Open Letter to Barbados Minister of Transport, Works and Maintenance

The plight of Alden BLACKman was carried by Caribbean News 13/03/2019.

March 12, 2019

Hon. William Duguid JP,

Sir, I write to you as the new Minister of Transport, Works and Maintenance. To informed you, and seek clarification, and rectification of a dangerous situation.

Sir, I lived adjacent to a natural watercourse from 1982, and never once saw the course edges overflowed, until 2002, after a British Expat White Woman, obtained the services of heavy equipment, and encroached onto said watercourse, levelled down the edges and made a path/road across, to prepared her lot for building. That process started the alteration of the course.

In late 2002, nearing completion of building, the heavy equipment returned, entered the said course, and proceeded to further altering, by placing boulders out, up, and along the land marks in the centre. That resulted in narrowing the natural course, for an increased of land from within the course, to form a yard-cum-private road that joined the levelled down path/road across the course on her side. The levelled edge to the outer side was not rebuilt.

Those actions brought the first flooding in 20+years. At that stage, I was the most affected by flooding. Thereafter, I was made to endured the consequences of yearly redirecting flood flows to my home causing damages to house and surrounding.

Sir, years of Complaining to Drainage Unit Officers from 2003 and MTW Officers from 2004, to this day, brought no relieved, no remedy , only comfort promises. The top Officers from MTW. Former CTO Thornhill and present DCTO Tudor, the two Officers, I held hope in, for a remedy to said altered course, showed inaction to the plight of this Black man.

Sir, no need for me repeating what was done by Arthur’s Construction when laying pipes for BWA, in said course.  After the pipes were biased laid, the results from heavy rainfall became worse, started to affect the Black Residents of Clarke Road, but MTW/Drainage Unit Officers continued disregarding my pleas, and blatantly overlooked the dangerous situation, and the fact that Black Barbadian lived below the risk.

The effort of MP. Hon. Minister Kerrie Symmonds, did failed by 2008, no remedy was done.

The following 10 years, MTW/ Drainage Unit Officers blatantly continued disregarding the plight of Black Residents of Clarke’s Road, by inactions to the root cause of flooding, for the purpose of allowing a British Ex-pat white woman to have a private road, that was discriminatory maintained with paving, by MTW, leading up to the General Election in 2013.

Sir, the Black Residential Area, road was then, still is deteriorating condition, because it became the new watercourse, due to the altering of the original watercourse in 2002. But was not paved, leading up to 2013 General Election.

While MTW/Drainage Unit Officers kept overlooking the risk. similar actions, were done by a Mr. Clarke in 2010, while preparing his lot behind the White land owner. Mr. Clarke: also got the services of heavy equipment to removed, the remaining edges, from above the across road, to upstream where the floods flow emerges. That deep part of the once natural course, is now a garden.

Its clearly seen by me, and persons with integrity, that the said Officers of MTW/Drainage Unit have afflicted this dangerous situation with blatant disregard, unjustified and discriminatory actions.

Concerned persons acted for the safety of me and my family plight. In late 2010 assisted us with erecting a short protection wall, “on what appears to be a drainage course”, is not the original drainage course, but due to years of erosion from redirected floods flows, caused by the narrowing of the original course in 2002, and the directed wash over floods flows, from the road across the course.

Sir, due to statement from you” as the new Minister of MTW&M”,  in reply, to a an email from me, on 24 Feb 2019  you stated “I have asked for the Town Planning enforcement notice”  this is the first stage.

DCTO Mr. Philip Tudor, email to me, on the 20 Feb 2019, stated  “As I had mentioned to you at a site meeting which we had some time ago, this matter was referred to Chief Town Planner, Whose Agency is responsible for issuing enforcement notices. Please note that no demolition of this structure in St. James could have been carried out by the Ministry of Transport and Works without the authorization of Town and country Planning Department. To date, we have received no such authorization. I will however contact the Chief Town Planner in an effort to see if this situation can be remedied before the 2019 hurricane season”.

Sir, I never met Mr. Tudor, my telephone conversations with Mr. Tudor ceased when I realized that my pleading and hoping were misplaced. Clarification Is needed from Mr. Tudor as to what structure is to be demolish, and for what reason.

Sir, I was informed of further Discriminatory practices against me, “to demolish my protection wall, built in late 2010,” as the “MAIN PROBLEM” that caused flooding to my home, and Clarke’s Road Residents since 2002”, and not the White woman private road, “built into and across the watercourse in 2002”.

