Government by Decree – Covid-19 and the Constitution

The government has deliberately stoked fear over coronavirus while behaving like an authoritarian regime relying on police state tactics, according to the former supreme court justice Jonathan Sumption.

The Guardian
Lord Sumption

78 thoughts on “Government by Decree – Covid-19 and the Constitution

  1. White Geezer above has his own opinion (which I have not bothered to watch) and despite arguments of rampant overreaching Police spy states versus breaches of individual rights are matters that must be addressed, treating puplic like they are criminals like blacks and muslims are mistreated has been going on for 500 years and continues with this new millennium’s war games and so called anti terror measures by warmongers UK USA Israel MIC, which has now been extended and used for crime busting watching youths and tracking individuals movements, stop and search racial profiling and monitoring all gatherings parties protests gangs and low level crime and violence using CCT and drones and watching every single word typed on internet by every single person and archiving everything and running software to analyse political leanings and networks of friends and thoughts to plagiarise etc.

    We know Governments lie and dupe the people with their bent agendas as per problem reaction solution hegel paradigm and FEAR = CONTROL = FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL and want to implement the number 666 Mark of the Beast in chapter 13, verse 18 of Book of Revelation. We also know Government agents and former agents like the geezer above actually are part of the corrupted system and Governments don’t present information to public but feed outformation which is data that has been processed and manipulated by their programs. If people like him were interested in our rights he would have spoken out before by at least 20 years or more.

    However although Covid is a personal individual issue for health and risks, it is also a national issue when health services in several countries max out reaching limts and cannot cope with staff, beds, ventilators, medicines etc. So taking vaccines as recommended by health services may be a small personal risk, it helps relieve the overall burden on your nation.

  2. Watch Dog in a Tower

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  3. All.the rights which freedom minded activist gave to people are being slowly grinding to a halt
    Govt can now determine where we go
    How much time we can spend in any given place
    How many people can congregate at festivals or religious organisation’s
    Now it makes for wonder how far and how long would the long arm of govt displays its authoritarian style of governance in peoples lives

  4. How many people can congregate at festivals or religious organisation’s
    Now it makes for wonder how far and how long would the long arm of govt displays its authoritarian style of governance in peoples lives

    Trust you gut instinct when it screams out that someone like the above can not be trusted due to prior history of crime of dishonesty

    Babylon Release the Chains
    You seem to be in the same time zone as the undercover reporter Hal Austin 10:38am in London Town who does not present news but prejudice and bias for rightwing peoples. Which Government are you kicking like a dog out of frustration the BLP who wiped DLP off the floor, or Democrats who hoofed out the latest manifestation of Ku Klux Klan that was formed when Blacks won freedom from Slavery and Babylon released their chains but use them brains remember that blood runs through everyone’s veins it’s a shame I’m feeling pain seeing my brothers and sisters going down the drain

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  7. @555dubstreet July 1, 2021 5:09 AM

    Why must you be a racist MF on the very first comment?

    If you are not interested in watching any of the guy’s speech on the basis that he is a white geezer, please refrain from spewing nonsense. It is a very insightful speech well worth a watch even if you jump around like I did as it is over an hour long.

    In case you have not realised, more and more people in the younger generation don’t see race anymore and old geezers like you seek to regurgitate it every chance they get to perpetuate the cycle and place some degree of blame on it for all the bad happenings and your failings in life.

  8. I say what I wanna say and what the fuck has it got to do with you

    I was calling the cunting Freemason Judge white, because white he is,
    where is he from, I have never seen a black or brown judge in court during my visits
    what colour are you, you seem like Money Brain, with his white mind

    next you will say mention of the phrase “white supremacy” and “white privilege” are “unhelpful” and “divisive” and “racist (against racists)” like the brand new rightwing trope that cunts in Amerikkka and United Kkkingdumb are running with

    so stop arguing like a conspiracy theory nut job alt-right troll that you are

  9. This form of aggressive format to the human minds forms division hatred sickness unimaginable and incomprehensible so much that it gives growth to the rebellious nature that lies silent within the physche of civilized people
    Reminiscent of a blows from a hammer to the head that continues without any form of relief
    Govt control of what we do must not be accepted because of COVID

  10. “Govt control of what we do must not be accepted because of COVID”

    not sure who the “we” is

    but the scam for non-compliance and being caught is a fine

    which doubles if you don’t pay within 14 days

    with a court case filed + additional charges if you don’t pay the double bubble pressure within 28 days

    all you can do in court is confirm your name and address for the fines

  11. The blogmaster took the time to listen to Lord Sumption, there will always be the argument about the right of the state when they clash with the rights of individuals. The state’s focus is on the good to protect the collective, the individual is narrower. The debate in a democratic system is healthy given its fragility.

