COVID 19: NO Retreat, No Surrender

The fight against COVID 19 by countries across the globe is real. Barbados given its heavy dependence on tourism (services) is exposed more than some other countries. We are here now and we have to do all that we can to survive. The blogmaster predicted months ago the conversations will shift to finding ways to enforce mandatory vaccinations. It is a conversation currently taking place across the globe, including Barbados.


This week’s charts suggest that we might be at the start of a new wave that could last for months as was the case of the earlier 2021 waves in Jamaica, Guyana, T&T and St Lucia and with the added complication of the presence of the very virulent delta variant in the region. The signs that suggest otherwise are that the daily positivity charts are all at less than 5% over the past 3 weeks and that the Covid-19 teams are continuing their good work and that, despite the very high odds against, the aggressive work by the Authorities have so far resulted in fairly significant levels of vaccination take up. The ride will still be a rough one but everyone needs to do their part to conquer this insidious foe

Source: Lyall Small

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