Indians NOT Considered Black and Excluded in Reparations Talks

Submitted by Sherry Hosein Singh

Some misguided Indians claim that they are Black, ignoring the fact that they are really Coloured or Brown. They blindly see only two colours in an artist’s palette: black and white. They even foolishly brag that “if you not White, you Black”, again failing to see that Chinese and Hispanics cannot fit into these extreme race categories. On the other hand, Blacks categorize Indians as Blacks for political convenience. 

For those Indians who insist that they are Black, here’s is a slap in their face. The Black Consciousness Festival was celebrated last week (11-13/6/21) with a focus on Reparations for Slavery, not including Indentureship.

The presenters were People of African descent and Indigenous descendants from the USA, Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Haiti and France. Its release stated: “The conversations around reparations are important as they seek to build awareness and raise consciousness for our healing and for our agency in this space to chart our destiny as persons of African descent.

“The Black Consciousness Festival provides a global online platform for the celebration and sharing of vital histories and stories that boost the awareness and impact the pride, power and practices of People of African descent.”

The speakers from Trinidad included Earl Lovelace and Nicholas Ward. Guyana was represented by Sule Collymore. Indo-Trinidadian Historian Professor Brinsley Samaroo was not invited to speak although he boasts that he was in the forefront of the 1970 Black Power Movement in Trinidad, locked in arms with Makandal Daaga and Khafra Khambon.

Indo-Guyanese-born Professor, Dr David Dabydeen’s name was also not on the programme, although he is the author of books with titles such as The Oxford Companion to Black British History; Black Writers in Britain; 1760-1890; Hogarth’s Blacks: Images of Blacks in 18th-Century English Art; A Reader’s Guide to West Indian and Black British Literature; The Black Presence in English Literature; and Slave Song.

This second edition of the Black Consciousness Festival Series was done in collaboration with the Africa Film Festival in Trinidad and Tobago.


Ms. Sherry Hosein Singh

91 thoughts on “Indians NOT Considered Black and Excluded in Reparations Talks

  1. Apartheid and Segregations signs said

    “Whites Only”
    “Non-Whites Only”

    and Great Britain USA and South Africa discriminated against Indians in the same way as Blacks

    I man concur Reparations for Slavery is much more important than Reparations for Indians from Colonialism which should be treated as a separate issue that should be put in the freezer until Blacks receive their dues for the wickedness of Slavery and White Devil’s trickery for over 20 generations declaring them non-human with no rights.

    However Reparations for American Indians aka Native Americans is also an important issue that needs addressing as Colonial Government in USA committed genocide and had a War on Indians offering bounties for their scalps as part of their manifest destiny falsely believing that God was white like them.

    As an advocate of Indians I would say theire indentured worked brought the ganja seeds to Caribbean that make the dreads sing and jump and rise up against wicked babylonians

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  3. 555dubstreet

    Yes South Africa discriminated against the large East Indian population in South Africa, but Mahatma Gandhi who left England as a young lawyer for South Africa to represented the large East Indian population in South Africa, took an affront to the facts that the White apartheid South African compared the Black South African to the East Indian.

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  5. India was colonized by the British, they need to take up the issue of reparations DIRECTLY with the UK, they were NOT ENSLAVED but indentured to 13 colonies across the Americas for indentured cane field services AFTER the “abolition” of African slavery…

    it’s not a conversation for African people and has nothing to do with them. and definitely has nothing to do with Africa, particularly since the poison and scourge of racism is so embalmed in the Indian psyche that they have no problem doing the DIRTY WORK for colonial racists and direct their own wicked brand of RACISM at Africans across the region..

  6. BTW…the First People’s of the region, whom both Black and Indian politicians love to pretend don’t exist also have a SOLID claim for reparations, it’s their region and they are directed descended from the original inhabitants, they and the Africans descended from the Mali Empire who were in the Americas for thousands of years before Europeans entered the picture.

    They have full claim on the Caribbean..

  7. @ WURA-War-on-U June 16, 2021 9:00 AM
    BTW…the First People’s of the region, whom both Black and Indian politicians love to pretend don’t exist also have a SOLID claim for reparations… (Unquote).

    Not only a “SOLID claim” but the first and foremost since they, the indigenous people pre-Columbus, were not only enslaved but also suffered genocide by way of violence and viral diseases brought to them by the arrival of the European pale skins.

    Barbados once had an Amerindian cultural presence.
    Where is it today other than being wiped out by the English savages through violence and diseases?

    Why not carry out an archaeological dig at the Spring Garden area especially that cursed site now called the Four Seasons nightmare?

  8. “Why not carry out an archaeological dig at the Spring Garden area especially that cursed site now called the Four Seasons nightmare?”

    they all believe our ancestors have time to play games with them.

  9. Well, in the 1880s the Chinese Exclusion Act was passed by the still slave colonies of the the USA, limiting immigration of Chinese, especially to California.

    Coming at a time the Chinese refer to as The Great Interregnun. For them it was a time after the imposition of The Opium Wars by the British and others, cultural domination, military invasions.

    In the last 4500 years the Chinese are said to have been the preeminent world power for about 2 millennia. This cannot be said about India or indians.

    There was also a time amongst the Greeks and less so the Romans, at a later period, when everybody wanted to be seen as Afrikan,, as African Gods were worshiped, Greeks and Romans bragged of being educated at the great Afrikan centers of learning.