  12. “he debate in a democratic system is healthy given its fragility.”

    why wasn’t a healthy debate held at the start of lockdown protocols instead of when they are winding down

    and the debate about loss of freedoms and data protection rights when Government spies started capturing our data 20 years ago

    and then subsequently introduced laws to cover their breaches when they were called out

    talk now seem like token argument game play just to appear to be a democratic system instead of totalitarian big brother abusers

    Government wants to spy by hook and crook and their war on terror war on crime war on covid are means to an end to screw people slowly

  13. What compliance
    Coded words to strike fear and erode our human rights
    Those who sit silently and allow govt to moved forward with laws and rules which are in effect against the laws of nature and growth to creating a well organized and develop society are complict agiators in govt aggressive actions
    Presently mankind are bring forced within the walls of a well governed state prison designed and defined by rules and regulations that are gingerly chipping away at people right to freedom and pursuit of happiness

  14. an end to screw people over ???????? isnt that what he said LOL ……so you agree but he is a a white geezer so what to do ?? find fault in timing, have you read any of his earlier articles , just because they are not on the blog doesnt mean they dont exist. Why cant you be happy today, its Canada Day, spin a little Bobby Gimby , have a couple of wall bangers (i mean the drink ) and chill

  15. Mariposer

    the counter argument was calling out Government for neglect when cases rose exponentially

    I recall you played that side of the coin too

  16. “an end to screw people over ???????? isnt that what he said LOL”

    Government is screwing it’s people if you understood news spin you would recognise he is part of the same system and a front for other peoples arguments that were not addressed from day one

    “its Canada Day”

    Canada was deemed to be more liberal than USA and GB with it’s indigenous people in colonies but current protests against their past treatment of native Americans prove that all Brits abroad were Bastards

  17. When we don’t know what we are fighting for
    We will join forces with those who are against our fundamental rights
    How far is top long
    What I am observing is a full glass of water being emptied many times and refill with choices only which fits govt CoVID agenda
    We the people going along like lost sheep without a shepherd

  18. “When we don’t know what we are fighting for”

    The Royal “We” Vs The Collective “We”

    We people of BU are

    but I am maybe more neutral regarding BLP v DLP as I don’t come from there

    but YOU the anti-analyst of BU are the exact opposite
    working backwards starting from your political agenda
    & fitting up the information to build a political argument

  19. Spin lol genocide lol how many of these poor children died by the hands of teachers or priests ? all of them its genocide didnt you get the memo , they seem to forget 1918 flu, polio, tuberculosis etc . The mortality rate of canadian children used to be 1/3 the schools death rate was far less. How many graveyards are dug up for progress with the headstones used as pavers? Go to sandels they have built around the ones at maxwell you think there were not others there? Its sad but it happens ,people in one era think they are doing good only to be judged in a different time with different outlooks. I blame politicians but not one up here has said yeah it was my dads or grandfathers or great-grandfathers fault because we have political dynasties here, no they tell me its my fault and I wasnt even in the country . They built a golf course and casino on the residential school land in bc , those white bastards, maybe someone should check who owns it. lol

  20. @dub 8.42
    Canada’s indigenous people are First Nations, Inuit or Metis. Native Americans live south of our border with the USA.

  21. The collective WE has been written into the Constitution which constitutes people freedoms individual as well as collective rights
    How far is too far where govt can be allowed to reign in upon those rights directed by COVID rules and regulations

  22. “Spin lol genocide lol “

    I didn’t mention genocide

    the Guardian did maybe you should fuck off there instead

    White folks are now coming out against Critical Race Theory like the worst of their kind.

    Saying what a benefit to humanity they have been.


