Supporting Bobi Wine

I am wondering why the USA Black Lives Matter Movement has remained silent on the killing in Uganda. During your recent riots the whole world stood and solidarity including many on the African continent. Why the silence? Are the lifes of Africans on the continent of any lesser value?

Kammie Holder

The deafening silence coming from Comrades David Denny and David Commissiong and other local pan-Africanists advocates who rode the #blacklivesmatter protests for all the popularity it benefited a narrow agenda are now silent about events unfolding in Uganda. The loud dissenting voice in the person of Bobi Wine real name Robert Kyagulany and his house arrest after the recent election in that country should have triggered an immediate outcry from so-called local and regional Pan Africanists based in democracies like Barbados with a strong African ancestry. Sadly one must conclude that unless the US and UK have reason to protest injustice there is little traction to be had.

Barbados Underground quotes the indefatigable social and environmental commentator Kammie Holder on the silence of our people to what is unfolding in Uganda:

Unfortunately, it would appear the fake protestors are either just not interested or do not understand what they marched for.

It is deliberate the blogmaster decided to focus on political events unfolding in Uganda at this time and not the inauguration of Joe Biden in the US. There is the hope that although our geopolitical influence is limited, we should protest in the loudest way possible given our lineage and the fact we must always try to live vicariously through Africans.

Prime Minister Mia Mottley should not hesitate to use her global platform to lend a voice to the injustice being meted out to Bobi Wine. The irony for Blacks everywhere should be that an attempt by US Ambassador Natalie E. Brown to check on the well-being of Bobi Vine was refused by the Ugandan military.

In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

Dr. Martin Luther King

The blogmaster extends gratitude to Kammie Holder for highlighting this matter and for calling out the Dennys and Commisiongs charged with showing leadership in matters related to Pan African affairs.


  • “Martin Luther King Jr said this in the context of many Americans not standing up against discrimination of black people and their civil rights. If there was social media in the 60s MLK would have got a lot of ‘likes’ and there may have not been a march on Washington? In normal life, we don’t care or listen to what our enemies say, but we know when our friends aren’t saying anything.

    Telling people what they want to hear instead of what they need to hear does not improve any situation. But this is what happens in government, in companies, in board rooms and in families. Because the truth hurts. Being open, upfront and honest may not be really good in all situations. For example, when you see your neighbour or office colleague, you wouldn’t want to say “you really look ugly today.” But when companies or politicians or regulators do something bad why is it that no one will ever comment. Even worse is we criticize the ones who talk out by saying “they’re jobless or mad!”

    If subordinates or even colleagues speak honestly instead of saying what the boss wants to hear, governance can be improved, misunderstandings can be reduced to achieve better performance. In corporate situations people who know enough keep their mouths shut, to avoid confronting their boss or ‘friend’. They also think that they’re being supportive and don’t want to rock the boat. The boss is happy that everybody agrees with him, but does not notice the lower performance or lowering motivational levels.

    It will take a good leader to differentiate the words of enemies and friends. To know that our friends who know enough are keeping their mouths shut, or enemies speculating because they don’t know enough to keep theirs shut is a skill many won’t have. The leaders who are humble and well grounded will not be affected, as they don’t encourage friends to be silent, nor do they look for false praise.

    I’ve been to developed countries and seen consumers demand the promised quality or service from the suppliers and they get what they demand. In Sri Lanka, rarely do consumers demand and rarely do they succeed in receiving what was promised. This is due to the lethargic law & order situation and indifference inculcated into our people over the last few years where businesses without ethics are promoted. Bribery & corruption has been the King, not the customer. There will be many friends who will silently say ‘that’s life in banana republic.’ If we can get many to revolt and demand, that will become the norm and not indifference”


  • psuedo panafricanists who don’t know the meaning of what it means to be a real panafrican and cannot open their mouths to support Black human rights, even more telling is Mia could not open her mouth about the killing of George Floyd in US, she called the protests a trend, wonder how that trend is working out for her now.

    .. she can’t open her mouth about the civil rights icon MLK on his special day either…..all of them are an impediment to black liberation free from racism, apartheid and economic bondage…they’re a disgrace to the African family…and will be excluded from any interactions going forward…because injustices, human rights violations and racism still rule the tiny island with the black faces as the instigators….too sellout …too greedy, they should be isolated and kept far away from Black people or any small island power.

    “Message from Leaders of the Caribbean:

    Denzil Llewellyn Douglas remembered Martin’s words, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

    Jamaican Prime Minister wrote, “Today is remembered as Martin Luther King Jr Day. His advocacy for equality through peaceful protests earned him tremendous praise and admiration. On this day, his legacy remains strong; the world will remember him as one of the most vocal champions in the struggle for black rights and freedoms and as a man of great intellect and wisdom.”

    Saint Lucia’s Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet stated, “As the world celebrates Martin Luther King Jr Day, I came across a clip of one of his many speeches which have inspired so many across the world. Though this one is short, I hope that the message resonates with you as much as it has with me.”


  • have EVER seen a BLACK MAGISTRATE speak on the human rights of a BLACK BARBADIAN when they are breeched by Govt. officials, although they are trampled ON routinely in Barbados?????


