Execute or Die

The blogmaster followed with interest the passing of Bills yesterday in the Lower House of the National Payment System Bill 2021 and the Barbados Identity Management Bill 2021. The government appears to be moving to take advantage of technology to enhance and transform how Barbadians do business in a new ecosystem, pay for goods, services. Gone are the days when banks and to a lesser extent credit unions monopolized payment systems. Replacing the ‘tattered and embarrassing’ looking Barbados ID card is also overdue. From following the debate the new Barbados ID card will use current technology to store a range of data to permit the holder to do different types of transactions with optional validation with the use of biometrics etc. The improvements once implemented will improve business facilitation and other deficiencies.

The initiative by government to improve the ‘national payment ecosystem’ to quote Minister in the ministry of Finance Ryan Straughn although laudable exposes the fact homegrown businesses do not control the bulk of payment transactions. For too long Barbadians seem happy to be consumers of goods and services instead of becoming owners in the distribution chain whether financial or commodity. Unless we discover ways to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery enhancements we make facilitated by new laws in parliament will be nothing more than painting ‘lipstick on the pig’.

The other development which caught the attention of the blogmaster was the announcement last week a comeyuh promised to invest 10 million dollars to transform the 400 acre Haymans plantation to a state of the art farm. The blogmaster commends the investor who for whatever reason appears to be motivated to do something that should be part of a larger project to address food security in Barbados. Covid 19 has exposed our shortcomings as far as agriculture production is concerned. We agree there has been increase in agricultural output, however, nothing that has significantly moved the needle to address food security concerns. Did it escape Barbadians Charles Gagnon, owner of Haymans had to remove 50 truckloads of garbage illegally dumped on the site.

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The initiative is a timely reminder to inquire what is the project status of 30 acres of land located at Dukes plantation that was donated to UWI Cave Hill Campus in 2017. There is a lethargy that seems to permeate everything we do in Barbados. Surely we have referred to implementation deficit often enough to have made a conclusion by now that we have to change how we do business if we want to sustain an acceptable quality of life for our people. There is an advantage to being a 2×3 island. It should equip us to be nimble in decision-making and project execution.

In simple less flowery language Barbadians must shed comfortable politically partisan positions and evolve to assessing what are national imperatives and just do it. The constant and banal snarling exhibited by stakeholders in civil society is unacceptable given our investment in education. We are a Black majority nation and should be embarrassed to acknowledge that our key gateways to economic activity are controlled by minority AND foreign interest.


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  1. Here’s a couple of unrelated or related thoughts or stream of consciousness to put out there are for you to absorb and ponder:

    Boris Johnson (an ex-journalist) stated journalists are not nice people as their job is to discredit destroy and damage individuals or types of people or politicians reputations and stereotyping groups and movements for their own political agendas and for boosting their income from sales and advertising with untruths and propaganda and to maintain control of public thinking

    Black people are / were the invisible people hidden away in shanty towns between cities of vast wealth and luxury who’s purpose is to serve the rich and be exploited. Some are more equal than others and some do not have a voice or choice of opportunities in life. They will always be looked down upon like dirt upon no matter what they do whether they dress down or up in fancy clothing or they act with good or bad manners. There is a pecking order and place for people and in the institutional racism of slavery and apartheid blacks were not even meant to look into eyes of white people or speak or even step in front of them unless instructed to take orders.
    (disclaimer: for clarification and disambiguation, I do not condone this repugnant behaviour in any way shape or form)

  2. “There is a pecking order and place for people and in the institutional racism of slavery and apartheid blacks were not even meant to look into eyes of white people or speak or even step in front of them unless instructed to take orders.”

    those days are definitely done…one tried that shite with me in Barbados, expecting me to move off the sidewalk for white trash tourist to pretend they superior, and am just out of New Yawk…. i pushed that bitch so hard, she nearly ended up under a moving car, barely escaped with her useless life……that’s what the sellout negros promote and advertise the island as……..not for me though..

  3. Ok! What was the topic again? Some good contributions. I enjoyed reading them even though they strayed from the topic.

    And wonder of wonders – Verla Depeiza finally found a point!

    WURA may be extreme and annoying and unwilling to admit mistakes but her main point is valid and she does a good job dispelling historical misperceptions. William Skinner is just very impatient because we have not progressed fast enough. He wants to see his fight for radical reform won so he can die happy. Hal Austin is mixed up and contradictory as usual. He does not know if he is fish or fowl.

    555 Dub Street hit the bull’s eye! The trauma is showing.

    Critical Analyzer has swallowed the whole right wing hog! Regurgitated the bloody swine, put lipstick on it and thought that Pachamama would not recognise it.

    CA what you are proposing will not change the status quo. I too believe that if we pool our resources we can do much better but simultaneously we must press our leaders to actually level the playing field by adding some filler on our side. They must be made to see sense or we must get new leaders.

    As Tennyson Beckles stated – there should be a full portfollio on Conrade Prescod’s desk.

