Knowledge is Useless …

Submitted by Steven Kaszab

Human Beings are not all great thinkers . Don’t want to insult anyone but think about it.

Building a house or community along river banks or water ways that will in time flood. Notice how many communities are located in flood plains? Also, noticed how the community continues to live there knowing that disaster will cometh once again.

Watch people tie all sorts of things onto their vehicles roof believing that they will be able to travel safely with their load secure? 

Leave high school incomplete only to regret it in your midlife. 

The temperature out side is warming, the ice below you is thinning and yet you go ice fishing , often way out along the water flow with your new snowmobile.

You have a fire arm, a pistol. Thinking about hiding it, you place it in a shoe box under your bed. You have young children at home too.

You purchase a fixer up building, with every intention of fixing it over time, with a limited budget. Have to own something like the folks did before you. You did not spend the money on a forensic engineer, someone who could have told you the building is a death trap to your health and pocket book.

You were given the opportunity to experience higher learning. Your parents though you’d learn useful things, but you choose to study seemingly useless subjects that interested you. Hey, its not your money right?

Your late for a date in a urban center. The night club is just the other side of this city block. Maybe you should go through that darken alley down yonder. It may save you some time.

Bought a used motor bike. Your friends challenge you to do things you know are danger for you and others. You accept their challenge bravely.

There are many people out there who are uneducated. Yes I said it. There are uneducated people out there, often it is not their fault. They may not have had the opportunity. You do what you must, often for your family and yourself. While you may not be well educated, you can be extremely wise. Knowing what is right and wrong has always been something we learn as children and young folk. They call it Common Sense, Astuteness, resourcefulness, levelheadedness, mother wit , enterprising or  some one with horse sense. The Virtue of Wisdom is what we all need, something we need to acquire or strive for as we move along in our worldly journey. How do you acquire wisdom? We look to Aristotle for some points that matter. You must learn to contemplate. Don’t freak out folks. That only means you need to learn how to think. Simply look, observe, contemplate and then act.

Always think before you do something. So many of our neighbor’s react without contemplating the question, situation, event they are living. 

It is useless having knowledge, without applying that knowledge. Martin Luther King was a knowledgeable and wise man. Mr. King became a legend, a name with power because he took a stand against Inequality, racism and hatred. He Acted upon his principals. Wisdom and knowledge have no worth unless they are acted upon. “If a good man see’s evil, and walks away without stopping this evil, is he a good man”? “It is the failure of good men, that allows evil to continue spreading in this world”. May have been said by W.Churchill, but non the less its meaning says every person you know, every neighbor you have can be a Martin Luther King. Every one of them. All they need to do is see, observe, contemplate and then act upon your principals. Lift up your family, neighbors and others using something poor, wealthy, uneducated or different people have… The Power of WISDOM. Wisdom will help you survive and prosper on your lives journey.


  • You need to create a new entirety

    (and kill all the one star downpressors)


  • The author could have added WE the people appoint characters lacking intelligence and integrity to public office; to represent us and expect the best result.

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  • Implied in the comment for those who struggle to apply meaning to words and situations, real leaders have to raise their hands.


  • Nations are going bankrupt or experiencing precarious financial positions
    some have stopped funds leaving country


  • Wisdom was what guided our Forefathers decisions
    Decisions that help guided and directed a country on values which were necessary to build moral foundations for the young and old
    What would these Wise people say if they were around to observe how the political hand of Power Might and Spite is level to guide this country


  • The temperature out side is warming, the ice below you is thinning and yet you go ice fishing , often way out along the water flow with your new snowmobile.


    Mean while, ships going fishing in the Arctic are getting frozen in and the UK expects Siberian like conditions this winter.

    How can that happen if the temperature outside is warming?

    Climate change is rubbish, just a mean to move money.

    All that is happening is the normal cyclical change in the weather.

    The strongest hurricane on record was of course Janet in 1955 and the 1831 hurricane had winds estimated at over 200 mph.

    “The commissioning of the powerful icebreaking vessels comes as severe sea-ice conditions have taken shippers by surprise. There are now about 20 vessels that either are stuck or struggling to make it across the icy waters. Among them is the UHL Vision that over the last days has been isolated in the waters north of the New Siberian Islands, and the bulk carriers Golden Suek, Golden Pearl, Nordic Quinngua and Nordic Nuluujaak that are located east of that same archipelago.

    In the area is also oil tanker Vladimir Rusanov, as well as cargo vessels Selenga and Finnish ship Kumpula, all of which are at west-bound escort by nuclear icebreaker Vaigach.

    Meanwhile, in the port of Pevek are six vessels that also are likely to need assistance to make in out from the area.”

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  • A man carries gun traveling from Barbados to Miami
    New Republic


  • Is this who were are amidst the joy celebration and controversy
    Barbados becomes international news once again


  • David

    We are unconvinced by this tepid foray into the esoteric, as you would say. Kaszab is not an “enlightened” one. We must confess.

    Only a few days ago this writer attempted to draw your attention to the difference between matters intellectual and of intuition.