Did DCTO Mr. Tudor in 2004, seek to obtained an enforcement notice from the Chief Town Planner, to removed, what he told me, is “an illegal boulders wall private road into, and along the natural watercourse”. why was the road across said watercourse allowed?

This is 15+years later in which Mr. Tudor inactions as to this dangerous situation was as blatantly showed, as the others Officers.

Sir, I now appeal to you for a justly, “right to a wrong” that Residents of Clarke’s Road and I had to endured for the pass 15+ years. Please, see this watercourse site that was once a define natural watercourse, and judge for yourself.

86 thoughts on “Open Letter to Barbados Minister of Transport, Works and Maintenance

  1. With all due respect Blackman
    Why don’t u stop the long talk and hire a couple boys off the block to remove the boulders

    • And how does that address the problem of institutionalized corruption and or inefficient? The thing about is that you like to cherrypick your causes as is your right.

  2. british expat white woman rather than a lady who maybe who does not understand how her changing the landscape will impact others in the area.This is the problem the lines have been drawn, by invoking the race and foreigner card puts the minister in an awkward position rather than a simple lets fix the problem issue.

  3. Cherry picking what?
    The guy states that he knows the boulders are the problem
    After fifteen years of back and forth with govts..Time he removes the problem
    In any case hard to belive that govts would be so reckless in allowing boulders to cause flooding

    • We know you will only believe if comes out of George Street. You are telling Nr. Blackman to solve the problem by breaking the law. When you should be supporting his damn to ask our authorities to uphold the law.

      You may have the last word.

  4. Why should i support Blackman
    His accusations are bought on theory not on technical known facts
    Mr..Blackman has spent several years pointing fingers at the problem without bringing first hand expert advice to “back him ”
    Recently a professionsl engineer told him what the problem was abd he rejects the advice

  5. Placing boulders in the watercourse and building an impervious road at the edge of the watercourse increased the danger of destruction in a flood.

    Over the last 15 years houses with paved driveways have been built east of this area thereby increasing the volume of water flowing down to the watercourse.

    Hurricane season officially runs from June 1 through November 30.

    There is still time to correct the problem.

  6. @ Lawson

    When Blackman, and the previous land owner family members, who lived in Chapel Gap. Caution Pat Brayshaw about removing the watercourse sides, she said, the land is hers, she don’t do thing like Bajans. There is nothing lady like about Pat Brayshaw who happened to be White.

  7. I am writing in the aftermath of the horrible, terrorist attacks on two mosques in New Zealand and the subsequent, irresponsible attempts on the Barbados airways to conflate “fear of foreigners” with condemnation of Christianity in Barbados. The persons responsible need to be reminded of the massacre at the Mother Emmanuel AME church in Charleston, South Carolina. The statements follow the ill advised attempt in the same public space to question the suitability of referring to the Right Reverend Michael Maxwell as the Bishop of Barbados. The contribution of Christianity to the settlement and growth of Barbados is well documented. The personal foibles of a few cannot ‘trump’ this work of the church. There is no other cleric who bears responsibility for the ‘cure of souls’ and by implication the ‘care of bodies’ on every square inch of Barbados than the leader of the Anglican church and who throughout our history, even after 1969, remains the focus of unity among Christians in Barbados. Christian communities in Barbados have been led by, have cared for and educated countless persons born in foreign lands. In fact, if the political class would take counsel from the Christian church with respect to the implementation of csme and the incorporation of “the other” into our communities, they would do well. I personally find it disrespectful of the vast majority population, when there is this attempt to de-legitimize their Christian faith with baseless and irresponsible diatribe. Barbadian Christians care deeply about Barbados. Bishop Maxwell cares deeply about Barbados and all Barbadians and others resident here. Therefore, Bishop Maxwell is without doubt, the Bishop of Barbados. Let us express our deep horror of what has occurred in New Zealand and pledge to do our utmost to prevent the same from happening here. Pray for the souls of the dead and for the physical, emotional and spiritual recovery of the survivors and unequivocally condemn those who see it as an opportunity to try to divide Bajans by equating Christianity and “fear of foreigners”.

  8. Roy Morris: Editor’s Diary in Daily Nation Tuesday Oct 3,2006, “an Official of the Ministry explained he had examined THE PROBLEM and concluded there was reasonable justification for Blackman fear of being flooded OUT It dose not matter who the property owner is , if that person actions have encroached on a drainage system”.

    DCTO Philip Tudor was at MTW, is still at MTW, what was the caused of MP. Symmonds FAILING to get a remedy to a dangerous situation on behalf of poor Black Residents up to 2008.