    When will we get to see what is inside it?

    He has missed his opportunity to organise an online Black History course while the people are in lockdown.

    Many of us still believe the white man’s lie that we are the only race to have contributed nothing to civilisation.

    And that is the crux of the problem right there. We hear a few things but we do not piece them together. Soundbites will not do.

    We have to weave a narrative, a complete story together. That is when we will internalise it and really believe it.

    And that is when we will be prepared to redefine ourselves enough to write a new chapter.

    William Skinner, take out your pen again! Send it live and direct to Prescod ’cause you got name recognition.

  4. @ David February 25, 2021 4:49 AM
    What is significant, however, is the near absence of anti-racism and equal opportunity legislation in the Caribbean. In many of the advanced democracies
    of the world, mostly European-majority countries, there are protections against racist employment practices and behaviour in the workplace and against unequal and incestuous hiring, with attendant legal remedies and business penalties.
    Ironically, in the black-majority Caribbean, minority business people feel themselves empowered to engage in the kinds of vile behaviour revealed in the video, and assume that their roles as employers serve an adequate excuse for such behaviour. (Unquote).

    It is indeed a sad commentary and a really ugly reflection on a people and their leaders when such a call is made for the passing of legislation to protect the majority of the population from the ‘acts’ of a minority group (as if that minority is a cabal of criminals) especially in a country where the vast majority of the population is of the same ethnic background and cultural persuasion(s).

    What does that say about ‘that same’ country whose brainwashed still mentally enslaved black majority population like to boast, and nauseatingly so, about their very high standard of education and having, per head of population, one of the highest ‘paper-qualification’ density on the planet?

    Along with this ‘show-off’ asset of being one of the most (mis)-educated and (mis)-trained places on the planet, there exists a 2×3 arrogant pride in its 54 (and going) years of independence and boastfully, albeit it haphazardly so, on the cusp of being a republic fully equipped with a monkey president holding a fully ripened banana instead of a broken trident.

    How can a country ever be proud of becoming a republic when the vast majority of its (highly educated) population continue to behave like vassals to a tiny minority of the country’s population and requiring special legislative intervention to create a measure of political, social and economic adjustment in favour of the black majority?

  5. P.S. We must redefine ourselves in our own image and not in the image of a mock white man.

    We must not measure success or failure as Hal Austin does, by white man standards, or by how much we manage to mimic the “sophisticated jurisdictions” of the white world.

    The world is a mess. Whether the white fools acknowledge it or not, the way of the white man has run its course.

    The warped thinking of the white man, the greed, the addiction to more, more, more, the raping of the environment, the white supremacist ideology is threatening their own existence.

    They need to detox before it kills them as well as us.

  6. The quack doc whack job preacher G to the Pee proscribes a form of imminent will from up above according to a book of tales handed down from generation to generation for a couple of millennium where life story and path is already mapped out and predicted from when you are born until when you die and prophecies have been made of was planes drones biowarfare plagues as warnings of end times final destination coming in 2021 as per the final chapter and ending of a good book somewhat similar to end of world prophecies which only ran up to 2012.

    It may be true that a life story of the poor man’s story can never end in glory and only leads to another dance story that you can hear on the radio station in this dispensation if you have unlucky skin which came from your mummy and daddy as you inherited the sin and cannot ever win and was born to be a loser come what may and so on and son the cycle of life continues like a spinning wheel turning in circles like the sun moon planets of the universe and the circle will never be broken and death is just a part of life like suffering sickness old age which are hidden away from the young and beautiful who are searching for love so embrace the heartache and pain it is just the other side of the coin of joy which are two sides of the same coin and both have equal lessons to be learned what does not kill you will only make you stronger keep on keeping it on trying to reach the top you may never achieve enlightenment in this time but can and will achieve it one time in one of your many other incarnations of life that will follow in your many many trials and tribulations

  7. Ooops! I forgot!

    Village Idiot#2 wants to know why some random person should be able to walk off the street and get a copy of my birth certificate. I can understand particular professionals but a random person?????

    For what reason?

    Old ones of dead people fine.

  8. “Village Idiot#2 wants to know why some random person should be able to walk off the street and get a copy of my birth certificate. I can understand particular professionals but a random person?????
    For what reason?”

    Look Alive Feel Alive, Government Departments Police News Reporters Employers Business Partners Creditors Bankers Future Spouses Girlfriends Boyfriends Neighbours Associates need to vet you and check your credential and proof you are a real life living person, it also is used to prove your existence if you go missing on walkabouts or get kidnapped or abducted by aliens or someone discovers a dead body

  9. Donna…ya mean like the same mistake ya made about Tiger Woods’ accident….where he was not high on drugs or intoxicated…..he was traveling a dangerous road and until they investigate to see if he may have lost brakes…..known to happen on that road….it was and will still be just an accident…

    we await your admission that ya posted shit…

  10. Donna Hal GP John and other characters on BU could be robots automata with binary logic and aux minds there may be glitches and bugs in their program code and running on outdated software versions or unsupported hardware technology

  11. and ya even more annoying because ya seem to have a penchant for agreeing with my posts, long after ya disagreed with them and believe no one is noticing, i just prefer to ignore the petty………..