    As if we need to be reminded which race is MOST IMPORTANT IN BARBADOS?????

    “”Chief magistrate raps prison””


  • @Carson Cadogan, not so as the police where chastised only last week for inequality in access to bail.

    No objection was given to an application for a man who ran through a house armed with a gun but prosecutor sought to object to bail in another case where a ZR driver was charged for not wearing a mask.

    The worst evil is always done by those of your own race who are gazetted with transient powers.

    @Wura, interesting and pertinent obsevation. I guess you would agree most humans are self serving and the few who are different are considered to be weird.


  • before criticising blacks for not being black when they were born black because their black mummy made them black
    people should publicise the case for outrage with more information which people can digest and choose their position on the matter in hand

    black is a common denominator in Uganda which can be taken out of the argument when it is about black corruption in Government office against black citizens who are members of parliament, unless black is used in the derogatory sense of the word like black heart meaning evil and wicked

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  • sorry I meant to do Bobbi’s whole profile


  • “@Wura, interesting and pertinent obsevation. I guess you would agree most humans are self serving and the few who are different are considered to be weird.”

    social engineering in its most masterful introduction….same topic ongoing on another forum.


  • @ Kammie, @ WURA
    Have you heard the pan afircanists on the 300 million to the hoteliers; have you heard them on the abuse of black workers rights in Barbados; have you heard them when Mia said we should behave”good” for outsiders; have you heard them on any missteps this government has made. They made a conscious decision to sing in Mia’s(BLPDLP) choir and thats the problem. Running with the hare and hunting with the hound.


  • It is interesting when BU post blogs highlighting issues related to Blacks. Very interesting. We are a strange people, Black people or are we.


  • “They made a conscious decision to sing in Mia’s(BLPDLP) choir and thats the problem. Running with the hare and hunting with the hound.”

    their interests lie only in receiving a fat paycheck preferably at Black people’s expense…when that is threatened they revert to being loud mouth pretend psuedo panafricanists….as long as the money is running into their pockets, they’re at a lost for words…. it’s a pattern with those tainted frauds…let’s see what happens sans diversification of the economy when ALL THE MONEY DRIES UP;…..🤣🤣😂


  • There are BLACK PEOPLE sitting in Dodds jail who should not be there. But you don’t hear the BLACK MAGISTRATES saying anything on their behalf.

    They are only BLACK BARBADIANS , so who cares!!!!!



  • Does anyone care to make contact with the thesis of the blog posted or must we fit everything into old perspectives.


  • The De facto PRIME MINISTER who never faced the electorate in Barbados or nor ever mounted a political platform in his own defence is now again telling what to do.

    We all know that he is running the country from the comfort of hisown private office. We await the response of the of the elected PRIME MINISTER by 30 -0. She dare not disobey him.


  • We all know what the elected prime minister will do. We have seen it WITH OUR OPENED BORDERS.

    So we know that she will adhere to what the de facto PRIME MINISTER says.


  • RE Does anyone care to make contact with the thesis of the blog posted or must we fit everything into old perspectives.


  • Don’t know what it is with leaders, both black and other, when they taste power, they refuse to give it up, this dude is obviously stumbling around with one foot in the grave, has been at the helm for over 3 decades, yet he don’t want to move aside and make way for a younger generation to do better…it keeps getting uglier this need to do and say anything to retain a power that he and they have to leave behind one way or the other…don’t mind him showing he could do pushups on a mat, probably only because a woman on FB called him an old colonial dude..

    why must they try to hold on to power at all means necessary to the detriment of people and country…can’t stand that lowcrawling, must be on top mentality, even when they’re abject failures at everything they touch..they lie, deceive, cheat and steal to remain at the seat of their eventual destruction……and can’t see it’s counterproductive to the growth and development of any nation and leaves countries in chaos.

    am liking politicians less and less daily, and never liked them at all to begin with.


  • GP…hope ya bid the power hungry Prince Donald farewell after his bloodlust..

    .we see you finally crawled out from hiding….


  • Kammie…why the likes of the descendant of the slave patrol in the fraudulent private sector.. is given any say in Black lives while still having access to black people’s money by the hundreds of millions of dollars…should get Mia thrown out on her ass next election…she has absolutely no respect for black people and what belongs to them period….he has no right defining who and who isn’t frontline workers and who should and should not get hazard pay……he’s out of line..why are they still allowed to make such decisions…it’s an affront…and very disrespectful and disturbing…people were angry whemn he believes he and only he can make decisions for workers.

    300 million dollars of THEIR MONEY could help them tremendously right now, but can’t in the hands of parasites..

    unfortunately if they’re any human rights lawyers on the island they have been deballed…can’t for the life of me remember any, Comissiong don’t count…


  • while dumb leaders squabble for power and are distracted, this is what the wicked of the earth are doing….interfering with that which they never put here and CAN NEVER RECREATE….not one power hungry wretch on the earth could do anything to help the people, if shit goes sideways…they’re not interested, all they want is power..

    …this is the reason for their interference they’re giving but when things go wrong then is when we’ll hear what the papaer gods really’s as close as they’ll ever come to being reals Gods…and they need to have loads of paper to do it..

