Long Live the Republic!

For many the decision to replace Queen Elizabeth II with former Governor General Sandra Mason will mean very little to many Barbadians. Hopefully after the government delivers on the promise to engage with the public next year about what is contained in the Barbados Constitution as a prerequisite to reform, civic awareness will be heightened. 

The time must come soon when the Constitution is regarded as a living breathing document to reflect the will and aspirations of Barbadians. One suspects it is only when such a connection is made will apathy and cynicism of Barbadians at the ‘establishment’ be replaced with trust.

The blogmaster is sympathetic to the argument there was enough time for this government to have reengaged the public to deflate a narrative which suggest switching out the head of state is about naked political opportunism or laziness on the part of the Mottley government. The old people have a saying that every thing happens for a reason. The irreversible process creates the opportunity for Barbadians to be craftsmen of our fate has started, let us make the most of it.

The first step to usher in an era of citizen engagement by formalizing to a republican system will see the consciousness of Barbadians raised to fight the good fight to sustain a quality way of life for generations to come.

Key points from the blogmaster’s toast to the nation reflecting realistic expectations:

  • Relevant transparency laws are proclaimed and operationalized
  • Auditor General reports and recommendations are not ignored
  • NIS and other important SOEs are ring-fenced from political interference 
  • Meaningful reform to the education system i.e. academic, technical
  • Vetoing lip service by respecting the environment i.e. waste management, educating citizens etc
  • Honouring the adage justice delayed is justice denied by improving delivery by Barbados Courts
  • Understanding the Bajan identity and implementing relevant strategies to nurture and grow pride and industry; retaining and repurchasing strategic assets for example
  • Reallocate tourism dollars to support agriculture and entrepreneurship; cottage industries to respond to a market place that prioritizes contractual arrangements above tenure for example 
  • Transform to a model for Renewable Energy in the world by banning the use of fossil fuel to a negligible number to fuel a new economy
  • Democratize the political party system with an objective of luring citizens of integrity to the political arena. Those willing to serve country first
  • Improve public transportation to a standard when vehicular traffic is banish from selected locations
  • Oversee a system of meritocracy (nuture a performance based culture) in Barbados

Members of the BU family are invited to share thoughts on the type of Barbados we must create for our children.

156 thoughts on “Long Live the Republic!

  1. David I don’t know what you are smoking, but whatever it is I want some since it seems to give you such delightful hallucinations..

  2. @ David I will read later.

    I have been watching the world class performances for the last couple hours.

    The Nicholas Brancker band is awesome.

  3. What? Something world class in Barbados?

    Boom! The band is awesome. The performers are awesome. The show is awesome.

    Boom boom!

  4. Parody Boris Johnson
    Nov 28
    Don’t worry – if #Omicron spreads we won’t hesitate to implement Plan B.
    Which is basically to wish we’d had a plan A.

  5. “Chasm”

    As you enter the chasm you will notice that visibility is minimal. You can still move your way around without light unlike the Tomb of the Giants.

    If you feel like you have to have more light you can always cast Light or use the Skull lantern from the Tomb of the Giants.

    Do not walk straight as you enter the chasm. This looks like the obvious path, but it drops off suddenly in the abyss. Instead, look to your left and begin walking down the trail. Continue in this direction until you come across a gold light. From here you have three direction choices.

    The first option is to continue on to the left. Here you will find five enemies. These are the same enemy types you found in Oolacile Township — long armed purple creatures. Lure them one at a time. Be aware of the sorcerer. She will begin casting spells as soon as you lure the first enemy, so pull one and run. After you kill one or two you can hit the sorcerer with range spells or arrows without fear or pulling another enemy. After you killed all of them there will be a soul to claim.

    Now head back the way you came. Walk towards the gold light. If you turn to the right there will be an enemy and a soul to claim a little further down the path. That path dead ends. Turn back around and follow the path down with the wall on your left.

    As you begin to descend you will notice dozens of black Spirits. You can skip that for now. Keep walking along the path until you reach a narrow crossing over the spirits below. After crossing the bridge you will have a choice to go left or right. Go left and the floor beneath you will disappear dropping you into a new area.

    From here you can find the shortcut back up to Royal Wood. Just follow the wall on the left to find the elevator. Keep in mind that with all the bonfires now lit you won’t have much need for this short cut.

  6. Hants;
    I concur with your expressed views at 11:03 pm. Awesome, Fantastic, World Class, almost flawless. I first heard Nicholas Branker on Bass in the Cayman Islands 21 years ago. He was world class then. He is even better now.
    I also noted the Honours bestowed on many of the Health professionals involved in the Covid-19 battle, including Col. Bostic. They were fully deserved. The start of our new journey was impressive but if the music can be seen as a token of how we might progress on this new path, we should have no fear of success.