    What happened at MTW, that a top Officer could task workers to paved an illegal private road,(that placed Black Residents at risk) for a White Woman, leading up to 2013 General Election DLP MP Hutson

  9. Hon Kerrie Symmonds had nothing to be awkward about, he was, still is reluctant about this dangerous situation, he even try to mute Blackman’s talk about the paving of private road obstruction, WHY ? his BLP was the government in 2002.

  10. 13 years and counting blackman still fighting over boulders
    In the mean time severe flooding has flooded many areas of barbados and Clarkes road remains unscathed by those events
    Relax maybe God is on the side of the people of Clarkes Rd

  11. Mariposa

    One good DAY, Blackman will look out his back door and say JUSTICE at last, the years don’t matter. Blackman and I expected reaction from people like you, to be of slavery times. “Black man seeking right to the wrong of a wicked White”, it is this time

  12. It seems to me that u mire concerned about the woman putting the boulders than the flooding
    As i have indicate therehave been several severe floods in barbados and there i is more reason to belive that your stubborness in lieu of Greenville decision is a continuing attack on the woman by your insistence in having the boulders removed.

  13. The white woman ain’t do a thing wrong. I see no fault in her for having money and using it to get her way. The problem is all those who took the money and cannot do a thing in the situation that Mr Blackman is raising. Going to Duguid would only end up with he telling you or some other to suck out ya mudda skunt. Duguid is a nasty piece of work just like Rogue-Works. If Rogue-Works cared about the plight of the average man she would have directed the Transport Minister and all the players that were involved in this unjust act to investigate and rectify. Rogue-Works can’t move a muscle to assist because corruption is involved and she has pardoned all previous corruption and is focus only on dealing with corruption under her watch as Prime Minister. Mr Blackman, your’s is looking and sounding very much like a lost cost. You will have to wait till the next big rains and your house and other houses in that watercourse area wash out to sea with a few deaths. Then you will hear the talkers lie, lie, lie.

  14. You are wrong, SSS. The white woman, if she has done what Watchman says and with that effect, is wrong. We should all treat others the way we would like to be treated. That is the Golden Rule. It is the only way that makes sense.

  15. He is not arguing with me.He is at loggerheads with govt for which he was fighting to have boulders removed
    Because i am not one to jump on the Blackman band wagon i am wrong
    Well if i am wrong then your defense of Mr. Blackman right to have the boulders remove contradicts all the other officials and technical engineers who have visited the area
    What has been evident So far that Mr. Blackman fear of a flood for the past thirteen years because of the boulders has not occured even during the passing of many hurricanes which has flooded barbados

  16. Donna @12:11
    I was struggling for a response but “Huh?” is better than anything I could come up with.
    Somebody has to tell them “paragraphs were invented”. A blob of

  17. i thought that Grenville spoke and you were satisfied.
    If sensible the woman would not say anything
    Disengagement has worked well for her, why change??

  18. 🙂
    Lawson, you know the saying “Don’t give up your day job”

    But you hit a funny note every now and then.

  19. Every Officer at MTW/Drainage unit including DCTO Tudor told Blackman, what was done to the watercourse was, still is illegal and wrong.

    MTW. DCTO Tudor probably confessed to his Wife, about this dangerous situation. His Wife knew of the situation, and did enlightened Mr. Blackman on Face Book, on who is to blame for the 15+ years inaction, to the plight of Poor Black Residents.

    My questions to Mr Tudor is why the lying now, about meeting Mr. Blackman.

  20. Donna

    How can she be wrong when she is allowed to get away with it? If Blackman is describing an injustice how could it be an injustice when it is allowed to continue? It is obvious that her money has allowed her to purchase a bit of clout, and so if she has violated others rights, but those who have attested that she act illegally with the installation of these boulders have done nothing about it, how in tarnation is that her fault? The fault lies squarely at the feet of those who have given her the Ok do what she pleases. Appealing to what is common decency is irrelevant in this matter. Blackman does not have the means to purchase a bit of common decency because if he could he remove the darn boulders as suggested and wait and see how many worms come out of the woodwork in support of this woman’s illegal act.

  21. I can tell you that if my house was being flooded I would have moved then by now and see who would lock me up. But that does not absolve anyone from the responsibility.

  22. @ Sunshine Sunny Shine,

    You are correct. Black Bajans gave the woman permission to put boulders in the watercourse.

    Black Bajans built the road next to the watercourse.

    However the white woman could have been considerate of her neighbors and left the watercourse in its original state.