    KKK 1865 were about anti black rights for freedom during antebellum 1783 – 1861
    and support grew after 14th amendment 1868 abolishing slavery and civil war 1861 1865

    Jim Crow 1870’s – 1960’s was about southern racial segregation and non-voting right for black men after 15th amendment 1870

    Civil Rights era fights 1954 – 1968 was about realising black rights for votes and ending racial segregation

    Neighbourhoods were still segregated and zoned as all-white all-black and unstable integrated racially mixed

    Southern Strategy 1948 to 1984 was Republicans strategy for winning key Democratic swing states using racial issues retreating from civil rights to win votes of white southerners

    Nixon’s war on crime 1971 stereotyped Blacks moving North as violent criminals and drug users

    Reagan implemented mass incarceration

    Bush stared 3 strikes laws

    BLM is fighting back against police killings

  23. “Canada’s indigenous people are First Nations, Inuit or Metis. Native Americans live south of our border with the USA.”

    They are all the same people in North America + Middle America + South America who were there before Europeans and borders on maps and roamed freely on their land in all directions North South West and East across the continent

    People from places like Peru in South America have not come to USA

    USA came to them

  24. Govt especially small minded island with heads of stating wanting to be dictators have now found an easy outlet to take full control of their citizens live
    Recently a govt minister in one of the small islands declared his office would not attend or hear the concerns of unvaccinated people
    This is a jump from the frypan into the fire
    A jump so high that begs the question who does he think he is
    Doing away with the people’s rights has now becoming an increasing govt foothold
    One day coming soon those who help govt along this.path would only have self to blame
    Yet with all the portocols the virus continues to outsmart and out maneuver govt developing strains and multiple variants

  25. “Govt especially small minded island with heads of stating wanting to be dictators have now found an easy outlet to take full control of their citizens live”

    Another WTF POV from the 3 or 4 headed Beast

    Covid has gone worldwide and doesn’t discriminate against or favour any colour creed gender or nation or any particular Government as all are the same at a cellular level

    “The Darkness That You Fear is a hopeful piece of music. When we found the combination of the different voices worked set to the flow of the music it made us feel optimistic, like it was something we wanted to share.”

    let your heart see the colour

  26. @dub
    You seem to have adopted the notion (white man’s?) of roaming freely, like a herd of mustangs or moose.
    The native people also had their disagreements. And their elders were not all stupid.
    Like modern day man self interest often trumped ‘peoples good’.

    HOWEVER THOSE COUNTRIES HOLDING FAST TO DISCRIMINATORY practices against its people are deeply entrenched in the minds of small island leaders

  28. ” You seem to have adopted the notion (white man’s?) of roaming freely, like a herd of mustangs or moose.
    The native people also had their disagreements. And their elders were not all stupid.”

    Have you heard of the physics theory of entanglement

    it’s like connectedness look it up and think about it

    the argument that they are same peoples can be deduced from DNA their appearance and cultural similarities when you join the dots together to see the bigger picture using your own mind to reason

    To the white man they looked like asian brown men and they thought they must have reached india hence you (or you and your family used) dwell in the West Indies and they called them red indians, prevailing theories suggest that Native Americans are descended from a group of East Asian
    Eskimos look asian chinese, Inuit and the natives of Greenland/Iceland, also descend directly from a small group of people in Asia, that crossed over from Russia/Asia into North America

    Eskimo, Arapaho
    Move their body to and fro.
    Hit me with your rhythm stick.
    Hit me! Hit me!

  29. Brits are coming out with counter arguments about freedoms now.. primarily because they want to unwind and reverse Covid protocols to open up the economy, it’s about monies more than freeing up the people

    Cases are still rising, but less are dying

  30. People who are aggressively fighting for their freedom
    Knows full and well that once govt gets the green light to do as they please it is hard to push back
    Wear a mask
    So all wear a mask govt says it stop the spread
    But then again the virus mutates

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  32. “The native people also had their disagreements. And their elders were not all stupid.
    Like modern day man self interest often trumped ‘peoples good’.”

    Maybe that’s why they kept spreading out and moving on

    Europeans left Europe for similar reasons

  33. Coming up to speed.
    I like what you are posting here. I see that you are in a poetic mood today.
    I will examine later
    Keep up the effort.