    On that hollowed occasion you rebuffed our entreaties with a stout determination that you will “do it your way”.

    All good! Now today you hereby present a shadow of what is real by a man who has never been exposed to certain foundational realities, ancient mystery systems.

    Well done King David!

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  • The Wise and Foolish Builders

    24 “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. 25 The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. 26 But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. 27 The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash.”

    28 When Jesus had finished saying these things, the crowds were amazed at his teaching, 29 because he taught as one who had authority, and not as their teachers of the law.


  • @Pacha

    Is yours a whiff of arrogance seeping in the discussion. We must be tolerant of the ignorant or not too enlightened according to you.


  • Check the graph below and you will see how temperatures cycle.

    We are still in a La Nina cycle soon no doubt to be replaced by an El Nino one.

    For the moment, the Climate Change Global Warmalists should keep quiet and wait a few months.

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  • David why did u remove the video with the details od the man who traveled from Barbados to Miami with a Gun
    Haven’t u got no Shame
    Saw the video posted but u removed it

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  • Final warning to you.


  • @Pacha

    Your input on this latest venture revealed in the ongoing press briefing is appreciated.


  • Barbados is in the news for one screw up. Pretty bad one yes…. but American law enforcement screwed up on 911 and they screwed up on January 6.

    America is one big screw up!

    America’s biggest screw up threats come from within.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    “A man carries gun traveling from Barbados to Miami. Hello. New Republic”

    And what exactly is your point @AC the critic who defended her incompetent govt who allowed sewerage to flow in our streets!

    If this man did as reported then the Security Director at the airport must complete a review promptly and subsequent to personnel terminations he or she should themselves carefully consider possible retirement as their termination may itself be possible.

    Unfortunately these types of things do happen but also unfortunately it means that the carefully established systems in place FAILED due to HUMAN ERROR … and that incompetence, momentary laziness or worst must be swiftly handled.

    Of course if this guy actually took that weapon on the aircraft because he was deliberately testing the system (under official direction) because others had warned of deficiencies but did nothing then
    It is directly comparable to YOUR govt’s case of sewerage incompetence were the problem was REPEATEDLY mismanaged!

    It that case weelllll like your situation … higher heads must be cut off!

    I gone.


  • An investigation has been launched after a man allegedly, with a fully loaded gun, boarded a commercial flight at Grantley Adams International Airport and flew to Miami, the NBC 6 Investigators exclusively discovered – an incident that caused the TSA to immediately trigger a probe into the security lapse that aviation experts say could have caused a disaster.


  • It is unreasonable to expect GAIA security to be 100% effective 24/7

    There will be an investigation.


  • Mari

    Look up how many guns travelled on plane from atl to jfk a few year back?

    Mannnn. You alway looking for anything you can to try to pull down the rock just for political reasons


  • DavidDecember 3, 2021 10:32 AM

    Final warning to you

    Are u for real !freedom of information under attack
    Hail to.the New Republic
    Hail to dictatorship
    The first casualty of War is Freedom of speech and information
    Don’t u forget that


  • David

    So enlighten us then.


  • Did great Roman philosophers meet in the public square to welcome discourse from all and sundry?


  • David
    Indeed, one narrative states of note was he who walked with a lamp seeking an honest man, not woman.

    But this question shows a certain acili.

    The real question for us is or should be where and how did the Romans learn everything they knew?

    But we discern that the import of your question has to do with diffusing information, popularising knowledge.

    Well, if right, you will have to contend with issues from patents to secrets in the military sphere. All knowledge, but not dispense in the streets like the one said to be named Diogenes. Certainly, Diogenes would have been proscribed had he divulged what were then called mysteries.


  • African+Online+Publishing+Copyright+ⓒ+2021.+All+Rights+Reserved

    A beautiful voice to lighten the atmosphere.


  • BU bringing news and opinion to the people

    Plato observed that “Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance.”

    Knowledge is a mental faculty/power that allows us to apprehend “being” (i.e., reality). Ignorance is the opposite of knowledge. … Opinion is subject to error, but knowledge is not.


  • @John2
    Look up how many guns travelled on plane from atl to jfk a few year back?
    So what does that have to do with the price of flying fish? This whataboutism is not helpful, we need the US more that they need us, you can bet that future flights to the US from Barbados will be undergoing stringent scrutiny regardless of what happens in the US’s domestic corridor.

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  • @Sargeant

    The US gave us a solid with Donville, they are about to do another all in the interest of holding people/contractors accountable.


  • We are waiting to hear the circumstances surrounding why an ederly man felt the need to board international flight(s) with a loaded gun, instead of leaving it at home…..he got a felony charge so far….and if it is upgraded to terrorism or whatever it will not be the US looking at life in prison….along with any fallout from people from the island(s) heading to US.

    i sometimes wonder about people’s thought processes and lack of critical thinking skills…

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  • Of course Diogenes was a Greek!