  23. @Hants

    The road is across, and within the original watercourse. even though, not known for displaying much sense, the 2008-2013, MP Mr. George Hutson got MTW to paved the Road, he must have known what would happened to the Black Residents below. But he did it anyhow. Why?

  24. PS Mark Cummings at MTW&M now, was the Chief Town Planner in 2004. Why would DCTO Tudor in email Feb 20, 2019 tell Mr Blackman, that this matter was referred to the Chief Town Planner sometime ago. when did DCTO Tudor made the referral to CTP, did he know the road was going to get paved, who give to order to paved said road obstruction

  25. If the boulders are posing a threat to the people – whatever color or financial standing, either remove them now or wait for the hurricane season to see what will happen.
    Count the number of people in the various ministries and departments who have been passing the buck on this matter over the years. Do not be surprised by the number THAT IS THE BAJAN WAY.

    Don’t blame the “White” woman. She did none of the work herself. Money talks. That too is THE BAJAN WAY.

    I have just passed the one year milestone in not getting any concrete answers or compensation to the problems- financial and health wise- I went through and still face as a result of the South Coast Sewage brek down and cascading in the street and on private property-mine included. THAT IS THE BAJAN WAY.

           As I write this I am sniffing like a cocaine user..sneezing and nose running after only twenty seven minutes back following seven hours not here.   Every night that I am at home when the sewage truck does its pumping at the nearby Supermarket I am affected.   Who CARES? Our problems are not  those who purport to be the leaders and care givers- our problems are not in their neighbourhood or back yard.Shameful and saddening. THAT IS THE BAJAN WAY.

    My words to the gentleman – don’t let them stress you further and completely erode your quality of life. If you havent already done so, write to the woman, bullet the problems her road has caused and suggest she gets the Ministry and Town Planning and the whole Carousel of buck passers to address the situation. Be courteous remembering that she only made requests- they were met.


  26. Mr. Roy Morris: can you do another favour, for Mr. Blackman and the Poor Black Residents of Clarke’s Road St James. “this time you have the ears of PM Hon Mia Mottley”, as to what you saw in 2006, at this watercourse, it is worst now. The said Residents of this part of St. James Central, got no true representation on they behalf from BLP or DLP. for the pass 15+ years. now BLP again

  27. @ peggyagreen

    Thanks for understanding this situation. I know Mr. Blackman he don’t stress. First, to be courteous means nothing to the white perpetrator of this wicked act of altering the course. She defied the Police from Holetown Station, and would not moved her car from blocking the road one bank holiday, when she thought too many vehicles were passing on her private road.

    Mr. Blackman have ask her many times to removed the dislodged boulders from over on his side in the watercourse, not removed to this day.

    Mr. Blackman told MTW/Drainage Unit about the dislodged boulders, inaction continued from Officers.

    After November 2016 big flooding, Mr. Blackman pleaded to MP. Symmonds, promises were made, boulders still there. in 2018 MP Symmonds turned up with more comfort promises. boulders still dislodged, illegal road still across and along the watercourse.

  28. The new Minister is waiting on a report, from some of the said MTW/Drainage Unit Officers,” who showed inactions to this dangerous situation and allowed it to remained with maintenance from MTW” , to direct him.

    what roll does the MP for St. James Central play in all of this as to representation of the residents of Clarke’s Road ?

  29. The whole discussion is once again so typical. A totally wrong focus. Instead of getting excited about details, you should take a look at the big picture.

    Our Prime Minister and her Honorable Attorney General are in the process of negotiating the sovereign debt crisis over our US dollar debt. We should all pray and wish them good luck. I certainly do.

  30. Your house is not being flooded. You strike me as a very cold person. Frightfully cold. Somewhat sinister.

  31. To whom it may concern

    Like ManyPussy, the Nameless Ones #1 and #2 …

    The Rapist, the Newly Appointed …

    By the way, is any of wunna taking Before and After 8 months pictures of the faces of these people?

    Wunna see Lynette Holdim face?

    Man she look like if someone held her down and took a bicycle pump and pumped up her face!!!

    I can understand how some people are inclined to be ammmmm big boned but whuloss, dat is how you get bloated with 8 months and a $21 million slush fund from Chairman Mugabe President for Life???

  32. Donna

    Seriously? Who has the ultimate responsibility to resolve this situation instead of absolving themselves from it? Mia Mottley. Certainly not the white woman, she has done her part; permitted to do so, unfortunately, under the authority of those who give consent in the name of whatever bribe empowered them to do so. The last time I recall, temptation was never accused of being a sin; only those who give in to it. Therefore, this white woman tempted, the greedy brutes took, and all responsibility to this matter has been absolved and overlooked for 15 years. Blackman needs to remove the boulders in the name of protecting his property since the authorities permitted a road to be built in a known watercourse and granted permission for their benefactor to erect boulders there.