  12. “What does that say about ‘that same’ country whose brainwashed still mentally enslaved black majority population like to boast, and nauseatingly so, about their very high standard of education and having, per head of population, one of the highest ‘paper-qualification’ density on the planet?”

    while everyone knows they are full of shit…after all that boasting, Mia got on ITV and said how mentally enslaved the population is, so they’ve always known..AND MALICIOUSLY KEEP IT THAT WAY……and despite saying that months and months ago, haven’t lifted a finger to reverse the damage or remove the slave laws and slave codes off the statute books…

    which leads me to believe Miller…she was advertising she had a slaveminded population under control and looking for slave masters…..wuh she could always send out the fowl Slaves to call me a liar…wuh i aint going nowhere…..come out fowls, it’s play time.

  13. “and ya even more annoying..”

    Who? What? Where? When? How?

    People often bang heads together when debating and working together expressing personal opinions growing and developing concepts. Ideas and thinking and schools of thought are not copyrighted or patented or trademarked just like good and bad jokes which are repeated and not thought up and anyone can pick them up and run with it or put it back down again although it seems to be a bajan trait to ignore originators of ideas that others put out there and start conversing with best friends forever as Hal did acknowledging John for something someone else said. Newspapers claim ownership of ideas they rob from people. Not sure if BU owns our gems and nuggets of shit as I did not read the small print in the terms of agreement. Sometimes people with no connection can come up the same idea at same time especially if they have ESP or are guided by intuition perception and view random coincidences as Celestine synchronicities which are meaningful.

  14. @ Donna February 25, 2021 9:32 AM #

    I would also have a problem if ‘John Q. Public’ could walk into the Barbados Registry and be given a copy of my birth certificate by simply asking for it.

    However, to be fair to the guy………… and, as I mentioned in a previous contribution, under UK law, birth, marriage and death certificates are considered to be public records and are therefore accessible to the public.

  15. It seems third world people and people in under developed developing countries have underdeveloped brains, but those in developed countries have brains that have exploded due to overload of too much information and stress and worry and need to practise mindfulness to remove the monkey minds that never stop chattering and are never able to relax and calm down and be still the axiom of truth from the wise holds firm that life’s a bitch

  16. And the War Came
    Gp is an excellent example of bias confirmation who always steps in to say someone who’s fucked up views are in alignment and agreement with his is ‘correct and much more highly and developed and far better than’ beliefs than the ragged riff raff lower class BU posse who are the other side as opponents and enemies in his silly games that he plays in his silly mind

    That’s why he credits people in same way that Hal does like a teacher and his/her teachers pet who remind him of himself and his own children or cronyism in work. Prejudice and bias has fucked up people big time like the holocaust. When people argue and disagree some forget about when they cool down and others harbour resentments for life.


  17. WURA,

    Predictable response from you, unfortunately. I refuse to rise to the bait. But – I never disagreed with the main point of your submissions. You simply misunderstood. I said that no white man has ever stood in the way of my advancement or practised overt racism towards me in Barbados. I said the racism practised by the white man in Barbados is mainly covert. I said it is the black overseer type who practised the overt racist behaviour. Now…. the black political leaders are the ones you blame for keeping the status quo intact. How then is that different from ” no white man has ever stood in the way of my advancement?. We black people have the power to change what our leaders do. Just as we have the power to pool our resources and overcome regardless. So again… my suggestion is, was and ever shall be – it is time to stop whining and just DO!

    BOTH approaches – pressuring government for change in policy and procedures AND pooling our resources to advance REGARDLESS.

    And lastly, I stated that you are a bit over the top. It is not as bad in Barbados as you say. I stand by that still.

    P.S. I opinioned that Tiger was probably on something. That may or may not be correct. No tests were carried out. The officers went on an appearance. One does not have to be fully loaded in order for judgment and reaction time to be impaired.

    Dangerous roads are often navigated sucessfully.

    But…. I hope for Tiger’s sake that he is past his difficulties. Reports I saw over the last few days are that he seems more at peace and happy with who he is. These were the exact words of the journalist. SO… my assessment of Tiger’s past self is still valid. Dude was messed up! Maybe he has now cleaned up the mess.

    And now…. ( drumroll) The Amazing and FINE (that was her last description of herself) Wonder Woman who looks real good in her face shield (that last gem was also hers) will have the last word! We know she has to have it and we will read it and laugh.

    Is there a chance that this most enlightened of all the Enlightened Ones will have “no time for one of the dumb sellout negroes who are so beneath her?” Also her words, as well as I can remember them. But you get the drift.

    Taking bets!

    Now I will don my mask and face shield because it’s off to the supermarket!

    The floor is yours!