  • Sargeant

    My I stick by my response to Mari
    Her attempt was only to pull down Barbados

    Now if gun/s are getting on plane from Barbados don’t you think the increased scrutiny would be justified?

    However I think that you are being an alarmist. First the investigation needs to be completed for the fact to lead to that conclusion

    Second how often has something like this happened in Barbados?

    From what I ready it seem to be an officer not following protocols (for one reason or another). Removing that officer from airport operations may be the only corrective action needed

    Again it all depends on the investigation


  • @ John 2

    Perhaps some of the appropriate questions you should have asked were…

    What is the correlation between a man boarding an aircraft with a loaded firearm and Barbados becoming a Republic?

    Would boarding an aircraft with loaded firearm considered to be a DIFFERENT or LESS SERIOUS CRIME had he guy COMMITTED the act ANY TIME BEFORE Tuesday, November 30, 2021?

    Should we assume EVERY negative event, issue or situation OCCURRING AFTER Tuesday, November 30, 2021, OCCURRED as a RESULT of Barbados becoming a Republic?

    Because some people expressed their opinion of not being supportive of the Republic or that Rihanna should not have been appointed a National Hero, MEANS Barbados is DIVIDED?

    Are there any FUNDAMENTAL or SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCES between crimes committed or any other event occurring DURING Independence and AFTER Republic status?


  • What fallout what? For an isolated incident?

    One blasted man! And an old one at that. Steupse!


  • And mind you, he never used the gun did he?


  • African+Online+Publishing+Copyright+ⓒ+2021.+All+Rights+Reserved

    Gotta admit it feels cool to have my own united nations rocking in cyberspace….


  • African+Online+Publishing+Copyright+ⓒ+2021.+All+Rights+Reserved

    btw….is the senior citizen dude a former police officer, that’s what people are sharing. to wait and see what investigators in Miami says, he has to speak to them.


  • Why can’t we just trust our security people to correct any deficiencies in that area and move on. They have a great track record.
    Sometimes we are just so eager to score political points that we are embarrassments. And I mean on both sides.
    We tend to cook everything with a political flavor..
    Case in point:
    I read some comments when we were planning to celebrate our fiftieth independence celebrations. And then I read some regarding our becoming a republic.
    It was a lesson in pure political hypocrisy on BOTH sides.
    And the pathetic puerile nonsense seems to have no end.
    We ought to do better.


  • David December 3, 2021 10:32 AM

    “Final warning to you.”


    I guess he’s the Grand Master?


  • Looks like the UK is in the grips of Global Warming episode.

    That’ll show them … they need to reduce their CO2 emissions.

    Clearly, the knowledge of the scientists who cling to the Global Warming theory is completely totally useless!!


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    New website launched. Enjoy


  • On the 24 hour rule.
    It could be pointed out that most paints dry quicker than 24 hours and are more interesting to watch.

    Have a great day.


  • Heather…giving ya a blow by blow, never mind it looks like the websites are done, no they are not, still tons of work to do and nuff, nuff money to spend to get it exactly where ya want it..


  • Forgot to mention…for what am doing, it requires 2 programmers/web developers AND a web designer….and that’s a long term collaboration.


  • … it dries in 15 minutes you can scrub, scrub, scrub

    Berger lasts you see!!

    Some paints, no matter how you try to remove them, you just can’t get it done!!


  • People seem to think it’s carelessness in security who allow fellow security and police to walk through without searches as some people say they have witnessed for years and years. Hopefully they allow his family to take control of him if he has dementia as some say. This could have ended very badly.

    “The 85-year-old Barbadian man who has made international headlines for travelling with a loaded firearm on an American Airlines flight from Barbados to Miami could have the felony charge discontinued against him.

    Cameron Hinds, a retired police sergeant of the Royal Barbados Police Force, appeared before Judge Tanya Brinkley via Zoom at the 11th Circuit Court yesterday.

    Subscribe now to our eNATION ( for the full story. For the latest stories and breaking news updates download the Nationnews apps for iOS and Android. #MeAndMyNation #YourNewsYourTimeYourWay #TheSourceMatters #NationBarbados #Barbados


  • Pacha…i got the pleasure to listen up close and personal to one of those 3 giant professors from last week…the knowledge is invaluable… so much we don’t know, so much to learn.and actually got an opportunity to ask him questions directly…priceless…and of course have no shame and will not only pick his brain but get access to info…


  • This incident with the loaded gun happened early last month. The PM said she did not know until the day before the story broke on the news. Neval said persons are BEING trained to prevent this from happening again. The US authorities said they reported the matter to Barbados. The public would not have about if it had not broken in the international press. Bottomline the government knew a month ago and kept Bajans in the dark. The PM was worried about her international PR image…


  • @Donna, “one blasted man, and an old one at that”.

    Quite right, as you should know by now that old men’s guns do not work as well nor reload as well.

    So dem come on here and write instead.


    Or Rahrahrahaaaaa as Gearbox would proclaim.