    The responsibility lies with Mia Mottley. Mia Mottley is now the power elite. A citizen has a matter that threatens his property and she should look into it and determine what influences led the governing authority to grant permission when such action was condemned as illegal. The same way how Rogue-Works intervene in the constitution to change it for her friends, she can show she cares about the plight of all bajans by attending to the 15 years a son of the soil has been crying out for resolve. Blackman is wasting his time. He should remove the boulders and wait for what comes next. Then you will see the true mantle of our despicable justice system played out in this case.


    Why should she be considerate? She was given permission. If no permission was granted then they would be no case. Why target the darn woman when she is simply using our double standard system to get by. Target those who continue to get away with doing bare shite in the name of officialdom.

    • We have the encroachment or what use to be at the Coverley entrance/exit to be used as a guide to how these things are done. Was that fixed because a law was contravened or…

    • There you go, David. What more proof do you need then a fitting example like the Coverly Compromise or the Mark Cummins intervention in frustrating the efforts of Mark Maloney and the political pea chinks that decided to put a stop to the Chief Town Planners frustrating Cement Store House construction by giving him more money via a PS post. That is why people like Mark Maloney and this white woman shall prevail. They are just bait that the stinking rats in government cannot resist.

  33. the white woman the white woman lol why has race have to enter even problems that are simple, this is a green problem who is going to pay. In the states race is always an issue, that ocasio-cortez woman…..apparently is upset that racism and gender bias is very much at play because a black woman has never won a Darwin award. WHY NOT she says .. with her credentials she should have gotten one of those years ago.

    • @lawson

      You need to understand the local culture. Reference to ‘white woman’ is not about race per se, it it pointing to privilege and how people of standing are able to gain favours in our system of government., It is not unlike what is happening elsewhere.

  34. I dont know what can be done about it is so ingrained. Now did this fella change the course when he built or someone else built their houses shifting the water course onto her property…who knows but all that aside if there is an issue that every major rainfall there is flooding in this fellas home it must be addressed but name calling aint going to work.

    • @lawson

      Try to remain focus on the issue. The BLACKman has posted sufficient documents to expose several government departments. They need to rule on the matter.

  35. Lawson

    The British Ex-pat is white . if she was Black, what would be your say, as to her altering a watercourse above your home, and the Governments Officers keep overlooking the risk to you.

  36. Lawson

    All cows give beef, all pigs produce bacon. Does not matter what colour they are. Black and White remain an issue as long black idiots with keys continue to provide service for the rich, who are mostly white and dish out piss to the blacks, who are mostly poor. The issue remains one of privilege and status, and that my good man is always an issue of the minority versus the majority. If the crux of this problem is centre around the permissions granted to this white woman to escalate the problems that Blackman now faces, the authorities have aided and abetted in illegal activity. Just like how they aide and abetted in the accident that took that poor woman’s child and never once identified with the illegal Mark Maloney encroachment as a factor in the accident. Black crooked idiots in officialdom granted the permission and black idiots in officialdom went after the poor and lay the blame, while the rich went about their business looking for another deal to strike. Is it Mark Maloney’s fault if he took full advantage of the situation? For me, hell no! If my money is going to buy you and you are going to let it buy you, I am going to buy 300 of you because, in return, I am going to earn 300,000,000 smackeroos pun top of the lil bittle I give 300 of you.

  37. The British perpetrator, removed the edges from the straight of the watercourse adjacent to Mr. Blackman’s back yard, and created a road across. The outer edge belong to a lot on Blackman’s right to the top . (she took the liberty to encroached) on that straight, which is less that 75ft from where the floods flow emerges.

    The built up boulders private road within the course is 5+ft high down stream slopping 3+ft up stream to where it joint the road across the course above my backyard level when finish.

  38. 50+ years of independence and the instruments of government still favor one group over another,
    50+ years of free and higher education and our officials kowtow to one group even more than their predecessors
    50+ years of BLP and DLP exchange of leadership and injustices under one administration are never corrected by the other,.
    50+ years of enriching one group and mistreating another group..

    Perhaps the yardfowls got it right after all. Suck a party pooch. 50 years of feast and famine as parties exchange the leadership are preferable to 50+ years of just famine.

    I signed up for the MDF and am on-board the M&M train but nobody is giving me my free ticket or my gravy.