    “Source: Forbes

    EDITORS’ PICK|Jan 11, 2021,08:43am EST|771,577 views
    A Bill Gates Venture Aims To Spray Dust Into The Atmosphere To Block The Sun. What Could Go Wrong?
    Ariel Cohen- Contributor
    I cover energy, security, Europe, Russia/Eurasia & the Middle East

    “Microsoft’s MSFT +0.1% billionaire founder Bill Gates is financially backing the development of sun-dimming technology that would potentially reflect sunlight out of Earth’s atmosphere, triggering a global cooling effect. The Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx), launched by Harvard University scientists, aims to examine this solution by spraying non-toxic calcium carbonate (CaCO3) dust into the atmosphere — a sun-reflecting aerosol that may offset the effects of global warming.

    Widespread research into the efficacy of solar geoengineering has been stalled for years due to controversy. Opponents believe such science comes with unpredictable risks, including extreme shifts in weather patterns not dissimilar to warming trends we are already witnessing. Environmentalists similarly fear that a dramatic shift in mitigation strategy will be treated as a green light to continue emitting greenhouse gases with little to no changes in current consumption and production patterns.

    SCoPEx will take a small step in its early research this June near the town of Kiruna, Sweden, where the Swedish Space Corporation has agreed to help launch a balloon carrying scientific equipment 12 miles (20 km) high. The launch will not release any stratospheric aerosols. Rather, it will serve as a test to maneuver the balloon and examine communications and operational systems. If successful, this could be a step towards a second experimental stage that would release a small amount of CaCO3 dust into the atmosphere.”


  • “Does anyone care to make contact with the thesis of the blog posted or must we fit everything into old perspectives.”

    Perhaps the word “black” and “white” are triggers to act the fool


  • Also noticed that the HONORARY WHITE who is the head of the BWU has nothing to say. The HONORARY WHITE of the NUPW LEADERSHIP dare not say anything either.

    They are afraid to mash WHITE BAJAN corns.

    Well, well, well, he is deciding who is a front linen worker.

    I never heard such nonsense. A member of the 3% of the Barbados population. The WHITE BAJANS AND INDIANS.


  • Black people in Barbados and around the Caribbean must take a stance for theirs and their family’s survival. Keep your money out of the thieving hands of others and severely punish toxic sellout leaders who live to give it away to everyone except you.

    “For those who celebrated MLK yesterday, please remember that MLK urged us to ‘Bank Black’.

    There are 32 million Black adults in America over the age of 18. OneUnited Bank is the largest Black-owned bank with only 100,000 customers.

    If just one-third (33%) of the 32 million Black adults in America transfers their money to a Black-owned bank or credit union, we will change the game overnight!

    To be clear, if 10 million Black people simply set up an account with a Black-owned bank or credit union with a $100 deposit by the end of January, we will literally redirect 1 billion dollars into our community!

    Regardless of what some believe, Black America has tremendous economic power. We have to realize our power and know how to use it to our benefit!

    List of Black-owned Banks & Credit Unions:”


  • They dont want to pay HAZARD PAY but they can pay two men in a one door office in the UK $54millon for a job that is finish to this day


  • Small island joke leaders still believe this is a game to outplay their own people and deny them their birthright.

    .Kammie..hope you are staying on top of what is unfolding on the Continent otherwise, there is even more, but all can’t be posted just yet, as long as you connect you will have access to the info an African with matching rights.

    Look how Antigua ended up getting the contract to host a Diasporan Bank….very few jurisdications could’ve been trusted not to be corrupt with money that does not belong to them and these people already heard about the minority thieves sitting on the various bank boards on the island where people’s bank accounts disappear into thin air, so Barbados was and will never be an option to include in anything where Black/African rights are STILL NOT BEING OBSERVED…and they’ve over decades positioned themselves to lose even more opportunities, got to ask the sellouts, was it worth it for a few thieving racist minorities..

    told yall, ya leaders will be cut out of anything to do with the ascension of Black people going forward…..leaders are too dangerous and sellout.


  • FEEL the POWER….Abibitumi!!!


  • When is the Barbados Labour Party Govt. going to be a REAL GOVT. who was voted in 30 – 0 by largely BLACK BARBADIANS and close our borders and probably save lives?????

    They must learn to be not afraid of the de facto PRIME MINISTER.


  • Uganda election: Falana drags Museveni to UN over Bobi Wine’s detention

    Nigerian human rights lawyer, Mr. Femi Falana (SAN), has filed a complaint at the United Nations against Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni, for illegally detaining his main opponent in the recently concluded Presidential election, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

    Falana said in a statement on Tuesday that Bobi Wine had been denied access to his lawyers in a bid to prevent him from filing a petition against the declaration of Museveni as the winner of the highly flawed Presidential election.
    We have submitted a complaint against the government of Uganda to the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention concerning the detention of the detained couple,” Falana said.

    The complaint by Falana, which was attached to the statement, read in part, “Mr. Wine and his wife are being illegally detained for days without any criminal charges preferred against him. He has also been denied adequate supply of food by hundreds of Uganda military forces and policemen who have laid siege to his house for the umpteenth time since the election day.