    • @Lyall@Donna

      All who produced must be congratulated. Was that Dame Sandra shedding a tear when the old colours were removed?

  7. I watched some but my favorite shows were on. I hear now watching the adulterer. I wonder who wrote his speech. not bad at all.

  8. Seems like OSA got the part about the BLP becoming Mia’s plaything, slightly wrong. It appears that Barbados and its people have become her playthings.


  9. The press coverage has been far and wide. Rihanna (we all knew it was coming?) burst it open. The feed is choked. Begging them to save a lil for next mumph when de tourisses looking for a place to go.

  10. Positive and Constructive, Constructive Vibe
    God Bless Barbados
    God Bless National Hero Rihanna
    God Bless Pickney
    Barbados Underground has contained a lot of misguided partisan negative argumentative commenting
    Now a new page has been turned may it now become a source of exchange of ideas for positive upliftment
    Up! Up! Up!

  11. Weeeeelllll….if Gary could be a national hero for cricket and while still alive, so can Rihanna be a national hero.

    The woman has a heart of gold and never never forgets Barbados and Barbadians. Her roots are deeply planted no matter where she goes.

    No matter what mistakes she may make in her life, that will never change. So the idea that living people, especially young people should not be made national heroes on those grounds, in my opinion, does not concern me.

  12. Pacha….the good news, the people will now have to be SUPER VIGILANT to ensure that they are not subjected to MORE OF THE SAME that they got for half century….by staying ON HIGH ALERT at all times…am sure they are already well prepared….and WATCHING..

  13. Jolly good show.
    All the best going forward.
    Hoping you have a day full of sunshine, celebration, love and laughter – a great day.

  14. @ David November 30, 2021 12:46 AM
    Rihanna named to be a national hero. The international newsfeed will be choked.
    Oh Mama Mia what have you done!

    Empress Mama Mia has heeded sound advice as relayed via BU.

    A political masterstroke of Emperor Constantine proportion to ensure her re-election to the throne as the anointed Supreme Leader in whom our Kingmaker friend Tron will be most pleased.

    If Sarah Ann Gill (a former slave owner) can be ‘chosen’ as a National Hero why not ‘Yes’ to the elevation of Robin Rihanna Fenty a true daughter of the soil to similar status?

    After all, the young Queen of Bim has done more for Barbados than all the others combined with His Most Excellency Garry just a foot step behind.

    Isn’t ‘Queen’ Rihanna a true Lady of Action instead of the politicians’ many empty promises full of long talk?

    After all, this Bajan Icon has been the most effective marketer of the tourism product and cultural potential of Barbados; and, as an individual, is the biggest earner of foreign exchange for this little rock of imported conspicuous consumption.

  15. I take it not everyone is amused or placated.

    “In typical power hungry, dictator style mannerisms, Mia has forged ahead with HER objectives regardless of what the people of this nation think. The key to it is to surround yourself with individuals who agree with you completely (despite their own motives) and blot out the naysayers. Those naysayers would be the rest of the nation and by an immense margin, the majority.”

  16. The legalization of CORRUPTION, NEPOTISM, GRAFT etc is now in the final stages and leading to FULL DICTATORSHIP. Bring on the sheep to enhance the flock for fleecing. Barbados thinks WHITE SLAVERY STUNK, JUST WAIT TILL THEY GET A TASTE OF BLACK DICTATORIAL SLAVERY.

  17. With no protection forthcoming from the ex-monarchy anymore ….THE PEOPLE have the POWER to STOP THEM dead in their tracks and KILL IT BEFORE IT GROWS….

  18. @ Miller November 30, 2021 8:06 AM

    Yes, indeed, once again a brilliant diversion for the naive masses.

    Nevertheless, I am disappointed. At least a bit … How can it be that the true President of our Hearts Mia Mottley is not yet a national hero herself??? I guess the only way I can explain this it is through her legendary modesty.

  19. A sweeping wind has blown over Barbados
    instituting and independently free air,
    the people have begun to see their future
    as a people of note and flare.

    Drive away the web of empire,
    bring forth a attitude of creation and dreams.
    Let us build a Barbados independent of others needs.
    The British have had their day,
    their institutions helped form us all.
    Open our Barbadian eye’s to it all.

    Uniting our region, called the Caribbean way.
    Cannot Barbados lead the way?
    A proud people the Barbadians,
    uniquely in tuned with their fate
    to form a greater regional nation
    beyond their island state.

    Barbados is more than what others see,
    not just the sun, beaches and families,
    but a mighty democracy with pride and spunk.
    A Barbadian Nation lead by its people
    towards a bright future among others in need.