    Maybe, Indians, will at some point n the future return to a. Kemetic understanding, but we highly doubt.

  10. No original thought. Does not merit masters degree.

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  11. “Blacks categorize Indians as Blacks for political convenience.”
    Sherry Hosein Singh.
    Sherry is a misguided Asshole.

  12. Grafton Clarke, people like you who have to try and prove Africans had some great learning resource in the past sows the seeds of nonsense that actually comes across as complete nonsense. The Egyptians were the great educators some people try and weave them into being African, they were not.

    Please show us the evidence, or reference sources for the statements you wrote.

  13. @ Nathan ‘Jolly’ Green June 17, 2021 3:35 PM
    The Egyptians were the great educators some people try and weave them into being African, they were not. (Unquote).

    So ‘what’ then were the “Egyptians”?
    European or Indian or Chinese or from some planet in the constellation of Orion?

    Unless the continents have changed in the last 12,000 solar years Kemet has always been located ‘North’ on the continent of Africa.

    Your teacher, Thoth.

  14. Miller.. the blog is infested with idiots who know nothing about ancient Kemet…and spreading wrong information…deliberately…worse if they are black and spewing that shit..

    the older heads are so brainwashed with bad information…that it’s only the youths who can save the day…

  15. Black people for reparations are those people whos ancestors were shipped from West African, as negreo slaves. East Indians do not get to share in the reparations. In fact I am not sure how anyone can qualify without a DNA test and showing they are pure African and not a mixture of white man, East Indians, and many other races. Also to be considered are all the Africans that came since abolition as free men. The whole thing is pretty nonsensical really. After abolition there were many West Africans who came and stayed in the Caribbean and the Americas called the Kru Tribe. Saint Vincent received thousands of them and they bred with the ex-slave women there, because most of the ex-slave men went off to Trinidad to work and never returned. I do not know if this happened in Barbados. But is certainly makes a mockery of the reparations claims in SVG, which is headed by a white man.

  16. Miller, well what they were not was negro, although there were some there, brought as slaves and decedents thereof.

    Like Timbuktu, bordering North Africa and West Africa, was a major place of learning and had early universities, but the people were mainly Tuareg, Arabs and Negro mixes, nothing like the Africans from West Africa, generally Sudanese in appearance. But the learning there was mainly Muslim religious learning, nothing like the British Oxford or Cambridge learnedness. People need to be proud of what they are, proud of their real ancestry, not try and invent ancestry and hitch a ride on other similar races. So many black people feel inferior and want to invent ancestry which simply was nothing to do with their ancestry. Be proud of what you are, exactly what you are.

  17. have no clue what you are talking about, speak with some real Kemetic scholars and stop embarrassing yourself, it is embarrassing that people in the west are still clueless, despite all the information at their fingertips, and still DISRESPECTING their Kemetic ancestors..

  18. @ Nathan ‘Jolly’ Green June 17, 2021 4:49 PM

    What do you mean by the phrase “they were not negro”?

    Negro is derived from the Spanish word for ‘BLACK’ or the Latin ‘niger’?

    So if the Egyptians were not “negro” then what were they?

    ‘Blanco’ like the so-called enslaved Israelites aka Hebrews who claimed to have been enslaved in the same Egypt for 400 years without suffering the terminal plague of skin cancer?

    Otherwise, we would be inclined to agree with you regarding your claim that:
    “So many black people feel inferior and want to invent ancestry which simply was nothing to do with their ancestry. Be proud of what you are, exactly what you are”.

    That is ‘exactly’ why they must liberate their minds from mental slavery and stop seeing God- with an imaginary son and no daughter- through the lens of a European concocted cock-and-bull story.

    How can black people ever conceive of God in the image of an albino?

    The same God who gave them their ‘ebony’ skin and created them in an image which has ‘evolved’ to absorb the same Light.

    Maybe the same “negroes” are themselves the ‘original’ Israelites and followers of the founder of Monotheism the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten.

    What do you have to say to that, you old Jolly Green giant of ‘received’ brainwashing?

  19. There are a number of black or coloured ethnicities. When talking about reparations in the Caribbean the ethnicity referred to is African Negreo not East Indian Asians. Two different ethnicities. Some East Indians would like to describe their ancestors as being slaves in the Caribbean, they were not. They were brought to the Caribbean under a contract of employment and right to return home or to become citizens at the end of their contracts. The contracts were called indentures, and the people were called indentured labourers. There is plenty on record that they were badly treated by the plantation owners and by the ex slaves. They were treated like slaves but were supposedly free men. The Indians thrived, they got on and made the best of things over the years. When the opportunity arose many migrated to the USA. Many became shop keepers and small business owners in the Caribbean. Always kept themselves to themselves and caused no trouble over the ensuing years. So it is understandable that they do not qualify for reparations.

    The black slaves came from African countries and had been sold by the chief or king of the society in which they lived. In many cases they were born slaves in Africa, there parents and grand parents had been slaves. Much of the time in Africa up to 60% of the population were enslaved. Perhaps reparations should start with Africans who sold your ancestors. Later when supplies of saleable slaves dwindled the warrior chiefs raided other tribes and captured people for enslavement and sale to Arabs and white Europeans.

    Although we would like to blame the white man we must first look inward at Africans who became rich beyond belief from selling slaves.