  • I can’t stand the nasty demeanor of that private sector fraud on the island, it screams “we got black slaves and we ain’t letting them go”…another piece of shit who needs to be dragged up before a world court on human rights abuses right along with the black face instigators.


    Simon Petrus created a phone that works with radio frequencies, no sim card nor airtime credit required. Calls can be made to anyone, anywhere, without interruptions, as long as they are done in an area with radiofrequency.”

    never stifle Black/African creativity, the small time leaders and their racist partners who have been doing so in the Caribbean for over 50 years should be imprisoned.


  • It’s ugly and disrespectful the way leaders in small islands, with small island power have stagnated 2 generations of young inventors and creates to promote nowhereism…and white/minority trash…you will be exposed for years to come for keeping the young at the bottom as fodder for ya shite prison…you traitors and sellouts will pay.

    “Indeed Namibia is currently boasting a good number of young innovators and a variety of revolutionary projects. In 2015, a Namibian student, Gerson Mangundu, developed the country’s social network site – Namhook. In 2014, Josua Nghaamwa built a satellite booster with scraps to enhance internet connectivity in the rural areas of Namibia where there are weak signals.

    Also, at Abraham Iyambo Senior Secondary School, where Simon Petrus is a student, a young lady, Adreheid Hamutumwa made a bath soap with indigenous plant roots and animal fat. Her invention won third place at the regional level of the NamPower competition for innovators in 2016.”


  • I have not seen Angels Cox lately. Has the blog master deleted all her comments ON THE BEHALF of the WHITE BAJANS AND INDIANS?????


  • @ Carson

    I was saying the same about you. Are you being censored? I am still waiting for the president to express a view on the brutal Museveni and the savage murders in Nigeria.
    Are these the countries we want to link up with. What about Commissiong? Has he anything to say?


  • Am so proud of Kootchie Koo.


  • It’s ugly and disrespectful the way leaders in small islands, with small island power have stagnated 2 generations of young inventors and CREATIVES to promote nowhereism…and white/minority trash


  • Hal

    Do you remember MIA was linked to a Wealthy Nigerian????

    Commissiong is now being paid a huge salary by his cousin MIA AMOR MOTTLEY so he is out of the game. All he wanted was a big paycheck..


  • REGIONAL: PM declares holidays; rejects lockdown measures again

    OURCE: CMC – Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves on Monday again rejected the imposition of curfews, a state of emergency, and outright lockdown measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    But this is how a sensible Govt. operates that have their population lives at Heart.


  • Do not post Covid items on this topic. Are you illiterate or something?


  • RE Do not post Covid items on this topic. Are you illiterate or something?


  • Wow someone is really upset .


  • My sister is married to a Ugandan and thus I have many close friends and nieces who are connected to Uganda. The silence of the black Caribbean countries is very disturbing. Are these not the same who went to the street in support of Black Lives Matter USA. Oh, how the inferiority complex runs through my sisters and brothers veins, its a shame.


    President YKT Museveni has warned sections of the global media, specifically citing the example of BBC and Al-Jazeera, not to take his silence for weakness. Gen Tibuhaburwa wonders why the two very influential global media channels (BBC & Al-Jazeera) are over concentrating on Uganda, and more so the Kyagulanyi story as if there are no other news-making events elsewhere on the planet.

    Whereas BBC, the public broadcaster for Uganda’s former colonial master Britain, has regularly been updating the Ugandan polling story following the disputed elections last Thursday, Al-Jazeera has equally been very persistent going as far as dedicating an entire episode for their very popular segment called “The Inside Story” where diaspora UPC’s very eloquent Joseph Ochieno appeared with two clearly very hateful panellists who bashed Gen Tibuhaburwa while calling him all sorts of names.

    There was no GoU representative on the very influential Al-Jazeera show during which Gen Tibuhaburwa was portrayed as a crude African despot seeking to die in office in a country where (they claimed) more than 80% of the citizens don’t like him anymore. One of the panellists, a Kenyan civil society lady, made this claim without the moderator standing up to her. Gen Tibuhaburwa, who has keenly been following all this malicious propaganda, warns that the two media channels’ excessive bias and blind love for his challenger Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu (of NUP) is going to cause them problems and discredit them for misreporting facts.

    Speaking to UBC journalists live from Rwakitura, Gen Tibuhaburwa was specifically very concerned that when they saw many Ugandans queuing up to vote last Thursday, the two media channels rushed to conclude this was indicative Kyagulanyi was headed for landslide victory because majority voters are youths amongst whom the man from Magere was portrayed as being very popular. Gen Tibuhaburwa, who was keenly following what foreign media was reporting about the Thursday, January 11th poll, says he beat both BBC and Al-Jazeera at their game when the last vote was counted portraying him to be winning way above Kyagulanyi’s mere 34%.

    He also wonders why the two channels, BBC and Al-Jazeera, continue to flatteringly portray Kyagulanyi as a young man in their reporting. This is how a clearly very disgusted Gen Tibuhaburwa made his case: “Now this BBC and the Arabic channel called Al Jazeera. They are problematic. They were reporting that there is high youth turn up which could favour Bobi Wine. That was being shallow. They are not serious. It’s indiscipline. Why do you come into our affairs? Why do you have a barbarian culture of buyayeism [implying extortionist way of reporting]? They are confusing biology and ideology. Bobi Wine isn’t young. At 40 and you still call yourself young? Unless you are stunted. At 38 years you can’t call yourself youth anymore. Those aged between 16 and 25 can be called young but at 38 you are a man.”