    Note to all. “I’m from Brownsville. Never ran, never will”

  34. Waiting to see how long this masquerade will go on
    People have been given a large dose of fear
    So much that many have lined up to take a vaccine and along on doing so have signed off their rights to the pharmaceutical industry for compensation if the vaccine results with any negative effects to themselves
    Unheard of never heard such happening in this day and age
    But it has happened

  35. Govts are supposed to look out for the rights of the people
    But instead lies in bed with the scientific and pharmaceutical industry to protect their interest
    While We the people are given daily doses of Fear . anxiety whipped into a black cloud of despair
    First COVID now Delta two champion horses straight out the Chinese Box
    Speaking of Chinese it is being said in international news that their vaccine only have a 60 percent workable chance to fight the virus

  36. When all is said and done govts depending on tourism still have to beat Fear
    The biggest factor embedded in this fear and one which small island govt have held fast as a way to control the lives of it’s people
    Until small island govts figure a way to stem the flow of fear
    Tourist attitudes towards these small island countries during this health crisis would be one of thinking ” too risky “

  37. There are numbers of current cases recorded which are knowns
    and projected numbers of future cases which are unknowns
    Governments can (a) err on the side of caution
    or (b) err on the side of taking risks
    they tended to go for (a) the first case of being over cautious
    rather than (b) taking risks and taking the blame for crises
    but now they will edge towards (b) and keep their fingers crossed they can handle problems

  38. Dub stick to the soft drugs and flipping discs , I hear the hard stuff makes you think people actually think your making sense. Off gassing from vinyl may be catching up with you .. I’ll put you down as casino and golf resort in cranbrook should be closed

  39. Every year we spend 8578 on each man woman and child in the indian community forget the tax free stuff and school grants, in the last 60 years we have spent 215 billion dollars trying to help the community. What have you got from your govt in the last 50 yrs Well we know this is the last kick at the cat for indians because the new canadians dont give a rats ass about them. and the gravy train is gonna end.

  40. “Dub stick to the soft drugs and flipping discs , I hear the hard stuff makes you think people actually think your making sense”

    You must be the most original white boy in the room with your smart ass attack.

    I feel like a snowflake

    You remind me why I don’t mix with with fake white people.

    They look like greys.

  41. I dont think you mix with any white people or at least any that have self worth, You can rail on about how your great granpappy has been hard done by but everybody has a history and for most people it hasnt been good, Its what you make of your life that is relevant.
    Remember when people die of disease you get them in the ground as fast as you can , there was no refrigeration to send them home so when you look at the indian deaths at least try and see it in some context. But hey isnt that what your all about …dont let context get in the way of a good story.

  42. My, my, my! You think that paltry sum that “we” (meaning white people, I guess) spend on the “indians” even begins to pay for what was taken from them???? Everything they had was taken and by putting their children in those homes you took their identity as well. Don’t you understand what that does to a person?

    No, you don’t!

    And you call it a “gravy train” and seemingly rejoice that the young people don’t give a rat’s ass about them!!!!

    What a wonderful human being you are!

  43. I took nothing from them I owe them nothing as you the jews for the holocaust which you have made quite clear what is your point I decide who I owe not the govt.

  44. Who said the Jews were owed nothing for the holocaust?

    I said, if they were going to do to the Palestinians what was done to them by the Germans, then they forfeit their right to empathy.

    Do you understand ANYTHING??? Are you really as stupid as you seem?

  45. He who benefits from what was done to somebody also owes that debt.

    You cannot live on stolen land and say you are not the one who stole it.

    That would be obvious if it happened to Lawson.

    If somebody stole Lawson’s grandfather’s land and sold it to another person, Lawson would believe that the person should forfeit the land or at the very least pay him for it. Lawson would say that he was robbed of his inheritance.

  46. “Remember when people die of disease you get them in the ground as fast as you can , there was no refrigeration to send them home so when you look at the indian deaths at least try and see it in some context. ”

    Do you think we will find burial sites with 200 young whites. So far, none of the stories I read mentioned disease. You supply a context that is mainly false and deny a history of domination and abuse.