    In early days slavery existed in almost every country in the world. Slaves were every known colour and ethnicity.

    The Atlantic slave trade started due to the Catholic pope who himself had African slaves, divided the world in two, giving half to the Portuguese and half to the Spanish. Telling them in written documents that still exist “whoever you find in your respective parts of the world who are not Christians, you may enslave” you should start by asking the Catholic Church for reparations, followed by the Arab Nations, followed by European Nations.

    Everything I have written here is a matter of historical record.

  20. “Everything I have written here is a matter of historical record.”

    the only history you know is white shit

    whites said blacks were subhumans

    all other types of slavery was about having servants

    you give a persuasive argument why Queen Elisa should remain Head of State in Barbados and it’s people should be branded as property of Queen / RAC Royal African Company

  21. 30 May in Nature Communications, includes data from 90 mummies buried between 1380 BC, during Egypt’s New Kingdom, and AD 425, in the Roman era. The findings show that the mummies’ closest kin were ancient farmers from a region that includes present-day Israel and Jordan.

    Modern day DNA shows that there is now a larger percentage of Central Africa negreo in the mix.

    But everywhere has changed with immigration and people worldwide over the last hundred years and is intensifying. Most countries have become melting pots of people.

    As for mental slavery, people that still have slave mentalities will always be in the mix. Intelligent people who can pull themselves from the mire of ignorance will be getting on with their lives and be successful, regardless of their ancestry.

    Applying the term mental slavery to black people is a gross insult to intelligent black folk, in fact it is probably an insult to all black folk. Remember the great Bob Marley was very much a white man with a touch of black. His mental slavery was drug induced.

    It is quite easy to see from the comments and replies here, that some of you are still steeped in ignorance and backwardness. Education is a great help in making people less silly, unfortunately there is such a thing as an educated idiot, and there are lots of them.

  22. “A white man with a touch of black”. I thought his father was white and his mother black. And his father was delinquent, having nothing to do with his upbringing. He was brought up black so he obviously identified as black, which was in keeping with the world’s colour rules anyway.

    Drug induced mental slavery? You mean he smoked marijuana? So do and did many prominent people who have done great things. As far as I can tell marijuana does not induce mental slavery. I don’t see that. I have never used it but that is not what I see.

    I don’t get up every morning with race on my mind. Indeed for most of my life I did simply got on with the business of living but I was aware of the role race plays in sealing the fate of, not the exceptional person, but the average person.

    You have here regurgitated all the white man’s talking points.

    Judging from your performance here, nothing you say can be trusted.

  23. Another good reason to pull away from most of the idiot posts on BU..

    .Black people VISIT ancient Kemet everyday and SEE the truth, but along comes this one who probably never heard the word Kemet or Kush, or, or, or… before visiting BU but can tell us what the population was made up of in the ancient cities renamed Egypt because he read the writings of lying racist slave masters, swallowed it whole…and believe he can reboot the fraud and pass it on to future Black generations…..WRONG…scholars are way ahead of you…

    Even i have been exposed to KEMETIC teachings…and have some of it in my possession.

    everyone should find out the truth, it’s a personal journey…shitheads posting mindless nonsense on a blog don’t count..

  24. Works To Do (x2),

    Icientcy Mau And The Mau Mau Warriors

    Race baiting troll Nathan Jolly Green is flaming niggers on the Barbados Underground trying to provoke them with racist white boy crap chat

    Dilemma is he is not worth the effort of responding to

    I will ignore that cunt and let others deal with his fuckeries

    Mau Mau
    “Mzungu Aende Ulaya, Mwafrika Apate Uhuru”
    “Let the white man go back home, let the African regain independence”

  25. Unable to contribute.
    The main post is race bait.
    Drop the N word regardlesz of font or context.

  26. Comedy 101
    Read the room and demographics if going for laughs

    At the end of his act, (Lenny) Bruce exasperates that the suppression of the word came from the power that people gave to the word. If you make it a taboo to use that word, it’ll give that word a powerful meaning. Well guess what…people who want to offend, they’ll use it to cause harm and offence to whoever feeds up to it. And as a society, we continue to go around in circles.
    “’til nigger didn’t mean anything anymore, then you could never make some six-year-old black kid cry because somebody called him a nigger at school.” — Lenny Bruce.

  27. Google translate

    Mzungu Aende Ulaya, Mwafrika Apate Uhuru


    White goes to Europe, African gets Independence

  28. Check out the cyphers of the wise.
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    Kemetic yoga originated in ancient Egypt, then known as “Kemet”. Its modern day practice was developed by claiming association with many hieroglyphic texts …
    Helicopter hieroglyphs refer to an Egyptian hieroglyph carving from the Temple of Seti I at Abydos.
    Were these representations projections of the future or were they historical depictions of the past.
    Were the pyramids of Kemet built and designed by aliens or Africans.
    It is alleged that white peoples technologies came from greys lizards.

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  31. @ David King and/or Queen


    I have got an unapproved comment in moderation… that’s fucking racism discrimination

  32. That is one word I tiptoe around and avoid. I do not use it or any of it’s variations.

    I cannot understand why non-blacks would try to defang/de-power this word by using it. I guess running around and calling every black person by it will render it impotent. I think not using it would be a better solution.

    I can assure you that I will not encourage one BU colleague to call me a jackass everyday.

