A Heather Cole Column – When Is the Next General Election?

The ruling Administration has reneged on its Covenant of Hope where it promised to include Barbadians in governance. Perhaps one of the most frightening examples to date is Barbados becoming a Republic without a Referendum or consultation with the people. This article will focus on the impact on General Elections.

We have all heard it so many times that it has become second nature to state “elections in Barbados are constitutionally due every five years” and since the last general election was held in 2018, it would be expected that the next General Election will be held in 2023. The latter part of the statement is now in doubt.

The admission that the Constitution will come into existence after the Republic has started was brazen. This form of oppression is subtle. It should be the other way around with the Constitution first and the Republic after so that everyone can read and understand what they are getting into.

That admission has changed everything. One does not know how long a time period that will be. Since a date has not been specified, could it be a month, six months, a year, five years? The Prime Minister’s statement was not precise and therefore it cannot be measured. Hence, regardless of political affiliation, every member of the Barbadian public must acknowledge that this is a massive red flag.

There are several requirements to getting a mortgage and once these are met, the purchaser is provided the mortgage agreement and can get legal advice on the contents before signing. It is a legally binding document by which a person agrees to the principle, interest, payments, the terms and the other conditions. If the bank provided you with a piece of paper with just the title Mortgage on it and informed you that this will be the mortgage and asked you to sign without the principle, interest, payments, the terms and the other conditions being declared in writing, would you sign that piece of paper? Added to this you are told by the bank that the actual mortgage document with the written details will be available shortly after, not even on a specific date, would you sign? No one with all their mental faculties working would sign this blank mortgage document as the bank could write after the fact whatever it wishes on the document.

In the scale of things, the Constitution of Barbados is far more significant than a mortgage. It too is a legally binding document that will not only contain the laws that govern a mortgage but every other law that defines all aspects of life in Barbados. So how can the people of Barbados be asked by the government to agree to a change in the status of the State and a new Constitution with a blank document? What will be written on this document after the fact?

Essentially that is what the government is asking the people to do, to agree to a grand show and tell and later find out about the laws that make the new Constitution. It is a buy now pay later concept that is a trap for unsuspecting buyers.

There is no guarantee that elections will be held in 2023 as this is based off the present Constitution. Without a definitive time period of when the proposed Constitution will be ratified into law no one knows when the next General Elections will be. Will the document be laid in Parliament in a month, a year, or two years from the change of status? Only heaven knows.

In addition, one cannot even assume who will be legally responsible for issuing the writ that declares when elections will be held. One does not know if changes will be made to the Electoral and Boundaries Commission, if the matter of campaign finances will be a free for all, if payments to social media influencers will become part of the law.

The action by government to change the status of the island first and the Constitution after the change in status causes one to question the legality of this process. Due process is that the laws come first. What happens in the interim, emergency law or military law?

The matter of when the next General Elections are to be held is not to be taken lightly. There has been no Referendum, no terms of reference, no draft issued on the type of Republic or the contents of the new Constitution. There are just too many unknowns and people wanting to believe what they have no evidence of.

To the electorate, why is this entire process a secret? You are not at a Fair, the Constitution of Barbados should never be part of a lucky dip where after withdrawing your hand from the box you get the surprise of your life! Now is the time to stand up and fight for your rights.

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  1. All these tin horn dictators in these SIDS have no vision
    Clueless on how to manage their economies
    Most of them during COVID reads off and repeats a hand prepared script handed to them by international health organisations
    Meanwhile acting in insensitive manner towards the populace
    Imagine govt acting on behalf of big business and world health organizations making decisions to push their populace backs to the wall and when the citizens reacts
    People ask wuh happen
    Fuh God sake people are not robots that can be made to operate by a click.of a mouse or a push button
    People have feelings which triggers emotions some good emotions and some back emotions
    It is past time that small island govts get their house in order and stop showing torrid disrespect to it’s people

  2. Then yuh have auntie Mia showing absolutely no respect for the Errol Barrow legacy
    She has been in office for three years have not done one dam thing that can place her effort into legacy standard
    However walks around holding on to an entitlement mentality
    Talks about transparency and Accountability and in three years her idea of transparency and Accountability boils down to protocol PR comments
    Moreover so much in a hurry to fast paced her entitlement to having a legacy forgets what she told the whole of Barbados what processes must take place before Barbados becomes a Republic
    This must be a dictator on steroids acting as PM of Barbados

  3. “Yet if one visit some of these small island one would see the kind of poverty that ask questions who is in control. People still living in houses that have no secure flooring lined with mud.”


    Could you please share with BU, the names of “these small islands” you visited in which you saw “people still living in houses that have no secure flooring lined with mud?”

  4. “She has been in office for three years have not done one dam thing that can place her effort into legacy standard”

    DLP will have a window of opportunity to take power in 23 if they don’t fuck it up again like in 18
    and if they don’t talk shit like you 24 7 365
    just keeping it real

  5. We must now be very, very vigilant. First the cowardly attempt on the life of the honourable, brave Prime Minister of St Vincent, today a scandalous editorial in Barbados Today. This newspaper is not ashamed to systematically spread lies about our government and about our people and beloved island, mixed with homophobia, conspiracy theories and more.

    Time to shut down the Barbados Today website!

  6. Time to shut down the Barbados Today website!
    it is currently the most informative source of news from Barbados

  7. As Cuhdear Bajan suggested weeks ago, and I agreed, the process probably has been hampered by the covid focus. No harm in postponing until it can be properly done. Change is something that should be managed to bring people along. When things are done with haste and without proper engagement, suspicion flourishes.

    This is an opportunity missed to engage, educate and inspire. True leadership! “There is a time when taken at the flood…”

    George Floyd’s murder provided the perfect wave every surfer dreams about. All Mia had to do was ride it!

  8. “George Floyd’s murder provided the perfect wave every surfer dreams about. All Mia had to do was ride it!”

    she said it was a trend and dismissed it, parliament rats never take part in anything that advances a Black cause or empowers the African descended, that’s why i want to know who the hell they think they are inviting minority criminals to our continent and did not think there was going to be some kinda backlash..


  9. They also need to be told in no uncertain terms that Africa is not the new ATM for Black/African hating minority criminals and their house negros/partners in crime…..to suck money or resources to maintain corrupt slave societies of the lazy in the Caribbean……..some of us take that as an act of war and ancestral disrespect…

    “Barbados is not the fiefdom of Prime Minister Mia Mottley.

    And while Barbadians remain mute, sedated, comatose, bewitched, apathetic, perhaps petrified, they are ceding this island to someone who from my vantage point, even if not hers, seems more concerned about creating a legacy – contrived as it might be – than anything else. Of course, this is my opinion and I might be wrong. But actions speak louder than words and I wish to be given the opportunity to highlight a few of the things that Barbadians ought to take notice of, as they contemplate the next general election.”

  10. “minority criminals”

    you got to stop repeating “minority criminals”
    as minority and criminals are 2 separate things
    you hate minorities
    you think saying criminals with it will excuse it
    whites stigmatised blacks as criminals so much they believe it
    which is called racism

  11. @ angela cox

    What about the violent economic
    policies being inflicted by leaders on the poor people of their countries

    These LEADERS are born to BAJAN MOTHERS and raised in BAJAN communities…

    Where did they LEARN TO LEAD in such a cruel and inhumane manner??? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. What kind of HUMAN BEINGS are being created in Barbados???

    TELL THE TRUTH. And shame the devil.

    The ones who lead and the ones who VOTE for their leadership are all EQUALS… no one is SUPERIOR or INFERIOR to the other…

    Again, keep complaining and WAITING AND SEEING, …and you will realize you have no one to blame but yourselves.

    Maybe these leaders are THE MIRROR Errol Barrow was asking you all to look into??? But you REFUSE to see yourself.

    Barbadosed. 😞

  12. “There is no place for violence and personal physical assaults in our CARICOM democracies where the rule of law prevails and rights, including the right to peaceful protests are fully upheld,” Browne said, adding that “all law abiding and well thinking people of CARICOM should join in resolution that such gratuitous violence will not be tolerated in our peaceful societies.

    Here is a man, who like the rest of his Caribbean leaders, governs his country like his personal fiefdom. These people have devalued the life chances of their citizens and have no empathy for their own people. The rule of law is never applicable to our leaders and the wealthy. It only applies to the common man and woman. Now that that one of their own has been targeted they are deeply concerned. They have reason. Covid-19, is the best thing that could have happened to our region. The political deadwood will “inshallah” be pruned or wilt away from our landscape permanently. This will give opportunity for young healthy shoots to prosper.

    I hear what focusbarbados has said. It is government and leaders who set the tone for the development of a country. If they are rotten to the core then what does he/she expect from the masses?

    With reference to Barbados Today, Dr GP is correct. BT is no longer going to constrain itself from writing articles that do not offend our over sensitive leadership. They are going to write the truth and if it offends Tron, then so be it. The time for remaining silent and timid in the face of oppression is over.