  18. You [D] were only speculating and preempting the same as many others based on his prior history, but following news reports stated he was late for a TV interview which was due in 20 minutes and was in a frantic rush to get there on time

    this stuff is good for everybody to function and is unrelated but is also in conjunction with the function junction

  19. “And lastly, I stated that you are a bit over the top. It is not as bad in Barbados as you say. I stand by that still.”

    typical response since ya admitted that ya are CLUELESS to what goes on in Barbados…and only have a light bulb moment when something happens…..and stimulate ya lack of knowledge.

  20. am not interested in Tiger’s sex life or his sense of peace or confusion…he is mixed ancestry like many of us…that’s all he needs to know or care about….i don’t allow other people’s personal life to take up any of my energy.

  21. Ya don’t know what goes on in Barbados, so there is no way ya can measure…not as bad, real bad, extremely bad…..ya don’t know…..the ENSLAVED couldn’t do it either.

    so ya can continue to fool yaself, but stop trying to reel in others.

    and the only reason Black people understand that they are mentally enslaved, is when Mia admitted it on ITV UK…you didn’t know that either…

    but myself and others have been beating that drum on BU for over 8 YEARS…

  22. “It seems third world people and people in under developed developing countries have underdeveloped brains,”

    six of one…half dozen of the other.

    i got shocked out of my mind, to hear a Jamaican woman in NYC telling me that Jamaican slaves got treated the best out of the whole Caribbean.,….fast forward….years later….saw an article where Billie the goat Miller, an attorney, former Deputy PM and load of other uselessness…. was in London gushing that Bajans were the best slaves……out of all the Caribbean…

    a mind blower..

    years later….saw with my own two eyes that Caribbean people argue amongst themselves about which slave master in which islands treated their slaves better, who massa liked more……barf worthy bullshit.

    so Donna’s “it’s not that bad”…..falls straight in that bracket….

    it is a sign of underdeveloped minds….so when you hear about “undeveloped or developing countries” that seem to go nowhere and blame their gonowhereism on UK/EU and North America…its the minds that are underdeveloped…they are the ones keeping themselves in that state of flux…instead of EMANCIPATING THEIR MINDS from mental slavery….none but themselves can do it.

  23. Lawson…that too, although i dont think anyone is crazy Enuff, dumb blonde or not, to be walking on that dangerous road… the way the road is built slanting downward, it’s quite possible he lost his brakes, and couldn’t make it to the area they have designated for such occurrences because they happen so regularly

    looks like he did what he could and went across the divider and rolled…if you check out NYDailyNews, the video of how the road slants may still be there.

    the car was a loaner…

  24. Slaves owners may have had a soft spot for their slaves despite their racism and brainwashing it seems they thought the pickney’s were cute with their watermelon smiles and women were trusted to nurture and teach their own children while men were a threat.
    It’s still the same days in many ways. Bajans were better slaves as they were under manners and not cantankerous rebels.
    Sisterhood is strong despite shade of skin they are in.

  25. Let’s put it this way, there is unnecessary poverty in Barbados.

    The issues lay in the subpar society where racism etc reside UNCHECKED…

    the education system is anti-black and anti-social..

    ditto the court system and the society at large…

    it’s a slave society….with mental enslavement NORMALIZED…and culturized because there is no ancestral culture, education, music etc available for the African population to anchor themselves with on a dialy basis…no foundation outside of a history of enslavement in a maliciously maintained destructive society using a dead slave system…..that all the no good politicians/MINISTERS/LAWYERS refuse to abolish and CRIMINALIZE.

  26. Those are not things you can see with the naked eye or guess about, particularly if that’s all you’ve ever known and ya comfortably embedded and accepting, it makes you too close to the situation to see anything…you have to KNOW…that’s why that level of human rights abuse lasts for CENTURIES…

  27. @ Sargeant February 25, 2021 2:26 PM
    “There is hope for old men with money (Fixed that for you)..”

    We can conclude that you, Ole Sarge, are not a ‘stiff-necked’ believer (like the two BU GPs from the land of Onan) in the Judeo-Christian story about their randy patriarch Abraham who, at the ripe old age of 100, impregnated a childless woman called Sarah at a time when Viagra was something of a ‘hardening’ substance only available to the horny old god Zeus on Mount Olympus.

    Sarge, you just have to believe that resurrection of the dead can occur at any age or stage of decomposition of a ‘flaccid’ organ.

    The same way we venerate Prometheus for stealing ‘fire’ from the gods and bringing it to humans, so too we should appoint Viagra as the patron saint of those old men with their middle foot ‘firmly’ planted in the grave.

    • @Miller

      A man of your calibre is aware a useful organ requires pipe to be expertly manipulated to ensure a noisy timbre?

  28. My father is only 75 yrs old. David Foster is old enough to be his child’s great-grandfather. I would hate that.

    I am only a medical illiterate 😊 but I have read that having old parents makes one more likely to have certain issues.