  33. I cannot understand why non-blacks would try to defang/de-power this word

    Have you never seen a Black Indian or did you mean Afros

    People got offended when a Black man called Peter Tosh declared that he taught a White Man’s son called Bob Marley how to play music.

    Lee “Scratch” Perry invented Dub and gave the whole world Bob Marley and Reggae as a present.

  34. Never been called a jackass anywhere but here. Was a shock at first but now I don’t give a shit. It has always been obvious to those without an agenda that I am not what they say.

    As for the N word, racism is stupid and therefore any white man who called me that would be stupid in my eyes. After the initial shock, I would tell him do.

    The N word has no power but what we give it.

  35. And speaking about stupid racists, I understand Tucker Carlson did an interview with a man who claimed that white supremacy is the natural order of things because black people have lower IQs.

    Obviously not the white people who think he is a reputable news source when he himself argued in court that any reasonable person would know better.

    I wonder if his fan GP heard it.

  36. This back and forth threw my mi down back to Kamla Harris ethnicity which divisions on political fences trying to decided if she is Black or Indian

  37. Judas And The Black Messiah: The Inspired Album
    Cointelpro/Dec 4 · Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr.

    Sometimes I think BUHQ recycles usernames for new people on their troll teams to flame people into reacting with provocative click bait.
    Nathan Jolly Green reminds me of the John Knox-Jack Bowman double banking team for shit talking and the new TheO has the essence of a presence of a Conservative Hal Austin, or do people’s minds expand and grow with progressive thinking and then regress back with mental health issues. I remember John Knox and Hal implying they were on each others Christmas Card list. Perhaps John and Hal are founding members of the Underground net to trap people. You never see a man until you see his heart. His heart his is heart and his thought is thought.

  38. @ Donna June 18, 2021 11:58 AM #: “Never been called a jackass anywhere but here.”

    And, I’m sure you’ve never been referred to as ‘someone trying to be more Bajan than a Bajan’ and compared to ‘Muslim converts’ anywhere other than on BU as well.

    I read where a particular gentleman ‘called’ you a ‘cunt, bitch and used other pejorative terms to describe you.

    What about Cuhdear Bajan? I remember someone calling her the “village idiot.”

    Then, there is the racist scumbag calling women, ‘ho.’

    Not one word of condemnation.

    But, we’re upset and shouting “disrespect to women” because Lorenzo called you ‘pea brain?’

    ‘Don’t get me wrong,’ I’m not condoning Lorenzo’s behaviour. However, it seems as though we either prepared to conveniently forget or ignore and find all types of excuses when our ‘comrades’ similarly disrespect women, preferring instead to remind all and sundry about their so called ‘brilliance.’

    Then again, Donna, we have a vendetta, while you have to think about your son and I, my grand children.

  39. angela coxJune 18, 2021 12:54 PM

    This back and forth threw my mind down back to Kamla Harris ethnicity with divisions on political fences trying to decided if she is Black or Indian

    Was her ethnicity figured out
    Haven’t heard her make mentions of laws which would serve purpose of getting blacks out of an economic dreadlocks
    After all she is one uh we

  40. “Haven’t heard her make mentions of laws which would serve purpose of getting blacks out of an economic dreadlocks”

    As a black woman (or an extremely ugly News Reporter based in London in disguise spokesman / ) spokeswoman..

    .. could you explain why Black Woman straighten their hair to look like Indian Women instead of natty up their head growing their locks the way Jah Jah planned it

  41. .. could you explain why Black Woman straighten their hair to look like Indian Women instead of natty up their head growing their locks the way Jah Jah planned it

    Xxxxxoops my bad didn’t even notice Kamla Harris hair was nappy

  42. Artax,

    Yup! Hal and Pachamama. Baje is “abusive” also. All worse than Lorenzo. But they are “comrades”

    I guess racist Lawson is expected and therefore mostly ignored. Govt 45 also did the whore bit. White shites, both of them.

    Go figure! I don’t have the time, even though I have a very good memory for conversations.

    Consider me immune! BU has delivered the vaccination.

    Thank you, BU!

  43. the black american fight for freedom.
    Reparations for Slavery for Black People goes beyond Slavery as Blacks were still fighting for equality in the 60’s and 70’s civil rights era and even after they got the vote USA has still failed to give Blacks equality.

  44. @ Nathan ‘Jolly’ Green June 17, 2021 9:46 PM
    Modern day DNA shows that there is now a larger percentage of Central Africa negreo in the mix. (Unquote).

    It is quite easy to see from the comments and replies here, that some of you are still steeped in ignorance and backwardness. Education is a great help in making people less silly, unfortunately there is such a thing as an educated idiot, and there are lots of them. (Unquote).


    Doesn’t the same “DNA” also show that all (species of) humans originated in the same ‘black’ Continent called by Europeans ‘Africa’?

    So why your attempt to differentiate the ‘people’ of sub-Saharan Africa from those who migrated North, East, South and West of the same ‘dark’ Continent?

    Doesn’t the same ‘DNA-based science’ prove, also, that all humans carry 98% of the same genetic inheritance as those carried by chimpanzees and other members of the ‘great’ ape family like the sexually-liberated bonobos?

    The only group of people which are entitled to full reparations beyond any shadow of doubt ‘are’ the indigenous peoples of the ‘Americas’; that is the descendants of those peoples who the so-called Columbus came and found and his successors enslaved and decimated.