  13. “Covid-19, is the best thing that could have happened to our region.”

    amen…if not, it would’ve taken another 50 years to expose the frauds in the Caribbean, using colonial parliaments as their headquarters for crimes committed against the people, their shields and hideouts.

    you notice caricom never condemns the financial, emotional and socially violent attacks on the Black/African populations that has been ongoing for over half century….not one of the vote begging frauds condemn the decades of rapes and violence on Black women..

    a female police officer, who was the security detail for that beast of the Grenadines exposed him and was ridiculed, just like all the other women he allegedly attacked, including the young lady Yuuge Farrelll that they illegally put in an asylum because of some affair with his son..when these savages for corrupt Caribbean leaders commit crimes against the Black citizenry ya hear NO CONDEMNATION…..but all the hypocrites crawl out when the criminals are threatened….the same gonsalves was once persona non grata in Barbados, if i remember correctly he was deported by another unsavory character like himself who was PM at the time…..

    .none of the pretenders at caricom can speak for me or represent me anywhere…they are the worst types of savages to crawl out of slavery….and unworthy.

    Africa will get a blow by blow about all of them, if they think they are slithering their way unto the continent to commit more crimes against African people….newsflash……NOT HAPPENING…they can get that idea outta their heads straight away….liars, thieves and frauds…

    minority criminals is the accurate description for them, the world understands it means a minority of people who are thieves and criminals, not necessarily all white, all indian or all syrian, but a combination……..the continent understood what i meant very well, they are not majority criminals…they have to be properly identified so that they STAND OUT….so suck it up.

  14. I would stop giving gonsalves the attention he is seeking and craving, let him crawl back into his hole..


    “Our goal is to ensure that the Government and the private sector, or the social partners as they call themselves, see the amount of us there are and realize that if we decide that we will boycott and stop buying from them, or stop doing certain things, we can break this economy right down. We are a force to be reckoned.”

  15. As mentioned it is repugnant racism and objectionable to keep saying “minority criminals”
    you are an insignificant nobody who’s online persona is to keep repeating same hateful diatribes continually thousands of times.
    Keep your racism inside your own home with your ignorant family and teach your own children your politics of hate if you want.

  16. says the NOBODY minority polluting the blog….suck it up, they will be called BY THEIR NAME of minority criminals…because that is what they project.

  17. “they will be called BY THEIR NAME of minority criminals…because that is what they project.”
    “and now the continent knows exactly WHO THEY ARE…”

    You overestimate the power of your mad rantings on social media and your influence in Barbados and Africa
    and you will never be able to touchdown in Africa as you are not well, Well Well / Abigail Mitchell / WURA-War-on-U to see if they accept your racism against minorities
    neither will ever be a politician or a political pundit in Barbados when you rant on about slave negroes in power
    Mia has more credibility in her big toe than you have in your entire existence

  18. that must be burning you that you can’t stop it, let alone know WHAT AM DOING…and since i never LIED and DECEIVED a whole country to be elected to anything, used a dead child and his mother…….protected CORRUPT criminal minorities from prison or help them to rob the country billions of dollars while leaving the Black population to suffer, oppressed and in poverty, dying without their birthright inheritances, land, bank account etc, no salaries, pensions, disabilities or severance….you just look and sound helpless AND stupid…

    it must be burning the hell out of that YOU CAN’T STOP ME…..ya can only post wishful shite…and MAY HEAR when i really UNLEASH…ya not even worth pitying…

  19. “that must be burning you that you can’t stop it”
    “it must be burning the hell out of that YOU CAN’T STOP ME…..”

    not burning me at all
    your perpetual crap is always off the mark

    for example you mentioned a TV interview in London Town a million times when you clearly got the wrong end of the stick with misunderstanding

    you are nothing more than a cliche of soundbites that are derived and twisted for your own agenda and polluted by your biased prejudices and mental health issues

    you should seek medical advice immediately

  20. How many ways can one interpret an interview on ITV that CLEARLY SAYS….the population is mentally enslaved….she did not stutter…she did not speak anything but english with a bajan accent…hard to misinterpret that..if you are going to defend her…at least tell her as she made it public on the world stage…there should be FOLLOWUP..

    but of course no one cares enough to say it..

  21. “….the population is mentally enslaved….”

    which is a basic concept and point to be made about the long term damages and effects of slavery and white supremacy racism that has to be told to the Brits in the time of enlightened awakenings and realisation of truth and discussions that followed the murder of a black man and the worldwide protests

    the crimes to mankind from slavery were bigger and more protracted than the genocide of holocaust against the jewish diaspora although were effectively the same sickness of racism stereotyping scapegoating and blaming of races and minorities of which blacks were victims of but cannot be excused for doing the same

  22. “and effects of slavery and white supremacy racism that has to be told to the Brits in the time of enlightened awakenings and realisation of truth and discussions that followed”

    the brits ARE NOT responsible for keeping the mental enslavement going, it’s the liars in the parliament doing so, upholding the same enslavement system and fighting the people who are trying to tear it down….keeping slave laws and le code noir and 18th torture laws on statute books…..ya have to know who to blame…they manage the island day-to-day….keep the same white supremacy minority rule of criminal mnorities in play…..same vicious thefts of properties, thefts of money, ya need to have a word with Mia….

  23. David bu you correctly stated that the conversation is getting tiring and boring.Yet you continue to let Wsru ala Mrs Mitchell the in my view mad ass bitch to hog every blog topic with her racist crap everyday.Why is that is she related to you?I I had hoped by now she would have gone back to africa and create her own racist blog.How many people on here actually reply to anything she says? This alone should signal to her that few care anything about her or her stale rants.A complete turnoff.

  24. “Aug 03, 2021 · In contrast to Owonibi’s claim that fintech with licences will be able to mint the eNaira, Chuta believes the CBN will be the only one minting the digital currency. A legal claim by the CBN will back up every digital currency minted to keep inflation in check.”

    ah know yall care about this though….BOOOOOM!

    don’t need a fella to care about me…..

    my ship is tight..

  25. “the brits ARE NOT responsible for keeping the mental enslavement going, “

    the black Bajan Government are not responsible for the mess that they inherited and have been trying to fix for 50+ years which is due to the Jolly Old British who are laughing all the way to the bank
    slavery is their baby a truly wicked conception
    and the justification of slave code was white supremacy racism
    and likewise colonialism which followed was robbery of world resources for global capitalism which is responsible for third world poverty and wealth inequality by design and their continued efforts to hold these countries down and exploit them in trade.
    These countries are paid pennies and are ripped off and exploited in global markets.

    you may not blame whites and married a white man and have a soft spot for them
    and have a mixed race family and give them whities a bligh and forgive them
    but the mental enslavement is a legacy of their past and their racism that has never stopped
    and can be attributed to white /european brainwashed mindset which abused blacks with violence


    anyhow the point I was making about your sick repeated “minority criminals” trope is :

    criminals are individuals
    whole minorities are not judged in court
    whole races are not criminals
    the entire black majority or entire non black minority are not criminal
    truth is criminals come in all shades of colours and there are criminals in every country of the world and in every prison

  26. Ya still don’t get it…MIA AND HER VOTE BEGGING GANG IN THE PARLIAMENT are RESPONSIBLE for the legislature and all the slave laws, codes and 1800s torture laws STILL on the books and can REMOVE THEM AT ANY TIME…..they are responsible for LOCKING UP the criminal minorities when they break international law and practice racism against the BLACK MAJORITY…they are responsible for locking up the criminal minorities when they TIEF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS from the economy, they have the Black taxpayer PAID armed forces complete with military at their disposal to stop these crimes against the people….but instead use these same forces against the people….

    THEY HAVE ALWAYS LIED and said they are self-governing and they are this and that from 1966….SO WHY ARE INTERNATIONAL LAWS still being broken regarding the HUMAN RIGHTS OF THE BLACK MAJORITY……

  27. Just because you repeat the same post on every thread on every topic does not make it true and you are missing and deluded, it is just a half baked thought and a figment of your mind.

    Slave Laws have been archived already. Barbados problem is third world ghetto problems where there is a very rich and very poor.

    It’s Big Business stems from legacy of British Companies which never changed even when the British Government stopped ruling.

    Minorities may have set up businesses and become successful but that is how Business works.

    All nationalities have criminal gangs, UK has every country in the world having small communities living there and every country and community has it’s own criminal gangs with their own specialities.

  28. Maybe the solution on the best way to proceed to fix the problems of the poor communities, is to have someone from the poor communities run for power, so they can prioritise projects for helping the poor communities and if they win the votes of poor people and gain seats and / or win election they can work towards levelling up the communities. Although country is broke / bankrupt money is about choices and can be diverted from other spending and even a little expenditure for development can go far.

  29. “Minorities may have set up businesses and become successful but that is how Business works.”

    talking shite….CRIMINAL MINORITIES in Barbados ARE THIEVES…they work for NOTHING, they earn nothing HONESTLY….they won’t know how to without some Black person giving them information or helping them along……

    they only know how to survive by exploiting the Black population….garbage in, basura out..

    where ya think the frauds in the parliament came from, they all crawled out of slavery and came from ghetto life then pretending that they are elite and got pedigree…it’s a DISEASE OF THE MIND that once elected the first thing they do is pretend they are better than those who elect them and SELL OUT…..be CORRUPT….and turn into deadly forked tongue snakes..