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  • Challenges with constructive dismissal
    Occasionally I receive communication from employees who claim that they have been constructively dismissed or believe they have good grounds for making that claim. Of the many persons I have spoken to in these scenarios, perhaps one out of ten could advance a successful claim for constructive dismissal.
    The problem is that constructive dismissal is harder to prove than most realise and the term is unfortunately used very loosely in any scenario where the employee believes he has suffered some form of workplace hardship, unfairness or change in contract terms. While these may lend support to a claim for constructive dismissal, the facts of each particular case may not suffice to advance a successful claim.
    So what is constructive dismissal?
    Constructive dismissal involves two main scenarios. The first and most obvious is where the employer makes a material change to the contract terms without the employee’s consent or engages in conduct which shows that the employer no longer intends to be bound by one or more of the essential terms. This is usually seen where the employer materially alters the employees pay, makes a significant change to the employee’s duties or position, or superimposes new contract terms that are significantly different from what previously existed. When these material alterations occur without the employee’s consent, it represents a breach of contract and the employee may refuse to operate under the new terms. Where the employer insists that the employee must work under the new terms, then the employee may rely on the employer’s breach of contract as justification to resign and claim that he was constructively dismissed.
    The other form of constructive dismissal arises where the conduct of the employer destroys or is likely to destroy or seriously damage the relationship of trust and confidence between the employer and employee.
    This is the more common scenario where constructive dismissal claims arise but it is also the most difficult to prove. This can involve a wide array of scenarios, including where the employee is repeatedly victimised, harassed or sexually harassed or where the working conditions are so intolerable that the employee cannot reasonably be expected to put up with it any longer.
    The main challenge with constructive dismissal is that the burden of proof lies on the employee, since the employee is not in fact terminated by his employer. In order to resign and claim that the resignation was akin to a termination, the employee must show that the circumstances that triggered his resignation were such that he could
    not reasonably be expected to stay in employment any longer. This is a hard burden to meet.
    There are other fetters to a claim being successful. For instance, where the claim arose from a change in contract terms, if the employer can show that the changes were necessary and/or reasonable in the circumstances, then an employee’s claim for constructive dismissal may fail. Similarly, where the claim by the employee is that the conduct of the employer destroyed the relationship of trust and confidence between the parties, this is assessed by an objective standard and not simply by what the employee believed.
    Additionally, an employee who claims constructive dismissal must resign within a reasonable time after the alleged breach or reprehensible conduct by the employer. If he fails to do so, then he will be deemed to have impliedly consented to the new contract terms or to have acquiesced in the employer’s conduct.
    To date, I am aware of only three claims for constructive dismissal which have been decided by the Employment Rights Tribunal, including a recent decision rendered by the tribunal on November 17, 2021. None of the claimants in those cases were successful, largely because the particular facts in each case did not justify the employee’s resignation or because the employee delayed inordinately in resigning after the breach by the employer. It is notable that one of these decisions involved the first dissenting opinion given by a tribunal member.
    Michelle M. Russell is an attorney with a passion for employment law and labour matters and a budding social activist. Email:

    Source: NATION


  • Govt, society and business

    By Ezra Alleyne
    There are some pleasing coincidences in the life of a columnist when ideas squatting in the mind escape from their confinement and sprint Bolt-like to sit perfectly on the printed page in a coherent whole.
    Recently I have been watching the oral history interviews of Sir David Simmons, a former Attorney General and later Chief Justice. His is a worthwhile story to tell. It enhances the public store of sociopolitical knowledge And while I was thinking on that important series of oral history, Sir Charles Williams, of “moving the earth to please” fame, left us for his place at the “right hand of Our Father who art in Heaven.”
    The life story of a man like Sir Charles, born without a spoon of any kind in his mouth, was equally a story worth reading. These two stalwarts of recent Barbadian society have chosen different forms in which to record their public service stories for the benefit of posterity.
    These events occurred in the run-up to the proclamation of the republic. My mind ran back to the significance of the Bushe Experiment of October 1, 1946, on which I wrote in an earlier column.
    As a result, I reminded myself (pardon the pun) that Sir Richard “Johnny” Cheltenham, a former Cabinet minister and President of the Senate, had written a doctoral thesis on the Constitutional And Political Development Of Barbados 1946 To 1966.
    Contextual reflection on the republic idea leads us to recognise that the roles of Government and of the business sector make them partners in developing the society. So the business of politics is not merely about politics; neither is the business of business merely to make profit.
    The Government’s role is to create the policy framework within which business can operate and exist without gouging consumers.
    Hence my mention of the Cheltenham thesis. What were the public policies of the 1946 to 1966 era? Were those policies conducive to the creation of the kind of framework that could cause business of all kinds to flourish?
    Or was the society a closed society in which the practices of the existing order would confine the commanding heights of the economy to the grasp of the few, to the disadvantage of the many?
    Prime Minister Sir Lloyd Sandiford sometimes spoke of aiming for “the just society” and our first Prime Minister Errol Barrow talked of capturing the commanding heights of the economy.
    But in our democracy, these aims can be achieved only by respecting the Independence Constitution, which mandates Governments
    to respect the fundamental rights of all classes within the society.
    Colonial times
    Hence the practices of colonial times, which advantaged one class or race or ethnic group, cannot now be employed to advance the society.
    So that when Cabinet minister Dr Don Blackman reasoned that C.O. Williams was not awarded the Highway 2A contract because we had to “redress historical imbalances”, I wrote in my column that two wrongs do not make a right and that the Constitution was offended. Sir David Simmons won the case for Sir Charles.
    So how then can a Government “redress historical imbalances” and not breach the Constitution? About four years ago, I wrote that a Minister of Finance must keep a copy of the Constitution in his back pocket. That is what I meant then.
    And so, the Freehold Tenantries legislation of the Tom Adams era redressed that historical imbalance of the slavery era by using the Constitution carefully and legally.
    We also must draw from recent history lessons on how the closed society of power, influence and money of yesteryear can become the open society of equal opportunity and inclusivity of today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow!
    Biographies of business leaders like Sir Charles’ allow us also to reflect on whether and how the business practices of the colonial era militated against the flowering of new businesses, and if those obstacles still exist.
    We may then consider how the policymakers might better the situation by fiscal policy for the betterment of the society. Thus the flowering of the credit union movement by careful policymaking measures.
    The business class and the political class both contribute immensely to modern democratic governance. May Sir Charles rest in peace. He, too, was a nation builder.
    Ezra Alleyne is an attorney and former Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly.