  47. On a metaphysical level the dead bones in churches is pure evil white magic

    Spirits in a Material World (Spirits in a Dubworld) · Benjamin Zephaniah

    there is no politics
    there is no politricks
    there are no wicked babylonian coming with their wicked mix
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    there are no englishmen no palestinian
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    Call the Police

  48. No…. we…. meaning canadians hindu scot italian syrian vietnamese korean etc we citizens of today who dont care about the injustices of the past, who moved to canada to get away from the injustices in our own country. Wouldn’t that be ironic islanders thinking they deserve reparations coming to a country for a new start and are told they owe somebody else. What happened to the arawaks oh yeah you ate them., So what your saying is your living on land given to you by people who didnt own it

    Mama when I grow up I gonna have lots of white friends ….Of course you will little Dub of course you will.
    But I do know Dubby you are going to get all types of records
    You mean ..I am going to be a cricket champion an Olympian?? Not exactly but you know that victrola with all the boxes of round dusty black things in the corner
    You mean the turny thingy.
    Yes dubby, when mummy dies………best you dont sell it

    Theo ….what I read…cant think for yourself … think nobody died of disease, what only in barbados lol..and not to think each child got a Christian burial is how little you know of the catholic church they would be praying for that soul till the last shovel of dirt went on it wouldn’t matter if you were the most hateful succubus on the planet they will pray for you. So you see Donna may still have a chance to get into white mans heaven.

  49. “Wouldn’t that be ironic islanders thinking they deserve reparations coming to a country for a new start and are told they owe somebody else”

    One World (Not Three)
    You are such a dumb fuck and waste of space with your dense retarded reasonings and stupid moronic jokes which are typical white boy humour oozing out of your sweaty piggy pores, why does Colonial Government’s making good on their historical legacy of crimes to humanity coming out of tax payers funds make you think it has to come out of your own cunting pocket. It’s a good job that you have no say in the matter and are an inconsequential nobody a single cell amoeba. All my so called white ‘friends’ are history, just like you they are parasite vampire blood suckers, and that’s means you and your family, your devil spawn, your parents and your parents parents. You carry the ancestral karma of wholly wicked and evil people in your blood, DNA and tissues who are greedy and craven ungodly heathen and pagan weaponising every invention, one world is enough for all of us, talking about white peoples new world order.

  50. It is interesting the recent positive comments on Cuba. Some years ago when David Commissiong penned several BU threads, the comments were different.
    One major issue is the ‘stealing'(occupation?) of land by Castro and his Revolution. One side claims he stole their land, the other that he returned the land to the people.

  51. Canadians, Brits and Americans can pay reparations overdue to redeem their souls or burn in hell with their wicked ancestors

    the native proverb “white man speak with fork tongue” is due to every peace conference and treaty made with natives was broken and were tricks lies and excuses to kill natives

    Demon and devil pagans buried the bones of dead natives they killed in the grounds of their churches

    Message in a Bottle (Message in a Dub)
    who do you trust
    ditch those who cannot be trusted
    surround yourself with positivity and live good

  52. @Lawson
    One thing you are overlooking, is the handling and management of First Nation issues, has been an ongoing source of corruption in Canada.
    Our duopoly, has meted out graft via contracts on matters related to First Nations for generations.
    It was perfect, because for the most part, the land mass is so vast, the average citizen didn’t have a clue what was going on. Little more than a number in a financial report.
    And in parallel with Barbados post 1960, the native population yelled when jobs accrued to outsiders rather than their own. But the graft within those communities was just as bad as the graft before. They could spend (OPM…other people’s money) $10M on a road, and the money was gone but the road couldn’t be found. Sound familiar?
    And several of these First Nations are very wealthy, while others are not. One has a “server farm” which many on the online casinos and gambling websites use. Others, especially those on major waterways, participate in the transportation of goods beyond the taxmans grasp, due to the First Nation status. Others land, host official casinos, which are prohibited elsewhere.
    But they don’t share their wealth, just like the ‘white man’. Recent pipeline project scuffles, have revealed the lucrative contracts for having black gold flowing via underground pipes. Whenever they yell, you know the problem is “their land” maybe impacted, BUT they aren’t participating in the revenue streams. The many who are, don’t breathe a peep. Just follow the money!!!

  53. NO I agree follow the money, I remember one female chief had her husband on payroll and were milking the system to the demise of their people. If you vote for them you get helped if you didnt you get nothing hardly a democracy I guess like buying votes elsewhere.
    I dont know about sharing wealth that 215 billion went somewhere, You know if you have an indian status card your taxes are reduced dental ,vision ,prescriptions , mental health housing on reserve There own court system in some places. But to build a golf course and casino on residential school land seems dis-ingenuous . Careful NO you may be the list for seeing whats really at work.