    Barbados steps forth for all to see.
    a bright sun within the Caribbean Galaxy.
    Shine forth with all your creative genius,
    bring forth the Barbadian Dream.
    That Barbadians has much to show the world
    and bring forth its gentle nationality.

    Barbados is the sum total of its people,
    and the Barbadian People you must see,
    for they are about to bring forth a future
    that their multi national archipelago needs.

    Barbados Congratulations,
    Barbadians onward to the future please.
    Yours is a land of peaceful elegance,
    walk forward and declare yourself Free.

    Steven Kaszab

  20. Steupse, white man! You are suggesting that it will we worse than slavery under the white man?

    That is the new narrative you are telling?

    What evidence do you have to support your racist assertion?

    No wonder you can never catch the road runner!

    Boo hoo to you AND Richard Hoad and his family who was my classmate!

    Now the protest she condemned me for has come to fruition!

    Bye bye, LIZZIE!

  21. Excellent, superb performance by all involved in what i saw last night..I was especially happy to see the hard work of the medical professionals being recognised on such a historic ocassion.In my view they and all of the others honoured are fully deserving of it.The government deserves full credit for having the fortitude for pressing ahead wi5h going republic despite the naysayers like Rev Atherley and the politival nightwatchman Ms Depeiza along with in my view Nuisances on here like Waru and her sidekick TSLN.Those two can take a hike and shove their opinions where the sun don, t shine in my view .I gone.

  22. It never ceases to amaze me how some people confidently declare their own opinion to be that of the majority without the taking of even a credible poll.

    All this while characterising the duly elected leader who actually has the authority bestowed upon her by the people to make decisions on their behalf as a “Dictator”.

    I was never a Mia lover but this is getting ridiculous!

    Nothing she has done here is wrong or illegal!


    P.S. She seems to have been reading the crap about her scarves. The one she wore last night said a VERY BIG, and LOUD,

    “TEK DAT!”


  23. President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo paid an excellent tribute last night. Let us hope last night’s event serves to inspire Barbadians to reach for the stars. While we thrive to improve our system of government and quality of life we must learn to enjoy the the journey.

  24. Perusing those honored , in the Nation this morning, I must say that they truly represent a cross section of the community. I hope this trend continues now that we have finally gotten rid of the “ stuffy” knighthoods etc.
    The Mahogany Coconut Group congratulates Barbados on becoming a Republic.

  25. Miller

    My comrade in arms!
    We see the national emotional diatribes have also captured and even captivated you.

    We see that you have bought into what PLT has appropriately coined as a “respectability” ethos.

    Pray tell. If people who run around a cricket ground, Sobers, or make a living through entertainment, Rihanna, as they make significant contributions to national development and culture, are to be deified, what space is left for those who shed blood for freedom from slavery, colonialism and neocolonialism, in the past, in the future. The martyrs of the 1930s rebellions, a long history of rebellions, Bussa!

    This writer was there when Beckles conjured the deification of this respectability ethos, now turned into a cottage industry. Where is this national preoccupation evidenced elsewhere?

    How do you estimate we reward your daughters when at some time in the future they might have to again take up arms to defeat a benevolent dictator?

    Something has always been wrong with this national fixation on honoraria. This writer was against it when first imagined and will remain that way disposed.

  26. “along with in my view Nuisances on here like Waru and her sidekick TSLN.”

    Slaves don’t have credible views,

    intelligent people STAY THE COURSE and are NEVER easily distracted so are therefore NEVER BLINDED……..some of us know what A LONG CON LOOKS LIKE…

  27. “Something has always been wrong with this national fixation on honoraria.”

    it’s always been a SCAM…then you are BLINDSIDED and never even know it or see it coming

    we know the drill….and no bullies can make us accept just anything, i don’t do slavehood, never have, never willl………told them already when my grandchildren ask what was done about it, ….i can have a ready answer…

  28. (Quote):
    Bye bye, LIZZIE! (Unquote).


    While ‘We’ are at, why not also leave behind the title “Dame” and the wearing of the royal medallion of GCMG with all its racist implications!

    Why the need for this remnant of the royal navel string of conquest and subjugation when you are functioning in the new (indigenously independent) role of His /Her Excellency, the Most Hono(u)rable President of RoB?

    Since “WE” the republicans are copying the T&T model why not do like ‘their’ first President Ellis Clarke who dropped the “Sir” title and just settled for ‘His Excellency’ while functioning in that office?

    Like ex-Pres. Ellis, the option is there to resort to such ‘Royal’ distinction when retirement beckons.

    • It was an excellent ceremony, many Bajans the blogmaster has been interacting were touched, some moved to shed a tear. Life is a journey with many stops along the way. We must continue to work to improve our society. There is no perfect society but we must try.