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    Town Planning orders Cherry, Bynoe to cease work
    By Maria Bradshaw mariabradshaw@ Massy Properties, the owner of the land at Mangrove Pond, St Thomas, which has been occupied by waste hauler Anderson Cherry for his Project Recycling business, has been issued a stop notice by the Town & Country Development Planning Office, in relation to the excavation work taking place there.
    When contacted, managing director of Massy Properties, Shane Sandiford, confirmed that the notice had been received and “was being passed on to Mr Cherry”.
    He added that Massy Properties was also in the process of selling the land to Cherry, who recently announced that he was building a state-of-the-art recycling plant on the location but ran afoul of the Town and Country Planning since there was no permission granted for the project.
    Were investigating
    The Sunday Sun was unable to reach Acting Chief Town Planner Trevor Leach, who had previously indicated that they were investigating the work which was being undertaken at the site, where a cave was also discovered.
    Messages to Cherry from this newspaper also went unanswered.
    However, Sandiford said: “We are in the process of confirming the sale of the land to Mr Cherry. Anything else will have to come from our attorneys, but yes, the land is earmarked for Mr Cherry.”
    Pressed further, he added: “I can speak to a stop notice having been received and being passed on to Mr Cherry.”
    Businessman Paul Bynoe, of B’s Recycling, also confirmed that he, too, received a stop notice two weeks ago, stating that he was in shock about getting it since he had not done anything with the land.
    “I know that I applied to Town and Country Planning for some land up there, but I, Paul, did not physically [go] on the land and do anything because I was waiting and trying to abide by the Town and Country Planning because I did not want to go and run myself in any more trouble than I am already in.
    “So I sit down and cool my heels and let the people do what they were supposed to do. So when I get that document I was shocked, but that means they ain’t forget me,” he said.
    Bynoe applied for permission more than four years ago to relocate his recycling plant to that land.
    Only one on file
    Sunday Sun investigations revealed that his application was the only one on the department’s file for development of the land.
    Cherry, who has found himself in hot water again, had told this newspaper that he was only excavating the property in preparation for the future construction of a singleuse recycling plant.
    He said the cave which was uncovered would be preserved and integrated into the construction.
    The excavation work was condemned by long-standing St Thomas resident High Court Judge Carlisle Greaves, who questioned if Cherry had planning permission to undertake the massive work he was doing at the site.

    Source: Nation

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  • Heather December 5, 2021 12:44 AM

    RE: “This incident with the loaded gun happened early last month.”

    I’ve not seen anything in the several news articles I’ve read concerning this recent incident that suggests it occurred “early last month.”

    Could you please post news articles or any other evidence that would substantiate your claim?


  • @Artax

    Watch the NBC video and pause the video when the police document appears on screen . At the bottom the date is noted.


  • @Artax
    I received a whatsapp link to an article in the Nation under Maria Bradshaw’s byline recording that the incident occurred on Nov.4. After the PM said she only became aware of it last Thursday I thought that the Nation got the date wrong but what do I know.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @David, you may have to give Mr Alleyne a place of ‘homage’ here on BU as you have in past with Justice Cumberbatch and others.

    Whether he can come and take the lashes as the dean did would be left to be seen!

    All that to highlight these few words from his colum which could be the introductions of several chapters of a Bajan Book: Slavery Renounced by Force to Slavery Reclaimed by Choice!

    1“So that when Cabinet minister Dr Don Blackman reasoned that C.O. Williams was not awarded the Highway 2A contract because we had to “redress historical imbalances”, I wrote in my column that two wrongs do not make a right and that the Constitution was offended. Sir David Simmons won the case for Sir Charles.”