  29. 555 Dub Street,

    Yup! I was speculating because of his past. It got under somebody’s skin because of the reference to his obsessive sex with white women ONLY. I never thought much about him except when he was crucified for cheating on his white wife with numerous white women and stupidly apologised to the world for it. It was not the world’s business! But his problem was obvious. So I mentioned it in passing because human behaviour interests me.

  30. I prefer chocolate to vanilla
    but I like all flavours of ice cream
    to do the gonad bump dance with
    I am talking personal preferences
    and not making a pass or hitting on
    any brown sugars out deh

  31. The last civil war widow died 155 years after the civil war ended , Its a great way to get a pension, marry an old duffer on his way out and get a pension for life, happens all the time up here especially at the veterans hospital. You got dudes fathering kids in their 90 s he is still a spring chicken. Now her on the other hand in a lot of countries would be considered an old maid till he married her.

  32. An old joke
    There was a 80 year-old man that married a 21 year-old woman. A year later the woman had a baby and the doctor came out and told the old man that he was the father of a 9lb 8oz baby boy. The old man replied, “This old motor is still a’ running.” Next next year his wife had another baby and the doctor came out and told the man that he was the father of a 8lb 5oz baby girl. The old man replied, “This old motor is still a’ running.” The next year his wife was back in the hospital yet again, having their third child and the doctor came out and told the old man that he was the father of a 10lb 9oz baby boy. The old man replied again, “This old motor is still a’ running.” And the doctor said, “Yeah but you better get your oil changed because this one is black

  33. Nuff old men does get fool wid ready made jackets.

    Lawson get with it! Women are getting married and also having children routinely in their mid forties now. Besides, you can freeze your eggs when you are young and save them for later.

    Old maid is no longer a thing.

  34. Hidden figures white men know nothing about. Toxic white men who tell us if we hate white people don’t use their inventions. Looks like hardly anything was invented without black input. Not even the damn COVID vaccines the white bitches lining up to get fighting to get. It wasn’t just one black Bajan man on those teams. Saw a black woman on another team today via MSNBC.

  35. @Hal Austin February 25, 2021 5:09 AM ” Records of births, marriages and death – and probate – are public records in the UK and other developed countries.”

    But you were at the Barbados registry, so are you a village idiot to believe that something which applies in the UK also applies in Barbados?

    Do you wear your winter coat while in Barbados? Do you wear your 3 piece suit? Do you carry your brolly? Are you one of those who demand that Bajan men wear hot collar and ties? That Bajan women are indecently attired if they wear sleeveless dresses?

  36. https://www.ontario.ca/page/get-or-replace-ontario-birth-certificate#section-2

    Who can apply [for an Ontario birth certificate]

    You can apply for a birth certificate for:

    yourself, if you are at least 13 years old
    your child, if you are named as a parent on your child’s birth registration
    a child, if you are the legal guardian and can provide court documents proving that you have custody of the child. If you are applying online, you will need to submit the supporting documentation together with a letter quoting the online order number, by fax or mail

    If you are applying for a birth certificate for a person who is deceased, you can only get a certified copy of birth registration if you are the next of kin, executor or estate administrator (supporting documents are required).

    Next of kin are:

    spouse or common-law partner
    children, and

    If all the next of kin are deceased, extended next of kin or their authorized representative may apply.

    Extended next of kin are:

    first cousin
    nephew, and

    I can quote from hundreds of different jurisdictions but I won’t bore you. The truth is that even within the same country the rules which govern who can apply for birth, marriage, divorce and death records vary from place to place.

    However typically archival records are open to the public so of course John or Hal can access my grandmothers birth 1879 and 1886 birth certificates even though those men are not family.

    Rules may also vary depending on whether or not the person is a public figure, so I may well be able to access Donald Trump’s or Joe Biden’s or Boris Johnson’s birth certificate because there is a public interest in those people whereas there is no public interest in me so it is unlikely that they can access mine [unless they use the good offices of their respective secret services, lol!]

  37. @John February 24, 2021 11:04 PM “My grandmother’s baptism record from 1883 is online.
    You can also go to the archives and view it.” TRUE.

    @John February 24, 2021 11:04 PM “Not my mother’s or mine or the generations after me.”
    And have you ever wondered why your mother’s nor yours nor the generations after you are not in the public domain?

    The reason why current records are not in the public domain is to protect the privacy of LIVING people.

    Although as I noted the records of public figures may be handled differently.

    I do know a thing or two about records management.

  38. https://blog.vitalchek.com/vital-records/who-can-get-a-death-certificate/

    While it varies from state to state [in the United States of America] death certificates are NOT COMMONLY MADE PUBLIC. In some states, informational copies of death certificates may be made public but do not typically contain all of the personal information or cause of death. So exactly who can get a copy of a death certificate? The requirements for obtaining someone’s death certificate are pretty straightforward. In most cases, in order to request a certified copy of a death certificate, you will either need to be a legally-appointed executor of the estate, a member of the deceased’s immediate family (spouse, sibling, child or parent), or the funeral director. If you happen to be a named inherent, or other close relative with pertinent cause, it’s best to contact the vital records office in the area where the death occurred for more information.