    But reading from William Pike’s Book, the British freelance journalist (who dedicatedly used his youthful journalism practice to globally publicize the cause for the NRA war against Obote II administration), one gets to see a Gen Tibuhaburwa whose perspective has significantly evolved and changed over the years. In his 294-page narrative (titled Combatants: A Memoir of the bush war and the press in Uganda), Pike details how an excited Gen Tibuhaburwa and his other guerillas always tuned into BBC Focus on Africa every evening anxiously waiting to have a series of stories (he prepared to publicize their war) aired on the World Service.

    Pike writes about a Museveni who generously availed himself to be interviewed so as to get the BBC and other western media outlets have his anti-Obote II story communicated to the world. The veteran Ugandan leader now calls all such publicity, this time in favor of Kyagulanyi while exposing his excesses, imperialism and foreign interference into affairs of a sovereign country.

    Grateful for the publicity services Pike coordinated, the same Gen Tibuhaburwa subsequently rewarded the very enterprising scribe from Ireland with the lucrative job of being the founding Managing Editor of what became Vision Group. Ironically, the same Gen Tibuhaburwa now wishes to have those foreign journalists trying to do for Kyagulanyi what Pike did for him 40 years ago hanged for their “imperialistic interference” into the sovereign affairs of a country called Uganda. (For comments on this story, call, text or WhatsApp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at


  • Mseveni and Kagame are in cahoots with Western countries and multinational corporations in an ongoing conspiracy to rape Congo of its wealth. Congo, arguably the richest landmass per population on earth is being kept destabilized, a socalled failed state, as it is robbed left, right and centre.

    Militarily occupied by Ugandan and Rawandan forces and mercenary soldiers with diverse and often opposing interests more than 10 million people have been killed in the last 30 years to separate the people from the resources under their feet.

    Sovereign territories of Congo are de facto cpntrolled by intelligence agencies of Atlanticist countries.

    As a result both Mseveni and Kagame can do whatever they want to stay in power under the personal military protection of these Western governments.


  • There is a big difference between the anti-racism protests around the world earlier in the year and the situation in Uganda. In Uganda, this is a struggle between political parties over which one is supposed to be in power and which one “won the election”. As can be seen from around the world, the rotten system of ‘representative democracy’ is becoming more and more discredited by the day. Hardly an election passes without plungiing the country into instability and uncertainty and without the losing party denouncing the election results as a fraud. As Pan-Africanist, I would only take a stand on the isssue if I felt it would make a positive difference to the lives of ordinary African people. I have no interest in jumping up and down to support one band of neo-colonial thieves over another.

    On another issue, since we’re talking abut the human rights of African people, isn’t it time we discuss the Jamaican man that was imprisoned in Barbados for 6 months for leaving Covid quarantine to buy a drink and something to eat and who had two negative covid tests while the two rich English tourists that took off their arm bands after testing positive and fled to the airport didn’t spend one day in Dodds? Given the state of human rights for Africans right here in Barbados, maybe we should try to sort that out first before lecturing others on human rights.


  • @Tee White, you can start your own post for the man who skipped quarantine for the Fanta wrappers everyone thought was Fanta the drink.
    Black Lives Matter everywhere and don`t we have racism in Barbados? Thus, why seek to discourage me from raising my concerns about Uganda?

    What is of concern to you may not be to me and vice versa. If you feel so strongly about an issue start the narrative.

    @David, here is further evidence of vote stuffing


  • Tee White must appreciate that the reason Blacks find themselves disadvantaged in the pecking order is that we (Blacks) do not appreciate the importance of all for one and one for all mentality.


  • @David
    I most certainly believe in all for one and one for all but that has nothing to do with my comment that I won’t get involved in these struggles for power between neo-colonial political parites, all of which serve the interests of our enemies while trying to get us lined up against one another. From the PNP/JLP wars in Jamaica to the the recent situation in Guyana between the PPP and PNC, I don’t see any value in those for ordinary people. So I don’t get involved in them and I don’t promote one side over the other.


  • @Kammie
    I’m not trying to prevent you from raising anything you want to raise but I found your criticism of Pan-Africanists for not taking up this issue to be unjustified. Hence my reaction. I did try to raise the issue about the imprisoned Jamaican for discussion but this didn’t work out

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  • re here is further evidence of vote stuffing




  • @Tee White, disclose your hand if you are a Pan Africanist. I posit violence against any person anywhere is wrong. In the US IT WAS THE POLICE USING BLACKS AS TARGET PRACTICE. In Uganda is an old despot killing his own people and Bobi and I connect so I do have a bias. So declare your hand for the Pan Africanist seem to ignore the plight of their own in Africa but would die for the Yankee blacks,

    Not a whimper from the Black Lives Matter in Barbados or USA. Only tonite a senior ranking member of the US Senate Foreign Affairs Committee issued a very strong statement. Over to you and why the silence.