    So, what Don did was wrong because he didn’t do it to fit legal requirements in our modern ‘supposedly just’ society. Although it was done ‘just so’ in a bygone era that playbook was no longer ‘constitutional’!

    2.So how then can a Government “redress historical imbalances” and not breach the Constitution? About four years ago, I wrote that a Minister of Finance must keep a copy of the Constitution in his back pocket. That is what I meant then. […] And so, the Freehold Tenantries legislation of the Tom Adams era redressed that historical imbalance of the slavery era by using the Constitution carefully and legally.

    A major Bajan force was the man Tom and a major ‘trouble maker’ of ill repute too … should be considered for national awards???

    3.“We also must draw from recent history lessons on how the closed society of power, influence and money of yesteryear can become the open society of equal opportunity and inclusivity of today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow!”

    Well, that’s the perennial issue… ‘affirmative action’ policies are vilified although in a past time (not too distant) we could NOT get what was ours due to blatant discrimination; it was simply taken away by illegal force or we were killed/incarcerated. Now we have to be gracious and careful how we DEMAND to get back what was forcibly denied us by right!

    And den we have a new Republic with old titles and fake honourifics still guiding us … ah well!


  • @David
    I was going to write “That article should be framed” under Garth Patterson’s latest column that you placed in “Rihanna National Hero of Barbados”

    Unfortunately, that blog is closed to comments


  • @Dee Word

    Have sent a couple PMs via Facebook over the years but he did not respond.


  • @Sargeant

    The blog status changed to open given it is a topical issue.


  • African+Online+Publishing+Copyright+ⓒ+2021.+All+Rights+Reserved

    If the government said they did not know about this, that’s a lie, they were contacted. Ya getting two different stories, but the senior citizens said he forgot he had it in his pocket. Why is he even walking around with a gun.

    Man carried loaded handgun on American Airlines flight from Barbados to Miami, officials say
    By Michael Laris, The Washington Poat
    Updated: 1 day ago Published: 1 day ago

    Aircraft operated by American Airlines are seen at Miami International Airport in Miami, Fla., on June 16, 2021. Bloomberg photo by Eva Marie Uzcategui
    An 83-year-old passenger boarded an American Airlines flight in Barbados last month with a loaded Ruger revolver in his pants pocket, then flew to Miami, authorities said.

    The breach at Barbados’ Grantley Adams International Airport raised questions about the level of security in the Caribbean nation, a popular vacation destination. An international team from the Transportation Security Administration will travel to work with local officials on improvements, the agency said.

    After passenger Cameron Hinds, from the island’s capital city of Bridgetown, landed at Miami International Airport, he sent his briefcase through a security screening ahead of his connecting flight to Orlando, authorities said.

    A TSA X-ray operator discovered the .32-caliber weapon, loaded with five rounds, in the black case. Hinds was arrested by Miami-Dade Police and charged with carrying a concealed weapon.

    He pleaded not guilty in Miami-Dade Circuit Court. His attorney did not immediately respond to a request for comment Friday. Court records show he was released on his own recognizance pending additional court proceedings.

    Hinds told police that after he went through customs, he remembered the gun in his pocket and then put it in his carry-on before reaching the TSA checkpoint.

    “We are very proud of our officers who immediately intercepted the gun when the individual was going through security to transfer to a domestic flight,” TSA spokeswoman Sari Koshetz said. “This is a rarity, and one we take quite seriously. It highlights the reason why we do rescreen international passengers before they connect to a domestic flight in the United States.”

    Koshetz declined to say whether Hinds’s actions amounted to a mistake or an intentional threat, saying that will be left to authorities in Barbados and Miami. TSA’s mission is to stop threats in either case, she said.

    American Airlines declined to release details about the incident, saying the safety and security of employees and customers are its top priorities. The airline said it is working closely with law enforcement.

    Barbados’ consul general in Miami, Neval Greenidge, did not immediately respond to a request for comment. But Greenidge told South Florida’s NBC 6, which first reported the incident, that the “blunder” came after a security agent patted down Hinds. The revolver was in Hinds’s bag, under a laptop, Greenidge told the station. But the laptop should have been removed as part of screening in Barbados, Greenidge said, adding that steps are being taken to prevent a repeat.

    The TSA “partners with countries to provide assistance, guidance, and assessments to assure an airport’s security posture is in accordance with established international standards,” the agency said in a statement, noting that it does not have regulatory authority over foreign airports. The agency “took immediate action to contact the Government of Barbados and the airline to obtain additional information as an investigation was initiated in Barbados,” it said.”


  • @ David
    @ Sargeant


    I only saw 4/2021………. and since yesterday was December 4, it is reasonable to conclude the incident occurred on November 4, 2021.

    But, I’m not seeing the exact date in any of the articles I’ve read so far.

    This begs the questions, why the USA authorities took almost (4) weeks to investigate the matter and charge the individual…… and why it took a similar length of time to be reported in the media?