    Namesless ones… where is my ticket for the gravy train

  39. Hey Barbados
    I hope your problems are less than my own and that all of you have a great day.

    It looks like a beautiful day here in NJ. Yesterday we reached 77 degrees in my area and I had to turn on the ac in my car. I think the coat I was wearing was responsible for my discomfort,

  40. watchman i said go work it out,hopefully amicably, its not a one way st pardon the pun, my neighbor at one of my rentals had apples that were bouncing off the garage roof into my jacuzzi. The tenant was pissed off so I went over to solve it but he was unreasonable so I told fine do nothing but as soon as my tenant leaves I will rent out the house to bikers for a club house and he can see what he can get for his house if anyone would buy it. The tree was cut back.

  41. As I’ve read the discrepencys of Mr Blackman stemming for almost two decades in my frame of thought and reasoning I see a problem in which the authorities responsible for drainage, hydrologist and a coastal zone expert should have seen employed in finding a fix the this flash flood prone environment. Looking into the matter couldn’t but be enhancing to the surrounding residents and taxpayers. We are and intellectual nation and by being proactive in environmental discrepancies we reduce property and lives lost to flooding

  42. Watchman

    All the information you are providing here is it factual? Is there any supporting pictures you can provide.

    Will Mia Mottley Intervene in this matter that started under her BLP who at that time, was operating like arrogant thugs and thieves?

  43. SSS

    Let us agree to disagree. The sinister comment was directed at Tron w’ho seems to think that the flooding of a man’s house is too trivial a matter for our attention or that of the prime minister. This is after having appealed to all her underlings.

  44. Mr Blackman complained from 2004 to the two top Officers of MTW. CTO, Frank Thornhill and DCTO, Philip Tudor. Both Officers must have known, “The Prevention of Floods Act Cap 235” and who have the responsibility to carry it out, in a case like “The dangerous situation posed by a watercourse in Clarkes road, St. James”.

    The said CTO of MTW, did inaction to the illegal private road that caused the risk, but sent Mr. Innis from Drainage Unit to sink a 20ft well in the wrong place, floods flows bypassed well, to Clarke’s road.

    MTW,CTO Frank Thornhill next unjustified, discriminatory action, was to task MTW work men to paved the said private road within and across the watercourse. Even though he told Mr. Blackman in 2004 the road is illegal and he will have the boulders removed.

    CTO, Mr. Frank Thornhill, had the duty to protect Mr. Blackman, a Barbadian taxpayer, from the risk of a created situation, of which he had the authority to remedy.

    CTO, Frank Thornhill promised an Officer of MTW that he will remedy the dangerous situation at Clarke’s Road, right to his retirement from MTW. The dangerous private road remained a risk.

  45. Over a year ago Mr. Blackman email MP Kerrie Symmonds and Cc to MP Mia Mottley. In a flash both reply with comfort promises. MP Symmonds went as far as to tell Mr. Blackman on his last days rounds in Clarkes road before 2018 General Election , that MP Mottley , and him visited the watercourse but, he (Blackman) was not home

    The last email to the Hon Minister Kerrie Symmonds, Cc to Hon PM Mia Mottley. Minister Symmonds reply to Mr. Blackman stated that he is not to be blame for Blackman’s plight, “which is true”. but to add that Mr. Blackman is getting unduly confrontational in his agitating to have the risk remedy, is very unconscionable of the Hon Minister Symmonds, he would not have allowed, what has happened, is still pose to happen to Blackman. To be DONE to him or any of his social class friends.

    Hon PM Mottley is silent.

  46. MsEU MM
    Why don’t you learn to get your facts right? Did Mark Cummins had any legal authority to grant or refuse the cement facility planning permission or only to serve a stop notice because of the erection of a structure without planning permission? Stick to the Alden Blackman matter and stop conflating issues.

  47. Puff Enuff

    Hello my sweetie. I am sure if you read again you will see that my only comment with respect to Mark Cummins was that he was given a PS post so that his part in frustrating Mark Maloney’s efforts to continue constructing his Cement Barn House would come to an end. Now how in the name of pooch licking did you arrive at me muddling facts? I do not see any reason why I should decipher between Mark Cummins authority to refuse to grant or Mark Cummins authority to serve a stop notice blah, blah, blah, when it so obvious to see. The point is that a thorn was pulled out from Mark Maloney side and Mark Maloney was freed by those who were bought with his campaign financing.

