they could not stop me when they were going crazy and digging up in the archives every day, while i was in the midst of launching a publishing comapny, 2 websites and a book, i don’t know how they think they can ever stop me now…after they made themselves look so STUPID TRYING…

    ..not holding my breath…..that we will see such a forward thinking initiative as TRIBAL ROOTS started to benefit the younger generation on the island….. by those who like to post crap every day…….

  45. “Some folks seem to be hypnotized or as you have recently stated hallucinating”.

    those colonial hallucinations were IMPLANTED CENTURIES AGO….. it’s beyond UGLY that we are still witnessing it playing out daily here on BU…still playing out in communities…still playing out among those who are erroneously calling themselves educated…..still playing out among the government clowns who are determined to mislead those who elected them..

    there is NO EXCUSE….and they definitely cannot blame the colonists, since they are the ones keeping it in play…especially in the last half century…ya see them daily attacking us so they can keep the idiocy alive…,,just because they know nothing else..but that’s on them, there was plenty time, plenty access to information, they have no excuse, even before the internet, libraries and museums in Europe and North America where they love to run up and down and run around so they can parade… are choc-a-bloc with the information we need to shake off those centuries old hallucinations..

  46. but again, per the age old saying in the US….if ya want to hide anything from Black people, put it in a book, and in this case, hide it in a museum or library….🤣🤣🤣 they will never find it because they will NEVER READ IT even if ya gave it away to them….or go searching…for it…

  47. Ya can write a million books, it won’t matter, ya can guess the people who would read them…and it will never be those who can gain the most and save themselves using the knowledge, but those who will use that information to keep those who continue to happily hallucinate….right where they DESERVE TO STAY…

  48. now mind you, there are a bunch of impostors and frauds in North East Afrika who STOLE OUR IDENTITIES thousands of years ago and calling themselves the chosen and even spread that LIE IN THE CARIBBEAN and the useful idiots who know nothing about anything useful have no problem with that, they even repeat the lie every opportunity they get, but believe they can STOP our CHOSEN designations when we have THE BLOODLINES TO PROVE IT…..

    one grown man mentioned it to me and all i can say is stop believing those liars, they are laughing at you because they KNOW YOU DO NOT KNOW YOUR OWN HISTORY…….….

    forgot to mention that those are the same impostors SQUATTING on our ancient ancestral lands…that’s why blood will NEVER STOP RUNNING THERE…but the useful idiots will never know about that, unless told…

  49. Where the hell is AC
    You think God gives a budget in Heaven
    And now you want budget when money done
    No need for a budget
    We can fudge it
    We got at least 30 crooks
    Who can cook the books
    Forget all de talk about money gone
    We got plenty of no interest bonds
    We gone come and tek your land
    Put we zero interest bonds in your hand
    And God help you when the come due
    Cause we think that time is to renew
    We gone put Rhianna on the $100 note
    And hand them out to get your vote
    You think God gives a budget in Heaven
    And now you want budget when money done

  50. William and TLSN…we are not the only ones noticing the complete display of juvenile idiocy, not only in the posting of the dumbest comments ya would ever want to read but also on the call in programs where adults are sounding like they are teenagers and have no life experiences..

    ..i remember during research reading how they used to degrade the enslaved by claiming that they have childlike minds, well it seems that grownups are now acting out those roles to prove slave masters right, so this is not only peculiar to BU….it has become an even bigger problem across the island, as they love to say on here, seems like it’s happening everywhere…… for yaself

    “Dr. Richard Allsopp once told me that if you listened consistently to Barbadian radio, you might think the average age in Barbados was fourteen or fifteen. Where are the adults in the room?”

  51. I always knew that this would become an issue, was warning them for years on BU, now they are seeing in Black and white that they are seen as child-like in mind. and lacking intellectual maturity..ya can only kick the can down the road for so long before it turns into a bus or train and run ya over….

    …am sure Jemmot was at one time minister of education or some such position in the miseducation ministry…

  52. TheOGazerts December 15, 2021 9:37 PM

    Where the hell is AC
    You think God gives a budget in Heaven
    And now you want budget when money done
    No need for a budget
    We can fudge it
    We got at least 30 crooks
    Who can cook the books
    Forget all de talk about money gone
    We got plenty of no interest bonds
    We gone come and tek your land
    Put we zero interest bonds in your hand
    And God help you when the come due
    Cause we think that time is to renew
    We gone put Rhianna on the $100 note
    And hand them out to get your vote
    You think God gives a budget in Heaven
    And now you want budget when money done

    we are not the only ones noticing the complete display of juvenile idiocy, not only in the posting of the dumbest comments ya would ever want to read————– where are the adults in the room?

  53. Pacha called this out yesterday…don’t know what to tell yall anymore, everyone is now on their own, my last child is in the 30s and some of my grands are not too far behind….so am done raising children.

    yall are going to have to break fa yaselves……bonne chance..

  54. I actually mentioned why this is the way it is in my book, but was not as brutal as Jemmott, i actually softened my tone as it relates to the people and reserved the harshness for the frauds who caused this because they knew it was happening, helped it along for decades, mentioned the slave mindedness on ITV London for whatever reason, but not the child like behaviors….and then NEVER FOLLOWED UP in the way of HELP to reverse the DAMAGE to the Black psyche..

    Ya would believe that i knew this was going to come loose..and that is not the only thing, am sure things will jump out all on their own…AS IT IS WRITTEN…ASE..

  55. Pacha…as requested le guillotine is back lol.

    “GUILLOTINES erected in France inscribed with the names of 300 elected officials who support the ‘HEALTH PASS’

    Two dummy guillotines plastered with the names of 300 officials who defended the ‘Health Pass’ were discovered in Landes, in the southwest of France last weekend.

    Two of the targeted officials whose names appeared on the 2-meter-high beheading devices filed a complaint on Tuesday.

    All the names on the guillotines had reportedly co-signed a journal on July 18th praising “the courage of the decisions taken by Emmanuel Macron” for implementing the new regulations.”

  56. Oh boy! Self -promotion cyan dun in de intellectual circles!

    The Chosen! THE ELITE!


    Question: Why do you think the guillotine had to be resurrected?

    Didn’t they already have a REVOLUTION?

  57. Wuh I was heh expecting to get a cussin’ in lieu of an answer to my question!

    Wuh go on?

    🎵 You say you want a revolution, we- ell you know
    We all want to change the world🎶

    Lennon and McCartney

    The trouble is that unless humans evolve the revolution soon becomes a “DEVOLUTION” and the guillotine must again be deployed!

    “And around and around they go and where they’ll stop NOBODY knows!”

  58. @Donna,
    Tell me if my thinking is crazy.

    Was listening to an educated woman who met a six year old young girl that claimed she was feminist. Yes, the six-year old claimed she was feminist. The woman then claimed she gave the young girl paraphernalia to celebrate her feminism. Part of the paraphernalia was a rainbow flag.

    Well, I was not buying into a six-year old feminist, but the 🌈 flag drove me over the edge. My thought was, this is grooming, she teaching the girl to be a lesbian…

    Your thoughts.

  59. TheO,

    All sounds crazy to me. A six year old feminist? And what has a rainbow flag to do with it?

    Can’t say if it is grooming on such limited info but it is definitely off.

  60. “Wuh I was heh expecting to get a cussin’ in lieu of an answer to my question!”

    the simple answer, ya have become too irrelevant to take your small minded shit seriously anymore, no one has the time or energy to waste on those who know very little to nothing when all the necessary information is so readily available everywhere….

    heavy baggage, dead weight.

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