    ..it’s a system they DID NOT CREATE and would not know how to use it to the advantage of the Black/African population who elect them, they are too ignorant, backward, greedy and love to show off…….that’s why they tried their hardest recently to impress minority THIEVES by attempting to sell out the people’s African birthright like if they own a continent, have some right, can give away WHAT DOES NOT BELONG TO THEM and got EXPOSED from the west to the east…..and DID NOT KNOW what is REALLY GOING ON or who is patiently waiting for them re the IDENTIFICATION of all the criminals in the parliaments in the Caribbean who live to BETRAY THEIR PEOPLE, and keep them in captivity in the west with no freedom to advance or become empowered……..

    ya dealing with nasty niga, so no better can ever be expected…but they got short memory syndrome just like their yardfowl/Slaves and will try to sell out OUR continent again…..because that’s all they know..

    it will take minds with ethics, morals and a drive to WANT see their Black brothers and sisters excel and get wealthy, you will NOT EVER get any of that from DBLP..

  30. Scholars: Republic way to go
    By Tony Best
    Bajan scholars in North America, who between them have written at least 20 books and dozens of published scholarly papers on a range of social issues, are backing the march to republican status.
    Four of them interviewed by the Sunday Sun in Canada and the United States described the republican issue in Barbados as a settled matter. The scholars, who have collectively earned at least a dozen graduate degrees from accredited universities, also teach hundreds of students at different schools.
    Dr Cecil Foster, a professor at the State University of New York at Buffalo, Dr Andy Knight, professor of international relations at the University of Alberta in Edmonton and a highly respected international relations expert; Dr Myrna Lashley, recently elevated to the rank of an associate psychology professor at McGill University in Montreal; and Dr Rinaldo Walcott, professor of Africana studies at the University of Toronto, have all said the facts and logic of the proposed constitutional change in Barbados, moving from a monarchy to a Commonwealth republic, were quite clear.
    Holding a referendum
    However, Knight, a former Director of the University of the West Indies Institute of International Relations, thinks the Mia Mottley administration should consider holding a referendum that would make it clear where the population stands on the issue.
    “I would be much more comfortable with a referendum. It is an ideological logical stance being taken by Barbados, no longer willing to hold onto the dress-tails of the UK while shedding the last vestige of colonial dependency on the Queen and the monarchy,” Knight said. “It really doesn’t change our status as a Commonwealth country but it gives the impression that we are shedding the last stage of Britishness and that we will do things on our own through our own President, who will replace the monarchy. That’s what republicanism means for me. Ideologically, it is the correct thing to do, to say to the British that we are having our own way of doing things under the guise of a republic.”
    He said Barbados must decide whether it would have a ceremonial president or an executive head of state.
    Replacing the monarchy
    “I don’t think it is going to make much of a difference” in the lives of Bajans. The Queen was a titular head of state and today the whole question of the monarchy is being called into question. Barbados may turn out to be just one of the dominoes that will fall. We may see others doing the same. There is talk right now in Canada about replacing the monarchy.
    He believes a referendum to decide the final course would be comforting.
    “I would much rather have a referendum so that Barbadians would be making a clear and definitive statement about how they feel about the monarchy,” he went on. “Every year there is something horrible happening with the (British) monarchy.
    Foster disagreed: “I do not think at this stage that we need a referendum in Barbados. I don’t get the sense that the idea of moving to a republic is divisive. There isn’t a sense that becoming a republic is dividing Barbados,” he said. “You resort to a referendum when the idea” was dividing the country so much that you need to have a portion of the people to come down and get the authority over the other. That’s not the case in Barbados.
    “I think that a vote of confidence by the executive on behalf of the people is good enough,” Foster added. “Remember, this issue isn’t something that is new. It has been on the agenda of different governments for more than 20 years. The various executives (governments) had told the people we were going to have sovereignty residing exclusively among Barbadians. I think the time is right to do it and I don’t think there is a need for a referendum at this point. I am ready for a republic.”
    Democratic step
    Using “the language of the day, republicanism is now a settled matter” in Barbados, said Foster, a prolific author and teacher. “Barbados is saying to the world that it needs someone of its own choosing, someone from among its people to be its head of state
    and that is fine with me. It is a democratic step and is the ultimate of citizenship.”
    He said he preferred the ceremonial presidency for his birthplace.
    “The sovereignty of any country should be left to its people and you shouldn’t have an outsider representing that sovereignty,” was the way he put it.
    Like Foster, Dr Walcott, a major voice speaking out for Blacks in Canada, said that the fundamental question for Barbados “is how soon” the constitutional change to a republic can occur.
    Republicanism “should have happened many years ago. I would have liked to like to have seen an Errol Barrow . . . government make Barbados a republic. It should have happened ever since independence,” Walcott insisted. “It has been a long time coming and we can’t move fast enough today to usher in a republic.
    “I don’t think Barbados becoming a republic and removing the Queen as a titular head of state is going to change any of the fundamental arrangements of everyday life,” Walcott said.
    Lashley, an adviser to several national and provincial social institutions in Canada, said it was time for the “Queen to go” and for Barbados “to grow up” as a sovereign state.
    ‘For years, both major political parties have run general elections on a platform of changing to a republican form of government but nothing has happened about it until now,” Barbados’ honorary consul in Quebec said. “But we need to be told what the process (for choosing) the head of state is going to be. We have all known about this issue for years, so it is not new. I have no quarrel with republicanism. I am all for it. My problem is that I just don’t know what the process is to achieve it.”

    Source: Nation

  31. Balance of democracy
    It was a pleasure to watch and listen to fellow columnist Michelle Russell in her recent interview, which is posted on the Instagram page of Instagrammer Itsjustolu.
    The main topic of conversation was the law as it relates to mandating of COVID-19 jabs. This was informative. And there was more.
    Ms Russell also told the story of the fight of Caribbean nationals, like herself, who are residents of Barbados, but were illegally being denied their right to vote in Barbados during the last General Election. Ms Russell is a Jamaican. Her passion for Barbados and the rights of Barbadians was as refreshing as the flagrant flouting of the law by the Government at the time was disturbing.
    That blatant disregard for the rights of Caribbean nationals in Barbados is a reminder that rights are not guaranteed, and there is no right which we have that cannot be taken away. Even if you have leadership with the best intentions in the world, a healthy democracy requires vigilant and active citizens to prevent the path to hell. This is the example Ms Russell is setting.
    As a democracy matures, its citizens must mature with it.
    A movement and rumbling of the will of a free people can feel like instability compared to the complacent, static nature of a people too accepting of authoritarianism. In an immature democracy, people may go along with what the authorities decree, whether right or wrong, and call it discipline.
    Maturing democracy
    In a maturing democracy there may be conflict between groups and between the government and the people.
    This kind of tension will not be seen as a threat but as the inevitable growing pains of maturation.
    Democracy requires a critical balance between rights and responsibilities, risk and reward, limitations and freedoms. This critical balance requires critical thinking. This is thinking on our feet as we adjust and respond to challenges.
    Democracy is not a dance where all the dancers do the same moves in sync. The choreography is much more complex. The dancers have the freedom to make their own moves within the rhythm of the nation.
    Democracy does not give you the same kind of security and stability that authoritarianism can. The stability of a healthy democracy is like Simone Biles on a balance beam; it often has you wondering how the hell it doesn’t come tumbling down.
    I think it was Bruce Lee who said that balance is not just standing still, “balance is when you run like hell to catch it”.
    The issues of COVID-19 and the transition to republican status both challenge the critical balance of our democracy. They are both sensitive and nuanced issues which require a high level of balanced and critical thinking. They both stir up an enemy of balance and critical thinking, which is fear. That fear can make you too hasty or too stiff. Both lead to losing balance and falling off the balance beam.
    There is a school of thought that Barbados has always been a republic in practice.
    Therefore, when we say that Barbados is going republic, what we really mean is that Barbados is removing the Queen as head of state.
    This is an idea that few Bajans, even among those who, according to Austin “Tom” Clarke, grew up stupid under the Union Jack, would have a problem with.
    Those Bajans who, according to Catch A Fyah TV, have been growing wise under the Trident, most certainly have no problem with removing the Queen as head of state and replacing her with a Barbadian.
    But, as is often the case with the wise, the issue is not a simple yes or no, black or white, this one or that one.
    The question is not, “To be a republic or not to be a republic?” It is “How?” The wise Bajan is concerned about the process and its direction.
    Critical thinking
    Are we moving forward in a balanced way? Have we engaged in the type of critical thinking that is necessary to protect rights and freedoms?
    Are the citizens being brought along and helped to mature with the nation? Or are moving forward in a top-heavy, unbalanced way which can lead to an unhealthy democracy? I do have concerns that it is the latter.
    But balance is when you run like hell to catch it. There is no perfect path to progress. It will never be totally smooth and seamless.
    We will often be failing and falling forward. In balancing this stumbling moment in our nation’s history, those in power must be the arms, spreading to slow down and stabilise a leaning torso.
    But more so, we need vigilant and active citizens.
    This is the real power source. Their strength, critical thinking and sensitivity allow for intelligently responding to the complexity of the moment.
    This is the foundation of a healthy democracy. It is the active and vigilant citizens who catch us all.
    Adrian Green is a communications specialist.