  48. Dearest SSS

    You have to expect that sort of attack for any dissenters against Mugabe

    Let me list the methods

    1.They do the classic GRAMMAR POLICE ATTACK. Under this frontal attack they seek to tear down targets by speaking about your English

    Like they did with the young UWI student Kemar who showed that Mugabe’s BERT was poop

    They attack your looks and or skin colour or your significant other’s skin colour, your bald head, weave, drooping breast, known sexual prowess, sexual deviancy, child rapist status.

    Remember how they used to talk about the skin tone of the Honourable Blogmaster some years back

    They attack your profession

    Like they did with the Luminary Jeff Cumberbatch when he first came here and almost left in a week

    They attack your character and associations Leroy Paris the Leper, Michael Carry way a ton, the late DPP the Guyanese

    Then the call you names.

    Mine is the Conspiracist and the Wearer of Tin Foil

    You are Miss EU Marketing Manager

    They don’t know how to cope with people who embrace their names


    But they get fearful of the ones with the data and the materials stored spreadsheets which are not on the drive they accessed, data that these dissidents will not hesitate to publish when challenged.

    It’s a really terrible thing to be in situations where you say something AND IT IS RECORDED, but you can’t delete the records BECAUSE THE VERY DELETION IS AN ACT CONFIRMING YOUR GUILT!

    I mean, when the originals AND THE DELETED VERSIONS are compared, what happens then?

    That is not for you Dearest, the reader knows who it’s for.

    but Those are the ones they fear. The librarians.

    One final thing.

    I am going to be politely crude because I have found that crudity makes sure people DO NOT FORGET THE SUBJECT LESSON

    Just imagine That you and I meet at say 5.19 pm on Saturday 16th 2019, we start to get touchy. note the time reference and go back to 5.19 pm and see the meaning to my story

    The two of us take to a liking of each other, I, in my fairytale story, am totally blown away by your ravishingly spectacular looks and you find my 5.4 foot frame and round belly, cute

    At 6.10, almost an hour after you tek pity on me and say let’s have “sex”, I agree

    But then I say that I want to have “unprotected sex” with you, WOULD YOU AGREE?

    I DONT THINK SO DEAREST yet if you look at that 5.09 and 6.10 pm response between you and one of the BU BORG, that is precisely what you did.

    Now it’s Sunday morning here at 3.21 am and de ole man ent feel like getting up and going to de virtual machine and downloading that picture day you were sent but I caution you about these files Dearest

    If you have to use their pictures use screen shots DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANY OF THEIR PICTURES my sweetest

    Forgive my crude imagery BUT I have found that after I speak and use that type of example PEOPLE NEVER FORGET THE MESSAGE AGAIN

    Imagine you and this rooly polly 300 pound 5.4 inches old man in bed!!

    you will never forget my message won’t you?

  49. MsEU MM
    In July 2016 the court granted Rock Hard a stay, blocking any further sanction against it until its own appeal was heard in the High Court. Maloney by law could continue to build while the matter was in the court and I can recall a BU contributor making this point. Cummins became an acting PS in February 2018 and it is understood that the former PM granted permission just before the 2018 elections. Admitting that you should not “decipher” between permission granting power and a stop notice, is an admission that you should not comment. Good analysis starts with sound evidence. Again, stop conflating.
    P.S: I don’t support a “Cement Barn House” next to a flour mill.

  50. My Sweet Piece

    LOL. You are funny. You know that the SSS has earned a reputation on here for being nasty. I mean, I will be the first to admit that of recent, I seem to have found Jesus. Normally I would have ripped into Puff Lappy already. But, the bitch in me seems dormant or more like getting tired. I am not bothered at all about Mottley and her spyware nor the sweet pooch licker Puff Enuff. Puffy should know that titles are not given to you up here because of political affiliation. You have to know your onions if you want to continue in that wash pan of money. He just jealous that my salary is more than Mottley per year and that I do not have to lie, steal, and make deals for kick backs. And, Mottley can track me down however she likes through her communication specialist, she is not the only one that has computer experts at her disposal. Besides, I still got what the old man has begged me not to reveal to bounce pun her wicked ass in due course. You think she clean, trust me piece, Mottley is a complete rogue.

    Puff Enuff

    You are hilarious. There was tic for tac between Maloney and Cummins ever since the stinking DLP decided to put him into all the money bearing projects. Maloney even charged that he felt the then Chief Town Planner had a bone to pick with him as Mark Cummins continue to act in accordance with Town and Country Planning Rules. So since Markie Mark was not having it with any more of Mark Maloney shenanigans, the DLP foot the move easing Maloney’s pressure. Early or late, they plan the plot, soon after that plot showed clearly why it was the plan. Dahhhhhh!!!