  29. I NEVER follow the multitudes to live in man-made hell on earth…

    Pacha….they CAN’T get it now, but one day they will…not that i would care even then, not about saving anyone outside of immediate family, already saved myself….and opened thousands of eyes….no need for much more engagement on that front, already leaped forward..

    .if they want the answers all they gotta do is read my book OR NOT…more than Enuff people already are….lol

  30. Unfortunately for you Waru you have little credibility on this blog in my view.Therefore you might well be a slave like me.Unlike you i do not see myself as a slave as i have all rights and previleges in beautiful Barbados.Therefore go long back to Africa with your bulldhit and take TSLN with you.Bajans ain, t buying what you selling.Happy independece and republic day Barbados.I gone.

  31. @ Pacha
    “ Pray tell. If people who run around a cricket ground, Sobers, ….,,,,,,,,….
    You sound a lot like these jokers who claimed a” anybody can hold a cricket bat.
    To speak so disparagingly about Sir. Garry, will remain the lowest point of any contribution , you have made on this blog or anywhere else.
    It is one thing to be critical of honoria as many including myself are but you certainly have displayed quite a high level of distaste toward one of the most creative, talented and truly genuine human beings to be ever called a Barbadian or a son of the Caribbean soil.
    BTW Sir Garry never run around the cricket field; he transformed it and lifted the hopes and dreams of millions of people who look like you and me. An inspirational leader in the true sense of the world.

  32. The speech delivered by Prince Charles was interesting. Look forward in the coming days to analyze the reviews. His involvement in the proceedings lended to a dignified transfer. He could not avoid mentioning the dark period of slavery that has indelibly marked the relation between Big and Little England. Was this message was approved by Boris Johnson, what does it bodes for the future, was it meant to throw a half a biscuit at the reparation crowd.

  33. History will one day acknowledge Mia Mottley’s actions as being right.

    The Westminster system is dead. Long live our Supreme Leader! I’m already looking forward to seeing the new monument on Heroes’ Square … A monument dedicated to Mia Mottley the Magnificent.

    Tomorrow would be the time to finally throw the opposition into an internment camp. We don’t want dissidents and other nuisance in paradise.

    Tron, the court reporter
    Day 1 of our New Republic.

    • The blogmaster continues to process the appointment of Rihanna as a national hero. Hopefully in the coming days thoughts will become more clear to post on it.

  34. Skinner
    Did Rihanna transform the entertainment stage as well?

    And what about the sacred blood which you yourself might have shed for freedom?

    And how do you estimate a life using a single data point?

  35. God Bless Bim … on Republic Day!

    As @LyallS suggested Bajans like Brancker have been world class for many many years now … so as we hail the awesomeness of last night and today let’s recognize all those talents and achievements; may Bajans long continue to excel.

    @David, a hearty LOL to ur vision …

    I reflect on those pictures of a joyful Errol Barrow [bedecked in tuxedo tails, mind you) on Independence Day 50 plus years ago; we know well of the awesome vision then expressed for our lovely nation. Much has been achieved, much untapped and much more tarnished. So onward to renewed hopes and aspirations … and as you promote: ideally we can ‘redress’ some old ones with this new Republican despatch!

    And oh, as I am now past three score I feel a slight ache of that aged body whenever I hear words like “the old people have a saying …”..🙏🏿

    Brother David, you must know that these type pithy words are invariably centuries old, soooo whenever we find ourselves saying “old people say” it really means that the speaker is basically an older head too, because they are reflecting on centuries old comments to set up their views , not so!

    So just say: wise people say!😂😇🤦🏾‍♂️

    I gone…

    • @Dee Word

      Societies that dare to ignore the saying or uncomplicated philosophical mouthings of elders do so at its peril. The source of wisdom is mostly found in the wizened folks in our midst, like you…LOL.

  36. I and I and I give thanks to His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I KING of Kings, LORD of lords, Conquering Lion of Judah, Elect of God, the Light of the World

    Jah Rastafari

    And I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice, “Who is worthy to open the book and to break its seals?” And no one in heaven or on the earth or under the earth was able to open the book or to look into it. Then I began to weep greatly because no one was found worthy to open the book or to look into it;

    Then one of the elders said to me, ‘Do not weep. See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has conquered, so that he can open the scroll and its seven seals.

    No Longer A Slave

    No Longer A Slave To Fear

  37. @ Pacha
    Come on. You know you went wrong in that comment about Sir. Garry. I’m not going to be side tracked by any argument about Rihanna or anybody else.