  • Condolences are coming in for Douglas Trotman’s children and extended family…


  • Thank you Sargeant. November 4th was confirmed from my source!

    It is impossible that the PM only found out on December 2nd or 3rd!


  • @ Artax, it took 4 weeks to reach the media. It did not take 4 weeks to reach the government of Barbados. It must have been on the same or the next day that the government was informed. Neval said people were being trained. It happened long enough for a training program to be organized and be in a state of delivery.

    The PM said that nothing happens without her knowing so she kept this from the people of Barbados and spoke because the story broke in the International press.

    Based on this alone, I hope that no was is fired. When it was hidden it was a non issue that only required training.


  • @ Artax, based on the article posted by WURA…”The agency “took immediate action to contact the Government of Barbados and the airline to obtain additional information as an investigation was initiated in Barbados,” it said.”
    Neval’s account is not what happened is in direct conflict with what Mr. Hinds said.



    over a month later and they don’t know who is responsible yet….playing it off like it just happened….


  • It’s obvious an attempt was made to cover this up..


  • @ Heather @ Artax @ WURA
    Do we really believe that something like this could have happened and it took local authorities more than 24 hours to be informed by USA authorities?’
    Whether we try to dress it up with totally unbelievable mouthings ; the truth is that in airline security terms , it is a major breach or failure on our part.
    But, once more we are attempting to minimalize the whole episode. And that is preposterous.
    Like I wrote a few days ago. Let’s just accept the responsibility, correct whatever caused it to happen and move on.
    There is no way, that such an occurrence will reach the PM’s desk several days later farless weeks.

    Liked by 1 person

  • cherry picking ?

    Town Planning orders Cherry and Bynoe to cease work


  • Heather
    The PM Probably knew about the incident the day it happened also the News outlets
    However because of security concerns it is posible that theywere asked to sit on it until it was further investigated
    This would be a national security issue for both countries


  • @John2, I get your point. My question, is why were the first words out of her mouth a lie? No one asked when she knew about this situation, yet she held a press conference before the public of Barbados and stated that she only heard about the matter yesterday (Thursday morning). This is becoming a trend that is a cause for concern when we have leaders blatantly lying to the public. First Santia and now the PM


  • The truest purest form of knowledge is discernment of evil intention in human interaction with bad minded jealous people and their wicked intention. Black people should know this feeling in a white world of hate where everyone wants them to fail, the art of jokes that cut lie a knife with evil laughs etc. White Governments, media, spies are full up with prejudice… You get the picture beloveds..


  • “This would be a national security issue for both countries”

    bullshit..the media in Miami had the info in the public domain right away…..a small island that cannot even pay its debts, has nothing anyone wants outside of ENSLAVING THE PEOPLE…..what national security what …you Slaves are the reason that the island will NEVER recover..🤣🤣

    .THE people HAVE to move away from theise LIES, LIARS and EMBARRASSMENTS….and KICK THEM OUT OF THE PARLIAMENT…..


  • Using the King trope that white folks use to whitesplain he was ignored, beaten,arrested, spied on by FBI, had misinformation propaganda against and was shot dead.
    He is the safe option that whites use to describe how blacks should act.


  • I know whites hate CHINESE, that’s all you need to know to overstand their bullshit


  • In a world of debate people give you one star for making an intelligent comment, it’s like talking to a brick wall, or worse playing a game against cheats who want to win by hook and crook.
    The Internet is a scam for wicked white Governments and spies who are now working with the Hi-Tek Corps to prevent access for one and all.


  • Taxi men seeing uptick in business


    sheriabrathwaite@nationnews. com
    NINETEEN DAYS AFTER the Minister of Maritime Affairs and the Blue Economy Kirk Humphrey promised that taxi operators would get a piece of the pie from cruise ships docking in Barbados, the president of the Bridgetown Port Taxi Co-op Society Ltd (BPTCSL) is reporting an uptick in business.
    Adrian Bailey told the DAILY NATION that port taxi operators were starting to see brighter days where work was concerned and going forward, he hoped things would get even better.
    “I don’t want to say that everything is perfect but there has been a great improvement. We are willing to work with what we have at the time as we understand that the pandemic has affected the tourism industry greatly,” he said.
    “The cruise ships coming to Barbados are bringing around 1 800 passengers compared to the normal ship capacity of 4 000. So the numbers are not there to cover tours booked off the ship, but both associations (the BPTCSL and the Independent Seaport Taxi Union) have seen some improvement coming from the promises of Minister Kirk Humphrey and Minister of Tourism and International Transport Senator Lisa Cummins.”
    Not getting work
    On November 18, ahead of a special ceremony to welcome back AIDAperla cruise ship, several taxi operators outside the Bridgetown Port complained about not getting any work while tour buses owned by larger operators ferried passengers from the facility.
    During the ceremony, Humphrey announced Government’s directive that cruise ships had to allow passengers to use taxis based at the port.
    “I have to emphasise that Humphrey did an excellent job paving the way and clearing out all the irritants surrounding the cruise ships, and we thank Cummins and the chairman of the Bridgetown Port Peter Odle and his management
    team for being on board and supporting our associations,” Bailey said.
    “What we were getting from some passengers from the cruise ships was that they wanted to do their own tours, but they were being told that they could not do anything unless they booked a tour from off the ship. This is not a major problem any longer but there are one or two people, when engaged, reporting this information from some of the cruise lines.
    “Going forward, we are hoping that as things improve, where COVID-19 is concerned, and there are more passengers on the ships, we hope we get a further improvement in business.”
    He added that training during the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc.’s sensitisation workshops earlier this year came in handy as the port taxi operators were able to facilitate tours safely, and not one operator had contracted COVID-19 at this time.