    Those formerly enslaved West-African descended people in the English-colonized Caribbean do indeed have both an Atlantic-Ocean based water-tight and sugar-producing cast iron case against the ‘English-speaking’ European.

    But it lies only on the FACT that the ‘Christian’ owners of the black slaves were awarded financial compensation in the order of millions of pounds sterling by the British government for the loss of their Property’ not yet considered ‘human’.

    What did the black slaves and their still English-aping descendants receive(d) for their decades of forced enslavement other than a legacy of religious brainwashing based on a European-concocted god and a ‘bastard’ son made in his Roman-concocted papal image?

    Not even 40 acres of rab land and a steel donkey to boot!

  45. In USA there is still segregation between white and blacks for housing in particular public housing where local Government authorities will only build public housing for blacks in black areas and not allow them to live in the separate zones for whites. This affects public schools which rely on property taxes and schools for blacks have less funding and are much lower standard than schools for whites.

  46. “a legacy of religious brainwashing based on a European-concocted god and a ‘bastard’ son made in his Roman-concocted papal image”

    a black madonna implies a black black baby Jesus
    just like the black hebrews
    and a bunch of white lies to cover up truth of humanity
    where GB is the mother land of racists
    in a war against black and brown

  47. Miller…the clowns are trying HARD to REBOOT FRAUD HISTORY but it can no longer work, it’s overplayed and OVERSTAYED.

    only the weakest black minds will fall for that…and they are welcome to them, they are useless anyway….they can have ALL THE SLAVE MINDED…good riddance.

  48. @Sherry Hosein Singh..
    Indians not fighting to dismantle the caste system ( which is rooted in racism). This explains why Indo Guyanese & Afro Guyanese can’t get along.
    History has shown they & other mulattoes races function as the gate keeper for the white supremacist.–ObZvbmM

  49. Race is not a Race

    I See You, Dub Colours
    Wackies Rhythm Force

    Every single BU thread that has ever appeared which contains the word Indian on it will have at least one half wit fuckwit black boy who thinks he’s Albert Einstein for posting a trope about Gandhi or Caste System the same way that racist white trolls do, and there will more mugs who approve of the hate. But, it is OK for people of Barbados to be ignorant and prejudiced about Indians as they don’t know any personally and love to gossip like a bitch, the are not living in a multi-culti place where people got over their hating about 30 years ago and are still backward and paranoid about foreigners who make up the population of the world.

  50. These are kamla Harris thoughts on reparat the USA black vice president

    U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris says she supports studying reparations, but she’s not sure what any resultant program would look like.

    The senator from California and Democratic presidential hopeful said Sunday during a Des Moines Register editorial board meeting that the idea, which would grant compensation to individuals impacted by slavery and racial discrimination, is complex and deserves to be examined carefully.

    “This stuff needs to be studied,” she said. “Because America needs a history lesson, to be honest about it, and we need to study it in a way that we are having a very comprehensive and fact-based conversation about policies and the connection between those policies and harm if we’re going to have a productive conversation. It can’t just be, ‘Hey … write some checks

  51. Can anyone explain what Kamla Harris is saying in the statement posted
    angela coxJune 20, 2021 8:32 AM

  52. “.. spot the mindless cut and paste and post operative with regurgitating stale old out of date material ..”

    a truth commission fact finding mission ongoing work stream should be initiated in any thorough reparations process to take the heat out from racists and build a knowledge base for future Americans and world citizens to learn lessons from mistakes and past crimes

    I believe reparations is the only way that GB and it’s colonial lands can release the sins of their fathers to free their souls

    a couple of drawbacks to reparations are the reemergence of racist extremist terrorist whites in 50% of US population since Obama and Trump and America’s new lame excuse argument of Critical Race Theory spreading where they say Racism is an individual trait from history and nations and races cannot be collectively criticised about legacy of systemic institutional global racism in the same way that Israel claim antisemitism for any protests

  53. angela coxJune 20, 2021 9:10 AM

    Can anyone explain what Kamla Harris is saying in the statement posted
    angela coxJune 20, 2021 8:32 AM

    Foot note ….dubbstreet not included

  54. An African friend once told me. “If, in the morning, you distribute all the money in the world in equal portions, then by nightfall you would still have the very poor and very rich”.

    Not getting into the right or the wrong, who should get or not get l, but into the how..
    To individuals?
    To Organizations/Institutions?
    To Nations?

  55. “Can anyone explain what Kamla Harris is saying in the statement posted”
    “Foot note ….dubbstreet not included”

    Ask The Answer

    So, past, present, future
    You exist, the body changes
    Is it not clear?