    Source: Nation

  32. Referendum not a must

    By Ezra Alleyne
    The huge public debate about the concept of a referendum, along with the related topic of becoming a republic, occupies me today.
    Last week I said that Errol Barrow understood the system of government. As far back as January 4, 1966, in Parliament, he made the point that the referendum concept was not part of the law of this country. He said then: “I do not want anybody to get up and ask any stupid questions in this House. Nobody is going to advise us. There is no provision in this island for a referendum, and as long as this Government is in power, there is not going to be one.”
    Given the context of a pre-Independence constitutional debate a full 11 months before November 30 of the same year, this was a far-sighted statement. He made it clear that he was against referendums.
    The outcome of the Federal referendum in Jamaica confirmed his scepticism. Its outcome killed the Federation. Barrow was having none of it. Hence the notion of referendum was not included in the draft of the Barbados Constitution which Barrow took to London; nor was it included in the final agreed Constitution.
    To allay the fears of concerned Barbadians, he went on to assure them: “I am merely stating the constitutional position of the Government vis à vis the electorate of this island. I am not making any declaration of dictatorship.”
    Knew his onions
    Constitutional founding fathers are not idiots. They know their onions, and Mr Barrow certainly knew his onions in more than one sense.
    A referendum can be a most unwieldy but effective barrier to the proper exercise of power by the executive. For those who support it, I say: It does not belong in our constitutional system. We have begun, at our peril, to import this foreign concept into the Westminster system.
    In 2015, for example, British Prime Minister David Cameron unwisely called a referendum on British membership of the European Union.
    He argued to stay. The “leave” campaign opposed and won. The British economy is still in shock.
    Emotion and not reason won.
    Cameron had to resign. As I said, Barrow knew his onions. Now to the republic. Becoming a republic is more a change of status than of form.
    By severing the legal link by which the Queen is our head of state, we become a republic. Every protective device in the original Constitution remains intact. Fundamental human rights remain untouched. The independence of the judiciary remains untouched. The rule of law continues to reign supreme.
    And very key, the Senate, given its original and unchanged configuration, remains an obstacle to any fundamental constitutional amendment. Such changes will continue to require a two-thirds majority in BOTH houses of Parliament. Even a 29-1 Government does not have a two-thirds majority in the Senate!
    Those who call for education can rest assured that this is the constitutional and educational truth. Here is how Reverend Guy Hewitt described it last year in the British press: “Barbados’ recent announcement that it will become a republic ending the tenure of the Queen as head of state by November 2021 is noteworthy . . . .
    “There is legitimacy in the stance taken by the Prime Minister, Mia Amor Mottley. This highly regarded Caribbean leader has strong nationalist and regional instincts. With many leading Commonwealth Caribbean countries already republics, she, like others, born in the Independence era, sees republicanism as a coming of age.”
    Different view
    Verla De Peiza has a different view. She accuses Mottley of ruling by edict, and says of becoming a republic, that “it is too weighty a change not to be [put] specifically to the country by way of referendum”. What?
    Miss De Peiza is unwise to “diss” the referendum views of the distinguished Errol Barrow who first led her party, and do so at a time when she is being challenged for the leadership by a man who shouts his love and respect for Mr Barrow from any political paling that he ascends.
    But wait a minute. What ruling by edict is Miss De Peiza talking about? Both the House of Assembly AND the Senate must debate and pass the constitutional change before it becomes law. Come again, Verla!
    The people had July, and now August, September and October, 16 weeks, in which to debate the issues, and thank God that in this democracy they are doing just that. On this issue alone, Hewitt has shown himself, by far, the more astute political contender for the leadership.
    The plain truth is that widespread lack of knowledge about the concept of the referendum and a republic has allowed a debate to flourish which can destabilise and agitate the views of those who fear the unknown. A parliamentary republic which has a ceremonial president is simply an enhanced independent rose by another name. It is not designed to, nor does it usually, bear any economic benefits.
    As Rev. Hewitt said a year ago in the article referred to, there is legitimacy in the stance taken by Prime Minister Mottley. I can almost hear Errol Barrow asking Barbadians to re-read his “Mirror Image” speech.
    Ezra Alleyne is an attorney and a former Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly.

    Source: Nation

  33. Ezra Alleyne go ditch yuh commentary
    This is a democracy and the people have a democratic right to make demands of govt
    Only in a dictatorship the govt has the last word
    Bearing in mind the independent debate was met with forceful opposition in the house of Parliament
    This govt has a 30- o mandate
    The people eyes have been opened to where mistrust of this govt has entered the political fray whilst taking note and into consideration there is no meaningful opposition voice in Parliament which can give important and forceful sway to opposing views and opinions for the people
    Hence the people want to have their voices heard on the issue of Barbados becoming a Republic by other means necessary and that being a referendum

  34. Waru
    instead of talking down black politicians as sellouts on BU all day every day day in day out
    speak to them face to face and tell them if you truly believe it and let them put you straight
    or you will have had the last word and will have solved Barbados problem and won the day
    repeating it on bu is so monotonous and is an eternal reoccurrence

  35. As you come out with your minority criminal criminal minority black politician slave blacks negro cussing everyday many times like a racist car driver with road rage on a daily basis it will be interesting to see who what why triggered your bile each time such as a comment someone said or someone just being a someboody

  36. This govt has a 30- o mandate
    The people eyes have been opened to where mistrust of this govt has entered the political fray whilst taking note and into consideration there is no meaningful opposition voice in Parliament which can give important and forceful sway to opposing views and opinions for the people
    Hence the people want to have their voices heard on the issue of Barbados becoming a Republic by other means necessary and that being a referendum

    problem with referendums is they become political circuses on social media with trolling and numbers games and clowns win and become ringmasters

    Brexit and Trump both used psyops of dog whistle racism and spam nonsense by foreign agents
    in USA 66% of 75% white majority voted for racist platform as they had no issues with it
    in UK they copied Trump and voted for racist nationalism and self harmed themselves

    weed referendum is also nonsense as it will be about non-smokers deciding if smokers can smoke and they already do

  37. I don’t even need to be bored by your ignorance anymore, since ya can never refute anything i say, even if i post it a thousand times a day…… they will be TALKED DOWN UNTIL THEY STOP SELLING OUT PEOPLE WHO LOOK JUST LIKE THEM…

    .neither YOU nor THEM have the power to stop anything, so let them continue trying to sell out OUR CONTINENT…their latest dirty scam to impress thieving minorities….. and both you and THEM will see…they are no longer dealing with our helpless parents and grandparents…they have US to get through and around, the beneficiaries/inheritors and survivors, most of whom already have DESCENDANTS who are also ENTITLED TO THEIR CONTINENT.

    try their evil Judas shit again…and they will get an ALL OUT WAR….that they are not in any way prepared for…they can’t say they have not been warned, i have warned them EVERY DAY..

    watch muh nuh..


  38. Explosive Revelations


    BRIDGETOWN — China is behind Barbados’ snap decision to remove the British Queen as its head of state.

    That’s the shocking claim of a conservative member of the UK Parliament who said that a Chinese investment of $490 million in Bridgetown’s tourism infrastructure forced the Barbadian leader’s hand in the matter this month.

    “Some islands seem to be close to swapping a symbolic Queen in Windsor for a real and demanding emperor in Beijing,” Tom Tugendhat, chairman of the UK’s Foreign Affairs Committee, said. “It’s interesting because of course the UK is really not a monarchy, we’re a republic pretending to be a monarchy. The Crown in Parliament after all is simply a recognition that the people are sovereign.”

    Tugendhat said Beijing is attempting to replace London’s historical status and presence in the Caribbean with a $600 million loan to Cuba, a $1 billion loan to Antigua and Barbuda, a $1.9 billion loan to Trinidad & Tobago, a $450 million loan to the Bahamas and a $2.7 billion loan for Jamaica.

    “China has been using infrastructure investment and debt diplomacy as a means of control for a while and it’s coming closer to home for us,” he told The London Times.

    Meanwhile, CIA intelligence in the U.S. about Chinese activities in Barbados has now reportedly been shared with Britain.

    China has poured billions of dollars of investment into the Caribbean in recent years while signing tax and trade deals in an attempt to wrest the region out of the West’s sphere of influence and bring it under the sway of Beijing.

    The Chinese government has invested at least $7 billion in six Caribbean nations since 2005, records complied by the American Enterprise Institute show — building roads, ports and the five-star Baha Mar casino and resort in the Bahamas — though the true figure is thought to run well into the tens of billions.

    While some of the money arrives as part of trade and investment deals, much of it is offered as “soft loans” for infrastructure projects that are harder to track and typically come with requirements to use Chinese contractors for the work. The loans also provide long-term leverage for Beijing over the cash-strapped island nations.

    Some eight countries in the region have signed on to Beijing’s Belt and Road initiative, kind of a 21st Century maritime version of the Silk Road, which includes: Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago.

    Read the complete story in the above link

  39. And for those who want to speak about your views on the republic see the below

    Please see registration links for Town Hall Meetings listed below:

    Alexandra School – https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_l5e77Eq-Sp20D8oJFa_LBg

    Princess Margaret School – https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_h9XhOK5kSuyYZVMHDCER_Q

    Deighton Griffith School – https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_iieiZhRpSUCvcPR_gc7rLA

    Combermere School – https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_Y7fb5EEHTmiASzF80yvtXg

  40. Angela Hal Austin Cox

    UK and USA has been coming out with anti-China rhetoric and propaganda daily simply because China is overtaking them economically globally fair and square so they resort to every dirty trick they have got in the book of hook and crook. If you like racial warmongers propaganda then you can eat up UK and US shit for breakfast and remain subordinated to white supremacists who represent white people who are the minority in the world and are responsible for the majority of world problems of today. When UK and USA were droning black and brown people over last 20 years, China was developing the developing world. They should block USA and UK access from rare earth resources required for Information Technology computers drones robots smart bombs and WMDs. Tables are Turning Babylon is Burning with Anxiety.