  38. “and the wearing of the royal medallion of GCMG with all its racist implications!”

    good catch Miller…these rotated in and out of that haunted building for over 5 DECADES and NEVER KNEW the hate and racism associated with proudly wearing a medallion with some demon where it’s foot is on Black man’s neck and they UNDERSTOOD NONE OF IT…..but modeling it PROUDLY and powerfully…..and i must put my trust in these pageantry hounds who STILL do not know which way is UP and will now have to wait for the enlightened to show them the way………right…i could just see me being dumb Enuff to put MY LIFE in THEIR useless hands…..keep waiting, try holding ya breath.

  39. No Longer Slaves

    I’m no longer a slave to fear
    I am a child of God

    You unravel me with a melody
    You surround me with a song
    Of deliverance from my enemies
    Till all my fears are gone

    I’m no longer a slave to fear
    I am a child of God
    From my mother’s womb
    You have chosen me
    Love has called my name
    I’ve been born again
    Into your family
    Your blood flows through my veins

    I’m no longer a slave to fear
    I am a child of God

    I am surrounded
    By the arms of the father
    I am surrounded
    By songs of deliverance
    We’ve been liberated
    From our bondage
    We’re the sons and the daughters
    Let us sing our freedom

    You split the sea
    So I could walk right through it
    My fears were drowned in perfect love
    You rescued me
    So I could stand and sing
    I am a child of God…

    Yes, I am
    I am a child of God
    I am a child of God
    Yes, I am
    I am a child of God
    Full of faith
    Yes, I am a child of God
    I am a child of God

    I’m no longer a slave to fear
    I am a child of God

  40. BARBADOS 🇧🇧

    Yesterday, I knew the games to play
    I thought I knew the way life was meant to be
    But now there’s you, my foolish games are through
    Now at last I have found just what makes
    This whole world turn around

    Love is all I have to give
    Love is all as long as I shall live
    So take it all and I’ll always be there
    When you call my name
    I know, know that love is all

    Every night I longed to hold you tight
    Until the morning light shines in your eyes
    So love me now, we’ll get along some how
    Won’t you please take my hand?
    And together, forever we’ll stay

    Love is all I have to give
    Love is all as long as I shall live
    So take it all and I’ll always be there
    When you call my name
    I know, know that love is all

    Famous Lyrics by
    Engelbert Humperdinck.

    @555 live video please.

  41. NEVER KNEW the hate and racism associated with proudly wearing a medallion with some demon where its foot is FIRMLY planted on a Black man’s neck and they wore that crime scene for all that time and UNDERSTOOD NONE OF IT…in 5 DECADES……until the George Floyd public execution where everything literally got CAPSIZED…OR THEY WOULD STILL BE parading around proudly wearing a medallion of Black Afrikan hatred…

    Miller….we have to be so thankful in so many ways for social media……there is no getting away from that…

    the cyber stalkers can sit this one out.

  42. @David, re : “The blogmaster continues to process the appointment of Rihanna as a national hero. Hopefully in the coming days thoughts will become more clear to post on it.”

    What deeper thoughts are really needed!

    Ms Fenty is an absolute national treasure, awesome ambassador and by available public knowledge an upstanding human being … alas at this stage of her life to be bestowed the honorarium of a “national hero” is pure political pageantry.

    We cannot continue this pretense of embellishing our personal legacy as leaders by affixing some honour or title to the ‘current’ outstanding achiever.

    The argument that such a grand LIFETIME honour should be given either late in life (when the history and legacy of the person is transparently known; or in death when same is done) is a valid one.

    As I said the awesomely talented lady is a national treasure; a jewel to be prized and polished endlessly … and could indeed be a “hero” as defined by our honours committee but she should be allowed to live her life unencumbered by these high expectations … unless of course jet setting with the surely occasional slip of a scandalous wardrobe malfunction or verbal cuss fusillade or worst is fully acceptable.

    This is a new world and way of doing things so who is an old fogey to complain of this new awesomeness.

    BTW, a friend was remarking recently of the recent spate (10 – 15 years) of Cawmerians to WI honours and when compared to all the years prior it was a remarkable achievement (another discussion, another time)… but it just dawned on me that’s Rhianna alma mater too.

    Its more power to ALL Bajans of course but the folks at Waterford must feel a lil giddier than most maybe.

    I gone. Lata.

  43. Gary Sobers may not have sacrificed blood on a literal battlefield but I’m sure he must have scrapped a knee or two and braved a bouncer or two on his way to defeating the superiority myth.

    People have died on the cricket field, after all.

    Gary told Barbadians and British alike what they both needed to hear!


    As for Rihanna, this may be an attempt to cash in on her worldwide public profile and also to “inspire” her to do even more for Barbados than she has already done. She has shown an awareness of our causes and a tendency towards activism. This may be about securing her voice for the future.