  • @Kammie
    I declare my hand openly. I am a Pan-Africanist. But how does that change anything? I notice that the American government is making an issue of Bobbi Wine. That’s sign enough for me that he’s aligned with their interest. And if he’s aligned with their interests, he’s aligned against African interests. The Anglo-American tyrants are old hands at this game. They use Museveni for as long as it suits them and when they’re ready, replace him with Bobbi Wine so they can continue to exploit and oppress the people in Uganda. We’ve been here before and they can’t pull that trick on me.


  • How come they won’t allow him to get food for the toddler but they allow him access to the internet so he can tweet about it?

    Of course, it could be that the leader wants people to be aware and afraid but it is certain to turn the world against him.

    Besides, there comes a point in time when people become too desperate to be afraid.

    Just wondering.

    By the way, BLM focusses on the evils of white supremacy, I think. Does this have anything to do with that? This is a different fight.


  • @Donna

    The #blm is about injustice against Black people. How is it possible to compartmentalize to fight injustice against Blacks in silos?


  • The blog master continues to delete posts and engage in censorship on the behalf of his Barbados Labour Party Govt. anything that is patently true but not favourable to his ruling Barbados Labour Party party gets taken down.

    This is same blog master who was vicious in his comments against the DLP administration in the run up to the 2018 general elections. Who allowed any and all things to be be posted against the DLP administration. As a matter of fact comment on the one one had to say something nice about the BLP or something nasty about the DLP.

    This is the same blog master who is critical against the main stream media for not publishing certain articles against the DLP. In his opinion one law for the Medes and another for the Persians.

    If you want the TRUTH one must tune to the social media. This is the only outlets that are free of Barbados Labour Party Govt. censorship.


    What is the difference between what is he is doing and what is happening to Bobby Wine???? He should be ashamed putting up a\n article like this when he is no different.


  • The peanut gallery love to moan and groan and whine and grine with their own lyrics sung along to every riddim and genre. It seems like everyone has their own opinion and everyones wants to rule in dominion and lead the nation with version excursion.
    But, we have heard it all before. It’s the same song.

    Let the prophets and Children of God the real blessed musicians and singers of instruments be heard to do God’s work


  • MIA AMOR MOTTLEY and the Barbados Labour Party can continue to utilise the cyber troops in this million dollar industry to defeat the interests of Democracy.


  • “MIA AMOR MOTTLEY and the Barbados Labour Party can continue to utilise the cyber troops in this million dollar industry to defeat the interests of Democracy.”

    Winning power 30-0 with 70% of popular vote was a sign that the opposition was full on useless worthless and incompetent.

    You claim black faces voted for her, but you did not.

    Bobbi Wine held under house arrest is unrelated to your agenda in little a dot on the world map that is made bigger on the tea towels knick knacks for tourists so it can be seen.

    Pause for the cause

    Free Up Bobbi Wine in this time


  • David,

    Not compartmentalising but focussing. If one scatters one’s attention all over the place one achieves nothing. Black on black oppression must be tackled but by different groups and different methods. It is a different problem altogether.


  • @Donna

    Understand your thinking about the issue even if the blogmaster does not agree.


  • I concur with Donna (but not UK Donna)

    and no one has to tell you what you are fighting for when the lion is your shoulders and the wolf is at the door
    no one has to tell you it is better to be free when they lock you in the dungeon and throw away the key

    now I am not the prophet I am not a prophets son we must speak of deeper things until the prophet comes
    golden days will disappear nightmares will increase if you glorify the men of war and slay the men of peace


  • Here we go again wanting to discount what is important to an individual.

    Chinese exploit Uighurs and we take their financial trap loans while turning a blind eye.

    Blacks are slaughted by their own in Africa and we turn a blind eye.

    Bajan yutes knife and shoot each and BLM Barbados and ova in away remain silent.

    Perhaps only whena time Black Lives Matter is when they are slaugthered in de land of free the mighty USA.

    Venezuela and Brazil blacks get slaughtered and we ignore the evil eating our cornflake quenched by brew of non fair trade coffee.

    Maduro threatens to take over the Esequibo from Guyana and I wonder if the Pan Africanist/ Communist will turn a blind eye.

    @Tee White, am I correct to assume you are saying #BobiWine should not talk to the USA and since he has the masses of Uganda should suffer at the hands of the silly old despot #Museveni. If you have two enemies would you not choose the least wicked to save yourself.

    I will suggest to Bobi Wine and his team to choose China whose Huawei software is used to tap his phone thanks to the #Museveni Chinese friends. Better yet I will recommend Maduro who within the last 48 hours has threatened to use his millitary might to invade Guyana….we are not talking about the illegal Grenada or Iraqi invasion.

    I posit again its my biased and humble opinion it seems many posters view the life value of the Africans in Uganda of lesser value than the Afro American.. Bajans showing again they want nothing to identify with Africans.

    Oh was it not Bajans who rushed to help flood victims in the rich USA 5 years ago? Asking for a friend as Mali just had massive flooding.


  • The Blog master is a hypocrite big time.