  41. “.neither YOU nor THEM have the power to stop anything,”

    your little mind equates and associates me with them

    which explains your minority criminal diatribes being triggered when I speak

  42. How will Barbados govt repay China
    I dare to say some payments by land
    The Chinese govt is smart and have a high level for vision
    Xxxxx Barrow words are becoming true
    One day Barbadians would wake up to a reality that Barbados is no longer their place of ownership

  43. All they have to do is agree to reparations and slam the door on the Chinese.

    They cannot expect to have their cake and eat it too.

    Everybody knows that the Chinese are not doing this out of the kindness of their hearts. They are buying influence.

    If Europeans want influence, let them outbid the Chinese.

    Instead they want to take the cheap route – FEAR. As though the Chinese are any worse to black people than Europeans have always been.

  44. The Alabaster Whites Biggest Fear is Afroasiatic U N I T Y
    As for the war in Vietnam, Muhammad Ali, condemned racial discrimination in America
    “I ain’t got no quarrel with them Viet Cong,”
    “no Vietcong ever called me nigger.”.

    so a paranoid white boy spy in GCHQ Babylon HQ says Chinese technology might be used to spy on them
    while they spy on everyone
    claiming that encrypted messaging will help pedophiles
    and that their dubious wars against muslims means for two decades that they need to spy on all for terrorism

    X-Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan Smith claims he is being targeted by the Chinese state because of his racism against China

  45. DonnaAugust 8, 2021 6:52 AM

    All they have to do is agree to reparations and slam the door on the Chinese.

    They cannot expect to have their cake and eat it too.

    Everybody knows that the Chinese are not doing this out of the kindness of their hearts. They are buying influence.

    If Europeans want influence, let them outbid the Chinese.

    Instead they want to take the cheap route – FEAR. As though the Chinese are any worse to black people than Europeans have always been

    Reparations would not be handed over to small island nations
    Unless their is cohesive effort brought by a hardened unification process amongst small island leaders and it’s people the long talk of reparations would remain as sounding brass and tinkling symbols
    As for the Chinese foot print across these small islands it is laudible having an effect which would improve their global and economic power worldwide
    So dont mix oranges with apples the Chinese moving across small island landscape should open the eyes of those who understand the economic implications for the people of Barbados and what benefits the Chinese would derive
    Having questions asked what purpose economically would there be for Barbadians in years to come

  46. “BRIDGETOWN — China is behind Barbados’ snap decision to remove the British Queen as its head of state.

    That’s the shocking claim of a conservative member of the UK Parliament who said that a Chinese investment of $490 million in Bridgetown’s tourism infrastructure forced the Barbadian leader’s hand in the matter this month.”

    Which is an insult to the people of Barbados.

    Check a Rebel Girl
    Rebel Girl Dub
    When UK Government was conspicuous in it’s absence in condemning the murder of George Floyd and supporting and praising the Trump nut while condemning #BLACKLIVESMATTER protestors in Bristol for their Massive Attack on the statue of slave trader Edward Colston dumping him in the river to sleep with the fishes like the souls of the many blacks called human cargo who jumped overboard from their slave ships of infamy as they would rather die free than live a life in human bondage as a slave under torture terror and rape of the irie African daughters, they failed to listen to the message given by the Barbados leader on her visit to inform them that the repugnant slave trade of 500 years ago still has ramifications of mental physical and spiritual damage to slave descendants today in the black diaspora and colonies of Babylon and serve notice of their intent to leave their rotten colony and become an independent republic moving on. Babylon is well wrong.


  47. “Which is an insult to the people of Barbados.”

    that’s what the trash misleaders in Barbados, garbage in, basura out, are famous for, selling out for shite money…to pad THEIR BANK ACCOUNTS…

    the people have to stop electing the trifling low crawlers….this shifty BLP has always been a blight and curse in Black lives…

    “your little mind equates and associates me with them

    which explains your minority criminal diatribes being triggered when I speak”

    which explains why you are TRIGGERED by my description and rant on and on about Europeans BUT YA HAVE TO LIVE WITH THEM..i don’t see you leaving UK despite the history, don’t see you rushing to live under the TRAITORS in Barbados and minority rule though you may fit in…..that is something you MUST come to terms with.

    ..many of us carry their European bloodlines, and a lot of it… ya aint hear us saying that we are going to remove the blood, even if it was possible….because we HAVE TO LIVE WITH IT and make the MOST OF IT..

  48. “which explains why you are TRIGGERED by my description and rant on and on about Europeans BUT YA HAVE TO LIVE WITH THEM..i don’t see you leaving UK despite the history, don’t see you rushing to live under the TRAITORS in Barbados and minority rule though you may fit in…..that is something you MUST come to terms with.

    ..many of us carry their European bloodlines”

    I know racists they were my friends I heard so much racism growing up that it became water off a ducks back

    that’s how whites think as you know you married one

  49. @ David,
    Please update your top links. The listed BBC link is obsolete. Please replace it with the link at 2.15.AM
    Tron would be excited to hear his master’s voice.

    Mia has a trait where she talks directly over people. Zeinab tried to ask her questions and Mia would intervene. I was disappointed that she did not modify her behaviour as this programme was aired internationally.

    Too many of her answers were robotic and did not chime with reality. Zeinab is no dummy and you felt in her tone that she was bemused with Mia’s approach to answering questions. When a lady of Zeinab’s pedigree asks a genuine question related to the cost of food in Barbados your answer should be genuine. Her research team would have been robust. One moment of hilarity was when Zeinab mocked Mia that she appeared to have a team of supporters on her side in the studio.

    • @TLSN

      The top clicks is controlled by the clicks of commenters. Will have to delete the first comment.

  50. I hope Mia knows she is NOT getting away with that bullshit…since the flood of 1970 DBLP were told to build dams, where is the 40 million Canada offered to do so, no bribes in that, so it was abandoned….there was no Covid, sargussum no ashfall no natural disasters for 60 YEARS, with billions of dollars available NOW MISSING….and yall could not see to do anything ..ya not getting away with lying to the world…yall are the ones who keep minority rule, oppression, suppression and THEFTS against the people via the fraudulent TIEFING social partnership in play..ya will not fool anyone, did ya mention that the water goes to watering golf coursse and lawns of TIEFING RACIST HOTELIERS…DEPRIVING the people who pay water bills FOR YEARS.. why did you not mention the CORRUPTION and maloney and the big red bag of evidence to lock up DLP…..

    there is a RECKONING.

  51. DLP ready to rule, says De Peiza
    THE BARBADOS Labour Party (BLP) administration is a one-term Government and the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) is ready to lead Barbados again, says leader Verla De Peiza.
    The DLP president declared this while speaking at a Christ Church West branch meeting on Sunday at Arthur Smith Primary School. She said the BLP had dropped the ball on education, health care, renewable energy and on uplifting Barbadians.
    “We will win the next election because we are going out there and we are not only talking to DLP people but also to all the other political complexions in Barbados, which will turn yellow and blue because we are going to all of them. This is not about how sweet you talk but how hard you work, especially when things are rough.
    “Our youth will be an advantage because people got to the point where they felt they were getting the same thing from both parties. We are grounded in the upliftment of people . . . . This is not a one-man show but a ride for the livelihood of every single person in Barbados,” she said.
    Failed experiment
    De Peiza said the BLP had the “perfect opportunity” to make “fundamental” changes to education after the COVID-19 pandemic struck but instead failed at experimenting with virtual education. She also criticised the ruling party for defaulting on loans prior to the pandemic; over-relying on tourism when there was an opportunity to monetise agriculture and small business; not having a national renewable energy policy for new construction; mishandling the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) and failing to present a Budget.
    “We need to know what is going on with health care, the nurses at the QEH . . . . We need a full and frank conversation on the state of the QEH. Show us you can walk and chew gum; tell us what else you have dropped the ball on.
    “We are in a time where we need to figure out how to earn money besides tourism and borrowing people’s money. The best way is to present a Budget. The last one was when they introduced the fuel tax, which continues to strangle us. We need to raise our voices consistently to get this Government to present a Budget,” she said.
    De Peiza said her party had made the most strides in education – giving three- to five-year-olds the opportunity to start formal education with basic knowledge; introducing the Caribbean Vocational Qualifications; expanding sixth forms and special education and more – while the BLP struggled with the Barbados Secondary Schools’ Entrance Examination.
    “We have known the present
    education format is past its sell-by date. We have had reports and cues going back generations that things needed to change. The last administration very quietly started an education revolution. Do not let go of the role the DLP played in education . . . . Do not let anyone tell you any hogwash.
    “Our young people are floundering and suffering and that builds up the potential for social unrest. It must be wrestled with immediacy and the DLP is committed to bringing those fundamental changes to education. We have a young team but we have a capable team and we are ready to stand up for the people of Barbados one more time. This is a one-term Government and we need all of you to stand up and do your part,” she said. (CA)