    I am something
    I was here before nothing
    I am substance, I am the buzzing light years in abundance
    Crying tears like when you stare at a onion
    Speckles of grey hairs, ’til it’s fully white
    Like one who glares at a hundred in age
    The old man, young in his ways ’til the end of his days
    Comes to his grave, flag, salute
    Troops fire down at the parade
    You either throw a grenade or hold lemonade
    The veterans needed medicine
    Instead the U.S. gave ’em heroin, that’s embarrassin’
    There’s nothin’ in comparison
    Maybe the slave trade and Marilyn
    Confederates was devilish, now we all in a deficit

    The dark forces have tipped the scales
    Scale to their side, which—which looks like they’re winnin’
    Winnin’ at this point

    Can’t go home, ’cause it’s not there anymore
    Places, changes from war, a nation endangered and poor
    Strangers come with their loans, with their claws
    Banks is big business, oil tanks rob the soil of its riches
    We went from royals to sickness
    Our belief in God is suspicious
    We un-loyal, too conflicted
    Religion is a part of a tradition
    That will keep our hearts in submission
    Lead us into dark with no vision
    It’s the condition to our transition to a land distant
    That no man witnessed and returned
    To tell us if we fly or we burn
    It’s history that decides if we learn

    Look at the reflections that come to you. Begin to understand that the communication is now coming in to speak with you

    Power to the people
    May goodness tower over evil
    May wisdom be your sight for you to see through
    The fog of these worldly gods, [?]
    Of who, what, when, where and why
    We spent too much time tryna see who lives in the sky
    While on earth, we causin’ our babies’ own demise
    We only in the zone when we high
    “Christopher Columbus discovered America” is a lie
    And our religions are a lie
    So what truth do we go by?
    Let’s take it back to indigenous tribes

    The beings that are in charge
    Or—or the forces that created the Earth, the uh—
    You can call it “the great creator”, you can call it energy

    I am life and space
    I am the seeker from far away
    I am ancient and modern-day
    I am Harry Potter with age
    I am fire, a blaze and a tidal wave
    I live on a earth that thunders
    While the skies above me slowly turns around one way
    Causin’ the clouds to have gravity
    I saw bird eggs fall towards our galaxy
    And pyramids drop towards the clouds like Chinese darts
    I write rhymes on a roti with Guyanese art
    It shows expressions like emojis when I write these parts
    I hold the mic like a trophy, put the beat on a cart

    To allow for great spirit to speak, we as a two-legged form simply allow that speak to be heard within this journey of our human step. Feel that sound, see the beauty, the colors, the textures, the sounds, the smells. The spirit is in grand communications

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    Written By
    Killah Priest
    Release Date
    December 8, 2020

  56. You can tell when BU folks cut and paste shit as their spelling improves a hundred fold
    except song lyrics as writers don’t listen to songs with full knowledge wisdom and understanding

    eg. Maybe the slave trade and Marilyn should be.. Maryland

  57. After reading all of what is written here I just hope the Bajan youth is not as ignorant and racist as their parents. There is more hatred by black of white than white of black. Unfortunately hatred breeds hatred and there is plenty of hatred emanating from the replies following this article. Yes we all know that for some centuries black Africans were classified as animals such as cows and the like. Live stock to breed and work. The African Kings slaughtered sometimes thousands of slaves whenever a family member died, making them a gift to some unknown god. Start right there that is unhuman animal behaviour, all humans are after all species of animal. It is obvious some Bajans are still carrying the animal behaviour trate, spewing hatred and malice to white people who had nothing whatsoever to do with slavery. Yes I know that in SVG decent black people describe black people who behave badly as niggers, so I can understand why so many of the Bajan ignorant do not like the term, it is because they themselves may well be classified as niggers. If you all hate the white man why take his money, because without them you in Barbados would all be living in straw huts. Most of the original indigenous folk of the Caribbean were wiped out by the blacks, who killed the men and stole their women. Later interbreeding with them so as they became a different race of people. Black people are there own worst enemies they attack everyone with an opinion that does not agree with theirs, they attack the truth because they do not like it, they do not accept the historical past, many behave like lower class animals.

  58. @ Nathan ‘Jolly’ Green June 20, 2021 12:09 PM
    After reading all of what is written here I just hope the Bajan youth is not as ignorant and racist as their parents. (Unquote).

    Most of the original indigenous folk of the Caribbean were wiped out by the blacks, who killed the men and stole their women. (Unquote).

    After reading those two statements as quoted above one can only conclude that you, Nathan Green, would make the perfect Jolly old “Bajan” parent.

    How can you come on BU and make such an outlandishly untruthful claim about a naïve set of people called blacks?

    The only thing blacks are good at when it comes genocide is the killing of their own.

    It was the European ‘man’ who brought destruction and death to the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean and the America through diseases, gun violence and forced labour.

    Next you, Green the giant liar, would be telling us is that the widespread presence of mulattos and brown skin-creoles is due to the widespread raping of white women by enslaved black men.

    Why are you evading the reparations point about the compensation of the slave masters for the loss of their black-skin properties?

  59. What an ignorant post by jolly fool who think so little of African descendants that he believes he can fill our heads with SHIT in the 21s century…..i will say the same thing to this clown that i said to racist sandy lane…NOT FOR MY GRANDCHILDREN TO DIGEST…keep it moving…go find all the slave minded and indoctrinate them….there are endless of them out there…BU alone got countless.

    Miller ….BUs cave beasts are finally showing their true colors….they spent years on the blog being FRAUDULENT…but can contain their low grade savage selves no more…are they in for a surprise…

  60. “There is more hatred by black of white than white of black.”

    BU needs some White Scum Remover Spray as the cunt is now trying to say it is racist to call racists racist.

    The Truth Commission on Slavery will need to set up a institutions for Study to record all information of Slavery and Racism in US History from day one to current times and GB Colonialism and White Supremacy for 500 years to cover Slavery and all manifestations of the Devils.