  54. Bajans can be specious species full of white boy tropes and when you analyse and criticise the hidden brutality and hypocrisy of the white people with grey lizard masks, the wankers will say you are a failure to criticise their masters.
    Northern Observer & Lawson are 2 ‘lil Christopher Columbus’ in denial of canadians historical legacy of colonial crimes with whataboutery arguments about money.
    The Babylon System is a Fraud, based on foundations of the bones of dead bodies of brown and black and yellow and red men women and children of colour and ungodly evil crimes to humanity and greed of Global Capitalism. They say, Columbus discovered America in 1492 and USA was first colonised in Jonestown 1607 and Canada was colonised in late 15th/16th Century, but natives were living there for thousands of years BC (before christ).
    Life is not about being prostitutes for money. People without money still live, in between the big houses, living in the shadows of all the greedy fat cunts who want it all.

  55. Resident Alien

    Barbados is a clearing house for sweaty Scots and sweaty Africans to be rehabilitated and become useful cadres working for the white man. Their only ambition is to be able to move up a level to look down on fellow bajans and look up to white people and their wicked hearts and know their place in the human race.
    Staying in your lane with your brainwashed brain, subordinated and still in chains.

  56. Lol You inbred mouth breather, your spinning the discs so hard the vinyl fumes have finally done a number but what the hell beats glue. I know it seems odd that we go to work each day to provide and yes move up like the jeffersons when you can just go out and steal the stuff but there is such a thing as pride, learning and teaching a skill set you can pass on to your children, As they say every dog has his day, it was the romans, the mongols, the greeks the persians right now you have the americans but they to will fade away and and soon you will be spinning guangling songs comrade.

  57. @Lawson
    Only interested in the last paragraph.

    Was it the 70’s when Japan was supposed to clean the US clock. It never happened.

    Superior technology is why the Europeans dominated the past few centuries. I suspect that with superior technology the US will be dominant for some time into the future… It’s death has been greatly exaggerated.

  58. They will be eaten from within, because of the loss of a sense of duty. Its just a matter of time . You have a buffoon laughing saying china is gonna eat our lunch….come on man…..thats what your dealing with ,china is focused.
    Here is an analogy that is if you have played any sports you know only too well, your up by 3 goals and you go on defense and watch the other team score and you say were still up 2, then another goal is given up there gaining heart and you are losing it by the time the game is over you have lost. America is on defense.

  59. Here is a better story

    I ran a few races in high school. Sometimes, there could be someone ahead of me and in my heart I believe I can pass them. Full of hope, I put in the effort but when the race ended I was still behind the other runner.

    All kinds of scenarios can be written. Keeping my money where it is.

  60. Yeah co-ed gym must suck, I would suggest to you there will be a correction in the markets , nothing new but if interest rates go back to years gone by having cash may be useful.

  61. Yes jah Christopher Columbus is a damn blasted liar

    what the fuck is that white cun’t saying now

    bitch slap the white boy sweaty scot bastard

    thinks and says he’s canadian not bajan

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    Who were around here, before him
    The Indians couldn’t hang on no longer
    Here comes first Black man and woman and children,
    In a Jam Down Land ya
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    We have fi straighten out,
    Christopher Columbus is a damn blasted liar
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    Out a Jam Down land ya
    A whole heap of mix up mix up
    A whole heap a ben up, ben up,
    Come on Twelve Tribe of Isreal
    Come on Twelve Tribe of Isreal
    Out a Jam Down land ya
    Christopher Columbus is a damn blasted liar
    Christopher Columbus is a damn blasted liar
    Yes Jah, he is a liar
    Yes Jah, he is a liar
    Yes Jah, he is a liar
    Columbus is a liar
    Yes jah Christopher Columbus is a damn blasted liar