  39. @555dubstreet February 25, 2021 5:45 AM “Hal you don’t have to act like a big head show off Mr. Know It All just because someone made a statement in error.”

    Please note that I was NOT in error with regards to Barbados’ birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates. Hal was. Many jurisdictions put quite heavy restrictions on who may obtain such documents, especially for living people, but also for recently deceased people. In Barbados’ case records from the Records from the 17th to 19th centuries are typically open, The UK may actually be an outlier in apparently making all such current documents public.

    Maybe the Ivy has lost its idiot.

  40. Cultures are different ways of living and when you visit a different culture viewing it through the spectacles of your own culture will not help in understanding the new culture you visit.

    Birth certificates affect varies areas of law. In UK you have to register births by law and mother has parental responsibility and ‘father’ has parental responsibility if he marries the mother or is named on the birth certificate as father or applies to the court for a parental responsibility order. These effect areas like citizenship, child maintenance as well as wards of court, adoptions

    Here is an example of a sample
    Big Beat / Rock Box


  41. Wait a minute! Did that WURA say I only knew about mental slavery of some Barbadians when Mia spoke about it on Itv?????? If you check my BU comments from years back I too have been saying that for years. Never used the term though until I heard it from Bob Marley when I was a teenager. But in my pre-teen years I always thought it ridiculous when I heard how many Bajans spoke so nauseatingly about white people and brown skinned people. Many even argued about who is “clearer” than whom. Now if that is not an indication of mental slavery then I do not know what is. I recognised it as a problem even though I could not put a name to it at the time.

    My mother’s family especially has not been mentally enslaved for at least three generations that I know of. And my father’s father was another strongminded and strongwilled maverick.

    The mental slavery of Barbadians is on the decline. The young people will complete the process.

    You need to stop saying whatever comes to your mind as though it is a fact. Sometimes you are flat out lying.

    For years I have been preaching on BU ad nauseum that we must “start at the very beginning” because our problem is all in our mind. Many times I have said that we must treat the brainwashing before we can think for ourselves

    Even posted Julie Andrews from The Sound of Music to make the point.

    “Let’s start at the very beginning – a very good place to start!”

    Stop bloody well lying to try to make yourself seem superior!

    And now the stage is yours because it is back to enjoying my island life.

    Good morning to Cuhdear Bajan who uplifts my spirits more than you can depress them!

    Village idiot, yuh sista heh!

  42. “I recognised it as a problem even though I could not put a name to it at the time.”

    then you can’t measure shit, because you don’t know to what depth OR DEGREE any of it goes..

    “You need to stop saying whatever comes to your mind as though it is a fact. Sometimes you are flat out lying.”

    so stop disgreeing with what i post, then copying the content …”MY LIES” turning it into your own words and posting as if it’s your ideas…SOME OF MY WORK IS COPYRIGHTED…ALL RIGTHS RESERVED…ya will cause problems for the Blogmaster.

  43. Cuhdear Bajan
    FYI Harold is the sort of man to ignore your comments of counter rebuttals to his rebuttals and will turn a deaf ear to save his face so you should have qualified your statement with something like: “A non-response will be deemed as acknowledgement confirmation and acceptance that you have been burned on BU”

    Sucker M.C.’s (Krush-Groove 1)


  44. The same way you were pretending no one noticed what ya were up to, i pretended i didn’t see, all i had to do was wait for you and the other mentally enslaved passive/agressive asshole to come out again to attack me….do your own shit and stay in your corner….

  45. Donna don’t think i remember the very first day she came on the blog a few years ago, and of course the males did their usual BAPTISM BY FIRE… just as they did with me, but, am made of sterner stuff, Donna however, ran away for months…then got the courage to come back….i sensed something, damn glad i did not defend her then.

  46. “A non-response will be deemed as acknowledgement confirmation and acceptance that you have been burned on BU”

    My first chuckle got the day.

  47. Mia better get rid of those dirty ass racists and wannabe white supremacists in Barbados or have them removed for her….no one has time to play games with idiots anymore….she can do that on her own time and on her own dime…but not on BLACK TAXPAYERS’.

  48. Theo…that was your first chuckle, but what followed per Phillip’s video is the beginning of the end for the no good racists in Barbados and their sellout ENABLERS….now we are free to remove the evil bitches OUT OF BLACK LIVES, BLACK TAXES, treasury and PENSION FUND, NIS….or have all their asses hauled away….


  49. Thanks Theo, Donna, 555

    Imagine if death certificates were open to all. Imagine that my spouse, or Hal’s or yours, died of AIDS which is still a highly stigmatized and which any of us may have contracted. Imagine if all my friends, enemies, neighbors, colleges, church members, enemies and complete strangers could walk into the registry and have a copy of the death certificate, which could well give those busy bodies access to my most sensitive health information.