    Source: Nation

  52. Williams’ committee working on republic proposals
    CHAIRMAN OF the Republican Status Transition Advisory Committee, Dr Marion Williams, says they are moving ahead with work on recommendations that could inform the process of selecting a president under Government’s plan to change Barbados to a republic.
    Speaking on The People’s Business Sunday night on CBC TV, she explained that in accordance with Government’s declared intention to change Barbados to republican status on November 30, this was the immediate priority of the ten-member committee set up to help plan and manage the transition from a monarchical to a republican system.
    The other members of the committee, which was named in May, are Reverend Dr John Rogers, Lolita Applewaite, Chereda Grannum, Suleiman Bulbulia, The Most Honourable Patrick Frost, Shirley Bell, Cyndi Marshall, Adrian Green and Cecille Humphrey.
    Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley had earlier explained that in the transition from a Governor General under the present monarchical system to a president as head of a republic, Government would be drawing on recommendations contained in the report of the 1998 Constitution Review Commission headed by Sir Henry Forde, which recommended the manner in which the country should settle all of the arrangements for the President.
    Among the Forde Commission’s suggestions were:
    • The head of state should be a president elected by an Electoral College constituted by the Senate and the House of Assembly meeting as a single body for the purpose of such an election;
    • The Electoral College shall be convened by the Speaker of the House of Assembly, who shall preside as chairman over the proceedings of the Electoral College and shall have an original vote;
    • The person holding the office of Governor General at the commencement of the reformed Constitution should hold the office of President under the new Constitution until a President is elected under the provision of the new Constitution.
    Williams confirmed the Transition Advisory Committee would indeed be taking some relevant aspects of the Forde Commission’s report into consideration in making its recommendations to Government. However, she stressed theirs was an advisory role, while the decisions would be left to Government.
    Also appearing on the panel were Transition Advisory Committee member Frost and Professor Velma Newton, the University of the West Indies law librarian, who had prepared a set of “Facts and Questions” on the Barbados Constitution for the Forde Commission in 1997.
    It was pointed out that the Transition Committee’s work would extend beyond the matter of the presidency since there were more fundamental changes that would have to be made to the Barbados Constitution. Such changes, according to Mottley, will be made on the basis of consultation with the public.

    Source: Nation

  53. For DLP to win next election they will have to employ psychological operations psyops information warfare

    White PSYOP
    White PSYOP is attributable to PSYOP as a source. White is acknowledged as an official statement

    Grey PSYOP
    The source of the grey PSYOP product is deliberately ambiguous.

    Black PSYOP
    The activity engaged in appears to emanate from a source (government, party, group, organisation, person) usually hostile in nature. The interest of the U.S. government is concealed and the U.S. government would deny responsibility. It is best used in support of strategic plans.

    PSYOP conveys messages via visual, audio, and audiovisual media. Fourth estate media and Fifth estate Social media

  54. THE BARBADOS Labour Party (BLP) administration is a one-term Government and the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) is ready to lead Barbados again, says leader Verla De Peiza.

    oh really…no one want colonial parliament nigas ruling, representing or speaking for BLACK AFRICAN PEOPLE EVER AGAIN…get that thought out of yall CORRUPT HEADS…what rule what, who the hell you want to continue to place under south african boer minoritity rule…fcuk off….both you and Mia/DBLP….that’s for yall IGNORANT SLAVES/yardfowls.

  55. Seems as though Guy Hewitt is also seeking to be nominated as the DLP’s candidate for Christ Church East Central in the next general elections.

    Guy said he “has been persuaded by persons both from within the Party and the country at-large to apply my leadership skills and passion not only to administrative but political leadership,” and “believes that the constituency of Christ Church East Central would be a good fit.”

  56. All I am hearing about is a 2021 constitutional review committee and 1998 recommendations. Man, if you don’t have anything new stamp 2021 on the 1998 suggestions and circulate them today.

  57. Is there a news’s blackout on our Prime Minister’s interview with the BBC reporter, Zeinab.

    Waru is the only person to have commented. I have spoken over many years how Barbados has been largely unaffected by any major catastrophes since her independence. No wars, hurricanes or famines. It would appear that this period of grace has been poorly managed. We have manoeuvred ourselves into becoming one of the most heavily indebted country in the entire world.

    Zeinab would have carried out her research and would have been informed by numerous groups of the real state of the country. For MIa, this was an opportunity missed. She should have been more humbled; rather then blustering and bulldozing her way through the interview whilst looking for sympathy with reference to recent natural disasters. For surely she must know within her heart that Barbados is a busted flush propped on loans by unscrupulous players. May God help our people.

  58. They maneuvered themselves into that position where the MISLEADERS of parliament are now OWNED by IMF….the Black populaiton can WALK AWAY and leave them right there, it looks good on them..

    they got the social partnership of thieves to help them out of it…THEY ARE THE ONES HELPED them into it by ROBBING the island GLEEFULLY of BILLIONS OF DOLLARS with their house negros..

    the Black population should TAKE NO DISRESPECT from BLP… nor any other colonial political party..

  59. Artax,

    “Persuaded” ha, ha! The reluctant hero steps into the fray!

    Is this going to be his narrative?


  60. Wasted opportunities and wasted time because the vote begging parliament traitors dont want to see the Black/African FREE or EMPOWERED and feel better about their evil selves pushingvthe people on marijuana slave plantation BLP created just for that while they set up minority criminals in Barbados and the region to slither into Afrika and STEAL OUR ANCESTRAL BIRTHRIGHT…but Karma will get you slimy nigas.


  61. “I must say that I find it hard to understand how any Barbadian citizen could feel satisfied to have as our nation’s head of state, the Monarch of our former colonial master.

    We Barbadians are surely not in any way inferior to the British people . And so, if Britain can have a British Head of State, why shouldn’t independent Barbados move as expeditiously as possible to confer upon ourselves a Barbadian head of state? This is a long overdue progressive development, and we should all welcome and support it”

    we find it even harder to understand why ya would want to get rid of Elizabeth and KEEP the dangerous colonial slave system in place that DESTROYED 20 GENERATIONS OF YOUR ANCESTORS, they came as a package and SHOULD LEAVE BLACK LIVES AS SUCH…………

    and still more dangerous to the Black/African than anything else since yall have crawled into the parliament for the last 54 YEARS and weaponized it against the African population and MALICIOUSLY ADDED the boer apartheid system from South Africa…….so the better question is WHY ARE YOU STILL USING IT.

    and ya still ACT LIKE YA INFERIOR by embracing a total dependency SLAVERY tourism product….and refuse to give the majority a chance to make better choices for themselves and their future generations…..as far as i am concerned YALL ARE THE REAL PROBLEM..

  62. Check it out TLSN..the interview was screwed up by Mia, but Zeinab, unafraid of bulllies, exposed the truth.

    Cuddear…i do believe that STARVATION and STARK POVERTY will get the most vulnerable in the majority population first before Covid…ya worrying about the wrong thing….misery and poverty is a MAN MADE VIRUS…and the thieves in and out of the parliament love to GENERATE BOTH for the Black population…that should be the biggest concern right now.

    the lying government was caught with it’s ass exposed when BBCs Zeinab threw the truth out there and had Mia stuttering and scrambing for words..Slavery tourism is going to cause DEATHS ON THE ISLAND, with the thieving slave driving hoteliers more than willing to assist in the degradation….and all of them should go down or up to international tribunals for MURDER…their thefts from the populaiton are largely responsible for this, they even stole employee salaries, benefits, severance and pensions..

    “Barbados has long been regarded as among the most expensive places in the world to live. It is an unenviable position to hold, but we have been led to believe that it is the result of living in an open economy, where virtually everything is imported.

    The international organization’s research found: “Job loss and income reductions are still very common, affecting 55 per cent of overall respondents and 88 per cent of those from the lowest income groups. Disproportionately impacted are households whose income comes from tourism and hospitality, petty trade, informal labour, or external assistance, as well as younger people.”

    Even more important was the finding that 55 per cent of Barbadians surveyed experienced higher than usual food prices, with the lowest income groups more commonly reporting increases.

    With lack of financial means influencing their shopping behaviour, Barbadians began turning to cheaper food products or buying smaller quantities of food.

    “Food insecurity remains a concern, with a sizeable number of people cutting back on food consumption,” the report on Barbados revealed.

    And so, it was not good news to be informed by the country’s main producer of livestock feeds that there will be a near 20 per cent rise in the cost of its products.

    As a result, local meats, including chicken, processed meat products, and possibly some vegetable prices, are expected to rise.”

  63. btw…it’s a nearly decades old pattern for me,. the BU brigade only jump out mostly to contradict and reduce posts to their small petty inputs, but never to add anything worthwhile, the people who do can all be counted on one hand. ..it has gotten much, much better.

    that alone shows the negativity assisted in how the island has degraded significantly and with the low minds in the parliaments feeding that beast with their wound up dangerous little yardfowls/Slaves, and the trickle down effect into communities, it’s unlikely to change COMPLETELY any time soon, without a defining catalyst, which we hoped will not be the poverty THAT IS CLEARLY derived from tourism dependency….but that now seems UNLIKELY with the report SHOWING that it does more harm than good..

    i just do what needs to be done and HAVE, after 9 YEARS seen what i set out to do come to fruition, and left the naysayers behind stuck in their timewarp, very proud of the citizens who opened their eyes, seen the light and having NONE OF IT, they are very vocal on the known platforms, something you could not get happening 6 years ago, it was like pulling teeth, not anymore though….

    so i consider my time on BU and other platforms, well spent and not wasted…trust me, it was much worse in the first 5 years, there were some of the most toxic racists on the blog leaking anti-black poison with EVERY POST and attacking every day…they have become EXTINCT…the reason why they disappeared, they could not fight reality stuck in their fantasy world as they were, the battle was real….with the Black targets of those attacks contradicting every post that could open their eyes….but they BOTH LOST…reality WON.