  51. Ms.EU Marketing Manager

    You still have not demonstrated, either by way of FACT or sound reasoning, why there was a need to promote the former CTP to PS to get him away from the “Cement Barn House” when all Maloney had to do was get permission from the PM, which he knew was forthcoming, and the enforcement would be quashed. But you carry on with your cohorts like TinFoil, who thrive on lies and conflation. It is always about reading to respond rather than to understand. By the way you could never rip into me and I think you know that very well.

  52. Puff Enuff

    You do not present sound reasoning so stop fooling yourself that you do. A few timelines, and quote from here and there, and any information outside that you come running with ya conflation nonsense. At any time, when I ever I feel the need, you are easy game. You can be easily be popped up but what for. You are sport.

  53. Another knockout from me. Go prepare your charts and keep quiet..bout Marketing Manager in the EU.🖐🏿🥊

  54. I am asking all Black Barbadians from all social classes, to look again, at what befall the Black Barbadian Residents of Clarke’s Road, something similar, can happen to you or your family anytime.

    From 2002, until this day, the BLP Black Barbadian led Government, have unjustly allowed, and the DLP Black Barbadian led Government have discriminatory maintained and continued to unjustly allowed a British ex-pat White person to have a private road across and within an active watercourse above a Black Barbadians Residential area. Even though, it is seen as illegal by all Officers of MTW / Drainage Unit.

    This part constituency of St. James Central, is represented by BLP MP Kerrie Symmonds who have failed to obtained a remedy to the dangerous situation, from MTW, when his BLP was the government in 2006.

    A former DLP MP George Hutson who ably obtained the discriminatory actions of the MTW to paved said illegal road.

    My Black Brothers and Sisters today it is Clarke’s Road, Where it will be next

  55. @ Dearest SSS

    I am glad that you have found Christ else I am sure that you would have been vicious with The Nameless Ones #1

    He gives on Peace else we would be quite dangerous

  56. @BMcDonald March 15, 2019 12:05 PM “Therefore, Bishop Maxwell is without doubt, the Bishop of Barbados.”

    I am an Anglican too. But “no”, Bishop Maxwell is not the Bishop of Barbados, since Barbados does NOT have a state church, and has not had a state church since the 1960’s. Maxwell is the Bishop of the Anglican Church in Barbados.

  57. @Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right March 16, 2019 4:35 AM “I can understand how some people are inclined to be ammmmm big boned.”

    Is big boned the same as fat?

    Is it the same as obese?

    Is it the same as whopsi?

  58. @ Hants

    Mr. Blackman and I thank you for your support.

    Institutionalized corrupted Officers of MTW/Drainage Unit would sat at a desk, and allowed a person to altered and destroyed a natural watercourse, by placing a private road within and across the course. Then blatantly showed inaction to the risk, and disregarded the fact that poor Black Barbadian lived below the risk.

  59. Watchman and Mr Blackman

    Greater awareness is what is needed in this matter since the political pretenders and the minions they have operating under their direction are all profiting at the expense of the average Barbadian. Time after time we have proof that politics and operatives of the politicians are responsible for the sickness on the island. Rather it increases crime, lawlessness, suffering, inflation, the epicentre of all of this is the wickedness that takes place at the political level and the trickle-down effect that follows it. There is no way in heaven or hell that the events leading up this flood matter can go without blame. Alden Blackman has provided proof that his house and property is under threat of flood waters, and that the watercourse has changed track towards his property and whoever else affected, because of the encroachment of a road with boulders from a rich woman peddling her consent to do as she was directed. Time to up the war and help Alden Blackman against the compromised political double crossers of the Democratic and Barbados Labour Parties.

    Puff Enuff

    Come along with me for the ride, sweety. Trust me it will be worth it. Or are you taking a drink because you feel you won some war of words battle as Mr Fact Finder? Once upon a time, such confrontations would get me all wet and sticky, but these days, I am different since becoming Marketing Manager of the EU hehe.

  60. Pingback: To Help a BLACKman of the Soil, but MONEY Prevails Overall | Barbados Underground

  61. A little further north.
    ” At least one person had to be rescued when several homes flooded after raging waters engulfed the north of the island in a matter of hours yesterday.

    Residents in St Lucy, St Peter and St Andrew endured a terrifying two-hour downpour that once again left the flood prone Gills Terrace and Church Street householders racing to higher ground and then with the headache of a muddy clean-up.”

    Water water everywhere not not a drop to drink.

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