    As it is, it will engage more young people in the process.

  44. Skinner
    Your thinking is quinessentially Bajan. Don’t you see internal contradictions between your development arguments and your ill-founded position on this national farce?

    You’re so emotionally attached to a man who grew up near you that it’s impossible to be dispassionate.

    Coincidentally, it’s a man who after going to an Aparatheid state, twice, is as monarchical today as can be.

    Even today he’s on international media pleading his undying love for the queen of england and clearly stating that republicanism is ill-advised for Barbados. Bussa rolls in his grave at Bayley’s. Of these are your national heroines, heroes, made.

    This is not the first time we’ve disagreed about this. But let us agree it shall be the last. For you will never convince us that there can be any positive developmental outcomes from this national misguidance of a man otherwise considered an ogre.

    Countries generally reserve their highest honours for those who died in battle, but not Little England, still.

    Yours are the final wordsssssss!

    • @Pacha

      Playing the role of opposing for the sake of it does not fit you well. The blogmaster will soon issue a call for Walter Blackman.

  45. @DONNA

    WELCOME to REALITY, it will come as a SHOCK to the ignorant DLP/BLP’ers like yourself who have infinite trouble reading between the lines and evaluating past Government performance. It’s only a matter of time when you look Like a Venezuelan DICTATORSHIP on the slippery slope to Haitian Status, that is if the Eastern Yellow Giant does not take FULL control for failure to repay their LOANS. The YELLOW GIANT cannot and will not be SNOWED like the IMF by BAJAN Whing.

  46. EXTREME viigilance is essential going forward since there are those whose heads are now SWOLLEN with cotton wool and dumb shit…

    Pacha…it’s a good thing not everyone falls prey to nonsense or all will be lost…but we had to bear witness so that MA’AT can be RESTORED…

  47. They know who and what they are working on, they know all they gotta do is bring up pageantry and everyone will IMMEDIATELY FORGET….

    the vaccine scam

    the billions missing from the treasury and pension fund , the lamenting cries of the Auditor General


    how Mr. and Mrs. Maloney will deal with their short memory asses……that vaccine scam was nothing compared to what’s ahead…

  48. but don’t mind me, not a fella gotta pay attention, am just working to launch my second website by weekend, so just keep on doing what yall doing…not going to stop my show in any way..

  49. David
    You, of all people, should know that this writer does not do role play. Is not an actor, a cyborg, a mannequien.

    Weeeeee are the ones who got Sandiford to go to Bayley’s plantation, when he was under fire by the gang of four, and made that property a national monument in honour of the real hero Bussa. When this lionizing of tom, dick and garry had not reached “bogue”.

    If your aim is to be dismissive, well do that. But neither you nor Sir William Skinner is able to make fundamental contact with our core arguments.

    The last words are all yours.

  50. The Road Runner remains out of your grasp. The dynamite is hereby returned to you. Your face is wryly twisted as you await the blast that will blacken your creepy face.

    You would have me believe that what comes next will be worse than the brutality of the white slavemasters!

    This white man’s narrative is rejected as are all the white man’s narratives that went before.

    Again you attempt to paint us as more brutal and savage than your kind.

    But we have the history books to prove your brutality and savagery.

    You have only a crystal ball.

  51. Such doom and gloom on a beautiful day!

    The doom and gloomers were hoping for a washout.

    Today we relax and celebrate. Tomorrow we read the Constitution.

  52. William…i must ask, was UK the one causing the decades of criminalization of vendors (half century) for trying to feed their families…..i saw the black faces of parliament doing it ad nauseum, since i was a youngster so i don’t know who is being blamed for these anti-Black CRIMES……

    “Vendors who dot the landscape in an everyday struggle to earn a living, should find solace as the first law to be dealt with by a new republic Parliament on Friday is aimed at giving them an ease.

    Prime Minister Mia Mottley said the legislation will create a new deal that will stop making them criminals for wanting to support their families.”

  53. “To the business people she said no one owed them a living and that they must earn their way first within the Caribbean single market and also beyond in the Americas and the wider world.”

    this i can agree with, but do not FOIST your minority CRIMINALS and parasites on other Caribbean islands…more than Enuff was done to St. Lucia in the vaccine scam…….let them go further afield to North America and Europe and practice their criminality there……bunch of greedy SWINES and thieves, time to get them completely and PERMANENTLY out of Black/Afrikan lives..

  54. David
    Recall, that his most famous line was, ” I don’t believe in hero worshipping”.

    He said that line in response to the “pantheon” of “heroes, heroines” submitted to Thompson, as culture minister, at the time.

