Gonsalves: Will He go or Will he Revolt

Submitted by Nathan Green

The upcoming elections in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, should they be a worry to all democratic countries in the Caribbean as well as the USA?

The question needs to be asked now and prepared for now, if Ralph Gonsalves loses the election, will he head a revolution to stay in power.

Peter Binose was an amazing guy when it came to looking into the future; everything he wrote was correct at the time, has come to pass, or is looming on the horizon of the future.

He wrote so much political expose that the Vincentian ULP government, and in particular Ralph Gonsalves called him an internet crazy, and passed laws designed to silence Binose, called a national cybercrime strategy.

The new law, which the Caribbean nation’s Parliament approved in 2016, broadened the previous criminal defamation provisions to include what the now decided was cybercrime, among which is was described as online expression and added vague and subjective definitions of “cyber-harassment” and “cyber-bullying”, which are designed to carry potential prison terms. [“Shut up Binose, or go to prison forever, or perhaps the mental home to get some drugs to correct your mind.” Unfortunately for Binose, but fortunately for Gonsalves, Binose died in London in 2017]

Many organizations at the time called on SVG to reverse this law, they objected to it.

Association of Caribbean Media Workers

Committee to Protect Journalists

International Press Institute

Reporters Without Borders

Canadian Journalists for Free Expression

Center for Independent Journalism – Romania

Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Freedom Forum

Human Rights Network for Journalists – Uganda

Independent Journalism Center – Moldova

Index on Censorship

Institute for the Studies on Free Flow of Information

International Press Institute

Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance

Media Rights Agenda

Pacific Freedom Forum

Pakistan Press Foundation

Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms – MADA

PEN American Center

PEN Canada

PEN International

Vigilance pour la Démocratie et l’État Civique

Both Binose and myself had called on Ralph Gonsalves to state what he meant when he told the World “I Ralph Gonsalves want to say I am here to do the work of Maurice Bishop” because it is known as a fact that the Russians and Cubans supported Bishop, many believe in the hope he would take over the whole Caribbean in a chain reaction series of communist Coups.

In 2012 Binose wrote a fascinating story called ‘Were the Vincentian Marxists ever close to revolution?’ This was published throughout the Caribbean, the hemisphere, and has since been repeated many times world-wide. Every word the truth and written from records, public accounts, and newspaper reports.

In that story, Binose tells of a yacht arrested at Villa beach, called Sayonara which was loaded with guns and ammunition. This story was about events in 1979 when SVG was believed to be on the verge of revolution, and it was thought by the prime minister of that time that the guns found on the Sayonara were to be used for that purpose.

Well since then Binose wrote hundreds of stories about Venezuela, about smuggling cocaine at Argyle airport, about Ralph Gonsalves alliance with the Castro’s of Cuba, Hugo Chavez, and Nicholas Maduro of Venezuela. All revolutionaries, all Marxist communists. I also wrote some articles repeating many times the words of Vincentian hero, Peter Binose.

Now with the elections around the corner, bribery underway for weeks giving away millions of dollars’ worth of building materials, under a sham scheme called Lives to Live. The recipients all expected to vote ULP. Suppose the ULP is willing to carry on this dirty procedure still to try and ensure a winning success at the elections. It shows they are ready to do anything, all the things that happened at the last election. All the fraud, all the dirty tricks, all the bribery. So, if they lose how about a revolution, would they go as far as a revolution?

I raise these questions because, on August 15, 2020, an aircraft loaded with guns and ammunition which was destined for Saint Vincent was arrested. But alas to those waiting for it, there was a permanent delay by the customs and police at Miami airport, when they arrested the pilot and co-pilot, two Venezuelans.

The Vincentian police chief a Ralph Gonsalves chosen man, St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) police chief, Colin John says the jet intercepted in Miami on Saturday [August 15, 2020] was “fully loaded, from the cockpit back to the lavatory, with cases and boxes of weapons, ammunition and household goods” was not bound for SVG, notwithstanding the flight plan filed with U.S authorities.

On Tuesday night August 18, 2020, a rapid three days after the incident, Commissioner of Police, Mr John said he had been briefed on the matter, he asserted that CARICOM IMPLEMENTATION AGENCY FOR CRIME AND SECURITY (CARICOM IMPACS) confirmed that the aircraft in question was not destined for St. Vincent and the Grenadines; the country name was used only as a decoy,” the Police Public Relations and Complaint Department said in a press release late Tuesday night.

We may well ask how CARICOM would know that? Perhaps Ralph Gonsalves told them because he is currently the Chairman of CARICOM and besides that, he is also their spokesman on all matters relating to air transport and air control. I would guess that Colin John was told to make the statement by Ralph Gonsalves.

There have been many denials regarding Venezuela and Saint Vincent over the last 15 years. Remember how the bag of cocaine mysteriously turned into a bag of washing powder in Union Island, and all the Venezuelans were released despite having had a shoot out with police resulting in deaths. Then there have been lots of cases of Venezuelan shipped cocaine turning up in Europe aboard yachts via the distribution hub SVG, caught by European police forces and denied by SVG. Other shipments of something arrived at the ET Joshua airport, boxes and packing cases that bypassed customs inspection, loaded straight onto a truck, and driven away. The drug dealer, while being prosecuted, claimed drugs were unloaded on a beach to police and a ULP politician. Peter Binose wrote about Argyle to be used for shipping cocaine. One of the latest stories was about the expose of an offshore bank in Kingstown sending money on behalf of Maduro to the leader of the Spanish Catalan political party. The ULP government denied it despite paperwork supporting the transaction appearing on the internet. Strangely enough within a couple of weeks, the bank had pulled out of SVG and relocated elsewhere. The very latest is a planeload of arms and ammunition, a Venezuelan plane destined SVG, denied by the SVG police chief.