  64. Much ado about Republicanism

    THE ONGOING REPUBLICANISM DEBATE in Barbados has further exposed the failure of Caribbean opposition parties to put aside petty political advantage when large civilisational questions are at stake.
    After several decades of discussion surrounding the publication of the Henry Forde Commission report (appointed in 1996) which had made broad recommendations for the creation of a Barbadian Head of State, the main opposition groupings are accusing the Mia Amor Mottley administration of hastiness.
    Both major political parties (most recently under the leadership of Prime Minister Freundel Stuart), have in the past declared commitments to republicanism, yet the current leadership of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) is treating the issue like a Mottley invention. In typical partisan fashion, an idea is championed in government and rejected in opposition.
    Similarly, when DLP Prime Minister Freundel Stuart declared his intention to move to republicanism following upon Errol Barrow’s independence and Owen Arthur’s move to the Caribbean Court of Justice, the opposition Barbados Labour Party responded derisively by claiming that he was only after his legacy. This was childish trivialising of an important issue, when exemplary statesmanship was required. Perhaps, Stuart can make a profound post-prime ministerial development contribution by publicly restating his call for republicanism.
    A British Monarch as the Head of State is being replaced by a native Barbadian, to be styled President, instead of Governor General. That is all.
    However, words like “dictatorship” are being bandied about. There are insistent calls for a referendum.
    There is also confusion surrounding the proposal for a post-November 30 discussion on constitutional reform and the adoption of republicanism by November 30. The proposal for an “electoral college” to select the President is being conflated with the odious United States electoral college system, fuelling more disinformation.
    African-majority population
    Laughing silently among themselves, are the bottom residue of the old colonial elite who get immense psychological satisfaction from an African-majority
    population being led by a European Monarch.
    However, neither the voluntary nor the involuntary colonials can be blamed for the misguided tone of the debate.
    Colonials are colonials. The blame lies with the opposition groupings who are deliberately and opportunistically intellectually dishonest in their interventions. The Joseph Atherley of pre-May 2018 would have been a leading champion of republicanism.
    Those calling for a referendum know very well that Caribbean referenda, whatever the issue being voted upon, always play out like partisan circuses.
    It will be a wonderful day in the Caribbean when the dominant political parties accept that there are issues which are so central to our collective political growth that national consensus is the instinctive reflex. That day has not yet come. The first step towards this new dawn is for party leaders to distinguish between a cheap vote and a substantive civilisational objective. The birthing of a Barbadian Head of State of Barbados is one such moment.
    Will genuine statespersons please stand up?
    Tennyson Joseph is a political scientist at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, specialising in regional affairs.

    Source: Nation

  65. The only legacy that lives on is the legacy that is written in the hearts and minds of the people, passed down from grateful generation to generation, not in dry history books but in the passion conveyed by the oral tradition where heroes become larger than life.

    Being the “Father of Independence” has outlived its magic. We realise now that we are not independent. Being the “Mother of the Republic” holds no magic on its own. The magic comes only in creating a SUCCESSFUL republic, a republic that transforms the lives of the majority population in a tangible way and makes the world marvel at the impossible dream accomplished.

    All other legacies are like dry bones, lifeless, buried and marked only by headstones, out of sight and increasingly out of mind.

    Until eventually they go, “Poof!”

  66. Where Mottley went blatantly wrong in her mouthings
    It all began when she loudly and boastfully stated that Nov.30th be a day for the birthing of Barbados becoming a Republic
    At that point and time all eyes and ears were opened to Mia deceit and voices rang out in Unisom Hell No
    On and before her 30th Nov. statement no one seemed to be paying attention and just thought that becoming a Republic meant simply removing the Queen of Head
    Talking about shooting oneself in the mouth

    • Tennyson Joseph nailed it. This is not to excuse the government from poor execution with communication.

  67. I agree with Donna and Dr. Joseph.

    The DEMS and their supporters are mainly concerned about ‘Barrow’s legacy’ being erased from history and are making it out to be a substantive issue.

    We celebrate Barrow every year on January 21, ‘Errol Barrow Day,’ and April 28 during ‘National Heroes Day,’ when both days are entirely devoted to highlighting his speeches and political exploits, while references are constantly made to the role he played in Barbados becoming Independent.

    The same references to Barrow are also regurgitated on ‘Independence Day.’

    So what if Barbados goes to Republic status on November 30?

    Or, are we saying ‘Barrow’s legacy’ is so outstanding that THREE (3) annual public holidays are required for us to remember it?

  68. (Quote):
    This was childish trivialising of an important issue, when exemplary statesmanship was required. Perhaps, Stuart can make a profound post-prime ministerial development contribution by publicly restating his call for republicanism. (Unquote).

    And while he is “publicly restating his call for republicanism ” we hope he takes that opportunity to apologize to the citizens of the new republic for threatening to withdraw his fiefdom of Independence from the CCJ just because it simply did not rule according to his expectations and indeed those of his lawyering sidekick the shallow Hal.

    Where would he have taken the Bajan judicial system if not back to the same monarchical Privy Council of the former Mother country only to be ‘ret(r)ied’ to the monarchical apron strings and insulted in a manner befitting only a ‘loyally good’ old colonial slave?

    Poor Fumble, in the regal Muttley medal collecting style, must be royally’ disappointed he has missed that Right Honourable (RH) opportunity of being called “Sir” even under the dawning republic.

  69. ArtaxAugust 12, 2021 7:46 AM

    I agree with Donna and Dr. Joseph.

    The DEMS and their supporters are mainly concerned about ‘Barrow’s legacy’ being erased from history and are making it out to be a substantive issue.

    More than concerned as all eyes are wide concern to Mia deceit
    After all her stampeding exercise to remove Barbados name from the minds of people
    First her magical imprint of placing her name on a Barrow memorabilia honoring his name
    Next the demolishing of the NIS building a building whose architecture structure was worth saving
    Now hovering with what seems to be a disgusting and disguise attempt to replace the significance role Barrow played in Barbados becoming Independent
    Mia can drag out as many foot soldiers to bring all causes and reason placed on intellectual mouthings as to.why how and should be
    But the masses already see the path on which Mia wants to pursue Barbados becoming Republic while piggybacking on the good name of His Rgh Errol Barrow
    Talk all wunna want the eyes and ears are opening and not having it
    Ronnie Yearwood explain the other side and many are listening and agreeing with what he said

  70. @ John August 12, 2021 8:24 AM
    Whatever water is on the earth was there at the beginning. (Unquote).

    Where does water come from other than the tears of your Yahweh?

    It’s truly enigmatic how an intellectual fraud like you can argue a case based on ‘Science’ but, paradoxically, continue to display your blind faith in the universality of the Jewish ‘Six Days of Creation’ story as confusingly plagiarized in their book of myths and legends.

    • @Miller

      Partisan party politics is suffocating the world. This period of existence does not recommend the political class at all.

  71. David,

    Truly they have no shame! They are brazen in their shenanigans.

    Do they think we don’t see them? Or don’t they care?

    Is there some sort of sick pleasure in rubbing their brazen inconsistencies in our faces?

    Well… look where that has brought us! People don’t trust them enough to follow public health recommendations.

    I can’t say I blame them. Proven liars are known to lie.

  72. So… all the preening, pompesettin’ and pisparadin’ on CNN ends with huffing and puffing to keep up on the BBC.(?)

    The gloss is gone! No more star power!


  73. @ angela cox August 12, 2021 9:01 AM

    [1]: “After all her stampeding exercise to remove Barbados name from the minds of people.”

    Trinidad & Tabago, for example, maintained its name after becoming independent in 1962 and a republic in 1976.

    When has Mottley said anything to suggest that, by becoming a republic, she intends “to remove Barbados’ name from the minds of people?”

    [2]: “First her magical imprint of placing her name on a Barrow memorabilia honoring his name.”

    Please give BU at least ONE (1) example of Mottley “placing her name on memorabilia honoring Barrow’s his name?”

    [3]: “Next the demolishing of the NIS building a building whose architecture structure was worth saving.”

    Please provide BU any official information that indicates the old ‘NIS Building’s architectural structure was of such significant historical importance that it was worth saving?’

    [4]: “Now hovering with what seems to be a disgusting and disguise attempt to replace the significance role Barrow played in Barbados becoming Independent.”

    How can “the significance role Barrow played in Barbados becoming Independent be replaced,” when it is recorded in the ‘annuls of Barbadian history’ and Parliamentary debates on the issue are recorded in Hansard?

    [5]: Who are “the masses” you keep referring to?

    Because one or two people are speaking to the Republic issue in terms you agree with, does not mean their opinions are the GENERAL CONSENSUS of the population.

    To the remainder of your contribution………..



  74. ArtaxAugust 12, 2021 10:15 AM

    @,Angela cox

    Trinidad & Tabago, for example, maintained its name after becoming independent in 1962 and a republic in 1976.