    Of course, once OSA won in ’94, the “mother of the republic” dusted it off and we had entered a respectability ethos unknown to mankind hithertofore. LOL

    • @Pacha

      Barbados is no different to most countries in the world. We have to do what can every day to improve quality of life in our sphere of influence. If the blogmaster were to wallow in doom and gloom how easy it would be to forget that the opportunity exist to make tomorrow a better day.

  55. “Prime Minister Mia Mottley said the legislation will create a new deal that will stop making them criminals for wanting to support their families.”

    since am not A SLAVE….am asking again, WHY did it take HALF CENTURY to remove this evil piece of legislation and why was it not removed in JULY 2018……..immediately AFER election…

    and especially when the parliament and cabinet have been managed by BLACK MINISTERS/lawmakers for OVER 55 YEARS……WHY was the majority population CRIMINALIZED for feeding their families….and the parliament negros DID NOTHING….

  56. David
    Yes. Of course, words like hope and so on have been weaponized, politicized to the point of meaninglessness.

    Maybe more active scientific approaches, evidence- based, as correctives to past failures is a viable alternative to measurably making the world a better place. Maybe!

  57. “Mottley again called for direct bridges to be built with Africa to “remove the middle passage, the middle man and the middle leg to allow for direct engagement with our brothers and sisters”.”

    I don’t know where this is coming from, but from experience ANY Afrikan DESCENDANT OF THE ENSLAVED in the Caribbean and WIDER DIASPORA can do business on the continent it’s being made easier and easier..and many organizations are there to help…….WHY…because we were INVITED…..all they need is to do very THOROUGH RESEARCH….make sure you have everything you need, all the necessary information, do volumes of research and SEE WHICH IS THE BEST FIT…and like with everything else and everywhere else, one must ALWAYS exercise great caution…..ya can’t be too careful anywhere….it’s not only peculiar to the continent,…

    but if ya sending a bunch of CROOKS who are not invited and never will be, are not descendants of the enslaved and NEVER WILL BE……or sending black faces with BAD INTENT… look out for problems..

  58. Pacha…we can see all of this for EXACTLY what it is, it is what it is and will NEVER show up as anything else in the minds of those who can actually SEE it….

    am still waiting to be impressed..

  59. David
    No. Those make you chumps for exploitation.

    Is best to be circumspect in all things. Only the elements of spirit can so inform, properly guide, not intellect.

    Of course!

  60. William…what can we say, we can only look on, but it’s starting to shape up…and really look.like UK is now the fall guy for all the SERIOUS crimes …half century’s worth…committed against the majority population by their black agents…no one can say these crimes were not committed…but am looking at WHO ACTUALLY COMMITTED THEM …desole..

    ….i still would never trust a colonial agent…or give them my back…

  61. @WURA
    Of course you and @ Pacha are correct. I have supported the move to Republic because I have been publicly calling for the removal of the monarchy for at least fifty years or more. I have resented that crap from primary school when I was forced to stand up in the boiling sun to watch her car(the Queen’s zip by waving a Union Jack.
    So ideologically and philosophically when it comes down to the nitty gritty , I am more in concord with the offerings of you and @Pacha.
    I am not interested in all the other speeches etc because like you I don’t think there is any leader, anywhere in the Caribbean , at this time , who seriously wants to disrupt the establishment.
    So, having said that , I remain convinced that nothing I have heard will fundamentally change how we are being governed and an economic policy that bears no progressive reality to our current circumstance.

  62. @ Pacha
    “But neither you nor Sir William Skinner is able to make fundamental contact with our core arguments.”
    Kindly resist putting me in any camp with @ David. You are being purposely dishonest and attempting to mislead the blog.
    I explained my disagreement with you regarding Sir. Garry. I never questioned your posts outside of that.
    Thank you !

  63. I can’t keep babysitting Bajans with higher wisdom
    and breaking up the all in-fighting

    Big protects Little
    But Little is Big now

    The Bajans they…
    know their History
    where they are from
    know their Geography
    where they are located
    know their Science
    where they are going

    Relax body and mind
    but, stay strong
    like Tai Chi practice

    Republic of Barbados are not Newbies
    It is time to become Masters of your own life

    we know who the duo of one star markers are
    Pacha and Waru grow up

  64. “I don’t think there is any leader, anywhere in the Caribbean , at this time , who seriously wants to disrupt the establishment.”

    we saw for ourselves how the little one in Grenada did not even wait to hear how the new Omnicon variant came about or who spread it, it started in the west and a lie was told but he did not care, and IMMEDIATELY banned southern Afrikan countries and no one even goes to Grenada like that, not from Afrika anyway, when they want to be top Slave they go to any extreme to keep colonialism and the accompanying crimes in play because they must be top Slave….it’s a disease of the mind that has poisoned the whole Caribbean…….they will keep their people trapped in colonialism and poverty just to stay on top and be parasites sucking forever on treasuries…..i have no use for any of them….and we can hope in the next 5 years…ALL THE AFRIKAN POPULATIONS across the Caribbean WAKE UP AND JETTISON every one of them and their blighted ways..