    He wants every one to believe that the entire population is behind the wrong headed policies his Barbados Labour Party. The Barbados Labour Party Govt. is doing a piss poor job of managing this National crisis we are facing at the moment , but he is busy deleting comments that are pointing out their misdeeds. He is taking it up himself to censor every comment and allowing only yardfowls of the Barbados Labour Party comments to go thru He is killing free speech in Barbados and doing it with relish. Much to the delight of other Barbados Labour Party lackeys. Democracy is under threat under this Govt. and people like the Blog master.

    Say good about the Barbados Labour Party or you will say nothing at all. Am I the only seeing the danger in this????He didn’t exercise such editorial control when the other Administration was in office prior to May 2018. These people like him are an affront to BLACK PEOPLES rights. They are minions in the service of those who don’t look like us and are bent on keeping them down.

    What is the difference between what the UGANDAN GOVT. is doing to Bobby Wine and what the blog master is doing over here?????

    I do not know what is the meaning of him writing about Bobby Wine while he is fronting for MIA AMOR MOTTLEY and the Barbados Labour Party in Barbados and doing the same thing.

    It all the same, CENCOERSHIP of the highest ORDER, and using state resources against anyone who dares to offer a contrary opinion even though they see the mishandling of Govt. by the Barbados Labour Party.

    He is of the opinion that every one should sign out the Barbados Labour Party Govt hymn book. Or we will shut you down. How is this different from what is happening to Bobby Wine.


  • @ Carson

    Is BU a vehicle for some other agency? That is why the principle of free speech does not go down well with tyrants. If you do not share their views they want you executed.


  • @ David BU

    I have to applaud and empathise with you at the same time, for being able to tolerate a regurgitation of the same shiite, ‘packaged’ differently, on a daily basis.

    Surely your tolerance level and patience far exceed that of Job.

    If one considers the manner in which ‘free speech’ is abused by hundreds of thousands of people, I’m sure if it was a human being and retaliated as a result, he/she would have already been charged and prosecuted by the International Criminal Court for crimes of genocide or aggression.


  • See what i say, “….. Much to the delight of other Barbados Labour Party lackeys.”.


  • Anyone with a contrary opinion, genocide should be committed against them or any one just like them. See the DANGEROUS WATERS this Barbados Labour Party Govt. and its minions are swimming in .

    Now we know why Bobby Wine is in trouble with the UGANDAN GOVT.

    Sing out of the Govt. hymn book like us or we will take any measures we deem fit including GENOCIDE.


  • Thine ignorance knoweth no boundaries.


  • @ Carson

    You are fighting a good fight. Don’t let the background noise get to you. What we have not yet heard is the case against free speech. There is also another distorted logic: if you are a patriotic then you must support the government; if you support the government, then you must support the BLP.
    Not to support the BLP means you are unpatriotic, therefore you are an enemy of the state, a traitor. Listen to the one-dimensional speech the president repeat day after day. The same dog whistles.


  • Where were those when we warned that Guyana’s newly found oil wealth, the non settled “Esiquebo” issue and America’s tensions with Venezuela combined could not have possibly avoided heightened militarism in a socalled zone of peace?


  • @Pacha

    Events in history recur like the proverbial recurring decimal. One does not have to be Nostradamus to make the prediction LOL


  • So say the enemy of free speech.

    Delete all comments that don’t gel with Barbados Labour Party disinformation.


  • @ Carson

    The sad thing is that some people get cheap thrills about be bombast and silly when mention is made of free speech, but the people who will suffer in the long run are ordinary people and future generations.
    A pity they cannot even debate the issues in a civil manner. Carp about shadows and real Bajans just about stretch his imagine.


  • You have been warned, next time you go to moderation.


  • question
    how can we love our “brothers”whom we canot see, or have never seen, when we dont love our brothers at our doorstep whom we can see?


  • What is the difference between going to “moderation” and deleting your comments????

    Enlighten my ignorance.


  • Hal

    The Barbados Labour Party it would seem are the only ones permitted to say the same thing over and over even though it is of no use to anyone.


  • David

    Yes. When will this general orientation factor into these predictable realities.

    It certainly was unhelpful for Caricom, and Mugabe in particular, to promote war in Guyana by interfering into the internal affairs of Georgetown, as agents of Washington.


  • To whom it may concerned Carson C Cadogan is in moderation.


  • @Pacha

    You may be a little extreme in your comment. The issue that unfolded in Guyana and simmering still is not a binary one to solve.


  • It is to whom……


    You have been punished. No free speech. No debate.


  • David

    Maybe you’ll reconsider when the bombs start going off!


  • Carson,

    Why not set up your own blog. As executive editor, David can choose what content should stay, or indeed, what he is not comfortable with from a legal standpoint, seeing as he is providing the outlet for discussion.

    So, easy, set up your own wordpress blog.

    Carson Daily Cxxx could work. Or DLP Supporter In Exile. Anything so.

    But aside from David’s editorial choices, you just write the same nonsense every day. Come with facts and stats man.

    As I said already, a number of you DLP hacks are on about the poor job, but not a man, save Artax, referenced my Jamaica comparison. His comment was a rational consideration.

    You realise that your comments on Covid are like John and Trump? Like a dog with a bone. Cyan leggo. And both of you harp about nonsense, with little substance, making it up as you go along. It would be fine if you actually presented a rational argument.