    Source: Nation


  • Crusoe,

    What I meant was that it was unlikely to be terrorism but was a mistake.

    A mistake is bad but an intentional breech would be seen as much worse.

    Mistakes can be corrected. And mistakes OCCUR EVERYWHERE.


  • Things like these get covered up all the time.

    You guys love building mountains, don’t you?

    I wonder how you can live in a perpetual state of perfectionist outrage!


  • One must pick one’s battles carefully or else one can have not one single moment of peace.

    The danger there is that one can forget how to be peaceful or how to enjoy peace.

    One then becomes a warmonger looking for battles where there should be none.

    You then become the problem.


  • Oh hell! I am here accidentally listening to Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime interview.

    Seems his mother gave him the EXACT same sex lessons for men that I lowered myself to give last week.

    Now dah book got legs!


  • The good coming out of this is they will be monitored CONSISTENTLY going forward,, they are too GODDAMN BACKWARD….that is why this happened…..unfortunately people may be inconvenienced when traveling to the US for some time because of this…but at least the workers will get some badly needed TRAINING on airport security….cause obviously what they had prior was inadequate…


  • Heather

    Do u have the vid of press conference and can you share it?


    How can u Jump to the conclusion of poor Training because of one incident (known) in how many years……….and may nyt one Person?


  • John 2,

    Yuh wasting yuh time! Barbados is expected to be perfect or else it is a Banana Republic.

    Being reasonable is outlawed on BU.


  • Useless knowledge.

    Gas in Barbados $ 3.99 ( $2.50 cdn ) per litre

    Gas in Toronto Canada $ 1.32 ( $2.10 bbd ) per litre


  • The PM’s response to the question about the incident suggests that she is trying to be too clever by far. She wants us to believe that she is like the rest of us and woke up one morning and read the report in the Press and said “wait wuh gwine on hay?” A straightforward response would be “I knew of the incident but for security reasons we didn’t want to disclose any details” Instead she said she only heard of the incident the previous day and heads would roll etc.

    Meanwhile her rep in Florida is giving chapter and verse about the origin and cause of the occurrence and what steps the Gov’t is undertaking to ensure it doesn’t happen again.


  • Mr. Hinds is a former G4S Security boss. Perhaps he was not checked because of this.



    Wuhlaus! Build another mountain. This one is not co-operating.


  • A next one for file 13
    What was Mia told and when was she told.
    Filed between Maloney Scam, and
    Ram test scam as we are waiting on an update


  • Relaxing in T&T
    Ventured out this morning and it seems as if everyone is masked. The driver was not vaccinated.


  • “Relaxing in T&T”

    if nothing else ya will have the time of ya life..

    “Meanwhile her rep in Florida is giving chapter and verse about the origin and cause of the occurrence and what steps the Gov’t is undertaking to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”

    he is giving his lying version of the events…i believe the senior citizen who seem to still have all his faculties…and he is still going to court so we await the final verdict….in the meantime, has anypne flown from Barbados to Miami lately…

    how could you promise an investigation OVER ONE MONTH LATER, when TSA started theirs the same day…are there no cameras at the airport….the scanners are obviously there but only for certain people…….and as people have been saying they do that all the time for people they know…..displaying a lack of even basic training..

    John2…how DO YOU KNOW THERE HAVE NOT BEEN MORE INCIDENTS…..we know about this one ONLY because they DID NOT GET AWAY WITH COVERING IT UP…….do you know how much SHITE THEY HAVE BEEN DOING FOR DECADES…keep on pretending you don’t know, they are the ones being made EMBARRASSED…and you are the one going to be searched every time to enter the US from Barbados….🤣🤣


  • Not afraid of Trinidad? Yuh RELAXING in Trinidad?

    Boy, when I read Trinidadian newspapers I feel like crying.

    Relaxing in Trinidad. Wonders never cease.


  • @Heather

    A reasonable comment.


  • WW

    How can u Jump to the conclusion of poor Training because of one incident ** (known)** in how many years……….and may nyt one Person?


    Understand the highted know


  • I Dont know how many incident their were
    I know of this one
    I also know that TSA with brtter technology than bim also have a lot of breaches so i fi not expect that this was the only breach In bim. Hence. Known


  • Getting search by AirPort security is part of my life.

    I have been through it all and is alesta prepared for it


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