    Kiki…i personally have never clicked on those star buttons or like buttons or whatever they are, certain things hold no interest for me….

  65. Sir William Skinner

    Yuh selectively take things tooooo seriously.

    On this occasion both you and David were making, essentially, the same general argument.

    No fight is warranted! We have declared a truce, you should tooo. Your position and ours are irreconcilable.

    You should at times discern that these are mere words on a screen. All the non written verbal communication devices are missing. A a communicator you should know this.

    You make this same error all the time.

  66. Sir William Skinner

    So we agree on two points.

    One, the overdue need to ditch the monarchy.
    Two, that the socalled leaders are playing politics and unserious.

    Hope our paraphrasing, precis, meets your approval.

    The elephant which must so remain in the room is issue of honoraria.

  67. Today we are still a republic with an outdated Westminster system. Tomorrow we will become a presidential republic with guided elections. The day after tomorrow, we will become a leader’s republic with a single party and a single source of power.

    The example of China teaches us that the rise of a nation no longer follows the rules of game set by the Western powers. We have to choose our own path. The path of our Supreme Leader.

  68. curious from a financial view TT primeminister gets 85000 and president gets 54000 us dollars
    st lucia govener general gets 36000 primeminister gets 50000 in barbados priminister gets 101000 and govener general gets 110000 us dollars is there some new pay scale for a new president

  69. i did not even realize that Lord Wooley was from Barbados, he actually made it into my book because cousin Boris is such a colorful character and he could not keep himself out of it and dragged Wooley in with him…lol

  70. The Miller
    You spoke in jest. There is no Bajan alive or in death who would willing give up a knighthood. LOL

    We may even have this dishonourable institution permeating the republic. Such is the love of them!

  71. @ PachamamaNovember 30, 2021 7:01 PM

    The love of our elite and their masses for titles of nobility (especially Professor Reckless) shows all too clearly how much they secretly admire slavery and colonialism.

    We are mentally a British crown colony as long as we have locals running around with a knighthood.

  72. Congratulations to the Government and People of Barbados on declaring a Parliamentary Republic. Congratulations to Rihanna on being named national hero. It sets a high bar for our young people, but it promotes self confidence and ambitious goals. The self confidence will be invaluable as the nation navigates the challenges that will surely come our way and the inclination to retreat into the old ways promotes itself as safe. This audacious nomination reminds us all to grasp the opportunities that come our way and to maximize our development. No excuses.

  73. I did not join the ayes or the nays today. After today, comes tomorrow.

    I am here waiting for the celebration to end and for the day after to begin.

  74. @Tron

    “We are mentally a British crown colony as long as we have locals running around with a knighthood.”


    Your Perspective. However, point taken.

  75. We have to assume Freundel Stuart was invited to the party and declined. This from a former PM who stated publicly he would give Barbados Republican status. We love to make joke.

  76. @Tony November 30, 2021 8:45 PM

    If our Supreme Leader wishes to continue to confer such titles, I will of course support this unconditionally.

    The will of our Supreme Leader takes precedence over petty historical sentiments!

  77. @Tron

    Our Supreme Leader Pride our Country. That can lead to greater well-being, but only if we do it right.

    Amor Amor Amor 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  78. “I am here waiting for the celebration to end and for the day after to begin.”

    best approach…after all the LOOONNNNGGG TALLLLKKK is done and the weaved webs removed, falls away because they cannot stand up to scrutiny, there is still implementation, which is a major deficit for the fake elites and has always been, can’t very well follow the multitudes whose heads are not only swollen with cotton wool and foolish learned colonial behaviors and false hope that never materializes into anything but more WASTED DECADES and who can easily be reenslaved for another 200 years and WON’T EVEN KNOW IT because their minds are SOFTER THAN PLAY DOH….and their memories seem to be getting shorter and shorter…..but their descendants will judge them for that, hope they got answers ready..

    i would wait another 6 months to see if anything impressive manifests from the show, like a republic constitution….that is the TELL right there…they know they wasted 23 years from 1998 to draft one and the last 3 years to get even a draft right or a draft done..and now will develop some excuse if one is not done by 2023….and another false promise will be heard about…if ya reelect me ya will get one…watch muh nuh…steupppps…and of course the soft minded will be telling ya, give them a chance they did not have the time….i run away from people like that who don’t even have the mental strength to see what is being done to them or the intelligence to PUT AN END TO IT…their strength apparently begins and ends at attacking each other…

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