    In any event when I first started doing genealogical research I learned that Barbados issues two different death certificates. One is a fact of death which documents that the named person has died and which includes age, last address etc. A cause of death certificate can also be issued on request, which is how I found out that stories I had been told about one grandmother’s poor appetite and refusal to eat were based on her adult children’s observed reality. In the late 50’s anorexia was recorded as the cause of death. Me? If I get even slightly sick I lose my appetite, not hungry, no interest at all in food, so I have told my children not to worry and no force feeding please, because when I don’t feel hungry I am not suffering. I feel fine.

  50. For those who wasted ALL THOSE YEARS ON BU contributing WORTHLESS SHIT.. ya not only look “appallingly ignorant”…..but also appalling STUPID…🤣🤣😂😂😂…yall got a FREE BLOG to contribute to make A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE…and what did ya do…..post stupid shit YEAR AFTER YEAR AFTER YEAR….and that’s only when ya ain’t TIEFING other people’s posts and pretending it’s ya own..

    and as for the fowl Slaves….wuhloss…..lawd…..

  51. Even the UK has some restrictions on who may access birth and perhaps other certificates

    “There are many ways to obtain a copy of a UK (British) birth certificate, whether you need this as a replacement for a lost certificate, or to further ancestral or genealogical research. Under UK law, anyone can apply for a copy certificate as they have been classified as ‘Public Records’. The only RESTRICTION is that under Identity Fraud legislation you must know the full details of the person (including full date of birth and parents names) for any birth that occurred within the past 50 years.”
    Source: https://www.vitalcertificates.co.uk/how-do-i-get-a-birth-certificate.html

  52. Silly Woman,

    The reason I “ran away” for months was a problem with the telephone line. A lighting bolt knocked it out. The phone company was in the middle of changing over to fiber optics and they took forever to set up a port. Then they filled up the port with new connections and had to create another one for me. After the problem was solved I found that I did not miss BU.

    But yes, from time to time I will take breaks from your toxicity and the toxicity of others. Who wants to deal with your mental problems every day?????

    Problems for David????? DON’T sue David.! I hereby give him permission to disclose my name if necessary. I live in St. Philip. You may sue ME!

  53. Murdaaah! About twenty- five years ago, Donna, in her capacity as Youth Leader, choreographed a dance to a Bob Marley medley. If I recall, it began with an extract from Redemption song – “Emancipate yourself from MENTAL SLAVERY, none but ourselves can free our minds” and ended with an extract from One love.

    Donna has in her possession poetry and monologues THAT SHE WROTE, some of which were performed at Frank Collymore Hall in the presence of a full audience.

    Donna has numerous witnesses who can attest to the fact that her thinking on the contested matter was developed long before BU came into existence.

    The lawsuit should be great fun.

    For ME!

  54. My ‘last will and testament’s
    We all make contributions in our own ways. Allow me to cite a few examples.

    I have taken pokes at ac, Hal, John and others but in my heart, I know they often make excellent contributions.

    I have made negative comments about cuhdear, but lately her contributions have all been graded A- or higher.

    Artax is always excellent.
    Donna is always solid.
    Waru has areas where she is unequalled.
    Even my BFF, Lorenzo, is doing a fine task defending his hero.

    555 has some strange and at times very expressions. Wonders if he/she was a philosophy major or is deeply religious.

    One ‘nut’ has me drinking tonic water (that cannot be refuted).

    My point, we all bring something to the table. Forget the personal battles.

  55. Stop straddling the fence before you damage your balls!

    The woman is crazy and a liar! I have been posting on these matters since
    I came to BU. The archives are there. I have no idea where all of these ideas came from but some of them would have slipped in through books, documentaries, lectures, poetry and songs and finally, my own observations and analysis.

    NOTHING WURA has posted is original!


    We have been here before with Hal Austin. You have a tendency to lag behind.

  56. “Stop straddling the fence before you damage your balls!”

    Alas, balls were removed about 20 years ago.

    Woke up one morning, realized they were gone and all I could muster was WTH.
    From the bedroom I heard a voice saying STFU.
    At least I know where they are.😃

  57. Good one!

    Do not expect me to make peace with someone who has accused me of shit!

    You have read what she said about me. If you share her opinion then say so. If you think it untrue then at least get the hell outta my way!

    You will discover that I am no slouch in the ball collecting department. When I played “cricket” for Soc Sci I was the wicketkeeper.

  58. theo

    re One ‘nut’ has me drinking tonic water (that cannot be refuted).




  59. @ Donna February 27, 2021 1:02 PM
    “Gawblummah! Lucky we are in cyberspace because I doubt you could keep me off her lying ass in person!”

    Oh dear!

    Is that you, Ms Prim & Proper Lady Donna?

    That sweet-sounding ‘exclamation’- which had to have awaken any goddess from her serenity in the Land of Nod- now makes you a full-bred Bajan.