    Rhetoric only gets you so far. Now go drink a rum and shut up or put up.

    Jeez man.


  • Guyana was an accident by design. Design because of a paranoid British government in the 60’s, unwittingly created a toxic environment by not letting Cheddi Jagan win a free and fair election. The installation of the despot Burnham, created a situation rife to cause strife, over the following years.

    Then, Burnham turned on them. That is what happens when you juck yuhself where you should not be. Now the situation requires serious adjustment. I fear that Pacha has a handle on the direction that this is going.

    However, IF the politicians there could get their egos out of their asses for a minute, they would accept that the country can move on, with a focused approach to the betterment and development of all, including all races.

    Too much to hope for? Probably, as once some people get in a position of power, they get igrunt.


  • Crusoe

    We’ve long been of the view that Caribbean elites, and these must include David given his position, never cultivated a sensibility about warfarism. How countries play the long game to plunge other nations into war as a means of stealing their resources, keeping them poor. A warfarism which is not necessarily hot.

    But war by other means as well. Warfare agendas pretending to have diplomatic or democratic intentions when in truth and in fact we’re being used to materialize the corporate or national security or economic interests of others.

    To us this is one of the largest failings of our systems. Systems predicated on the misguided notion that there is some innate goodness within the forces we must confront as countries in this region, even when Western involvement in Guyana and the wider region has been a sorry tale for centuries.

    You have adumbrated the case of Guyana correctly. However, this will never be able to disabuse the Caribbean of an almost childish mentality relating to the intentions of the hegemon. We trust that the peoples of Venezuela and Guyana will not be ensnared in the geopolitical machinations of the Bully fron the North well-known for putting brother against brother to support a fiat currency and protect its oil companies’ interests.


  • @Pacha and Crusoe – it seems to the blogmaster simple way of thinking the Guyana experience and West Indian islands have a lot in common. Given our impoverished economic and other states, we keel at the mercy of the hegemonist which ever assume that role in time under discussion? Seems like a no win.


  • I’m still observing and absorbing what’s happening but am leaning towards the view that Bobbi Wine has integrity and wants to lead Uganda fairly to make it better. There are two issues 1. freeing Bobbi from house arrest and 2. challenging election.

    It is better to work with the system to challenge injustice as that is what it is designed for, but it can be a long battle which needs personal dedication and commitment.
    If the purpose of this thread is to build grass roots support for Bobbi in BBD then rational thinking and reasoning is the way to go, hyping up revolution to overthrow Government is not and can be self defeating.


  • @Kiki

    A noble posit BUT history exposes your view. Real change a never realized unless there is a fight of the knuckle fists variety.


  • Emphasis is on winning the battle intelligently following path of least resistance and not dying for a cause, life is for living

    To quote the Humble Lion / Earth Rocker / Aba Shanti I
    Just a word in your ears to alleviate any concerns that you may have regarding this website and ourselves.
    We are not any of the following:Bigots / Zealots / Fanatics / Weirdoes / Homophobics /
    Terrorists / Misogamists / False Prophets / Criminals / Subversives / Deviants or
    Disciples of The Anti-Christ.
    Neither are we trying to foster a Psuedo Religious cult / A Political Party or amassing an
    army to overthrow the elected governments of any country.
    ‘We are just people, and we believe in justice for all the people’.


  • Circling back to Donna’s position and the call by Kammie for the prime minister to lend her voice to the matter- would this help to build credibility with a narrative that we accept our lineage and the symbiosis that logically exist between Caribbean people and Africans?


  • Peaceful revolution occurs when 100s of 1000s are all saying the same thing.
    When Ethiopia was invaded by Italy’s fascist dictator Mussolini, Emperor Haile Selassie went to the League of Nations to be plead his case on record. Barbados has a voice in the United Nations.

    Haile Selassie
    June 1936
    “I, Haile Selassie I, Emperor of Ethiopia, am here today to claim that justice which is due to my people, and the assistance promised to it eight months ago, when fifty nations asserted that aggression had been committed in violation of international treaties.”


  • David

    The absence of war is not peace. However, compared to mindlessly putting ourselves on a path to war, of any type, is much preferred. The avoidance war is the best win which could be hoped for amongst nations.


  • 555,

    We are in total agreement. I am still trying to assess the characters involved as well.

    And it is also my belief that those who live by the sword will die by the sword. Bloody Revolution is the quick way to live and the quick way to die. Slow and steady takes much longer but it wins the race.

    I am not a great historian and so I speak under correction but I believe bloody revolution or revolution by force is a physical process that does not change minds. The slow way is the more permanent way that changes minds.

    For change to stick around minds must be changed. One must have the moral high ground or one is spinning top in mud.

    After your revolution there will soon be another revolution…. and then another….and another because once you capitulate to the concept that might is right….


  • @Kiki

    What models of success can you point to that can win minds in less than a 100 years.


  • “How countries play the long game to plunge other nations into war as a means of stealing their resources, keeping them poor.”

    that passes way above the heads of many because of indoctrination and the lost connection….to find that spirit again, one will have to reconnect but of their own volition. Join the groups that are already on code and focused. It takes a certain drive.


  • Pacha…i see you’re already there.


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