  62. Don’t trust google for reggae lyrics as they don’t get it

    use your ears

    or listen to the dub version like the rastaman say

  63. Updates
    Christopher Columbus is a damn blasted liarard

    I and I and I know
    I and I and I say

    Come on Twelve Tribe of Israel

  64. Distorted stats on Caribbean tourism

    UNITED NATIONS AFFILIATE ORGANISATIONS find it convenient to aggregate Latin America with the Caribbean, often leading to distorted statistical information and possible harm to some tourism-dependent economies in the region.
    The director general of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture, Dr Manuel Otero, was accredited as the author of an article appearing in the July 4 SUNDAY SUN in which he asserted in his initial paragraph: “Latin America and the Caribbean is home to just eight per cent of the global population, but about 30 per cent of all reported deaths due to COVID-19 are concentrated in the region.”
    Words do have consequences and the use of the words “concentrated in the region” conjure up an image of the entire Caribbean, which includes Barbados, as a homogenous zone where the dreaded coronavirus is rampant and life-threatening..
    On the contrary, it can be argued with supporting statistics that Barbados is the safest, the most secure refuge from the coronavirus in the Western Hemisphere. The world’s population of about 7 877 522 000 recorded a cumulative total of 3 985 022 deaths. Barbados has a population of around 288 000 and reported deaths of 47 people (World Health Organisation statistics as of July 6, 2021), some of these being visitors.
    Unlike the actions of many countries around the world, the Government of Barbados took immediate steps to: 1) mount an effective public information
    programme; 2) secure whatever personal protective equipment could be sourced by this small country; 3) build adequate new hospital facilities specifically for treatment of COVID-19 patients; 4) recruit and employ additional nurses from Ghana and Cuba to augment the staff of the new facilities as well as establish a task force of local doctors and technicians; 5) secure Barbados’ international ports of entry with appropriate protocols for coronavirus testing and quarantine; and 6) institute regulations for wearing masks, sanitising hands, taking temperatures in public and commercial buildings, and observance of curfews when necessary.
    Given the extent to which Barbados with its limited resources has taken steps to achieve success in combatting the spread of COVID-19, it is anticipated that this country’s efforts will henceforth be recognised and applauded by all countries and international organisations, with due care being taken to ensure it is not identified with the delinquent behaviour with which the region has become associated.


    Source: Nation

  65. Don’t believe in hell and cannot conceive of heaven, white man’s or otherwise.

    Who wants to float around on clouds playing harps all days?

    You can only see things from your own perspective. You see yourself running to escape the injustices you face in your own country but run straight to a country built on the injustices against others.

    I feel sorry for your kind. You cannot face yourselves in the mirror. But we see you. You are UGLY!

  66. A Milton Keynes, UK undertaker and funeral home owner says overall deaths in his area of the UK for 2020 were not excessive over 2019. However, death rate did spike noticeably starting in January, co-incidental, with the start of the vaccine campaign in the area. He claims other local undertakers and hospital mortuary staff confirm his impressions in private communications re the death rates for the Milton Keynes area during the alleged pandemic.

    Brave Funeral Director John O’Looney Speaks Out
    Audio interview:

    Small town Canadian emergency room and family practice doc Charles Hoffe MD. practicing in the town of Lytton, BC explains what he has noticed about some observed adverse events after administering the Pfizer vax to his local patients.


    Note that Dr. Hoffe found himself previously in trouble with the British Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, the licensing body for medical doctors in BC, Canada. Dr. Hoffe claims he was overheard advising a hospital nurse that if she had previously been infected and recovered from Covid-19 she should not need to have a vaccine as she should have a natural immunity to the disease. This, he says, was reported (incorrectly) to the BC College of Physicians and Surgeons as supposedly him directing the nurse that she should tell all her patients NOT to take a Covid-19 vaccine. For this, the hospital where he worked part time as an emergency room doctor, removed him from their staff, although he has continued to practice family medicine on a significantly reduced income as he no longer works at the local hospital.

    Dr Hoffe and two other Canadian doctors plus a surgeon explain in the following video the difficulties they had with their provincial colleges (i.e. licensing authorities) and the mainstream Canadian media when they felt ethically and legally compelled to raise issues of concern regarding the handing of the alleged pandemic and/or the administration of vaccines.

    In this group interview, four physicians from across Canada, along with a legal representative for their separate cases, tell their stories of persecution at the hands of their governing bodies. Their only crime – practicing evidence-based medicine by questioning the safety of their patients and the public during the pandemic. These physicians, and others like them, are the living embodiment of the medical mantras of “do no harm” and “informed consent”.

    [NOTE: The last twelve minutes of this video consist of an audio recording alone and has no video component.]

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