    Now there is No more need for you to claim citizenship by de(s)cent.

    It’s a well known cultural fact that Bajans have the sweetest mouths when it comes to the use of a variegation of colourful colloquial expressions aka cussing to make their pent-up feelings absolutely clear.

    We note, from your own admission, that you have done a lot in the area of writing for a Bajan audience.

    So why not try your hand at compiling a dictionary or compendium of Bajan ‘off-coloured’ expressions similar to what has been done with “Bajan Proverbs” to reflect that uniqueness of the Bajan brand of literary excellence which is an admixture of Celtic swear words smoothened on the Blarney stone and delivered with the effervescence of West African colourful gaiety?

    We are sure there are many on this blog (like Hal Asstin, given his [Back] Ivy league colourful upbringing) who would be more than eager to lend a helping hand.

  60. Don’t mind Donna..she knows exactly what she did, am not the only one who has been watching her…and if she thinks am someone she can fcuk with in person…her shock will be everlasting..

  61. “So why not try your hand at compiling a dictionary or compendium of Bajan ‘off-coloured’ expressions similar to what has been done with “Bajan Proverbs” to reflect that uniqueness of the Bajan brand of literary excellence which is an admixture of Celtic swear words smoothened on the Blarney stone and delivered with the effervescence of West African colourful gaiety?”

    yeah…why don’t she, instead of tiefing my shit, pretending it’s hers and then attacking me…goddamn mad woman….

  62. Miller,

    My grandfather was a fisherman. I have dual identity.

    Haven’t written for years now! The inspiration dried up. Besides, what you suggest has already been done. No need for me to redo it.

    We have several excellent writers in.Barbados.

  63. “Michael Pemberton.”

    can he tell anyone where the 60 million US in NIS funds is…

    does he groom young black boys.?

    these are the trash black governments elevate above Black people, with Black people’s money….low class nobodies..

  64. Get my name from David and sue me, you madass lying bitch!

    You have said NOTHING that is original. Neither have I really. It has ALL been said and written before.

    You come here every damn day to prove your superiority, when all you are is a pathetic pretender.

    Do wuh uh tell yuh! Sue me!

    David’s archives are intact!

  65. “WURA may be extreme and annoying and unwilling to admit mistakes but her main point is valid and she does a good job dispelling historical misperceptions. ”

    Can you imagine that this opinion that I expressed unleashed this crazy tirade?

    Look piss off, bitch! You really think your mad ass could scare me????

    Come test me, nuh!

    But this is enough of my day spent on you.

    Take the stage!

  66. I don’t need any praise or credit from you asshole…

    i don’t need my ego massaging…i did not come on a blog to pretend..there was something for me to do and that’s what am doing…..

    yall got short memories…i will catch you again..

    if you are on the blog so long….why have you ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING…

    i would be ashamed….it took me 8 YEARS to make a difference…….what did you do, except pretend..

  67. I tested you and YOU ARE FOUND WANTING….ya don’t have shit to offer…..sorry, except to be in EVERYONE’S SEX LIFE…their personal business….like a goddamn fly.

  68. But I have another idea. Submit a piece to David. Post the ideas you say I have stolen next to my “plaigarised” posts. Very easy to cut and paste.

    Let us all see them!

    That would be good evidence for the lawsuit.


    I gone. My house needs cleaning and my garden needs wetting.

  69. @ DonnaFebruary 27, 2021 3:07 PM
    “Haven’t written for years now! The inspiration dried up. Besides, what you suggest has already been done. No need for me to redo it.”

    We would certainly like to get a copy of such a publication so as to compare notes with our own Pachamama and to retrain the parrots in Parliament.

    Such a publication would worth more in literary value than the Dead Sea Scrolls.

    Which printing house in Bim would be that risqué as to print Bajan cuss words as a project for public consumption?
    For it would certainly be accused of corrupting and usurping the genteel moral air of Bajan hypocrisy; and, like the ‘in-plain-sight’ widespread Bajan poverty, should be hidden away from inquisitive eyes.

    The laws in Bim are rather archaic in some futile attempt to curtail the natural propensity of Bajans to use colourful expressions even over the airwaves or on the tele as is common as muck in their Mother country.

    Even using a few “Gawblummahs” (to use one of your favourites) in the earshot of a police officer looking for stripes can land you before a magistrate faster than a monkey can smoke a spliff.

  70. yeah…..contribute something worthwhile for a change, there can’t be TOO MANY WRITERS etc…

    i am on my SECOND BOOK…..just finished my first…publishing later this year….am sure if all goes well by 2023 i will have a THIRD manuscript..

    why have a free blog filled with information and just wasting time..of course i have other places to get info including the continent……and i did not need to copy not one comment from anyone else or use any of their comments to make a post….i have more than Enuff of my OWN comments on BU and ELSEWHERE to use…that’s what 8 years will do…if you have more than 10 years on BU and can’t use any of our own comments….WHAT’S THE POINT…

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