    Slavery subject matter will include all details of:
    Slave Code and Law
    All Slave Ships Cargo Names of stolen Africans
    All Slave Trade transactions
    Slave Breeding
    Runaway dreads
    Underground railroad
    Plantation Work Pay Dues
    Semi-Skilled Trade Work
    Antebellum South
    Civil War

    Post Slavery will include all details of:
    Jim Crow
    Segregation Laws
    Civil Rights Movements
    Southern Strategy of Republicans
    Black Ghettos
    Lack of opportunities
    Segregation in Housing Zoning
    Inequalities in Public Services, Housing, Healthcare
    Inequalities and racial discrimination in Work, Business and Sport
    Racial stereotyping in Entertainment and Literature
    3 Strike Laws
    War against drugs
    Disparities in Crack and Cocaine Laws
    Racial disparities in Criminal Justice System
    Prison Industry
    ALEC Corporations
    Police killing of Blacks
    Racist PotUS from George Washington to Trump

    None of these lists are complete and will be work in progress which will be added to from universe of recorded data and future study

  61. No one has mentioned all the white slaves which came before the Africans in Barbados, the red legs. Many escaped and settled in Dorsetshire Hill, Saint Vincent, there are hundreds of them, inbred whites, and like to be known as Scots-Irish. They were auctioned in Barbados and were sold as slaves. In SVG the slaves that escaped from Barbados, there were thousands of them, Negros, they bred with the Island Natives, overtook the race as I previously stated and became a race of their own, Garifuna. They eventually wiped out the natives, killed the men and stole the women. So who is owed reparations? and by whom?

  62. “.. No one has mentioned all the white slaves ..”

    What the fuck has that got to with the price of fish.
    Irish were called White Niggers

    I forgot to mention Lynchings on my list for the account of misdeeds to be fully recorded in fact finding investigations for posterity

    There’s a new season of Handmaid’s Tale and it is now a time to fight back instead of hide

  63. JAH JAH RULE Riddim Sound System

    Poor and Humble / The Cloning Process / The Cloning Breed

    Preamble of Slave Code was based on a lie that Blacks from Mama Africa were subhuman Slave stock

    Preamble for a Fact Finding Truth Commission for Reparations for Slavery should include the wickedness of white people to rule in dominion and evilness within their soul weaponising technology for war that has robbed the earth and people of colour.

    Bible is for Jews and Christians Old and and New Testaments, but states that there are other Gods in the Universe.
    Beginning Chapters Genesis and Exodus were about creation and movement of Jah people.
    Read up to Revelations for the end of White Rule and beginning of Jah Rule

    Purpose of life is Ascension.

    If you want to hear the words of God

    Open your ears

    Listen to sounds

    Ask I AM

    Who are you

    Who am I

    Call the Spirit, Energy, Fire, Water, Soul of God into your vessel.

    I am one with the Universe
    I am one with God
    I am God manifest in man
    I AM doing God’s Works

    to quote 2Pac aka Tupac Shakur daughter of Black Panther Afeni Shakur in Souljah’s Revenge lyrics

    Motherfuckin punk police (I hear ya!)
    Thinkin they run the motherfuckin streets
    It’s mo’ niggas than it’s police
    Think (I hear ya!)

    One nigga, teach two niggas
    Teach three niggas, teach fo’ niggas (I hear ya!)
    Teach mo’ niggas, and we could run this shit!
    I hear ya!

  64. Something is dreadfully wrong when somebody can come here and say that there is more hatred by blacks towards whites than whites toward blacks.

    Ladies and gentlemen, we are now entering the State of Madness.

    I am not going there with you.

    Like DPD, I gone!

  65. Catch them Jah Jah
    I beg you catch them
    Them never get away

    I know Jah is my father
    I and I Jah Jah’s Son

  66. That sounds like the syrian/irish cartel bi*ch….wuh happen, the shipments of guns and drugs into the island is running slow or something…..too much time on ya hands.

    .there WERE NO WHITE SLAVES in the Caribbean, there were deportees and indentured servants who could return to UK or Europe after 5-7 years……IT WAS A PRISON COLONLY….

    that is a BIG lie perpetrated by parasitic MINORITY FRAUDS in Barbados who feed off Black people….just like black on black crimes, no one gives a shit about white on white crimes related to ethnic cleansing in the 1600s…take it up with UK and Europe..

    not one African from the continent or any Black descendant form the diaspora WERE INVOLVED….so go cry ya river somewhere else….lying fraud…

  67. Donna…anytime ya hear that bullshit narrative, it’s the criminal descendants of Barbados’ prison colony from the 1600s…that UK created..

    the navy must be patrolling the Caribbean and Atlantic seas and the syrian/irish cartel can’t get their drugs and guns in as smoothly as before….and instead of looking for a new transhipment point, they will come on the blog and blame everything on the Black population and cry about being slaves…it’s a pattern, that one is particularly nasty, they all remain on watchlist….they all need designer handcuffs…

  68. H.E.R. – I Can’t Breathe

    Starting a war, screaming, “Peace” at the same time
    All the corruption, injustice, the same crimes
    Always a problem if we do or don’t fight
    And we die, we don’t have the same right

    What is a gun to a man that surrenders?
    What’s it gonna take for someone to defend her?
    If we all agree that we’re equal as people
    Then why can’t we see what is evil?

    I can’t breathe
    You’re taking my life from me
    I can’t breathe
    Will anyone fight for me?