So how about it, is there a need for the long-term comrade who just cannot give up power, to have a revolution? He wants to stay forever, will there be a revolution if he loses the election?

I must ask the question because of his revolutionary background. Surely it must be a fair question to ask?

International media reports are that the private jet was loaded with 82 firearms, including a sniper rifle, plus 63,000 rounds of ammunition.

The firearms included a Barrett .50 calibre sniper rifle and 18 rifles. The cache also had a firearm suppressor, body armour, as well as undeclared cash and endorsed cheques worth over US$20,000.

The Vincentian police chief also said according to reports “one of the defendants said after being arrested that the aircraft’s ultimate destination was Venezuela. 

But I have to ask with all the connections Venezuela has with the Russians, Chinese, Iranians, and just about every dirty group and dirty country in the World, why would they need to buy arms and ammunition in the U.S. when if the asked any of their allies they would send enough weapons to sink Venezuela, free?

I believe those arms were destined for SVG; I would like to see the cancelled cheques.

Before I sign off there are two questions that I have asked before and remain unanswered

1/ Is Ralph Gonsalves an honorary member of the Cuban Communist Party?

2/ Were Vincentian police officers sent for training in Cuba during the last two years?

5 thoughts on “Gonsalves: Will He go or Will he Revolt

  1. Interesting points. Many forget Gonsalves roots, now that he is the consummate capitalist and hardline leader.

    Does a leopard change its spots? Without being in his head, we can only guess.

    On the issue of the weaponry, maybe the St.V COP is telling the truth. In which case, which island were they destined for?

    If he is telling the truth, there is only one that would be my guess.

    Not Trinidad, because we all know that weapons come via sea to Trinidad from Venezuela. Weapons and people.

    Other islands should pay careful attention and watch their backs, watch movements of people who are potential enemies.

  2. Jolly Green is Awake and we Barbadians had better get Awake. If we Continue to Bury our Heads in the Sand on Important Articles like this we will Finally get Awake when it’s too Late and the Chinese and the Communist in the Caribbean would have the Rope Around our Necks. They Already own the Ports in Trinidad, The Bahamas, Jamaica and Barbados Next!

    The Communist Leaders of the Caribbean is Not Espousing more Freedom, they are selling us out to Communism which is Tyranny and Venezuelan Type prosperity (Poverty, Destitution, Starvation, Lack of Amenities etc,) where only the Elitist Rule and the rest of us are the Ruled!

    I pray that your words resonates with the people of St Vincent and the same course of action to prosperity that you advocate can be applied here in Barbados.

    As people grow older some may see through the lies but that does not change the course of the country they are always many more younger ones who only know how to feel not how to think for themselves and the politicians know how to exploit that fact. Our universities teach rage not thinking and all who leave the universities can talk but not think, they have been taught to follow the Marxist line. For many years now we have allowed our people to be taught ideologies that is foreign to us till we have accepted it as the way it is, that that is the only ideology forward to the new land. Yet they never show the fruit of the promise land of Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, China they only show the utopia of words never actions nor do they take into account man’s nature.

    Marxism has never worked in real life it bankrupts nations impoverishes the populations and use oppression as their tool of rule. The Sad part is we choose it, we commit suicide all because we refuse to think we prefer to have people dictate to us how to act how to think, how to live, what to eat etc. giving up our sovereignty choosing the lazy way out of never thinking until it is too late.

    We fight to enlighten others because to do otherwise is to allow others to commit suicide without saying stop! Think! of what you are doing after this there is no coming back these days of emotions ruling without thinking, to speak the truth you are thought of as mad or as old fashion, or not charismatic or unfeeling or racist.

    The Position that Gonsalves now holds as Chair of CARICOM and Commie Sing Song the Communist Ambassador to CARICOM is a Toxic Mix for the Caribbean…Such Ideology has destroyed Jamaica, Guyana, Venezuela and from what you have said SVG and is Influencing other regions in the Caribbean and South America.

    Nathan Green the Image Provided Answers your first Question… 1/ Is Ralph Gonsalves an honorary member of the Cuban Communist Party? It only Follows that your Second Question… 2/ Were Vincentian police officers sent for training in Cuba during the last two years?… One and One Make Two …if the First one is Correct then the Sequence is not off the mark!

    Image Speaks Volumes … The ALBA Leadership, every one of them a Marxist. ALBA Founded initially by Cuba and Venezuela in 2004.


  3. Some leaders don’t know when to quit. Power is so addicted. Gonsalves needs to take a page from his good friend PJ Patterson book. Patterson is one of a few politicians in the world to walk away from politics while he was on top.

  4. It is of note that this article only get 4 comments.

    It is also of note that the article says and de ole man quotes

    “…The new law, which the Caribbean nation’s Parliament approved in 2016, broadened the previous criminal defamation provisions to include what the now decided was cybercrime, among which is was described as online expression and added vague and subjective definitions of “cyber-harassment” and “cyber-bullying”, which are designed to carry potential prison terms….”

    Vague and subjective definitions of “cyber-harrassment and cyberbullying”

    Is anyone observing the similarities between Comrade Gonzales and those of Dictator Mugabe Mottley?

    Wunna going notice dem when it is too late!

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