    When has Mottley said anything to suggest that, by becoming a republic, she intends “to remove Barrow name from the minds of people?

    Please give BU at least ONE (1) example of Mottley “placing her name on memorabilia honoring Barrow’s his name?”

    Please provide BU any official information that indicates the old ‘NIS Building’s architectural structure was of such significant historical importance that it was worth saving?’

    [5]: Who are “the masses” you keep referring to?

    Because one or two people are speaking to the Republic issue in terms you agree with, does not mean their opinions are the GENERAL CONSENSUS of the population.

    To the remainder of your contribution………..
    A big FAT YAWN

  75. @ angela cox August 12, 2021 11:18

    Yes, it would be “A big FAT YAWN” to you, because your folly has once again been exposed.

  76. Retired NAB employees are expressing concerns after having not received their pensions for the past TWO (2) MONTHS.

    Apparently, the Mia Mottley administration has put an end to the payment of those pensions, without having the decency of informing them of its decision.

    From what I understand, NAB personnel is saying they were told not to pay pensions without being told the reason why, while a Minister in the Finance Ministry said the NAB was directed to inform the retirees about the decision and placed the blame for pension payments on the previous DLP administration, while Minister of Elder Affairs, Cynthia Forde, claims she does not know anything about the situation.

    It is true the retired employees may not be entitled to pensions from both the NAB and NIS, as was indicated in several Auditor General Reports, the most recent being the report for financial year ended March 31, 2020.

    However, these elderly people would have based their lifestyle on present income. How about those who are paying rent or for their upkeep?
    After paying people pensions for as much as 17 years, to abruptly end payments without any prior notification, is heartless and inhumane.

    They could have simply held a meeting with the retirees or send them correspondence outlining the reason why the pensions are no longer being paid, because it contravenes government regulations.

    Or, they could have continued with the payments to the existing retirees and inform present and new employees they won’t be paid pensions.

    To ‘stop payments’ abruptly without prior notice and remain ‘tight lipped’ to their queries on ‘Brass Tacks’ or to persons calling the Ministries of Finance or Elder Affairs for information……….

    …………. and then attempting to pass the blame on to the previous DLP administration, is a WICKED ACT.

    Image, senior citizens being treated inhumanely by the Ministry of Elder Affairs.

    Just goes to show, “MIA CARES.”

    As I mentioned some time ago, I believe Mia Mottley will achieve ‘two firsts’…………. the first female Prime Minister and the first ‘one term government.’

  77. @ David August 12, 2021 9:38 AM

    If the very “West Indian” politicians themselves do not demonstrate confidence in and support for the fledgling regional institutions [like the same CCJ and the comatose LIAT] under the umbrella of Caricom why are they being so disingenuous in their criticisms and attacks on the ordinary man and woman for not following them blindly like politically-brainwashed sheep.

    Why are these petty-minded two-bit politicians want from the people other than to massage their power-driven egos more taken up with scoring cheap political points to embellish their dull legacies rather than bringing genuine social and economic development to the same vulnerable ‘English-speaking’ sub-region of the Caribbean?

    Why can’t these tin-pot dictators, many of them UWI graduates, pool together their territories’ measly resources and have one external affairs agency to represent their common interests on the international scene instead of the current menagerie making themselves look like competing political baboons?

    Why is there need for so many (different) diplomats from those English-speaking former colonies to have their own separate offices (and costly to maintain) in the UK, across mainland Europe and North America with a similar basket of junkets planned for the African continent?

    • @Artax

      It is difficult to imagine this matter did not go before Cabinet of which Minister Forde is a member.


      Cannot fault your position as stated.

  78. ArtaxAugust 12, 2021 11:38 AM

    @ angela cox August 12, 2021 11:18

    Yes, it would be “A big FAT YAWN” to you, because your folly has once again been


    This one deserves a Drum roll

    How about a BiG FAT FRAT

  79. “Why is there need for so many (different) diplomats from those English-speaking former colonies to have their own separate offices (and costly to maintain) in the UK, across mainland Europe and North America with a similar basket of junkets planned for the African continent?”

    their big DISHONEST plans for the continent got SQUASHED and now they will be WATCHED….they went to our ancestral lands with BAD INTENT…..don’t forget they now have one representing in the UAE, believe they also have one to take up a post in Morocco…two enslaver jurisdictions, with the Black/African population in Barbados footing that bill…..they MUST BE WATCHED….

  80. Artax,

    Great comment on the pensions issue. Exactly what I said when they started withholding the pensions of medically unfit retirees who were also receiving NIS invalidity benefits. That almost cut the income of such people in half. Many would have had to choose between paying the mortgage and buying groceries! All this while prohibited from selling a pack of nuts while receiving an invalidity benefit. So… no way to make up the difference.

    In my opinion, a pension is deferred earnings. You have already EARNED IT. It is yours until death. In the case of early retirement, you get a REDUCED pension – only what you have earned. In the case of the NIS benefit, you have paid into the fund for such an eventuality. The two combined amount to almost exactly what you would have earned in salary. That tells me that the intent was to make the “invalid whole” and not to plunge him or her and often minor offspring into inescapable poverty.

    The two pension law was meant for old age pensioners. Mortgages finished. Children grown. Free healthcare. Can more easily adjust to a reduced income. Besides which their retirement would have been planned for for years.

    Caswell and I were of one mind.

    What the Government SHOULD do is ensure that those who are deemed unable to work are actually unable to work. Some can be retrained for less demanding employment. Some can work part time or for a few hours but not a whole day. Some can supplement their benifit working from home eg. a teacher may not be able to teach a class of thirty in a school setting buy he/she may be able to teach a few lessons from home. Some people should be assessed at intervals over a longer period to see how they have progressed. I think people are being written off too early.

    Being somewhat disabled and being a total invalid are two different things. Sometimes they award invalidity benefits to those who are LESS able but not UNable.

    That is where the NIS should be looking to save the money.

    • @Donna

      A reasonable position to hold if the guardian of the fund is able to discharge its responsibility.

  81. Artists’ advice just as worthy
    In trying to propose and achieve massive changes in our systems of governance to address integrity, reduce corruption, promote growth and efficiency, and an ease of doing business and generally an ease of getting on with life without being wrapped in red tape, we will require not only the technical changes but massive changes in culture . . . . As I said in that public lecture a few years ago, we can pass the laws to facilitate change in governance systems but until we devise a strategy for cultural change, we may not get anywhere quickly.
    – Dr Ronnie Yearwood
    I agree with this point made in 2020 by Dr Ronnie Yearwood in another section of the press. This is how I said it in this column in 2019. “You cuh come wid all de strategy and fancy solutions you want. Ef you ain’t realise de need for a major cultural revolution, you ain’t saying nutten.”
    I am a spoken word poet. My area of expertise is filtering information and aspects of culture through my own consciousness and distilling it into creative verbal language for greater understanding and appreciation.
    Artists, who we often call cultural practitioners, have a major but overlooked role to play in the growth and development of this nation.
    However, the inclusion on the Republican Status Transition Advisory Committee of people, like me, who are not of the political or technocratic class has been called into question.
    Now this past week, I and a colleague from the Republican State Transition Committee were publicly lambasted in another section of the press and accused of making factually incorrect statements. The statements were alleged to have been made during our appearance on a radio call-in programme.
    Fortunately, I was able to listen to a recording of the radio programme which confirms that our accusers were not accurate in their reporting of what was said. Much was misrepresented and misconstrued. Correspondence is being sent to the media house to correct the record.
    Poets have a reputation for being emotionally volatile and not overly concerned with facts. In which case, you may expect a poet to make that kind of mistake. But this characterisation of a poet is not necessarily true. Lawyers, in contrast to poets, have the stereotype of being able to put emotion to the side to deal only with the facts and reason. This, too, is not necessarily true, as my situation proves. Both lawyers and poets are first and foremost human beings.
    Human beings are a complex mix of emotions, reason, desires, intentions, and more. No human being is purely rational. We are shaped by experiences, environments and social situations. In short, human beings are complex
    creatures made of/by culture. What we call Homo sapien, or thinking man, would more correctly be called cultural man.
    The political culture of Barbados is full of toxicity. Anyone entering that domain must guard their spirit against becoming infected with this culture. If not, they will end up reproducing the toxicity. We desperately need a major cultural shift in our politics. Technical expertise in economics, business, law or whatever is great. But as long as this toxicity has a space in the hearts of our politicians, we are going nowhere quickly.
    The major point which I have been trying to make over and over again in this column over the years is summed up in the quote attributed to Peter Drucker – “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Recently, more and more Barbadians have been repeating this quote, but the true depth of the statement and the difficulties which it implies are easily missed.
    The massive changes in culture which we require will not be achieved by the technical expertise of lawyers or economists alone.
    It will require other forms of expertise, particularly the expertise of artists. The transition of Barbados to a Barbadian head of state and beyond is not a purely technocratic, legalistic exercise and hence not only the domain of legal experts. Artists like myself have a role in the process too.
    Never will I run for political office or join a political party. I am not a constitutional lawyer. But that does not mean I have no worthy advice on the republican transition.
    It is up to the authorities if they take that advice or not.
    Adrian Green is a communications specialist. Email Adriangreen14@gmail.com.

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