    How do we cope when we don’t love each other?
    Where is the hope and the empathy? (Yeah)
    How do we judge off the color?
    The structure was made to make us the enemy (yeah)

    Prayin’ for change ’cause the pain makes you tender
    All of the names you refuse to remember
    Was somebody’s brother, friend
    Or a son to a mother that’s crying, singing

    I can’t breathe
    You’re taking my life from me
    I can’t breathe
    Will anyone fight for me? (Yeah)
    Will anyone fight for me?

    These wounds sink deeper than the bullet
    Your entitled hands could ever reach
    Generations and generations of pain, fear, and anxiety
    Equality is walking without intuition
    Saying the protector and the killer is wearing the same uniform
    The revolution is not televised
    Media perception is forced down the throats of closed minds
    So it’s lies in the headlines
    And generations of supremacy resulting in your ignorant, privileged eyes

    We breathe the same and we bleed the same
    But still, we don’t see the same
    Be thankful we are God-fearing
    Because we do not seek revenge
    We seek justice, we are past fear
    We are fed up eating your shit
    Because you think your so-called “Black friend”
    Validates your wokeness and erases your racism

    That kind of uncomfortable conversation
    Is too hard for your trust-fund pockets to swallow
    To swallow the strange fruit hanging from my family tree
    Because of your audacity
    To say all men are created equal in the eyes of God
    But disparage a man based on the color of his skin
    Do not say you do not see color
    When you see us, see us
    We can’t breathe

  69. Those of you that resort to nasty dirty language show you are still of that class I previously described. Those of you that spout nonsense instead of historical fact are simply ignoramus uncles.

    The Irish-Scots were shipped and sold because they were Catholics not because they were prisoners. They were slaves not indentured servants. The difference was they were weak compared to the black slaves, they could not tolerate the tropics, where as the Africans were pre-acclimatized.

    Slave owners bred white Irish women with negro Africans to produce a better specimen of slave, brawn and intelligence.

  70. You fraud…no one gives shit …it’s not our problem…we have our own..

    don’t look to me as though they are having any problems today except the usual wanting indepedence from
    UK with their white privilige they exchanged that freedom for……. MANY OF THEM ARE RACISTS…and just as repulsive as you…and a good section of them would be part of the thieves still ROBBING AFRICA…

    go write a book on the topic and see how well it’s received….should be no problem if you ARE NOT LYING….bullshit artist…don’t forget to put your name as the author so they will know who you are…..the island need a cleansing from you white trash poisioning the whole environent for the last 2 centuries…with ya inferiority complex from being descended from the white prison colonies in the West Indies.

    ah can even give ya a name for the book….Barbados’ White Prisoners Colony from Europe-16th Century Edition..😂🤣

    that one is on me..

  71. @ Nathan ‘Jolly’ Green June 22, 2021 12:39 AM

    So tell us what went down in the territories where the non-English speaking Europeans/whites who colonized the Caribbean Americas?

    Did the Catholic slave owners also ‘breed’ their Catholic women with “negro Africans to produce a better specimen of slave, brawn and intelligence”?

    Is that the ‘real’ reason for the existence of so many ‘shades of black’ among the Creole population governed by the Code Noir or Slave Codes?

    In your view, how much of that plantation-based ‘siring’ was done by the white managers?

    Did the ‘Aborigine’ males also impregnate the white English prostitutes shipped to Australia to create the ‘mixed-races’ in Australia?

    Before commenting further on this topic we think you ought to read the likes of Lance Horner and Kyle Onstott or even Aimé Césaire.

  72. If that clown was not so disgustingly illiterate, and if some things are not too personal to reveal….they would get a lesson on how EUROPEAN BLOODLINES INVADED AFRICAN BLOODLINES…..and the fraud would shut the hell up, am sure their own ancestors RAPED many African children both boys and girls in Barbados right up to the 1970s……mimicking the repulsive Draxes…pre and post independence when the black face frauds in the parliament were selling Black children UNCEASINGLY to plantation owners and parading around as elites.

    better don’t get me started.

  73. pre and post independence when the black face frauds in the parliament were selling Black children UNCEASINGLY to plantation owners and parading around as elites.

    Miller…with Barbados IDENTIFIED in UN reports as one of the islands in the Caribbean that is a NESTING GROUND for human traffickers and trafficked victims to feed their whoring/prostitution dependency tourism, there should be no surprise that all of this is still ongoing with yesterdays report that small Haitian children were rescued from a hotel in Guyana.’s well known that too many governments are involved in human trafficking to boost their second illegal economy throughout the Caribbean and just like all the guns and drugs like the fraud Jolly Joke and her WHOLE FAMILY are also involved in….the island is also a TRANSHIPMENT POINT for all three…

  74. Miller,
    “Did the Catholic slave owners also ‘breed’ their Catholic women with “negro Africans to produce a better specimen of slave, brawn and intelligence”? That is exactly what they did.

    The aboriginal people of the Caribbean were highly intelligent. Unfortunately they were overrun, first by white settlers and then by escaped black slaves.

    The slave owners were not Catholics, the Scotts-Irish were. There are so many colours because the Caribbean eventually became mongrelised. Few really know their real ancestry.

    “In your view, how much of that plantation-based ‘siring’ was done by the white managers”? Plenty, you can sure if a woman was born beautiful and attractive to those people they would have become house slaves and be part of the slave masters enjoyment of his stock.

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